Phoenix Gold Speakers Review: A Pioneer In Sound Innovation

Phoenix Gold is a well-known and respected manufacturer in the field of car audio products. They offer a wide range of speakers, amplifiers, and other electronics for cars. Phoenix Gold speakers are known to be high quality with features such as silk dome tweeters for crisp highs and polypropylene woofers providing deep bass response. If you are in need of buying one, our phoenix gold speaker review will give you the best choice.

Phoenix Gold speakers are some of the most popular in the world. They have been used by musicians, public speakers and even DJs for over twenty years now. The company is based out of Los Angeles California, but they sell their products all over the world. As you might imagine, Phoenix Gold has a rather large selection of types of speaker systems to choose from- everything from small desktop computer monitors to giant outdoor concert sound systems.

When you’re looking for the best speakers available at a reasonable price, Phoenix Gold should be your first stop. They have been in the business of producing high-quality audio equipment for over three decades and their commitment to quality is evident in every product they make, from car stereos to home theater systems.

Phoenix Gold Speakers Review 2021

Phoenix Gold QX572, 5×7 

The quick specs on the Phoenix Gold QX572 are pretty simple: Audio amplification is rated at 70 watts RMS per channel, which can be bridged to 220 watts. The minimum power requirement is 50 RMS x 4 channels with 300 watts maximum power output. There are 3 pairs or 8 channels of preamp outputs that you can choose for either speaker terminals or subwoofer outputs (besides front, rear and subwoofers). This amplifier also has 5×7″ active/powered JL Audio speakers so it may not fit in every car, but this one doesn’t specifically say- so take caution if you need more than just an amp!

The design of the QX572 is really sophisticated, especially for a Motorcycle Amplifier. The sleek black design with the blue-lit Phoenix Gold speakers are made to fit in nicely on your motorcycle. The controls are simple, input for either music or other media, volume control knob and bass boost switch so you can adjust it to match how you’d like it to sound.

The Phoenix Gold speakers are hard to beat at this price. For such inexpensive speakers, they sound amazing! The bass is not as prominent as some more expensive models we review, but for the money you can’t use a better set of speakers than these. They’re lightweight and really easy to install. I would recommend this model for someone that wants cheap speakers that still sound great.

For those who are looking for a high quality speaker at a fairly affordable price, the Phoenix Gold qx572 is just right. This speaker not only offers crystal clear sound that can fill any size room but it also has an elegant and stylish design to match. Highly recommended!

The highlight of this package isn’t just its beautiful looks but all of its features as well. It features a 3-inch steel frame woofer with rubber surround and mass load bass porting. The tweeter on this puppy was made from non-metallic materials so as to minimize distortion. And lastly, as far as inputs go they didn’t slack off either–it comes with both acoustic magnetic plus high frequency response neodymium magnets giving you full compatibility with most factory and aftermarket radios.

The sound of this speaker is just the icing on the cake. It’s not surprising that it offers such great clarity, given its smooth but punchy bass, high notes and midrange sound. All in all, if you’re looking for a versatile speaker with excellent sound at such an affordable price.


– Excellent sound quality for a low price

– Wide compatibility with radios and music systems

– Design is attractive and versatile, can be mounted or installed as desired

– Fairly lightweight which makes it easy to install

– It features a 3″ steel frame woofer with rubber surround and mass load bass porting


– None

JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker

The GTO629 Premium is a six-and-a-half inch, carbon composite cone with an aluminum dust cap and ferrofluid cooled voice coil for improved thermal management. The speaker offers a stiff, lightweight butyl rubber surround that will reduce the effects of excessive vibration from bass frequencies. It comes equipped with a 3000 watt amplifier and enclosure size to accommodate maximum power handling capability.

This product would be suitable for anyone needing high performance speakers but can’t seem to find what they want in stores or online. JBL GTO629 premium specifications make it hard not to consider this model as an option when searching for portable audio equipment. Users may also look into purchasing these speakers due to its limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects which covers parts and labor. If there are any problems with the speaker during the warranty period, they will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

This specific speaker model is one of JBL’s best selling in 2013-2014. The GTO629 Premium comes equipped with a 3000 watt amplifier and enclosure size to accommodate maximum power handling capability not found in other similar speakers. The 15-inch long excursion woofer is one of the many features that make this speaker appealing to the average consumer.

