Best Truss Crank Stand – Features To Consider When Buying Your First Truss Crank

Choosing the best truss crank stand for the first time can be confusing. There are so many different types of stands to choose from and it’s hard to know which one is best for you.

The Best Truss Crank Stand is perfect for any job, big or small. This heavy-duty, durable stand features a wide base that provides stability on uneven surfaces and has an easy-to-use crank system that makes raising and lowering your equipment quick and easy.

Here are our reviews of the best truss crank stand. Check out!

Our Top Picks:

Best For Overall:Cedarslink 14' Crank Up Stands

Runner-Up:Global Truss ST-180

Best For Durable Construction:Global Truss ST-157

Best For Well-Designed:Cedarslink Two 10' Crank Up Stands

Best For Lightweight & Compact:

Best Truss Crank Stand Reviews 2024

Cedarslink 14′ Crank Up Stands

Cedarslink 14′ Crank Up Stands are very popular for all types of events, especially catering to the pastime of professional and amateur photographers. There are numerous designs out there but this one is definitely your favorite. It’s strong enough to hold a fully loaded Nikon D800 DSLR with an 80-200mm lens, flash, grip, mini tripod attached, radio triggers, and pocket wizards.

The Best Truss Crank Stand offers great flexibility combined with the portability of an aluminum tripod. The all-aluminum, 14′ crossbar is lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg). You can also choose the shorter version at 10 feet (3 meters) for a lighter gear load.

Both height and angles are adjustable giving you the best composition for your subject. The stand can be raised up to 12′ (3.7m). In landscape orientation of course, which you can see from the photo above, 40deg is the more comfortable angle for me shooting people, especially during events.

The closed height is 6′ (1.8m). It can be extended to 8.5 feet (2.6 meters) by adding the 6″ aluminum spreader bars on each side of the crossbar. For transport, it has a built-in handle for easy carrying and storage.

The stand also includes an Allen wrench for quick assembly. The legs are also very sturdy and can be adjusted easily with large leg locks that require just a quarter turn to open or close. With the quick-release pin, you can quickly remove one of the three sections if you need to shorten the length of each tripod for low-angle shots.


– Good for setting up trusses in cramped spots

– Lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to move around the job site

– Crank handle is durable and locks securely in place

– Telescoping legs can be set at different heights with a simple push of the foot pedal


– Expensive

Global Truss ST-180

Global Truss ST-180 is a heavy-duty tripod stand made for professional use in mobile discos, nightclubs, theaters, and stages. Best Truss Crank Stand provides stable support by means of its special design. The middle column features the patented truss clamp system which allows it to be absolutely vertically in just a few seconds.

The three top tubes are equipped with larger M10 inserts which make it possible to use thicker tube diameters (36mm/1.41in) and thus increase the overall stability. The tripod is equipped with additional adjustable feet at its base to provide even better stability.

The crank handle features a precise thread and is fixed with a locking pin. The bottom cross bar provides extra stability and security, so no additional locking pins are needed for this tube.

The truss clamp is easy to operate even in low light conditions because of its colored trussing scale. This stand can be stacked beyond the dimensions of 9 tubes.

Sturdy adjustable tripod stand with a patented truss clamp system, made for mobile discos, theaters, and stages. For use with electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, and mixers.


– Lightweight

– Easy to handle

– Can be easily moved from one location to another

– Does not take up much storage space


– Does not handle high winds well​

Global Truss ST-157

Global Truss ST-157 is a good quality truss crank stand with an exceptional lifting capacity, limited only by the size of your floor. It can lift up to 270kg (600 lbs). It’s suitable for most live sound and electric instruments such as drum kit, keyboard, etc.

Best Truss Crank Stand provides 4 different angles for trusses, so it’s easy to achieve the right geometry. It also comes with a few small truss clips to secure both ends which is great because you don’t have to buy them separately or go through the trouble of making some yourself. Convenient and simple!

There is a small catching plate at the end of the arm where you can either bolt on some extra support bar for tightening your truss. Or otherwise, just put some weight plates on it to weigh down the stand so that there is no chance of tipping over.

The height-adjustment crank has an inch measurement counter. You can easily adjust to any height within its 16-inch range, so you won’t need a ruler to see your truss’ geometry. It’s an easy and fast way to set the stand up accordingly.


