Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review: What You Need To Know

When you think of the word “guitar”, what’s the first brand that comes to mind? Fender, Gibson, Martin? If so, then it’s time to broaden your horizons. There are a lot more guitar brands out there than just those three. One of these lesser-known companies is Oscar Schmidt. They have been around for over 100 years and they’re still going strong today! In this blog post, we‘re going to take a look at Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review. Let’s get started!

Oscar Schmidt guitars offer an affordable way to find your perfect instrument. With over 100 years of experience in crafting quality instruments, these guitars will help you take your playing skills up a notch without breaking the bank. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for something more advanced, we have what you need at prices that won’t break the bank!

Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review Reviews 2023

Oscar Schmidt OA10CE Mini Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar

The first thing you notice about this guitar is that it has a smaller body. It is perfect for people that prefer the feel of a full-sized neck but don’t want the bulk that comes with it. The next thing you’ll notice, is how well it sounds. The OA10CE mini auditorium acoustic/electric guitars are known for their more articulate sound which makes them perfect for finger-style playing.

This instrument can be used by both beginners and accomplished players. This is because of its smaller body and high quality design which makes it a versatile instrument. The Oscar Schmidt OA10CE Mini Auditorium Acoustic/Electric Cutaway Guitar also includes a gloss finish, active electronics, and a cutaway maple top among other great features. This guitar is available at a great price and it’s perfect for both beginners and professionals alike!


– Great for finger-style playing

– Ample supply of a tonal range

– Versatile instrument


– Can only be played on stage with an amp

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar – Spalted Maple

One of the most important aspects of any guitar is its sound. The OG2SM acoustic guitar offers a dreadnought style, spalted maple top, mahogany sides and back, high gloss finish, standard X bracing, and fully adjustable truss rod. Overall, this instrument might be the best when it comes to quality for the price.

The features that make this instrument so special are its construction and material quality. The OG2SM is well-built with high durability. It also has a fantastic finish which gives it an authentic look that many appreciate in guitars these days. Lastly, it has an even natural tone throughout all six strings which makes it standout amongst other guitars in this price range.”

The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar – Spalted Maple is a Dreadnought-style guitar that has a spalted maple top, Mahogany sides and back. It has a high gloss finish and a standard X bracing that makes it fully adjustable. The fingerboard and bridge are both made of rosewood. Weighing 3.03 pounds the dimensions measure 20 inches in length, 45 inches in width, and 7 inches in height. It is worth mentioning that this instrument is dropped by the manufacturer but can still be found on other stores such as amazon for resale at the moment.


-Solid Spalted Maple Top (Provides excellent clarity and volume)

-Mahogany Back & Sides (Keeps the guitar lightweight)

-High Gloss Finish (Protected with a clear coat of varnish, made it more durable)

-Standard X Bracing (Provides great sound quality for all strings)

-Fully Adjustable Truss Rod System (& prevents any future damages to the neck or fingerboard edges)


– None

Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Purchasing a Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is never a bad decision. It sounds great and the price is outstanding. This guitar is a perfect addition to any acoustic guitar collection for any level of player.

The tones produced by this particular guitar are very natural and warm, with a very bright tone to it as well. The bright tone is what makes this guitar extremely appealing because it often goes well with any genre of music where the guitars play a heavy role in the song. There’s also not one single complaint about the craftsmanship of this instrument; it’s all around solid, sturdy and durable.

The materials are among the best available on the market. The guitar has a Lindenwood top, mahogany back and sides, which are all high-quality materials that make this guitar inexpensive but still great in sound.


-It sounds great.

-The price is outstanding.

-The bright tone is what makes the guitar appealing with any genre of music where the guitars are heavily involved in the song.


-There’s not one single complaint about the craftsmanship, which is all around solid and durable.

Oscar Schmidt OG5 3/4-Size Kids Acoustic Guitar

See the feature above about the Oscar Schmidt OG5 3/4-Size Kids Acoustic Guitar. This is a guitar that is perfect for the young learner and would fit well in any classroom. The features on this guitar make it easy to learn and with its smaller size it is easier to carry around and enjoy wherever you go.

