Groove Headphones Review: They’re Better Than You Think

You may be thinking that you don’t need a product review about headphones. You probably have a pair already, and if not, you know where to find the best deals on them. But what if I told you there was more to buying headphones than just saving money? There is! Read on for our Groove Headphones Review before making your next purchase!

The latest in headphone technology, these are great looking and sounding without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a new set of cans or just want to upgrade from those old clunkers you’ve been using since high school, this is a perfect choice!

The noise-canceling Groove Headphones are a must-have for music lovers, travelers, and people who work in noisy environments. The ergonomic design is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. They’re also durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Things To Consider When Buying Groove Headphones

For some people, music is a way to escape the stress of the world. For others, it’s a way to connect with friends or express themselves through lyrics. When you find that perfect song and hit play on your favorite playlist, it feels like everything will be ok. Groove headphones are designed for this purpose to bring out the best in every type of listener. But before you buy them, there are some things you should know about their features and other factors that could make or break your purchase decision.


If they don’t feel good while wearing them, the chances are high that they won’t stay on long enough for any listening experience to happen at all! There are a few things you should know before buying groove headphones.

The ear cups are padded with memory foam to ensure they fit perfectly around your ears, creating the best listening experience possible. The padding also helps soften any high-end frequency sounds that might be too loud for some listeners.

Even though this is not the case with all genres of music, it’s still something to keep in mind if you think you might be sensitive to those kinds of audio levels. For an even better comfort level, the headband and frame are both outfitted with lightweight aluminum alloy construction so as not to cause discomfort over time.

Noise Cancellation

While many headphones are great at keeping the noise in, some are even better at blocking it out. The ability to tune out distractions is a big part of why people choose to use headphones. It’s also just as crucial for them to hear outside noise so they can avoid danger or get help if needed.

Groove headphones review


Different types of devices have additional capabilities. Plus, several other factors work together to determine which pairing option will work best for you and your device.  Groove headphones have a few different options, so you can choose the one that will give you the best connection and sound quality.

In-line Mic & Controls

This is the traditional pairing option for Groove headphones because it gives you easy access to controls located right on your cord. It’s compatible with any device with an audio input port like a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, gaming console, and more. You can also use this pairing option while connected directly to Groove’s wireless transmitter for added convenience.

Bluetooth Wireless

Thanks to their advanced CSR chipset, the Groove headphones support Bluetooth 4.1 for fast pairing and transmission speeds up to 30 feet away from your device (in optimal conditions). This pairing option is compatible with most smartphones and tablets but not with older Bluetooth versions.

Lightning Cable

The Groove headphones come ready to work with your Apple products so you can listen to your iPhone or iPod in style. It’s made specifically to deliver an enhanced audio experience with improved bass tones and increased clarity for high-quality sound.

No matter which Groove headphones pairing option you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a high-quality listening experience that lasts as long as you do!


People often overlook this factor because it seems easy enough not to care about when buying anything with a pretty-looking exterior. However, nobody wants to buy new headphones every few months because they stop working after the warranty expires.


Groove headphones can be purchased in various price ranges to accommodate all types of budgets and preferences. However, some models are more durable than others, so those with a higher price tag may last longer than the options on the lower end.

Groove headphones review

Groove Headphones Review

These are the best headphones I have ever used because of how comfortable they are. They are made out of very soft materials that are gentle on the head, which is excellent for children. And they are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted to fit any size.

There is also this super long cable that’s detachable, so you can use these headphones for hours without having to worry about your phone dying. Bose noise-canceling feature is excellent, too- it cancels out the sound around you while still letting through music.

The sound is crystal clear and complete without any distortion when you turn the volume up. It fits comfortably on my head and when it’s on, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. The noise-canceling technology is also good and blocks out all the noise in your surroundings so well that you can enjoy listening to your favorite music without worrying about anything else.

The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones are a tremendous innovation in the world of headphones. What sets these headphones apart is that they employ noise cancellation technology with 11 different levels.

This allows users to listen to music, podcasts, videos, and phone calls without being distracted by outside noises. Another great feature of this set is that it comes with a revolutionary microphone system that makes your voice sound clear, even in noisy or windy environments.

Bose technology has always been at the forefront of providing superior audio products. The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones are no exception to this tradition. These headphones are perfect for you if you need a headphone that will be comfortable, provide excellent noise-canceling, and offer high-quality sound.

