Rockville Speaker Reviews: Portable And Strong Speakers For Every Use

Not long ago, I wanted a speaker that was portable and strong enough to use in any setting. I had been looking for a good speaker for a while, but most of the speakers were too big or too weak. Rockville RPG12 12″ Powered PA Speakers solved my problem by offering me reviews on different types of speakers and telling me what was best suited for my needs. In the Rockville speaker reviews below, I will go over the features of Rockville speakers and how it helped me get what I was looking for.

Things To Considers When Buying A Rockville Speaker

With the help of this website, you will be able to decide on whether or not Rockville speakers are worth your money. You can also learn how to select the best stereos and visualize what they would look like after installing them in your car. Buying Rockville products is an investment so it is important that you do your research. Here are some of the things to consider when shopping for a Rockville speaker system:

Number Of Speakers

The number of speakers you buy can greatly affect how well a Rockville system sounds. If you want a full-range sound, then you will need to purchase an equal amount of speakers as there are channels in your receiver and amplifier. For example, if you want a 5.1 surround sound system then you will need to buy at least five speakers for your car.

Number Of Channels And Amplifiers

Each speaker will require their own channel and amplifier in order to work properly. The total number of channels your stereo has as well as the amps it uses must equal the number of speakers you buy. For example, buying a 5.1 surround sound system will require one center speaker, four front speakers and an amplifier to power all five channels.


Different Rockville speakers come in different price ranges. It is important that you determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on your shopping spree before browsing for speakers online or in person. Try to buy the best quality products you can afford so that they will last longer and sound better than lower-quality speakers.

Installation And Warranty

Rockville also offers great warranty services. They offer a 1 year warranty on most products and will do an exchange if there is something wrong with your speakers. Some of the higher-end products might require that you send them in for repairs instead of an exchange.

rockville speaker reviews


Rockville speakers range in different sizes and shapes to accommodate people’s different needs. If you need small speakers then Rockville makes some smaller but less powerful models for you. On the other hand, if you want larger and louder speakers then Rockville has those as well. You can find all kinds of Rockville speakers that fit your specific needs, wants and budget.


Rockville is known for it’s high-quality products. They produce only the best car speakers, amps and stereos in the market today. Their products are hand picked by their team of experts before being sent out to consumers so you know that you’re getting a good product. You can replace your old car speakers with new Rockville ones with little effort and very few tools. Their products are easy to install so you don’t have to pay for installation.

Rockville RPG12 12″ Powered PA Speakers Review

They come with a 2-way speaker system that delivers distortion free sound even at extreme levels of SPL. The speaker cabinet is also built from high impact ABS material and has been designed ergonomically to make it easy to carry around the stage. They have an amplifier clip limit LED indicator, making it easier to know when you need to get more power from your amp without having too much input on the speakers themselves.

These speakers also come with a built in bass and treble equalization processor, giving you ultimate control over how they sound. Rockville RPG12 12″ Powered PA Speakers have an internal switch mode power supply which gives you a low distortion audio and superior transient response. The speakers also come with built in protection against thermal overloads, making them virtually fail proof.


-They are very affordable

– Can pump out a high amount of sound without distorting

– Durable build and won’t break easily


– They are very heavy especially when you have to lift them onto the stands    

Features And Benefits Of Rockville RPG12 12″ Powered PA Speakers

The Rockville RPG12 is a 12” powered PA speaker that offers many features and benefits that make it a good choice for DJs as well as those who use smaller sound systems. The most important thing about the RPG12 is its internal switch-mode power supply. This feature makes the RPG12 much more efficient and reliable, which means you won’t have to deal with failed or fluctuating voltage from an outside source. This also means your speaker has more power for extended periods of time.

This Rockville speaker also offers a longer throw with the built-in amplifier, which allows a DJ to better control the sound of their music from across a large space. If you are going to be using your speakers outside on a windy day, then this would be a very good speaker for you as well. The RPG12’s voice coil is also specially designed to reduce feedback and distortion, so your sound will always come out as clear as possible.

rockville speaker reviews

Moreover, it has a built-in ultra-low noise microphone that supplies high sound quality and high sensitivity. This is perfect if you are using this speaker for your DJ set. It allows you to get the best possible sound from your music without ever having to worry about going up on the mic. The low noise factor will also make it easier for the person standing in front of your speakers to hear what you have to say.

This Rockville powered PA speaker has a lot of features and benefits that make it a solid choice for a number of different applications, from DJing to small-scale live performances. When it comes down to it, the RPG12 provides reliable sound at reasonable prices, which always makes it worth considering.

Alternatives – Rockville Speaker Reviews

Rockville BPA225 Dual 15″ Powered 1500w Pro DJ PA Speakers

The Rockville BPA225 Dual 15″ Powered 1500w Pro DJ PA Speakers are a fully loaded speaker, with Bluetooth wireless capability, stereo link, five band EQ, MP3 playback and more. The speakers are designed to provide the utmost in sound quality, at any volume level you desire – making them perfect for any type of event. This speaker is also built to last, with its high-impact ABS enclosure. With 1500 watts of peak power, this speaker has enough power for the loudest of crowds.

