Top 17 Best Metal Guitar Under 500 And Useful Tips To Get The Best

If you’re really into metal and want to purchase the good quality metal guitar at an affordable price. Here’s the list of the top 17 best metal guitar under 500 in 2020.

Heavy metal guitar (or simply metal guitar) is the use of heavily amplified electric guitar in heavy metal. Metal guitar playing is rooted in the forms of guitar playing established in the 1960s blues-rock and psychedelic rock, and it uses a massive sound, distinguished by strongly amplified distortion, lengthy guitar solos, and loudness overall. The metal guitar sound comes through the combined use of high volumes and extreme distortion.

Nowadays, there are several choices of metal guitar in the market of instruments for music. In fact, even if you're an experienced player, it's still a little difficult to find a suitable one. Today Carroll / Fletcher will highlight 17 of the best metal guitar under 500 offering both high quality and great experience in guitar playing.

best metal guitar under 500
best metal guitar under 500
best metal guitar under 500

Best Product For Old School Metal

The Most Versatile Metal Guitar

Best Overall Metal Guitar

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Top best metal guitar under 500 Reviews 2020

Ibanez RG Series RG450MB

The first product to make our list is the Ibanez RG Series RG450MB. Thanks to critical elements, such as lightweight, extremely quick neck, and excellent in-house technology, such as the Edge tremolo mechanism, Ibanez is popular for manufacturing excellent metal guitars. For years, RG has done all its jobs in glam metal, thrash, death metal, heavy metal, and graduated metal.

I also notice that they deliver outstanding value and you can expect amazing quality and sound even in the mid-price ranges. That's why Ibanez has been the first choice among a lot of heavy metal music guitar players. 

The RG450 MB features a Mahogany body, and the classic slim Wizard III Maple neck, renowned for both comfort and power. A fingerboard with a maple fills out the graphics. Proprietary Quantum pickups for a concentrated, industrial retro touch, feel and you've got a guitar that's a pure metal machine every inch. Case sold alone.

Schecter OMEN-6

Any review of the best metal guitar under 500 won't be complete without considering the Omen 6. The specs are great for a guitar in its price range but not on the same standard as high-end Schecters.

The Omen 6 is built-in Schecter "C" format and is available in white, black, and walnut stain. This is highly recommended for heavy and hard rock guitarists on a budget and with a few updates and modifications, the guitar has the potential to be outstanding.

However, if you don't want to, the improvements may not be required as it will always get the job done right out of the box.

The basswood body is amazing for both metal and hard rock, with a quality close to that of mahogany though varying in clarity.

This was achieved with a bolt-on collar, a method that is both cost-cutting and supports the basswood body as opposed to other Schecters. Despite the fact that set-necks provided more longevity than bolt-ons, sustain is certainly not missing in this machinery, thanks to the additional assistance from the bridge.

The sound is oriented toward rock music, and at high-gain levels, the pickups can get a little bit of muddy though fairly flat. The sound might be great with you depending on your style of playing, particularly if you turn down one or two measures.

The electronics are simple; two pickups, one knob in pitch, and one knob in tone. There is a three-way turn as well. The pickup bridge is heavy and crunchy and the sound of guitars is really loud. The pick-up from the neck sounds fine for both solo and clean action.

Overall, Omen 6 is a very strong all-purpose guitar and the sound is perfect for every form of music whether blues or jazz and the tuning and configuration are solid even with the roughest play and note bending.

That said, a Schecter is hard to go wrong and the Omen 6 is definitely a great buy for a guitar in that range.

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Standard 24

The third product in this best metal guitar under 500 that I want to show you is the PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Standard 24. The Body of Mahogany offers sound comfort and gloom. For you, this is a positive indication.

Maple neck makes you able to play lead sections with a consistent note. It makes the guitar more flexible as well. The fretboard is made of rosewood, so the sound is surely warm enough.

Pick-ups are Humbuckers 2 PRS 85/15 "S." Pickups also have the feature split-coil which adds some flexibility.

