Best Cheap Distortion Pedal: Get A Great Deal On These Awesome Pedals

If you’re in the market for the best cheap distortion pedal, there are a lot of options to choose from. And while some models may be better suited for certain styles of music than others, it can get really overwhelming trying to figure out which one is best for you. That’s why we created this list of five cheap distortion pedals that will give you all the range and versatility you need without breaking your bank account.

In general, these pedals have been designed with beginners in mind so they don’t require any complicated tweaking or expensive upgrades to sound great right out of the box – but no matter what style or genre of music you play, they should suit your needs just fine.

If anything on our list catches your eye, you can click on the link below to check out more product reviews of cheap distortion pedals at Amazon. We’ve included some useful tips in this blog post that will help you make an informed buying decision.

Best Cheap Distortion Pedal Reviews 2021

Fender Pugilist Distortion Pedal

The Fender Pugilist Distortion Pedal is designed for expressive, touch-sensitive performances that go beyond conventional distortion effects. The pedal employs “hotter” transistors and can be tweaked using the onboard tone knob to dial in your desired sound—from single coil twang all the way to overdrive.

If you play power chords or other bass heavy styles of music, this pedal won’t give you enough gain by default; other than that, it’s great for any kind of guitar playing. It makes a fantastic introduction into exploring different textures onstage and should improve your overall command of dynamics on stage with its responsive design.

Fender has made this pedal extremely versatile with its ability to fine-tune your sound. This is an excellent choice for re-creating the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, or other guitarists from that era.

Fender’s Pugilist distortion pedal is tough and durable. The ultra-compact design helps to reduce the risk of it getting knocked around or damaged, so you can enjoy your music without worrying about it every time there is a bump in the road. This tone spanking pugilistic pedaling champ will give you all the grit and edge that you need with just the right amount of clear definition when playing softer for some delicate melody or solo work. You can also dial in maximum saturation for your heavier rhythmics and solos, making this one versatile little animal that suits players of any skill level well.

Designed with the beginner guitarist in mind, this pedal provides exceptional tone control. There are four major knobs on the front panel (drive, volume, bass and treble). You can also access all of these controls by adjusting your guitar’s potentiometer if that’s how you prefer to control distortion levels. It is durable for beginners who may be prone to knocking things over while practicing.

This pedal is a full-fledged, no nonsense distortion pedal. Fender’s Pugilist has been designed from the ground up to work with single coil pickups, so if you’re a Strat or Tele player this might be your first choice if that’s what you play.


– Affordable price

– Gives you a lot of range

– Versatile


– None

MXR Timmy Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal (CSP027)

This pedal is an incredible value! The MXR Timmy Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal (CSP027) delivers great sound at a higher gain level than the Boss DS-1. It also offers tone options, including two completely different voicings of output buffers for vintage and modern setups. With its tough aluminum chassis, the MXR pedal can easily withstand live performances in cramped nightclubs.

Effectively balance distortion and tone with MXR’s innovative Timmy Overdrive pedal. With its unique clipping algorithm, the CSP027 from MXR ensures that your original note remains clear and defined even at full drive, bit crushing sound effects. Whether you’re a pro or a novice guitarist, the versatile harmonics provided by this guitar effect create endless opportunities for experimentation.

The MXR Timmy Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal provides a spanky, raw sound for players who want more bite from their amps. It features Volume, Drive and Tone controls to find the perfect balance of distortion. It offers 3 levels of clipping with plenty of output volume that can be customized by way of the Blackface™ control knob. There are also LED indicators that show how much battery power is remaining in an internal 9 volt AC adapter operated pedal. Choose between True Bypass or buffered bypass modes via the Buffers switch located at the top right side of this durable die cast box.

MXR pedals are high-quality, hand-made pedal effects. The MXR Timmy Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal reaches the pinnacle of this craftsmanship with its heavy die-cast housing and circuitry designed to simulate tube amp distortion for a warm sound. With features like an LED display that tells you when you’re in boost mode or if your battery is running out, it’s easy to use. Plus, its three different overdrive modes let you adjust the tone to fit your particular style of music right on the fly!

MXR’s Timmy Overdrive is a flexible overdrive pedal with bass, treble and volume controls. This effect pedal produces distortion-free canyon sound that can be controlled by the player to give just the right amount of sustain. With clean boost options, crisp tone adjustments and sleek modern design this pedal will make any guitar player happy whether they are at home or on stage.


