Memphis Speakers Reviews – Why You Should Invest In New Equipment!

Our Memphis speakers reviews will introduce to you the best speakers on the market. They have been reviewed by many people and they all agree that these speakers are amazing! You can’t go wrong with this purchase.

These speakers will make your music sound better than ever before, and they’re perfect for any occasion. Whether you want to listen to some tunes while cooking dinner or enjoy a concert in your living room, these speakers will provide an incredible experience for everyone involved! 

Check out our reviews below!

Memphis Speakers Reviews 2024

Memphis Audio 15-MCX6

The Memphis Audio 15-MCX6 is a great option for those looking for high-quality speakers. It has a 1 spot frequency response and full, extended bass notes that will allow you to feel the power of the music. 

These speakers also include a tweeter protection feature that will prevent you from harm when using or transporting them, as well as an RMS Output (watts) of 50/ Peak Capacity of 100/speaker, which is ideal for individuals who enjoy listening to music with a lot of instruments.

These speakers are simple to install in your car, plus they include an M-Clip bridge attachment option so that you can carry your setup with you wherever you go. These speakers have Ten-ounce magnets and therefore are easy to set up. They have great power, good bass performance, and are simple to deploy.

This speaker is designed for people who are in need of something that is compact and easy to use. The drivers in the speakers are magnetically shielded to ensure that they work effectively without any interference. 

Because it does not require external power, it may be simply attached to a car, RV, or boat. This product was designed with the M-Clip Crossover Attachment Mechanism in mind, which allows for easy assembly in confined places.

The mounting depth of this speaker is 2.5 inches which makes it easy to install in small places. It has a 10 oz magnet size for improved performance when it comes to clarity and output sound quality. 

Each speaker has an RMS output of fifty watts and a Peak Power (w) of one hundred watts. It’s a two-way passive bridge featuring tweeter protection, which means more average power and no speaker damage.

With its M-Clip bridge attachment method, this speaker enables fast and easy mounting on the front of your vehicle. It features a tweeter protector to keep it from getting damaged while you’re using or moving it.

We would recommend this speaker to anyone who is looking for something compact and simple. With its shielded magnetic drivers, it will allow the user to have a clear and crisp sounding sound.


– 1 spot frequency response

– 10 oz magnet size 

– Tweeter protection and a two-way passive crossover


– Mounting depth of 2.5 inches which makes it difficult to install in small places

Memphis Audio PRX1044

Memphis Audio PRX1044 is well constructed and rigid to any pressure applied from outside forces. The stand is wider than the standard which helps support the speaker’s sound better. 

It also allows for a better connection with the base of the stand for ease of tuning. The speaker has a metal reflective paper cone that provides a reliable service in exposed environments. 

The heat sinks help regulate heat buildup within the speaker and prevent it from reaching a dangerous range. 

However, one con that I found about this product is that it needs a deeper installation into a vehicle or home which can be difficult to do without damaging the walls from drilling holes in them. This would be my only complaint about this product.

The speaker has a 2-inch voice coil, which enables efficient diaphragms & magnet designs. It also features a ported magnetic design that increases low-frequency response.

Furthermore, the speaker includes a new heat sink structure that helps to manage heat accumulation inside the speaker and keep it from exceeding harmful levels. The speaker features a deep design that allows for a five-inch depth of installation.

Furthermore, the paper cone, as well as a double-stitched rubber surround with a strengthened spider arm featuring a subwoofer cover, ensure dependable service in exposed situations.

This product is worth every penny! It’s easy to install and use. The product does not have any issues or complications after proper installation. The speaker works well with factory-installed speakers that are installed in the car or home theater system.

This speaker is perfect for upgrading your sound to a dual 10-inch powered subwoofer with exceptional performance. It delivers steady service with a peak output of 500 watts along with an RMS power of 250 watts.

This speaker also has a two-inch voice coil design, as well as high-efficiency diaphragms as well as magnet structures for maximum performance. This speaker has a spider arm reinforcement and a paper cone with a double-stitched rubber ring that protects the subwoofer.

