Best Electric Guitar Gig Bag For You In 2020: Find Your Guitar’s Best Guardian

To people who play instruments, the cover has always been an important part that they consider buying after having had the instrument, especially with a medium size instrument like an electric guitar. Are you in need of the best electric guitar gig bag with a reasonable price but still ensure that it can protect your electric guitar from external forces? Or are you struggling researching all this electric guitar accessories stuff?

Keep reading this review from Carroll / Fletcher to find out which gig bag is the most suitable for your precious electric guitar. No more wandering on the Internet for hours just to find the best electric guitar gig bag because this article will help you to solve this problem. Do not worry because this article about 15 best electric guitar gig bags will guide you through.

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Top Best Electric Guitar Gig Bag Reviews 2020

CAHAYA Electric Guitar Gig Bag

This lightweight portable electric guitar gig bag has a bag dimension of  40.9”x 14.7”x 2.7”. This will fit for 40 inch Electric Guitars. In addition, this black CAHAYA padded electric guitar gig bag focuses on basic storage and carrying needs, so it will help you protect your gear against in-house incidents as well as light-travel nicks, scuffs and scratches, along with the robust zipper and rubber shockproof base that protects the instrument.

A long - lasting neck strap with a velcro can keep your electric electric guitar in position. The large front pocket can hold music sheet books, tablet , smartphone, and small items such as tuners, strings, cables, picks, and guitar straps in A4 and US letter size. Its dual interchangeable backpack belts and two grip handles can have several holding choices. Furthermore, when the electric guitar is not in service, a back hanger loop can be hanged on the wall for decoration.

CAHAYA Electric Guitar Bag

Another CAHAYA but it's structured explicitly for moderate travel and guards your electric guitar from dings, gouges, scratches, scrapes and regular mileage that happens when you're an artist who is always in a hurry. This CAHAYA electric guitar bag is light, smooth and rough. Its structure permits you to rapidly unfasten the case and haul your electric guitar out from the top. The 0.35in inside cushioning is all through and very ideal for protecting your electric guitar against in-home incidents. The exterior base elastic gatekeeper protects it against regular thumps and knocks.

Fender FEJ-610 JAG/JM/Starcaster Gig Bag

This gig pack is a smart and moderate way to protect your electric guitar while traveling. With the notorious uneven Fender shape, its sturdy external layer is built of intense polyester that ensures protection for your instrument against impacts. Its inside is loaded up with a 10mm cushion and fixed with a delicate touch microfiber that keeps your electric guitar secure against potential harm. The front stockpiling pocket offers extra space for little frills and a business card window. 

CAHAYA Electric Guitar Bag

This CAHAYA gig bag can fit a 40 inch electric guitar. This one has 6 pockets: a huge outside pocket with a coordinator for embellishments, for example, cell phones or wallet or iPad, while your A4 and US letter size sheet music books can also be put in the specific pocket. Top pocket at neck is appropriate for putting away frills, for example, tuners, picks, strings, links, capos. Its reflective bands sewed on pockets and cushioned customizable knapsack ties can protect your electric guitar from sudden shocks and scratches. You can use it simply for transport between gigs, practices or classes.

The padding is 12mm/0.5 inch thick so it is ideal to protect your electric guitar against in-home accidents or light-travel nicks, scuffs and scratches. The durable velcro neck strap ties down the electric guitar to keep it set up, strengthened inside at headstock. Great two-way metal zippers slide easily. A breathable strap and adjustable fret wrap make it easier and more comfortable for you to carry around. 

Mono M80 Dual Electric Guitar Gig Bag

With a 3-year warranty, you will not have to worry about it being worn out and there is no way to fix it.  Mono Cases provide an answer to make it simpler for you to move your electric guitars while guaranteeing each has a similar protection given by their M80 case. The final product is an amazingly lightweight, very durable twofold mixture electric guitar case. The Z-form design can be used for one or two electric guitars. Moreover, the Z-structure configuration considers quick admittance to either guitar. Snatch one from the left side or the other from the correct side. 

