Top 17 Best Metal Guitar Brands On The Market Suitable For Every Metal Player

Along with that is the appearance of many brands of electric guitar with different lines for metal and different prices making it very difficult for you to find the best guitar for metal from the best metal guitar brands. 

One of the requirements that Carroll / Fletcher has seen over the years is choosing a  reliable brand to buy the best guitars for metal. Surely you also realize the values that famous brands bring to each instrument. Join us to refer to the best guitar brands for metal.

For the purchase of acoustic guitars, the deciding factor for a quality guitar is the wood that makes up the guitar. However, with the purchase of a metal guitar, what factors will determine the quality of the guitar? Read the article below for a better knowledge of buying the best guitars for metal.

Best Metal Guitar Brands
Best Metal Guitar Brands
Best Metal Guitar Brands

Best for professional guitarist

Best for beginners

best for All

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Top Best Metal Guitar Brands Reviews 2020

Besides the brand name, you will also find useful information such as market segmentation by popular artists and the appropriate model. Note to you that this is not an exhaustive list of the brand name because information may be added or removed depending on the fluctuations of the world metal guitar market.


Fender is an American brand and is no stranger to electric guitar enthusiasts. Over the past decade, Fender has been at the forefront as it continues to be highly rated for products across all price ranges it offers from entry-level Squier guitars to custom products. 

It's no surprise that Fender remains the world's leading of the best guitar brands for metal with a long list of famous artists using their products such as Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain, The Edge (of U2), etc.

Fender product lines have sophisticated structures and high aesthetics. The guitar barrel is made from Alder wood, meanwhile, the neck is selected from maple wood with the "C" structure, which not only brings out a breakthrough but also creates comfort and certainty when using.

The frets are made from Rosewood wood including 22 keys with white accents to help players keep their hands off the beat. They have a high-quality glossy finish.

Fender is also the brand that gave birth to the famous and iconic metal guitar lines of the music world such as:

  • TELECASTER - Fender's first electric guitar line. The characteristic of this guitar is its simple, elegant form and functional convenience.  Modified Telecaster has been used favorably in metal over the years, but it is more rock-oriented.

  • STRATOCASTER: It is also known as the prototype electric guitar with elegant design and standard sound. If you are into old-school metal, you can't go wrong with this.


Electric Guitar Jackson is a brand of guitar dedicated to Rock and Metal. Electric Guitar Jackson is a sub-brand of Fender. Jackson Electric is well known for its unique motif designs with genres like Rock and Metal. From the beginning until now, Jackson has launched many timeless product lines and affirmed a foothold in the instrument market.

Jackson metal guitar is designed with a variety of models and different colors that creates a unique and attractive. The patterns on each instrument show Jackson's distinctiveness and character. If you are a player who loves aesthetics, personality style with outstanding colors, Jackson Electric Guitar will be the ideal choice for you.

There are some of Jason's metal guitar lines you can choose from:

Jackson JS Series JS 11

Jackson JS Series JS 22

Jackson JS Series JS 32


Gibson is the brand behind the Gibson Les Pauls, Flying Vs, and Explorers, etc logos. Gibson took second place after Fender on our list of top best metal guitar brands. Their products have received a lot of positive reviews from those who love the brand. One of the biggest things that happened to Gibson was when they licensed the legendary Les Paul guitars. This guitar has put Gibson at the top of the best guitar brands for metal.

To give great sound, the manufacturer has rigorous processes from selecting mahogany raw materials to finished products. The body is made of natural wood with a metal buckle to create a solid feel.

In addition, Les Paul is also produced by Gibson's subsidiary called Epiphone, which is a company that produces more or less 20 models of Les Paul in regions outside the United States, using cheaper standard woods, and no hand-made details. Generally, these Les Paul models will be a lot cheaper. Epiphone produces uncommon Les Paul models such as Les Paul Goth, Les Paul Ultra, Les Paul Prophecy, Les Paul Tribute Plus.

Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith Guitar is an electric guitar company founded in 1985. Although, this brand is relatively young compared to the Fender or Gibson. But with valuable products, it has a big impact on the guitar world.

Carlos Santana, Ted Nugent, Dave Navarro, Mark Tremonti choose to use this label to contribute to the name of PRS in the list of best metal guitar brands. Every PRS guitar has undergone a thorough process of testing, consideration, and re-inventing. Inspired by the personal guitar collection of Paul Reed Smith who is the founder of PRS, SE Paul's Guitar represents the superb quality of the PRS name at a great price range.

