The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Drum Cage For Church

drum cage for church

The drum cage for church is a product that has been designed to meet the needs of churches. It is an innovative way to provide protection and safety during performances, while also providing a stage for drums, keyboards, or any other instrument. You will find this in many churches today. In this article, you will … Read more

Explore More About Hand Drum Types

hand drum types

It is always exciting to learn about new instruments.  What are hand drums? Why do they matter? I would like to introduce you to the world of different hand drum types. Hand drums come from all over the world with different sounds, sizes, shapes, and styles. Hand drumming is an ancient art form that has … Read more

Flub Drum – The Perfect Way To Learn New Beats

flub drum

The flub drum is a new percussion instrument taking the music world by storm. This unique instrument has a quirky design and a fantastic sound, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite among musicians of all skill levels. Here’s our review of Flub Drum. Best for Party: Best for Gathering: Best for Beginner Drummer: Best for … Read more