Top 10 Best Turntable For Scratching In 2022: You Should Buy

It is said that a turntable is an essential equipment for those who want to become a professional DJ in the future. Although there are many other devices that can replace it such as CDJs, DJ mixers,…, turntables are always mostly used by DJs. That is also the main reason more and more people are looking for the best turntable for scratching.

However, finding a turntable that is suitable for your purpose and your ability can be a challenging problem for you, especially for beginners who only have just started playing music. I think that you should consider the quality instead of the outside design due to the fact that a good turntable will help you enhance your technical skills as an experienced DJ.

Nowadays, each turntable has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to research carefully before making up your mind. Our article below will make a detailed review about some best turntables and provide some tips to choose this product. Let’s check it out now.

Best Turntable For Scratching Comparison 2022

Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable (USB & Analog), Silver
Best for
Best connectivity for digital devices
Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable
Best for
Best damping structure for preventing distortions
Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Professional Turntable
Best for
Best good-looking for a modern design

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Top 10 Best Turntable For Scratching Updated Reviews 2022

Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable (USB & Analog)

Audio Technica is an excellent and modern turntable at a reasonable price that everyone should buy. From the outside, people are attracted by classy design with silver and black color covering the whole turntable so it can be suitable for family and people who love listening to music. It also comes with a headshell or cartridge component to protect the turntable inside.

With the technical numbers 3-phase, 16-pole and brushless DC motor, it can operate at three different speeds and produce high torque for over 4.5 This helps to fasten the startup process, speed stability and work more smoothly. It is specially designed for professional DJs to play in large spaces like clubs and some concerts.

Moreover, this product is very modern in which it has a recording software inside and a wired connectivity technology. For example, it can connect to a USB to record the audio. 

It is also added to a built-in phono-preamp that helps to access to many kinds of receivers and a tonearm in S-shaped so you can adjust the tracking force or anti-skid.


  • High-torque, direct-drive
  • Operate in 3 speeds for fast startup and speed stability
  • Wired connectivity technology
  • Recording software
  • Tonearm for adjustable force


  • RCA is inconvenient
  • Headshell and cartridge is not necessary 

Pioneer PLX-500-K, Black (PLX500K)

Pioneer is a reputable company in producing turnable and has received absolute trust from customers. It has a heavier component and is durable for several years. 

Thanks to these outstanding features, it can operate better than other types of turntable and bring wonderful advantages such as decreasing the vibration and creating a precise soundtrack.

All the components made this product work faster with a high-torque deck so DJs can use it easier. That is probably the reason why it is the best turntable for scratching. 

People can adjust the speed with the electronic speed selector on the screen of this product. You just need to press the button to modify it appropriately with the beat of the audio playtrack at 3 speeds up to 78 RPM.

This turntable can create sound with high quality. It inherited the layout of the PLX-1000 professional turntable so it can produce a warm, clear analogue sound. It is the perfect equipment that can serve your entertainment request. 

You can also connect this product to your laptop or Macbook through USB for digital recording. Additionally, it comes with Control Vinyl that allows you to play and perform your digital files. This is also designed with a diversal of color so you can choose your favourite one.


  • Excellent sound design
  • Easy digital recording by connecting with personal devices through USB
  • Play and perform digital files
  • High-torque deck
  • Decrease vibration and precise soundtrack
  • Various color


  • Heavier than other turntables 

Numark PT01 Scratch 

If you are looking for the best turntable for scratching, Numark 101 Scratch will be the right solution for its portability and lightweight. You can use it immediately when you have just bought it because it does not need to assemble anything. 

From the first sight, you can see that it is placed inside a hard case. This design will ensure that the turntable will be safe during your travelling. 

It is one of the kinds that provides 3 speeds: 78, 45 and 33 ⅓ RPM. It is powered by AC adapters or run by batteries so you can use it to start your dreams wherever and whenever you want. Only 4.3 lbs and fit right into your backpack, you can easily bring it everywhere. 

This turntable owns a durable tonearm that can provide the stiffness at the maximum level. It has also a built-in scratch slide switch that allows you to adjust and replace with both right- and left-handed turntablists. 

Thanks to the special design, this turnable can help you play the rich and dynamic sound. For example, you can scratch with a PT01 speaker or louder with external speakers via conveniently located RCA outputs. 

