Swarm Wash Fx Reviews – Best LED Lighting For Your Event

You want to make your event the best it can be, but you don’t know-how. You’ve seen those cool videos of concerts and festivals with amazing lighting effects. But what if you’re not a big-time promoter? What if you just want to throw an awesome party for friends and family?

Swarm Wash Fx is the answer! This LED light system is perfect for any type of event, from weddings to backyard parties. It’s easy to use, has tons of different colors and patterns, and looks great in photos too!

Here is our review of Swarm Wash Fx. Check out!

Things To Consider When Buying Swarm Wash Fx

Swarm Wash Fx


The first thing to consider when buying Swarm Wash Fx LED lighting is construction. Even though it is impossible to know exactly what your Swarm Wash Fx will be exposed to, you can get a better idea of how well built the fixture is by looking at the various materials used in its construction.

For instance, aluminum alloy and stainless steel are two materials that are known for their strength and durability. The type of finish applied to Swarm Wash Fx can also speak volumes about durability.

Some finishes are designed to keep the Swarm Wash Fx from corroding or rusting, while others do a poor job of protecting them from external elements.

Light Quality

Another important factor to consider when buying Swarm Wash Fx is light quality. Different fixtures produce different colors and various color temperatures.

Some Swarm Wash Fx may only emit a single wavelength of light, while others may be able to emit several. The more wavelengths that can be emitted, the more vibrant your LED lighting will appear to onlookers.

Color Rendering Index

The Color Rendering Index, or CRI, is another factor to consider when buying Swarm Wash Fx LED lighting. The higher the CRI, the more vibrant and accurate colors will appear. Most manufacturers do not list the CRI of their products but they can be found by contacting them directly before you buy Swarm Wash Fx.

Swarm Wash Fx

Light Output

The next thing to consider before buying Swarm Wash Fx is light output. This can be a difficult factor to quantify, as many manufacturers do not list the lumens of their lights.

This being said, you should still try and get a sense of how much light a fixture emits by comparing it to other models you are considering buying.

Heat Output

The next thing to consider before buying Swarm Wash Fx is the heat generated from the fixture. Some Swarm Wash Fx will produce a lot of heat, while others can run very cool without issue. If you are concerned about safety or longevity, look for models that emit little to no heat.

Beam Angle

The beam angle of Swarm Wash Fx is the next thing to consider before buying Swarm Wash Fx. The beam angle is measured in degrees and it will determine how wide or narrow a fixture’s LED lighting appears to be.

If you are planning on installing your lights in close proximity, you should find a model with a narrow beam angle. This will prevent them from being too bright for their surroundings.

Multi-Directional Fixtures

The other thing to consider before buying Swarm Wash Fx is whether or not they are multi-directional. If a fixture has a low beam angle, you might want a model that can be mounted in multiple locations.

Swarm Wash Fx


The warranty offered by a manufacturer is also something to consider when buying Swarm Wash Fx LED lights. Some manufacturers only offer a 1 year warranty while others offer a lifetime warranty. This can be different from the warranty offered for Swarm Wash Fx power supply units, which usually last only a few months.


Another thing to consider when buying Swarm Wash Fx is brightness. You want Swarm Wash Fx that generates as much light as possible. Look at the lumen output of Swarm Wash Fx to determine brightness levels.

The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the Swarm Wash Fx is. You can also find out how much light a fixture puts out by looking at its wattage rating. However, you must be careful with watt ratings since they do not always indicate brightness levels.

Lighting Effects

Another feature to consider when buying Swarm Wash Fx is lighting effects. Look for Swarm Wash Fx that has a variety of color options and variable color control.

For example, you should be able to adjust the intensity and hue of Swarm Wash Fx to give them a unique effect. The ability to customize lighting effects is a huge benefit since it allows you to take full control over Swarm Wash Fx.

Swarm Wash Fx


The design of Swarm Wash Fx you are considering is the next thing to consider when buying Swarm Wash Fx. In some cases, the look of your LED lighting may be the most important factor in determining which unit to purchase.

Swarm Wash Fx with an ultra-modern and streamlined design will blend in seamlessly with your existing decor. Traditional Swarm Wash Fx designs tend to stick out and may clash with the design of your home.


The setup process should be as painless as possible. You can test a fixture’s ease of use by looking for Swarm Wash Fx that has very simple programming and setup procedures.

In general, the more user-friendly Swarm Wash Fx is, the more likely you will be able to get them up and running in a timely manner. Setup is essential since you do not want Swarm Wash Fx that have a lot of bugs or issues with their programming.


Everyone has a budget when it comes to buying Swarm Wash Fx. It makes sense to go with Swarm Wash Fx that is affordable, especially if you are on a tight budget.

However, there is no denying the fact that cheap fixtures are often poorly made and destined to break quickly. You may be better off spending more money upfront for quality Swarm Wash Fx than spending less and having to replace them multiple times over the same period.