Since JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker has no limitation on their size, the room acoustics become less of an issue. The sound is crisp and sharp with each instrument standing out against the others. Though not as true to speakers costing 10x more, if you’re looking for a set that isn’t light on your wallet but gives you bang for your buck then this speaker will do it.


– Good sound quality

– Durability

– Lifetime warranty


– Pricey

EnrockMarine EM265B Pair 2-Way

If you want to be warned about surges in sea level, this device is perfect. You can connect it with your PC or Smartphone. It will send you alerts when the water has reached specific levels and once you’re alerted, all that’s left is for you to prepare for impending danger!

The EM265B weighs only 12 pounds so it won’t take up too much space on your boat or kayak. This model comes with a wireless remote control as well as buttons on the device for manual operation, which means if anything happens to the remote-control connection, there are backup options. Another great feature of this product is its very bright LED screen – even at sunrise and sunset it’ll stay bright enough so that everyone knows what numbers the device is displaying.

This unit has a power use of 10Ah/month and it can be charged by either connecting the USB cable to your computer or through an AC adapter. You also get a 12 month warranty, which gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re well protected against any damage to your boat.

The speaker is a fantastic 2-way design that will outperform your expectations for this price range. The sealed enclosure and the high-quality build make for a product that can take anything you throw at it. It features speakers with an 8 ohm nominal impedance, which means they’ll play louder with less distortion from high volumes because there’s better dampening to keep sound waves in check under heavy loads.

The crossover network combines the low frequencies coming from the woofer cone into a midrange tone, then sends them to both upper woofers where they are combined into one treble note. This helps out tremendously when listening to music who have large ranges of bass to highs.

With its smaller cabinet, the tweeter has a lot less space to move and it can choke off, causing distortion. Enrock’s crossover network makes sure that doesn’t happen by splitting frequencies into the different speakers before they have a chance to distort.

The 8 ohm nominal impedance means they play louder with less distortion from high volumes because there’s better dampening to keep sound waves in check under heavy loads. High voltage is used to power the 2-way speakers, which help them deliver more volume than other speakers with less voltage. The EM265B is a formidable set of speakers that offer power and clarity for low frequency playback. One of the best valued sets on the market, these speakers are sure to provide you with many hours of listening pleasure.


– It won’t take up too much space on your boat or kayak.

– The speaker is a fantastic 2-way design t


– None

GM Genuine Parts 19116641  Front Door Radio Speaker

The GM Genuine Parts Front Door Radio Speaker is a perfect replacement for an original part. It comes with a 5-year warranty and installs without any tools. The factory speakers were not robust enough to handle the increased power from an aftermarket stereo, but this speaker works well in the doors of my 2007 Chevy HHR.

The GM Genuine Parts 19116641  Front Door Radio Speaker is part of the standard components that are manufactured by General Motors Corporation. The device enhances customer experience with their vehicle which in turn leads to higher revenues for the operations. This part can be accessed using Amazon Prime and comes with free shipping when available.

The GM Genuine Parts 19116641  Front Door is marketed as a component required for safety purposes in case there’s an accident in your car, it safeguards against hearing loss by cutting out loud crash sounds when something is obstructing it from protecting you during accidents disguised by our Auto Theft Experts at Aamco Tempe AZ.

This speaker does not have a separate tweeter which means this will give you more bass than your average speaker. In fact, it’s got such deep base that an unexpected benefit was leaving windows cracked during summer! When someone with moderate hearing sits inside ‘my little world’, they can clearly understand conversation whether the windows are up or down– without turning up their TV volume by 25%.

This item also has one-year limited warranty on its purchase through Amazon, which serves as an intermediary between yourself and the manufacturer. The warranty protects against any defects in design, workmanship or materials of this item.