Mono Cases' inventive neck brace configuration gives a degree of assurance deserving of the best instruments. Your electric guitar rapidly ties in and stays balanced during transport. The headstock is suspended inside the situation, sparing the guitar from impacts that could somehow snap the neck. Mono Cases utilizes just high-test materials with outrageous protection from scraped spots and the components. Inside, the extravagant coating secures fragile custom completes so your electric guitar rides five star while you dispatch an urban attack. With this Mono double guitar case, everything is in its place.

GLEAM Electric Guitar Gig Bag

This product has very safe protection with 0.3 inch sponge padding. On the outside are two large pockets that can fit your books, capos, cables, mini stands and so on. The large zipper and head can guarantee a long time. What is more, the waterproof cover keeps your electric guitar dry and safe. Come along with a neck protector that uses a special kind of sponge to keep the electric guitar neck safe.

Fender FE620 Multi-Fit Electric Guitar Gig Bag

This 20 mm of padding and protective bumpers to keep your electric guitar safe. This F620 set contains high durability of 600 denier polyester and 20 mm padding in order to keep your electric guitar safe while you're on the go. The gig bags protect the neck rest, recessed grab handle, soft velour lining, protective bumpers and a 3-point bag. The portable air mesh padded backpack straps offer great comfort and support for your electric guitar while traveling long distances. 

The front pocket has a place for a business card, an extra string pocket, a flexible padded tool pocket, an elastic pickpocket as well as a pen loop. The padding is very thick and sturdy. The added features of neck support and a slot for the strap lock will be nice to have inside. The bumper padding on the outside to protect the headstock and bottom will also be a fantastic feature as well. 

Compare this to other bags in the same price bracket, and there's really not any competition. If you have a stratocaster, telecaster, or similar style electric guitar, and care deeply about it being safe while you're on the go, do yourself a huge favor and get this bag.

Tom & Will 55EG-461 Electric Guitar Gig Bag

The 55 arrangement gives instrument assurance at an open cost. There are a couple of observable upgrades as well! As in the past, the pack cushioning is 20mm. There are fortified texture territories around the headstock and extension regions. These are two of the most weak pieces of the instrument, and furthermore the pieces of the electric guitar destined to harm the bag. The tomandwill will shield your electric guitar from scratches. 

Outside elastic feet with pyramid studs assimilate sway when you put your electric guitar case down on hard surfaces. 55 arrangement packs can be conveyed as a rucksack with the coordinated, customizable knapsack ties. They can likewise be conveyed by hand utilizing the side handle, including an elastic hand grasp. 

Capacity is cooked for by an assortment of molded pockets reasonable for leads, strings and different frills. There are additionally two profound pockets fit for putting away sheet music, tab, set records and tablet PCs. The left rucksack tie even has a MP3 player pocket and feed cut for earphone leads. Reflectors on the funneling of the pack will help make you noticeable when you're progressing in the nights. Should your companions happen to have similarly great intuition with regards to packs you can distinguish your electric guitar because of the convenient label pocket behind the neck.

ChromaCast Pro Series Gig Bag

You can see from its very first look that this gig bag has a lot of pockets. Pockets are everywhere. Instead of having to bring along another bag for your stuff, now you just have to bring this gig bag only when you go out with your electric guitar. As a person who is always afraid of missing something, i would love to use this gig bag since i can bring a lot of stuff with me. Here are its pros and cons:

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Lightweight and tough, this bag can be extraordinarily suitable to be taken anywhere.
  • Padded, movable shoulder straps help you carry your electric guitar around easily.

Ibanez IGB541 Powerpad Electric Guitar Gig Bag (IGB541MGN)

The 541 Power cushion arrangement gig packs arrive in an assortment of hues. You can pick the one that accommodates your style. This has a strong 15mm thick pad on the base and sides of the pack. Four helpful stockpiling pockets can satisfy anyone who needs space to store all that you want. The belts that safely grasp and support the neck of your electric guitar are put inside the bag. 

The advantageous handle on the posterior of the 541 Power cushion gig bags encourages simple conveying while at the same time keeping the pack vertical. With its cushioned base and sidewall, the Ibanez POWERPAD gig pack securely protects your electric guitar from scratches that can occur while you're hustling to your next show or meeting. Put your PC or tablet, strings, earphones, tuner and supplies in one of the four ample pockets and you have all that you need.

