Top 15+ Fantastic Delta Headphone Jack- Which One Is The Most Suitable For You? [Updated 2024]

Headphones have become a portable need for everyone nowadays. People might be found wearing them in all directions on the street. However, we rarely pay attention to one of its most crucial components – the delta headphone jack. If you’re interested in learning more about it, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will give you a thorough evaluation of 17 outstanding headphone jacks, along with a step-by-step guideline to help you choose the best one for your need. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Delta Headphone Jack Comparison 2024

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Top 17 Delta Headphone Jack Reviews 2024

ASUS RGB Gaming Headset 

The Asus ROG DeltaRGB headset is clearly marketed as a premium gaming headset, with PC gaming as one of its primary applications, but ASUS also believes that it is also flexible enough to be your go-to pair of headphones for all devices.

The ROG Delta is a bit larger than typical daily headsets, but its triangle or D-shaped ear cups, rather than the more conventional circular or oval-shaped ones, give it a larger appearance. These are very cool from an aesthetic standpoint, with a distinct look-it is wonderful to see a brand new design in a headset-and from a comforting view, it works as well; these are as comfortable as any other pair of cans we have tried. The headband is robust and durable, and it has a solid fit.

The onboard functions are restricted, but this has the advantage of not overloading the ear cups with additional buttons- it is simple but effective. The microphone is a moveable, boom-style mic that is approximately the right size, easily and firmly fitting into the left earcup. The mic includes an inbuilt LED that lights red when muted, which is so convenient. Also, a USB-C connection is a primary way of connecting to your PC, but there is a converter cable to switch back to USB-2, which makes the length a bit longer. 

Aside from that, the box contains the standard guide books as well as two additional pairs of earpads. The additional ones are made of leatherette and are a little thinner. This is really a question of personal choice as they are both so comfy.

When it comes to music, the ROG Delta is a standout performer. From classical music to hard metal, the headset delivered a stunning sound quality that can be some of the best you have ever heard. If you want to utilize it for different media, you will need to look at PC sound mixing software, which is simple to use and has a lot of features. The optimizations and presets are excellent, and the modifications to the audio are noticeable.

To summarize, this is a fantastic headset that is worth the money. If you are looking to spend some money on a pair of high-end cans, this is a clear, passionate recommendation. The Delta RGB comes with a two-year guarantee from Asus, which is a nice perk, especially if you are concerned about the price.


  • The sound quality is detailed and clear
  • Excellent surround sound range and depth
  • Cool look
  • Great software


  • The cost is rather high

Apple Airpods With Charging Case

The Apple AirPods are one of the best sets of truly wireless earbuds available, combining simplicity and smart software features.

Despite the material of this charging case is plastic, it still has a nice feel. It is small enough to fit in your pocket yet strong enough to last. This is advantageous since you will want to keep the case with you at all times, even if it is only to store the buds while not in use.

A single lightning connector is located on the bottom of the charging case, and a button on the rear allows you to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. But it is the magnets that lock the lid close that truly set the case apart. The earphones are also held in place by magnets within the casing.

With these earbuds, Apple adopts a one-size-fits approach, meaning they are unlikely to fit your ears exactly. Outside sounds might easily make their way into your ears, and these things leak like no one’s business. You will have to dial down the level of music somewhat if you do not want another person to hear your music. The AirPods offer a highly consumer-friendly sound. However, this is only possible in ideal circumstances. 

The AirPods are designed to have a bass-heavy response, but most people cannot notice it because the device does not cancel or block out sound. Because the earbuds are unable to seal to your ear, the isolation is pretty weak. However, you can look at the positive point of it: the AirPods help you to be more aware of your surroundings when walking to work or on the metro, which can make you safer.

The overall battery life is pretty low, especially when compared to normal Bluetooth earbuds. Apple tells that the battery would last around 5 hours on a single charge. However, we are not able to achieve that during our objective testing. Instead, with an iPhone X, we discovered that the Apple AirPods last 4 hours and 7 minutes.

On the latest edition of Apple’s wireless earbuds, the Airpods appear to give roughly 21% more battery life than the previous version. Though this may appear to be a big improvement, the power cell is so tiny that we are just talking about an extra 30 minutes.