These mics offer dark and warm tones but typically this guitar doesn't sound too dark or flat. Often the sound is dark enough when you play with heavy distortion but in my experience, it loses any clarity. That sound can be a little bit blurry at times. Yet overall it sounds pretty good on this instrument.

The radius of the fretboard is 10 inches, so the fretboard has a gentle curve. Responsive to the touch. PRS guitars are not popular, and this is no exception, because of super-fast necks. In my view, it is quick and smooth enough but there are better alternatives available for shredders.

But still, this guitar is very enjoyable and easy to play with "not the quickest neck'.' It's really easy to reach particularly frets above the 17th.

This guitar isn't on this list's cheapest but it still has some problems. One explanation for this is the whammy bar (Tremolo Arm) and tuners. Tremolo arm can make a guitar very quickly out of tune, particularly during the first few months. Still, pleased I got a very good tip from his guitar's longtime owner (it seems to work):

When you get this guitar or change the strings make sure you stretch the strings for some days and play with the whammy bell. This expands the springs at the guitar's base. And it stretches the guitar strings, too. Give the guitar a few weeks and then it remains in great shape.


Here is the ESP LTD EC-256 which is my favorite best metal guitar under 500 pick. ESP LTD is an exceptional label in the heavy metal sector. The EC-256 has a traditional look and excellent appearances, making it one of the best options out there on a budget for metal guitarists. It looks great and has a sense of more luxury relative to many single-cut guitars.

Some players like pointy designs that look like military weapons when it comes to metal instruments, while others like a more relaxed feel. The ESP LTD EC-256 looks classic so don't let it fool you. It might look sleek and polished, but it reeks a gritty tone of metal.

The EC-256 has origins in metal. In the metal group, the ESP LTD EC-1000 has become a classic, known for its excellent sound and stunning style.

The EC-1000 is built off the ESP Eclipse guitar itself. Unfortunately, both of these instruments would place you above the budget cap of $500. But in the EC-256, the EC-1000 does have a little buddy. This guitar will give you plenty of the positive things you'll find in the EC-1000, which will still get you in under your cap.

The body of mahogany and the neck of mahogany allows for great resonance, characteristic of instruments of the Les Paul type. Think low, strong, chunky chords.

In addition, the EC-256 looks fantastic! It comes in bright yellows and greens as well as a cool dark-brown sunburst in addition to the elegant black finish (which is of course the preferred alternative for metal).

Ibanez S521

The Ibanez S Series never ceases shocking guitar players and fans, particularly after so many years. Over time, the S series initially intended to highlight their new innovation has been found to be a haven with proven success in all price points.

The Ibanez S521 is a perfect representation of what the S sequence stands for and at $500; obviously it's a decent deal.

The S521 bears the iconic slender S line frame you're already used to seeing before. The hood of the Wizard III is made from oak, and the tonewood is mahogany.

The rosewood fretboard wears the inlay design of the S line trademarks. The platform is available in many finishes including the spectacular Sunburst Blackberry. In addition to being extremely easy to play, the Ibanez S521 offers outstanding construction quality and attention to detail for a beautiful finished job.

On hardware; you have a fixed bridge on one end with flexible saddles and on the other, a selection of impressive die-cast tuners. Overall, while not lavish, the hardware option they made for the S521 is rock solid. You'll also experience excellent tuning stability, relaxed set-up, and plenty of sustainability.

The pickups are connected to a pair of knobs; one for tone and the other for pitch, and the pick-up control switch for shaping tones.

The Ibanez S521 's sound is smooth, clear, and strong. There are plenty to deal with too, mids, and highs. The S521 is one of the most innovative and powerful guitars you can find, relative to other guitars within its price range.

ESP LTD KH-202 Signature Series Kirk Hammett

You might want to try out this guitar if you are a massive fan of Kirk Hammett. Looking for a guitar that can offer the famous Kirk Hammett sound which you know and love, then the LTD KH-202 is the guitar you need to check for.

