Finding Your Amazing Blues Guitar From 15 Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues In 2020

Music isn't anything without the correct instruments, and that is particularly valid for the blues. 

To make a ravishing heartfelt tune you need a fit acoustic guitar that can convey a song well. The issue is, it can be hard for you to choose the best acoustic guitar for blues from numerous acoustic guitars available on the market. However, BreatheCaroline here to assist you with finding the ideal acoustic guitar, and we've additionally composed a convenient purchaser's manual to help you to settle on that immensely significant choice. 

Let’s check out our list of the best acoustic guitar for blues. We hope you can find a suitable blues guitar for you.

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Top Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues Reviews 2020

Blueridge BR-40T Contemporary Series Tenor Guitar

Blueridge BR-40T Contemporary Series Tenor is the first best acoustic guitar for blues that we want to show you in this article. If you need something that is moderately light, you won't beat this. Blueridge BR-40T comes in at just 3lbs, which makes it a fantasy to play. 

This blues acoustic guitar comes with a fabulous sound which is supported by a lavish strong mahogany outline. Any blues melody you play or compose will seem like paradise on earth with this guitar. 

This Blueridge model accompanies a generally thin neck and a fingerboard built of Indian Rosewood which makes it simpler and more comfortable for guitar players to play. This guitar also provides a ton of accuracy in the played notes as well. 

Moreover, BR-40T has extensive frets that are perfect for even the biggest of fingers, and it's entirely agreeable to hold. It has an awesome tone and even has a ton of clearness on both the high and low notes, giving a colossal blast in sound for the brass finish of the reach. 

Overall, Blueridge BR-40T Contemporary Series Tenor is proven as the best acoustic guitar for blues. It comes at an entirely reasonable cost with an extraordinary premium-level sound, and a break safe overlay wood covering. You can depend on this guitar to be an ally for a long time whether you play at home or play during a short trip.

Cordoba C9 Crossover Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

Cordoba is famous for making the absolute best and most notable guitars available. They present their C9 Crossover version of their acoustic nylon string guitar. This Cordoba C9 is made totally of strong wood which makes a great sound. It accompanies a 2-way bracket bar that will assist you with altering the guitar without any problem. 

C9 comes with a slender neck and a rosewood fingerboard. Both of these angles help the client effectively arrive at all the strings, which can be somewhat of a test when you have more modest hands.

Besides, this Cordoba version has loads of room in the soundboard, giving an inviting uproarious sound that is ideal for acting in huge rooms or regions. It additionally accompanies a poly froth convey case that will assist with protecting the guitar, and a long term guarantee for true serenity. 

Overall, Cordoba C9 Crossover is well worth the top best acoustic guitar for blues. This guitar can truly accomplish a ton for every blues guitarist and even players who just love and want to begin playing blues. It has a delightful conventional sound that will make your music sound extraordinary.

Taylor GS Mini

Taylor GS Mini is another best acoustic guitar for blues that is smaller than normal making it an ideal instrument for new players who simply need an agreeable guitar to assist them with adapting without any problem. 

This Taylor model is a little guitar, as the smaller than expected may propose, and it has a magnificent splendid sound and a great deal of clearness in the entire scope of the guitar's notes. GS Mini is entirely agreeable to play for individuals, all things considered, and it's upgraded by the NT neck which assists with making it much more playable. 

While being very costly can be an issue, it's justified, despite any trouble for a decent guitar with an incredible unique reach, a wonderful sound, and a great playing experience that can last you a long time of playing. 

Moreover, this blues acoustic guitar is sufficiently simple to play, with a precise tuning machine for accommodation. It's likewise a decent choice in case you're voyaging a great deal and need to take your guitar with you any place you go. 

Overall, Taylor GS Mini is about the best acoustic guitar for blues on our list with a beautiful design, splendid sound, and easy carriage. If you love the blues playing style, you should try out this acoustic guitar from Taylor.

Martin 15 Series 000-15m Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

Martin 15 Series 000-15mm Auditorium is well-known for being on the top best acoustic guitar for blues. This all-mahogany acoustic guitar is a remarkable decision to play the blues. The guitar is ideal for players that are of a marginally more modest height. Taking everything into account, it likewise looks extraordinary gratitude to its delightful rosewood fingerboard. 

You can feel sure utilizing this with the guitar's steady tone, and the sheer measure of liveliness and clearness that it gives. It's a minuscule guitar as well, so for a sound of this level, it's pretty great. There's likewise a ton of dynamic reach, with some great sounding bass notes also. It doesn't accompany any ready preamplifiers. 