  • Audio quality is quite good
  • Modern and practical design
  • Portable charging case included


  • Noise cancellation is pretty bad
  • Expensive
  • Poor battery life 


The Pyle Computer Desktop Microphone is designed to be universally compatible. Everything from studio vocals to streaming, gaming, singing, editing, singing, desk recording, podcasting can be done with it. It can work with most common systems like Windows PCs, Macs, and Linux. You are able to buy and use it anywhere: at home, in the office, in the workplace…

This recording condenser microphone is easy to use as it has a straightforward USB plug-and-play setup. Simply connect it to a USB port on your computer or laptop, choose it as an input in your program settings, and you are all set to make your personal audio. 

Another utility of it is the gain level can be adjusted. You can twist the knobs to adjust the mic gain and headphone output level straight from the hardware. Also, by touching the mute control, you may silence the microphone input. Bear in mind to connect headphones to the delta headphone jack to monitor your voice in real-time.


  • Compact
  • Easy to use


  • The noise filter is not working well

VTech DM221 

The VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor is a budget-friendly, great-sounding monitor with a plethora of functions that are ideal for most families. It offers more capabilities than the usual device in its class. 

The DM221 boasts great sound clarity and produces some of the finest and loudest sounds in the group. Sound activation and two-way communication with the infant are two of the most desired features of a monitor. If that is not enough to persuade you, it also contains a nightlight, belt clip, and mute option that can be operated remotely. 

Because of the menu options and programming, this monitor may be a bit more difficult to operate, but it is an excellent alternative for most families seeking high sound clarity at a low price.

With a maximum loudness of 103.4dB, this is a loud parent unit. The music is clear, albeit a touch loud, even at this high volume. Parents will be able to hear everything that happens in the room of their baby, and deep sleepers will be roused when the infant screams. 

The sound is audible at a lower volume of 82.8db, but it shifts between seeming muffled and then clearer. The sound filtering and voice activation are both effective, and the monitor is completely silent when the infant is sleeping. With two-way communication, the voice from the baby’s unit is good and not distorted or robotic. This implies that the kid will only be able to hear his parent’s voice.

The VTech DM221 offers you a variety of wonderful functions. All you have to do to set up the monitor is connect it in and turn it on. The menu, power, volume buttons and select are located on the front. You may customize the vibrations, sound sensitivity, nightlight, language, sound alert and other basic settings from the menu. 

However, there is one minor drawback is that as this monitor offers more features than the competitors, sometimes you can make some small mistakes when using it. For example, the bulk of user buttons are located on the front of the parent unit, which might result in users accidentally pressing the wrong buttons in the middle of the night. 

This monitor should have a line-of-sight range of 1000 feet, according to the manufacturer. Given that you are unlikely to leave an infant in a field, this is not a really relevant measurement, although it got near to our standard of 1325 feet. At around 1000 feet, this monitor began beeping that it was out of range, but the sound was still great. Around 1200 feet, the connection became choppy, and at 1325 feet, it was entirely gone. Around 1000 feet, it began to beep, but the sound is still good.


  • Great sound quality a
  • A plethora of functions
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Limited range
  • Quite difficult to use

Twelve South AirFly

AirFly is a device that is compatible with any wireless Bluetooth headphones and can receive music from any device with a 3.5mm delta headphone jack. In reality, it works with Bluetooth speakers. This device, which is approximately the size of a matchbox, is included in the packaging, along with two short cords for 3.5mm audio and USB-to-micro-USB charging. To keep everything together, a drawstring pouch is supplied. Twelve South- the manufacturer- claims that a single charge will last eight hours.

This unit is wonderful for just listening to music, but headphone controls are not carried over in any manner, so you will not be able to play or stop the music. Also, third-party Bluetooth headphones will likely provide greater audio quality than Apple’s AirPods.

While AirFly is a bit niche – it is seldom possible nowadays to find a portable audio device with no Bluetooth support – we think it will be a great attraction for frequent travelers that like their AirPods or other wireless headphones, and we can also think about many additional possibilities, like connectivity to gym equipment to wireless audio for those who want to listen. AirFly looks to be a simple and affordable decision if you have investments in a nice set of Bluetooth headphones that you need to pluck into.