Furthermore, this speaker is suitable with a five-inch attachment depth, has a compact design, and even a pushrod on the front that makes it very easy to handle!

Overall, Memphis Audio PRX1044 is the best 10-inch subwoofer speaker on the market! We highly recommend it to anyone looking for a speaker for their car or home theater system.


– Reliable service in exposed environments

– Works well with factory-installed speakers that are installed in the car or home theater system

– Push pole in front of the speaker makes it easy to carry 


– Needs a deeper installation into the vehicle, can be difficult to do without damaging walls

Memphis Audio PRX6903

The Memphis Audio PRX6903 is a coaxial speaker with a three-way design. It features a polyurethane surround and PEI tweeter. This speaker has a sensibility of 90dB and has a mounting depth of 3″. It also comes with a black-on-black design. 

One of the most important parts of the Memphis Audio PRX6903 is that it includes a magnet size of 14oz and a grill included.

It’s also a 6inch x 9inch three-way speaker, which is an important feature. The three-way design ensures that no matter what sort of music you’re listening to, you’ll receive a terrific sound with these speakers! It amplifies the music and improves the sound quality of other types of speakers.

The price is low but the quality of the speakers is great. The black-on-black design really sets Memphis apart from other manufacturers with this type of design. It makes the car look more classy and feel upscale with the sound it delivers after installation.

The 3-way speaker is also very simple to install so you do not need any special tools or skills to install them either. You can easily install these Memphis Audio PRX6903 speakers in less than an hour. It’s very simple to do and not hard at all.

They are durable speakers that last long through time. You don’t need to change out the speaker for a very long time because it will survive all throughout the years no matter how many times you get in your car and turn on the music. These speakers will go a very long time for you no matter how much force you put into them!

You can easily connect these Memphis Audio PRX6903 speakers to an amp, receiver, or another source of power through a simple RCA cable or AUX cord. It’s easy to add more deepness to the bass so you get a clearer sound out of these speakers because of the amp or receiver.

The price is low for these speakers and they are very affordable for many people that want to change up their car audio system. The ratings are very high on these speakers too which makes it even better! People say that they are some of the best speakers they have ever owned.

You also don’t need to worry about the power they put out because it’s very powerful and sounds excellent. It makes you want to turn up the volume as high as possible, which is what you would want with any speaker system! 

These Memphis Audio speakers are affordable and provide a very loud sound that you will enjoy for a very long time.


– These speakers are really affordable which makes it nice for people who love music and want to upgrade their car sound system!

– Easy to install with no special tools needed or skills required.

– If the speaker is properly installed then they will last long through time because of how durable they are.

– This product has good ratings due to its really powerful sound


– It doesn’t fit in every car so you have to make sure the size is right for your car before purchasing

Memphis Audio PRX603

The Memphis Audio PRX603 is indeed a speaker system that has been developed to provide dependable and efficient performance. This is demonstrated by the 100 watts of power available from this speaker system, which may be used in a variety of automotive applications.

Because of the rubber surround, it also offers more protection. The PEI dome speaker allows for a broader dispersion pattern and is dependable in most automobiles in need of an audio update.

One thing we like about this speaker set is the design. The sleek design with red accents will surely improve the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle’s audio system. 

Another thing we like about this speaker is that it can be mounted in many different ways, not just one way. This makes it versatile and you can install it however you want to optimize its performance depending on your preference.

This speaker set is a great choice for those who want to upgrade their audio system and give a better sound performance without the need to spend too much, as the price of this unit is quite reasonable. This speaker set is also easy to install and doesn’t require any advanced knowledge on car accessories in order for you to do it.

Another thing that makes this speaker set stand out among others is that it can deliver the frequencies it promises, making it one of the best mid-range speaker sets. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sound quality and you’ll never regret investing in this unit because it’s worth every penny.

Not to mention that this speaker set has an integrated tweeter which is why it can deliver crisp and clear sound quality. You’ll never get tired of hearing the tone played by this unit because it’s quite enjoyable, assuming that you’re not particular with heavy bass. 

The highs are also nice but could be better so if you want to have a more balanced sound performance, you might want to look for a unit that can deliver more bass.