Or else you can connect with your headphones to practice. You can also record your vinyl digitally via USB to your computer with the free downloadable software.


  • Portable and durable
  • Light, small, easy to bring
  • Do not need complex assembling
  • Include hard case to keep safe
  • Offer flexibility when adjust the buttons
  • Connections


  • Need an external amplifier for louder sound

Pioneer DJ Direct Drive DJ Turntable, Black, 10.80 x 18.60 x 22.30 (PLX1000)

If you do not want to miss essential equipment on the way to your professional dream, I think Pioneer PLX 1000 will be the best turntable for scratching that you should buy. It can be said that this is another kind of Technics SL1200MK5 with a lower price. Hence if you have a tight budget and you want to own a turntable like this, you should buy this Pioneer product.

Thanks to the direct drive motor and torque with efficiency, your machine can operate smoothly. It rotates stably and owns an extraordinary control system. With the technical number 28.88 pounds weight and comes with a heavy mass, it can block all the vibrations and resonance to bring the excellent quality of sound.

This turntable allows you to adjust the tempo, you can choose or decrease the tempo from 8% or 16%. You can also connect and replace audio recordings and USB cables to ensure the sound quality.


  • High-torque direct drive motor
  • Stable rotation and exceptional control
  • Heavy-mass against resonance and vibrations
  • Multi-tempo control
  • Excellent sound design
  • Flexible connectivity


  • Lack of some modern features of turntable

Jensen JTA-230S With 3-speed stereo turntable built-in stereo speaker system

Another turntable that I want to suggest for you is Jensen JTA-230S. It uses belt-driven with 3 speeds including 33, 45 and 78 RPM and it goes with a stereo speaker system if you want to adjust to a louder sound.

This turntable also provides you a pitch control to adjust the record speed, volume control and tone control. 

Besides, it comes with other additional features such as power indicator, automatic stop switch, dust cover and the power run by AC adapters with 120V- 60Hz. Therefore, you should pay attention to the voltage requirements if you intend to buy it from an international country.

You must be amazed by the flexible connectivity of this Jensen Turntable. The USB port with cable can be used for converting vinyl records to digital format. 

In addition, there is also another software that enables you to record, edit and convert your audio content to MP3 format. It not only works with USB but also adds an input jack to plug your ipod, mp3 and other digital devices.

This kind of turntable can be not suitable for professional music players but it is perfect for the one who wants to play music just for fun and practice.


  • Belt Driven 3-Speed Stereo Turntable
  • Stereo speaker system
  • Flexible connectivity with USB, mp3, headphones,…
  • Pitch control to adjust the recording speed
  • Power indicator, auto stop switch, dust cover


  • Be careful about the power if you want to bring to far place

Technics – Turntable SL-1210Mk5

When it comes to the best turntable for scratching, many professional DJs cannot miss out this name Technics SL-1210Mk5. Although most manufacturers these days do not continue producing them, they are still the most effective and value for money that you should buy on the road to an excellent DJ.

Technics is a famous and beginner brand that produces many chains of turntables. It opened a new phenomenon and attracted a large number of people especially the young who want to try something unique. 

The reason for its popularity is that it comes with many modern technologies such as high torque for quick start-ups in 0.07 seconds and highly sensitive low-mass tone-arm.

This product is made from a metallic black-finish and brushed-steel hardware so it is durable and can be used for a long time even a decade. 

Moreover, it is also equipped with many other functions including a non click pitch control, pitch reset, adjustable electronic braking system and an LED light. Therefore, if you have a large budget, you should buy this turntable for yourself.


  • High torque motor
  • Highly sensitive low-mass tone-arm
  • Pitch reset button
  • Adjustable stop break
  • Durable for a decade or more


  • Quite expensive
  • Rare as they do not produce anymore

Reloop RP-2000 MK2 Professional Direct Drive – USB Turntable System

Reloop RP-2000 MK2 is another best turntable for scratching that I highly recommend for you. It is covered by black metallic with a heavy construction and a metal frame outside. If you are a beginner, this turntable is really suitable for you as its versatility and adequate performance.

This product is quartz-driven with a direct drive motor and a phono preamp to build in. It also added some several improvements and typically is a product that has the most developed construction and advanced buttons made by metal to bring the users the most comfortable feeling. 