  • Lightweight and small
  • The sound quality is good


  • The battery does not last long

Supersonic Gaming Headphones 

This headphone is mostly used for stereo gaming. It has some standout features like a hi-fi speaker that will improve the sound quality’s authenticity. Moreover, soft head pads and foam earcaps offer long-lived convenience and adjustable headbands are able to fit with any head size. 

This gadget is compatible with a variety of devices, includes PCS, PS4, Xbox 1, laptops, Wii u, mobiles, and more. The microphone of the rotating omnidirectional condenser enables clear communication.


  • Offers many features


  • The cord is so long that can lead to the entanglement

MOOU Headphones Jack 

Apple certifies MOOU 3.5 mm lightning adapters to satisfy iPhone criteria and provide a safe and full connection with your Apple devices. This headphone converter with lightning to 3.5 mm allows you to combine with most versions of iPhone 11/11/SE 11/Pro Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X/6 7 8 Plus, iPod touches sixth generation, iPad Mini/iPad Air/iPad Pro. It is just not compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro 11”/12.9”.

This iPhone lightning adapter, which has superior noise reduction technology, can give you the ideal sound. It not only plays music but also has wire control features including a microphone, volume control, stops and play capabilities, and it plays with no settings adjustments.

The design of this gadget is durable: no dents, scratches, bends, or tears. The plug-and-play jack is extremely small, light, durable, and portable, making it ideal for bringing it with you anywhere at any time: home, workplace, airplane…


  • Offers a lot of features
  • Compact


  • Not so durable

Mangotek iPhone Headphone Jack

These lightning adapters have been certified by Apple to meet iPhone requirements and enable a secure and complete connection with your Apple devices. It works with most iPhone models, like iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 pro, 12 Pro Max, 11/11/SE 11/Pro Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X/6 7 8 Plus, iPod Touch third generation, and iPad Mini/iPad Air/iPad Pro.

This iPhone lightning adapter with improved noise reduction technology can provide you with the best sound possible. It not only plays music, but also includes wire control functions such as a microphone, volume control, stop and play function, and it plays without any settings modifications.

The jack is also incredibly compact, light, and portable, making it suitable for carrying around with you at all times: at home, at work, on an aircraft…


  • Offers high-quality sound
  • Compact


  • Not so durable

Sainwora 7 Pcs 

This 3.5mm delta headphone jack is a great replacement for broken or ineffective audio jacks on the XBOX One S. The Torx safety screwdriver bit is made of high-quality steel that has been quenched to increase accuracy and durability. It also has a magnetic connection and a non-slip rotating cover. Furthermore, instead of nails, an opening tool and a cleaning brush may be used to clear dust from within the controller, making this gadget extremely convenient. This module also does not require soldering because it is plug and play.


  • Value for money
  • Good quality
  • Easy to use
  • Well packaged


  • Sometimes the brush bristles fell out, which affects the cleaning process

UGREEN Headphones 

Apple has verified these lightning adapters to satisfy iPhone standards and ensure a safe and full connection with your Apple devices. Most iPhone models are compatible, including the iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 pro, 12 Pro Max, 11/11/SE 11/Pro Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X/6 7 8 Plus, iPod Touch third generation, and iPad Mini/iPad Air/iPad Pro. Only the 2018 iPad Pro 11”/12.9” is excluded.

With enhanced noise reduction technology, this iPhone lightning adapter can give you the finest sound available. It not only plays music, but also has cable control features like a microphone, volume control, and a stop/play function, and it works without any settings changes.

The jack is also very small, light, and portable, making it ideal for bringing with you wherever you go: at home, at work, on an airplane…


  • Offers a lot of features
  • High-quality sound
  • Compact


  • Not so durable


This delta headphone jack is perfect for frequent travelers. It works with any 3.5 mm jack earbuds or headphones, including Boses, QuietComfort QC35/ QC25/ QC20I/ QC20/ QC15/ QC3/ QC2…and fits all 2-prong airline jacks. 

The Tranesca Replacement Airplane Headphone Adapter for Bose Quiet Comfort QC15 QC25 QC35 and More Headphones, Golden Plated 3.5mm Jack is extremely solid and corrosion-resistant thanks to its gold-plated connection and durable construction. The adapter is lightweight and small due to its basic design, making it easy to carry in your bag or pocket. It also allows you to listen to high-quality stereo sound. 

