Review Of Coolest Features of PS3USB – You Won’t Want to Miss Out!

I wanted to play games on my laptop but it had no bluetooth. I was looking for an external hard drive with a long cord so that I could connect the device to my laptop and have access to all of my files. It turns out, after doing some research, that there is a product called PS3USB which is not only an external hard drive but also has Bluetooth capability. Let me tell you all about it in this article.

Things To Consider When Buying A PS3USB

The PS3USB is a gaming console that can be used on any TV. It has many features that are not available in the original PlayStation 3, including being able to play Blu-ray movies and access video content from YouTube. The following are some considerations when buying a PS3USB.


The price of the PS3USB varies depending on the retailer. Before you make your purchase, consider how much money you are willing to spend on a PlayStation 3 USB stick. Also, take into account that there may be shipping fees added to the total cost of the item.


Before buying a PlayStation 3 USB stick, check the quality of the product. The PS3USB should have a responsive touch pad and a USB slot that securely holds in place any flash drives with ease. It is also a good idea to purchase from a reputable company so you can be assured of being given support when necessary.



If you are buying from an online store, it is a good idea to read the terms and conditions before buying a PlayStation 3 USB stick. It is important to know if you will be able to return the product if it does not work properly or has defects that are not your fault. Some stores offer limited warranties, while others can take longer periods of time before accepting returns for defective products.


When you purchase a PlayStation 3 USB stick, check that it comes with all the necessary cables to connect to any TV. It is also a good idea to have different HDMI cables in case the existing cable is defective or becomes damaged. Some stores will indicate which cables are included when purchasing a PS3USB, while others may not make this information apparent on their website. Consider

Additional features

Some PlayStation 3 USB sticks come with additional features that may be useful for some people. For example, the PS3USB can also play movies and music from a USB device or memory card. Also, if you are looking to purchase blu-ray movies online then check that they will play properly when inserted into a PS3USB.


When purchasing a PlayStation 3 USB stick, think about the design. It should have a sleek and smooth appearance that will look good wherever it is placed. Some people prefer to have console devices that blend in with other electronics, while others may want to have the PlayStation 3 USB stick on display as a standalone device. If you intend to use it as a media player, consider having a USB TV tuner so you can access digital channels via the console.

Cost of a PlayStation 3 USB Stick

The cost of a PlayStation 3 USB stick will vary depending on the retailer. Some will price the product higher for those who are willing to pay more, while others may give discounts to those customers who want a good deal. The best way to find out how much a PS3USB costs is by checking online.


PS3USB Reviews

There are many reviews for the PS3 USB stick which can help you to determine whether or not it is right for your personal tastes. For example, some people may like that the touchpad is highly responsive while others may think there should be more buttons on the device to make it easier to use. Also, some people may think that the hard drive should be bigger while others appreciate that it is small enough to carry easily.

As you can see, there are many benefits that come with buying a PS3USB. It allows you to play blu-ray movies and games on any TV without having to purchase an expensive console device. Also, it comes with a USB slot for easy access to media files on a flash drive or memory card. Therefore, you should check that the product is affordable and of high quality before making your purchase.

2Pcs Pack PS3 Controller Charger Review

This 2Pcs Twin Controller Charger for Sony PS3 is awesome and I am glad that I got it even if it was on the more expensive side. This controller charger is compatible with all of my controllers as well as those of my friends, and its magnetic ring design provides cleaner signal and less interference. The quality of this charger is awesome and the transfer rates were really fast.

This controller charger has a long cord which allows me to sit back and relax while playing games and has a lot of cool features like the long 3M cable length, built-in safety cover to prevent accidents, and two charging ports for controllers. Overall I am very happy with this controller charger and if you are considering getting one, I would say go for it.


– Clean signal and no interference

– Longer cord to sit back and relax while playing

– Compatible with all of my controllers and friend’s too


– A bit on the expensive side for a controller charger

Features And Benefits Of 2Pcs Pack PS3 Controller Charger

Universal compatibility charger features two USB cables, with one for charging the controller. This charger can be used to charge all Playstation 3 controllers and will not damage the Playstation 3 system in any way. The charger plugs into an outlet or computer USB port with its included cord. Simply plug the USB end of the cables into your controller’s charging port and then plug in the other end to either a wall socket or computer port.

This PS3USB also features a magnetic ring design. This is a great feature for those who need to pack up and head out. The magnetic ring makes it easy to attach to metal surfaces so you don’t have to worry about tangling your cord every time you go somewhere else. It also protects the USB plug from being bumped or pulled out of the port, which can cause damage to your devices.

