Rockville Speakers Reviews: Bigger Is Better With These Loudspeakers

Our Rockville speakers reviews will present to you the best speakers on the market!

These speakers have a high-quality sound that will blow you away. They’re perfect for any occasion, whether it’s listening to music at home or playing your favorite movie in an outdoor setting. You’ll be able to hear every detail of your favorite songs and movies with these powerful speakers.

Rockville speakers are easy to set up and use, so you can play them right out of the box without needing any additional equipment. The reviews speak for themselves – these are some of the best sounding speakers available today.

Read our review now to see what all the fuss is about! 

Rockville Speakers Reviews 2024

Rockville RPG15BT

Rockville RPG15BT is a professional-grade, powerful active loudspeaker system that is perfect for use in large concerts or churches. Its lightweight and a compact design keep it from being obtrusive to the show. 

The 15-inch woofer in the system provides a very bass response as well as acoustic intensity, making it perfect for bigger venues.

This professional sound amplification sound system has an Lcd display that shows you what you’re listening to, as well as which source you’re utilizing. You can even synchronize your digital noise filter and adjust the echo latency, repetition period, and volume with an additional effects processor.

These speakers have a five-Band Visual Equalizer that allows you to fine-tune your sound to match your space by boosting or reducing particular frequencies. There’s also a Bluetooth connectivity option, so you may connect your iPad or phone without using cables.

This RPG15BT is an active sound system, which means that it takes electricity and includes an integrated Class-AB amp as well as a two‐way professional sound amplification audio system for live music as well as playback.

The integrated switch-mode power source gives the Rockville RPG15BT speakers a high-power, clear acoustic performance. You may also use the Digital MP3 player with Bluetooth input to capture your programs on the fly, eliminating the need to carry wires.

These speakers come with a USB/SD media player, so you may listen to your music without having to plug in your device. It also comes with a remote controller that allows the user to access any of the MP3 player’s capabilities from a distance.

Internal parts and indeed the EQ system of these Rockville RPG15BT speakers are powered by a linear Class-AB amp. As a result, at high SPL rates, there will be less turbulence. Its audio performance is powerful and clear.

This speaker is great for larger events that require powerful audio to fill the room with bass and clarity. 

The product comes with an LCD screen which allows you to choose what input or song you are playing without having to be right there next to it. There’s also an effects processor which allows you to time the audio to your digital echo effects, which is very helpful.

This Rockville RPG15BT has a five-Band Visual Equalizer, allowing you to fine-tune the audio of these speakers for the best possible performance in your location.

Certain frequencies can be adjusted to assist reduce or improve audio quality and sharpness. There’s also Bluetooth compatibility, so you won’t have to worry about running cables while syncing your device.

For live audio & playback purposes, its components include a high-power, Class-AB amp system and indeed a two‐way professional sound amplification speaker system.

An integrated switching power source is included with these speakers, which helps to prevent distortion at greater SPL settings. Its speaker system’s linear layout produces a clear, transparent sound.

The Rockville RPG15BT comes with Wireless remote controls so you can adjust your playback settings from far away even during a show. 

It also plays media from USB/SD devices as well as digital audio from BT-compatible devices. In addition to that, there is an MP3 player included which is compatible with wireless remote controls.

Overall, this Rockville RPG15BT is equipped with a strong high-performance linear amp design, which provides excellent audio quality as well as clarity to fit the demands of your venue.


-The speakers come equipped with an internal switch-mode power supply which helps reduce distortion at high SPL levels.

– The linear design of the amplifier system delivers a cleaner, more transparent sound.

-These speakers are perfect for larger events that require powerful audio to fill the room with bass and clarity. 


-There is no auto signal sensing so if you want to use it in your car, there may be some manual wiring required due to all of the different types of vehicles out there.

Rockville RSG12.28

Rockville Audio is a well-known producer of high-end audio equipment. This RSG-12.28 is a twin twelve-inch speaker with quite a total output power of 4000 watts, three piezo three-inch bullet speakers, as well as a highly efficient piezo compressed blow, with a resonant frequency of 40Hz to 22kHz.

The RMS power is 1000 watts and the program power is 1500 watts, with an even higher peak output of 2000 watts. 

As with any Rockville product, there are no corners cut in either design or manufacturing, with the best materials put into every aspect of their production. This means that it has great sound quality, durability, and longevity you can count on for years to come if you take care of it.

The Rockville RSG12.28 is a 2,000-watt twin twelve-inch speaker cabinet made of high-quality wood that has been stapled, glued, and bracing for added strength. As a result, it has excellent sound quality and the absolute lowest distortion, ensuring that you hear crisp, clear music time after time.