This gadget is really easy to use. It does not necessitate any program installation or configuration. Simply plug this headphone converter into the plane’s audio jack or your computer’s headphone jack and you are all set.


  • Simple to use
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Good quality


  • Only suited for a few particular planes.


The compatibility of the Headphone Splitter Adapter TESmart is extensive.

This 3.5mm headphone splitter cable is able to connect a dual-plug headset and headset to most common devices, including Xbox One, tablet laptops, PS4, phones, gaming headsets, and computers. 

Also, there is one thing that differentiates it from other competitors is the environmentally friendly material. It is made of TPE, a recyclable material that is not only extremely flexible but also resistant to bending, temperature and UV. Furthermore, this stuff has a delicate touch but still remains durable.


  • Standout design
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Durable


  • Poor sound quality

Apple Lightning

The Apple Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter is an original Apple product. It works well with all of the iPhone models, like the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, 7, 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPod Touch, iPad….   

It has all of the features you would expect from an Apple product: it is sturdy, long-lasting, and simple to set up and operate. It also works effectively, produces a crystal-clear sound and has no negative impact on the sound quality of headphones or speakers. Its pricing is quite cheap when compared to the excellent features that it provides.


  • Durable
  • Offers a variety of functions
  • High-quality product with an affordable price
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Works well with all of the iPhone models


  • Not all headphones on the market are compatible with it.

Hutou 2 in 1 

The 2 in 1 dual lightning adaptor cable allows you to listen to music while simultaneously charging your phone. Functions like charging, microphone, remote, headset control, calling, and data transfer are all supported. Designed for iPhone lovers.

The main feature of  2 in 1 Dual Lightning Headphone Jack Audio is to support remote and microphone, as well as work with EarPods or other headphones. It has a higher level of performance, which lets you listen to music, watch movies, and play games on your smartphone using 3.5mm headphones, control the volume on your phone, play/stop songs…Ideal to bring anywhere, from home to work.

The appliance is compatible with lightning AUX earphones, allowing you to listen to music and charge while driving. iOS 12/13/14 is supported. Works with

all of the iPhone models, like the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, 7, 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPod Touch, iPad….

There are several advantages of this aux dongle converter to the iPhone. Firstly, it enables you to utilize a 3.5 mm jack front headset or this iPhone aux adapter in the automobile. Secondly, the adapter allows you to experience great sound quality as the original. 

It is noiseless and has no buzzing sound. Moreover, this iPhone aux and charger jack is incredibly lightweight and portable that can be put easily into your pocket or bag. Finally, it provides PD 5V fast charging support – which increases the charge speed by 1.5 times and 30 percent. This does not only improves output performance but also lowers charging time.  

Overview, this is an appliance that is worth investing in. Especially it comes with a 36-months warranty, along with a cash-back guarantee for 3 years or substitution. If you have any problems, just contact Apple at any time. They will try to help you in less than 12 hours.


  • Original Apple product
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive warranty policy
  • Multifunctional


  • When no app uses the headphones, there is a popping sound play at low volumes level
  • Sometimes the iOS display warning “unsupported device” and it can not operate until it is unplugged and put back in
  • For a few seconds, when the audio or music is played, the sound comes through the phone speakers instead of the headphones.


This delta headphone jack is perfect for frequent travelers. It works with any 3.5 mm jack earbuds or headphones, including Beats, Sony, Bose, Monsters, and Apple EarPods, and fits all 2-prong airline jacks. It transforms a standard stereo headphone jack (3.5mm or 1/8″) to a common airline dual-prong connector, allowing you to listen to in-flight entertainment with your own headphones.

The UCEC 3.5mm Golden Plated Airline Earphone Adapter is extremely robust and corrosion-resistant thanks to its gold-plated connection and strong construction. The adapter’s minimalist design makes it lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily carry it in your bag or pocket. Also, it allows you to enjoy high-end stereo sound. It transmits original sound to your headphones in a smooth manner. The way this device operates is transforming 2 monotones into 1 stereo tone. Therefore, you can listen to the music without deterioration in audio quality.

