Is It Worth Investing in Antari Ice 101 Low-Lying Fog Machine?

I have been in the party industry for a while now and I know that there is no better way to liven up any party than with a low-lying fog machine. This is why when my boss came to me and asked if I wanted to buy one, I said yes without hesitation. He showed me the Antari Ice 101 model which had all of the features you would want in a professional grade machine but was also cheaper than anything else on the market. Let’s take a look at the features to see if this machine was really worth buying.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Low-lying Fog Machine

The low-lying fog machine is a relatively new product, and it has been gaining popularity among those who want to create an environment of mystery. The machine creates a thick layer of fog on the ground, which you can use as part of your haunted house or movie set design. The machines are also used by DJs for creating dramatic effects at nightclubs and parties. However, if you’re going to buy one, there are some things you need to consider first.


The fog machines are relatively new, and therefore they’re not very common. If you want to buy one online, you’ll have a hard time finding them in stock at your local website or store. They can be expensive, and could cost hundreds of dollars for a large unit. Therefore if yours is an indoor setup where the machine won’t be exposed to the elements, you can get away with spending less. However, if it’s an outdoor setup, then expect to spend more.

Type Of Fog Machine

The fog machine is not just a fog machine; there are actually two types of machines for two different purposes. There’s the traditional type that sprays out smoke fluid in the air, which then mixes with the humid atmosphere to create fog. There’s also a type that sprays out water vapor, but it can only be used indoors since it will cause damage to carpets and furniture.

antari ice 101

Size Of Space You Need To Cover

The size of the space you want to cover determines the type of machine you need to buy. For larger spaces, go with the traditional type of fog machine. If you need to cover a smaller space that’s close to the ground, then go for the water vapor type instead.

Weather Conditions

If your set is outdoors or in an unheated area, then expect the fog effect to freeze on contact with the air. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it will create an extra dramatic effect. However, if your goal is to cover the ground with fog, then go with the water vapor type that can heat up its output to avoid freeze-ups.

Types Of Fog Fluid You Can Use

Different types of machines operate better on different types of fluid. If your machine uses smoke fluid, then you can use either traditional or water vapor types. However, if your machine uses water vapor, you have to choose the water vapor type instead of traditional.

How The Fog Affects People Around You

Finally, take into account how other people around you will react to the fog. If it’s a small party, then it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you’re doing this for an entire outdoor set that has people wandering around in the fog, then make sure they’re wearing glasses or goggles to protect their eyes from irritation.

When all is said and done, look at the main purpose of your low-lying fog machine. If it’s for a large outdoor space, then you’ll need a high-powered machine that can produce thicker layers of fog at longer intervals. However, if it’s just for an indoor party or small area outside your home, then you can get away with buying a smaller inexpensive model.

Antari Ice 101 Low Lying Fog Machine Review

This machine is very good for indoor use. The fog is low-lying which is great for when you want to make the floor disappear. It also has a timer remote for when you want to set it and forget it. The only downside about this machine is that it does not put out that much fog. I like to use it when I am in a smaller space or when I am in an area with no windows or ventilation.

This machine does exactly what it is supposed to do. It produces a ridiculous amount of smoke for a 1000 watt fog machine. This smoke is very low lying and it lasts for exactly 12 hours if you have 10 kgs of ice in the chamber. The product has many good features including DMX, separate output function, timer remote, etc. Therefore, you can control the machine remotely. The drainage pump can be used manually or you can set it to automatic for optimum convenience.

The best thing about this Antari Ice 101 is that it has low-lying fog which makes the ground disappear. There are many features including DMX, separate output function, timer remote etc so you can control this machine remotely and drain slide pump can be used manually or you can set it to automatic for optimum convenience.

With this machine, you can fog up an indoor area within 15 minutes (including the time required to put ice in the chamber). It also gets really cold so I would recommend wearing gloves when using it. With this unit you must constantly refill it with ice every 6 hours so it can work properly.


– Great for indoor use

– Low lying fog

– Good for when you want to make the floor disappear

– Has a timer remote for setting and forgetting it


– It does not put out as much fog as I would like

– Is only good in smaller spaces or areas with no windows or ventilation

Features And Benefits Of An Antari Ice 101 Low Lying Fog Machine

Antari Ice 101 low lying fog machine has many features that make it stand out compared to other fog machines on the market today. One of its best features is how easily it runs with 230 Volts of power. You will not have issues of running out of power while using this product because there are no batteries necessary at all! This means there are no worries about finding replacements if they run out during your big night.

antari ice 101

One of its features that I love is the 1000 watts. It means this machine not only produces a thick and dense fog, but also has power to spare. This type of fog can be used for large events with many people in attendance without any issues. It can be used for parties of 500 people with ease.

