Let’s Find Out 17 Best $500 Acoustic Guitar For 2020

The guitar marketplace is flooded with noteworthy products, which is incredible but still extreme if you are going to locate the best $500 acoustic guitars. Truth be told, it can feel a bit of overpowering to pick the suitable one when confronted with numerous lovely guitars. BreatheCaroline has done a list of 17 best $500 acoustic guitars for you to choose from. 

These reasonable acoustic guitars have improved their quality so that you can settle on decisions dependent on design, shading color, tone, and sound. One significant thing is that you will wind up with an incredible guitar to have excellent playing experience for a long time.

Because of that, from all the best guitars, we limited it down to this assortment of the best $500 acoustic guitars that will meet your needs. Regardless of whether you are new to guitar playing, or you are an expert player trying out a new kind of instrument, you can feel satisfied with one of these acoustic guitars when playing. 

Here are our best acoustic guitars and we hope you can find one suitable for you after reading our detailed reviews, a summary table, and a buying guide below.

best $500 acoustic guitar
best $500 acoustic guitar
best $500 acoustic guitar

best for Singer-songwriters and travelers

best for Right-handed players

best for Beginners

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Top best $500 acoustic guitar Reviews 2020

Art & Lutherie Guitars Roadhouse

Roadhouse is one of the best $500 acoustic guitars from Art & Lutherie due to its beautiful design and great features. It is a 25 inches scale length Parlour guitar which has an excellent combination of a strong spruce top, silver leaf maple neck, wild cherry on the back and sides, and a 19-fret rosewood fingerboard.

This Roadhouse has a great manufacturing quality and the neck is consistent and strong enough to help the tension of even the most incredible players. The characterful blues and box intentionally made for those who love traveling to produce sweet definition with downplayed warmth, and extraordinary playing elements. Dive in somewhat harder to go from folky pleasantness to blues sounds. 

Moreover, Art and Lutherie built up this model which was bereft of the Sonitone hardware and bound to be sold at the most minimal conceivable cost because of the prevalence of the first acoustic-electric adaptation of this guitar.

Overall, Roadhouse is an excellent acoustic guitar on the market due to its great structure, high-quality sound, and perfect tone. However, its music style may not be suitable for every player.

Epiphone EJ-200SCE

The entirety of the conventional distinguishing marks of the exemplary Gibson's legacy is available and from all the products, Epiphone EJ-200SCE is a perfect acoustic guitar, which has excellent electronics and beautiful classic outlook.

EJ-200SCE comes with 25.5 inches scale length with a wonderful mix of a strong maple neck, maple back and sides, and a 20-fret Pau Ferro fingerboard. This guitar also has the mustache connect, beautifying tortoiseshell style pickguard, Pearloid crown trims, and the profound but adjusted base end that you typically just get from a gigantic guitar. 

Besides, the most excellent feature making this guitar is in our best $500 acoustic guitar list is its gadgets. It utilizes two pickups including a conventional NanoFlex piezo and a fingerboard situated NanoMag which will help you to dial in warmth or assault. This guitar also has different eq controls, mix operation, a locally available tuner, and can punch route over its apparent weight when connected.

Overall, Epiphone EJ-200SCE is well-deserved as one of the best $500 acoustic guitars with its perfect gadgets, pickup framework, and an old-style design. So if you are looking for a guitar with a classic design, you shouldn’t overlook this one.

Martin LX1E Little Martin

Martin LX1E Little Martin is an excellent acoustic guitar which is an overspending plan compared to other guitars on this list but you can routinely get it at a lower price range. This guitar features 23 inches scale length with a Sitka tidy top, laminated mahogany back and sides, a birch neck, and a 20-fret qualified fingerboard. 

LX1E can sometimes make you feel utilitarian because it is made from basically synthetic materials. Nonetheless, presenting exemplary Martin tones with a fresh edged if traditional voice. Its brilliant and contemporary tones will slice through a blend and be heard over greater guitars.  it is furnished with a pre-established pace control, the shape work tidies up the mid-extend, eliminating boxiness. 

