Top 9 Best Classical Guitar Capo For High Performance

In order for the sound of the guitar to become perfect, the use of accompanying accessories during the playing process is indispensable. Classical guitars are no exception. In order to make the sound from classical guitar become more real and attractive, an accessory used by many guitar players is the capo. If the capo does not guarantee the quality, your classical guitar will be directly affected. The guitar can be damaged. It has to be repaired or you may even have to buy another classical guitar. Therefore, even if it is just an accessory, you should choose your best classical guitar capo so as not to affect your classical guitar.

Currently, on the market of selling guitar accessories, there are many different types of capo of countless brands. Therefore, in this article, Carroll / Fletcher will give a list of the best classical guitar capo for you to easily choose your best capo for classical guitar.

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Top 8 best classical guitar capo Reviews 2020

Musedo MC-4 Capo

The Capo Musedo MC-4 is a high-quality Classical capo that helps grip against negative distortion. The Capo Musedo MC-4 perfectly meets all your needs. This capo surely will satisfy you.

The extensive long clip design fits all Classical guitar. The durable rubber layer with good elasticity gives the capo excellent durability. The quality spring is easy to use making the capo grip more tightly to the neck. You will no longer bother about the strained strings.

Musedo classic guitar capo has an eye-catching luxurious alloy design. Sleek design with high quality and durability deserves the price. Capo can also be used for effective acoustic instruments. Capo is made of high-quality materials that are more durable than conventional capo.

Quality and reputable design to ensure resonant sound quality is MC4's strength that helps MC4 is on the list of the best classical guitar capo.

Planet Waves NS Classical Guitar Capo

Planet Waves is an American brand. It is part of the prestigious D'Addario group. This manufacturer is well known as an award-winning and quality manufacturing company. It is also known for creating solutions and realizing lines. The advantages of the Planet Waves capos are diversified designs, standard durability, soft inner lining, and good protection of the strings and necks.

As a result of a growing collaboration between renowned designers Ned Steinberger, Jim D'Addario, and Planet Waves, Planet Waves NS Classical Guitar Capo is designed to be used for 6-string classical guitars.

Patented micrometer custom mechanism allows the player to precisely stretch for every guitar, string size, and playing position. This mechanism significantly reduces the need for string re-tuning during and after capo use. The sleek aluminum construction provides outstanding performance while adding the minimum weight to the neck.

NS Classical Guitar Capo is guaranteed to suit the needs of all classical guitarists. Made of aerospace-grade ultra-light aluminum with dedicated line design and flat radius for the wider neck found on most classical guitars, the NS Classical Guitar Capo offers a simple construction and is beautiful.

Adjustable micrometer tension for unobtrusive tuning at all frets. It ensures noise-free clarity on all wires and keeps the strings from being pulled sharp by excessive tension. This can be beneficial for the maintenance of your keyboard and save on maintenance costs.

NS Artist Classical Capo by D'Addario

For guitar lovers, you are probably no stranger to the brand D’Addario, which specializes in guitar accessories. The company's Capo is really well manufactured with utilities such as a soft inner cushion, a vortex that adjusts to ease of use, absolute durability, and an indispensable appearance.

NS Artist Classical Capo is a capo for Classical Guitar in the NS series of Planet Waves. NS Artist Classical Capo from D'Addario guarantees a beat in every key position. You can easily use one hand and reduce the force when opening and closing the capo.

It also eliminates the problem of side thrusting and the need to re-adjust the cord while in use. Furthermore, it is made of aircraft aluminum making it extremely light in weight and exceptionally durable. 

The clamping type will limit the fixed clamping force. It does not change if you want to squeeze more force. However, this design has an extra pressure knob so you can adjust the clamping force if you want to micrometers.

NS Artist Classical is a kind of capo with a high price so it will be suitable for professional guitarists.

