Best 7 String Guitars: Top-Rated List 15 String Guitars Reviews 2020

7 string guitar expresses the bass sounds of a standard guitar while playing the high chords and tunes, often played by artists around the world - especially artists in European countries. Âu - like to show off her star class. However, this 7 string guitar requires the player to be professional and highly qualified, and have long career experience in order to play it. In this article, I will introduce the top 15 best 7 string guitars.

Below you will find 15 of the best 7 string guitars that will help you in choosing the best string guitar which suits you. Keep reading Carroll / Fletcher to keep up with trends for the best 7 string guitars in 2020.

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Top Best 7 String Guitars Reviews 2020

PRS SE Mark Holcomb 7-string Guitar

Although PRS Guitars entered the 7-string market around 2013 with the super-sized SE Custom model, this model is unfortunately not an essential product of the brand. However, for Mark Holcomb, this is considered a powerful assistant of the guitar players.

What makes me love this model is its subtlety. This metallic Holcomb and PRS feature the most significant support for this business. This model is designed with curves and beveled edges with non-sharp edges.

What's special here is that this product is combined with a myriad of tunes, Holcomb's clever combination of Seymour Duncan and Omega's passive hums in the neck and bridge positions provide a wide range of soft tones. but extremely delicate. Besides this, this model is equipped with a coil on hand to create some sparkle. This is indeed a wonderful model, an extremely delicate being with the greatest functions.

Every aspect of PRS SE Mark Holcomb SVN is perfected for unlimited playing experience. The neck is covered with beautiful, polished ebony under the finger along with a 20-inch key radius to support wide bends and an agile transition from strings. PRS's famous thin wide neck engraved guitar neck is full for comfort and with the ease of up and down the keys.

The rich yet balanced sound of PRS SE Mark Holcomb SVN is the result of its timeless tonal fusion of solid hardwood covered mahogany exterior with beautiful rich wood paneling. The mahogany body gives players warmth in natural timbre and creates a clear and gentle feeling. Bright and chic design with wood materials gives you an amazingly balanced sound. The maple neck set and the 24-key ebony fretboard provides smooth playability and covers the entire 2nd interval over the entire surface of the instrument.

Ibanez Axion Label RGA71AL

Here's another model from the Ibanez Axion label. The RGA71AL is designed with Ibanez's signature RGA form (adapted from the original RG shape in turn) and gives it an internal upgrade.

The model features a Bare Knuckle Pickups Aftermath 7 neckline and a suspension bridge. This model is famous in part by being used by Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor in the band Icarus EP, The Aftermath as the basis for his signature pickup trucks in the future. They deliver tight, solid bass and dry and clear sound, with no excess bass and treble sound.

It is also equipped with a Gotoh locker, Gibraltar fixed bridge, cold-treated strap buckle, and frets for longer key life.

The Bare Knuckle Pickups repository keeps the guitar well-ranked for included specs such as the tuner and Gibraltar bridge. Besides, the guitar's design is also extremely splendid and eye-catching. One more point, this is an extremely light instrument so it is very easy to move.

Ibanez RGA71AL was designed with the concept of a modern Progressive Metal musician. It is designed with typical upgrades for a built guitar for the genre. Get it if you want an existing guitar with everything that has been upgraded with top-level components.

Ibanez Gio GRG7221QA

Are you thinking of buying a 7-string guitar but your budget is quite modest? It's okay, you can pick up a Jackson DS22-7 Dinky. It is renowned for its sweet, lightweight design, with Gio's antique configuration and its almost transparent, quilt-like wood case.

New 7-wire beginners will find the neck easy to walk and the hardtail F107 is designed to provide a solid build in engineering.

This is one of the best 7-string guitars for beginners and you can upgrade them easily later. You can convert pickup trucks to something a little hotter if your finances improve later.

The melody on this guitar is really amazing, this is a guitar that costs less than $ 200 so please note that don't expect too much from it. The pickup trucks are designed to be extremely comfortable and have a bit of mid-stretch and the new ones have similar average levels.

 The piano is designed extremely vividly. This may not be the best guitar, but with a compressor in front of the amp makes the amp perform well and powerful. The captivating mids allow you to create a wealth of compelling sound, enhance the bass and treble, and alternatively choose your way to create the sound you want.