Overall, Martin LX1E is well worth being one of the best $500 acoustic guitars, which is suitable for guitarists who love playing while traveling and going on a trip or those who love composing songs.

Taylor GS Mini

GS Mini is famous for one of the best $500 acoustic guitars from Taylor because of its movement size advanced parlor guitar. It includes 23.5 inches scale length with a Sitka tidy top, Sapele back and sides, a Sapele neck, and a coal-black fingerboard with 20 frets.

Furthermore, with flawless form quality and perfect arrangement, GS Mini yields a wonderful sound that misrepresents its smaller structure. This guitar has shining highs, completely clear mids, and low end which provide it with a cut-value cut of Taylor sound. 

Overall, GS Mini is truly an incredible acoustic guitar from Taylor with high-quality structure and design, and a lovely tonewoods combination. All things considered, whenever enhanced tones are fundamental, we'd suggest sparing your pennies more and going with the mind-blowing nature of the Taylor.

Washburn Woodline 10 Series WLO12SE

Washburn Woodline WLO12SE is well-known for the best $500 acoustic guitars. Because of the vintage Martin design, this ensemble style guitar highlights sub-gunboat measurements with regularly shimmering highs and a tight, controlled base end.

Washburn Woodline features a strong mahogany top, mahogany neck, back, and sides. It also has 25.5 inches scale length with a 20-fret fingerboard. All-mahogany development helps this guitar produce striking and frank tone making it suitable for fingerstyle players. 

WLO12SE has an excellent amplifier that provides a devoted depiction of the guitar's acoustic characteristics when connected, and the framework incorporates bass and high pitch controls for apparent tweaking. Besides, this guitar includes a genuinely low activity, the glossy silk completed thin C profile neck making it more comfortable for players to play. 

Overall, WLO12SE is a great option in contrast to other more expensive acoustic guitars on the market. If you are a fingerstyle guitar player, we highly recommend you get this one.

Yamaha Storia II

Yamaha Storia product line is an absolute necessity to pursue any guitar player looking for an acoustic guitar that performs amazingly despite its lower price range. With its normal mahogany finish, Yamaha Storia II has become a wide allure guitar. It has 25 inches scale length with a strong mahogany top, mahogany back and sides, a pecan neck, and 20 frets hazel fingerboard. 

Storia II has body edges, low activity, unfussy semi-sparkle finish, and measurements that provide players with a natural and comfortable feel. It has extraordinary playability with good quality shimmer and reverberation. It also has great gadgets with only a piezo pickup and no tone controls but they can work well if you get a preamp.

Overall, Yamaha Storia II is well-merited for being one of the best $500 acoustic guitars in the guitar manufacturing market. If you are a right-handed player, we suggest you get this one.

Fender CD-60S All-Mahogany

CD-60S is another best $500 acoustic guitar from Fender that has extraordinary sounds and will make players feel comfortable to play. This dreadnought guitar has a beautiful design and structure. It has 25.3 inches scale length with a strong mahogany top, mahogany neck, back and sides, and 20 frets rosewood fingerboard. 

CD-60S all-mahogany produces an amazing sound with a ringing mid-run splendor that is an integral part of a mahogany development. It has a huge body that additionally expands pleasantly into the bass if you would love to investigate tunings. This guitar also has an incredible sound, tuning, and string activity. 

Overall, Fender CD-60S is properly the greatest acoustic guitar with perfect pitch, bright sound, and great look. If you are a beginner, you should try out this guitar.

Ibanez AVD11

Ibanez AVD11 is amongst the best $500 acoustic guitars with a magnificent look and playability. In an offer to reproduce the vintage magic and apparent projection of more established wood that has dried out and completely solidified, Ibanez got down to business in misleadingly developing the Thermo gunboat.

