How To Wear A Guitar Strap For Comfort And Performance

Have you ever owned a strap and did not know how to wear a guitar strap?  That must be a confusion.  I was in such a situation when I first started learning to play the guitar.  I watched a lot of videos of professional performers playing the guitar and realized everyone was wearing a strap.  Looking at them as stylish and professional, I used to imitate their style of performance, but when comparing myself with those celebrities I realized I was still on a low level.

That makes that difference partly in the way the guitar strap is worn.  It is true that how to wear a guitar directly affects your playing of the instrument.  There are many causes of bad guitar playing, it could be that the strap is too small, the strap is not suitable for the guitar you are using, or even wearing it too high or too low for you to control.  all the notes are on the guitar.

To tackle this problem I would suggest to you how to use a guitar strap properly. The methods that I am going to talk about below are very simple and easy to do.

You will get the following useful tips in the article:

  • Types of guitar straps
  • How to wear a guitar strap properly 
  • Different methods to put a guitar strap on
  • Benefits And drawbacks of wearing a guitar trap according to some types
  • Straps guitars being suitable for different guitar gerners
  • Tips to select the right guitar strap
  • Metal studs for guitar strap
  • Questions & answers
  • In Conclusion

Types Of Guitar Straps

Before learning how to use a guitar strap you need to know what kinds of popular straps are on the market and what types of guitars they use. Each type of strap is compatible with different guitars such as acoustic guitar, classic guitar, bass guitar, and so on. Usually, they are divided into three main categories: loop and buttons, loop and string, locking mechanisms. These types of belts will be more suitable for use on acoustic guitars. In the current market, there are a variety of guitar straps that are sold in a wide variety of models, and there are a number of high-quality ones used by many guitar enthusiasts.

Loop and Buttons 

This is probably the most popular wire for its versatility. These strings are both suitable for use on acoustic guitars and electric guitars. There is of course a small need that a guitar has two buttons on the guitar, which are located on the guitar neck and at the bottom of the guitar. The installation of this guitar string is quite simple and easy, and it is also more flexible to use with those without a neck button.

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Loop and String 

This type is popularly used by guitarists who are passionate about the acoustic genre. For pianos that do not have nails on the neck or ones that do not have buttons, this strap should be used. Although in the present day the guitar has been improved and has buttons on the neck, so gradually this type of string is used for classical guitars. Guitarist musicians are more likely to stand as if using this strap.

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Locking Mechanisms

Guitarists who are passionate about the acoustic genre must be familiar with these guitar strings because they are chosen to be used the most. Guitars that are not designed with neck spikes are the most common use of these strings. Even though this guitar has been refurbished with a neck with additional buttons, just like the guitar string mentioned above, the locking mechanism strap is increasingly used for classical guitars.


How To Wear A Guitar Strap Properly 

Actually, learning how to use a guitar strap is quite simple and easy.  The first thing is to place the guitar strap on the top of the guitar canopy, and then gently place the strap on your shoulder.  In case you are playing a left-handed guitar, place the strap on your right shoulder and vice versa, but even so make sure the right guitar is in front of you.

The next step you need to do is to check that the strap tied to the guitar is secure, to avoid any looseness leading to the guitar falling while in use.  The way to tell if the strap is connected to the guitar securely is to notice if the end of the strap is not falling off.

 If you think that is ready to perform then I would like to note to you more about adjusting the guitar strap properly.  Obviously, you will determine the strap length based on the height of the body.  This is also the reason why the strap is designed with adjustable locking.  As you’ve finished wearing the strap on your shoulder, you should lock the outside.  So your guitar is ready to play.

 I will give you some good advice.  If you are still familiar with playing the guitar, do not adjust the strap too low so it will be difficult for your fingers to reach the fretboard.  You should choose the setting that works best for you.

Different Methods To Put A Guitar Strap On

There are many ways to know how to wear a guitar strap widely available.  In this article, I will cover 3 basic ways that are the easiest.

