Global Truss ST180 Review: The Global Leader in Stage Design and Production

In the world of stage production, there are only a few companies that can compete with Global Truss for quality and innovation, especially Global Truss ST180. The company’s ST180 model is one of its most popular products, and it has been hailed as an industry leader by professionals all over the globe.

This article will take a closer look at what makes this product so special.

Global Truss ST180 Reviews 2023

Global Truss ST180 Heavy-duty Crank Stand with Outriggers

I would recommend the ST180 Heavy-duty Crank Stand with Outriggers from Global Truss to anyone who needs a heavy-duty stand for their truss pieces. It is very sturdy and can handle a lot of weight which is perfect for our show.

It provides 18 feet of height and can hold up to 440 pounds. The outriggers make it really stable and make sure that nothing falls while I’m working on it.

The stand has many benefits, such as the ability to support truss sections and speakers, but requires a separately purchased truss adapter. The stand is also easy to adjust the height and move around.


  • Great for working with truss sections and speakers
  • It’s easy to adjust the height and move around.


  • Requires a separately purchased adapter

Global Truss ST180 Benefits

global truss st180

Global Truss ST180 is a new type of truss that can be used for anything from stage scaffolding to home construction.  

Global Truss ST180’s are made out of aluminum, which makes them lightweight and easy to transport. They also have the ability to bend in any direction, making them more versatile than other types of trusses.

Finally, they are priced at an affordable price point which makes them perfect for anyone on a budget!

Global Truss ST180 Benefits:  

  • Lightweight & Versatile
  • Affordable Price Point
  • Can Be Used For Anything From Stage Scaffolding To Home Construction

Factors To Consider When Choosing Global Truss ST180

Choosing the perfect Global Truss ST180 is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a lot of work and there are many factors to consider before making your final purchase. But we’re here to help!

Read on for some tips and tricks that will make finding the right truss easier than you might think.

Determine Your Budget

How much money do you have? What can you spend? When deciding what type of trusses, one should take into consideration the budget which they want to allocate towards this important decision.

The amount of money available will dictate where in the process you need to be at any given time because different types of global truss require different amounts of financial investment upfront.

For example, if someone is on a budget they might need to purchase ST120 instead of ST180 because ST120 is cheaper.

global truss st180

Determine The Number Of Trusses You Need

How much space? The process doesn’t end with finding out how much money one has to spend, but also it should include attempting to determine how much room one needs for their trusses.

If one is renting a building and they need to fill it up with trusses, then that might affect their decision on the type of global truss they choose.

Define Your Needs

What do you want to use the truss for? Will you be hanging lights? Pipe and drape? Some types of trusses are designed for certain purposes and should only be used as such.

For example, St120 might not be the best choice if you’re hanging a lot of lights because it isn’t as strong as other types. Also, don’t forget that different types of trusses come with different weight capacities.

How Much Space Do You Have

Not everyone has the luxury of having a lot of space to work with. There are many instances where people need to use trusses in environments that aren’t ideal, but they still need to make it work. We’ve come across some interesting spaces!

What makes this difficult is that not all types of global trusses can be used in smaller or oddly shaped spaces. If there are obstructions in one’s space, be sure to check the type of truss you’re looking at buying because not all will fit your needs.

The Location

The location where you’ll be using the trusses might affect your decision. For example, if you’re working indoors, then you might not need the trusses to be as strong. By contrast, if you’re outdoors, stronger trusses might be a good idea.

global truss st180

Weigh Your Options

The global truss comes in many types and shapes. Each type is designed for different purposes and can come in various heights, lengths, widths, etc., which all affect the price.

One should weigh their options before spending any money on these types of commercial products to make sure they’re purchasing the right product.

Know What You Need Ahead Of Time

Do your research! The more knowledge one has about these products, the better equipped they’ll be to make a decision that best fits their needs and will save them a lot of time and money in the long run.

This is especially important for people who are new to this kind of work or don’t have a lot of experience in these types of situations.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

There’s no such thing as a dumb question, even if you feel like you’re bothering someone. If you’re not sure about anything, don’t be afraid to ask and we will try to answer the best we can!

What Types Of Projects Have You Done Before?