Kirk Hammett is the lead guitar player in history's largest heavy metal band: Metallica. For over 20 years he has been the best-known member of the ESP Guitars band. The KH-202 LTD Signature Series is back, giving guitar players an inexpensive way to get Kirk's sound. It features a fast, extra thin U-shaped maple bolt-on neck, a rosewood fingerboard with 24 extra-jumbo frets, and Kirk's skull-and-bones inlays, a Floyd Rose Special Bridge, and LH-301 pickups designed by ESP. Accessible in Finish Black.

This guitar has an elegant and basic style with a very high standard of construction. I like this guitar has a slender body, making it convenient even for beginners to play.

Epiphone G-400 Pro

Next up, we have the Epiphone G-400 Pro. This guitar comes with a frame and a neck made of mahogany. The fretboard is constructed from rosewood. So for Metal, guitar materials are solid. You're not going to have trouble with those. You get a soft and dark sound from the Alnico Classic Pro neck and bridge pickups. It’s fun to riff.

These mics have the coil-split feature, so you can make it sound like a Fender Stratocaster a little bit more. Therefore the instrument is much more flexible. In truth, clean tones of this are strong too, I didn't expect it. For those clean intros for this one will do well.

The guitar is perfect for old-school music, in my opinion. This guitar is a perfect alternative if you like playing stuff that sounds like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc.

The shape of the collar is of slender D. So on the back, the collar is slender just a little bit longer. The shape of this kind of neck makes it convenient for your thumb. Keeping it in the right spot is simple and that lets you reach every corner of your fretboard.

With this neck and guitar, you can play heavy and short riffs with smoothness. Simple to get chords out too. Old-school metal solos suit the neck well. Any super-fast sweeping, shred solos can be a little harder to do with this, but you can also do these solos with this SG if you practice. While the neck isn't the shortest, frets are always easily reachable.

Action outside of the box is pretty terrible. Frets under 7th fret are tough to play with. You can change the action quickly but I'd love to see more action from the console.

The guitar may be a little front-weighted. It doesn't mean a massive guitar, just a tighter neck than normal. This irritates some people but I don't think it's that much of a concern. I've played this guitar many times, but I don't own this one, because I'm not sure if after you play it for years and years, it's beginning to bug you.

I think this is a little con, but you're going to get used to it (be careful you don't lose it when you first keep it).

I have little to worry about the finish of those Epiphone G-400 PRO's that I have seen and enjoyed. For the price, it's perfect. It remains well in tune too.

This guitar has some fret buzz problems, occasionally. Needless to mention, fret buzz can be resolved almost always, but this is certainly a con. Luckily, you do not usually have any panic buzz problems out of the package

Any users (very few) even record the loosening of the cable jack at times. But you can fix it quickly so no big deal. Few Epiphone Les Paul's have issues with original mics as they age, but I did not see anybody moaning about the breaking of mics from the Epiphone G-400 PRO. This is a positive indication

Ibanez RG421

Another interesting product from our best metal guitar under 500 list is the Ibanez RG421. As a reliable brand Ibanez is sure to produce great guitars at a reasonable price. The Ibanez RG421 is one of the most powerful guitars in this Ibanez series. With long hours of rehearsal and jamming, the guitar sounds very good and really relaxed. I like it's very light and the neck is straight and you feel better doing it faster. What stands out on this guitar are the quantum pickups. There is barely any noise and the tonal differences are suitable for various types of music. You wouldn't play jazz on it of course, but it fits great for some power chords and lead music.

This guitar is clearly from the RG range, as it has a double-cutaway Superstrat chassis. RG421 is made of a body made of mahogany and comes with a slim and durable Wizard III maple neck with great playability. It's recognized that the neck is short and this is for a reason. The rosewood fretboard features 24 jumbo frets with white dot inlay. The guitar's tonal range is no joke, two octaves complete for playing in. Two of Ibanez's high-output Quantum humbuckers are fitted with the RG421. A sound and tone control knobs control the passive pickups, as well as a selector button for the pickups, control a. Interestingly enough, instead of making a tremolo, they opted for a set bridge here.

