Harbinger Speakers Reviews: What You’ll Love and What You’ll Hate

Harbinger Speaker Reviews are the best speakers on the market, and they have been for years. They’re made with high-quality materials that will last you a long time. 

These speakers also have the excellent sound quality to match their great design! Not only do these speakers come at an affordable price, but they’re effortless to set up as well. 

However, the buying process is relatively complicated because of the lack of information sources on the Internet. 

Knowing your concern, we will list from pros and cons of this speaker in topics such as installation, sound quality, design, durability, and more. It also includes a buyer’s guide that helps you make your decision based on your needs. 

Finally, there’s a comparison table to help you spot the differences between various models from this brand. 

If you’re looking for a speaker system that won’t break the bank but still delivers excellent performance, then this article is for you! Check it out now.

Firstly, we think that you should know some basic information about Harbinger speakers. 

Who Produce Harbinger Speakers?

harbinger speakers reviews

Harbinger is a company that specializes in audio and video equipment. The company originated as an inexpensive guitars manufacturer for schools and the masses but now offers much more than guitars. 

Harbinger speakers are their most popular product line, with models ranging from home theater to gaming use. 

Harbinger speakers come in many different styles, sizes, colors, and price points, so you’ll be able to find something that fits your needs perfectly. 

Harbinger also manufactures amplifiers for guitarists who want to use them instead of an amplifier on their computer or tablet. They call “GuitarLink” amps explicitly designed for this purpose. 

They also have headphones for music listening or gaming purposes called “Hades” headphones and a new line of “Ripley” Bluetooth speakers. 

With their wide variety of products on the market, it is easy to see why they are such a popular brand name in audio equipment.

Overview about Harbinger Speakers Reviews

Features At A Glance

harbinger speakers reviews

The Harbinger speakers come with a built-in amplifier. They also provide the option of adding an external amp. 

The Harbinger speakers work well with electric guitars and can handle mic-level signals as well as line-level signals. 

It provides for enhanced bass output. It also comes with a headphone jack which lets you practice without disturbing others at your home.

The Harbinger speakers come with two-way speakers and three-inch woofers. They are light in weight, weighing at 6 pounds each. The speaker is made of wood. Power handling is about 150 watts. 

The frequency response is at 70 Hz to 20kHz. Overall, the Harbinger speakers have an excellent sound quality and provide an enhanced bass output. They are suitable for practicing at home or even in-studio recording sessions. 

Detailed Reviews About Harbinger Speakers Reviews

Overall Advantages and Disadvantages


– Well-built 

– High-quality sound

– Modern design

– Durable

– Affordable

– Work well in small rooms


-Lacks clarity in loud environments

-Insufficient bass for some users

Now, we will move to the detailed reviews of some features for the Harbinger speaker. 


harbinger speakers reviews

Harbinger speakers are perfect for any home or office.  They offer a sleek design that is sure to impress anyone you show it off to them. 

One of the most apparent benefits of the Harbinger speaker is that it is small and light so that you can carry it around without difficulty. It is perfect for live performances where you need to run around or set up quickly.

This speaker can be used indoors and outdoors with its water-resistant design, and it will not break or crack if dropped.


harbinger speakers reviews

Durability is the ability of a product to withstand wear and tear over time.  It is one of the most critical aspects when purchasing any electronic device such as speakers, cell phones, or laptops. 

Durable products last longer and do not need to be replaced so often, saving money in the long run. 

Harbinger speaker durability is top-notch because they are made with high-quality materials that will resist damage from all sorts of elements, including dust, heat, moisture, and even pets! 

This means you can enjoy your favorite music without worrying about damaging your speakers by playing them too loudly or having them on for too many hours at a time. 

It is built with a durable ABS enclosure that can withstand the test of time, which means that this speaker system will last for years to come.

Sound Quality

harbinger speakers reviews

The Harbinger’s speaker produces a rich sound with comprehensive frequency response. It can produce high levels of volume and sound pressure, which makes it perfect for live concerts, DJ events, and live worship. 