AVD11 comes with 25.6 inches scale length with a solid tidy top and neck, back and sides are made of beautiful woods. It also has a fingerboard with 20 frets. The warm, sweet wood shows up as do the scratchplate, machine heads, dab decorates, etc. 

Immaculate form quality makes this a genuine guitar, in the case of fingerpicking, flat-picking, or playing. It has adjusted highs and a sweet midrange that delivers a great tone and sound; however, it has less bass than other dreadnought guitars. This guitar can sit pleasantly in a band blend, yet if you play unaccompanied you may miss that base end which is a light bass for a gunboat. 

Overall, Ibanez AVD11 is a perfect acoustic guitar due to its affordable price, wonderful playability, and lovely design. If you want to get an acoustic guitar with a light bass, we recommend you consider this guitar.

Yamaha CSF1M

CSF1M is another best $500 acoustic guitar from Yamaha which is a minimal parlor guitar clashing with contributions from significant players. It has 23.6 inches scale length with a great combination of a strong spruce top, mahogany back and sides, a nato neck, and a rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets.

Moreover, this guitar contends honorably giving enormous, full, and rich sounds, and flexible allure. CSF1M incorporates a detached piezo pickup that provides natural connected sounds. Armada fingered players may lean toward the smooth low activity of the Martin LX1E. 

Overall, Yamaha CSF1M is well worth being one of the greatest acoustic guitars, which is suitable for fingerstyle players as they may feel more joyful when playing. If you are looking for a natural and richer sound, you should take a closer look at this guitar.

Seagull S6 Original

Seagull S6 Original is in the best $500 acoustic guitars list giving an incredibly lively tone that conveys sufficiently long to set the temperament of the tune. The battleship body style is sufficiently enormous for most performers, which speculates work of thinking about what size is directly for you. 

Seagull S6 highlights a twofold activity bracket pole that conveys the pitch considerably more precisely compared with other acoustic guitars. Rather than trusting that the pitch will make up for the lost time to your playing, it changes the moment you conclude. The inclined headstock is critical because it can fix the strings of the guitar which makes harmony changes smoother and forestalls fret buzz, and it also helps tune this guitar simpler. 

Overall, Seagull S6 is a wonderful acoustic guitar on the market. It is notable for its nature of design, predictable, and excellent sound. If you are looking for a guitar to have a great performance, we recommend you look at this guitar.

Yamaha FS850

FS850 is another best $500 acoustic guitar from the Yamaha brand thanks to its outstanding features. It has a small body making it an ideal guitar for kids or players with smaller hands. 

This FS850 has several guitar picks and many strings compared with other guitars. It includes strings, picks, a tuner, a cleaning material, a sack, and a DVD that reveals to you the nuts and bolts of playing the guitar. It's additionally an incredible preparation apparatus since it is simple to change from harmony to harmony without the gigantic fret space of a dreadnought acoustic guitar. 

Moreover, this Yamaha version features mahogany tonewood which can deliver the best reverberating sound over most different sorts of woods utilized in guitar building. It's generally cherished, and mass-delivered because of the steady requirement for its utilization in acoustic guitars. 

Overall, Yamaha FS850 is proven as one of the greatest acoustic guitars as it has a small-sized body with a huge punch, and high-quality tones and sounds.

Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG800 is the fourth-best $500 acoustic guitar from the Yamaha brand which is made with a few distinct sorts of uncommon wood and a monstrous unit included. In case you're searching for a remarkable style with a marvelous pack that incorporates everything, this FG800 is an extraordinary choice for you to consider. 

FG800 has a tidy top which helps it to produce a strong tone. It also has nato on the back and sides, which creates an enticingly richer and warmer sound. Even though they are not as normal, these woods are still magnificent for you to get. Because all of them can help you produce excellent sound making your music stand out from other guitars. 

Overall, FG800 is well-deserved as one of the best acoustic guitars from Yamaha which has an exemplary string and body style on a not exemplary wood decision, which makes it a fascinating turn on the cutting edge guitar.