Swarm Wash Fx Review

Swarm Wash Fx LED lighting is designed for washing, coloring, or backlighting an object with a wash light effect. It’s not just a powerful fixture, it’s also designed for use in tight spaces.  

The Fx series offers its user to choose between 4 different beam angles (12, 24, 36, and 50 degrees). It is designed to deliver high-quality performance at an affordable price.  

The Swarm Wash Fx LED lighting also has the possibility to be controlled remotely by DMX or master/slave modes. It means that there is no need for power outlets and cords during installation. This feature allows users to set up and take down the fixtures without an extra person responsible for plugging in and unplugging the lights.

It has a built-in, 1 to 10 step dimming curve with adjustable speed. Swarm Wash Fx LED lighting is about 90% less power consumption compared to traditional tungsten fixtures, which makes it an eco-friendly product.  With innovative energy-efficient design and high-quality LEDs compared to other brands on the market.

Who Is Swarm Wash Fx For?

Swarm Wash Fx

The Swarm Wash Fx LED lighting is for people who want to custom-design their own LED wash effect. They can achieve an endless number of effects by designing patterns with simple editing software. The kit includes a Swarm Fx Controller, a Black Neon Tube Stand, and a 5M reel of ColorWash Blue 12V LED Strip Lights.

The Swarm Wash Fx can be used by lighting professionals in a multitude of applications from stage performance to architectural installations. The controller combined with the ultra-thin, flexible LED strip allows for paintbrush effects, swirls, and chases at a touch of a button.

Users can program each of the 120 RGBA color channels with different speed and direction settings. It can be used in a DMX or stand-alone configuration to control single fixtures, individual panels, strips, scanners, and even LED tiles. The Swarm Wash Fx allows users to program hundreds of effects without having to set up complicated chase sequences.

Pros Of Swarm Wash Fx

Users can create endless custom effects by designing patterns with simple editing software.

The kit includes a controller, a 5M reel of ColorWash Blue 12V LED Strip Lights, and a Black Neon Tube Stand.

The swarm Fx Controller combined with the ultra-thin, flexible LED strip allows for paintbrush effects, swirls, and chases at a touch of a button.

Users can program each of the 120 RGBA color channels with different speed and direction settings.

It can be used in DMX or stand-alone configuration to control single fixtures, individual panels, strips, scanners, and even LED tiles.

Cons Of Swarm Wash Fx

The only con of the Swarm Wash Fx is that it can be costly. To receive other options, you’ll have to search other sites or visit other retail stores.

Features & Benefits

Swarm Wash Fx


Swarm Wash Fx LED lighting is perfect for its design. The lights are very bright and effective. The light is also easily focused, giving it the power to be looked through from different angles without losing much of its brightness or effectiveness. This is a big plus for those who want to utilize the light from different angles.

Customizable Lighting

The lighting is also customizable, which adds more features to this LED light. The lights can be changed according to the user’s preference and into various colors that fit their theme or outfit of choice. Different modes such as sound-activated mode and a running light mode enhance the lighting product.

Ease of Installation

This lighting kit comes with a high-quality RGB controller that allows you to control all aspects of the light including strobe/pulse effects, lighting speed, color changing effects, brightness settings, LED on/off status, and the ability to upload your own colors to the kit.


The Swarm Wash FX is easy to install. It can be directly mounted to any standard 20mm accessory rail. The lights are able to be linked together using the included wiring harnesses, allowing for multiple units to be run off of one power supply. It can also be used with any standard DMX controller.


The light uses a standard VL-2 cable and a specific AC adapter. The kit comes with a 12V 5A Adapter. This is more than enough power to run at least 30 lights.

Each light consumes about 80mA of power or 5.6W per fixture. If you were to purchase 30 of these lights you would roughly need about 4.5 Amps or 208 Watts of power.

Swarm Wash Fx

Beam Angle

The beam angle is approximately 30 degrees. This gives the lights a nice tight beam that can be easily focused.

RGBW LED Technology

The Swarm Wash FX uses RGB-LED technology, which allows you to change the color of each individual light by sending it different colors of data via DMX. This will allow for many unique lighting applications involving both color-changing effects and strobe/pulse effects.

Package Contents

The kit includes a 10-degree x 30-degree lens, which can be used to focus the light beam. It also comes with mounting brackets and screws for you to mount your lights. The kit also includes a control box, power adapter, and wiring harnesses for each light.

Effects & Patterns

Swarm Wash FX offers a wide range of colors and patterns. Like many other LED fixtures, Swarm Wash FX’s color palette has numerous settings that can be easily changed by the end-user. You can change the speed of your strobe/pulse effects, brightness levels, and color-changing patterns.

The controller is very easy to use and only requires a few button presses to quickly change from one pattern or setting to another. The unit also offers the ability to upload your own colors via software directly onto the LED’s flash memory.

Swarm Wash FX LED lighting is perfect for any stage or theater production. Not only does the light offer numerous color-changing effects, but it also offers multiple modes of operation including sound activated mode and running light mode. This means that you will not have to worry about your lights turned off during the middle of a performance.