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Mark Holcomb Electric Guitar: Based on the acclaimed performance of Maryland-based factory-produced Holcomb Signature guitars, the PRS SE Mark Holcomb is a metal guitar that stretches out of its price range. Using Custom 24 as a model, Holcomb Signature features a mahogany body and maple face but deflects with a 25.5 ″ scale maple neck and 20 curvature on the ebony boom. 

In a way, the geniuses at PRS could include Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega humbucking pickups that previously only appeared at the exclusive Custom Shop. Tight and firm, but still with note-to-note clarity under high-gain distortion, this metal guitar is well known as a ferocious modern metal.


Ibanez was one of the first Japanese instrument companies to gain a caliber in the imported guitar business in the United States and Europe, as well as being the first guitar brand to produce volume large seven-string and 8-string guitars. The company makes a wide range of products from instruments to frets, pedals, and accessories.

Ibanez first appeared with replicas of the famous Gibson and Fender. But in 1980, this company introduced the RG line of electric guitars, which is a separate design with its own unique style. The guitars in the RG series were one of the best-selling guitars of that period, and until much later, Ibanez has maintained its form from a good start in 1980, making them fifth in charts of best metal guitar brands.

Ibanez has 5 electric guitar lines that are Gio, Standard, Premium, Iron Label, Prestige. The Iron Label line is designed for those who love heavy music like metal or rock. If Ibanez can claim its title as the strongest name in the Metal guitar industry, the RGA series is the model on which this reputation is built. Every inch of the RGA represents speed, style, and personality.


If you are interested in music, you must know Yamaha. From a beginning specializing in piano and organ production in 1887, Yamaha has grown into a multinational company. This is a guitar brand from Japan that has undergone a period of development and has gradually affirmed its position in the market for classical and electric guitar products. 

There are many price ranges, so it is suitable for all buyers of Yamaha guitar. One of the product segments that Yamaha is extremely focused on is the beginner musical instrument. You will have an abundance of choices to start your music career. Its metal guitars are considered to be quite good at an affordable price that is friendly for beginners.

But what if you are a professional guitarist and need to find a top guitar for your show? Trust me, Yamaha will not disappoint you. You will definitely have your best guitar for metal.

The reason for the extremely reasonable price is because Yamaha is the pioneer in applying the automatic production line at the highest level. This helps to optimize production costs, resulting in high-value instruments at a reasonable price.

Yamaha is serious about offering to the market a  diverse portfolio of metal guitars in all shapes, colors, and sizes for customer needs. We can't go wrong with the Yamaha Pacifica series. Developed in the 1990s, the Yamaha Pacifica Electric Guitar range has become one of the company's best-selling electric guitars. 

Not only does the sound great, but the price is also great (many are under $ 200). The design of the Yamaha Pacifica is great. Quality and engineering together with rigorous testing have helped Yamaha Pacifica be in the top best guitars for metal. Most Pacifica models have a Stratocaster-oriented body.

Electric Sound Products (ESP)

ESP is a Japanese guitar brand that also made it into the Top list of best guitar brands for metal with many endorsements from artists and users. Founded in 1975, with beginnings as a producer of guitar details for artists wanting to personalize their guitars. 

Today ESP is known worldwide for its unique and eccentric guitars exclusively for rock and heavy metal artists. In addition to its outstanding quality, its external beauty is as attractive as the quality of the guitar which has brought this brand to a new level. Electric Sound Products also began production of high-quality handcrafted electric guitars, called the Navigator, with special machines from Hisatake.

Their metal guitar products are available in a wide range of prices from the premium version with the Japanese ESP brand name and the cheaper versions with the LTD brand of Korea and Indonesia.

The LTD brand was created in the mid-90s specializing in the production of low-priced but very high-quality guitars. About the best guitars for metal, we cannot miss the EC series.

The remarkable point on this metal guitar is the Tune-O-Matic and the pleasantly rounded tail design like that of the Epiphone Les Paul, which attracts attention at first sight with any female guitarist.


Founded in Japan in 1956, Aria began making replicas of low-cost electric guitars. But the point is the products considered copies are more appreciated than the original. Since then, the company has had some success in many stages of development, producing many musical instruments for professional players. The name "ARIA" means an expressive melody.