It is also perfect for bands that require their instruments to mesh together accurately, as the Harbinger’s EQ section allows you to adjust your levels precisely before blasting them out through the speakers. 

They are designed to deliver a robust sonic punch, perfect for bands that play heavy music or loud rock songs. The speakers have a clear tone that sounds accurate and true to life. 

This is perfect for music bands that want to hear every last detail of their music while playing on stage.

The Harbinger speakers are capable of producing high sound pressure levels without distorting, even at higher frequencies. Moreover, they sound good at any volume level.

On top of that, the Harbinger speakers are built to reproduce low frequencies with accuracy and power, which is excellent news for DJs who play music genres such as dubstep or drum and bass.

The lows in these types of songs need to be tight and well-controlled to sound good on a speaker system, and the Harbinger’s 8-inch woofers have just enough low-end definition for them to do so.

Generally, they don’t suffer from problems such as harmonic distortion, so you can rest assured that your sound will be clean and crisp every time you play music or watch movies through these speakers to be as immersive as possible. 

Power Capability

harbinger speakers reviews

Harbinger speakers are the best option for anyone looking to purchase a powerful audio system. The Harbinger speakers provide an audio experience that is unmatched by any other brand on the market. 

It features a voice coil made of high-quality aluminum and a two-inch polyetherimide cone with a butyl rubber surround. These speakers were designed with lots of power in mind, so they bring you all the beautiful sounds you need.

Their highly high power-handling capabilities range from 100 watts to 400 watts depending on the model in question. Some are powered by a single 12-volt battery, while two 6-volt batteries power others.

Generally, some models have an impressive 3000 watts of peak power and 600 watts continuously. It also has a peak of 2400 watts at 4 ohms. Cool, right? 

Connectivity Options

harbinger speakers reviews

 It also features XLR and TRS inputs, allowing you to run multiple signals from various sources such as keyboards, mixers, and computers. 

The Harbinger was designed with flexible connectivity in mind. It has both high and low-level inputs for each channel, perfect for use with a mixing board or a musical instrument. 

 Because of its flexible connectivity option, the speaker is perfect for live worship music. Therefore, you don’t have to hire additional equipment such as sub-woofers or slide projectors.

Generally, pastors and musicians can use the Harbinger to play backing tracks during preaching sessions, and it is powerful enough to fill a large sanctuary without any problems. 


harbinger speakers reviews

For your information, Harbinger is a company that specializes in the production of portable speakers. These speakers are top-rated among consumers who are looking for high-quality sound in a small portable package.

These speakers are incredibly portable because they can connect to any device that has a USB cord. They can also use Bluetooth and aux-in cords if needed. 

You can mount this portable sound system on the wall, ceiling, or even your desk for easy use by everyone in the room. Generally, according to many customers, the speakers’ dimensions are 13 inches by 18 inches by 20, which is small enough to carry. 

However, the only problem with the portability is that some models aren’t wireless. Since you need a wire to plug them in, you can’t take them too far away from an outlet. 

However, if the wire isn’t a problem for you, these speakers are portable and great for people who usually move around.

Wide Variety of Speakers

harbinger speakers reviews

For your information, the company manufactures products for different types of users, including musicians, gamers, and even families with children. 

The Harbinger speakers come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate many different needs. They also have wired or wireless models, which gives you even more options to choose from them! 

Specifically, many speakers and speaker systems are available in various designs that can suit your needs, like black or white. 

Therefore, the large variety of Harbinger speakers make it easy to find the perfect speaker for you and your needs.


harbinger speakers reviews

For many, sound quality is still the most important, but it also has to be affordable. The Harbinger speakers are also known for their affordability. They come in many different sizes and many other styles to fit your needs. 

One of the best things about the Harbinger speakers is that they are durable, but they are affordable. 

This means you can enjoy your favorite songs at an affordable price without having to worry about replacing them every couple of months due to wear and tear. 

According to our research, we find out that the speaker’s price range is from $50 to $100. Therefore, with only about $50, you can buy a high-quality speaker. Therefore,  these speakers are one of the best examples of affordable quality speakers. 