Takamine GD20-NS

Takamine is properly not a famous brand compared with other well-known brands on this list; however, they're rapidly becoming famous for their perfectly exemplary acoustic guitars. GD20-NS is an incredible case of an exemplary guitar with a couple of current increases that make it better for the simplicity of play. 

This Takamine model is a unique small guitar, something that you either don't notice, or you genuinely lament not focusing on later on not far off. This GD20-NS includes a wide fretboard that will make the strings further separated so that it is conceivable to simpler changing.

GD20-NS has a perfect combination of cedar and mahogany woods. It has mahogany on the back and sides, which will help it produce fantastic sound. Cedar is another extraordinary wood decision for acoustic guitars as it quiets any undesirable reverberations. 

Overall, with more extensive frets, this acoustic guitar is a superb decision for any individual who experiences difficulty exchanging harmonies. If you are looking for the suitable acoustic guitar to play with, you should consider this one.

Bristol BD-116 BD-16

Another incredible battleship on this list is this Bristol BD-116 BD-16 which is well-known for being one of the best $500 acoustic guitars. This guitar features an unpretentious, exemplary appearance that makes it not distinguishable as other great acoustic guitars. Notwithstanding, it delivers a strong sound that rapidly pulls consideration upon the principal play. 

This Bristol model comes with a combination of tidy and mahogany tonewoods which is likely the most well-known blend of woods in the acoustic guitar. Because with this mix, this guitar can give such an exemplary rich tone of mahogany matched with the life span of tidy to make a definitive blend. 

This Bristol guitar has a thin neck which is not a common design from most acoustic guitars. Since a slimmer neck implies simpler harmony advances, it may make it harder to change worries from the start; however, the speed of harmony changing rapidly dominates any issues whatsoever. 

Overall, the Bristol BD-116 BD-16 is on the top best acoustic guitars with the thin fretboard alone sufficient to catch our eye. So if you like the excellent pair of tidy and mahogany on this guitar, you should get it.

Fender T Bucket Cutaway

Fender T Bucket is an incredible decision for beginners searching for an extraordinary sounding section level acoustic. It is on the top best $500 acoustic guitars, which is suitable for new guitarists searching for a moderate old-style guitar. This guitar has the simplicity of playability as perhaps the best property included. 

This Fender model also has 3 diverse shading mixes including 3-color sunburst, moonlight burst, and cherry burst. It is made of maple wood and has a preamp introduced, making it an acoustic-electric guitar. 

Overall, Fender T Bucket Cutaway is well worth a perfect acoustic guitar on this list. So if you are playing the guitar for the first time or learning to play the guitar, this guitar is an extraordinary decision for you to consider.

The Loar LH-200

The Loar guitars are made after the exemplary guitars of the eighteen century. Referred to by numerous proprietors as an extraordinary vocalist lyricist guitar, this LH 200 has a slim body people style acoustic. It doesn't have the volume of a gunboat style body, however, this guitar is depicted as having a richer tone. It has a strong tidy top with mahogany back and sides. So if you are extravagant yourself as an artist lyricist, this Loar LH-200 is the best $500 acoustic guitar with a small-sized body that you should take a closer look at.

Blueridge BG 40

If you are on a tight spending plan, you definitely have to try out this best $500 acoustic guitar from Blue Ridge called BG 40. It features a Sitka tidy top with mahogany back and sides. It highlights scalloped preparing for a perfect and fresh tone. Proprietors depict its tone as boisterous and bassy and contrasted the neck width with that of an electric. This could be or more for those with little hands. This guitar additionally includes a bone and nut seat and rosewood fingerboard providing it with perfect playability. Overall, Blueridge BG 40 is among the most impressive acoustic guitars with brilliant sounds and fantastic design.

Buying Guide: Best $500 Acoustic Guitars


As a rule, the bigger the guitar at that point, the more volume, reverberation, and base end bass you will get. The converse of those guitars with a small-sized body will be the situation. With the bigger gigantic molded guitars, it very well may be a test to get high pitches to slice through.