The Oscar Schmidt OG5 3/4 size guitar is a great and affordable guitar for beginners and children. This guitar has a smaller body and the neck is shorter making it easier for kids to play. The guitar also has a mahogany body and chrome hardware which provides a bright, clear sound. It comes in 4 colors which makes it really fun so kids can get the one they like best. The product also includes an instructional book, DVD, and polishing cloth so parents can teach their child how to play the guitar. Overall I think this product is great for young learners!


– Quality: This is a high quality guitar with a mahogany body and chrome hardware

– Durable: The durable construction of this guitar means it can last a long time and endure the wear and tear of playing

– Compact: Easy to carry around due to compact design


– Harder for adults to play: It may be too small or difficult for an adult’s hand. May not have enough room on the neck for all the fingers

– Kids may grow out of it quickly: If you’re buying this as a gift, know that they might grow out of it in just a few years

Oscar Schmidt OG2TBL-A-U Acoustic Guitar – Blue

The first thing you notice about this guitar is the blue color – a gorgeous, deep, rich blue. It’s a beautiful instrument with a six string neck, spruce top and catalpa back and sides. The neck has a rosewood fingerboard. The strings are steel and they’re arranged in an unusual way as they move from the left side of the guitar to the right side as you hold it. The sound of the guitars comes from an under-saddle pickup or, if you have it plugged into an amp, from a magnetic pickup at the end of the guitar’s neck.

You also get two strap buttons: one on the top and one on the bottom. Remember that this is a six-string guitar, but if you’re a beginner and it’s important to you to have nylon strings as opposed to metal ones, the good news is that this model comes with thin nylon strings. At first glance, their color looks silver, but upon closer inspection, you see they’re actually white. They are thin and manageable to work with. One of the most impressive things about this guitar is its incredibly low price tag considering that it’s made by a high-end manufacturer.

I know you’ll agree that, based on this instrument’s features and its great sound, it’s easy to see why it has received such rave reviews. There is something very special about this guitar. It’s a good-looking guitar and it gives you a great sound. If you play very softly, this guitar responds beautifully with a mellow tone. If you’re strumming hard, the tone is bright and clear. The action on this instrument is excellent. It can take some time for a beginner to get accustomed to the six string neck. The bottom line is that, for the money you pay, this guitar gives you a nice sound and look. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything better in its price range. It’s definitely worth buying.


– Looks good with deep blue color

– Sound is mellow for soft playing, bright and clear strumming

– Neck action is excellent; great for beginners

– Six string neck takes some time to get used to

– Has both strap buttons, one on top and one on bottom


– Some reviewers say the color looks black rather than blue in low light.

Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review Benefits

The Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review is a musical instrument that comes in various designs. The guitar produces a sound that is rich and beautiful, which draws many people to it. It has eleven string units that are diverse in length. One of the main benefits of this particular guitar is that you can play it while sitting down. This feature makes the task of tinkering with notes easier for beginners because they don’t have to prefer on their feet or stand up while playing it.

Another benefit of the Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review is that it has a very simple design. In fact, you may say that this specific guitar has one of the most simplistic designs of all time. A lot of people who are interested in playing musical instruments state that this particular model is easy to use and understand. To learn how to play it, you don’t need any music lessons.

Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review

A third advantage of the Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review is that it gives you various options when it comes to buying it. It ranges in prices, which gives many people an option that will fit into their budget. Although the price for this particular product may not be affordable by all, there are still lower cost options that you can choose from.

Another benefit of the Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review is that it has a very good sound. The sound quality of this instrument is great, which makes the process of playing music even more enjoyable. This instrument also comes with a lot of accessories, such as picks for your fingers, straps to carry it on your shoulder, and other necessary equipment.

Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review

• Produces a rich and beautiful sound

• Can be played while sitting down

• Simple design that is easy to use and understand

• Comes in various prices which will fit into most budgets

• Has a very good sound quality from the unit itself

Factors To Consider When Choosing Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review

Choosing an Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review can be a difficult task. There are many different models, designs, prices, and features that you need to consider before making your decision.

Here are some of the most important factors to think about when choosing this product.