The neckband looks a bit weak but to be honest considering the price range of this guitar we can't complain about anything. This model is quite easy to clean and convenient for you to want to clean your piano.

The 7-series generic pickups sometimes have a terrible response at the B level. Overall, this is a cheap model with a pretty good sound quality which is hard to find in models. Cheap.

For a beginner budget, it's built a lot better than other brands in the same range, like the Squier or Epiphone. I didn't notice any major inconsistencies in the structure of the product.

The nut is well aligned and does not deviate from the neck, although adhesive remains on the instrument. This doesn't affect gameplay, though.

The tuner is the die tuner so there isn't much to say about them. The guitar does not go out of tune every 15 minutes like other low-budget guitars.

Jackson JS22-7 DKA Dinky HT

The Jackson is an instrument likened to a spartan but as a gateway for those curious about 7 strings and in fact, this is a rather difficult model for beginners to 7 strings. However, the jumbo keys deliver a light touch while Dinky's body is comfortable whether playing from a sitting or standing position.

JS22-7 is a great fix - the most obvious mod will be an upgrade for a pickup. That said, Jackson was always updating and coming up with upgraded piano designs to achieve perfection in sound.

Scale length helps keep the 7th string always stretch. And for a harp at this price point, Dinky holds its tone.

Schecter Hellraiser C-7

Although the Schecter Hellraiser C-7 has been around for a while, it remains one of Schecter's most popular models.

The most distinctive feature of this design is the mahogany body and 3-piece mahogany neck with Schecter's signature C-neck shape that allows players to touch the strings without difficulty.

A pair of EMG 707tw Humbuckers gives the Hellraiser C-7 an incredibly powerful yet tight sound for high-gain applications while being clean enough for surrounding landscapes and lagging audio by pressing the scroll cord.

People are always amazed by the build quality of Hellraiser C-7 and after extensive research, there are only a handful of flaws such as millimeter-sized finishes. The EMG707TW is a guitar praised for its surprising versatility and for Active pickups often get a poor representation of clear timbre. The 707tw's coiled tap allows it to soften and provide great cleanliness for a complex chord with lag and reverb.

Hellraiser C-7 has a lot going for most people. With great build quality, versatile tone, and classy aesthetics, it would be difficult to find a better, more stable, 7-string guitar at this price range.

Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty

DiMarzio Rainmaker's humbuckers combined with a byzantine switching system provide a powerful and clear tonal range, while the built-in adjustable amplifiers help your solos reach perfection. go beyond pure blending

Piezo On is the guitar-like equivalent of having monogrammed sandals and a smoking jacket. It's just luxurious. It's not only just for performance but also allows Petrucci to have some quick acoustic tones.

The Tiger Eye is the pioneer of the 2019 Majesty lineup. It launched in just 300 pieces and is available in both six- and seven-wire versions, making it the only Majesty in the range available on weathered wood. The neck is made of flaming maple wood and the body is plastic. Other Majestys will have a mahogany or basswood body and cost two-thirds the cost of the original model.

Over the years, Majesty's relentless growth has brought many improvements to its looks. When first introduced, its finish is designed to exude a strong, racing vibe - suitable for pioneers in high-speed selection with two-tone and one-leaf designs. shield 'by mimicking a carbon fiber sheet. However, thanks to the elongated and protruding upper horn layer, the other finishes gradually reveal incomplete aspects of the design and perhaps lessen their ability to appeal to more conservative audiences. The 2019 models have removed two tones and introduced a number of new finishes to provide a prominent yet familiar, suitable for popular tastes

Jackson Pro Series Dave Davidson Signature Warrior WR7

Seriously, the Warrior is one of Jackson's neglected body forms and should be mentioned in the same debates as BC Rich Warlock or Jackson's Rhoads' asymmetric V body.

Here, Davidson designed a mahogany body and resisted the urge to overwhelm it with working pickup trucks with DiMarzio's signature Imperium taper. With frequency outputs emphasizing the mid-range of the guitar, they deliver classic sound but are also incredibly dynamic for the professional gamer.