Moreover, it can hold 22 pounds of ice. This means that you do not have to keep refilling it during your event, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. It also takes up less space when you are storing it in your kitchen because there are no large water tanks needing to be filled. Functions like these make this machine one of the best fog machines on the market today.


ADJ Fog Machine – Mister Kool II

This machine is good for people who are looking for an easy-to-use machine that gives out a lot of fog. There are also no CO2 tanks or dry ice needed, which is good if you’re someone who’s on a budget. It’s also great because it warms up quickly and reaches its maximum output of fog in 3 minutes.

The drainage system on this machine is also hassle-free because it can be either released by opening the valve or using the included hose to clean it off. This machine overall is pretty durable and not easy to break something on it, yet still can be transported with its convenient carry handle.


– Easy to use

– Budget friendly

– Reliable machine, tough and durable build


– A bit heavy so it may not be able to carry for long periods of time

TC-Home Low Lying Fog Machine 1200W

The TC-Home Low Lying Fog Machine 1200W is a great addition to any place that you want to add a little more excitement. With the help from the fog machine, it’s possible to completely change the ambiance with just a few small steps.

The settings are very easy to use and you can achieve the perfect effect every single time. This machine is very cost effective and can be used in many different ways for various different occasions. It’s also very easy to maintain which is always an added bonus.


– Great for creating an exciting visual effect

– Easy to use and maintain

– Very cost effective


– Does not come with ice cubes

ADJ Fog Machine – Fury 1000 II

This is a great fog machine for any DJ, live event, or production company. The heating element design on this machine allows for the creation of strong and visible fog. It also has a high performing pump that will produce an optimum output. There is an LED indicator system in the tank that notifies you when it needs attention. This ADJ Fog Machine is a single yoke machine, which means you can mount it on a wall or from trussing bracketing.


– High performing pump

– Visible fog fluid level indicator

– Heating element design


– Controls are a little difficult to use

ADJ Products Fog Machine Fury 2000

The ADJ Products Fog Machine Fury 2000 is a perfect choice for those looking to produce 7000 cubic feet of fog per minute to fill their venue with thick, billowing clouds. It features an LED lighted external tank that makes it easy to find and fill in dark venues. This professional-grade 1100W fog machine also includes automatic circuit cut-off to protect the pump if the fog fluid tank runs dry and Electronic thermosensing technology which maintains optimum heat levels.

The ADJ Products Fog Machine can also be mounted onto a wall effortlessly or attached to a trussing bracket with an additional clamp for ease of use. With a warm up time of 2.5 minutes, this is a great machine for any party or event that requires fog effects with quick results.


– Large fog capacity

– Electronic thermosensing technology

– Built in safety features


– Not really ideal for dry atmospheres

– A bit expensive

Theefun 400W Smoke Machine with 2000CFM Fog

Theefun 400W Smoke Machine with 2000CFM Fog is very easy to use. All you have to do is put in some fluid, plug it in, and press the button on the console. This is perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of Halloween, live concerts, stages, festivals, wedding ceremonies or family entertainment gatherings.

If you can’t buy an Antari Ice 101 low-lying fog machine, I would recommend this to anyone who wants a fog machine that has a remote and can be turned on and off quickly. You wouldn’t want something that needs a lot of hassle and this doesn’t require much at all.


– Easy to use

– Large output of 2000 CFM

– Built in power cord and visible fluid level

– Durable aluminum body


– Fluid can get pricey

How To Maintain A Low-Lying Fog Machine

Low-lying fog is created by heating water until it evaporates into the air in the form of vapor. This process can be done manually or with electrical power sources. The water is typically mixed with glycol so that when it vaporizes, there will not be any visible smoke particles released into the air.

It’s important that you take care of your machine so that it will continue to work well and produce good results for you over time. Here are some tips on how you can maintain a low-lying fog machine.

Use distilled water in your machine instead of tap water or bottled water

Distilled water is the purest form of water and it does not contain any impurities that can affect the performance of your machine. Tap water or even some brands of bottled water may contain calcium, sodium or other impurities which will build up over time and will cause problems such as “fogging” of the water compartment, reducing the output of fog or even producing too much fog. The combination of these impurities with glycol is what causes the build-up to occur faster than usual.

Distilled water is very cheap and can be purchased in most supermarkets or grocery stores. You can also use demineralized water which is distilled water that has had the minerals removed in a demineralization process. Bottled spring water is also acceptable but make sure you get pure, natural spring water without added flavors or sweeteners.

Do not use hot water to fill your machine

Hot water can cause vapor lock which means that it cannot be forced out of the machine properly because the mixture of water and glycol has formed a jelly-like substance. If this occurs, you will not be able to get any smoke out of your machine and the only solution is to fill it with cold water and run it until all the hot water has been pushed out of its equipment.