Whether you are checking out music or talking on the phone, these headphones will do wonders for you. These headphones are great for travel as well because they design them with comfort in mind.

The back is lined with a soft plush material that is both comfortable and adjustable. With 11 levels of active noise canceling, your ears will never have to worry about disturbance whether it be voices or loud noises around you.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Adjustable headband
  • Great for children due to soft material used in headband and ear cups
  • 11 levels of active noise cancellation
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Poor Design

Features, Benefits, And Information

Groove Headphones is a company that specializes in making headphones for all types of music.  Groove has created many different headphone products to suit the needs of its customers. They have over 100 styles and models to choose from, including earbuds, on-ear, wireless Bluetooth, noise-canceling headphones with mic/remote control, and more!

Groove’s top sellers are the HD1 Wireless Headphones which were designed for those who want exceptional sound quality without being tethered to their devices by wires. These features make them ideal for use while working out because you can easily move around without getting tangled up in cords or restricted by a wire length limit.

Design & Technology

The design of these headphones is sleek and appealing while still being durable enough to handle daily use. The ear cups are soft leather that will stay comfortable even after hours of use. The headbands are sturdy and flexible enough to adjust to the size of your head ensuring a snug fit with no movement during activities like walking or working out.

The Groove Monitor is available in both the US and Canada, but there are different models for sale in each country. The US model offers wireless functionality while the Canadian version does not. Wireless headphones will require battery changes every few days depending on use, but it’s nice to have that option if you like to constantly stream your music without having to worry about the cord.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of these headphones is what you would expect from any top-quality headphone manufacturer. Low frequencies are tight and precise while high frequencies provide clean, bright audio without piercing highs. Anything you want to hear in your music will be clear and audible through these headphones allowing users to get lost in their tunes for hours at a time!

Groove headphones review

Accessories & Extras

With the purchase of these headphones you get 3 detachable cables (1 coiled and 2 straight) that can be used depending on your listening preference. There is also an adapter jack to allow these headphones to fit into any music player with a standard port, not just smartphones!

These are great for the modern user who uses multiple devices like laptops, tablets, or gaming consoles. You can even use them at home connected directly to your TV via an RCA cord if you want high-quality sound while watching movies!


The price varies depending on the model you choose. The US model offers wireless functionality with a battery that needs to be charged every few days, whereas the Canadian version has wires and does not require any maintenance.


There are many different brands of headphones on the market today, but not all offer high-quality sound, great noise canceling features, or comfortable materials for an extended period of time without causing strain or discomfort.

These headphones are comparable to other manufacturers in terms of style and technology while offering more options than some competitors do. Makers like Beats often include batteries in their headphones which can cause problems when they die during use

Value For Money

These are some of the most popular headphones on the market, but there are several features that set The Groove Monitor apart from the competition.

Rather than focusing solely on brand power, Groove has taken all aspects of their newest product into careful consideration to make sure they provide consumers with great headphones at an affordable price!

Other Features & Benefits

The other features of this product include an aux cord to allow users to plug in and play whenever they need to. The Groove Monitor is also collapsible so you can take it on the go with ease. The ear cups swivel flat and the headbands collapse down for easy storage and transportability! You can even use them as a pair of regular headphones if you just want some great-sounding music away from home!

The Groove Monitor is a great headphone for users of all types. Whether you’re looking for a gift idea or an upgrade from your current ones, these are definitely worth checking out!

Can Groove Headphone work without being connected to any device?

Yes, there are easily accessible buttons on the side of the headset which allow you to pause or play music without connecting it to your phone. Unlike some other headphone models, there isn’t an issue with sound quality if Groove Earbuds aren’t connected to anything. Connecting them will provide better sound but they still retain decent sound even when not connected.

Does it come with a USB cable for charging purposes?

Yes, there is a micro USB wire that comes with Groove Headphones as well as a very nice drawstring pouch that will keep your headphones protected when you aren’t using them.

Groove headphones review

Do these earbuds stay in during normal movements?

Yes, the three different sized interchangeable tips allow for a good fit and hold and to prevent discomfort and/or slipping out while moving around. Groove earbuds are lightweight and designed to provide comfort while you use them.

What is the music control on Groove Headphones?

There is a small panel that includes buttons for play/pause, volume controls, rewind, and skip forward. This allows users to enjoy their music without needing to take their phone out of their pocket or bag! Groove headphones were designed to get the user lost in the music and this definitely helps accomplish that goal. ­­­­­­­­

How long does it take for Groove Earphones to charge?