This speaker set will surely provide good value for your money as it gives you the performance promised in its description. You’ll never have to worry about sound quality as this is one of the selling points of the Memphis Audio PRX603 speaker set. 

If you consider the power and flexibility that this unit offers as well as the good price, there is no reason why you should not invest in this speaker set.

Overall, this speaker set is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a multi-directional speaker. The design is also one of the things that make it stand out among others which will definitely catch your attention.

We’re sure that you’ll love Memphis Audio PRX603 as much as we do, especially now that they offer an integrated tweeter that can deliver crisp and clear sound. This is a great choice if you want value for your money because it’s affordable yet powerful enough to support various types of musical genres.


– Compact design with impressive features  

– Efficient and reliable power  

– Worth every penny


– Doesn’t deliver heavy bass  

Memphis Audio PRX46

The Memphis Audio PRX46 is a four-inch by six-inch speaker that offers incredible performance. The sound is dispersed at a wider angle and the performance is superb with peaks at 100 watts & thirty watts RMS. 

It also includes PEI dome speakers for improved audio quality and a protective leather surround. These speakers are ideal for improving your music system or car and making your driving experience more enjoyable.

One great thing that is being pointed out about this product is the performance. The sound quality coming from these speakers is better than expected and reviewers are loving it. It gives more highs, lows, and mids even at maximum volume. 

They are also found to be a great solution for upgrading your audio system or vehicle without having to spend too much on new speaker systems. For an even better experience, pairing these speakers with an amp or subwoofer will provide you a full-range sound.

One thing we like about these speakers is the power behind them. They are 100 watts peak power and 30 watts RMS that can definitely push sound loud enough for any type of music. 

Another thing we like about this speaker is the surrounding material. PU leather makes perfect protection to avoid any damages from weather or car accidents.

Moreover, these speakers are compatible with most audio systems and vehicles, as long as the original vehicle has a four-inch by six-inch space. No need to change out your factory system. It also comes in black making it easy to match aftermarket head units or interiors.

We find that a couple of customers have also noticed how good it is at reducing excess noise. The whole car feels more spacious and drivers are able to hear the music even when the windows are closed with no problems. They say it’s like having headphones on but as if they’re outside the car.

However, some reviewers point out that pairing these with just a head unit without an amplifier might not bring out its full potential which makes it something up to the buyer’s discretion whether or not to invest in one. 

What we can take from this is that investing in new speaker systems is never a bad idea. It can help upgrade your current system and it might even improve your overall driving experience. Doing so will not only enhance the sound quality but might also reduce excess outside noise to provide you with an enjoyable trip wherever you may be headed.

Overall, we believe that investing in new equipment is always a good idea. A speaker system upgrade can definitely bring out the best of your audio system and we highly recommend this product as it has already proven to be reliable and of incredible quality. 


– Carries a 100-watt peak power and thirty watt RMS 

– High-performance speakers that are perfect for any type of music 

– PEI dome speakers give better sound quality 

– The polyurethane surround provides protection to prevent damage


– May need an amplifier to bring its full potential 

Memphis Speakers Benefits 

A brand new pair of speakers can really make a difference in your life. When you upgrade to better audio equipment, you’ll notice that it heightens your sense of hearing and helps you enjoy the music more than before. 

memphis speakers reviews

It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to classical or hip-hop; when your speakers are top-notch, they’ll deliver an amazing experience every time. And because different types of music have different frequencies, there’s no one type of speaker that will work for everything. That means that investing in quality gear is always worth it! 

The best part is that companies like Memphis Audio offer generous deals on their products all year round so there’s never been a better time to invest in some new sound!

• Higher quality sound

• Better hearing experience

• Fun to upgrade the speakers

• Makes any room come alive with music

Factors To Consider When Choosing Memphis Speakers

Everyone knows that a good sound system can make all the difference when it comes to creating an unforgettable event. It can add life and energy to your party, provide high-quality audio for your business presentations, or just give you something nice to listen to while you’re working on that big project at home. 