This blues acoustic guitar is very simple to haul around in a convenient hard case. It's additionally generally modest all things considered. It's unquestionably worth pursuing those guitar players who truly need to level up their soul-filled sounds.

Overall, Martin 15 is an excellent acoustic guitar for blues lovers. If you want to get an acoustic guitar to begin your blues style experience, we highly recommend you try out this guitar from Martin.

Epiphone AJ-220S in Vintage Sunburst

Another best acoustic guitar for blues in our rundown is this Epiphone AJ-220S in a splendid Vintage Sunburst finish. This guitar has all the highlights you would anticipate from the Epiphone Acoustic Jumbo, including a strong tidy top, a mahogany body, and an exemplary rosewood fingerboard. 

This is an incredible passage guitar and the ideal to rehearse guitar, particularly for learning blues and exemplary acoustic music. The average, thick Epiphone neck will likewise help in sharpening any harmony or speed issues, constraining guitar players to stick to exacting structure with the neck range. 

This guitar is likewise an incredible early on thing for guitarists who need to figure out how to play with a slide. At this value, you can change the guitar to have high activity, delivering the neck explicitly set okay with utilizing a slide as a higher activity implies the strings are raised, and the slide won't be pushing down on to the strings. 

Surprisingly boisterous sound and extraordinary support from a completely acoustic, low-end guitar. The thick neck and thin body design will drive guitar players into phenomenal rehearsing propensities. This Epiphone model is also great in general cost.

However, there are still some downsides to this model. The neck might be excessively thick for learners or players who battle to extend and upper frets are hard to reach because of the body shape which is fundamentally the same as the thickness of a 12 strings acoustic guitar.

Overall, Epiphone AJ-220S is an incredible acoustic guitar for blues players with a great combination of tonewoods and a well-designed structure. So, if you are planning to learn how to play blues on an acoustic guitar, you shouldn’t forget this one.

Fender F-1000 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The next best acoustic guitar for blues in this article and as yet sneaking in the low-end scope of hugely undervalued guitars is this Fender F-1000 Dreadnought in a characteristic completion. Well-known for being an acoustic guitar for blues under 200 dollars, this F-1000 is an accolade for the acoustic Fender guitars with current options for included strength and tone. 

A dreadnought, acoustic steel guitar, this hatchet will help you to remember the old blues guitars of the past, with a mahogany body to hoist the vintage acoustic tones. On the off chance that you've discovered what you consider to be the best acoustic strings for blues guitar

However, you will need a modest acoustic to put them on, at that point, the gunboat body, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard will support and convey those vintage steel blues sound. Other different highlights incorporate an old-style headstock made by Fender and a tidy top. 

Overall, Fender F-1000 Dreadnought is well-known for being on the top best acoustic guitar for blues available on the market with many outstanding features. If you are blues lovers or want to play the blues on an acoustic guitar, you shouldn’t forget this Fender model.

Gretsch G9511 Style 1 Single-0 Parlor Acoustic Guitar

Presently, Gretsch G9511 is the best acoustic guitar for blues for genuine vintage fans. Committed supporters of blues and wild 'will see this Gretsch as a delightful accolade for the famous parlor guitars that brought forth an acoustic blues transformation. 

A splendid all-round blues guitar, this Parlor shape considers simplicity of reach, is an incredible practice guitar for standard and little gave players the same. It is also an ideal acoustic guitar for new guitarists learning blues music, and even an extraordinary guitar for figuring out how to utilize a slide, this guitar covers every fret of the eager blues guitarist. 

With a shockingly boisterous sound rising out of the overlaid mahogany body, this new to 2017 parlor acoustic flaunts a strong tidy top, exemplary parlor body shape, rosewood fingerboard, and vintage nickel equipment. 

This Gretsch G9511 is finished with a vintage Appalachia Cloudburst tone, which finishes the general vintage look. Enthusiasts of blues paying special attention to the exemplary style of blues guitar won't have any desire to miss this one. 

Overall, Gretsch G9511 is among the best blues acoustic guitars on the guitar market that is suitable for not only the beginners but also experts who want to try out new things. If you are a big fan of vintage style and love playing blues, you should take a look at this guitar.

Ibanez AVN6 Artwood Vintage Acoustic Guitar 

Numerous guitarists partner Ibanez as a guitar brand that exclusively exists to take into account shredders, rock guitarists, and players that simply need to play quick. While this is a simple supposition to proceed with, it couldn't possibly be more off-base.

With an acoustic reach utilized by a huge number of eminent specialists, Ibanez has made our rundown of the best acoustic guitars for blues music with a mid-range model that is more than reasonably valued.