The keyboard includes a Floyd Rose 1000 Series vibrating loudspeaker whose role will lead you to harmonious sounds and surprises.

Ibanez Gio GRG7221M

The GIO is Ibanez's budget line that includes guitars made abroad (usually Indonesia) aimed at beginners playing guitar.

The current GRG7221M has been upgraded from the previous version as it now has a Maple fingerboard. GRG7221M is designed with a fixed bridge, Ibanez Infinity R Humbuckers is finished in glossy metallic blue.

What makes Ibanez GIO more surprising than ever is that historically, the beginner guitars of historic quality were inferior to excellent. However, users were surprised to find an extremely quality guitar for a modest price. GRG7221m is truly a great product for a great modding platform.

GRG7221M is a great choice for beginners chain 7 users or those who want to trick it with mods. With the right setup, it can perform as stellar performances as expensive models

Ibanez Prestige RG752AHM

It became a joke in the ERG enthusiast community by automatically declaring it as a "reputable" product for people asking for a guitar referral. Yet it is the best way to unravel the quality and sophistication that the Ibanez Prestige offers. Each Ibanez Prestige instrument is designed entirely by hand by the teams selected in Ibanez's Fujigen factory and carefully checked to detect errors repeatedly.

RG752AHM is designed with ash gray color on the body and has a maple tree shape and curved neck. The neck itself has a 24-key bird-eye fingerboard with black dot spot markers and a Gotoh tuner.

It is also equipped with the Lo-Pro Edge 7 dual-lock tremolo bridge praised by the ERG community. Two DiMarzio PAF7 pickups are equipped with the task of rounding out specifications.

The first thing that makes users praise the RG752AHM is the build quality. Aside from a number of reviews that address unfortunate shipping and handling issues, the near-common compliments given to craftsmanship are perhaps the most talked-about plus point. The neck is also noted for being thin but comfortable without the overpowered "shoulders" on the face making it easier to touch the keys. They are large enough to take advantage of large bends while still allowing fast play. Pickups are noted as a bizarre choice for the 7-string guitar as they are equipped with high-output pickups for the metal. The RG752AHM features a pair of low-output Dimarzio Paf 7-output pickups that deliver clean sound, free from noise and an almost monoclonal sound that looks distorted.

If you are looking for a 7-string guitar versatile enough to play any genre and replaceable with everything from sparkling purification to thickest muddy metal and everything in between, then the RG752AHM is the guitar that you can consider. All I can say this is one of the best 7 string guitars for your modest budget.

Charvel Vivaldi DK24 7 NOVA 7-String Guitar

The hugely popular product with the very elegant Satin Black available upgraded and modified from the Angel Vivaldi fan-chosen Satin Sage Green color, NOVA is pretty much something you want to look for in one. Super Strat hot.

There are some really interesting signature flourishes on this guitar. Note that the head is tilted and this is also the Charvel has only one tilt head to enhance consistency in the tension of the string.

This model is also equipped with a lock adjuster that does a unique job of keeping things in order, while the Gotoh vibrator is super stable. Small dotted strokes such as the scroll edges on the fretboard just create an instrument that's incredibly easy to play.

Elsewhere, the Nova features a Charvel-branded inverted Stratocaster hood and a modified Jackson Dinky body. This is exactly the kind of creative, witty guitar design that Charvel has made a name for.

Ibanez Axion Label RGD71ALMS

Ibanez launched the Axion Label line aimed at a modern/fused/metallic guitarist. The RGD71ALMS is a multi-stage 7-string instrument equipped with Fishman Fluence's innovative multi-voice modern ceramic clamp.

Voice can be switched using the push-pull volume pot. It is not a split ball coil but rather a spin mode to take full advantage of Fishman's Fluence technology. The neck of the instrument is equipped with 5 pieces of Pang Panga / Walnut "Nitro Wizard" with a gentle design that feels like natural wood.

People were getting quite tired of how Ibanez managed to lure customers to the store with a mass-produced mid-sized guitar model until the RGD71ALMS became known, many users noted that The specs on RGD71ALMS are only possible from boutique guitars. This makes this new model from the brand receive a lot of compliments from the sound, specifications to classic styling.