In my view, it would be of great benefit to both newcomers and more seasoned players, as it is. It's filled with important items that make you like to learn how to play metal and rock.

ESP LTD Viper 256

Most of the other features you'll enjoy on the ESP LTD Viper 256 guitar are the retro style, the new play comfort, and powerful sound. The set-neck structure of mahogany works well for optimum longevity in the body of mahogany.

The slim U-neck is super easy and responsive all the way up to the rosewood fingerboard with 24 XJ frets. The fingerboard contains location markers that are displayed. The pickups are great for nearly any tone; fire, twang, or hard rock but the tone becomes excellent with a decent amount of distortion at the end.

The tune-O-Matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece on this instrument makes the string changes and intonation adjustments simple and convenient.

The Viper 256 is inexpensive and designed to handle the most surprising solos and chords you've ever made.

Epiphone SG Special

One surprisingly great quality product from our best metal guitar under 500 list is the Epiphone SG Special. The series SG has always meant one thing. Loud music to rock. Some of the most famous guitar players have seen it and I grew to like it too. If you like the Epiphone SG, there is no denying that the SG Special is a guitar for you. What was most clear about the guitar was how good the sound was, and that's why most people are going to buy it. It can also keep hard rock and metal to the base. The SG Special Epiphone is built to be packed with overdrive and distortion, so don't try for clean, consistent sound here.

The Epiphone SG Special is made from alder and features the iconic double-cutaway which gives the guitar its key point of styling. Both hardware is chrome-plated on the SG Edition. Combined with the rusty finish the chrome look gives the guitar a fascinating feel to the body. The neck is D-shaped made of strong oak, with a length of 24.75′′. The satin-finished neck is a customizable, fast, and simple bolt-on neck. It has 22 frets and pearl dot inlays on a rosewood fretboard. The LockTone Tune-o-Matic bridge works well and wonderfully retains intonation. The tail end is capped with a tailpiece stop-bar.

Entry-level guitarists are not looking anymore if you want to find what to look for. This is the guitar you like and you can buy just that. If you're a beginner guitarist, an advanced musician, or someone who likes jamming out on stage all night long, this is a decent guitar for the price.

Sleek style with an elegant finish, it looks and sounds timeless and costs less than $300. What else is it that you want?

Jackson JS34Q

The next product on this list is the Jackson JS34Q. They use poplar (American tulipwood) for the body, which is similar to alder. Poplar produces a much lighter sound than basswood, and higher notes of this content are more apparent. So with this sort of body, fast shred solos are typically more obvious.

The neck and fretboard are made of wood, so this adds to the sound much better and removes certain bass sounds. These body materials make the guitar's tone lighter than the other guitars on the list.

Black High-Performance Single Coil's in the neck and core are pick-ups. The pickup for the bridge is Jackson Humbucker High-Output. Ceramic Humbucker magnets. When playing on inexpensive instruments, the consistency over the long term is a little doubtful. But I didn't notice any questions about that, so in the long run, I think these are OK.

The overall sound is simple and vivid, perfect for riffs combined with soloing and quick power metal.

There is ample sound darkness, but certain extremely distorted riffs do not have a sound of fire. And some heavy riffs just don't sound like the one I want, particularly when you play power chords or multi-strings simultaneously. The sound so soft. This guitar is not, however, suitable for heavy riffing, in my opinion. But the tones are strong for fast lead pieces. Too gritty and harsh are soft tones. This isn't just suitable for clean bits.

Quality is typically reasonable or appropriate for the price. It could be easier, though. Inconsistency, the neck is also the best.

A little bit cheap feeling Jackson Floyd-Ross. And I agree it's still a little dangerous when you have a lower-priced guitar with a Floyd Rose. For a long time, guitar users agreed that Floyd-rose was very loose, but I did not find anyone who claimed that Floyd-rose split in the long term. But this one might be all right. However, ...

You will need to put some springs on the backside of the guitar if you want to use Floyd-rose comfortably, otherwise it's just too loose. Three springs exist now, but a fourth may be required.

