Freedom Pars Reviews-The Best DJ Stage Light For You To Consider

Wanna know more about freedom pars? The DJ stage light is a very important part of any successful party. But it’s hard to find the right one for you. There are so many different models and brands out there, how do you know which one to choose?

We have found that Freedom Pars DJ Stage lights are the best choice for your needs. They’re affordable, high quality, and come in a variety of colors! Plus they’re easy to install and use!

Here is our detailed review of Freedom Pars. Check out!

Things To Consider When Buying Freedom Pars

Freedom Pars


First, you will need to find out the stage size of your DJ set. Some big festivals or concerts may have some large stages, and others may only have a small space for a stage. You want to make sure that whichever type of DJ set you are using has a backline lighting system that works with your venue.


The design of your DJ set is another thing to consider before purchasing. You will want to find out where you are performing, and what kind of theme or appearance you are going for. If this is not important to you, try to go with neutral colors that work well in most venues.

Also, think about the material of your DJ set. For example, a wooden DJ set will work better in outdoor venues, whereas a plastic one may be more suitable for indoor concerts and events.

Lighting System

The lighting system is an important part of the backline stage appearance. Having good quality lighting can make or break a performance, and if you are looking to achieve a certain tone or color, then lighting is extremely important. You don’t need to buy your own light show, but it might be the case that your DJ set offers some extra features, such as LED lights.

Type of Light

Light stands come in all different types. There are many types that can be bought for a place on a stage, and no matter what type you use, it is important that they are sturdy, reliable, and easy to set up.

There are many types of stands, such as tripod light stand and straight light stand, which all come in various forms with different features such as weight limits and attachable equipment.

Freedom Pars

Dim Light

Next, you want to make sure the lights can be dimmed. If they cannot be dimmed, it could cause a safety hazard because the lights would be too bright during the whole show. This is especially important if the show runs at night to ensure that people are not blinded by exposure to bright light.


It is important to make sure rigging for your lights is compatible with your stage. Rigs are used to attach lighting equipment, and they need to be sturdy enough so equipment does not swing or move during a show. It should be able to hold lights securely in place, without moving or swaying.

Position of Lighting

It is important that you purchase lighting that can attach to your stage safely and firmly take into account the position of your DJ set before purchasing. In some cases, it may be possible for you to purchase a lighting rig that does not attach directly to your DJ set, but rather to the stage itself to ensure your lighting rig is safe.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is another factor that you need to keep in mind. If the power system cannot handle the heavy load of your equipment, it could cause bigger issues such as damage to equipment and safety hazards with short circuits or fires. If you are having a professional event, it is always a good idea to have your power system checked and approved by a licensed electrician before the music starts.

Freedom Pars


You also want to make sure that the lighting stuff can be maintained well by a company. If a company offers low-priced deals, it could be an indication that the maintenance will not be good because they are trying to cut corners. The lighting equipment needs to be maintained properly so it does not damage your shows and equipment.

Easy To Use

One of the most important things to think about when buying lighting equipment is how easy it is to use and adjust. You want to make sure that the equipment works well for your venue and does not affect the quality of your show by looking at videos of other venues using similar equipment.


It is also possible to buy lighting equipment that you can use for multiple events. If you are hosting an event at a venue that has run many music shows, then it may be worth buying the equipment rather than renting them every time. This helps cut back on costs and save time because you do not have to set up again before each performance.

If lights are going to be used again at a later time, you must make sure that the equipment is also safe and secure to use again. If the gear is not properly maintained or stored after each event, then it could damage or cause injury if there were problems with the upcoming events.


Finally, you want to make sure you have a reasonable price range for your lights. If you want to find a company that is within your price range, it is important to compare prices from different companies. If you have no idea of what factors to take into consideration, or where to start looking for a good deal, you can consult professionals such as Freedom Pars.

Freedom Pars Review

Freedom pars DJ stage light is the best product for your personal party lighting. The design of this light is too flexible and the ease of use will attract everyone to buy it, but the most important feature that makes everyone notice this product is its price. Freedom pars offer you such a high-quality product at an unbelievably lower price.

This DJ light consists of LED lights which are currently in demand because of their functionalities. The product is using LED lights which are brighter than other lights, the light is clean and bright, it does not cause any harm to your eyes or skin so you can use it comfortably for a long time.

LEDs also prevent heat production which means you do not have to worry about overheating problems when you use them for a long time. The design of this light is very flexible which means you can adjust the stand with different angles so that you get a better lighting effect when preparing to perform on stage.