Thanks to these features, a highly efficient torque can generate power more quickly than other turntables and can minimize the noise outside.

In addition, Reloop turntable offers a USB port to digitize your vinyl. You can also easily record your audio through the USB connection with high resolution. Setup process is faster and there is no need for another driver to want to connect to your audio records.  

One more fabulous feature is that this machine is added with some buttons to support the starting or stopping process and two speed settings including 33 1/3 & 45 RPM. You can also adjust precision pitch with selectable ranges of +/-8 % and prevent vibrations thanks to the design anti-shock features.


  • USB connection with high resolution 
  • Metallic buttons for usage process and adjustable speed
  • Precision pitch with selectable ranges
  • Balanced S-shaped tonearm
  • Attractive outside look with all black and metal frame


  • Not popular with DJs

Teac TN-300SE-MB – Analog Rotary Table, Matte Black

Teac TN-300 SE-MB is one of the most high-quality turntables on the market nowadays. It provides you many useful features with perfect speeds and flexible connectivity through both USB and RCA. It is also designed with many different colors so you can select your favorite one.

This turntable is placed in an aluminum die-cast platter that is driven by a high torque DC motor to achieve stable rotation. It also comes with an audio technica reputable cartridge which creates high accurate reading. You just need to set up TN-300 SE and then enjoy the high quality sound with clarity and detail.

The connection is based on built-in USB digital output and analog photo output so you can transfer your soundtrack through USB to your laptop and digitize them. Your records are ensured accuracy thanks to the anti-skating mechanism of a straight tonearm. This turntable also included dust cover along with nice rubber feet, all are made this product attract customers at the first sight.


  • Perfect speed
  • Connection with both USB and RCA
  • Attractive look with five different colors
  • High torque DC motor
  • A straight tonearm for high tracking accuracy


  • Quite expensive

Crosley C200 Direct-Drive Turntable with S-Shaped Tone Arm

Crosley C200 Turntable is the first direct drive system and is becoming more and more popular with a large number of people especially for those who love strong rhythms. It has derived from the belt-driven turntable that can make precise soundtrack and decline noise from the outside.

This turntable is wonderful as it has the combination with Audio-Technica, the cartridge will be the perfect device for the best sound. You can totally believe in this technology as it has been tested with some strong kinds of music like deep house, rock, ambient and trap. You must be amazing with the best sound without distortions.

In addition, this product is equipped with S-shaped tonearm for anti-skating. Sometimes, it can be challenging with other turntables because they need to be set up to balance tonearm but with Crosley, it will be assembled first. 

Moreover, the adjustable pitch control can make professional DJs modify the music in order to meet people’s demand.

About the price on the market, it can be much more expensive than others due to the eye-catching design. However, the quality of this turntable is also good and I think it is value for money. The plastic case outside allows you to use it even when it closes without damaging your vinyl.


  • Direct-drive system
  • Accurate sound and faster playback
  • High-torque motor turntable mechanism
  • Manual operation with start and stop control
  • Balanced S-shaped tonearm


  • RCA cables are short
  • Low quality of pre-amp

Stanton T.62 MKII Professional Direct Drive DJ Turntable with 300 Cartridge

Stanton T.62 MKII Turntable is one of the most wonderful turntables that I want to recommend on this list as its professional features. It has a straight tonearm with a nice weight that helps to provide superior tracking capability for scratch DJs.

This turntable is operated by a direct drive system and high-torque motor at 2 different speeds including 33 or 45 RPM. These features will create the accurate sound and fast speed with just an affordable price. 

Thanks to a lightweight platter and a slip mat, they can distort the unwanted sound and noise from outside. It is also added with a ground cable to ensure the quality of sound.

Stanton T.62 is a new version of original T.60 with some additional enhanced functions. It still maintains the outside design with all black body and grey control. 

This design brings elegance and modernity for every family or entertainment area. It also brings convenience to users with 2 start and stop switches for mix or battle setup according to your mood.

Beside that, this Stanton Turntable also comes with a pitch control slider with approximately 10% adjustment for the DJ to change or build his own music. There are some other features such as RCA cables, dust cover and a Stanton 300 cartridge pre-mounted on the headshell.