Squier by Fender Contemporary Stratocaster

Is Squier an outstanding metal guitar brand? I'd normally suggest you have a better look elsewhere, but they've got some guitars worth trying out in their contemporary collection. In general, we will be happier to see the HSS with the Floyd Rose as far as Fender and Squier are concerned, but the guitars are made with the metal head in mind.

The Contemporary Active Stratocaster is one I like in particular. This is a heavy, active pickup superstratum and a Tremolo system of Floyd Rose.

For a new player who needs innovative features in a guitar with an authentic atmosphere and style, the Squier Contemporary Tight Caster HH is a suitable choice. Player-friendly characteristics, such as the slender "c"-shaped maple necks offer this guitar a sleek and polished sound, while the 12-inch radius and jumbo frets are suitable for fast and simple bends. The dual ceramic pickups have a hot output that is suitable for crunchy rhythms and high-powered solos. The new Stratocaster HH is the ultimate tough addition to your arsenal with its mixture of a timeless Strat theme, player-concentric features, and awesome sound.

Since the term was invented and their sound is matchless, Stratocasters have been working in heavy metal. A Fender is definitely well over our target of 500 dollars, but Squier will give you a few bucks to spare.

The thing is, you have to change the pickups for most Strats to get the sound you like for stuff. This job is completed for you with the Squier Working Contemporary Stratocaster.

Ibanez RGMS7 - Black

The RGMS7 is at the cutting edge of current instruments focused on electronics. The biggest hidden weapon here is its multi-scale nature, apart from its earth-shattering low B set. Multiscale uses two different scales (little shorter for the High E, much longer for the Low B, change in between) to maximize intonation and tuning in the fingerboard for those Metal Warriors out there unused. This allows the frets to be placed in minor angles like a fan and to re-position the pickups & bridge accordingly.

The payoff is an unexpectedly amazing tuning, intonation and overtones. Furthermore, fanned frets sit at an angle with your fingers which makes it much easier (and easier to cope in tough lead metal perfection passages) to play for long stretches! Less tiredness means more Metal warmth!

Dean Vendetta XM

Another great small budget guitar for players that is the Dean Vendetta XM. Dean guitars have been running for 40 years and are considered one of the world's best-customized guitar shops. With the Vendetta XM, their experience in the guitar world is obvious.

This guitar is made of lightweight paulownia material, making this a perfect travel companion for musicians always on the road. But it's not that – Dean's delivery boxes even feature the Vendetta XM. Dean guitars are best known for their single retro sounds, and undoubtedly the Vendetta XM does.

Jackson JS Series Rhoads JS32T

The fifteen product on our best metal guitar under 500 list is the Jackson JS Series Rhoads JS32T.A simple axis for a straight metalhead. I just like the raw meaty sound that you get with this guitar and the sophisticated look is just great. The function, style, and budget are greatly balanced. The balance of weight and contour of the body, to be honest, are rather awkward but caring for. You can play in the band easily using it from rhythm to lead. It's a little difficult to play while sitting, but you can expect that from the blade-like design.

The sleek JS32 T Rhoads are made of lightweight basswood. It comes with a selection of finishes. It gives, even more, a medium appearance with the addition of All Black hardware. The graphite reinforcement bolt-on maple speed neck can be played out super. The fingerboard rosewood has 24 jumbo frets. There is a composite radius of 12′′ in Pearloid sharkfin inserts. The Jackson dual high-performance pickups with ceramic magnets make the guitar rumble. The pickups sound bright, with a lot of snapshots and presence to handle distorted playback of all styles.

For rock/metal guitarists who are searching for standing equipment not too costly, I would definitely suggest this guitar. The tone of the guitar is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned players who want to hear the biting sound.

Schecter Omen Extreme-FR

Here is the second Schecter guitar that will win the hearts of metalheads. The Schecter Omen Extreme is an extremely cost-effective guitar with everything you need. Guitars at all levels of experience now have the sound for pocket-friendly rates of a top-quality guitar.