Kyser Quick-Change Capo for classical guitars

The Kyser Quick-Change caps are excellently crafted and machined with ultra-durable quality. Specially designed for classical guitars with a flat neck, this Capo does its job well. The guitar tone lifts are clear (or other instruments) so you can play on a different key without having to re-tune or change fingers. 

Kyser gives you instant transitions, no strings attached. Professional guitarists and beginners alike appreciate how Kyser Quick-Change works, allowing them to switch keys in seconds and with only one hand. Featuring a wide range of trendy colors, the Kyser Quick-Change capo is suitable for most people. 

The beauty of Kyser Quick-Change lies in its simplicity. The capo cap changes quickly with the original one hand. Solid aluminum and stainless steel springs ensure this cap is lightweight and durable.

The downside of this capo is that it cannot adjust the pressure on the strings. Hence, it sometimes makes a cracking sound.

S2 Shubb Deluxe Series Classical Guitar Capo

Shubb's capo is one of the best capos for classical guitar on the market today. Shubb Capo has been chosen by musicians around the world for over 35 years thanks to its unique design. If you are looking for a capo that is easy to use and offers the correct tension, this is the best classical guitar capo you need. The highly elastic rubber acts like a fingertip and easily keeps your guitar in tune.

Made from new stainless steel, this capo is lightweight and durable. The roller design resists wear and opens and closes more smoothly. The Capo has a lever design with a screw to adjust the pressure. The outstanding advantage of this capo is to provide the exact tension you want by turning the screw. However, the disadvantage of this type is that it can be gradually loosened if clamped for a long time. The price of this capo is quite high so this is suitable for professional guitarists.

Dunlop 88N Classical Trigger Capo

Specially designed for Classical guitars, this Dunlop capo does a great job of helping you to change tones quickly and accurately.

This Dunlop Trigger Flat 88N Capo is made of aircraft aluminum so it is durable and lightweight. It has a design of high availability. You can easily attach, remove, and move the capo on the neck thanks to its ergonomic shape and padded handle. However, it also clamps tight thanks to the powerful spring action.

This flat radius classical guitar cover allows you to change keys quickly and easily by squeezing your hand without obstructing your fingers or scratching your guitar neck.

On-Stage GA300 Classical Guitar Capo

On-Stage GA300 is a clip-type capo for classical guitar. It has a sturdy, sturdy design with a precision spring structure. Made of zinc alloy so it is very light. It also features high-quality silicone pads for easy identification of the correct strings to be clamped for easier chord play and string protection. 

The simple squeeze release design makes changing positions quickly and easily. If you are not a regular capo user, you can choose this capo to clamp to the keyboard and remove it quickly.

Ortega Guitars OCAPO-CR

Ortega Guitars OCAPO is a type of capo for classical guitar. Precise grip design to be pressed into place with one hand quickly without damaging your strings. In particular, Ortega Guitars OCAPO is also used with very high strength and lightweight zinc alloy material. Premium Silicon cushioning protects the strings. 

Located in the cheap segment, this capo is suitable for beginners. It satisfies your requirements in terms of appearance and function perfectly.

G7th Performance 2 Guitar Capo

Launched in 2004, the G7th Performance capo uses state-of-the-art technology and improves the problems encountered with other capos. Capo G7th Performance has an elegant and minimalist design. Unlike conventional spring capo, you only need to squeeze hard or lightly depending on the tension you want.

The G7th Performance capo will hold the same position and the pressure that comes from your hand. It ensures that pressure is evenly distributed over the wires. When you want to remove the capo, you just need to press the small button on the back.

With the advantage of being able to open and close quickly and easily with just one hand and still change the pressure, this is a perfect capo for artists who regularly perform live.

The best part of the G7th Performance capo compared to other types is the ability to manually adjust the curvature of the clamping surface to be compatible with all types of instruments from classical, acoustic to electric guitars. As a result, you won't need many different styles of capo for each instrument.