Again, this is where experience really comes in handy because if one has never worked with trusses before, it could be difficult for them to determine whether they’re purchasing the right type.

If one has done projects like this before, then they’ll know what to expect and can more easily determine whether or not a certain type of global truss is right for their needs.

global truss st180

Some Related Products With Global Truss ST180

Global Truss ST180 is a type of truss that has the ability to support the weight of any object. It is often used for large stages and structures where there are a lot of lights or heavy objects, but it can be used in many other places as well. The design of this product makes it one of the most versatile products on the market today.

Global Truss ST180 is not only designed for stage use, though. In fact, it’s been used for everything from creating temporary bridges to creating musical instruments!

It’s been said that every piece of Global Trus ST180 is hand-crafted by someone who knows what they want you to see when you watch their performance or walk across their bridge. They want their product to be a work of art, and they will often spend hours working on the smallest details in order to get it just right.

Global Truss ST180 is also very useful for more than just stages and bridges, though! The design of this product makes it possible for you to set up any type of structure that you want. It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to help you accomplish your goals or give you the look that you want!

Flashpoint RB-PG Steel Wheeled Pistol Grip Stand with Extra Grip

The Flashpoint stand is a solid choice for shooting on the go. It’s durable, functional, and lightweight. I love this stand.

I took it out to shoot by myself for an hour on my outdoor range. It was easy to set up and takedown with no assistance needed at all. This stand has everything you need for your pistol grip rifle…extra grip included!

I can easily adjust the height to my guests’ convenience and it’s very easy for me to assemble. I also like that the stand is lightweight enough for me to carry around with its wheels. The stand is very stable on higher heights, especially when I’m doing still photography.

The only complaint that I have is that it doesn’t include a carrying case.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this stand if you need something that adjusts your height quickly, but not if you need something that can fit into small spaces.


  • Durable
  • Functional
  • Lightweight
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Extra Grip includes
  • Great for shooting on the go


  • Doesn’t include a case

Kupo 40in Master C-Stand with Turtle Base

The Kupo 40in Master C-Stand is an incredible product. It has a lot of features that make it stand out from the rest of the products in this category.

One feature, in particular, is the patented spring ring locking system. This system makes assembling and storing the stand easy and fast. This stand can be used with a stand adapter for a low mounting position and has three different leg heights so it can be easily stacked or nestled close together.

The plastic knobs that release and lock the stand’s legs in place, further add to its convenience. The use of zinc alloy on the base gives it superior strength against corrosion and other damage, even when using sandbags to weigh it down. It also features a black finish for longevity and durability!

I am very impressed with this stand, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a sturdy, fast, easy-to-use product.


  • Easily transportable
  • The patented spring ring locking system makes assembling and storing simple
  • The plastic knobs on release and locks further add to its convenience.


  • There are no known cons for this product at this time

Seismic Audio – SA-CSS01

I’m really happy that I decided to purchase this speaker stand because it is very sturdy and there is no wobbling. It also has a good height range which makes it easy to get my speakers at the right level.

The truss clamp on the tripod is durable and I haven’t had any problems loosening or listing over since using it. The price point on these stands is unbeatable for what you are getting. My speaker stands work great for setting up venues, churches, schools,… These are universal stands that will be compatible with your speakers, monitors, PA/DJ speakers, and more.

They are heavy-duty steel tube tripod speaker stands that adjust up and down with a crank handle so they are perfect for the gigging musician or DJ who is setting up, tearing down their gear on a regular basis. They will handle the wear and tear of everyday use.

If you are looking for speaker stands at an affordable price, look no further than these Seismic Audio Crank-up Tripod Speaker Stands.


  • Sturdy
  • No wobbling
  • Good height range


  • You have to be careful not to overtop the max height so they don’t tip over

Youngerfoto 6.5ft Light Reflector Stand Holder with Clip

The Youngerfoto 6.5ft Light Reflector Stand Holder with Clip is designed to meet the needs of professional photographers and videographers alike.

With this stand, you can choose from a number of different heights depending on what you need at that time. It also comes with an adjustable clamp for your reflector or small pop of the backdrop. This product will not disappoint!

It also has a reflector clip for added convenience, which is so nice when on the go. This would’ve been a 5-star product if it didn’t have some problems with the rubber feet falling off, but I found it so easy to put back on so it’s really not an issue for me.