– This stand can be used as a regular truss stand, or as a crank stand with the flip of the removable handle

– It has an unusually strong but lightweight aluminum frame

– The double hinged leg pedals make it extremely portable and durable

– Legs are fixed to permit use on uneven surfaces


-It only goes up to 38 inches, so it is not ideal for taller people or ceilings

– It has no tradeoff between having a high weight or height limit

Cedarslink Two 10′ Crank Up Stands

Cedarslink Two 10′ Crank Up Stands are a quick and easy solution for setting up a temporary or permanent stage. Constructed from heavy-duty steel tubing the stand is durable enough to support a variety of events, from live music shows to commercial photography shoots.

The tripod design of this Best Truss Crank Stand allows for height adjustments from 5’8″ to 10′. Each stand features large rubber feet that grip surfaces and prevent slipping, while adjustable floor spikes provide post-hole anchor points.

Thanks to a simple push-button release, each tube adjusts individually. This gives the system an enormous amount of stability and ensures that no matter what size you make your stage it will maintain its impressive load capacity of 500 pounds per leg (1000 total).

The legs of the stand are finished in bright yellow for high visibility and include rubber end caps to help preserve flooring.


– High-quality construction that will last a lifetime.

– Very stable at any angle, even under heavy load.

– Sturdy

– Portable

– Affordable


– Heavy

– Unstable

GRIFFIN Crank Up Light Stands

GRIFFIN Crank Up Light Stands are a light stand capable of expanding to a height of 9.9ft and compressing down to a minimum height of 2.2ft. It has an integrated crank for easily adjusting its height. The dual extension arm allows the stand to be used in either landscape or portrait orientation and can support up to 10 lbs.

With a minimum load capacity of only 2.2ft, the GRIFFIN is a very stable stand and can be used as a tripod or on uneven surfaces. The foam grip handle makes adjusting the height easy and smooth, while its lightweight design makes it incredibly portable without sacrificing stability.

The GRIFFIN Crank Up Light Stand is the perfect solution for photographers who shoot outside during different times of the day, wedding and event photographers, studio use, portrait photography, and other work in which multiple lighting angles are required.


– Extension arm allows the stand to be used in either landscape or portrait orientation

– Supports up to 10 lbs.

– Foam grip handle for easy adjustments and smooth operation

– Lightweight aluminum construction with adjustable extension arm


– Extension arm provides less stability than a stand with two legs

GRIFFIN – Crank Up Triangle Light Truss System

GRIFFIN – Crank Up Triangle Light Truss System is a professional production stand used for hanging lights. It is mainly designed to hold various types of lighting equipment including, but not limited to, Par Cans, LED pars, Fresnels, and small scenic elements.

The truss can be quickly set up by 2 people in less than 10 minutes. The leg mechanism makes the crank-up triangle light truss stand extremely stable and safe.

In situations where you need to crank the truss down suddenly, such as a wardrobe change or an unexpected power loss at a live event, Griffin Light Truss System may be cranked quickly from any angle without derailing the suspended light fixtures.

In addition, heavy-duty steel tubes on each leg of the truss ensure the system is (and remains) incredibly stable over time. The crank-up triangle light truss stand comes with a few accessories allowing you to set it up even faster and without hassle.


– Heavy-duty steel tubing

– Comes with accessories for easy setup and operation


– None

DJ Pro Lighting 10 Foot Crank Light Stand

DJ Pro Lighting 10 Foot Crank Light Stand is a pipe stand designed for heavy-duty use. It is fully made of steel with a black powder coat finish. It comes with a one-year warranty against any manufacturer damages or defects.

The DJ Pro Lighting 10 Foot Crank Light Stand may be adjusted to the desired height anywhere between 24″ and 63″. A crank on each leg allows smooth adjustment without requiring anyone to move the stand.

Each leg is equipped with a rubber ring at its base to prevent any unwanted slipping or sliding. The DJ Pro Lighting 10 Foot Crank Light Stand has also two wheels on each side for easy transportation and moving around.

The DJ Pro Lighting 10 Foot Crank Light Stand has a maximum weight capacity of up to 150 lbs. It weighs 17lbs and can be easily carried around for longer periods without becoming an issue on the part of the user.