This IGB541 model comes in five unique hues and is produced using a tough nylon material. Carry the bag with a top handle, or wear it behind you with the rucksack ties. Four outside pockets get you space for everything from your tablet and earphones, to your pedals and additional arrangement of strings. The biggest pocket can fit up to a 13-inch PC. Flexible ties additionally can help to keep your electric guitar secure. There are some pros and cons that you should take a look at.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Modern.
  • Energetic structure with contrast-shading styling.
  • A huge amount of pockets for capacity.

Gator Cases Gig Bag (GBE-Elect)

In case you need a lightweight, solid guitar pack, you can not turn this one down. From Gator Cases, which is known for their twenty years of involvement with assembling apparatus and adornments for an assortment of instruments. This gig bag is produced using a strong nylon material, with fortified creases at the headstock (to ensure the guitar neck) and by extension. Carry the pack like a bag with two side handles, or tie it over your shoulders like a knapsack. Inside has light cushioning (10mm) to prevent scratches and a cozy layer keeps your electric guitar from moving. There's one outer pocket, which is best for sheet music and additional strings. This guitar bag estimates 41.3 x 15.7 x 1.2 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds. 

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Slim, smoothed look
  • The lightest pack in this list

Reunion Blues RBG1BK Guitar Case

Established in 1976, Reunion Blues has ostensibly gotten one of the chief makers of gig bags on the planet. The principal thing to note about this kind of case is that there are five variations accessible. These include: a chosen bass case, a semi-empty guitar case, an acoustic guitar case, an old style guitar case, and an electric guitar case. These varieties have similar highlights, it's simply the general measurements that change from model to show. 

Dependability is the most accentuated highlight of this case. The gig bag includes a neck support suspension framework, which uses a locking security tie to shield your instrument from moving during transport. The case additionally has inside defender cushions at both the headstock and endpin, which attempts to lessen strain on these weak territories if your case encounters any stun. The case incorporates an EVA-fortified PC viable multi-pocket. I would not suggest placing pedals in it obviously, yet things like a PC, a fastener loaded with sheet music, a tuner, and extra strings or picks would fit in there with a lot of space to save. 

The outside of the case is produced using a material called Quadraweave, which is an exclusive texture used in the cases. The inflexible part of the case is produced using high-thickness froth and EVA sway boards (this mix is indicated as a Flexoskeleton assurance framework). The case additionally includes a creative handle, which utilizes a froth center and a knurled scraped area lattice to help disseminate the heaviness of your instrument while permitting you to keep up a solid hold. 

This case tips the scales at 9 pounds, which while that is somewhat powerful for a gig bag it is still light enough to handily convey in by far most circumstances. Another significant thing to note is that however the case is generally substantial for an item that considers itself a gig bag it is ergonomically weighted, which causes it to feel a lot lighter than instances of a comparative weight. The Reunion Blues Continental Gig Bag might be more costly than different items accessible, however it's seemingly the best in the business at satisfying its motivation.

MONO M80 Electric Guitar Case

The Mono M80 is designed for professional musicians and comes with a featherlight, multi-layered foam cover. It provides security from both outside and inside thanks to ABS impact panels that are strategically placed for head and body protection. 

The criss cross structure of the Mono M80 multi-guitar case makes a totally isolated case for every guitar. That implies the two headstocks are secured with the neck brace and tie pin guards. It additionally implies the Mono M80 case can be used for 1 or 2 guitars. Moreover, the Z-structure configuration takes into consideration quick admittance to either guitar. Snatch one from the left side or the other from the right side. The headstock is suspended inside the situation, sparing the electric guitar from impacts that could somehow or another snap the neck. 

Mono Cases fabricates their cases to military specs, utilizing just high-test materials with extraordinary protection from scraped areas and the components. Inside is the extravagant coating that secures sensitive custom. With this Mono double guitar case, everything will be in its place. Particular stockpiling compartments put your rigging right where you need it. The shrouded upper pocket can keep your wallet, keys, and phone safe.

Hola!Music Gig Bag

Between the solid elastic foundation and the exterior texture of 600-denier, with the Hola you won't have much to worry about! Select Packed. It can carry instruments up to 41 inches in length and has a neck cushion that evenly disseminates the weight. 

