Ortofon VNL Cartridge Reviews – Best DJ Cartridge For You To Consider

A cartridge is a device that converts the physical movement of the stylus into an electrical signal, which in turn creates sound. The stylus is what actually plays your records and transfers vibrations from the record to a magnetized needle. The Ortofon VNL Cartridge has been engineered for precise tracking with low surface noise. 

 The Ortofon VNL Cartridge also features a natural and transparent tonal balance, together with excellent channel separation. So if you’re looking for something to bring out all the detail in your records without sounding too clinical, then this product might be just what you’re after!

Here are our detailed reviews of the Ortofon VNL Cartridge in 2023. Let’s check it out!

Ortofon VNL Cartridge Review

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The Ortofon VNL is a premium, high-performance cartridge that was developed for the ultimate vinyl experience. It offers the classic Ortofon HFN profile, making it an excellent option for DJs who require using neutral-sounding needles.

The design of this needle promises to be an asleep friendlier alternative to competitors and has a fine elliptical diamond stylus that produces crystal clear sound quality. The low starting resistance allows for easy tracing on any groove type and will work well with most phono inputs on amplifiers, receivers, or disc players. Also, the high compatibility with most turntables helps to make this needle an attractive option when shopping for a brand new cartridge.

Many music professionals claim the Ortofon VNL to be one of the best cartridges that money can buy and, in doing so, ensures only the finest quality vinyl playback. The Ortofon VNL cartridge is a dream come true for all those who love vinyl.

The sound quality was the actual test; however – it initially drew me towards this product. I decided to compare it with a similar cartridge that I’d used in the past – my results were pretty surprising! Ortofon is certainly far superior in sound quality, particularly with volume, if you’re interested in seeing whether or not the VNL cartridge is right for you.

The VNL series has been widely popular and is praised as the first cartridge to give an affordable, high-fi sound. It delivers an excellent transient response with solid bass reproduction. The stylus offers improved tracking of grooves for less distortion and noise than other lower caliber models in that price range.

The tonal qualities of the sound are excellent, and it is easy to listen for extended periods. Its durability is impressive as well, as it has been reported that VN’s will easily last years without degradation in performance. The stylus system makes for easy replacement as well. This cartridge comes highly recommended to those who want a mid-grade cartridge at a reasonable price.


  • Affordable price
  • Noise-canceling
  • More consistent sound quality
  • Produces a better bass sound
  • Can use it with any amplifier


  • Lower frequency response

Outstanding  Features & Benefits Of Ortofon VNL Cartridge

ortofon vnl


The incredible thing that stands out about the Ortofon VNL Cartridge is how beautiful it looks: its matte black body and iconic stylus make it look like something straight out of a Spaghetti-Western. Yes, you could say we’re geeking over this cartridge just as much as we would if it were a figurine of R2-D2.

The cartridge also comes with a couple of adapters for moving it from a headshell to a standard mount or even an Ortofon S-shaped tonearm so you can swap it out easily without having to get one made just for this model. 

Sound Quality

The cartridge is designed to provide clear, accurate sound reproduction with less distortion. It also has a low tracking force requirement which means less damage to your records during play and better skip resistance. The Ortofon VNL Cartridge is an excellent solution for any DJ, musician, or sound engineer that wants more than just the classic design of needles at their disposal; it’s one cartridge that can be used in almost any application.

Noise Floor

The Ortofon VNL is designed specifically for DJ use and offers all of the features that any professional DJ would want in their cartridge. It has an extremely low noise floor which means that it doesn’t pick up as much background noise as other cartridges. This helps ensure your mixes are cleaner sounding and more accurate.


The Ortofon VNL has an elliptical stylus that provides better channel separation and definition in the high frequencies without sacrificing bass response or record wear. The stylus can be easily replaced when worn out by simply unscrewing two screws on the backside of the tonearm; this will allow you to replace it with another readily available stylus type if desired.

The stylus can be replaced when needed, so you don’t have to replace the entire unit if it gets worn down or damaged- change out the stylus! This makes this cartridge a very cost-effective solution from one purchase point of view while still being able to offer upgrades as the stylus wears over time. If you’re looking for a high-end cartridge with all of the features that make it perfect for DJs, then look no further than this.

Here is the clip that can help you know how to uninstall, install, and replace a cartridge:

All Aspects You Need To Consider When To Buy A Ortofon VNL Cartridge


The VNL comes in two versions: one for heavy use like DJing or scratch mixing and another with an extra-loud output level for club DJs who need to play over the speakers loud enough to be heard through all that bass coming from the dance floor.


ortofon vnl

The design of the cartridge is a little different from other cartridges on the market because it features a nude elliptical diamond stylus with an offset cantilever that cancels out any vibration coming from the record player itself. This means you won’t have to worry about background noise or distortion as long as you use this cartridge! It’s also designed to provide the best sound quality possible, and it’s a perfect option for those who want a more refined listening experience. 

