Top Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Beginners Delivers Bright And Powerful Sound

Choosing the right string for an acoustic guitar is very important as the strings will determine whether to support or damage your guitar sound and style. If you are a beginner, finding yourself a set of strings matching the acoustic guitar style is even more difficult. Among the many guitar strings, it can be difficult to choose the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners.

Hence, Carroll / Fletcher has created a list of the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners which delivers bright and powerful sound to make your selection easier. Attached are our best tips to choose the best guitar strings for beginners.

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Top Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Beginners Reviews 2020

Martin SP 7100

Martin strings belong to the brand C.F. Martin & Co has been a famous American guitar and string accessories manufacturer since 1833. With its long-standing reputation, there is no doubt about the quality of Martin strings. 

The string is made from a corrosion-resistant mixture of nickel and copper, which makes it more durable over time with less need to be renewed. It delivers bright, resonant, and mellow sounds but slightly warmer than 80/20 copper. Designed to repel oil and dirt that can destroy the guitar string as well as to extend cord life.

The coating is so thin you won't even know it's there. This string size gives a very light, pain-free press feeling. This light string is one of the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners.

Fender 60CL

The string is made of modern technology with standard sizes. It always ensures the standard tension so that the player can control the sound during the performance. This is a guitar string model that is appreciated for its flexibility as well as durability. 

Fender 60CL guitar strings are made from high-quality phosphor bronze material, so they are durable. The warmth and richness of the phosphorus copper strings add depth to the acoustic guitar's sound.

Copper Fender phosphor is always one of the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners

The Fender 60CL acoustic guitar string is a great choice for solo guitarists. It also is a great compliment to a voice.

DR Strings HI-DEF NEON Acoustic Guitar Strings

Dr. Neon Strings is the second member of DR's SuperStrings family. In natural light and stage lighting these powerful strings sparkle. Made from nickel-plated steel, the DR Strings HI-DEF NEON delivers great sound to the player. The HI-DEF NEON color-coated acoustic guitar strings are available with a variety of luminescent color options designed to give your stage a little extra pop, especially under UV blacklight.

They have hexagonal core wire and silver-plated copper wire on the winding. All strings include neon-colored K3 coating, for a long lifespan, more projectivity, less unwanted overtones, plus enhanced clarity and joints.

D’Addario EXP26

D’Addario is the string brand used by most of the famous guitar manufacturers such as  Epiphone, Ibanez, Mantic, Everest for most of their popular models. It can be said that this is quite a quality Acoustic guitar string providing realistic sound.

The EXP26 Guitar String is an acoustic guitar string model from D'Addario's EXP Coated Phosphor-Bronze Wound series. The string is made of a hexagonal steel fault. Wrapped around the string core is a Phosphor-Bronze alloy and covered with EXP material.

The EXP series has a coating to extend the life of D'Addario's patented cord. A polymer coating is applied to the string before it is wound on the steel core to make the strings sound and feel like the strings are uncoated while the life of the strings is 4 times greater. The string is quite durable, rarely breaks if you do not over-wind it.

From the outside, you do not know that this is an EXP-coated string because the crafting technique is extremely modern giving the player the most comfortable and natural feeling when performing their works. It gives a warm, bright, and vibrating sound. Additionally, D'Addario EXP26 has an environmentally friendly enclosure.

DR Black Beauties Acoustic Guitar Strings

BLACK BEAUTIES Black acoustic guitar strings create an interesting look. However, it's not only beautiful in terms of style but also in sound. It produces a bright sound thanks to the hexagonal core string and the phosphor copper-wound string. 

All strings in the set are coated with an ultra-hard coating DR's K3 in pure black, for a longer lifespan, more projectivity, less unwanted overtones, and outstanding articulation and joint. Although not all strings have a bright sound, it's really good in the budget range overall.

Alice AW466

The biggest downside of cheap strings is that it quickly breaks down. The sound is not good when playing for a long time. However, Alice has a very good price, close to the budget of most beginners so this is also a great option for you to consider when starting to practice acoustic guitar.

Alice AW466 is one of the best quality string versions of Alice which is no stranger to guitar players during the past time with versions AW432, AW436. Particularly, the AW466 version has outstanding quality and smoothness.

This guitar string is produced by the high technology of Alice coated with copper and phosphorus. It has high toughness and strength. The right weight string ensures compatibility with acoustic guitars. The strings provide a warm, resonant sound, and a clear sound.

The Alice AW466 Acoustic Guitar String Series is the most popular iron string on the market today with an affordable price suitable for beginners. The string core is made of steel and the wires 3 - 6 are coated with copper. It has super light tension. The Alice AW466 Acoustic Guitar String is packed in eco-friendly packaging.