The GM Genuine Parts 19116641  Front Door Radio Speaker is manufactured by General Motors Corporation which has its headquarters in New York, USA. It is marketed as a device that can be purchased using Amazon Prime and will be shipped free of cost upon availability. The GM Genuine Parts 19116641  Front Door Radio Speaker dimensions are 6.5 x 4.1 x 3 inches which come in the color black to blend in with other components in your vehicle’s cockpit.

GM Genuine Parts 19116641 Front Door Radio Speaker is a great part to add for your car audio system. They are easy to install and you can save on some costs since these speakers have an affordable retail price tag. A good thing with these speakers is the way they look with aftermarket head-unit installation because they match all of my dash LEDs from other mods perfectly. One last


– Affordable price

– Easy to install

– High quality sound output sound with deep bass


– No tweeter

Kicker 43DSC4604 4×6″ 2-way Speaker Pair

The Kicker 43DSC4604 is a 2-way speaker system that uses a 4″ paper cone woofer and a half inch tweeter for smooth, rich sound. The larger sized magnet structure on these speakers allow for this efficient design while the rubberized mounting gaskets provide optimum acoustic seal to prevent air leakage from disrupting your music performance.

Both channels use an anomalous vented alignment in order to decrease distortion and enhance bass response. The crossover network ensures signal purity by cutting off frequencies above the top of its range so you will not hear any spurious sounds or noise that would otherwise distort your listening experience when playing either high or low notes.

This product was designed with versatility in mind: it can be easily installed in your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, ATV or even RV for the ultimate listening experience. It can be powered by an amplifier rated between 60 watts to 200 watts RMS so you will not have any problems matching it with the right hardware. The Kicker 43DSC4604 also comes with a 12dB/octave acoustic pad, a built-in DCF crossover and an aluminum grille that can resist any rough treatment on the road.

There is no question about the quality of this product: it uses great materials such as ABS plastic and aluminum which resists corrosion and rusting so you will be able to enjoy your music for many years before needing to buy replacements. It also withstands vibrations, moisture and extreme temperatures (ranging from -40°F to +176°F) for your peace of mind because you will not have to bother about it when driving through any type of weather.


– 2-way speaker system

– The larger sized magnet structure on

– Both channels use an anomalous vented alignment

– This product was designed with versatility in mind


– None

Phoenix Gold Speakers Review Benefits

Phoenix Gold Audio speakers are built to last long periods of time while maintaining their original clarity and sound quality like when they were first purchased. The company offers a one-year warranty on all of their speakers that covers manufacturer defects that may arise after purchase; this offer includes free parts or service if required to fix any problems that occur with the product during the warranty period.

Phoenix Gold Speakers Review

A key advantage of phoenix gold speakers is that they are available at a competitive price. The company also offers free shipping in the continental US which can save you money, but it’s always wise to complete your comparison shopping before making any decisions. Phoenix gold speakers come with an 18-month manufacturer warranty and lifetime no-hassle customer service which means you’ll get excellent customer care when you need it.

Phoenix Gold speakers are known to be one of the best in the market. They are, after all, the gold standard when it comes to automotive audio/video systems. They specialize in making high-quality products that can withstand any weather type or condition, which is why they’re ideal for car use. They also offer a wide range of products that would work for any budget, whether you’re looking for something affordable or something more luxurious and extravagant. Phoenix Gold manufactures their speakers with the latest technology, so you get what you pay for. The quality of their products is worth every penny.

Phoenix Gold is a company that prides themselves on having the best customer service in the industry. They pride themselves on their product and give you the best possible experience with your purchase. They’re here to serve you and more than happy to help with anything at any time. Phoenix Gold strives for excellence and offers many products for all of your needs, from car audio speakers to home theater speakers, they have it all at competitive prices.

Phoenix Gold Speakers Review

Phoenix Gold is a name synonymous with quality and excellence in the industry of car audio and home theater speakers. Phoenix Gold has been producing quality products for years and their products are available worldwide. Their American-made line is one of the world’s favorite lines of car audio equipment. The unique ability to produce all of their products in house allows for higher standards of quality control. Their engineers are constantly working on coming up with new groundbreaking designs that are both performance driven and aesthetically pleasing.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Phoenix Gold Speakers Review

Phoenix Gold Speakers are among the most popular.  It is important to know what to look for when buying your speakers, because it’s not an easy task.  There are many aspects of a good speaker that need to be considered before purchasing them.