Sound Quality

The sound from the VNL Cartridge is very warm, especially in its lower frequencies. You can hear the bass all over your records, but it’s never overwhelming or distorted. The higher frequencies are clear and don’t bother you with sharp tones that make you want to stop listening altogether. It’s perfect if you have a box full of old vinyl records that need a good cleaning to sound almost as good as they did when you first bought them.

You can also use it for lighter listening if you still want that vinyl-on-vinyl sound without the pops and ticks coming through your speakers. However, considering its price tag, you might be better off with a cheaper model for casual listeners.

The Ortofon VNL Cartridge is a good choice for DJs or anyone who wants to hear the warmth of vinyl without having to deal with background noise. It’s also great if you have stacks of records that need a good cleaning before you can even consider playing them again. If you want to hear your records like they would have sounded in the 60s and 70s, this is one of the best budget options on the market.

Music Type

What type of music do you usually play? If it’s hip-hop or other heavy bass styles, then your needle will wear out much more quickly, and you should buy a lightweight stylus for this purpose. If it is dance and techno, then you’ll want to go with either a spherical diamond tip (SDT) or an elliptical diamond tip (EDT).

Remember that if you’re playing vinyl records on turntables, your mat needs to withstand high amounts of friction. This means that felt mats are not recommended because they wear out very quickly when used over time. Rubber mats work very well for these purposes, and they’re probably all you’ll ever need.


It would be best if you considered how much you are willing to spend on a DJ cartridge. If your budget is tight, then it’s best to start with something cheaper. Most entry-level cartridges should be fine for professional use.


Ortofon is a Danish company that has been around since 1918 and produces everything from DJ equipment to audiophile-grade cartridges. The VNL (vinyl natural leather) is their newest cartridge, and it’s designed for those who want the warmth of vinyl without the pops, clicks, and surface noise associated with playing records. It also has a special stylus made out of diamond-coated boron nitride, which will last for years as long as you keep your records clean.

Our Recommend For Other DJ Cartridge

Ortofon Concorde MK2 DJ Twin Cartridge

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Before blue and white and who is your daddy, vinyl was king. Vinyl records still present a great deal of sonic diversity for DJs. Pressing the needle on the record also has an effect on how you hear what’s playing as there is some feedback from the tonearm to microphone placement. All these elements come together to create classic mixes that only come alive through vinyl playback systems. A new era in mixing with clubs can be had at home, too, with high-quality DJ cartridges like those made by Ortofon Concorde MK2 DJ Twin Cartridges.

The cartridge matches its brother, the MK25 (Moving Coil), and crowns it as one of their top tunes that provide excellent sound reproduction but won’t break the bank either way. It’s a part of their new Concorde DJ Twin Series that has been redesigned to be lighter, faster, and better-looking. The stylus is replaceable, so you don’t have to buy the whole unit when the needle gets to worn out or broken. One can also accurately adjust tracking force which makes it ideal for scratch DJs who want to treat themselves to a high-quality cartridge.

The Ortofon MK2 DJ Twin has exceptional sound reproduction even at higher frequencies, which is great for DJs who are always looking for more remixes on their vinyl collections. It’s also very sensitive with lower mass, so it’ll provide warmer sounds over long periods. With the perfect combination of the two, you’ll be able to hear just about everything that’s on your vinyl while creating tracks and remixes.

The design of this cartridge is very smooth, has a low weight, and looks stylish even when you’re not playing music. It also guarantees 100% sound neutrality. There is no need for any screwdrivers or tools needed for the installation and replacement of the stylus.

Just like the MK25 Concorde, it’s a part of their Twin Series that is compatible with other parts in their cartridge range. The design has already been tested and used by world-famous DJs such as Carl Cox and David Guetta. For the DJ who loves vinyl playback systems but doesn’t want to spend too much, the Ortofon Concorde MK2 DJ Twin is your best bet.


  • Noise-canceling
  • Easy installation 
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Produce great bass sound


  • A bit pricey

Audio-Technica AT-VM95E Dual Moving Magnet Turntable Cartridge

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The Audio-Technica AT-VM95E dual moving magnet turntable cartridge is designed for use with standard half-inch mount turntables. The VM95 family represents the evolution of the Audio-Technica flagship magnetic cartridge series. The production of this high-quality type II or low output moving magnet design dates back to 1977, when it was introduced as a replacement for the AT91R.

The Audio-Technica AT-VM95E dual moving magnet cartridge offers a solidly balanced sound while being very affordable. The VM line from Audio-Technica is an excellent choice for DJs and vinyl enthusiasts who like to scratch or sample because the vibrations are much less detectable than with other cartridges.

The Technics SP10 may not feel like a high-end turntable when compared next to the Clearaudio Ovation XX2 and Townshend Rock 7 III, but it doesn’t come cheap either. If you’re on a tight budget, these tables will definitely do the job and give you a sense of how good your vinyl collection sounds.