Way 1: Attach the strap to the buttons

  • First of all, you need to find the strap that you feel is the best fit for you.  The guitar strap needs to be long enough for you to play the guitar comfortably in any position.  The strap should have a cushion made of foam or fur so that when wearing the guitar on your shoulder, neck or shoulder, it will not hurt, it does not feel too heavy.
  • Next, you have to locate the ribbed band buttons that resemble metal nails on either side of the guitar.  One is on the bottom of the guitar and if you stand it up you will see a knob about 1.25 cm long protruding.  On some guitars the top button is located on the neck or in the body of the guitar where the neck and body are located.  You are allowed to put buttons on the neck or you can tie the strap to the neck.  If in case your guitar does not have any buttons, you must install them on the guitar strap.
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  • Place the buttonholes over the button on the bottom of the guitar.  When doing so, your guitar will not easily fall or slip off.  You need to pay attention to thread the strap hole through the knob to lock it outwards, so that it does not poke on your shoulder and cause injury.
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  • Once you are done with the above step, continue to place the remaining hole through the second button.
  • To ensure you try to pull the strap (using enough force) in order to strap connect firmly.  Next is to put the strap on the shoulder.
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  • Adjust the guitar strap to suit your height, as long as you are most comfortable playing the guitar.

Way 2: Fit up guitar strap buttons

  • Purchase guitar strap buttons and washers if not available. The washers help keep the button from getting worn out.  There are many types of guitar strap buttons on the market, the best rated ones are ones with locks because of their high security features.  They are designed to add a metal piece to help the guitar strap more firmly.
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  • Keep the guitar as comfortable as possible.  You should hold the guitar as usual first to determine the right posture.  You should remember this can have a big effect on your guitar playing.
  • Ask someone to help you loop the guitar strap around your neck.  Pull the two ends of the strap so they can reach the guitar.  If you are going to play the guitar with your left hand, you should wrap the strap around your neck in front of your left shoulder and vice versa.  The button is located on the guitar body, in the center of the controls.  On guitars that have guitar strap buttons, just attach it to the button, then do the  strap behind and over the shoulder.
  • Grab the pen to mark the buttons you want to go to.  If you put the strap at the end it means the button should be in the position closest to the floor.  Mark as small as possible.
  • Select a smaller drill bit and measure the pins.  Buttoning that required the guitar to be twisted.
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  • Next is to mark the depth of the drill you want.  Do not drill too deeply as this could create a hole on the opposite side, but not drilling enough depth could crack the guitar.  You do not need to drill more than 1.5 to 2.5 cm.
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  • Based on the previous mark you will be when you should stop using the drill.  Then, insert the screwdriver into the hole and drill.
  • The next thing you need to do is place a gasket over the hole, and then put the button in the hole.  You pay attention not to force.
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  •  Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the strap buttons.

Way 3: Take advantage of the strap buckle

  •  Attach the metal piece to your strap.  The strap lock does the same job as a button, but when compared to the stability the strap has a much better lock.  There will be two strap buckles, one to attach to the guitar and the other to be attached to the strap.  Then, set the button on the guitar, the lock will automatically be positioned.
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  • Place the lock by pushing the knob through the center hole and screw it into place.  Do the same thing with the other knobs.
  • If the strap buckle is not available, you can use a rubber washer, which should be about 0.8 cm.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Wearing A Guitar Trap According To Some Types

When learning how to wear a guitar strap, you should pay attention to wearing a strap high or low, because it affects your guitar playing a lot.  Based on your interests, the most necessary requirements and your level as a measure to make the right decision.  No matter how you wear the guitar strap, it has advantages and disadvantages that you should know.



Easy to play notes on the fretboard: How great it is to play solo when you can play all the notes to make a perfect melody. The notes will be easily accessible with your fingers. Wearing the trap at a sufficient height not only creates a comfortable, convenient posture, but also allows you to be in control and control everything on the guitar.

Preventing the risk of hunchback: If you are a guitar enthusiast then surely you will spend many hours every day playing that musical instrument, and it is obvious to maintain the same posture. When the trap guitar is not high enough, you must bend your body down so that your fingers can reach the guitar strings. In such cases you will get aches and pains easily, which is obviously not good for everyone. So this is also a reminder for you.