  • Works well and is lightweight.
  • Reflector clip makes it easy to go on the go.
  • Has a number of adjustable heights for various uses.


  • Rubber feet have been known to fall off from time to time, but this is an easy fix.

FAQs about Global Truss ST180

global truss st180

What are the major features of Global Truss ST180?

Global Truss ST180 is the world’s first counter-balanced stage system. It features unlimited deck height and deck width, so with its modular design, it can be adapted to most performance needs.

You no longer need to worry about making space for your performers or microphones at the back of the room because you can use Global Truss ST180 anywhere on the floor level. This flexibility enables designers to use truly innovative concepts; horizontal stages that move across a vertical wall for example.

For more efficiency, many lights are now LED-based which cut down on power consumption by up to 75%. They also produce minimal heat and better light output than tungsten sources which makes them perfect for any event where rigging points should be kept to a minimum.

Now we’ll take a look about what will have in the Global Truss ST180:

Does Global Truss ST180 have preinstalled track lighting?

The answer is yes. The unique design of this truss system accommodates a lighting track from which you can hang things like chandeliers or other custom-designed fixtures.

Is it easy to assemble Global Truss ST180 by yourself?

It is indeed possible to assemble ST180 all by oneself. It will take several hours to do so, but it can be done. If someone does not have the time or energy, however, they should definitely consider hiring a professional for this job.

For someone with experience assembling truss stands and metal frames, this will be nothing new. They will walk through each step calmly and without any concern over how easy or difficult it may be to hang an event banner across the top of the stand once it’s fully assembled.

The key is just following the instructions in order to ensure that everything lines up nicely when fitted together at the end of the assembly.

How much is assembly service for ST180?

Assembly service is a very important part of any kind of product because it tells us what type of quality we will receive with different services. The more assembly cost the better quality construction and materials are used during construction?

Assembly service for the Global Truss ST180 is $5 per foot. With perforated braces at stressed points, this tower features a clean design that blends into any setting.

Assembly is quick and easy – you’ll be up and running in minutes! The custom SCJH-200 trim jacks can not only hold horizontal loads but will also reduce glare from the sun by deflecting light rays with high levels of relief without obstructing visibility or obscuring windows or railings.

Made from ABS plastic rather than metal which makes them lightweight yet strong enough to carry up to 6.5kgs per jack which is perfect for the show industry.

Does it topple over easily with people on it?

global truss st180

Definitively not! Global Truss ST180 has a weight capacity of 2,200 lbs. Compare this to other models that can support about 1/2 the capacity at 900lbs or less and you’ll see that Global Truss ST180 is the strongest model on the market.

The steel frame design makes it quick to assemble and ensures its durability for years of heavy use. The leaves are easy to raise up manually with one person which means you don’t have to spend any extra money on installing motors.

And if all other measures fail, Global Truss ST180’s pre-assembled upper crossbeam provides an emergency exit in case something awful ever should happen—safety first!

Can I use any light set attachments with these poles without damaging them in any way?

Absolutely, you can attach any light set to these poles without fear of damaging them in any way.

The Global Truss ST180 has been tested with many different types of lights and attachments including various lights from Arri,, Impact Products Ltd., Lee tools, Lowel systems inc., NSCO International LTD., Photoflex Lighting/Samson-electric Company, Ravemen lighting supplies limited and Strand Lightworks LLC

Additionally, the Global Truss ST180 has an option to add a topdecking extension which will enable you to use larger emblems or wash led panels on top of your truss system for even more versatility when it comes to creativity.

In addition, the pole’s sleeves have been carefully designed to allow for mounting of your favorite lighting attachments without any trouble.

global truss st180


The Global Truss ST180 is a great choice for those who are looking to get into the industry. It’s perfect for any company that wants an effective and efficient way of getting their products from point A to point B without having to worry about anything else.

The overall design makes it easy to use, which means you can set up in minutes rather than hours like with some other models on the market today. It has plenty of carrying capacity, meaning your employees will be able to transport many different items at once with ease!

This product also comes in various colors so there’s something surefire that’ll fit your needs no matter what they may be. For more information on this model or others like it check out our website!

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