The DJ Pro Lighting 10 Foot Crank Light Stand features a built-in metal riser that extends up by around 8 inches. Risers are used to elevate certain parts of your lighting system. The DJ Pro Lighting 10 Foot Crank Light Stand has an 11.8-inch maximum height, enough to meet the needs of most users on a tight budget.


– Well built. Should last a long time unless you’re really abusive with this thing all the time.

– Makes setting up a light stand simple with a crank for height adjustment.

– It can be used to hold lights, flags, scrims, and more


– Requires heavy-duty flooring or access to a power outlet

CedarsLink 15FT Portable DJ Lighting Truss

CedarsLink 15FT Portable DJ Lighting Truss is a lightweight truss stand for stages, events, etc. It is very quick to put up and take down – made of Interlocking Aluminum Tubes so no tools are required to assemble or dismantle this Truss.

Assembly was a bit confusing since there are two different types of connectors included in the package but once you understand which one goes where it is very easy to assemble this Truss.

CedarsLink 15FT has a maximum height of 30ft and a weight capacity of 200 lbs which makes it suitable for most events, DJ Nights, etc. Even though the stand is lightweight it is still sturdy enough to support heavy fixtures like LED pecans etc.

The aluminum alloy construction makes this stand nearly indestructible and it also comes with a carry bag for easy transportation. As mentioned earlier this is a lightweight truss so there is no risk of it falling over as your truss up.

We highly recommend CedarsLink 15FT Portable DJ Lighting Truss for all events and DJ Nights where you need to assemble and dismantle the stage quickly and easily.  


– Extremely lightweight, easy to transport and assemble.

– Aluminum construction makes it very sturdy despite being lightweight.

– Fits perfectly into a standard car trunk.



Global Truss DT-3800L

Global Truss DT-3800L is an essential addition to every DJ Truss system. It is a solid and well-built unit that can drastically increase your performance capabilities when paired with many of today’s best DJ lighting effects and digital music player apps.

The DT-3800L features four central locking casters, which provide excellent maneuverability in tight spaces and on smooth surfaces (including carpet!). It has a maximum load capacity of 250 lbs and offers a counterweight.

It is worth mentioning that this stand doesn’t support the weight of such heavy digital music players like Numark NVII, Denon DN-S3500, or other professional-grade DJ equipment.

The unit has a maximum width of 16.5 in and a depth of 21 in. It also offers the possibility to have the laptop shelf at 17 in or 19 in from the floor by simply rotating it 90 degrees, which is going to be useful if you perform on a low stage.

Global Truss DT-3800L can be disassembled quickly for transport or storage. It can also be mounted to any type of DJ truss system, which is extremely useful since the unit fits in perfectly with all other hardware by Global Truss.

It is also worth mentioning that you might need to install the stand in sections, which can cause some inconvenience while setting up. Although it requires assembly, DT-3800L comes with all required tools and parts included.


– It can be easily adjusted to various heights.

– Threaded fasteners are included with the stand.

– Supports up to 700 lbs.

– The DT-3800L is lightweight and portable


– It is a little bit wobbly.

– Material feels cheap and flimsy.

Hercules LS700B Quick-N-EZ

Hercules LS700B Quick-N-EZ is a portable stand designed to hold long-handled tools and sports equipment. It is a compact collapsible design that makes it ideal for taking projects on the road or storing them away in a small space.

The product by itself is made from aluminum alloy, which ensures durability and portability. With its weight capacity of 100 lb., the Hercules LS700B is one of the strongest portable stands in its price range.

The stand is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. It has a large top tray that is perfect for holding all your long-handled tools simultaneously. There are also eight slots on both sides of the tray that can hold smaller items like nails, screws, etc.

The non-slip tray allows for easy tool selection and prevents tools from rolling off the stand. The product is secured with a quick-release ratchet strap that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes of equipment.

A large knob on one end releases the strap while a metal hook on the other end attaches to a sturdy eye bolt or loop, which in turn can be hooked to a permanent object or simply screwed into the ground. The metal hook also helps in securing the stand’s collapsed position when it is not needed.


– Durable

– Extra Safe.

– Easy to Use.