Schecter Guitars are legendary to deliver high-quality equipment at outstanding prices. Schecter Diamond PlusWhole spins with a Ceramic Magnet have the drive to relay your Amp over the edge to this powerful high output pickup. Made of blistering leads and crunchy rhythms. Ideal for tuning fall. This set is quickly omitted from the blend. When pulls up the Push-Pull lever, Rockin' Single coil rings. The Floyd Rose special device is used in this model.

Regardless of what you think about buying a guitar for use, or as a present for a novice, the guitar is a perfect option.

Squier by Fender Jim Root Telecaster

The final product in this list which we highly recommend for you is the Squier by Fender Jim Root Telecaster. Perhaps the first guitar you hear of metal might not be the famous Fender Telecaster. Jim Root's going to beg to adjust. He is a testament to his success in Slipknot. For over two decades, Slipknot has been churning out the toughest metal riffs, so this guitar has gone easily from blues to heavy. The first thing I found was the intermediate and resonant effect it creates when played acoustically. It has a heavy, violent, and full metal sound. The use of passive pickups brings a little edge to the guitar and makes it flexible. The stock pickups work well when playing complicated strings is amazing.

While most telecasters have an older body in the past, they have now opted to put strong mahogany. The body has a wonderfully heavyweight and a lot of support that is lovely and beautifully smooth. The iconic 1972 Thinline electric remained popular with the design. The comfortable satin-fitted C-shaped neck consists of a 12′′ Indian Laurel fretboard with 22 frets that give a unique Jim Root tone to this Telecaster. It's a pleasure to play, sleek with metal and rock. A three-way pickup switch and the master volume knobs are issued for the dual passive pickups with black covers.

You are having a pretty special guitar from many other signature versions that you won't find anywhere. It is really playable and inexpensive.

How To Pick The Best Metal Guitar Under $500

When selecting the right metal guitar for you, there is a long list of considerations to remember. A strong metal electric guitar should be able to create distinct metalheads. Therefore, one with all the right features is important.

It can sound daunting to find the right components for a heavy metal guitar, but some tips may make your shopping experience much simpler.

Which Thing Makes a Great Metal Guitar?

Types of Finish 

It is crucial that the finish on the neck and the fretboard sound right for you when selecting any guitar type. Some types of finishes will stick and sound flattering, which is clearly uncomfortable for metal guitarists who have to shift around their necks and fretboards hard. Your objective should be to find an easy, stuck neck so you can play faster and easier.

best metal guitar under 500

Couple things that you should pay attention

  • Many guitar finishes are given (Lacquer, Nitrocellulose, Lacquer, Polyurethane Lacquer, Shellac, the list goes on)

  • The most finishes you use in guitars are two ways: Matte and Satin.

  • For metal guitarists, the most common finish is Satin since most Satin finishes sound nice and don't bind. The satin necks are considered the best by most players.

  • Even non-sticks and an outstanding alternative are incomplete guitar necks. I assume the unfinished necks play a little quicker, personally.

  • Glossy necks can be a comforter, often people think the stickiness rubs off after playing for a while.

Fingerboard Radius

Note: The size of the fingerboard is literally the diameter of the arc of the fingerboard. Many guitars are curved rather than smooth, but the flatter the fingerboard is easier to cut.

The first thing you find normally is the fretboard range and just the feeling of goodness when you first pick up a new guitar and start playing a little. As I have said, it is easier to shake a flat fretboard, and why is that better. Lower action flat radius fretboards than most fretboards can be used.

Thin Neck

Like any other guitar parts, it's all tasteful. Many metal guitarists admit as this is generally the case because it is better to play on a thin neck guitar quicker. However (for some unexplained reason) some metal guitarists enjoy the thickness of their necks. I can not tolerate a thick neck personally and I find it very difficult to play for short licks on (most guitarists the same). It's quick to pick one in a shop and find out what you want. Take a moment to try and work that out, as you'll always play it because you want the neck to be as relaxed.

best metal guitar under 500

Good Tonewood

When you select the right timber for your guitar, your decision is not an important part, but you should certainly be aware of it. Your pick up and amplifier are the things that most affect your tone in the signal chain. This doesn't mean that the type of wood on your guitar should not be taken care of.