Aria has a very wide and diverse market segment serving the majority of consumers. Whether you are looking for a low-cost or high-end electric guitar, you have a choice of the Aria brand.

Among them, the most popular model of the best metal guitar is the Aria Pro II. The Aria Pro II led the way with the '80s change to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. In terms of sound, Aria Pro II has been very successful in developing bass creating a quality, branded sound style.


Referring to the best metal guitar brands, you should not ignore Taylor. On the market 40 years ago, Taylor is known as the leading brand in the world for its excellent sound quality and sophisticated design. It can be said that Taylor Guitar is the pride of anyone who is passionate about Acoustic Guitar.

However, Taylor was not only known for its acoustic guitars but also its quality Metal Guitar. Taylor is the dream guitar of many guitarists. The remarkable point of the Taylor guitar is the secret of combining different types of wood to create a very special sound.

Making the Taylor guitar is a series of processes. Although it is made by hand or machines, it still produces a beautiful and sharp sound. Taylor guitars are all combining the use of modern technology with leading craftsmen and the application of modern technologies for meticulous detail.


If you are keen on metal and want to find the best guitar brands for metal, you can't go wrong with Dean. Dean is made in American with the quality and craftsmanship of the crafts.

In the 1990s, Dime brought the old ML back to life and helped Dean expand with some sharper and more modern designs. Dean's guitar products integrate many advantages to make a cheap guitar but provide the ability to play almost as high-end guitars.

Dean also makes some great guitars for rock, blues, country, and even some quality acoustics.

Oscar Schmidt

If you are a beginner looking to buy the best guitar for meta, then you can choose the best guitars for metal by Oscar Schmidt. Oscar Schmidt was founded in 1871 and has 5 factories in Europe and one factory on Ferry Street in Jersey. They make all kinds of string instruments with good quality at a low cost.

The reason that Oscar Schmidt's guitars are so popular is that they are both cheap and locally available. But equally important, they were also chosen for their outstanding tonality and volume.

Nowadays, with premium woods, quality hardware, and modest prices, Oscar Schmidt is one of the best metal guitar brands. Every guitar is tested and tuned in the United States by a qualified technician to ensure that you have an excellent quality metal guitar.  Oscar Schmidt Guitars are suitable for beginners to intermediate level. 

One of the best guitars for metal of Oscar Schmidt is Oscar Schmidt OE20. The Oscar Schmidt OE20 has everything you'd expect from a Les Paul including a single-line mahogany body, 22 frets, Tune-O-Matic bridge, a maple neck set, and two ruffles. If you are looking for a guitar that suits metal music styles, then the Oscar Schmidt OE20 is definitely the right choice.

Epiphone Electric Guitars

If you are looking for the best metal guitar for beginners with the same design and sound as the Gibson Les Paul, an Epiphone guitar is a perfect choice. As a subsidiary of Gibson, Epiphone can faithfully reproduce the Les Paul guitar to give beginners the chance to acquire a new guitar-based on this model. Although Epiphone is owned by Gibson,  Epiphone is one of Gibson's biggest competitors at a certain time.

Many of the top rock musicians, like Foo Fighters 'Dave Grohl with The Beatles' Paul McCartney, have used a Les Paul guitar. In fact, Epiphone also offers a variety of beginner guitars that have an almost Gibson Les Paul design and sound. 

For example, the Epiphone Les Paul 100 is a faithful replica of the classic model and is a perfect guitar for those who want to hear Les Paul sounds. With a special neck design that enhances playability and provides comfort for beginners, the Epiphone Les Paul 100 is the perfect guitar for beginners.


Made in Southern California which is the birthplace of legendary guitars, Charvel guitars embody high-performance sound machines for discerning players who enjoy superior sound perception. Exquisitely crafted guitars are the reason why Charvel is on the list of the best metal guitar brands. 

Charvel's metal guitarists are very popular, including metal masters like Warren DeMartini to legendary Allan Holdsworth and Shawn Lane to famous artists like Guthrie Govan today. The special feature on appointments for most Charvel guitars is "hot-rodded" premium.

Grover Jackson was the one who raised the first guitar named Charvel in the late 1970s so it can be said that Charvel has deep roots with the Jackson guitar. Jackson worked at Charvel's Guitar Repair, Azusa, California before acquiring the company from its founder Wayne Charvel in late 1978. Jackson promptly produced traditional electric guitars with innovative improvements. productivity.