This appliance is easy to use. It does not require any software installation or configuration. Just connect this headphone adapter to the audio connection on the plane or connect to your headphone jack. In this way, you can improve your sound with no effort.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers high-quality sound
  • Affordable price
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Just suitable for some specific airplanes only

VCE 2-Pack 

This VCE 2-Pack 3.5mm Headphone Y Splitter, Gold Plated 3.5mm 1/8 inch Male to Dual Female Stereo Jack Adapter Converter allows you to turn one 3.5mm female device into two 3.5mm male plug headphones. It supports devices with all standard 3.5mm jack ports, allowing for a wide range of compatibility. The jack splitter is composed of high-quality materials so it is built to last. 

If you go on a trip, this 1/8” adaptor is perfect for sharing a smartphone, laptop, tablet or iPad to watch films or listen to music with your friend or partner. The warranty is also very attractive, with 18 months offered.


  • Multifunctional
  • Compact and small, easy to put in pocket or bag


  • The device’s input holes are tough so it is quite hard to get the headphones into the appliance. In the long term, this makes the input loosen.


The Dual 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Airplane Headphone Adapter Gold Plated is an audio adapter for flight. The aviation audio adapters transform a dual-prong airline connector into a normal headphone stereo small plug (1/8 inch, 3.5 mm). Plated with gold. Connectors provide excellent signal transmission.

This device is simple to operate. It does not need the installation or configuration of any program. Just simply attach this headphone adapter to the plane’s audio connection or to your headphone port. Most airline dual-socket headphone audio jacks are compatible with this adapter. In that way, you can use your own headphones, listen to music and make the flight way funnier. 

The Dual 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Airplane Headphone Adapter Gold Plated provides high-end sound, using a quality filter to reduce outside noise and can adjust for a much more comfortable fit.


  • High quality with reasonable price
  • Multifunctional
  • Small and compact, easy to put in pocket or bag and bring anywhere
  • Simple to use


  • Although it fits in most airline dual-socket, there are still some that it is not compatible

Key Factors To Choose The Best Delta Headphone Jack You Are Looking For


The delta headphone jack you select needs to be compatible with the devices you use at home; this is required to fulfill the product’s capabilities. Mobile phones are linked to them through wired or wireless mode; however, certain brands are not compatible with all products. You should be aware of the sort of ports accessible if you want to connect the headphones to the computer. They might be corded or wireless. Check to see if the cable fits snugly into the port; if there are any incompatibilities, the cable will not function as expected. As a result, it is preferable to be aware of your current system before deciding to purchase headphones with high-quality features.

Noise cancellation

Because noise disruptions degrade a person’s auditory experience, noise-canceling capabilities are necessary for the product. This feature is examined by many users when choosing headphones since it works best on low-frequency sounds to decrease noise.

The noise-canceling capabilities are suitable for your needs whether you are traveling and using the device on a regular basis. Only tiny noises can be muffled, thus this method may not be suitable for high-frequency disturbances such as people chatting or automobile horns on the road.

However, to make your travel more comfortable, a noise-canceling delta headphone jack is recommended.


Many people may want to take their headphones with them everywhere they go so that they can listen to music and make phone calls, thus portability is a crucial factor to consider. If you seek a product that has lightweight characteristics and a manageable design, you will be able to carry them with you when you travel.

If you plan on using your delta headphone jack for a long period of time, go for a company that offers lightweight products. The product’s size should be handy and small enough to fit within your bag or pocket, so that you can take it with you wherever you go or whenever you need it. Also, a product that is easy to handle and operate, with a higher output for utilization is suggested.


Durability is a trait that users seek when buying something, and it is determined by the materials used in the production process. It is critical for any sort of delta headphone jack to be made with high-quality materials so that they do not quickly become broken.

Even the cables in the wired kind should be of the highest quality so that they do not become tangled and provide greater output without breaking. The pieces of the device must be robust and durable enough to convert and transmit sound signals effectively to the users.

Conclusion: Our top choices for the best delta headphone jack

The top 17 most common delta headphone jack are listed above. Consider your requirements and read our evaluation to determine the best option for you.

Lastly, here are 5 delta headphone jack that we choose among 17 goods that we consider to be the best. We hope you will be able to find a product that makes you happy!

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