It takes about two hours for Groove Headphones to fully charge depending on the type of port you use (micro USB charges faster than average). Grooves can last for up to eight hours depending on use so you can listen to music or watch movies for extended periods of time without needing to worry about the battery dying.

Are Groove Headphones available in other colors?

Currently, Groove is only available in black but more colors are being released soon! Stay tuned! ­­­­­­­­

What makes Groove Headphones stand out from other headphones that have similar features?

Grooves are designed with comfort and practicality in mind, but also offer great sound quality through 40mm sound drivers. Because Groove earbuds use Bluetooth technology they have a range of 30 feet (compared to an average of 10-15 feet) which means you don’t need to Groove today!

Groove Headphones Alternatives

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones are great for anyone who listens to music. The headphones block all the background noises so you can talk with people or listen to your favorite song without distractions.

I especially recommend these headphones for all the commuters out there because they deliver sound that is fully balanced at any volume. A Noise-canceling dual-microphone system also ensures that you will be heard clearly, even in a noisy environment. You don’t have to worry about running out of battery power either because these headphones come with a carrying case that has an extra battery!

These headphones cancel out all of the noise around me and let me focus on what I’m doing. They are very comfortable and lightweight, which is always a plus. The sound quality is also amazing which lets me immerse myself in the music that I’m listening to. These are really great headphones for those who work in offices or other environments with a lot of background noise.

The sound quality is excellent and the bass is deep. They work at any volume which is convenient for me when I want to listen to podcasts or music while doing other things around the house or office. The microphone quality is also good, so I don’t have any complaints about that.


  • Sleek Design
  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones will block all the background noises so you can talk with people or listen to your favorite song without distractions
  • The headphones deliver sound that is fully balanced at any volume.


  • They are expensive

Bose QuietComfort 35

The Bose QuietComfort 35 is one of the best noise-canceling headphones on the market for a whole variety of reasons. One of the most impressive features that this headphone has is its ability to cut out a lot of external noise. It does this with three levels of world-class noise cancellation.

This makes it possible to listen to whatever volume you want without any interruptions from noisy environments, even when you’re on a plane or train. The sound quality is also very balanced and clear which is great if you have hearing problems or if you just want your music sounding at its best. The battery life will last for 20 hours so it can also be taken on long trips without needing to worry about finding an outlet.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 offers a satisfying listening experience. The headset offers three levels of world-class noise cancellation for an enjoyable experience in noisy environments.

The headphone has also been enhanced with Alexa features and it is easy to use. Speaking of the device’s microphone, it is noise-rejecting and offers clear sound and voice pick-up. This headset can produce a stable audio performance at any volume making it an amazing buy.


  • Wireless and Bluetooth compatible
  • Integrated microphone for calls, voice commands, and other smart device functionality
  • Integrated dual anytime controls
  • Usable for noise canceling, sound quality, comfort


  • May is not a good choice if you want a headphone that’s a little heavier on the bass side

iJoy Matte Finish Premium

The sound quality is so clear, and the noise-canceling design helps me concentrate better. It’s also easy to pack because of the folding design. I have had my headphones for 2 years now, and they are still in excellent condition.

The battery life is really good! I use my headphones at least 5 hours a day, but it doesn’t take more than 3 hours before they are fully charged. This product is well worth the price because of the durability and quality of the sound.

This product is very helpful to me because it has many features that are good for me. One of my favorites is the noise-canceling design because it can help me concentrate on my work.

I also like the sleep timer because it helps me know when to stop using my headphones so I don’t waste battery life or accidentally fall asleep with them on. The battery life is also great because I can use these headphones all day without needing to charge them.


  • The sound quality is so clear
  • The noise-canceling design helps me concentrate better.
  • It’s also easy to pack because of the folding design.


  • The battery life is not really good


Groove Headphones are designed with the latest in audio technologies to deliver a premium listening experience, and Groove users will never have to worry about their headphones getting tangled.

Groove’s patented technology has been optimized for high-quality sound performance while keeping your headphone cord tangle-free – all you need is just one simple motion of “twist” or “wrap.” Grooves’ unique design eliminates knots by using an elastic band that secures the earbuds together when worn around the neck.

The result is a convenient, no-hassle solution for storing unused Groove headphones away without having to untangle them first. Groove also offers different payment plans so if paying upfront isn’t for you then they can work out something else that suits your needs. So what are you waiting for?

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