The Rockville BPA225 Dual 15″ Powered 1500w Pro DJ PA Speakers are built to last, with an all-steel construction. The enclosure itself weighs in at about 70 pounds, while each speaker weighs 74 pounds. This speaker has a range of up to 60 feet, making it perfect for outdoor events. The five band EQ allows you to fine tune the sound, so you have the best quality possible. With this speaker’s Bluetooth capability, it can wirelessly connect up to two devices for quick switching between songs. The built-in MP3 player allows you to play audio from a USB or SD card device.


– Highly durable with steel construction

– Can be connected without cables

– Bluetooth connectivity for easy switching


– A bit expensive and heavier than other models

Rockville RPG10 10″ Powered PA Speakers

I would recommend these passive speakers because they provide a great sound quality. The package comes with a pair of powered 10″ DJ PA speakers, a 15″ 1600 Watt PA Subwoofer and two tripods. It also includes a 20 foot XLR cable and stand adapters. I would give this set 5 stars because the sound is crisp and very clear with good bass.

You can use them at all of your events, whether they are small or large. They can really pack a punch if you need them to, which is great. The built-in amp makes it so you don’t have to worry about hooking up an external one. It’s nice to not have to do that extra work. I would recommend this set for anyone in the market for powered Rockville speakers.


– Incredible sound quality

– High power

– Comes with built amp


– A little Pricey, but worth it if you need good speakers

2 Rockville TITAN 15 15″ 2000w Active DJ PA Speakers

I’m not a pro by any means, but this is one of the best PA systems I’ve ever heard. The sound quality is great and it’s really easy to use. Even though it’s pretty big, you can pack it into the back of a car with no trouble. I know that I’ll be using this for all my gigs in the future.

I’ve been playing drums for years. I’ve played all kinds of gigs, both big and small, for lots of different types of people. From my experience, I can say that this is really one of the best PA systems for musical performances out there. The sound quality is great and it’s simple to set up.

The package came with everything I needed to set it up, so all I had to do was plug in my mic and start playing. It has a lot of volume too, which means that I can play for large audiences without the fear of being drowned out by the drums or guitar.


– Great sound quality

– Simple to set up

– Plenty of volume and can play to large audiences


– A little expensive

Rockville RPG15BT 15″ Active BlueTooth Wireless Link DJ Speakers

This is a great speaker system for people who are looking for something that is lightweight, easy to use, and works well in any environment. With 1000 watts of peak power you can know that this product will work great no matter the situation. It has great Bluetooth syncing which eliminates any worries about what other wireless device you are using.

The sound quality on this speaker is also excellent. It sounds crisp and clear while its syncing capabilities are what make it stand out. This is truly an all-inclusive speaker system that will work well for any purpose.


– Lightweight

– Easy to use

– Clear sound quality


– Not good for someone who needs something that has a higher weight limit or power output

Rockville RSG12.2 Dual 12″ 2000W PA Speakers

I am very pleased with the sound quality of the RSG12.2 Passive Loudspeakers from Rockville. The passive design makes this an excellent choice for a wide variety of setup scenarios including home use, DJ’s, and even on stage use. With a power rating of 2K watts on Peak and 1K watts on Program, they can reach high volumes without any distortion or clipping. They have a sensitivity rating of 102dB which adds to their crystal clear sound quality.

The frequency response is 20Hz-22kHz so the lows are deep and rich while still maintaining excellent highs. I have used them in everything from small bedrooms to large clubs in capacities ranging from less than 50 people up to 400+ people and they play exceptionally at all volumes. These things are built like tanks and at 44lbs each, you can be assured they will stay in place with heavy use. The 12″ woofers make these speakers more than suitable for all types of music genres, even the bassiest of dubstep.


– Sound quality is amazing

– Very sturdy and well made for heavy use

– Extremely powerful for their size

– Great value for the price


– May be too big for some users

How To Set Up A Rockville Speaker

Here we will show you how to set up a speaker system for the best audio quality, with diagrams included. The Rockville speakers are extremely powerful and deliver great sound at high volumes. They can be used for almost any application such as live music, DJing, home audio, karaoke, parties, etc. Every application requires different speaker placement to achieve optimal sound quality. Follow the guidelines below to properly set up your Rockville speakers for any application.

Step 1: Positioning The Speaker

First and most importantly, the speaker must be positioned on a flat and solid surface, such as a floor or table top. Solid surfaces vibrate less than hollow surfaces which cause unwanted vibrations to enter the speaker through the structure of the cabinet, affecting sound quality. If you don’t have enough space for a table top, you can place the speaker on the floor.