Besides the original Charvel instruments, Grover Jackson began on the second line of guitar owning his name. From those late '70s onwards, Charvel created his own notable uniqueness and gained a reputation for building the classy guitars that are preferred by many of the world's most professional metal guitarists.

Up to now, Charvel has provided unique and innovative guitars with the best devices and opinions. With a modern DK24 foundation, a number of notable new artist models continue to create an excellent metal guitar.


Schecter brands are one of the best metal guitar brands also because they are often linked and marketed with the metal genre with many styles and model names like Omen, Damien, Hellraiser, etc.

Part of its attraction is that you can enjoy its great quality without having to spend a huge amount of money. You even get Schecter's best metal guitar for under $ 1000. The testers played pretty well, most models come with a Floyd rose or a fixed bridge as an option.

Schecter has a good reputation for producing affordable Ibanez-like guitars.

Although Schecters are famous for their rock and metal guitars, they actually make a few models that suit country or jazz.

B.C. Rich

B.C.Rich is a guitar maker founded by Bernardo Chavez Rico in 1969. Currently, BC Rich guitars are produced in Asia. The Hanser Music Group, based in Kentucky, USA. B.C. Rich is one of the professional guitar manufacturers with a variety of unusual shapes and designs that are often very creative to help define your style. The cost of BC Rich brand electric guitars can range from low to very high.

BC Rich is a great choice for any guitarist looking for an instrument with sharp, resonant, and dramatic sound. Along with the classic design, in 2014 BC Rich launched the new Villain line. This guitar looks very special, made of mahogany, basswood with options like tremolo Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan Blackout humbuckers with great sound. 


The Washburn guitar brand is also ranked among the best metal guitar brands in the world. At first, this brand only appeared in Chicago, in Maxwell Street (USA). The first guitar was produced in 1883. The long history of development and the Washburn Guitars immersed in blues music have given this brand its own distinctive character that no other brand has. This is an extremely prominent brand in South African countries.

In the 1980s, Washburn's guitars were everywhere and in the hard rock and metal guitars, Washburn was the dominant guitar. Today, although Guitar Washburn is no longer as prominent as it used to be, it still has a certain foothold in the market of good instruments in the world. With models for Paul Stanleyvaf Nono Bettencourt, Washburn still has a strong foothold in the rock world. As one of the oldest guitar manufacturers in America, Washburn deserves to be on this list of best metal guitar brands.


It can be said that The Beatles made Rickenbacker famous, but there is no denying that Rickenbacker plays a significant role in the sound of this iconic band. Founded in 1931 in the United States, Rickenbacker produces only high-quality guitars at a fairly high price. It all started when John Lennon bought a Rickenbacker 325 in the early 60s, widely used in the early years of The Beatles.

George Harrison also had Rickenbacker 360/12, which was featured on their famous "A Hard Day's Night" album. Even Paul McCartney used the 1964 4001S FG Rickenbacker left-handed bass. Rickenbacker continued to stay under the spotlight thanks to artists like The Who, Tom Petty, and Heartbreakers REM, among others.

Buying Guide: Tips To Choose the best metal guitar from the best metal guitar brands

Best Metal Guitar Brands

Obviously, the best metal guitar must be the best guitar for metal. However, you do not know what guitar is suitable for playing metal and which guitar will be your best guitar for metal on the market with many guitar lines. After knowing the best guitar brands for metal, the next thing is to choose the best guitar for metal. Hence, keep reading to read our full article on how to choose your best metal guitar.

The Best Metal Guitar Must Be The Best Guitar For Metal

Before deciding to buy an electric guitar, you must clearly define what your playing style is? Each guitar is designed in many different styles. So when defining the hobby as well as the style of playing Metal will help players choose the best guitar for metal more effectively. You cannot buy a Jazz Blues guitar on Metal and Death. 

Best Metal Guitar Brands

The electric guitar is designed with a whole piece of the body, solid and hard, played through amply that will suit the genre of Rock’n’Roll, punk, and metal music so you should choose Solid-body guitars. The reason is that having a solid body gives better sound transmission resonance because vibrational energy is carried on an unbroken cohesive mass like 2 3 and 4-piece bodies.

If you need a warm tone, you should go with a thick, big body like Les Paul. If you need a bright and dynamic tone, choose a slender look like Stratocaster or Ibanez.

Humbucker And Single pickup

The biggest factor that determines the sound of an electric guitar for metal (especially for beginners) is the pickup type. Different Pickup types are designed to make different sounds.