The height of this stand is also adjustable so everyone will have the chance to enjoy perfect lighting coming from this stand. This product has no charging or battery problem so you want to need to charge it before your performance. Freedom pars DJ stage light will provide lighting for 6 hours continuously so you can use this product conveniently.

Who Is Freedom Pars For?

Freedom Pars

The Freedom Pars DJ stage light is the best product for personal parties. The design of this light is flexible and user-friendly and features a low price point which has made it an attractive choice for many people. The product is also suitable for the following groups of people:

Dj’s who want to give better lighting effects to their audiences. Dj’s who are looking for a stage light that will provide amazing lighting without producing too much heat. People performing on stage, singers, etc. Anyone who wants bright light which can be used comfortably by everyone at home or at a party.

Pros Of Freedom Pars

Very low price. You will get high-quality products at an unbelievable price point. Flexible lighting options will allow you to use different angles for better performance. 6 hours of battery life, so you do not need to charge the product before using it. This product does not produce heat or harm your eyes when used for a long time.

Cons Of Freedom Pars

Freedom pars DJ stage light does not have any cons that can be reported by customers. This product has made a very good reputation among users who are shopping for high-quality products at low prices. The design of this light offers you flexible stages to help you get the best performance when performing on stage or in other events.

Features & Benefits

Freedom Pars


Freedom pars DJ stage light is perfect for its design. We have put a lot of effort into focusing on simple, sleek design. You will get high-quality products at an unbelievable price point.

The design of this light is too flexible and the ease of use will attract everyone to buy it, but the most important feature that makes everyone notice this product is its price.

Freedom pars offer you such a high-quality product at an unbelievably lower price. Freedom pars DJ stage light’s beautiful appearance is not only eye-catching but also conforming to the taste of the market.

Powerful Beam

The powerful beam effect light with numerous effects, combined with constantly changing LED color, will create an enchanting atmosphere with its perfect sound.

No matter what kind of party you want to organize; DJ, Club, Disco, or family event; Freedom pars WILL be able to provide excellent illumination and visual effects suitable for each occasion.

Portable & Lightweight

Our new design is not only portable but lightweight, allowing you to transport it easily. Freedom pars DJ stage light’s weight was reduced by 25 percent so now anyone can carry it without difficulty.

Freedom pars DJ stage light uses the latest LED technology with no heat during operation or UV radiation so completely safe even for children.

Freedom Pars

Simple & Intuitive Controls

Freedom pars DJ stage light’s control panel allows you to control it with ease. All of the functions are very easy to find and use. A new menu has been designed so that anyone can operate Freedom pars DJ stage light without any problems even for those who have never used a party lighting system before.

Power Consumption

Freedom pars offer economic power consumption because it only draws 0.5 amps/240 watts at maximum load. It’s really simple to calculate the estimated electricity cost.

It multiplies the red and blue lamps number by 3 (or the total number of lamps you want to use) and adds 30% for the strobe light effect on each color. For example, if you have 7 red lamps and 4 blue lamps, your estimated electricity cost per hour is 480 Watts + 168W x 3 = ~650 Watts or $0.65.

Freedom pars DJ stage light’s use of LED technology ensures that it generates little heat during operation which helps to conserve energy and reduce operating costs. Freedom pars DJ stage light has a long life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

Freedom pars DJ stage light uses the most advanced SMD LED technology resulting in 120 red and 120 blue diodes on each color with 20 diodes for a strobe effect. The combination of these features makes Freedom pars DJ stage light’s beam visible over very large distances and at high speeds, achieving the best results.

Freedom Pars

Remote-Controlled Via DMX

Freedom pars DJ stage light has two-channel remote control allowing for easy repeatable program changes while it’s operational. You can change the speed on both channels at the same time or you can set them to operate in opposition. The new advanced technology allows Freedom pars DJ stage light to be controlled with a wireless DMX controller.

Freedom pars DJ stage light was designed to be extremely easy to set up and use. All cables are fixed with right-angled connectors for quick installation without any complications. The entire system can be controlled via DMX by simply connecting the 3-pin XLR cable (included).

Easy To Carry

Freedom pars DJ stage light comes with a sturdy transport bag to ensure that you can take it with you to your next party or event. The carry bag is made from high-quality material, durable, and easy to clean after use. No special equipment is needed for this quick, simple operation.


Freedom pars DJ stage light is built with the latest SMD LED technology, which guarantees a long lifespan for all lamps, with low power consumption. We use high-quality materials and components to ensure our products are resistant to corrosion for many years without any problem.