VIBE Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings

If you are looking for strings to brighten up that tonal tone, the VIBE 80/20 will be the ideal choice. 80/20 bronze provides great articulation and feels perfect for an acoustic guitar with a naturally dark tone. The 80/20 Bronze is very popular for recording sound due to its sharp, deep sound and is suitable for many different genres of music.

All VIBE strings are made of a hexagonal high carbon steel core, creating long-lasting durability for this string, plus a bright sound with enough depth for a youthful tone.

The VIBE string is a combination of comfort and elegance. It's soft, especially for players who want the depth and sound of the bass strings, but not too tight on the high strings for convenient bending. The Extra Light Strings are the perfect balance between playability and rhythm stability so it's on our list of best acoustic guitar strings for beginners.

Martin Guitar MA540

Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings offer unique features, craftsmanship, and resonance to your favorite acoustic guitar.

Martin strings produce faithful and consistent tones, these light-measuring strings provide superb tuning stability that makes it easy to produce rich, bright tones.

The Martin Phosphor Bronze M540 is made from a 92/8 component alloy to give your guitar a clear, bright sound. The Phosphor Bronze string is ideal for playing deep and rich Bass and the bright and clear Treble. This alloy is composed of 92% copper, 8% tin and lead, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. 

This string produces a brighter, warmer sound than the 80/20 Bronze. The phosphors in the alloy help keep the sound fresh for a more consistent luminance. High carbon steel with plated tin makes the wire highly durable.

To make these strings more durable and stable, the core string with the highest tensile strength is coated with the tin outside. These coatings are naturally resistant to corrosion so they can be kept after hours of play.

The strings produce a well-balanced tone suitable for a wide variety of play styles and enhance longevity and endurance. You can also use this string for a variety of styles as Martin's strings are designed to bring out the true tone of your guitar.

Elixir 16002

Elixir 16002 Acoustic Guitar String The Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Extra Light is Elixir's smallest-sized string for the lightest touch, bright and resonant sound.

Nanoweb coat as a cushion to help minimize elastic force, reduce hand pain. This string is extremely suitable for beginners because hands are unfamiliar, or professional players play with a frequency of many hours a day.

Outer coating Nanoweb is extremely anti-rust. It does not get squishy when changing chords. Separating the core string from the outside air and preventing sweat from creeping between the cuffs helps to limit oxidation and prevent rust. These coatings provide a very long life for the strings that few strings can match.

The Phosphor string line consists of 92% copper and 8% zinc. This formula creates extremely powerful Bass, creating deep and vibrating sound, deep, deep Bass is very suitable for playing the accompaniment. Elixir strings bring a good sound, very comfortable playing feeling. If you play on this string, you will have a smooth feeling on your fingertips.

D'Addario Phosphor Bronze EJ19

The EJ15 Phosphor Bronze is D’Addario's most famous string. Launched in 1974, the phosphor string has resonated with its tough, rugged durability which gives players great tunes and a sense of versatility to play. 

D'Addario strings are composed of 92% copper and 8% tin which is resistant to oxidation under normal conditions. Hence, the strings are almost rust-free, except when you play often while rarely cleaning up the string.

This string is composed of wound strings made of anti-corrosion phosphor bronze wrapped around the hexagonal carbon steel core for lasting quality over time. These ultra-light acoustic guitar strings will help you achieve great performances as they deliver long, warm, bright sounds and great melodies. 

The EJ15 Phosphor Bronze is a string set favored by many major artists around the world such as Dave Rawlings, Fats Kaplin, or Jackie Green.

Elixir Strings 80/20 Bronze

Elixir 11052 is used for acoustic guitars whose surface is coated with an ultra-thin Nanoweb layer to resist unnecessary intrusions that affect the rigidity of the strings while maintaining a lively sound. The ultra-thin coating feels like an uncoated string.

Nanoweb and Polyweb are the two materials used by Elixir for their products. They are quite popular in the market today. Elixir claims on its website that its string strength is 3 to 5 times stronger than conventional string and the truth is proven.

According to the explanation of Elixir, uncoated strings after a period of use will cling to corrosive substances from the user's hands. The grooves will be filled with these corrosive substances making the string heavier. The free oscillation of the string is therefore limited. The high-frequency range is lost so the sound becomes dull and flat.  If you live in a  humid area, the humidity in the air can completely wreak havoc on the longevity of your strings.

The patented coating reduces finger noise and minimizes a large number of other annoyances that are common to your average uncoated strings. With the Elixir Strings, you'll get great protection designed to last.

It tends to warm and soothe the tone of the strings and has a fast, silky smooth feel on the fingers, which allows the player to continue jamming without tangling. This ultra-thin coating allows for brighter, sharper tones while providing the same level of tone-life protection as its predecessor. It also gives you a sense of tradition thanks to its no-frills coating.