Currently, pickup  can be classified into two basic categories as follows:

best 3/4 electric guitar

Single-coil pickup: composed of only one coil (single-coils), invented very early in the 1930s by Rickenbacker®. This type of pickup creates a thin, clear, and bright sound (more inclined to treble).

Humbucker pickup: composed of two inductors connected in series around two rows of dual-coil pickup, invented in 1950 by Gibson®. This type not only reduces noisy noises but also produces a distinctive sound. This kind of sound is full, strong, but tends to be coarse and dull.

There are also a number of single pickups that have 2 wraps in the same core, called Stack pickup, which also eliminates buzzing because of the larger output, and also somewhat gives the brightness of the single. A mid-range guitar, when changed to a good pickup, will sound better, and vice versa a good guitar with poor pickup will give a low-quality sound.

Best Metal Guitar Brands

This is absolutely true, so you can completely change the tone quality, improve the quality of your guitar by changing the pickup. But keep in mind that a good instrument produces a deeper sound quality, while a quality accompaniment will produce a shallower tone.

Active pickup gives us hi-output, noise reduction in the circuit can increase headroom thanks to battery mod, built-in preamp.

Passive pickup for high, dynamic sound, because there is no preamp circuit, so the sound is more diverse, but it costs more to reduce noise.

In fact, active pickup is chosen by many artists and puts their faith in it. For example, a Strat is famous for its glitter, country, blues rock. But if you want to play heavy metal on the keyboard itself, it's not impossible. You just need to change the pickup type to your liking and it will still work.


Best Metal Guitar Brands

The wood of a metal guitar is certainly important and influences its tone, but not as much as the pickup. Wood types such as alder, mahogany, ash, etc are used as the body of the metal guitar. Almost all the neck is maple wood which creates a rich sound, easy to shape, durable. The frets can be made of maple or rosewood (mellower). In metal guitars, you will also find instruments made with basswood, agathis, or even pine. Some people don't really like Agathis, but basswood gives a great metal guitar sound.


The best metal guitar is one with good action. The action refers to the pitch of the gauge at the 12th fret. The standards for the best guitar for metal with good action are:

Wire E calculates the top fret to the lower edge of the wire with a height of 1.5 ~ 2.0 mm.

The wire e counts the top fret to the lower edge of the wire with a height of 1.0 ~ 1.5 mm.


Best Metal Guitar Brands

With the fixed bridge, the most important thing is the Tuners. When your bridge is already fixed but the Tuners are not good, when you do techniques like bend or vib or just after a few sentences, your tune might be wrong. Tuners aren't too good in the Tremolo but pay attention to the Locking Nut and the Tremolo's ability to hold strings. Check it by bending the string to 1.5 ~ 2 notes higher and then checking again. If the pitch doesn't change, you can be satisfied with what you have.


The strings are also an important factor in the formation of the sound. If Pickup is the most important ingredient in tone formation. In fact, if you have a pickup, put it under the strings attached to two unrelated points. Then when the strings are stripped, the rhyme pickup will catch the string's vibrations turning into sound afterward. There is no need for unity in one body.

Best Metal Guitar Brands


Whether you choose to buy an electric guitar or acoustic guitar, classic guitar, etc, you always want to invest in your best metal guitar from the best metal guitar brands. If you are just starting to play metal guitar, you need to set your goals too high, but don't let the wishes of having the best guitar be forgotten. Pick up some metal guitar brands in our list of best metal guitar brands.

One thing is always true in today's commercial world. Although the metal guitars in our list of the best metal guitar brands are of good quality, you cannot expect your $ 500 metal guitar to be better than a $ 1000 ~ 2000 metal guitar. Because a high price metal guitar will generally have a higher quality of wood and components than a low-value metal guitar.

Here are Guitar Metal Tips and Tricks on how to use the best metal guitars for beginners. Hope through that, you will be able to have more understanding and from there you can choose the best guitar for metal from the best metal guitar brands.

Classification Of Metal Lines

Best Metal Guitar Brands

However, you should know that electric guitars also have many sounds, shapes, and sizes, and are suitable for different types of Metal from study to stage performance. This is the main thing you need to have basic knowledge about metal genres to choose the best metal guitar from the best metal guitar brands.

  • Heavy Metal: Recognized by guitar riffs with distortion on a strong drum base. Early Heavy Metal often has long riffs influenced by Blue music.