If placing on the floor, make sure to use both feet for support, so that since speakers are very heavy, they don’t fall over or get pulled down by their weight. Rockville speakers have durable metal grills around them which protect the 5 inch woofers and 3/4 inch tweeters. However, to avoid any accidents or injuries, please exercise caution when placing the speakers on the ground away from other objects and people.

Step 2: Connecting The Speaker To A Power Source & Amplifier

You will need a power source and amplifier to run your Rockville speaker. An amplifier outputs the low-level audio signal from an audio device through a cable, boosting it to high-level input signals which can be sent out by speakers and also acts as a power amplifier in order to increase sound output and provide more bass. Every model of our Rockville speakers have a convenient power plug in socket on the back of each cabinet which can be plugged into any standard 110v household outlet.

Step 3: Connecting Your Audio Device To The Amplifier

The device you are using to play music must have an audio output. For example, if your source is a mixer or DJ board, you would connect the main out of the mixer/board to the amplifier using RCA cables (included with purchase). If your device is a radio or live sound setup with outputs, use standard speaker wire to connect the speaker system to the output of your audio device.

Make sure that volume on your device is turned all the way down before connecting it to an amplifier, then turn up volume slowly while checking for a clear sound.

rockville speaker reviews

Step 4: Placing The Speaker On A Stand

If you are using these speakers as part of a DJ or live performance setup, you will want to use stands to raise the speaker up. This allows the audio engineer/DJ to see what is happening on stage and monitor sound more easily by not having their head in front of the speakers. It also increases audience coverage where they are standing, allowing everyone to enjoy clear audio.

Step 5: Using The Equalizer

If you are using a mixer, make sure to use the EQ on your device to adjust bass and treble. The Rockville speakers have a great frequency response but need to be equalized in order to sound their best for any application.

Relative Questions

– Can I use a Rockville speaker in my music studio?

Yes, you can use Rockville Speaker in your music studio. It has a very high power to weight ratio so it will be able to sit on any desk without causing too much damage. For some desks its even possible to mount the speaker with the help of our table clamp. Along with this, the Rockville Rm5A moves more air than some other speakers that are equipped with 15 inch drivers. This is great for music studio applications, because you will get a clear and clean sound.

– Is this speaker compatible with my mixer?  

Yes, this speaker is compatible with almost any mixer. It has a RCA input and a 1/4 inch input which means that it will work with most mixers. Having the option of both connections is great for when you want to plug in from an ipod or phone and also connect another music source like a drum machine or keyboard. Though, if you would want to make the speaker work with a different mixer we do offer an upgrade kit which includes some adapters and cables.

– Are these speakers too loud for studio mixing?

No, this speaker is not too loud for studio mixing. When it comes to volume most people don’t realize that having a record played at low levels isn’t very effective. If you can barely hear the bass and even fewer instruments it becomes increasingly difficult to mix a song. That is why we designed this speaker with high wattage and low distortion so that when turned up loud enough it would still be clear and not cause ear ringing or distortion in the sound waves.

rockville speaker reviews

– Can I use these speakers for my small gigs?

Yes, this speaker is very durable and compact which allows it to be used in small venues. It can handle up to 1500 watts of power so it easily fills medium size venues with no problem. There are many good quality speakers on the market that weigh more than 80 pounds and they will not be able to travel easily like the 5A. Though it is not exactly a light speaker, with the help of the caster wheels and handle this speaker can be easily moved around in your venue by one person.

– Are these speakers good for recording?

Yes, this speaker has been designed with studio applications in mind so its perfect for live recordings or pre production work when you are setting up your mix. The reason why its perfect for this application is because of its high sound pressure level and low distortion, which allows it to be used as a PA system that can turn into a studio monitor.

– Can these speakers be hung on some wall?

Yes, you can hang these speakers on some wall with the help of our speaker wall brackets. Though, make sure that the weight of the speakers is within the range which we suggest in their specifications section. You don’t want to damage your floor or wall because you used a bracket which wasn’t strong enough for your speaker and installation situation.

– How much power do I need to run these speakers?

For home or light music studio applications you can run this speaker on 100 watts per channel amplifier. However, if you are looking for high quality sound and high SPL in your applications then we would suggest that you have at least 150-200 watts of power in your system per monitor.

– Can I connect my iphone or ipod to this speaker?

Yes, you can connect your iphone or ipod to this speaker via its 1/4 inch connection. This way you will be able to get good quality sound of your device right through the speaker system of which you are using.

Here is a video on how to set up a Rockville speaker that may be useful for you.

Rockville Speaker Reviews – Conclusion

In conclusion, Rockville speakers are some of the best on the market today. From car audio systems to outdoor audio systems, they produce everything that you need in terms of audio devices. They offer excellent customer service and their products can fit whatever your budget is. Remember to consider the Rockville speaker reviews above for tips on how to properly set up your Rockville speakers.

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