Brand Reputation

harbinger speakers reviews

Harbinger Speakers are one of the best speaker brands in the world. They have a wide range of different speakers that can fit any need or budget.  

The Harbinger brand is known for providing high-quality speaker systems at an affordable price point. 

The company was founded by John C. Smith, who had previously spent time with another audio equipment company called JBL before starting his venture. 

With over 45 years in the industry, Harbinger has become a leading provider of professional audio and video gear to organizations like churches and schools across North America and beyond. 

Harbinger is also one of the most affordable brands on the market, with products priced similarly to other well-known brands like Bose or JBL. 

Battery Life

harbinger speakers reviews

Like we’ve said, the Harbinger speaker system is a wireless speaker system that provides the user with ten surround sound speakers for an immersive listening experience.

The battery life on this device is pretty good and offers a lot of playtime before needing to charge again.

According to our research, this speaker has a rechargeable battery life that lasts approximately up to 12 hours. It is best to use the speaker at a volume of 15 when playing audio from a device to optimize the battery life,

The battery life can also be increased when using the device with a wired connection. In our perspective, it also packs enough power for you to use it outside without any problems.


harbinger speakers reviews

All Harbinger products come with a two-year warranty. If you think your purchase isn’t doing what you need it to do, or if it has been damaged in shipping, return it to the retailer you purchased from, and the brand will replace it for free.

Additional Features

harbinger speakers reviews

These speakers also include neodymium magnets for increased power handling and efficiency, ensuring you get more out of your amplifier. 

Harbinger’s patented design provides wider dispersion than traditional speakers so everyone in the room can enjoy great sound. 

A significant advantage of this piece is that it comes with an amplifier, so you can play music or other sounds on any device that has some sort of audio port, such as your phone. 

Therefore, you don’t need to worry that you can’t stream your music due to the lack of equipment. It will not happen!

Now, we will move to the part where we will demonstrate some disadvantages of these speakers.

Some Drawbacks of Harbinger Speakers

harbinger speakers reviews

There are many speakers on the market, but few with all of the features that you want. 

Harbinger speakers are an affordable option for those looking for a high-quality speaker without breaking the bank. However, there are some drawbacks to these speakers as well. 

The first drawback is that they don’t come in any color other than black (or white). This can make them less attractive if you like your speakers to match your decor or have children who might be tempted to play with them.

Moreover, they are not waterproof. The other drawback is that some of them don’t have Bluetooth capability. That’s why we tell you that you can choose the wired or wireless model. However, we see that most people will want to buy the wireless one. 

 Another disadvantage is that some customers report hearing some distortion when playing certain types of music at higher volumes. And the bass is too low for some people. 

Overall, Harbinger speakers are an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality speaker without breaking the bank. 

While there may be some drawbacks to these speakers, they don’t outweigh the features you get at such an affordable price. 

Now, we will give you some reviews about popular models of Harbinger speakers.

Reviews of Popular Models in Harbinger

Harbinger APS15

Harbinger APS15 is a powerful 15-inch loudspeaker that delivers the full power of your music. It features a high-quality crossover network designed to provide excellent sound quality at all volume levels.

APS15 also includes a dual-voice coil design which allows the loudspeaker to receive stereo signals. And despite its high power rating, this speaker is very reliable and efficient.

The enclosure is made entirely from 5/8″ MDF with internal bracing, designed to minimize unwanted resonance. This speaker comes in a classic gloss black finish with a durable black metal grille.

The versatile enclosure design allows it to be installed in most vehicles: cars, motorcycles, and boats. Installation is straightforward and doesn’t require professional skills.

This speaker is capable of withstanding high levels of power. It features a thermal, over-excursion protection circuit to ensure the long life of your loudspeaker.

It also includes a unique coil design that will allow the speaker to last for many years without wear or tear.

Overall this loudspeaker system delivers excellent sound quality for its price due to its high efficiency and power handling.