The cartridge itself is a dual moving magnet type which is perfect for beginners and DJs. Dynamic cartridges tend to be the preferred choice among audiophiles, but they’re more expensive and require additional equipment like pre-amps and amplifiers. This cartridge will provide you with excellent sound quality, and it’s easy to use and set up.

The Technics is a classic, and it doesn’t get any more vintage than this. If you want to find out how good your vinyl collection really sounds, the SP-10 is an excellent choice. The sound quality is incredible, even compared next to modern turntables, and using the AT-VM95E cartridge will give you outstanding performance.

On the downside, this cartridge requires occasional maintenance to keep sounding its best; however, at this price, it would be easy to buy another if needed!


  • Friendly-budget
  • Produce well-defined bass
  • Easy to use and assemble 
  • Appropriate for mixing and scratching 


  • Require occasional maintenance

Ortofon OM Pro S Single Pack – 1 x DJ Cartridge

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The new Ortofon OM Pro S Single Pack is a phono-cartridge body only of the company’s top-quality, DJ favorite Pro series of cartridges. This cartridge allows for accurate sound reproduction with fast-tracking abilities to perfectly cover various vinyl fabrications. The brand has been praised by DJs all over the world, even being featured in rapper Kanye West’s music video “All Falls Down.”

Among other great features are excellent stylistic versatility– allowing it to be used on any turntable arm compliant with P mount or 4mm spacings– and sonic consistency due to its dual magnet design, which provides an extended frequency range without sacrificing bass weight or tightness in the track.

This Audio Technica AT95E cartridge has a Grado Prestige Blue stylus and outputs at 5.0mV. This versatile cartridge is perfect for any DJ but works perfectly on modern or older record players as well. Many attest that it’s one of the best cartridges under $100, adding clarity to one’s sound with its special elliptical diamond tip. It functions best when used on a standard mount turntable, not compatible with P-mounts. In short, it’s a great all-purpose cartridge that’s ideal for home or professional use.

 You can rely on this DJ cartridge to provide detailed reproductions of your mixes. It delivers excellent tracking, making it perfect for heavy use at the club or in any live performance situation. The Ortofon OM Pro S Single Pack includes 1 x DJ Cartridge and comes with a warranty that will cover replacements should anything happen to the stylus. It has an exceptional signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio, which ensures nothing is lost when playing digitally recorded music files.

This prevents distortion and crosstalk between channels so you’ll enjoy crisp sound quality without listening fatigue, ensuring you go home feeling good about what you do! With this phono cartridge, there’s no need to set up anti-skating adjustment.

It features a “snap-in” cartridge shell that makes installing the cartridge easy and fast. In addition, it has a tracking force of 1.75 grams and an impedance of 47 kilohms. Its elliptical diamond stylus offers highly accurate sound reproduction while protecting your vinyl records from damage and groove wear! The Ortofon OM Pro S Single Pack comes with a 12-month production warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Affordable price
  • Spherical-shaped needle
  • Strong suspension system
  • Suit all music genres


  • Not found

FAQs about Ortofon VNL Cartridge

ortofon vnl

What is the frequency range of Ortofon VNL Cartridge?

The Ortofon VNL Cartridge operates at a frequency range of 15Hz to 50kHz. This means it can produce a variety of sounds, from high notes to low ones. It can deliver impeccable sound in the entire audible spectrum.

What is the difference in speed between a turntable and a CD player with an Ortofon VNL Cartridge attached?

The turntable technically can go slower, but you would never need it. The tonearm guides the stylus back to start playing any seconds or minutes later exactly where it left off, so there’s no gap in your music when you shut down your turntable or switch discs. The needle will also wear down much more quickly due to the small size of the groove.

What are the differences between Ortofon VNL Cartridge versus others when only plugged into computer speakers or headphones?

Ortofon VNL Cartridge is designed for use with connecting to computers, sound cards, and other outputs. It has a frequency range of 15Hz to 50kHz as well as a tracking force of 1.25 grams and compliance of 20×10-6 cm/dyne. Ortofon VNL Cartridge can reproduce audio files in great detail without distorting them because the stylus’s contact with the groove is more precise and accurate.

Closing Thought About Ortofon VNL Cartridge

ortofon vnl

Ortofon VNL is a high-performance cartridge designed for the demanding needs of today’s audiophiles. It has been developed to recreate all musical nuances with utmost accuracy and realism. The Ortofon VNLA features an elliptical diamond stylus, which delivers accurate tracking and channel separation.  

It also features a very low cut-off frequency response, making it well suited to reproduce deep bass notes without sacrificing clarity in the midrange frequencies. The result is exceptional sound at any volume level – much like listening to live music or your favorite compact disc recording! Read on for more details about this outstanding product and others from the world’s leading manufacturers of quality audio equipment.

Thank you for reading this far! We hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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