It has a crash-resistant polypropylene enclosure with an inner cabinet made of extra-thick 14-gauge steel so it can take quite a beating and keep on working without issue. This helps to keep your investment safe if you ever need to transport it or move it, so you can use it where you need to no matter how far it needs to go. 

The MDF also prevents echoing inside the cabinet due to vibrations and helps to give this speaker cabinet an overall warm tone when listening that you will appreciate.

The RSG12.28 features a two-inch diameter high-temps aluminum speaking coil with an impedance, so it can withstand a lot of power and you can drive it hard without affecting the sound.

It comes with a SpeakON connection for the input as well as to link them together if needed, which is a standard that you will come across in many professional loudspeaker cabinets. 

The In/Out connections are also parallel which means that connecting leads from another speaker cabinet will not affect your sound unless there is a problem. The dimensions of the cabinet measure 15-1/4 inches high by 11-5/8 inches deep and 12-1/2 inches wide so it is larger than some others on the market but also provides more sound as a result.

The Rockville RSG12.28 has its connection points made out of heavy-duty nickel-plated jacks so they can provide a high-quality signal transfer with minimal interference. 

It also has rubber isolating feet underneath to reduce vibrations and maximize sound performance by reducing the amount of energy that is lost into the surface that it rests on. All of these features are what make Rockville RSG12.28 one of the best on the market that will not let you down when it is time to turn things up.

Overall this Rockville speaker is one of the best on the market that can provide a solid sound and has fantastic durability so you can rely on it for a long time to come.


– Top-quality materials

– Rubber isolating feet to reduce vibrations so you get better sound

– Durable enough to deal with being transported or moved

– Dual 12 inch speakers 


– None

Rockville RPG2X10

The Rockville RPG2X10 is ideal for individuals who want a Public address system for a variety of applications. This kit contains a 10″ speaker, an amp, as well as a mic, and also two foldable stands. These speakers seem to be small and light, yet they create a sound that is superior to that of other speakers on the market.

The mixer/amplifier included in this package is perfect for those who want to DJ their own music as it comes with four channels that help with sound levels. The mixer also helps with sound clarity by providing electronic effects like echo, reverb, etc.

For those looking for convenience in their PA system, this one is perfect because it allows you to wirelessly connect via Bluetooth to different devices like your phones or laptops. The speakers are wired with high-quality cables and are designed to raise the bar in sound clarity without compromising on size or brightness.

The speaker stands that come with this package are collapsible which makes moving it around much easier when not in use. 

You can adjust its height depending on where you put it whether on stage, podium, or just at the back. They are heavy duty which helps with durability and can be set to different angles for optimal output.

For the price you pay, this package is actually a good deal because the Rockville RPG2X10 speaker system comes packed with all you need to make your music experience more enjoyable.

We also like that it is easy to set up and comes with its own cable. We also like that the speakers are both durable and lightweight. The sound quality is what you look for in a speaker – clear, crisp, and loud enough to fill a small room or an outdoor venue.

It may be connected to a computer or other device wirelessly through Bluetooth, making it handier for individuals who are unable to connect it to their computer or other devices. The mixer/amplifier is tiny and light, yet it has enough power to fill a small space with sound without sacrificing quality.

The stands are sturdy and adjustable so they can be placed in different angles depending on the stage set up. It can also be easily tucked away when not in use. We also like that it comes with its own cables.

Rockville RPG2X10 is a recommended purchase for those who are looking for an affordable PA system with great sound quality. 

It comes with all you need to start your own DJ sessions including speaker stands that are collapsible, mixer/amplifier, and two 10-inch speakers which are perfect for smaller venues.

The one thing we noticed is that there are no mounting brackets or screws to keep the speaker stand steady when placed on stage which makes it a little bit wobbly. You should also be careful when using the Bluetooth mode.

Still, it’s a great deal for those who want to DJ but don’t have the cash. You can also use it for karaoke, party music, and other events.

The package is actually a good deal considering its price because this PA system features two 10-inch speakers, a mixer/amplifier, two speaker stands, and all the cables you need to connect it with your computer or other devices via Bluetooth. 

Overall, Rockville RPG2X10 is a decent purchase for those who want to make their music experience more enjoyable at home without breaking the bank.