Wearing a high-pitched guitar will reduce wrist pain: Similar to back fatigue, your wrist will have to work for a long time and continuously without stopping, so it is also easy to ache. You won’t feel the same way while playing the guitar, but when you finish this you immediately feel pain in your wrists. It can make it impossible to hold or carry something, at least for a few hours. To protect your wrist, pay attention to this issue.

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In terms of style, wearing a guitar strap high is probably not very suitable. Usually, professional artists play a guitar wearing a low strap because it looks more professional and eye-catching. Someone has the opinion that when wearing a high guitar string it will be easier to use the guitar, but so it is only suitable for beginners, it will not create a challenge or difficulty for them. Therefore, simply wearing a guitar string likewise shows a part of one’s ability to play an instrument.


The benefits of wearing a tall guitar string are the disadvantages of wearing a low guitar string and vice versa.


You look like a real, professional and longtime guitar player. Doing this will make the people watching you play the guitar feel like you are at a high level and that they are more likely to be attracted and focused on your performance. But that is just a small aspect only.

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It is so difficult to play all the music notes on the guitar. Low notes will be difficult to reach, which becomes even more impossible if you have modest height. Of course you can still play the top notes where your fingers can reach them, but it does not enrich your tunes, it also becomes boring.

This also causes pain in your back and wrists. Because when you are passionate about playing the guitar you often have to stay in the same position for a long time, maybe about 3 hours. Every day you repeat the process of playing the guitar like that, soon you will not be able to bear your aching back. Worse, after a few months you will not be able to stand or sit up straight. Not only back fatigue but also your wrists will be seriously affected. It can cause unnecessary injuries even if you do not bump them at all. You will have to reach and bend your wrist several times during guitar use if you want to play low notes.

Straps Guitars Being Suitable For Different Guitar Gerners

Before learning how to wear a guitar strap you need to notice the differences between different types of straps and distinguish which one is compatible with which guitar. There are three types of guitar that are most commonly used and widely used: acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, classic guitar.

For acoustic guitar players, normally the strap is designed to have only one strap on the guitar body.  All you need to do is use a string to attach the other side of the strap and buckle.

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For bass guitar players, the strap is often designed long, a bit bulky, the price is not cheap.  That is fine as it has to be able to withstand heavy guitars.

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For electric guitar players, the strap has two strap buttons on the body.  This is also a fairly easy strap to install.

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For classic guitars, these guitars are usually light with a neat design.  This guitar user often uses the body and lightly lifts one leg up so the finger board is also facing up, placing the guitar’s body in the thighs.  Classic guitars need a special special strap.

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Tips To Select The Right Guitar Strap

First of all, if you want to learn how to wear a guitar strap well, you must first know the choice to use the one that suits you best.  I will list a few basic criteria for you to lean on.


In terms of length, the standard for a good strap about 40 to 60 inches long or maybe even a little longer, the standard is that it is generally suitable for everyone.  When buying a strap you need to make sure it can be adjusted to whatever length you want.  If the guitar strap is too short, the adjustment of the belt will be limited to a certain range.

 In terms of width, this is the factor that affects your comfort while playing the guitar.  If the strap is too narrow, it will be difficult for you to bear the large weight of the guitar, it not only does not reduce the weight of the item but also easily leads to the risk of breaking the strap causing the guitar to fall.  On the contrary, the strap is too wide and the maneuverability is significantly reduced.  You should choose a strap that is about 2 to 4 inches wide.  People often assume that a thicker width is always a good thing because it significantly reduces weight to help you carry a light, not bulky, comfortable guitar.


Choosing the right material also greatly affects how to wear a guitar strap.  There are many materials selected for use as guitar straps.  Each type will have a different price tag and its own benefits, so choosing which one to use completely depends on your needs.


The first is nylon, a guitar strap made from this material is very cheap.  Frequently, its head section was made of leather material.  But there is a slight downside here is that it is not comfortable for some people.

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Leather strap for comfort, strength and strength.  When wearing it you will look more stylish and professional. Its durability is also better than the others, its versatility is also outstanding.  But also because of that, the price to own it is also quite expensive.  It is stiffer and not suitable for beginners.