However, if there is still glycol in the pipes, it cannot be forced out by running cold water through it because glycol does not vaporize. You will need to open up all the equipment and clean them thoroughly before running hot water through it again.

antari ice 101

Remove your bottle of glycol after every use

Glycol is a chemical formulation that has different properties than pure water. It is heavier than air so it will “sink” to the bottom of your machine and it has an adhesive quality that is not present in plain water. Therefore, any mineral particles or impurities from the water and glycol mixture will be stuck on whatever surface they come into contact with.

You can avoid clogging up all the equipment by removing the remaining glycol solution from the water compartment, drying it and then using a clean towel to wipe down all the exteriors including the fog machine head, piping and nozzle. If the solution dries up on its own, mineral deposits will remain in these areas which can affect future performance of your equipment.

Clean out your machine at least once every 2 weeks

There are two ways to clean your machine. You can either use vinegar or baking soda to dissolve the mineral deposits that have built up over time. Fill up the water compartment with about 2 gallons of vinegar or baking soda solution and run it through your machine. The concentrated liquid will dissolve all the mineral deposits which can then be emptied out afterwards.

If you don’t have vinegar, you can use baking soda and water instead. Fill the compartment with a cup of baking soda and then top it off with water until there is about 2 gallons in total inside your machine. Run this through your equipment until all the solution has been pushed out and then repeat as necessary.

Don’t forget to empty your machine of all the baking soda or vinegar solution afterwards

The concentrated chemicals will still be present inside the water compartment even if you empty it out after cleaning. If you do not empty it out, these chemicals may end up mixing with your fog fluid and burning out your heating elements prematurely. This is especially important if you are using standard water with glycol inside your machine.

antari ice 101

Make sure your fog fluid lines are clean too

If the fluid line that goes into your machine is clogged, it can cause problems such as reduced output of smoke, lower quality of fog coming out of the nozzle or not enough fog at all. You need to regularly inspect this line for any mineral deposits or impurities that may be stuck inside.

If you are using non-branded fog fluid, make sure you run it through your machine at least twice before adding this to your smoke machine. This will clean out any impurities that may be present in the fluid which can affect its performance once it is mixed with glycol.

Relative Questions

– How much water does it use in an hour?

It uses about one liter per minute. It’s important to note that this is very precise, so because of the small container you will have to refill more often than other fog machines.

– Is the Antari ice 101 model quiet?

This machine produces an eerie sound similar to rain falling on a tin roof. It’s not loud, but it’s also not exactly silent. This will make a perfect addition to your Halloween collection.

– How heavy is the Antari?

The machine weighs about 15 pounds, which makes it light enough to transport from room to room or from house to house. Its size also makes it a great choice for smaller spaces. It’s not bulky and doesn’t take up a lot of space which is a problem with a lot of other fog machines.

– What is the output range?

This machine can produce a dense cloud up to 10 feet away from its p oint of origin . It’s also much better at creating multiple layers, which makes it perfect for Halloween parties or stage shows. In addition, you can use it in tight spaces since the range is not that big.

antari ice 101

– What material is the Antari made out of?

The exterior shell is made from a high-quality polypropylene, which makes it durable enough for multiple uses without cracking or breaking down. The interior components are also very well made and can withstand quite a bit of abuse.

– How much fog does it produce?

On average, the machine will produce about 2 liters of fog every minute. The density of this fog is very fine and thin which means that it won’t get caught in your hair or carpet fibers.

– How long does it take to heat up the water after turning on the machine?

The Antari takes about 15 minutes to heat up the water. This is on par with other models so it won’t slow you down in terms of your production time.

– How long does the fog last?

This machine will produce about 10 minutes worth of fog before having to refill it . You’ll need to refill more often than most other models because of its smaller container, but this makes up for it since it’s lighter and more portable.

– How hard is the machine to clean?

It’s very easy to clean with just a quick wipe down after every use. This does not mean you should expose the machine to water though because doing so will short out its insides. Also, the fog fluid container is dishwasher safe so you can toss that into your dishwasher for easy cleaning.

– Can the machine be used for more than just fog?

This product is great because it can also be used to produce dry ice fog, which is perfect if you’re looking to create a specific atmosphere. It’s also good for outdoor events or applications since it doesn’t need too much space to work properly.

Here is a video on how to set up an Antari Ice 101 Fog Machine

Antari Ice 101 Low-Lying Fog Machine – Conclusion

The Antari Ice 101 low-lying fog machine is a great choice for anyone looking for a fog machine that’s more compact than most other models on the market. Despite its small size, it can still produce a steady stream of fog that gets the job done.

It’s also much easier to transport from one location to the next and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your studio or production area. In addition, it has a sturdy shell made from polypropylene that can withstand quite a bit of abuse. Hopefully, this review has been helpful in your quest for the best fog machine.

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