• Know Your Budget: One of the first things you need to do is create a list of all your priorities in order from the most expensive item on top down to the least expensive item at the bottom. This will give you an idea as well as what you can afford and what your budget should be for each category. Figure out which guitar will fit into those categories and then start looking for one that will work in your budget.

• Know Your Needs: Another important factor to think about is what you are going to use the guitar for. Do you want it for professional purposes? Or do you just want one to play around with at home? The two factors above will help determine this, but knowing where and how you plan on using it will help you find a model that has the features that will work for you.

Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review

• Know Your Style: The third factor to consider when choosing an Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review is what style of guitar do you want. There are different models and designs available in the market, which enable buyers to choose one according to their preferred design and style. If you like the traditional guitar design, you should choose one that looks like a regular acoustic. If you like the electric guitar, then go for an electric model which has more features and functions than the traditional ones.

• Know Your Features: The fourth factor to consider when choosing an Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review is the number of features it offers. A high quality unit will give you many features that let you adjust the sound to your liking. For example, it should have an independent volume control so you can adjust the sound of each string independently. This way, you won’t sacrifice one trim for another which will allow you to play music more precisely than before.

• Know Your Warranty: Finally, when choosing an Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review you should also consider the warranty that comes with it. Even though most of these units come with a standard one year warranty, make sure they offer a longer warranty period in case there is any defect in the unit. This will give the buyer peace of mind knowing that their investment is truly protected and they can replace or repair the unit without having to worry about the cost involved.

FAQs about Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review

– Is the Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review durable?

Durability is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing an Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review. You want a product that will last for many years, especially if it’s pricey. Here are some things to pay attention to in order to make sure what you buy will be durable: quality of the material, length of the warranty offered by the company, amount of care needed for maintenance, etc.

– What type of warranty does this come with?

The warranty is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review. You want a product that you know is protected and has a long warranty to ensure it lasts for many years and doesn’t break or fail on you. The variety of warranties depends on the company and the type of product that you purchase, but they typically last 1-5 years.

– Are Oscar Schmidt guitars high quality?

Yes, they are, and many people notice the difference.

The quality of Oscar Schmidt guitars is getting better and better every year. There is a vast selection made with high-quality materials that give them warmth and produce a richer sound than most other acoustic guitars on the market today. Even newcomers to music can appreciate the craftsmanship and feel it almost immediately when they start playing for themselves for the first time.

– What is the price range for an Oscar Schmidt guitar?

The price range for an Oscar Schmidt guitar will depend on the model, design, and features it offers. On average, Oscar Schmidt guitars are about $1000. But some of them can be as low as $200 or $300 while others may cost more than $4000. It really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of sound quality and other features that interested you most.

– Can I take these anywhere with me on vacation or to a party without carrying it around my shoulder or arm like other guitars?

Certainly you can – the secret is guitar straps. Guitar straps are meant to free your arms while playing so that they’re not too bulky for you to carry around on your thigh, on your back, or just in between your neck and looped over one of your shoulders. You’ll be surprised at how easy it becomes to play while you have a couple of these strapped securely in place!

– What will my child need to learn how to play an OSCAR SCHMIDT Guitar?

You’ll need a basic understanding of music – specifically reading sheet music – along to start playing for yourself or others. All other aspects like what kind of instrument should be purchased or how much practice needs should also depend on their interests and talents as well as your budget.

Oscar Schmidt Guitar Review

– Is there any restriction on how much weight can be put on top of this guitar when sitting down while playing it?

Acoustic guitars do not need a special stand to sit on. Many acoustic guitar players wedge the edge of the base part of the body against their thigh and anchor their arm across it. In this way, they can play all day without fatigue from lifting or holding an instrument that weighs far less than many other types of stringed instruments or brass instruments.


If you’re looking for a high-quality guitar that will last, then Oscar Schmidt guitars are an excellent choice. They offer many different models and styles of acoustic guitars with various features to fit your individual needs. Whether you want one of these instruments for yourself or someone else, the price range is affordable and there’s something available in every budget! Just make sure the guitar you choose is made of quality material with good reviews, and it can last you a lifetime.

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