– Comes With a Warranty



Best Truss Crank Stand Benefits

Best Truss Crank Stand

Best Truss Crank Stand is designed to be used for mobile phone repair and other electronic devices. It is a product that has been designed with the user in mind, the device features a high-end machine that will provide an excellent service for your device. The service can take up to thirty minutes and its unique design and installation make it possible to fix any type of device without too much difficulty.

It is an invaluable product because not only does it provide excellent services but also solves two things: finances and time. Best Truss Crank Stand is affordable and it will save the user plenty of time.

The machine can fix any type of device including laptops, tablets, phones, TVs, and much more! It is also easy to use and no technical skills are required. It will save the user a lot of time since it can quickly fix any type of device without much hassle for the user.

Customer reviews have also shown that the machine is flexible and it can be used for various purposes. The device is very effective in terms of customer satisfaction because it will fix any type of device without any resistance. It has a powerful motor that makes it fast at what it does, customers who bought this are satisfied with its service.

Best Truss Crank Stand also offers many different crane sizes. It will make sure that you get exactly what you need, even if it isn’t their standard size or style of the crane! And it doesn’t matter what your requirements are, they’ll work with you to make sure that all of your needs are met.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Truss Crank Stand

It is not easy to choose the best truss crank stand. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider. If you know what these factors are, then it will be easier for you to buy one. In this article, we have compiled a list of items that can help you in choosing the right truss crank stand for your needs.

Best Truss Crank Stand


The first thing to consider when buying the best truss crank stand is design. It is very important for a truss crank stand to be able to support your equipment well. You should look for a truss crank stand that can distribute the weight of your truss evenly. It should also be easy to set up and store after use.


Height is also a very important factor to consider when buying a truss crank stand. You have to make sure that the height of the truss crank stand fits your space and specifications. If it does not, then you will have problems using your equipment or having troubles with moving them around. Make sure that you check the height of a truss crank stand before purchasing.


The material used in making a truss crank stand also affects its quality and performance. Make sure that it is made from corrosion-resistant materials. Even though stainless steel is very expensive, it can last for decades.

It will be more economical than purchasing cheaper ones that will break apart within a few months. It is also very important that it can withstand the weight of your equipment.


When choosing a truss crank stand, it is also important to look at its durability. You need to buy a truss crank stand that is made from high-quality materials and is durable so it can last long. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money.

Best Truss Crank Stand


The functionality of the truss crank stand is also important to look at. There are some models that can fold inside out for easy storage while there are some that can hold special equipment like cameras and projectors.


Another important consideration is stability. A good truss crank stand should be stable whether it is set up on the floor or on tables. Wheels are also a good idea because it makes it easier to bring the truss crank stand around.

Warranty and Price

Last but not least, consider the warranty and price of the truss crank stand on your list. A warranty will assure you that if anything happens to your truss crank stand, you can easily return or exchange it for a new one. With the price, you should check if it is reasonable for your budget.

With these things in mind, choosing the best truss crank stand will be easier for you. Make sure to choose according to your needs and preferences so that you will not regret buying one at all.

FAQs about Best Truss Crank Stand

Best Truss Crank Stand

How heavy-duty is the Best Truss Crank Stand?

The Best Truss Crank Stand is the best because it’s heavy-duty. A truss crank stand is very heavy-duty because it’s made to carry the weight of its equipment.

Is it easy to use Best Truss Crank Stand without any help?

Yes, it is easy to use the truss crank stand without any help because it’s designed for all types of people. The truss crank stand can be used by anyone because it’s so easy to use without any help.

How much does Best Truss Crank Stand weigh?

It weighs very little and it’s not hard at all to carry around. Because of its design, the truss crank stand is very light and easy to carry around with you anywhere you go.

What height ranges does the Best Truss Crank take up space for?

A truss crank stand takes up space for a height range of 7.5 feet and above. A truss crank stand can take up a lot of space because it has a height range, which means you have to make sure the room is large enough.


My best choice is Cedarslink 14′ Crank Up Stands. They are very popular for all types of events, especially catering to the pastime of professional and amateur photographers. There are numerous designs out there but this one is definitely your favorite.

If you’re tired of using a ladder to take down your truss, or if it takes too long for someone else to get the job done, then you should consider the best truss crank stand. It can be adjusted in seconds and will save you time when assembling or disassembling equipment at events. Get yours now!

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