A few years ago, if you mentioned any of the specifications and features of the RGD71ALMS then most of what you would hear from relatives and friends would be "buy a custom-made guitar. ". However, Ibanez brings the game "A" answer to the RGD71ALMS. Although this is a less popular product when new pianos are being introduced as a business strategy and are subject to PR, what this instrument achieves is its high bar.

ESP LTD SCT-607B Stephen Carpenter Baritone

What I like about this piano are the Green Sparkle finish and the Tele vibe. However, this also points to metal-generated tones that make sounds more powerful. The full midsection scale is truly a beast, but when you lower the full one step or one and a half steps down, the sound becomes softer and doesn't miss a beat.

Fishman humbucker is active and has a push / pull feature to switch between "modern passive" and "modern active" voices. The nine-volt battery is tucked away in the back and is easily exchangeable with a through-out structure maintained for days.

Schecter Reaper-7 Multiscale

The Schecter Reaper-7 Multiscale is designed with a Swamp Ash body with a top made of Poplar Burl veneer that looks stunning from any angle.

The scale lengths range from 25.5 "in the high e series to 27" in the low B string. This gives it a great balance between playability and the tonality of the upper range (higher tension reduces the sound on the higher strings). The neck features an ebony neck with a radius of 20 "and has a thin C-neck construction. The additional 24 narrow frets enable easy to play.

Users should note that while it is suitable for many scales of the keyboard, it is not too difficult to adjust because it is a neutral scale (scale 12). The neutral fretboard is the fretboard that lies parallel to the frets of a medium-sized guitar. Some guitars have multiple scales arranged in different positions on the neutral fret and they affect the player's ability. The Reaper-7 is commended for its ability to upgrade keys; Modern metal-tuned pickup trucks have earned it many positive reviews. The look and design of the piano also received many compliments for its attractive splendid appearance.

Designed in a boutique-style with just the right fit, the Reaper-7 Multiscale is a modern, dynamic, and powerful 7-string electric guitar with a strong sense of popularity. If you want to learn about multi-level instruments, the Reaper-7 Multiscale is one of the best choices in the ERG (Extended Range Guitar) community.

Jackson Pro Series Dinky DK Modern Ash HT7

The Jackson brand took a full cut at this year's NAMM show and showcased its full range of latest lineup, but the updates to its Dinky Series have been a breathtaking hit - especially. the 7-wire Super Strat is considered ... The popular Dinky body shape consists of a pair of active sharks by Fishman Fluence. For me, this is one of the best 7 string guitars for high quality.

I have to start with those pickups. This model will handle all the heavy bass that djent kids love to come with a multi-voice function that is accessed via the coil button of the tone control at positions one and five and Monos in positions. positions two to four. This makes Dinky a multipurpose model with great functionality.

Jackson engineered the Pro Series Dinky DK Modern Ash HT7 to be a high-performance extended-band electric device with maximum clarity, retention, and tonal power. The 3-piece graphite-reinforced polypropylene collar is crafted from a satin finish and is completely hand-rubbed and machined for maximum hand-down comfort, while on sale The ebony compound glasses are the ideal foundation for heavy riffing and speed soloing when the player switches to fast play mode. When your hands are low, a 12 "radius will always keep things nice and comfortable so you can touch the keys and create natural blending sounds. Extremely flat placed for easy running and low-duty, lightning-fast performance and the wide cord flexes without fret.

The Jackson Pro Series Dinky DK Modern Ash HT7 comes equipped with multiple Fishman Fluence Open Core humbuckers voices. This revolutionary feature delivers three unique voices including a classic PAF, a hot coil, and a single-coil to give players the freedom to choose the right voice or even to mix. 3 slurry at the same time. Unlike most wound pickups, Fluences delivers classical tones without problems with interference or inductance. With Dinky's 5-way scissors in one (global) or five (global) pickup positions, you can use the tone controller's pull lever to switch between single and two voices. Positions two, three, and four all have the single coil tone of voice three. So if you love the versatility of 3 sounds, get a Pro Series Dinky DK Modern Ash HT7 to become a professional convertor.

Last but not least, the Dinky is a compact model and this is an ideal guitar for portability but it also holds an extremely intense sonic capacity.