Swarm Wash Fx


The Swarm Wash FX uses an 8-Bit LED, which means that 256 brightness levels are available. This allows for very precise color control and strobe effects.

Low Power Consumption

Swarm Wash FX’s is not only bright, but it also consumes very little power. Each light draws about 80mA of power at 5V DC or about 5.6W per fixture. The entire kit can be powered by a standard 5A AC adapter, which is included with the purchase of the product.

Reliable and Durable

The LEDs used in Swarm Wash FX are manufactured by Bridgelux and Epistar Corp., two top manufacturers in the LED industry. They offer high-power and high-quality LEDs.

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is manufactured by Lattice Semiconductor, one of the leading manufacturers in digital IC design and process manufacture. This helps ensure that your lighting fixture will operate properly for many years to come.

Control System

The Swarm Wash Fx unit runs off of standard DMX control panels and can be controlled by any of the major brand lighting controllers that work with RDM protocol or run on Standard DMX512 Protocol or Art-Net protocol.

Type of Battery Packs

Swarm Wash FX can be powered by any standard VL-2 cable. The light also comes with a 12V 5A power adapter and includes battery clamps for direct connection to standard VL-2 cable.


CHAUVET DJ Projection Wash FX 2

CHAUVET DJ Projection Wash FX 2 is a more compact version of the Swarm Wash Fx. It has a smaller lens and can be controlled with either DMX or Auto mode if you have the Chauvet UC IR dongle.

The Chauvet model does not have as many colors as the Swarm but is designed more for use on a truss where space is limited. This model is very similar to the Chauvet model in terms of quality and color mixing.

The main difference here is that this model can be controlled with Sound activation, which would take out a ton of wiring and allow you to have one unit that you could control your lights and audio with. This would be an ideal model to use for a DJ booth that has speakers built into the walls, or beside the booth.

If you are looking for a professional-grade, high-quality lighting effect then this is one of the best options on the market. It will take up more space than some other models but it makes up for that with its intensity and high-quality features.

If you aren’t sure what model to use in your space, this is a great option because it will fill out almost any space with its wide coverage and bright beam patterns.


CHAUVET DJ Swarm 5FX is an innovative moving head fixture with a 50-Watt white LED, built-in effects, and is part of the Swarm family. Swarm 5FX features 8 gobos + open-wheel patterns including unique, built-in effects that no other fixture has.

And now, Swarm Control is built into the Chauvet DJ iDMX software for total control of both your Swarm and iDMX lighting consoles – all with one interface! With this unprecedented innovation, Swarm 5FX can be used to create eye-catching, animated looks or drive different parts of the lighting rig to exactly match what you are doing on stage.

The CHAUVET DJ Swarm 5FX is an excellent choice for lighting enthusiasts who want to create eye-catching shows at low cost, but don’t need standalone control. A Compact and lightweight LED moving head, the CHAUVET DJ Swarm 5FX is a great choice for entry-level lighting fixtures.

The 15 fixed gobos + open (champagne) lens along with the 3 dichroic colors (red, green, and blue) create fascinating mid-range colors and excellent color mixing effects. High-quality CMY color mixing is also available with the addition of an optional gel frame.

SAHAUHY Four Beam Effect Stage Light

SAHAUHY Four Beam Effect Stage Light is one of the best lighting effects by SAHAUHY. This is an FDM (Fluorescent Digital Module) based light effect which produces a very good beam effect because of its Four high-power LED’s to produce a strong beam effect.

It is designed for the rental markets who are looking for brighter LED-based effects, whereas other manufacturers have lower brightness levels in their wash lights because of the reason they try to keep the heat level the same as that of halogen lamps.

SAHAUHY Four Beam Effect has 350W power consumption and can produce 100% white colors using its LED’s which are specially designed for better color mixing along with 5 stage dimming facility. It comes with 4 DMX channels and has 16-bit control resolution.


Swarm Wash Fx

Why does Swarm have a LED grow light?

Swarm’s LED grow lights are designed to manipulate the spectrum of light using diodes to mimic natural sunlight. The red and blue diodes imitate the sun’s broader spectrum, while the white diodes mimic the sun’s longer wavelengths.

What are the benefits of a LEDs light for plants?

The benefits of LEDs lights for plants are not only environmental but also economical. This is due to the fact that LEDs are one of the most cost-effective lighting options available. The average life of an LED light is around 3 years. This means that you will have to replace your LED light bulb less often than incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

Is there an age limit to using Swarm?

No. The Swarm LED grow lights can be used by anyone from the age of 10+. Swarm Flashlights is a Flashlight Store where you can buy flashlights, headlamps, led lights, and more.


Swarm Wash Fx LED lighting is an innovative and effective illumination system for all types of spaces. It provides the perfect balance between providing bright, crisp light while also maintaining a level of comfort through its warm spectrum.

With Swarm Wash Fx, you can transform your space into one that’s inviting and welcoming to guests or clients without sacrificing any productivity during business hours. Give us a call today to learn more about our vibrant hues!

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