Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster Review

Are you looking for a new guitar? The Squier Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster is the perfect beginner electric guitar. It has a vintage vibe and features that make it easy to learn. You can plug in your favorite amp or headphones and start playing right away, thanks to its built-in electronics.

This is an affordable instrument that sounds like a million bucks – without breaking the bank! And with three single-coil pickups, five-way switching, and one volume control knob, this guitar will sound great no matter what style of music you play! If you’re just starting as a guitarist or are looking for an inexpensive backup ax for gigs, then this is the perfect guitar for you.

The Squier guitar is the perfect instrument to use when learning how to play guitar. It has a vintage look that many novice players will love, but what might surprise you is that it also comes with modern features that will make playing more accessible and more enjoyable no matter the style of music you prefer. Keep reading, as my Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster review is right below!

Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster Reviews 2024

I am happy with this guitar. I was a little nervous when I ordered it because I am not very experienced with guitars, but the build quality is excellent. The neck finish feels smooth and comfortable to play on. And the strings are of good quality, which makes them easier to tune. This guitar looks just as good as any other Fender Stratocaster that is situated in a store.

If anyone is looking to buy a guitar, I would recommend buying this one. It has a very excellent sound quality with great bass and treble tones. I like that I can plug my guitar into an amp or use the headphone jack to play quietly in the late hours of the night. Overall, great guitar. I love the look of this guitar. The color, shape, and style are what initially attracted me to purchase it.

I also like that it is one hundred percent designed by fender because their guitars are well known for their quality and durability. I like how this guitar has a vintage tint gloss neck finish, making the instrument seem more authentic. I prefer this guitar’s classic, authentic look over other models because it looks like an older style.

The pickups are very nice as well. Although these are not noiseless pickups, they create a great sound with little feedback. I have had quite a few guitars in the past where after playing for an hour or so, my hand is vibrating with feedback. This one, in particular, doesn’t do that, which makes me very happy because I can play for hours without feeling discomfort in my hand.

A simple, easy-to-use, beautiful-looking guitar that can be used by beginners and experienced musicians alike. The only negative thing about this guitar is that it does not come with a case, but you can buy one if you are interested in purchasing it. Overall, great guitar with a great sound.


– Build quality is great

– Neck finish feels smooth and comfortable to play on.

– Strings are of good quality, which makes them easier to tune.

– It looks just as good as any other Fender Stratocaster that is situated in a store.


– This guitar does not come with a case, but you can buy one if you are interested in purchasing this guitar.

Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster Review: More Details

squier classic vibe 50s stratocaster review


Squier has been a name that’s been around for decades, and the company is well-known for its quality guitars at an affordable price. The new Classic Vibe series of electric guitars take this same spirit of affordability and quality, with modern features such as a 9.5″ radius fingerboard and 21 narrow-jumbo frets on a rosewood fretboard.

These are some of the most comfortable necks you’ll find on any guitar under $500, which is hard to believe considering how low the price tag is! You also get three single-coil pickups, five-way switching for all those classic sounds you love from yesteryear, five-ply pickguards, and a tremolo bridge. The sound is fantastic, it feels great in your hands, and the price can’t be beaten.

This isn’t just a beginner’s guitar – this is a pro-level instrument that will help you get the most out of whatever you’re playing! The Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster is a traditional guitar in every sense and a great addition to your collection.


The timeless design of the Strat isn’t going to change, but now it’s got modern components that make this guitar even more versatile and exciting than it has been in the past. One of the first things current players will notice about this guitar is the low-profile C shape neck.

This makes it easier to play than many other guitars, and since it’s got a satin finish on the backside, your hand won’t stick to the neck as you move along it. The neck is made from maple, and it’s a 22-fret neck that makes string bending easier than ever. The guitar’s body can be tricky to get used to since it doesn’t have any pickguards.

This will only take some time before you’re comfortable with playing this type of design, but it’s off-putting at first. The pickups in this guitar use Alnico magnets, and they’re custom wound to produce a bright tone that’s thick enough for any style of music. The long 500K potentiometers in the control circuit give you access to all three pickups and let you control each one individually if necessary.

This allows you to perform complex tonal sweeps that will give your sound a unique character that’s all your own.

Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster Review: Factors To Consider When Choosing

squier classic vibe 50s stratocaster review

Choosing the best guitar can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve put together this guide so you’ll know how to find the perfect electric guitar for yourself or someone else on your holiday shopping list. There are a few things to consider when choosing an electric guitar:

Price Range

How much you want to spend will determine the style of guitar and model that’s best suited for your needs. If you’re just starting, it’s always best to look at beginner guitars, which are designed to help you ease into the trade. It might be tempting to buy an expensive guitar with all kinds of features, but, likely, you won’t even notice a difference in sound quality.