But what if your budget is tight? Or what if you don’t know much about this stuff and aren’t sure where to start looking? If so, then this article will show you some of the factors which need consideration in order to find Memphis Speakers for sale today! 

Use Purpose

First and foremost, you should think about what exactly it is that you want to use your Memphis Speakers for. Do you plan on using them in a large venue such as a church or school auditorium where they’ll need to fill an entire room with sound? Or do you plan on using them for a smaller venue, such as your home or a party? 

memphis speakers reviews

After all, it makes no sense to buy a powerful sound system if you’re going to be using it only in a small space.


In addition to this, you should think about how much money you have to spend. Are you looking for Memphis Speakers for a budget, or do you have large pockets and want only the best in sound quality? 

Sure, it may be tempting to try to get the most expensive speakers possible, but this usually isn’t necessary. In fact, many people choose to go with well-rated speakers in the $500 range for this reason!

Reviews & Brands

Of course, you should also consider checking reviews and brands. How do Memphis Speakers compare to the competition? 

For example, if you’re looking to buy new speakers for your home stereo system, take a look at some of the best brands in the industry today. 

memphis speakers reviews

Brands such as Bose, Behringer, and Yamaha have a tremendous amount of experience in this industry and you know that you’re getting a great product when you buy from them.

New Vs Used

Also, it may be a good idea to consider buying new Memphis Speakers overused speakers. Of course, this will typically cost you more, but you’ll get a warranty and know for certain that they haven’t been heavily used before.

Remember, the right sound system can make all the difference. By taking some time to really think about what you need and which factors are more important than others, you’ll be able to find great Memphis Speakers for your business or event.

Buying Place

Finally, you should buy Memphis Speakers in the place which is most convenient for you. Where do you plan on buying them? Do you want to shop online or head down to your local electronics store and pick them up in person? 

Sure, many people prefer driving to their local stores so they can check out all of the speakers in person, but this may not be possible for everyone.

Check out this video for better visualization:

FAQs about Memphis Speakers

Can You Move These Memphis Speakers If They Are Not Mounted To A Wall Or Ceiling?

Yes, these speakers are portable. They’ll need the supplied keyholes to mount them on a separate bracket to hang upside down from ceilings or walls.

Keep in mind that the speakers are designed to be mounted, but if you want flexibility, they can always be used conventionally.

Can I Take My Speakers On An Airplane When Traveling Overseas?

Yes, these speakers are FAA approved specifically for “carry-on luggage”.

memphis speakers reviews

Along with the power pack and cables, they’ll be perfect to take along on your trip. Just make sure that nobody takes them out of the bag or knocks them over, knocking loose one of those tiny little parts inside.

What Makes Memphis Speakers Different From Other Brands?

Memphis Speakers simply does an excellent job of making budget speakers sound phenomenal. 

They offer one of the best values for what you’ll get in terms of both quality and price, which is why they’ve made lists like “Best Budget Speakers” in publications like Gear Patrol and Wirecutter, not to mention it’s the overwhelming majority of customer reviews on sites like Amazon.

Are Memphis Speakers Versatile?

Memphis Speakers are entirely versatile. Memphis offers the first truly all-in-one series of speakers, with some models working as desktop speakers, others as wall mounts/speakers, and some even working as both at the same time.

Most importantly, they are also surprisingly compact for what you’re getting in terms of performance, meaning that they are easily able to fit into any space large or small without causing clutter. Plus many models can be placed outside too!

Are There Any Disadvantages To Buying A Memphis Speaker First Hand Or Online?

If you’re considering buying a Memphis Speaker first-hand or online, we recommend trying to audition it somewhere before purchasing it. If you cannot try out the speaker before investing in it, be sure to ask the retailer about returns and warranties if something happens. 

memphis speakers reviews

It’s important not to mistake speakers’ impedance ratings for power handling capabilities when deciding where they’ll be placed in your home. 


If you’re looking for the best sound and speaker system in Memphis, then our Memphis speakers reviews recommend that you invest in a new speaker. The audio equipment industry is constantly changing and there are always better speakers on the horizon. 

That’s why it’s worth investing now to get ahead of your competition with top-of-the-line gear today! 

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