Besides, the high speed of the charger is at the tremendous 5V/2A output, which translates to a high efficiency of power conversion. This will charge your controller more efficiently and quickly than a regular USB port. The durability of the charger is also excellent as it has been tested to support up to three controllers being plugged into it at one time. The charging rate for these controllers will not be diminished by their simultaneous connection with this charger. It is also resistant to overheating, which means that there’s no chance of melting, burning or scorching from prolonged use.

Moreover, 3M is the length of this cable and it is 10 ft long. The same as most other cables, but this one comes in a 2-pack and has a light to show you when the controllers are charging. You can also charge six controllers at one time with this cable, two on each end. However, unlike most chargers out there that are made for the PS3 you will have to continue to plug in another controller every time you want to play games. This means that the PS3USB will be constantly charging controllers.



UGREEN Mini USB Cable is a must-have for anyone who needs a reliable and durable cable to plug their devices into. One of the best features about this cable is that it has a long strain relief that protects the cord from breaking. It also has gold plated connectors, which provide maximum conductivity, optimal signal clarity, and shielding to minimize data loss and interference.

They are corrosion-resistant bare copper conductors which keep your cord from becoming damaged from exposure to liquids or other substances. The UGREEN Mini USB Cable will not easily become tangled either because it is flat and twisted for efficient winding up after use.


– Durable and flexible

– Gold plated connectors

– Long strain relief


– Not the cheapest cord on the market

JSAUX USB 2.0 A to Mini B Cable Charging Cord

The JSAUX USB 2.0 A to Mini B Cable Charging Cord is a top quality cable that can be used to charge any mobile device from your computer. This cable features a nylon braided design for durability and tangle free, gold-plated connectors for optimal signal clarity and no interference, and is universal for compatibility with many devices.

This cable is about 3 feet long and offers a 480 Mbps data transfer speed for any USB-ready computer or USB hub. You can use this cable to connect your device to your computer with the 5 pin mini B connector and also charge its battery at the same time, which comes in very handy on those long travels away from home. I would highly recommend this PS3USB over others in its price range if you need a strong dependable charging cable.


– Durable and tangle free nylon braided design

– Universal compatibility


– A bit expensive


Schovee USB mini cable is a great purchase for those looking to replace their old cables. The product features a nylon braided jacket, aluminum shell and corrosion-resistant bare copper conductors for a durable cable which can be used with a variety of devices.

The length of the cable is at 6ft and the size is perfect for those who need a replacement cord. The nylon braided jacket is great for those who tend to use their phone often in the car. The cord can be used with a variety of devices, which means you will not have to purchase many cords when replacing an old cable.


– Durable metal and nylon braid material

– Variety of uses

– Good length for travel purposes


– Doesn’t charge as fast

BATSOEASY 2 Pack 10ft PS3 Controller Charging Cable

BATSOEASY 2 pack of 10ft PS3 Controller Charging Cable is a high-quality PS3USB that provides the perfect length for people who play the PS3 console and want to be comfortable while playing their games. It is tough and will not break easily. The cable is designed to fit snugly in the controller and prevent accidental disconnections.  It is of high quality and this guarantees that it will last long.

This cable has a great power output and charge capacity and can accommodate even the longest of hours we need to recharge/charge our batteries. The connector is designed in such a way that it provides optimal signal clarity and shielding to avoid any interference so as to have full speed charges for controllers.


– Durable and efficient

– Provides a snug fit

– Increases charge capacity and power output


– May need to keep changing when the controller is fully charged

– Not available in different colors

SCOVEE Mini USB Cable Type A to Mini B Charger Cord

SCOVEE Mini USB Cable Type A to Mini B Charger Cord is a cord that connects a computer to a digital camera or an MP3 player. The cord has a thin and thin design, which makes it easy for people to carry it around the world with them. There is a high-quality connector on the mini usb to usb cord so that data can be transferred easily between devices without any loss.

The versatile design of this cord makes it compatible with a large number of devices. In addition, the mini PS3USB cable has corrosion-resistant bare copper conductors so that data loss can be minimized during transfers.


– Easy to carry it around the world with you

– Comes in a thin and thin design

– High quality connector so data transfer is easy

– Versatile design so compatible with many devices


– Does not work for some types of devices

How Does A PS3USB work?