Body Shape

There are several different body shapes for electric guitars. If you’re unsure what form best suits your needs, this style guide will help you out.

Body type: solid body, hollow body, or a semi-hollow body?

Solid-body and hollow-body guitars both have a distinct sound and feel, and they’re best for different types of musical genres. Most beginners don’t need to worry about this option – just look at the guitar and if it feels like the type of guitar you want to learn on, go for it! If you’re not sure, it’s always best to ask a salesperson.

Body material: wood, basswood, plywood, or agathis?

The body material plays a crucial role in determining your guitar’s tone. Wood sounds differently than agathis, and different types of wood will produce different tones. It’s essential to listen closely to determine if the guitar has the kind of tone you’re looking for!

Neck material: maple/rosewood/maple, maple/mahogany, or mahogany?

Just like body material impacts your sound, neck material also influences your guitar’s sound. Maple necks are generally used in strats, while mahogany necks tend to be used in Les Pauls. There are plenty of other styles that have unique features, but these two options are the most popular.

Fretboard material: rosewood/maple, rosewood/bubinga, rosewood/rosewood, or ebony?

The fretboard material is the part of your guitar you’ll touch the most. This is also an important choice, as different materials can impact tone and playability. Rosewood and maple are found on most guitars – the difference between them depends on what type of sound and feel you’re into. Some guitars use Bubinga or ebony instead of rosewood, which offers distinctive features.

Pickups: humbucker, single coil, or soapbar?

If you play through an amp, it’s essential to consider the pickups you want. Pickups not only determine your sound but can also make a big difference in the feel of your guitar. Humbuckers are generally associated with a thicker, more heavy sound that accentuates low-end and pop-rock genres. At the same time, single-coils are ideal for creating a crisp and twangy tone for country and blues music.

If you play lots of different styles of music, this may be a more challenging choice. If you’re just starting, I suggest sticking to one of the most popular choices: humbuckers!

Frets: jumbo or medium?

Jumbo frets can make fast playing and string bending easier, while medium frets usually come on guitars with maple necks. Which one is best for you depends on your preferences and play style. Consider starting with medium frets if you’re just getting started, but don’t be afraid to try out jumbo frets down the road!

Scale-length: 25″ or 24.75″?

squier classic vibe 50s stratocaster review

Scale-length refers to the length of the string and the distance between each fret – typically, guitars with shorter scales are recommended for beginners. However, if you’re an experienced player, it’s up to you! Whether or not this matter is a matter of personal preference! It will depend on what kind of tones and feels you like best.

Tuning machines: open or closed?

Closed tuning machines provide more precise tuning and sustain, while open tuners help maintain your gear’s appearance. If you’re a beginner, I suggest starting with closed tuners – they provide the best of both worlds! Open tunings may be better for beginners who need time to get their fingering right before worrying about precise pitches.

Finish: polyurethane, polyester, or oil?

Different finishes have different feels and levels of shine. Oil-finish guitars are usually the most expensive because they require care and maintenance to keep them looking and feeling great. If you’re interested in a guitar with an oil finish, I recommend researching before buying – it can be costly to maintain!

Polyurethane and polyester finishes are more affordable and durable – they’ll still look good after years of playing.

Body style: strat, Les paul, fender jaguar, or tele?

Again, it all comes down to personal preference! There are endless body styles, but the most popular choices are generally Stratocasters and Les pauls. If you’re just getting started, I recommend starting with one of these two classics!

Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster Review: Some Other Recommendations

To create more and better ideas, you must separate creation from evaluation, coming up with lots of ideas first, then judging their worth later. A great idea can be a terrible one if it is not executed well or the execution process is flawed. And a poorly executed idea will never be as good as a great idea that was executed flawlessly.

That’s why I’m going to give some other recommendations on guitars in this article!  I will provide a short overview of each guitar and when it would be most appropriate to use it.

Fender Standard Stratocaster

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly guitar that is perfect for any beginner, novice, or intermediate player, then look no further than the Fender Standard Stratocaster. This is the best alternative to a Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster. It is a little more pricey, but it’s also a lot better in quality and sound. Here is some information on this guitar:

The Fender Standard Stratocaster is a famous guitar. The Fender company makes very high-quality and affordable guitars, and this one is no different. It’s perfect for any beginner, novice, or intermediate player who wants a higher quality sound than a Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster has. I would recommend it to anyone who has been playing the guitar for at least six months.