Moreover, with the 3/4 and smaller than expected measured guitar, an acoustic guitar may be a test to get the bass to slice through. Constructors have worked with a decent level of accomplishment lately to deliver 3/4 measured guitars that make a more stable and wonderful sound with punchy bass to connect to effectively clear mids and high pitch. The colossal ubiquity of the Little Martin and Baby Taylor scope of guitars is a demonstration of this achievement. 

best $500 acoustic guitar

This size of a guitar has progressively become famous with artist musicians searching for an independent instrument to go with their voice, without overpowering it. Another purpose behind their prominence is the way that they are truly simpler to move, and furthermore, their decreased size makes them simpler to play, especially for individuals with little edges.

Body Style

Picking the correct guitar body style is one of the most significant elements in purchasing your new instrument. An enormous man of war is an incredible body style for individuals with bigger fingers or longer arms since the fretboard is longer and more extensive. 

best $500 acoustic guitar

The body itself is likewise somewhat bigger, which can be difficult for little individuals to hold. Littler artists should investigate getting a little body with a short fretboard. It makes it a lot simpler to perform harmony advances and change strings. It's additionally simpler to hold while standing on the off chance that you don't have a guitar tie.


Another key function in deciding the sound and tone of an acoustic guitar is wood choice. Fundamentally, picking the tonewood will affect the sound that an acoustic guitar can create. Even though unique wood blends are normally utilized on all pieces of the guitar, and will all have some impact on its sound, the forested areas utilized in the body and the head of the guitar will have the best apparent effect. Different kinds of wood produce different tones, yet most guitar makers acknowledge that the top is the most noteworthy for choosing evident quality. 

guitarist 2922540 640

The first type of wood is mahogany which is commonly used for making a guitar. Mahogany can assist with creating warm, rich, and more obscure sounds. Moreover, different hardwoods have comparable characteristics and qualities. 

Another wood normally used to make an acoustic guitar is spruce which is much of the time utilized wood for the highest points of guitars. It delivers an exceptionally clear and reverberating sound. Spruce is the standard material for tops with Sitka tidy being the most generally perceived. 

Another well-known hardwood is Sapele which can deliver a more adjusted sound. It has a marginally more brilliant sound than Mahogany, with more top-end, settling on it a decent decision for a wide scope of melodic classifications. 

Well, the cost of acoustic guitar augmentations is radically reliant on the remarkableness of the tonewoods. Nonetheless, as a result of lessening supplies of certain tonewoods, guitar makers are viably finding elective materials to make inconceivable sounding instruments. There are numerous different woods utilized in guitar building, yet these are the most well-known woods in acoustic guitars. Therefore, you can easily choose an acoustic guitar with great hardwood that is suitable for your needs.


best $500 acoustic guitar

Construction is an important feature when you consider buying an acoustic guitar. On the off chance that you need a solid guitar, at that point, you should ensure that it has genuine materials. Besides, you need to take a careful look at each joint and finish of the acoustic guitar, and also search for the neck and body joint. Therefore, if there is any hole on the guitar, you shouldn’t choose it.

Tone And Sound Quality

Before buying an acoustic guitar, it is a great idea for you to consider the guitar based on its quality of sound and tone. On the off chance that you are not a specialist, we propose you take any of your companions who are expert guitar players. In the event that the guitar’s body is made of valuable wood, it will provide you with a rich and full sound that will make you feel comfortable and have interesting playing experience. 

best $500 acoustic guitar

Model And Design

The configuration has constantly been a significant issue. Nobody will esteem a guitar with a shocking design. Therefore, when getting an acoustic guitar, you should ensure that it can make you feel great and comfortable when holding and playing with it. Apart from that, you shouldn’t overlook the shading colors, shape, and other outstanding features of an acoustic guitar.