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Cotton is also the material chosen to make the guitar strap.  Referring to this material, you also know that it is inherently soft and will not cause any damage to your shoulder or neck even if you use it for many hours.  The price is also cheaper and more comfortable to use than nylon one.  But it’s not as durable as leather.  Even so, this is also a suggestion for you.



This is probably the most expensive material because it is better than the strap made from other materials.  They are really comfortable, but still solid.  Designs tend to the classic design.  They are quite thick, making them suitable for heavy guitars, and for those who want to create powerful sounds and rhythms.

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Locking Mechanism 

You want to know your straps having a locking mechanism or not, and whether they can incorporate one. It helps your guitar được bảo vệ tốt nhất có thể. Đôi khi chúng ta rely on some basic demand to choose a strap: the movement of the player, the weight of the guitar and so on. Guitar strap owning locking mechanism is sự lựa chọn của rất nhiều mua. Nó là sự kết nối chặt chẽ nhất để guitar và strap không bị tách rời.

Metal Studs For Guitar Strap

For electric guitar

The first thing you need to do is locate the buttons as well as the position of the metal nails that you intend to attach to your guitar.  They are usually on either side of the guitar body and one on the bottom when you are upright the guitar and stud will always be in that position.  The rest are on either side of the guitar body, but not always.  For classic double-cutaway, or strat style guitar, it is at the beginning.  For single guitar, Telecaster is a case in point then that position is the upper horn.  With Gibson’s guitar, the stud is located on the back of the body, which intersects the neck and body.

In case your guitar does not have needle nails it is imperative that you install them.  Be sure to ask an expert as it is difficult and not easy to do.


For acoustic guitar

Although the buttons are set to be the same, the configuration is markedly different.  In the standard steel-wire sound, they only have one button at the bottom of the body.  Since there are no studs on the opposite side, you need a special strap because this must be a traditional acoustic guitar.  This type allows you to attach the rivet on one side and its loop is also very special when going around the top lock behind the bottom nut.

Questions And Answers

How to wear a guitar strap safely?

For the loop and string strap type, you should tie the knot twice to ensure your guitar does not drop accidentally.  With the loop and button strap type, it usually comes with leather ends, there is a loop as if a thin slit cuts into them.  If done properly, it is very difficult for them to slip off.  But you still need to be careful when passing them through the stud, a lot of malfunctions happen when you only do half of it.

If you are a strong, dynamic music guitar player then I recommend using a buckle strap.  When your guitar strap is broken or broken, it is best to buy a completely new one without trying to fix them.

How to store the guitar strap?

This is really simple, you just fold it and put it in the box.  Roll it up to fit it somewhere in the corner.  Good storage or not is up to you, it should not be used as a toy for young children.

How long can the leather guitar strap be used?

Usually it can be used for more than 1 year, namely 18 months.  Most are like that, but if you want to extend its life of course you can.  When cleaning it, it is best to use only cold water and gently wipe it with a soft cloth.

In Conclusion

You can now learn how to wear a guitar strap in the three ways that I have mentioned in this article.  You can do the simplest without causing any damage, but if you want it to be a little solid then the second option is to fit up the guitar strap buttons but I still have to remind you that if you choose  This way to wear a guitar strap, you should ask someone for help, as an expert, the better.  But no matter how to wear a guitar strap you do, the three ways above will make you feel comfortable playing the guitar so that you can make great sounds and melodies.

In addition to how to wear a guitar strap, I also point out the benefits and disadvantages of keeping the strap low or high.  If you want to look professionally stylish you can opt for low strings as indeed the professionals and famous guitarists do the same and look cool and stylish.  But if you are just starting to play guitar then I recommend you strap high so you can easily control all the notes.  Once you have a good strap and know how to wear a guitar strap you also need to carefully select the best guitar for yourself.

I hope this article helped you with how to wear a guitar strap properly.  If you have any comments on this article, please send us feedback, we will be happy to listen to your comments so that the article is as complete and as good as possible.

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