Ernie Ball Earthwood Light 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Set

Ernie Ball Earthwood 80/20 copper acoustic guitar string is made of 80% copper, 20% zinc wire wrapped around the hexagonal copper-plated steel core strings. The smooth strings are made of special tempered tin-plated high-carbon steel. All smooth strings feature a series of twisted buckles that fix the strings around the ball head to avoid slipping and ensure a long-lasting string with minimal breakage.

Most popular acoustic guitar string alloys provide a well-balanced projection with pleasant clear highs. These Ernie Ball Earthwood acoustic guitar strings provide a clear, resonant, and precise sound with a pleasing overtone.

Element Shield Packaging Extend the life of the strings and keep it steady.

This is one of the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners used by Eagles, Elvis Costello, and Joe Bonamassa.

D’Addario EJ16

EJ16Acoustic Guitar Strings are D'Addario Phosphor-Bronze strings. This is a  popular and economical acoustic guitar string model. It is highly appreciated by users and is considered one of the best strings for acoustic guitars. If you are using a guitar with an EQ, you should use this string.

D'Addario's Phosphor-Bronze string was first introduced in 1974, since then it has always been known for its warm, bright, and even sound. It has corrosion resistance. You may not have to change the string for a long enough time with its high durability. 

This D'Addario copper-phase phosphor string has a hexagonal core design that ensures the longest strings are maintained.  It is crafted with modern technology, high durability, and environmentally friendly packaging. The best-selling string in the lineup is D'Addario EJ16-3D.  The strings combine 92% copper and 8% tin to create a well-balanced tone suitable for many styles of play.

Buying Guide: Tip To Buy The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Beginners

Here are a few important things to keep in mind that will help you choose the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners:

Guitar Classification

best acoustic guitar strings for beginners
  • Dreadnought (D shape) is one of the most popular Acoustic styles. It is mainly used for accompaniment because the bass is good and resonant, strong, and low.
  • Grand auditorium is smaller on the hip. It offers the best handling, moderate sound, more treble, less bass, not too overwhelming. It is the best choice for fingerstyle.
  • Grand concert is similar to the grand auditorium. The upper part of the hips is even smaller
  • Jumbo: A Jumbo usually has rounded shoulders, a very tightened waist, and a very wide lower body. The neck is similar to Dreadnought. The loud sound corresponds to the large size, but the Jumbos is chosen thanks to its excellent projection, making it the ideal guitar for strummers.

The body design determines the appropriate string size. Usually, medium size strings will suit most types of guitar design. The light string type is suitable for Acoustic design.

String Classification

best acoustic guitar strings for beginners

For lighter gauge strings, it is easy to bend. This is suitable for beginners and fingerstyle style players.

Conversely, with heavier guitar strings, it will be harder to play but it will create a sound louder and firmer. A dreadnought acoustic body with a good resonator is perfect for midsize or heavier strings for a louder sound.


  • Light strings: 0.01-0.04 

This string gauge gives a very light, pain-free press feeling. These light strings are often used for beginners. Due to its small size, the volume and power of the sound are somewhat limited.

best acoustic guitar strings for beginners
  • Medium strings: 0.013-0.06

This is the most common string gauge used.

  • Heavy strings: 0.014-0.09

This gauge is often used by many players for a long time thanks to the great power of the sound. However, if you are not familiar with these heavy strings, it will feel quite heavy. You easily get pain when playing for a long time.

The lighter the string is, the easier it is to press the keys, suitable for beginners and those who like to use the bend notes technique. Heavy strings are louder, stiffer, and require players to have more strength and skill to master, compensate for the sound of the strings, and are brighter, suitable for strumming. Acoustic Guitar string sound depends a lot on the style of play and the level of skill you have. So you should determine the exact weight of the string to suit you best.


The string's material has a very important impact on the sound of the instrument. The two most common materials used for acoustic guitar strings today are copper and phosphor copper.

best acoustic guitar strings for beginners

Copper is referred to as 80/20 copper as it is made of 80% copper and 20% zinc.  It can be used for all styles of play. This string has a bright sound but will fade off quickly after a few hours of playing. 80/20 copper string is the most commonly used. 

Phosphorus copper strings tend to last longer as the metal is protected from oxidation. Phosphorus copper strings produce a warmer sound than 80/20 copper strings.

There are also silk and steel strings that create a calming sound. These strings put less pressure on the guitar. It is only used for special guitars. The sound is quieter and less durable than the two above but they are easier to play.

String overlay plays an important role in influencing the feel of play and the sound of the strings. Some special brands such as Elixir and D'Addario's EXP feature very thin coatings that protect the strings from oil, moisture, dirt, and rust. It extends the life of the strings. Although these strings are usually more expensive, they last 5 times longer making it possible to save your money and time as you don't have to change it often.