What is the difference between the wood type on the guitar skeptical? You are not alone, but I guarantee you will notice that the tone of these differences is somewhat different if you view a few videos on-line. Some woods actually make the tone somewhat bad

There are a few different kinds of wood for metal guitarists, which are thought to be good for metal (Mahogany is the most popular). Every kind of thick wood fits really well because it has a dark and gritty quality. The woods would work well to play metal with all the instruments that I suggest in this post.

Scale Length

Many Metal Guitarists tend to use their instruments for a longer period. A longer duration means that each fret has more space. Is that a positive idea, then? It depends on your choice. The answer is kind of. If you're at greater stress a longer length (say a size of 25.5 inches vs size of 24.75 inches), it also offers greater space for higher notes. This has a tremendous influence on easy games.

best metal guitar under 500

Longer scale lengths = Higher string voltage to pitch notes. It sounds better to bend a guitar with a shorter length. Keep in mind that this won't be as complicated as if you are down tuning it.

Don't think tension strings are evil, we need tension strings in order to have a low impact. The strings will crash against the fretboard and the noise if the string voltage slacks.

This does not simply mean that you need high voltage for a long instrument, scale length is not the only aspect deciding the voltage. If you choose to decrease heat, you can still switch to a lighter string scale. However, many metal players use wider strings to provide a thicker, darker metal sound. In the "Other things to remember" segment, we will talk more about strings.

The Pickups

Now that we have talked about what is good in a guitar neck, it's time to move on to the second most essential part, the pickups.

These are one of the most crucial parts of the guitar, as they control a lot of the sound before it hits your entire signal chain (amps, pedals, etc.). A good pickup is important to create a great metal tone even if people have created all right metal shades with pickups, which were not the best.

You will need humbucker pickups in order to have a good metal guitar. These are the hands of the winners. There are many options for a humbucker, but we'll cover what a humbucker is first.

Find out through this video :

Brand Of Guitar

Guitar makers also need to make decent guitars to sustain the company. Today, there are certain brands that customers purchase just because of whether the guitar looks like it or because of the brand name. I'm not here with the businesses to threaten, which are now losing their image. A fast search by Google will tell you who they are, and unfortunately, I will not reveal them in this post.

best metal guitar under 500

But think about this, guitar makers really need to focus on their credibility to sell instruments, most instruments are sold in shops for one and any guitarist or anyone who works in the store takes just a few seconds to tell you the guitar is a reasonable investment or not. If customers should not lose their confidence and easily, the credibility of guitar makers must be on the right road.

3 Steps To Find The Best Metal Guitar Under 500

best metal guitar under 500

Basically , there are three steps to find the best metal guitar under 500 :

  • Search: Read all the details you can find. Search: This is simple with the internet. Make sure your details are available on the websites of the numerous guitar suppliers. Read feedback any time you can, but bear in mind that players who are very glad or upset make most gear posts. The bulk of people are in the centre.

  • Test: Head out to local music shops to try your instruments. Try various guitars and related guitars made from different fabrics of the same type. Don't be scared to ask the guitar shop staff questions, but still validate what they say to you through your study.

  • Choose: It is time to take that guitar after you've worked out precisely for what you want. If you are shopping online or from a nearby market, select a reputable dealer with an outstanding return policy. Perhaps you should take the guitar home and play it for a bit and bring it back if you do not like it.

Find out more in this video

Conclusion best metal guitar under 500 Top Pick For The Best

best metal guitar under 500
best metal guitar under 500
best metal guitar under 500

Best Product For Old School Metal

The Most Versatile Metal Guitar

Best Overall Metal Guitar

Our post has presented the top popular choices for best metal guitar under 500 as long as the buying guide and also answers some questions related to this topic with our best knowledge and experience.

Thank you for spending your time reading this post. I tried to make this as insightful as possible and I hope you can find it helpful. If you think there is something I can add or say, please feel free to leave a message.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best metal guitar under 500 at the comment box below!
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