Moreover, this Ibanez Artwood model is no special case, with a conventional interpretation of the exemplary Parlor acoustic guitar and a blurred tobacco sunburst finish to truly seal the matured and street worn guitar look.

With highlights including a mahogany body, a strong tidy top, and troubled styling for an enduring stylish, this Ibanez AVN6 provides guitar players, all things considered, styles a new interpretation of the exemplary blues guitar.

Overall, AVN6 Artwood is well-deserved on the top best acoustic guitar for blues from Ibanez. If you are interested in Ibanez’s instruments and love playing a blues acoustic guitar, we suggest you consider this Ibanez model.

Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Considered by numerous individuals as the exemplary pit fire guitar, this Martin LX1 Little Martin is an amazing blues acoustic guitar. It additionally makes an incredible, low range price guitar for those playing blues during their trips. 

If sitting around the campsite is the thing they make certain to take your slide and harmonica with you, then this Martin model is an ideal choice to consider. As the exemplary Martin assemble bolsters all styles of playing and the mahogany body consummately reverberates the notable Martin guitar sound

Besides, this Little Martin blues acoustic guitar comes with an astounding measure of support and volume for a standard acoustic. Different purposes of note from this Martin acoustic model incorporate exemplary martin equipment and the notable battleship shape which Martin is popular for acquainting with the world. 

Overall, Martin LXThis guitar is well worth on top of the best acoustic guitar for blues. It is the ideal bit of unit for explorers and players who are searching for a solid acoustic guitar that will look after shape, tone, and feel for quite a long time to come. 

Takamine GN93-NAT NEX Acoustic Guitar

Presently, Takamine GN93-NAT is an extraordinary acoustic guitar and probably the best acoustic guitar for blues for players with little hands, or fledglings who are experiencing difficulty acclimating to a standard acoustic guitar and are searching for an elective shape to test. 

This Takamine model is an interesting blues acoustic guitar, with a NEX body shape that has a fundamentally more modest head of the body, with a bigger bend and expanded base portion of the guitar. 

This acoustic guitar additionally has a slim neck, which makes the whole form reasonable for guitar players searching for an acoustic guitar for little hands, particularly one for blues playing and learning harmony movements on a more slender neck. 

Moreover, other different highlights of this best acoustic guitar for blues players GN93 incorporate a rosewood connect, bound fingerboard and lined sides, gold equipment, and dark catch tuners for a novel completion to a reasonably valued mid-range acoustic. 

Overall, GN93-NAT NEX is an incredible acoustic guitar for playing blues from Takamine. On the off chance that you're in the market for something somewhat extraordinary, at that point you should consider this Takamine model.

Yamaha CG192 Spruce Classical Acoustic Guitar 

Though numerous players go directly to a steel-string acoustic guitar, the traditional nylon string guitars provide an extraordinary option for new players or advanced guitarists searching for something unique when playing or learning to play the blues. This CG192 from Yamaha is a splendid starter if you are searching for a nylon string guitar. 

With a somewhat more slender body and neck in contrast with a large number of the standard old-style guitar shapes, this exemplary guitar will make an incredible apparatus for taking a gander at the old-style guitar in an unexpected way.

Moreover, CG192 comes with the practically calming bit of the nylon strings offering an inviting option in contrast to the virus steel of the ordinary blues guitar. This is a splendid mid-range buy and will give an amazing way to deal with the playing of any guitarist.  

Overall, CG192 from Yamaha is among the best guitars for blues. It has a nylon string that is suitable for learners and experts who want to try new things If you want to get a blues acoustic guitar from the Yamaha brand, this CG192 is an excellent choice for you.

Tanglewood TW40 SDD Sundance Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Tanglewood TW40 SDD is an acoustic guitar that is suitable for any blues guitarist, and we've likewise marked it on our top best acoustic guitar for blues. 

This TW40 SDD is a dreadnought acoustic guitar with an inclined shoulder and strong mahogany fabricate. The preeminent form quality and regular gleam finish truly add to the general nature of the guitar, and a rosewood fingerboard integrates the guitar.

Other great highlights incorporate a rosewood connection, gunboat shape, and an extraordinary sticker price, making this acoustic guitar our best pick of the ideal acoustic guitar for blues on a careful spending plan. 

Overall, Tanglewood TW40 SDD is a perfect blues acoustic guitar with many incredible features, including a beautiful outlook, great tonewoods, and excellent sounds.