When getting an acoustic guitar, you should think about the preservation of the guitar. After changing strings, you have to make sure to wipe the guitar to eliminate all waste pieces that stay in the guitar. You can likewise utilize a damp delicate and clean material or a little guitar clean to clean the guitar. However, it would be better for you to not utilize the clean a lot as the guitar needs only a couple of drops.

Moreover, when using the guitar, scratches, and dings will occur so that you have to tackle this issue utilizing the guitar cautiously and setting it for a situation or remain after playing. At the point when you have a guitar performance on the stage, you will need to keep the guitar out of a jam-packed zone and spot it on the stand.

best $500 acoustic guitar

On the off chance that the fret is filthy, you should utilize a spotless material or a delicate toothbrush to eliminate all the fingerboard trash. You can likewise clean it with a few drops of linseed oil, simply ensure you don't utilize it to an extreme. If your guitar has support issues and you would prefer not to fix it yourself as you are frightened of decimating your costly guitar, at that point you ought to get a guitar tech to fix it for you.

Build Quality

best $500 acoustic guitar

Although conventional inceptions of assembling overwhelm at the high finish of the market, the majority of the guitars have been made in high quality. Be that as it may, nowadays, in the center, and at the more reasonable finish of the market, the nature of guitar fabricating has never been higher. 

The nature of the guitar producing, which will clearly incorporate the nature of materials utilized, will affect its playability and tone. While we really extol the nature of eastern guitars, we feel that the nature of the main hand-fabricated guitar on our rundown is more perfect to take a look at.

Guitar case

Most acoustic guitars for beginners accompany a gig pack while other guitars don’t offer any pack or case for you to place the guitar. Accordingly, you ought to get one in case your guitar doesn't go with a case. A case won't simply protect your acoustic guitar from scratches, engravings, and scratches yet also offer a straightforward technique to pass on your guitar. 

best $500 acoustic guitar

In the event that your home experiences predictable changes in tenacity and temperature, we suggest you purchase a case for your guitar. Since it will give a controlled area giving you similarly get some humidifiers when the air is unnecessarily dry and dehumidifiers when the air is clammy. 

Being introduced to changes in clamminess and temperature can demolish your guitar, so you need to guarantee it with a tolerable case. Besides, you have to guarantee your guitar fits very comfortably so it doesn't get jostled around for its circumstance.

Keep away from Defects and Cracks

There are endless guitars at a modest rate on the guitar market. However, they may contain breaks, parts or deformities. Therefore, the primary thing you have to do is to investigate the guitar carefully. It would be better for you to look at the body arrangement cautiously. In the event that you find even a little imperfection, you shouldn’t choose it, or you can request a substitution.

best $500 acoustic guitar

Conclusion best $500 acoustic guitar Top Pick For The Best

best $500 acoustic guitar
best $500 acoustic guitar
best $500 acoustic guitar

best for Singer-songwriters and travelers

best for Right-handed players

best for Beginners

Our Best Choice-Martin LX1E Little Martin

From all 17 acoustic guitars on this list, we finally picked this Martin LX1E Little Martin as our best acoustic guitar because of its various excellent features. The first outstanding feature about this LX1E is its perfect design and structure. It comes with 23 inches and a wonderful combination of great wood on the top, neck, fingerboard, back, and sides. What makes it a high-quality acoustic guitar is that it is made from synthetic materials. 

Moreover, it also produces brilliant, clear, and modern tones that will make players feel happy and comfortable whenever they hear the tones. One last feature making it the best on our list is that it's suitable for guitar players who love traveling, going on a trip, or those who want to be singer-songwriters. Overall, Martin LX1E Little Martin is well worth being our best choice, so if you want to compose songs, you should try out this one.

Well, on the guitar manufacturing market, there are various incredible acoustic guitars with different types, styles, and brands that can satisfy various necessities. These guitars can give an unimaginable mix of sensibility, top-notch sound, playability, and extraordinary plan. Therefore, when you find an acoustic guitar, you should consider its sound quality, design, structure, playability, etc carefully. We hope you can pick your suitable acoustic guitars under $500 after reading our review.

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