Along with the hardy rubber bottom and the 15 mm padding overall, the heavy duty 600D Oxford Nylon fabric covering the outside offers an unprecedented outer safety feature. This comes with two pockets for picks, spare strings, and other items, dual adjustable shoulder belts, 2 handles, and name window.

Protec Deluxe Dreadnought Bag Instrument Case

With a 25-millimeter padding, the Protec Deluxe Dreadnought gig bag can help you to get to where you're going without catastrophic dings or scratches. When you arrive, you can tuck the backpack straps away, if you want, then grab what you need easily from the accessories pocket. Here are some of its main characteristics that you should see through: Firstly, brushed cloth string cover allows you to protect your electric guitar from dust or small bumps. Secondly, this bag is quite well-built and rough. And lastly, it weighs in at under 5 pounds so consider your using intention before deciding your best electric guitar gig bag.

Criteria That You Should Pay Attention To While Selecting The Best Cover For Your Electric Guitar

High-quality materials

The very first criteria that you should notice is the material. As an electric guitar player, I understand that we do need firm covers for the outside and soft ones on the inside for our electric guitars. Using a high quality gig bag can help you to protect your guitar from external harms. However, we also do not want to spend too much money on a gig bag so try to pay attention to the material when you first buy a gig bag. 

best electric guitar gig bag

For example, a basic fabric gig bag should be considered if you only use your electric guitar inside your house or if you do not move around too much. However, cheap and thin bags are only good to keep the dust off your electric guitar. Leather will be a very good cover for your electric guitar if you want to take it anywhere with you without worrying about it being soaked and its affection towards your electric guitar. Try to look for a waterproof padding that protects the sides of the electric guitar as well as the back and top. However, cheap leather might be ruined after a particular short period of time. So try to consider buying a high-end waterproof gig bag that can be used for a very long time.

Equipped with a reasonable amount of padding

best electric guitar gig bag

We absolutely do not want our electric guitars to have any scratches or cracks just by being affected by external forces. But at the same time we also do not want your electric guitar to be put in a gig bag so full of paddings that it would become too tight for it. Try to look for a gig bag that has enough padding in the neck to keep that part of the bag stiff. But please remember that no amount of padding can protect your electric guitar from damage if something hits it forcefully enough or at a critical angle.

Consider your electric guitar length, width and purpose

best electric guitar gig bag

Buying a gig bag that does not fit your electric guitar might cause a lot of problems. If it is too big, your electric guitar might be lost inside the bag and get hit by external factors. This is when your gig bag is considered useless. However if your electric guitar is completely fit in the gig bag, it might not be good for it because it would receive harm from colliding with other things. Measure your electric guitar’s size carefully before searching for any kind of gig bag. Besides, thinking about your purpose when using an electric guitar does matter. You need to know whether you will play it inside or outside more in order to find the proper gig bag.

Shock resistant capability particularly for people who frequently move around

best electric guitar gig bag

This is also a very critical criterion to evaluate the best electric guitar gig bag. If you ever have to switch around and bring along your electric guitar, your gig bag needs to be able to withstand the shock for the safety of your electric guitar. But even if you do not even use your electric guitar outside that much, you still need a shock-resistant gig bag, because you genuinely do not want it to face any harm.

And at the end of this section, I would like to show you a video about how to travel safely with your guitar, in which the vlogger talked about how to choose a suitable gig bag for your guitar (electric guitar included) and how he managed to bring his guitar with him all the time by plane. Hope this will help you somehow!

Here is the link:

Conclusion Best Electric Guitar Gig Bag Top Pick For The Best

And after all these recommendations, here are my final best electric guitar gig bags list:

I hope this guide will help you in choosing your most suitable best electric guitar gig bag so that it can both show your style and protect your precious electric guitar and you can have each other anywhere or anytime. Actually, an electric guitar gig bag is a part of your instrument playing so do not look down on it. Do everything that is necessary to buy a suitable gig bag for your electric guitar so that you can keep your electric guitar in a good condition for a long time. If you want to have any further information, please use my contact form so we can discuss more.

Hope you will find your trustworthy protector - the best electric guitar gig bag for yourself.

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