Fender PM-2 Standard Parlor – Natural

Another best acoustic guitar for blues from Fender is this PM-2 Standard Parlor, this time taking a gander at their Parlor range. 

In particular, this Standard Parlor is a characteristic completion. Not exclusively does this guitar look like it, however, the true blue shape, manufacture, and tone truly convey the guitar forward and concrete it as a feasible option, in contrast, to buying a vintage acoustic parlor guitar to play blues with. 

With a mahogany assembler and current Fender guitar quality, to the exemplary guitar shape and vintage characteristic completion, this PM-2 is as near an authentic vintage parlor guitar as any advanced acoustic will get, and with an extremely reasonable sticker price, this truly isn't to be sniffed at.

Overall, Fender PM-2 Standard Parlor is among the best blues guitars on our list which is likewise our general victor, and a lovely guitar for any blues player to add to their assortment.

Taylor 110e Dreadnought Electro Acoustic Guitar

Taylor Dreadnought 110e is another best acoustic guitar for blues from the Taylor brand. The exemplary gunboat shape and the accuracy fabricated Sapele and Sitka tidy kid blend assists with reverberating low notes, while likewise giving a fresh very good quality on the higher strings. 

Not a guitar generally appropriate for slide or destroying blues, this Taylor acoustic is most appropriate for blues mood guitar players or those guitarists who are after a more noteworthy tone, and wouldn't fret a bigger body-type or thicker neck. Different highlights incorporate a dark fingerboard, bone nut, and a Sapele neck. 

Overall, Taylor Dreadnought 110e is a perfect choice for blues guitarists or even expert players who want to play blues on an acoustic guitar. If you love playing blues, you shouldn’t overlook this Taylor model.

Martin D12X1AE 12-String Electro Acoustic

The last best acoustic guitar for blues on this list is this Martin D12X1AE 12-string electro-acoustic guitar. No more peculiar to 12-strings and acoustics by and large, if you see any of your well-known guitar players with a 12-string. 

With a strong Sitka tidy top, solid mahogany body fabricates and birch cover fingerboard, this guitar is organized from an assortment of value materials, which add to the effectively warm tone of the 12-string. 

A Fishman pickup conveys the fresh tone of this guitar when connected, and with regards to playing blues you can't turn out badly with a quality 12-string for taking your sticking to the following level. 

Overall, Martin D12X1AE is an amazing acoustic guitar for blues players that you can also consider to choose from many blues guitars available.

Buying Guide To Get The Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues

best acoustic guitar for blues

Blues Style

Much the same as there's not only one shade of blue in the shading range, there's likewise not only one style of Blues music. Recognizing what sort of style of blues acoustic guitars you need to play is critical to comprehend what guitar you should purchase. There are a couple of blues style guitars, including the Traditional Country Blues, Jump Blues, Chicago Blues, Cool Blues, West Coast Blues, Memphis Blues, St. Louis Blues

Weight and Size

Likewise, with some other instruments, acoustic guitars can arrive in a scope of shapes and sizes. What size your guitar is will decide that it is so natural to play, as it's imperative to have the option to hold it easily, and it will likewise impact the sort of sound you'll escape from the guitar. 

best acoustic guitar for blues

Generally speaking, greater guitars will in general have more normal intensification so this is ideal for playing in bigger rooms and before large groups. So, you ought to consider a somewhat more modest estimated guitar on the off chance that you will be moving it around a great deal. 

You ought to likewise think about the heaviness of the instrument. This is considerably more conspicuous on the off chance that you have a more modest casing. You shouldn’t give a kid an enormous grown-up measured guitar since they essentially can’t hold it. If you have a bigger body, you should get a bigger instrument. 

Concerning the size of an acoustic guitar, if you don't know about all the various sizes of acoustic guitars, you may wind up with an inappropriate one. It will have any kind of effect if you purchase an inappropriate size that is not exclusively may it be an off-base fit for you genuinely, it may sound very off-base. 

At the point when you're investigating the various sizes, you'll understand that they are very effective on the playability in case you hold it. If you're anticipating going with the guitar or on the off chance that you need to play it in a colossal room where you plan on needing to make it heard, you'll have to get the comparing size guitar for your objective.

Scale Length

best acoustic guitar for blues

In case you're taking a gander at getting a more modest guitar, regardless of whether it's for a kid or a voyaging friend, you'll have to check whether the scale length changes with the size. Typically, a more modest measured guitar will have shorter fret scales, making it workable for more modest hands to hold and play.