Cort KX500MS 7-String Guitar

best 7 string guitars

The individual six-bridge design isn't a special feature of Cort but it's still part of the KX500MS and makes them a good choice for those looking for an affordable 7-string instrument with extremely attractive values and cores.

To reach this perfect pitch, manufacturers have to start developing from the individual six-saddle strings, arranged at an angle, and continue towards the nut on the fan-shaped keyboard. This polyphonic idea is perfect for guitars with extended frequency ranges where you want a longer sound and a low B string to keep it tight when riffing while the Fender-Esque 25.5 scale. ". The high-E tone allows you to bend the wire for the conductor. In addition, the product is equipped with the EMG-707 EMG-707 super-hot active humbuckers designed for maximum destruction resulting from high and low gain adjustments. This is indeed a masterpiece full of intensity and intensity.

The KX500MS has a truly premium interface. It has a light swamp ash-colored body with poplar upper that gives a three-dimensional quality to the finish and a matching top may have one of the lesser-known names in the guitar industry, but still, one of the greatest - certainly easier on the eyes, say, the same 4 3 configurations offered on Jackson's seven-wire team.

And, again, it's all corner, sharp, a little dangerous. On top of that, you'll find a nickel-black Cort lock regulator, matching the bridge and volume and tone controls.

The KX500MS has definitely been talked about for low-level freaks. There have been a number of humbucker sets that work well for profitable seven-wire players, but the EMG 707 remains a favorite, especially for its clarity.

With an Alnico V magnet with wide aperture coils, the EMG 707 delivers plenty of sound and clarity to open chords and is good and tight when playing busy, high-gain, always-on strings. ready for harmonic screeches - especially on the bridge.

The controls are not noisy; You've got the main volume and tone and a three-way selector, while the 9V battery for the preamp on the pickup is easily accessible via a compartment at the rear of the body.

The clear timbre is superb, as long as you can enjoy the correct piano tones while using EMG. However, that is the output of the EMG 707, you will want a lot of headroom on your clean channel otherwise your tone will start to crack quite soon.

These high-powered active noises will hit your amp hard. If there is a weakness in the tone of the KX500MS, it is parting. The cleaning is great, works great with a little tweaking, and will have a pedal like the Boss CH-1 Super Chorus like breast milk.

In the end, that quality of compression will serve you well as it starts playing modern metal, atomizing by shredding and weaponizing your rhythmic tune so it can see through concrete.

Buyer Guides For Buying Best 7 String Guitars

Best 7 String Guitars

To play this 7-string guitar requires players to be very professional and have a high level of expertise, long experience in the profession. Playing the 7-string guitar is extremely difficult and requires a very high technique from the artist.

A 7-string bass guitar captures the bass sounds of a standard guitar, but can also play high-pitched chords and tunes. This type is often used by musicians around the world - especially in Europe - to show their star class.

In this section, I will guide you through a few tips for choosing the best 7 string guitars for your purpose and budget.

Scale and Multi-scale

best 7 string guitars

Proportional length is the overall distance between the Bridge and the Belt. It is an important factor for you to consider in choosing the best 7 string guitars. Different scale lengths have a different timbre, string tension, and playability.

If you are adjusting below the B standard then choose a longer scale like 26.5. The longer scale length also affects the tone. If you want a better sound, you have to make the string tighter, leading to a tighter and tighter tone.

A conventional scale length of 25.5 has the advantage of less string tension with analog gauges. This makes conducting and soloing a little easier on the fingers because it is very easy to get your hands on the keys. The lower strings also tend to sound fatter and looser.

The best thing about getting a good tone is getting a Multi-Tones. They usually have a regular scale on the high strings and a longer scale (usually a baritone) on the lower string. This keeps the high strings producing great sound, and the low strings producing a tight and clear sound. Depending on the manufacturer, fanning the keys can take a while to get used to, especially large-scale keys.


best 7 string guitars

The type of wood on the body tends to influence the way the guitar resonates as well as providing the swing properties and its durability. Warm-sounding woods like mahogany are often combined with brighter old woods like maple or ebony to create a more balanced tone. Some guitars have an ash-colored body that produces a versatile sound combined with the fretboard.