Buying Guide: Tips To Choose The Best Classical Guitar Capo

We've created the buying guides to make sure that you can choose your best capo for classical guitar. Each kind of guitar requires a different capo.  Because classical guitars have flat frets so we have Capo for classical guitar. The best classical guitar capo must meet all 4 following factors:


best classical guitar capo

More or less pressure on the wire?

The capo's job is to exert just enough pressure on the strings. The pressure is too small to make the string not stretch enough and make a squeaky sound when it breaks. Conversely, too much pressure will skew the notes.


Is the clamping surface straight or curved?

The capo you choose needs to correspond to the curvature of the neck of the guitar. If your keyboard has a flat fretboard, the rubber pads on your capo should also have a straight surface. This curvature compatibility will ensure equal tension between the wires.

best classical guitar capo

Ease Of Use

Simple or complicated mounting way?

Some types of capo take only a few seconds to grip while others take longer and require careful alignment.

If you perform live regularly and need to change the capo position frequently after every song, you should choose the type of capo that can be used quickly and easily.

However, if you're a recording artist, you'll probably need a capo for perfect and precise alignment. It will take longer to clamp the capo with these types of capos but the results will be better as well as ensuring better sound stability of the guitar.

best classical guitar capo

Ensure Safety For Your Favorite Guitar And Yourself

When choosing your best classical guitar capo, you should choose one with smooth edges, not sharp or protruding. This will help you ensure the durability of both the strings and the neck as well as avoid danger for you when using.

You should buy a capo that has soft cushioning or a rubber liner on the inside of the surface that comes in direct contact with the strings and neck. Choosing this capo is to avoid the sharp edges of the capo from scratching the guitar and the strings.

In addition, make sure you buy a quality capo. If it is a poor quality capo, it will quickly become loose making the capo out of place.

best classical guitar capo

Popular Capo Types

On the market, there are countless different types of capos. Let's take a look at some of the popular capo types to find the product that best suits your needs.

  • Lever Capo:

The Capo has a lever design with a screw to adjust the pressure. The outstanding advantage of this capo is to provide the exact tension you want by turning the screw. However, the disadvantage of this type is that it can be gradually loosened if clamped for a long time.

  • Trigger Capo:

best classical guitar capo

If you do not use capo regularly, you can choose a trigger capo with a spring design that helps grip the keyboard and remove quickly.

The downside of this type of capo is that it cannot adjust the pressure on the strings.

  • Screw Capo: 

It has only one screw to screw instead of a spring. It should only be used for recording purposes because it can align extremely accurately but take a lot of time.

  • Roller Capo

 For guitarists who need to quickly change the capo position in a song or between lessons, this capo is a great choice.

best classical guitar capo
  • Partial Capo

 It is shorter than a normal capo and has a spring-like design. It is used to tune certain strings.

Tips When Using Your  Best Classical Guitar Capo

You don't have to have a capo to play the guitar. However, with some genres, your performance will be limited without a capo. There are even songs that can only be played with a capo. In addition to choosing your best classical guitar capo, you need to know how to use it for the highest efficiency.

Pay attention to the tension

If you can, memorize the best level of alignment for your capo and practice listening to see the difference in the sound when the strings are too tight or too loose.

best classical guitar capo

Putting the capo in the correct position

If the capo is too close to the fret, it will get entangled and obstruct your hand while playing; If the capo is too far, it will create the cracking sound.

Gently clip the capo

Some hard-sided capos can easily scratch your neck so take note of the gentle capo clamp.

Remove the capo when not in use

Long-term clamping on the strings can create grooves in the rubber cushions of the capo. In addition, you should also remove the capo to clean the strings after playing.

Conclusion best classical guitar capo Top Pick For The Best

Above is the list of best classical guitar capo with our best tips to choose the best capo for classical guitar. These are the factors that influence and determine your experience during using the capo to play the guitar. Therefore, to ensure that the guitar capo can maximize its performance during use and does not affect the structure and durability of the guitar, you should buy capo at reputable instrument stores.

I hope this article will be of some help to you to select the best classical guitar capo. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact

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