As recommended by manufacturers and professional guitarists, you should change the strings every 2 weeks / 1 time (play a lot) or 1 month / 1 time (play infrequently). However, not everyone does this because the cost of replacing strings is very high. If you are not economically qualified to change the strings, you should choose strings made of phosphor copper.

Guitar Style

best acoustic guitar strings for beginners

In addition to the classical style and traditional guitar playing techniques, Fingerstyle is also an art of guitar playing that many young people pursue. We can roughly understand Fingerstyle is the technique used to play the guitar by giving the music many sounds emitted by the player using his hand to affect each part of the guitar. This makes the player's track seem like a variety of musical instruments are involved.

The vast majority of guitarists today play fingerstyle through the Acoustic. If you pursue this technique of playing, you should use iron strings. You will have hand pain much more than the steel strings when using iron strings. In return, the sound has a much better resonance.

If you are practicing strumming, the medium string is a great choice.


  • New instrument: you should use Low tension-type for a period of 6 months to 1 year.

  • Beginner: It is recommended to use Low Tension to get familiar with the strings. After a while when you get used to the strings, change to Normal, or Hard tension. For Acoustic players, when they first play the guitar, after a while playing Low or Super Light Tension strings, you should switch to Hard or Extra Tension to practice finger strength so that the finger strength is supple.

Watch the video given below for more knowledge on choosing the best guitar strings for beginners.


How To Relieve Hand Pain Simple But Effective When Playing Acoustic Guitar?

best acoustic guitar strings for beginners
  • Reduce action:

Action is the height between the string and the fretboard. The higher this distance, the harder it is to press and the more painful your hands are. Reducing action is pretty simple but it makes a huge difference.

  • Choose your best guitar strings for beginners.

If you are a beginner, you should choose the size 10 or 11 strings such as EJ10, EJ11 of D'addario, or Elixir 16002 or 16007 will be much less painful.

  • Logical practice time:

For beginners, spending 1 hour a day is better than playing 8 hours in a row. Not only will this help with hand pain, but it will also help you to progress faster. The simple reason is that if you practice continuously, your hands will be swollen and painful. Hence, the next day you will not be able to exercise, causing the training to be interrupted.

Is It Possible To Replace The Acoustic String With A Nylon String?

This is the question of acoustic guitar users because they experience hand pain while playing with metal strings. However, it is not possible to replace a nylon string with a string using a string.

best acoustic guitar strings for beginners

The reasons are:

  • Due to the different diameters of nylon and metal strings, the mounting is completely mismatched.

  • When installing nylon strings instead of steel strings, the sound of the guitar is timid and not correct.

  • The saddle of metal string and nylon has a completely different structure.

  • The tune has different textures. Tune for the iron string is usually small because the metal string has a very high tensile capacity. Hence. the number of winding turns is not much needed. In contrast, nylon strings are not as high tension as metal strings, so the tune is big and can wrap more strings.

How To Keep The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Beginners For The Longest Time?

In order for the strings to last, how to play, and how to maintain them are very important. The strings are the part that often accumulates dirt the most because it is in direct contact with the player's hands. However, there are many cases where players clean the strings incorrectly causing the strings to rust more quickly.

best acoustic guitar strings for beginners

Therefore, you need to pay attention:

  • You should wash and dry your hands before playing the guitar.

  • Clean and maintain the strings once a week or whenever you feel the strings need to be cleaned or there is a signal that your hands are dirty while playing the guitar.

If you cannot buy the specialized instrument cloth from Fender, Ernie Ball, or D’Addario, you can use any soft cloth as long as there is no dust left. If you want to clean more, you can use Dunlop and GHS products such as cleansing oils, or string waxes to keep the strings shiny and most protected.

In order to clean the guitar strings effectively and without harming the structure and sound quality of the guitar, clean your best guitar strings for beginners according to the following notes:

  • Do not over-stretch the strings when cleaning the strings.

  • Keeping the fretboard on a small box or pad.

  • For metal strings, a separate cleaning kit is required.

  • Should use a soft cloth to limit the use of paper towels because if the tissue is not folded in the right direction, the pulp will stick to the string.

  • After cleaning the strings, if you are feeling greasy while playing, you can use the tissue to dry the oil again on the strings.

Conclusion Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Beginners Top Pick For The Best

The Elixir 80/20 Bronze with Nanoweb is the best beginner acoustic guitar string overall because it not only produces a bright and powerful sound but also has a Nanoweb coating that protects the strings to increase longevity.

Although Alice AW466 is cheap, the sound quality is very good in the price range as well as a long tarnish.

The D’Addario string consists of 92% copper and 8% tin. It has great resistance to oxidation under normal conditions so the string is almost rust-free. However, it will not feel as smooth on the fingertips as the Elixir.

We hope this article will be of some help to you to select the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners offering a top-notch sound experience. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact.

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