  • Direct-drive turntable
  • Straight tonearm for tracking and scratching
  • 2 playback speeds (33 or 45 RPM)
  • 2 start and stop switches for mix or battle setup
  • Manual pitch control fader 
  • Distort unwanted sound
  • High-quality 300 cartridge


  • Lack of connection with USB
  • Only 2 speeds

Some Tips: How To Make The Right Decision For The Best Turntable For Scratching

The question of how to choose the best turntable for scratching will always be a challenging question due to the diversity of commodities on the market nowadays. There are more and more new brands and manufacturers that produce turntables. Many of them have some outstanding functions that help you improve your skills to become professional DJs but there are also a few of them that do not. Therefore, you need to research carefully. 

Here are some useful instructions that I get from the fact and review of many customers:

Kind Of Turntable: Belt-Drive Or Direct-Drive

best turntable for scratching

This is an important thing that you should notice as it can influence the scratching activity. There are two main kinds of turntable and each of them has its own advantages.


The old belt-drive is quite difficult for this activity. In particular, it starts slowly and easy to tear and wear and then break the belt in the turntables when you scratch belt-drive turntables. However, some professional DJs do not care too much about these problems and sometimes they prefer to use this kind of turntable to prove their experiences.


This is the most modern construction of new turntables these days. And it has become a fundamental rule when you want to choose the best turntable for scratching. In the direct-drive turntable, the motor combines with high torque even when it plays the records so it is suitable for scratching. For the beginners, I think you should use this kind of turntable.


best turntable for scratching

The next factor you need to care about is torque. This is also an arguable problem for some people. They believe that only a few milliseconds difference will not influence the quality sound while high torque creates the best sound in the shortest time. Moreover, it can prevent distortions and other vibrations and noises in the turntable

Pitch Control

Pitch control exists in some kinds of turntables, not all of them. However, this is an essential feature that some professional DJs suggest it should have in your turntables. This factor is used for beatmatching. If you just want to play for fun, I think it is not a big factor. 


This is also another factor that you need to know and a decisive factor which products you should buy. Each kinds of turntables has different price:


best turntable for scratching

Entry-level is an affordable turntable and the price is ranging from $100 to $400. These turntables in general are quite suitable for people who want to become a DJ but sometimes it lacks other modern functions. But it still provides the main function you need in a turntable.


This kind of turntable has a price from $400 to $1000. They bring a good quality sound at a reasonable price and some functions for the users. With this price, your turntable can also be equipped with conveniences such as adjustable speed and distort prevention.


This is the most advanced kind of turntable with the most expensive price at least $1000. With this turntable, you can see clearly the advancement and some additional features that only it has. It also brings high quality during the sound process.

Purpose: Listening Or DJs 

best turntable for scratching

For each purpose, we have different turntables. If you just want a turntable to listen to music at home, you need to find the one that can minimize noises and optimize tracking ability. Turntables for professional DJs must be durable and have high torque. The design is also different. For a DJ turntable, it should have been direct-drive to maintain the sound quality whereas turntables at home does not need this factor.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does Scratching Damage The Record?

Of course yes. When you scratch the turntables, the record will wear out and they can be degraded for a long time. Although you use any needle to scratch, the record will be damaged. That is the reason why they use rounded needle tips to decrease damages as much as possible. 

Can We Scratch With A Belt-Drive Turntable?

You still scratch with a belt-drive turntable but it does not bring the best quality for sound. It is because of lack of torque and causes some difficulty when you try to scratch the turntable.

Are Older Turntables Better Than A New One?

It is said that the older turntable is cheaper than the new one and the old turntable has a better quality than the new one. Moreover, it is durable and can create a higher quality sound.

You can watch this video to have more information about how to set up the best turntable for scratching:


A good turntable will make you become a professional DJ and scratching is also an essential activity if you want to play the music. Nowadays, most turntables provide useful features that help to scratch at the various prices. If you have a tight budget, you should research carefully about some popular turntables on the market to choose the best one that is suitable for your demand.

Here are top 5 best turntables for scratching:

Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable (USB & Analog), Silver
Best for
Best connectivity for digital devices
Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable
Best for
Best damping structure for preventing distortions
Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Professional Turntable
Best for
Best good-looking for a modern design
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