– Affordable 

– Portable 

– Loud and crisp sound quality 

– Durable and lightweight


– No mounting brackets or screws for the speaker stand

Rockville RPG152K

The Rockville RPG152K Loudspeakers are built to reproduce high-quality audio in the midfielders and lows. Even at high SPLs, the 25mm compression speakers combined with the fifteen-inch long woofer produce fuzz-free sound. 

A hooked microphone, installed FM radio, Lcd display monitor, wireless connectivity, high-quality parts, and highly durable high-impact ABS build are also included.

This device includes an intelligently designed side grip for easy transport and setup, which is one of its greatest features. This speaker is ideal for any occasion, including parties, weddings, karaoke nights, and outdoor events.

It also comes with a connected microphone that you can utilize to perform live music or deliver speeches! This Rockville RPG152K is one of our favorites since it comes with a remote control that can be used to alter any of the MP3 player’s capabilities.

This is very convenient when you need to change your music in loud venues with loud music, such as at parties or weddings. A highly recommended speaker for various events.

This Rockville RPG152K also has the advantage of being a simple and small device that provides fuzz-free audio even at strong SPL settings.

This device offers a powerful dynamic range while preserving perfectly clear sounds for exceptional sound quality, thanks to its high-power 15″ lengthy woofer featuring 2.5″ aluminum coils.

Because it features an ergonomically designed side grip, you can effortlessly move this device around your house or even outside. We rate this device a ten out of ten since it produces high-definition audio, comes with remote control, and is reasonably priced.

Overall Rockville RPG152K is definitely better than other speakers out there because of its clear highs and deep lows-well worth the price!


– Clear highs 

– Deep lows 

– Wireless control 

– For simple transport and setup, the side grip is ergonomically designed.


– None

Rockville TM150B

The Rockville TM150B is a complete, full home theater system that relies on powerful speakers to deliver high-quality surround sound. 

It comes with two ten-inch subwoofers that deliver a bass response that is ideal for viewing films or playing music. Six full-range drivers with polypropylene cones, rubber surrounds, as well as bullet dust covers are included in the package for clean, clear sound.

It also includes two dome speakers for clear peaks, as well as an eight-band adjuster with preset curves & adjustable woofer as well as treble for the optimum listening experience.

The ST product number TDA7265 is used in the TM150B’s designed eight-channel amp. For karaoke fun, its amp offers One RCA medial and lateral input, One optic input, Two mic ports with echo adjustment & audio system, plus clear audio. And there’s a USB port as well as an Sd slot for listening to music through the speakers.

The Rockville TM150B also includes Bluetooth for wireless music streaming, USB & SD ports on the front panel, a radio with constructed antenna, two pairs of RCA ports, as well as a 3.5mm auxiliary input for connecting to other audio equipment. For your movie and music requirements, this Rockville TM150B is an excellent pick.

The Rockville TM150B’s elegant appearance is one of its most appealing features. The silver plates that surround each speaker give it a contemporary appearance, and the constructed amp produces audiophile-quality sound.

Full-range speakers featuring polypropylene cones, rubber surrounds, as well as bullet dust covers are used in these speakers, which are built of high-grade Wood. Two silk dome speakers are also included in the setup for crystal-clear peak levels.

We would suggest this product to anybody looking for a home theater system with great surround sound and deep bass, as well as streaming features with Bluetooth for wireless music streaming, front panel USB/SD card connections, as well as an integrated FM radio.

Overall, the Rockville TM150B is a compact, easy-to-use system that will provide you with the ultimate entertainment experience.


– Clean, clear sound.

– Powerful speakers for deep bass.

– Sleek design with silver plates to make it aesthetically pleasing


– Heavy; might need two people to move around

Rockville Speakers Benefits

Rockville loudspeakers are designed to be powerful and produce high-quality sound, they also offer a variety of features that make them great for home theaters. 

rockville speakers reviews

Rockville speakers’ benefits include their low price point, which makes these speakers affordable for the average consumer. They also come with a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor which means you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or costs after your purchase. 

The company has been around since 2003 and is based in California; this ensures customer service will always be available if needed. Consumers can purchase from either Amazon or directly from the manufacturer’s website. 

This product comes highly recommended by consumers all around the world for its power, convenience, and price.

• Rockville speakers customers say the power behind these speakers is unmatched in its price range

• These low-cost loudspeakers will surely blow your competitors out of the water

• The 1-year warranty that comes with every purchase means you’re guaranteed a high-quality product

• The manufacturer is based in California making customer service easily accessible 

• These loudspeakers offer a variety of features including Bluetooth connectivity and a 4k pass-through for TVs or gaming systems

• Rockville speakers consumers say these loudspeakers are worth every penny 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Rockville Speakers

Choosing the right speakers for your home is a big decision. 

rockville speakers reviews

The speakers you buy can determine how much enjoyment and satisfaction you get from your music, movies, games, and more. They also have a huge impact on your home’s décor and ambiance. And they need to be able to fill even large spaces with sound without breaking the bank. 