For an acoustic guitar, the nut is the aspect of the guitar that is purposed to manage the string right onto the fingerboard. Ordinarily, it will be made of plastic, in any case, it can likewise be produced using graphite or even bone.

best acoustic guitar for blues

Body Style

There are a few different body styles to consider when trying to buy an acoustic guitar, including grand concert, auditorium, dreadnought, jumbo, travel, and mini acoustic guitars. Therefore, you need to try out various body styles to choose a suitable one for you.


This is probably the greatest factor that impacts how the guitar will sound. The top will decide how much the sound enhances, and the primary part of this is the kind of wood that gets utilized. Normally, they're made of overlay or wood. 

best acoustic guitar for blues

Generally, ones with more wood will in general vibrate more which makes an all the more full solid at a decent volume. It's generally a touch more costly than the overlay, so the cover will in general be better for those simply beginning. 

Most Blues guitars will in general be made utilizing mahogany on most of the guitar. It's generally got a smart quality and it has a lot of hazier sound, so it's ideal for truly upgrading the mid-range tones.


Most Blues acoustic guitars will in general have a V-molded neck or a C-formed neck. C-formed necks will in general be the most well-known of the two, and they're normally better for those with more modest hands. You typically observe V-formed necks on more vintage guitars. This is better on the off chance that you like to have your thumb directly on the edge of the fretboard. 

best acoustic guitar for blues

At whatever point you are purchasing a blues acoustic guitar,  you should consistently test the neck against your body size. If you have shorter hands, go for a shorter neck. The quantity of frets decides the length of the neck.

Back and Sides 

best acoustic guitar for blues

The soundboard we just discussed is encircled by the sides and the back, which make that empty chamber where the sound resounds. The path the back and sides are molded can without much of a stretch effect the sound. In addition to the fact that it has to coordinate the sound, you need to hear yet truly must be the correct shape and size for you to hold and play effortlessly.


best acoustic guitar for blues

The wood that comes to the neck is a fingerboard, while frets are the metal pieces specked over the fretboard. Generally, most acoustic blues guitars will in general have 12 frets. Every so often, you will discover some that accompany 14 frets absolute. 

Generally, the 12 fret guitars will, in general, be somewhat more qualified to more modest individuals, and they normally will in general have a scaffold that is a little letdown. This gives the guitar a rich sound with heaps of warmth to it. 

On the off chance that you need a more brilliant sound, you're in an ideal situation going for a 14 fret guitar, and they're additionally simpler to access for the higher frets. They are marginally greater.


best acoustic guitar for blues

You can either have a tuning machine directly on your guitar or need to get a tuner. If you have a guitar with an encased machine head, you'll have the option to hold pitch any longer since it opposes a ton of rust and different corrosives. And open tuning machines will need considerably more support.


best acoustic guitar for blues

Strings are one of the important things you need to consider before getting an acoustic guitar for blues. Your fundamental decision for strings boils down to either nylon or steel strings. What strings you select will boil down to individual inclination. You'll have to consider what sort of sound you need to accomplish. Generally, you'll get a considerably more quiet tone that sounds delicate with nylon strings, and this works better for playing more traditional kinds of music. Besides, steel strings will in general make a stronger sound with a profound sound so that steel strings will in general be more qualified to play blues music style.

Conclusion Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues Top Pick For The Best

Our Best Choice-Epiphone AJ-220S in Vintage Sunburst

From all those best acoustic guitars for blues on our top list, we finally found this Epiphone AJ-220S in Vintage Sunburst the best guitar for playing blues. This Epiphone model comes with many outstanding features making it the best acoustic guitar for blues. The main feature making AJ-220S stand out is its beautiful design. It has a great combination of tonewoods, including a strong tidy top, a mahogany body, and an exemplary rosewood fingerboard. 

AJ-220S is also famous as an ideal guitar for those who begin learning how to play the blues and even those who need to figure out how to play fast. Because players can change the guitar to have high activity, delivering the neck explicitly set okay with utilizing a slide as a higher activity implies the strings are raised, and the slide won't be pushing down on to the strings. This Epiphone model also has a thick neck which helps in sharpening harmonies or speed issues. However, the neck may be thick for beginners and higher frets may be hard for smaller hands to access. Overall, these features make this Epiphone AJ-220S the best acoustic guitar for blues.

There is a wide variety of best acoustic guitars for little hands with a ton of unimaginable highlights on the guitar amassing market. When making your list of the most suitable blues acoustic guitars, we recommend you consider weight, size, style, scale length, nut, and other features carefully. It is because these things will help you in settling on a decent decision before buying a blues acoustic guitar. We believe you can choose your best blues acoustic guitar after reading our reviews.

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