CHAUVET DJ Freedom H1 X4

CHAUVET DJ Freedom H1 X4 is a new and powerful intelligent lighting fixture that is the world’s first battery-powered, fully integrated LED Par. Powered by an array of 4 high-output LEDs, this self-contained unit offers a lightweight, compact solution for mobile entertainers, bands, and event producers.

The Freedom H1 X4 has a slim and compact profile that makes it an ideal choice for mobile entertainers, bands, and event producers. Able to run on either AC or DC power, this light offers the freedom to set up wherever you feel inspired!

It can be used as a standalone fixture as well as part of a larger system using the 3- and 5-pin DMX connections. When it comes to controlling, you get a choice of wireless control with the optional UC3 remote or DMX512 using Chauvet’s CHAUVET Professional RUSH Network protocol.

The Freedom H1 X4 offers incredible features such as built-in programs and sound active mode and other features like wireless control, professional 3 & 5 pin DMX connections, and much more.

Because of battery power this unit is lighter than any other Par can be (less than 4 pounds). For this reason, it’s perfect for every mobile DJ or small party. It can be used on trusses, placed in front of speakers, or hung on the wall.


CHAUVET DJ EZlink Par Q4 BT is the newer version of the Par Q4. This article will focus on some major differences between the two fixtures. The EZLink Par Q4 BT is the newest addition to Chauvet’s lineup of PAR fixtures. There are many upgrades, some minor and some more major upgrades, compared to its predecessor the Par Q4.

Some notable improvements are the addition of Bluetooth connectivity for wireless device connection, a digital display with menu navigation buttons, and an improved sensor. However, this article will explore some of the major differences that Chauvet has made between these new fixtures.

The first obvious difference is that the EZLink comes in black instead of white like the Par Q4. The fixture also weighs less than the Par Q4, weighing in at approximately 8 lbs. This is likely due to the difference in the size of the fixture. The EZLink is shorter compared to the Par Q4 and only has one yoke instead of two.

The second difference, which can be found on top of the fixture on both sides is two buttons that are used for menu navigation. The top button will access the fixture’s main settings while the bottom navigates through secondary or more detailed settings.

Wireless RF Remote Control DJ Lights

Wireless RF Remote Control DJ Lights are an amazing piece of DJ equipment to add to your arsenal. First, you don’t need long cords cluttering the space in front of you and tangling up with other wires that can also cause a safety hazard.

Second, there is no remote control cord running from the lights themselves back to your controller making it easier for others watching the show to see what you are doing.

Third, these lights are wireless which gives you more freedom to move around the dance floor and play off the crowd’s energy. And best of all, they can withstand moisture whether that’s sweat or rain!

The Wireless RF Remote Control DJ Lights come complete with 4 LED Par 64 cans outfitted with 10 LEDs each totaling 40 LEDs per light for a total of 160 LEDs. The cans are powered by the included AC power supplies and feature 4 lighting modes; static, strobe, sound active, and master/slave.

The Wireless RF Remote Control DJ Lights also feature an RF (radio frequency) wireless remote control with 20 preprogrammed channels allowing you to make changes on the fly. These lights will remember the channel you had them on when they were powered down and automatically switch to that channel upon power-up.


Freedom Pars

How much power does Freedom pars consume?

It consumes average power, depending on the type of material being lit, as well as the size and brightness of the lamp. The typical power usage of the Freedom Pars is from 40 to 150 watts.

What is the life expectancy of a Freedom Pars stage lights?

The life expectancy of a Freedom Pars is typically 4,000 hours for the LED and 3,000 hours for the metal halide. A Freedom Pars stage light has an average life expectancy of 10,000 hours. It will lose around 5-10% of its brightness over the course of its lifetime.

Can I use these during a show or event even if I don’t have an electrical outlet nearby?

Yes, you can use Freedom Pars during a show or event even if U don’t have an electrical outlet nearby. Just use a converter and plug it into a 12V battery, then connect your Freedom Pars stage light to the battery using the supplied battery connector cable.

Note that this does not work for LED lamps. These can be used in an event or show even if you don’t have an electrical outlet nearby; we offer a battery pack that lasts 8 hours and includes a charger.


Freedom Pars Stage light is a great way to work on your lighting design skills. For stage designers, this software provides the tools needed to create eye-catching and memorable designs for live production or video productions. We hope you will know more about Freedom Pars after reading our reviews in 2023!

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