Rockville has been producing high-quality loudspeakers for over 20 years now, so we know what it takes to make great products that will give you many years of enjoyment without costing an arm and a leg (or two). 

In this guide, we’ll take you through some factors to consider when choosing Rockville speaker reviews – things like size, power, and budget – as well as some specific product recommendations that we’re sure you’ll love.


The size of Rockville speakers you should choose depends on the space where they’ll be set up. 

This is because home theater or music speaker cabinets are constructed so that each cubic foot of air space inside the cabinet creates one decibel (dB) of sound pressure. That means a particular speaker may be capable of playing louder than another speaker of the same size and power rating.


The average home theater system requires between 10 and 15 watts per channel to achieve maximum listening levels without distortion or damage to the speakers. This range also takes into account your room’s dimensions, acoustics, and your personal taste for volume. 

For example, if you’re more concerned with sound quality than volume, or if your room is smaller or acoustically treated, then 10 watts per channel should be able to fill the room. 

However, if you are powering speakers in a larger room with poor acoustics, you may want to consider 25 to 30 watts per channel.


If you’d like to get a better idea of our products’ specifications, using the Rockville Product Comparison will help you generate a list of recommended loudspeakers that are suited to your home. 

rockville speakers reviews

It separates products by speaker type and wattage so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Just keep in mind that the more you are willing to spend, the more power and sound quality you will get.


If you’re looking for great speakers that provide awesome value without breaking the bank, then Rockville has a great selection of high-quality products that won’t leave your wallet empty. 

At different price points, you can choose from powered speakers, 2-way coaxial speakers, and 3-way component systems.


Reading Rockville speaker reviews from people who have purchased our products will give you a good idea of what you can expect when using our equipment. 

You” ll learn whether or not the product lives up to its claims and how it performs in different applications. It will also provide insight into some things we may not cover in detail with our specifications or comparison tool.

Check out this informative video:

FAQs about Rockville Speakers

Is There A Warranty On These Loudspeakers?

Yes. Rockville speakers come with a 90-day non-transferable warranty.

You can file a claim form within the warranty window. If you lose your receipt, we keep a record of all authorized purchases for 2 years so you can still file a claim with us. However, it is good to keep your proof of purchase for the warranty period.

Are Rockville Speakers Very Expensive?

No, Rockville speakers are not very expensive.

Many companies charge high prices for their speaker systems but more often than not they’re poorly made and sound hollow. 

With Rockville loudspeakers, you don’t have to worry about that because our company relies on building quality products by skilled American workers at fair prices to make a profit. Plus, every system comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so no purchase is too risky!

Do I Need To Buy An Amplifier With My Rockville Speaker?

Yes, you will need an amp with your Rockville speakers. That’s where the signal is boosted before it gets sent to the speaker.

rockville speakers reviews

You should also note that your receiver needs to have a preamp-out jack or you will need an active mixer.

In most cases, the speakers on new cars are actually pretty good. It’s more likely that they’re not getting loud enough because of a fault with your car rather than the speakers themselves.

Is The Sound Comparable To Bose Speakers Of Other Brands In This Category?

The sound quality is comparable to other brands in the same price range. It’s often debated which one sounds better or clearer- either way, you won’t be disappointed with a purchase from Rockville speakers.

You can also find other brands that are more expensive to be made with better materials but you’ll have to pay at least twice as much for those speakers.

Does Rockville Offer Replacement Parts Or Repair Service For Their Products?

All Rockville loudspeakers come with a limited lifetime warranty, but it does not cover wear and tear from normal use. In other words, if you get your speakers wet because you spilled a drink on them then ROCKVILLE will not provide any warranty coverage since that’s what happens eventually to all speakers. 

rockville speakers reviews

However, if your speaker gets damaged from another source such as a 3rd party power surge or an accidental drop off the balcony by your pet iguana then we can probably help out. 


As our Rockville speakers reviews have pointed above, these speakers are the best speakers on the market. They have so many features that you will never find with other brands like JBL, Sony, or Bose. The price is affordable and they sound great in every situation whether it be a large room, small apartment, or even outside under your patio umbrella! 

If you want to hear music for what it’s really supposed to sound like then go ahead and buy these powerful beasts of speakers today!

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