  • Thrash: From the foundation of Heavy Metal, Thrash bands have built their own way of playing with the most prominent feature is the rhythm guitar part. The accord guitarists of this genre all play jerkily with very clear riffs. The guitar is very thick with a distinctive whirring sound and without vocals.

Best Metal Guitar Brands

Many songs use this guitar background as an intro. This guitar playing made Thrash the heaviest music after it was born. It is important to note that both in the way of hitting and in the way of the sound. Besides, the drums are also often played harder than the Heavy Metal of the late 70s with the popular use of twin bass pins. It can also be considered a revolution.

  • Power Metal: You can miss it for Doom or Gothic, or even Progressive. Power has some recognizable features that are often extremely fast-paced. The 2-foot bass drum is at a high tempo so the general feeling is that Power music is very intense. Power music often has a very beautiful chord background with beautiful lyrics. 

The solo pieces usually have some sort of guitar solo, or guitar 1 solo then guitar 2, then guitar 1, guitar 2, or keyboard solo. The Power series vocals are usually very high and are usually soprano. The content of Power music is mostly related to epic, legend, etc. It is clear with a high bar, less intense anger, and not as heavy as Thrash. 

One thing worth mentioning about Power is the rarity of riffs. Music bands sometimes just stick to a single harmonic background and as background for vocals. All the artistic quintessence they put into the melodies and solo pieces. The Riff that is typical of Metal was not taken seriously so it is easy to confuse Power bands.

Best Metal Guitar Brands
  • Progressive is still hailed and flattered as Metal's most scientifically sounded genre.

Its most recognizable thing is the time signature (TS). The continuous TS change throughout the song is the main element that makes Progressive music. A-Pro verse can start with 4/4, playing all 4 3/4 staff then ending with a 7/8 staff. It has 5/6, 9/10, 11/16, 15/32, 17/64, even 98/99. Because of this, Pro Metal music is often difficult to hear and difficult to play. If their skill level is not good, guitarists cannot follow the constant change in rhythm at such high speeds.

Pro Metal music is also very free, the structure of a song is often beyond the framework of traditional music. The concepts chorus, bridge, intro, outro become relative. So is the length of the track. 

Singers became more unnecessary than ever. It is undeniable that the Pro Metal singers are also high-class and their voices are sometimes as good as Freddie Mercury. However, it is clear that they exist in the band or not, no longer means.

The content of Pro Metal music is very diverse and does not have a common thought. This genre of music always requires great patience to be fully understood.

Best Metal Guitar Brands
  • Gothic Metal: While Punk often displays apparent rebellion, the Gothic Metal goes the opposite. The feature of Gothic Metal is that synthesizers are always present, or at least simulated guitar effects. By the early 90s, the appearance of the violin in Goth was no longer unfamiliar and gradually took over the mainstream.

Its biggest features are just electronic musical instruments and violin. Combining delay, chorus, reverb, and flange can create a mixed sound that we can see in Goth Metal.

Gothic Metal vocals are popularly soprano.

  • Doom Metal: Doom still carries Metal's heavy riffs but the synth background also exists in parallel. It sometimes inserts sad music. Doom increasingly resembles Gothic with the use of a violin and soprano voices.
  • Death Metal: The Death Metal bands usually turn the strings to a half or a bow adding bass to the music. Riffs are often short and full of violence. The beat is often heavy. In Death Metal, the keyboard was not used except for the Melodic-trend Death series. Death Metal's ideology is very diverse in expression, culture, and society. 
  • Black Metal: Black Metal has no idea of pushing music to the extreme. Black music only works to give the listener a certain ghost. The riffs are usually not too intense. The speed is not too high. The use of keyboards in Black Metal is also quite common in Symphony Black. The thought is mainly related to religion. 

Concepts such as Symphonic, Classical, Industrial do not make sense to define a genre of music as many people think. These are just prefixes that add a character to the genre.

The Bottom Line: My Pick For The Best Metal Guitar Brands

Best for professional guitarist: Gibson

Best for beginners: Yamaha

Best For All: Ibanez

Once you have decided to play electric guitar with metal style, you need to find yourself the best guitar for metal. Although no brand or guitar model is best for everyone, if you search by the brand you will definitely find the guitar you want. So when buying your best guitars for metal you should mention the list of the best metal guitar brands given above.

I hope this article will be of some help to you to select the best guitars for metal. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact.

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