PS3USB is a device that uses a USB cable to transfer data from an old PlayStation 3 console to a hard drive. The PS3USB will convert all the games and content on your original PlayStation 3 into digital files, which you can then use with any PC or laptop. It takes about six hours for the conversion process to complete. The device also includes software that will allow users to copy their game saves onto the new storage space as well as back them up in case of data loss or corruption.


PS3USB lets gamers save money by not having to buy expensive external hard drives for their consoles. You can also take advantage of its ability to store more than one player profile at once, so if players have multiple accounts they’ll no longer have to log into a different one every time they play a different game. PS3USB also allows multiple players to have their own save files without having to split them up or edit them in any way.

Ways To Use A PS3USB

The purpose of the PS3USB is to allow you to connect your USB devices, such as a keyboard or mouse, to your Playstation 3 console. There are many reasons why this may be necessary. For example, if you have an Xbox 360 and want to play games on it with a controller that has more buttons for gameplay. Alternatively, if you are playing games on your computer where the keyboard and mouse combo might provide an advantage over using a gamepad or controller for inputs.

The PS3USB does not come with any cables so make sure that you purchase them separately before plugging anything in! The cable will need to match up with the device being used. It should also be noted that the PS3USB does not come with a power supply, but it will work off of the USB slot on your PS3 console.


Once you have all your cables ready to go, make sure to first connect one end of the USB cable to the PS3USB and then connect the other end to whatever device is being used for input. Next, you will need to plug the USB cable into the system using the network port on the back of your PS3 console. The last step is to head over to settings -> accessories -> manage Bluetooth devices and ensure that your device is set up by adding it as a “wireless controller.”

The next step would be to turn on the device that you are using to input into the system. Then, all that is left to do is power on your console and play.

Relative Questions

– What kind of cables work with this device?

The PS3USB does not come with any cables so you will need to purchase them separately before plugging anything in! The cable will need to match up with whatever device is being used. It should also be noted that the PS3USB does not come with a power supply, but it will work off of the USB slot on your PS3 console.

– Is the PS3 USB compatible with all types of USB keyboards and mice?

The PS3USB is compatible with most USB equipment so you should not have an issue there. However, you will need to ensure that your keyboard or mouse works by following the steps located here .

– Does this work with any PlayStation 3 console?

Yes, the PS3USB is compatible with all types of PlayStation 3 consoles. This means you can use it on a slim model, super slim model or even backwards compatible versions. Keep in mind that you will need to make sure your console is running firmware version 3.55 or lower before using the device.


– How many USB devices can be connected at once?

There is no limit on how many devices can be used with the PS3USB. If you have a keyboard, mouse and headset then all of them will work without any issues.

– Does this allow players to use more than one controller at once?

No, the PS3USB is just for devices that are being used as input. If you wish to have multiple controllers connected then you will need a USB hub or some other means of connecting them to your console. You can also accomplish multiple inputs by using a wireless controller and then plugging in a USB hub to connect multiple controllers.

– What is the PS3USB compatible with?

The PS3USB will work for all games and any software that requires a USB device to be used as input. Keep in mind that not every game supports multiple controllers or devices, but this is due to controller support within the game and not an issue with the PS3USB itself.

– What games support the PS3 USB?

The answer to this question would vary depending on what kind of device you’re looking at. For example, if we were speaking about a keyboard then it would work with any game that uses an on-screen keyboard for inputting text and the like. This means that some games may not have native support for keyboards or may not have the functionality to use it as an input device. If you were looking for a mouse, then it should work with just about any game that allows players to use the analog sticks for movement.

– Will there be other devices created that are compatible with this?

The PS3USB is compatible with most USB equipment so you should not have an issue there. However, you will need to ensure that your gear works by following the steps located here .

– What is the difference between this and a USB hub?

A USB hub would be used to connect multiple devices to your console at once. This device has nothing to do with multiple inputs and instead allows you to use multiple devices at once. It also does not require as many cables as a USB hub would as it only requires the device you’re going to be using and a USB cable for power.

– What is the difference between this and a wireless controller?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a difference between this and a wireless controller. The PS3USB will allow players to use wireless equipment that would normally not work while using a wired controller. This includes devices such as keyboards, mice and headsets. However, you will need to ensure that your gear works by following the steps located here.

Here is a video on how to fix the problem that PS3 can’t find USB devices.


Hopefully, this article helped you out by answering your questions about the PS3USB that you should buy. This device is compatible with all types of PlayStation 3 consoles and has no limit on how many inputs can be used at one time. Now that you know what the PS3USB is and how it works, you can make a purchase decision easier.

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