Harbinger Vari V2312

The Harbinger Vari V2312 Speaker is the best option if you’re looking for a reliable product that will provide clear, high-quality sound.

If you need to have a set of speakers for your entertainment system, this speaker will flawlessly deliver the sound quality that you are looking for it.

This speaker is straightforward to install because it only requires you to plug it in, and you will immediately start hearing sounds that are nice and crisp.

A great benefit about this speaker is that it has a very affordable price while still delivering premium sound quality.

Harbinger Vari V1015

The Harbinger Vari V1015 Speaker is the only speaker on the market that delivers uncompromising audio quality, durability, and value. With its patented design, this speaker will provide you with years of uninterrupted service.

The Harbinger V1015’s incredible performance is due to a combination of proprietary components and high-quality drivers that deliver intense bass and crystal clear highs without distortion, even at maximum volume levels.

For an unparalleled listening experience in your car or home, look no further than the Harbinger Vari V1015!

And finally, here are some tips when choosing a speaker in general. This part will somehow help you a lot for your future purchases.

Buying Guide: How To Pick Your Suitable Speaker

Many people are looking for the best speakers to buy, but it can be challenging to know which ones are right for you. This part will give you some tips on how to pick your speakers. 

What Will I Use My Speaker For?

You have three main options for speakers – portable wireless speakers, docking speakers, or passive speakers.

Portable Wireless Speakers 

harbinger speakers reviews

These are the most common speakers types on the market today. They’re super convenient to take with you wherever you go since they don’t have wires, and you can control them from your phone/iPod touch/iPad. 

It’s important to remember that these models don’t have a lot of basses – you won’t get much lower than around 100Hz – so they’re not going to be the best choice for listening to your favorite dubstep tracks. 

Docking Speakers

harbinger speakers reviews

These offer better sound quality than portable wireless speakers, but they’re a little bulkier and more expensive. 

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch with a 30-pin connector, these are the best choice for you. But if you use a Lightning connector, it’s worth looking at some of the newer models that support both types of connection. 

Passive Speakers

harbinger speakers reviews

If you’re a more serious listener and like to listen to your music at home, these are the best choice for you. 

These speakers require an amp and don’t have built-in amplification – which is why they tend to be a little bigger than some of the other models on the market. 

You’ll also need to hook them up to your music source with a cable – but that’s not such a big deal. One good thing about these types is that you can hook them up to just about every music device, and they’ll work fine. 

Determine The Space and Your Budget

harbinger speakers reviews

To find the right speaker for your space, you first need to determine how much money you want to spend and exactly what type of sound you’re looking for.

Speakers can be categorized in many different ways according to their power, function, style, etc., so you need to decide on essential features like this before buying.

Research The Product

harbinger speakers reviews

Once you’ve decided what type of speakers you want and how much money you’re willing to spend on them, go through our products and decide which would best meet your needs. You can filter by brand, product type, power output, etc.

Read Customers’ Reviews

If you can’t make it to the store, make sure to read customer reviews before purchasing your speakers online. The more research you do, the better!

If possible, go to the store that carries the speakers you want and talk to an employee about what kind of sound you’re looking for. They will be able to help you make your purchase much better than if you were trying to do it alone!

And don’t forget that new speakers will need to be installed by a professional if they’re not already set up for surround sound!

If you are a first-time buyer, this could be a great help to you:


Generally, this speaker features a top-of-the-line quality sound, with a fantastic range of frequency responses and dynamic power handling. 

The Harbinger speakers can accommodate nearly any music genre; with their high sensitivity and SPL capability, they will fill your room or space with rich sound that will keep you wanting more! 

Harbinger speakers also feature a high-quality design to ensure durability and long-lasting use. If you need some great-looking speakers with excellent sound at a reasonable price, these are the ones for you! 

If you want another option, here are some recommendations for you with speakers for Jeep Wranglers. We are sure that it will give you more freedom in choosing your favorite products!

Sadly, we’ve come to the end of our article. Thank you for staying with us through the entirety of it. It’s time to say goodbye and see you in our following articles!

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