In theory, the sounds may sound too bright and jarring, but they are often paired with higher-powered pickups with lower levels. Correctly pairing wood and electronics will bring a great feel and great sound, creating a feeling of realism and life for the listener. In these, every keyboard will sound different even if they have the same specifications. It's a bit more subtle but the optimal woodwork selection will narrow down your ideal tone.

Neck: Structure, Material, Profile, Key Radius, And Size

The material of the neck and neck determines a lot about the feel and response of the guitar in your hand. In addition to the neck structure, it is equally important that the resonance of the neck and neck create a different feel and sound for each wood type. Ancient woods like Maple tend to feel firmer and you will feel more of the response of the strings. Mahogany or other darker woods tend to give you less of a strong attack, instead of giving you a warm, mellow feeling.

best 7 string guitars

The fretboard also contributes to the tone and feel of a guitar. Weathered necks influence stronger string response than rosewood. Rosewood calms your sounds and produces nice, soft tones on notes that deliver warmer tones. Ebony sits somewhere between the two because it is a very dense wood and the resulting sound sounds a bit like a harp but is more resonant and feels closer to rosewood.

Neck construction is another factor influencing tone, feel, and durability. Clasped necks tend to feel cleaner than neck designs that crack and penetrate. This model is combined with the fretboard which will help you get the clearest and powerful sounds from this combination.

If you're worried about maintenance, the many well-constructed bolts are even able to sustain the gigantic body of the Les Paul type. The difference will be how the keyboard feels when you play it because of its softer sound and thicker tone.

Depending on your ergonomics and how you hold the neck, you can choose from a flat, thin neck, a thicker C-neck, or a rounder neck to suit your playing purpose. However, do not choose a neck that is too thick because it will also hinder you to play, especially a neck with thick shoulders with more than 6 strings, making it difficult to access.

The neck is too thin and causes wrist pain for some people, especially those who are new or unfamiliar with 7-string playing. So, please note briefly about the neck of each product before choosing for yourself the most suitable one.


best 7 string guitars

Stock pickups are a term used to refer to the making or breaking of the guitar. Some manufacturers tend to include cheaper pickups on some models and assume players will replace them.

Others prefer to pack pickups of their own accord, which they believe will help their model to be the most optimal. The reason why you should test pickups as the final deciding factor for guitar selection is that a good feeling guitar can have a bad set of pickups that can easily be swapped out.

It would be much better to get a great feel guitar than to just pick one on the pickups and not be satisfied with the feel of the guitar. Take note that if a guitar has working electronics and you want to replace them with a passive converter, you will have to purchase a new potentiometer for the guitar. Post-sales pickup tends to include most of the electronics.

Correlation Between Wood And Price

Best 7 String Guitars

The quality of the wood and the craftsmanship will determine the price when you choose an acoustic guitar. There are many types of lumber for making a piano, but usually, for beginners, there will be Hong Dao and Diep wood. These 2 types of wood have a pretty good sound and are reasonably priced from 1 million to 2 million more than having a very good acoustic guitar.

There will also be many other types: Diep carefully, Maple, Mahogany, Gong Co, Cam An, Tram, ... The price will be higher but there will be outstanding sound quality corresponding to the money you spend.

Choosing a guitar for beginners is very important, the first guitar will decide whether you can pursue your passion for learning, inspiration, and musical appreciation. If you play a very cheap piano it usually sounds very bad, the high action due to poor machining makes it difficult to play, difficult to adjust, and makes you gradually feel bored and lose your sense of perception. music. So, you should be wary of too cheap guitars.

Conclusion Best 7 String Guitars Top Pick For The Best

Buying the best 7 string guitars that satisfy your requirement is not so hard. There are numerous things about the best 7 string guitars for you to find out; however, they will be a little bit complicated and challenging for you for the first time.

If you would like more information, it is almost always a fantastic idea. Please take a look at my top 3 best 7 string guitars. You may return to a list of the best 7 string guitars and discover the one which meets your favorite

And a final thing before we wrap up is:

I hope this guide will be of some help to you to select the best 7 string guitars. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact.

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