Size and shape of your room

The size and shape of the room you will place your speakers in is very important in determining how much sound quality you will get out of them. A small room (or large area with low ceilings) might need smaller speakers with less power, while larger rooms (or areas with high ceilings) may require more powerful speakers capable of projecting sound over longer distances. It can be helpful to use software like Room EQ Wizard or Audiolense to get a better idea of how your speakers will perform in your room.

Phoenix Gold Speakers Review

Power and Impedance

Speakers put out different amounts of power depending on how much current they are given by their amplifier. Because each speaker has it’s own unique impedance, you should make sure that the amp can give enough power to your speakers while still being able to adequately drive your other speakers. Phoenix Gold speakers are known for their power rating, which is often too much for smaller amplifiers. To keep this from happening, you should get an amplifier with multiple channels so that the amp can handle several different speaker systems without any problems.

Speaker Placement

Different types of speakers will sound better when placed in different locations in a room. In-wall speakers, for example, will sound more full and rich if they are mounted at ear level with the surround facing downward. Speakers with a horn tweeter might sound brighter if they’re placed right next to the wall, while speakers meant for corner placement will sound best when located close to a corner. This is a topic that warrants a lot of research and testing on your own.

Subwoofer Crossover

Most amps have an adjustable crossover frequency, which determines how low the amplifier will send bass signals to the speakers. A high crossover frequency means that the low frequencies will be sent only to the subwoofer, while a lower frequency will allow the low frequencies to be sent to all speakers. Because Phoenix Gold speakers have high power ratings, it is usually best to engage a subwoofer crossover and set it as close to 100hz as possible.

Phoenix Gold Speakers Review


Phoenix Gold Speakers are popular among car audio enthusiasts, but their prices vary depending on the speaker type and power rating. In-wall speakers from Phoenix Gold will cost from $180 to $250 per pair, while in-ceiling models range from $200 to $500 each. Floor Standing models can cost as much as a grand apiece for top of the line speakers, while bookshelf models can go for a few hundred dollars each. Subwoofers from the company tend to cost between $500 and $700.

If you would like to know more about phoenix gold speakers, the following video will be helpful to you:

FAQs about Phoenix Gold Speakers Review

How do I connect my Phoenix Gold speaker to WIFI?

Phoenix Gold speakers can be connected to your home network with an ethernet cable or wireless connection. The optimal setting for most people would be using an ethernet cable.

How many watts does the Phoenix Gold speaker provide?

The watts will depend on the wattage of each frequency that is being played. A low frequency speaker can also play high frequencies so it might not be noted which frequency is playing at any given time because the volume may sound the same no matter what is playing. Phoenix Gold speakers provide 80 watts of total power output with performance that is unmatched in their size range.

What types of cables does Phoenix Gold Speaker use?

The cables that you will need for your Phoenix Gold Speakers depend on how you plan to connect your speakers. If you’re connecting via audio output, you’ll want to use an RCA cable. If you are connecting with Bluetooth to a mobile device you will want to use a 3.5mm stereo cable to provide the music signal.

Phoenix Gold Speakers Review

How do I set up my PC with Phoenix Gold Speakers?

Phoenix Gold speakers can be connected directly to a computer’s speaker jacks using the green 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cables or through the green microphone input jack by using a 3.5mm to 2×1/4 inch plug adapter which is included with all of our models.

Are Phoenix Gold speakers durable?

Phoenix Gold speakers are built to withstand the daily use that children typically put electronics through. The speakers are outfitted with steel grilles that protect drivers from little fingers, cups of water, and other mischievous things kids might get into. All of the products are designed to handle the daily rigors of life in a household with kids. You can rest assured knowing your peace-of-mind is part of every purchase you make at Phoenix Gold Speakers!


The Phoenix Gold speakers are for those who want to experience high-quality sound. The design is sleek, and the features are sure to impress even the most demanding of audiophiles. Overall, this speaker set is worth your consideration if you’re in the market for new audio equipment. We hope that this phoenix gold speakers review will help you in choosing your speakers.

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