(It’s also suitable for beginner lead singers if you can find one in your price range.) The sound quality is much better than that of a Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster (I’ll go into this further in my article), and it is also a lot better in terms of price and value. If you’re looking to be under $200 and want to start learning how to play the guitar, I recommend checking this out!

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

Fender’s king of the road guitar is no doubt an American Deluxe Stratocaster. The features are what you would expect from this iconic company. From its sleek style to its versatile pickups, everything about it screams quality. A glance at the headstock will tell you that it’s not your average Stratocaster. It’s loaded with a large variety of features, and that’s what I want to look at in-depth.

This is a guitar for professionals and serious hobbyists alike. Another noticeable difference about this Stratocaster is the headstock style. It’s not like the normal Strat layouts with six individual tuners per side. There are two lumps on either side of the headstock and four tuners per lump. The placement of the lumps mimics a more traditional six-on-a-side layout.

It doesn’t change the look too much, but it does make things symmetrical and balanced looking. Just below the strings, there is a little cavity in the body that houses an extra spring. It helps provide a better feel and makes the guitar even more balanced. The body is alder, as is customary for Fender guitars. The ashtray-style bridge has six staggered saddles that help provide a nice clean tone.

With the floating tremolo system, you can customize your sound to a tee! One of the first things you’ll notice is that the neck on these guitars has a small block of wood under it. It’s not just decorative; it helps keep the neck straight and true for tuning purposes. The locking nut helps with tuning issues, too!

At this point, you’re probably wondering why there are so many things different about the American Deluxe Stratocaster than its predecessors. Let’s take a look at the pickups and see what we can find out. The American Deluxe Stratocaster comes with three Fender Texas Special Pickups. It has two of these on the bridge and one toward the neck. The reason for this is to make it easier to blend your sound.

You can get a wide variety of tones no matter what style you play. This is good if you like to switch up your sound often, or if you’re playing with other musicians who want to do the same thing! The pickups are connected using Fender’s Greasebucket Tone Circuitry. This circuitry takes out some of the low ends before it reaches the amplifier.

The result is an excellent clean channel with a slight bit of overdrive. Not only does this help the sound, but it also helps to reduce noise and feedback at high volumes! The five-way selector switch on this guitar comes in handy for big changes like that. It’s one of the most versatile Stratocaster guitars on the market today.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro comes with two stacked humbuckers, a Tune-O-Matic bridge, and a stop bar tailpiece. It has 22 frets on a rosewood fretboard, and the scale length is 24.75 inches. The body is made from mahogany, which gives it a warm sound and is very lovely looking.

Also, the finish is smooth and will not wear off quickly, so it’s great for playing on stage or just jamming in the practice room. Please note that this guitar does not come with a case of any sort, but more than enough accessories are included to make up for it. It comes with an Epiphone case, a strap, a toolkit, and a few plectrums.

You can buy this guitar with confidence because it’s covered by a one-year warranty, just in case something were to happen to it. The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro is the best guitar for anyone who wants the looks and sound of an expensive guitar but doesn’t want to fork out the extra cash or take on a second job for it.

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro is an excellent choice for any beginner guitarist who wants to rock out because it has all the features you need to play well. It’s straightforward to use and has everything you need to start playing like a pro. The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro is available in Faded Honeyburst and Natural Satin.

FAQs About Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster Review

squier classic vibe 50s stratocaster review

– What are the tuners on the Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster?

My Squier Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster review guitar tuners are vintage-style tuning machines that provide a solid, comfortable grip.

– What are the pick-ups on the Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster?

My Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster review pick-ups on the guitar are three Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups.

– Why do you recommend this in your Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster review to other guitar players?

I recommend this one in my Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster review to other guitar players because it has incredible sound, a comfortable feel, and a durable basswood body. The beauty of the three pick-ups on the Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster makes it easy to play different styles of music.

– What color options is the Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster available in?

The guitar in my Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster review is available in 3 colors: Brown Sunburst, Olympic White, and 2-Color Sunburst. There’s also a left-handed version of the guitar available in 2 colors.

– How does the price compare to other guitars?

The Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster has an unbeatable price tag given all of the included specs. This guitar is also one of the best on the market, making it an excellent deal for anyone looking to buy.


If you’re just starting on guitar, the Squier Classic Vibe 50S Stratocaster is a great option. It has an affordable price tag and provides all of the essential features to play electric guitars with ease. The three pick-ups are ideal for different genres of music, so it’ll be more accessible than ever before to play your favorite tunes!

Thank you for reading my Squier Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster review today! If you want more information about this product or any other model in my inventory, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I have experts standing by who can answer any questions that may arise during your research process – they know everything there is to know about every guitar I carry! We’d love to hear from you!

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