– It’s an incredible value and delivers great sound

– Offers tone options


– It’s not specified and detailed

Revv Amplification G3 Overdrive & Distortion Pedal

Revv’s Amplification G3 Overdrive & Distortion Pedal is made exclusively for electric guitar. It features few knobs and a simple aesthetic. However, its circuit board contains many powerful options that can disguise themselves in simplicity.

It has 3 main controls- Volume, Drive, and Tone- which are what shape your tone of voice when you’re on stage or just playing at home with friends. The distortion knob allows you to shape the aggressive sound whether it be mild distortions or more intense fuzzes while still maintaining clarity in your melodies.

The G3 Overdrive & Distortion Pedal is a quality, affordable pedal that’s great for beginners and experts alike. It has 3 patented sound-shaping tools (boost, crunch, and edge) to give you the perfect tone for each variety of music. And it features an LED light which indicates when you’re in compression or distortion mode. If you’re searching for uncompromisingly high-quality distortion within your budget range then the Revv Amplification G3 overdrive & distortion pedal would be worth considering.

The Revv Amplification G3 Overdrive & Distortion Pedal is a silicon-based overdrive pedal with extra control to let players make their signal go from clean boost, to fat crunch to screaming lead. It has true bypass switching and bright LEDs for optimum tone. The Bypass Switch automatically switches off the whole device when it’s not in use (important for sound clarity), while letting your guitar signal pass through without any effect at all – making this pedal perfect for amplifying solos or getting that searing distortion during feedback breaks!

Revv Amplification G3 Overdrive & Distortion Pedal is a complete solution for guitar players who want to add distortion along with an overdrive. The pedal has been designed to replicate some of the most popular dirt boxes from legendary rock bands and includes 3 amp models, 12 factory presets, and 9 stompbox-style effects. This bundle also comes with a built-in buffer that will provide a sparkling clean tone when it’s switched off while simultaneously improving your overall volume by 200%.


– The distortion knob allows you to shape the aggressive sound

– Quality, affordable pedal that’s great for beginners and experts alike.

– It has 3 patented sound-shaping tools (boost, crunch, and edge)

– Features an LED light


– None

BOSS Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Pedal (OS-2)

The OS-2 BOSS Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Pedal supplies the player with a tough metal body and sturdy, dependable plastic knobs. It is equipped with a Drive section plus Tone controls for precise shaping of the guitar tone. The Range switch rotates from low to high end frequencies providing purists or experimenters plenty of versatility to choose from when gigging in different styles for standing out on stage.

In addition, it features an easy access battery hatch, which carries 9-volts to power the pedal without adding any weight thanks to solid state circuitry. From blues to heavy metal styles this pedal has what every guitarist needs when they want total control over their sound.

The common consensus among users is that if you are looking for a great sounding overdrive pedal, don’t let the budget price tag stop you from checking out this product. It has a very desirable and agreeable tone that can be used to add some punch to your sound, or on the other end of the spectrum it can be set for a milder and subtler effect. The Frequency control is particularly effective in adding some definition to the sound of an acoustic guitar.

This is not a pedal for beginners. The Boss OS-2 has a very heavy distortion that can be used as an effect rather than as a source of clean amplification.  It’s the same with overdrives, and those looking for subtle articulation will need to look elsewhere. For those who want one pedal, however, it’s hard to beat what Boss offers in this price range: high volume or extreme fuzz without having to change anything but your playing style.

The BOSS OS-2 “Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Pedal” is a versatile pedal that offers everything from warmth and tube tone to heavy distortion and fuzz, while retaining the clarity of your guitar’s original signal. With an exceptionally responsive optical control system, the OS-2 responds naturally with organic overtones when pushing your amp near its limit. The range of two selectable channels can also be combined for even more shades of output variations to satisfy the finest discriminating tastes.


–  It has a very desirable and agreeable tone

– Effective in adding some definition to the sound of an acoustic guitar.

– Not too expensive.


– This is not a pedal for beginners.

JHS Pedals Paul Gibert PG-14

This guitar pedal is a true boutique pedal. Handcrafted in humble Columbus, Ohio, the JHS Pedals Paul Gibert PG-14 is a stellar emulation of the vintage Plexi tone that was made famous by such artists as Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower. This warm overdrive’s simplicity belies its deep personality, as it responds to subtle variations within the guitarist’s touch with beautifully tube-like preamp interactions and enhanced harmonics beyond those offered by other pedals in this category.

The JHS Pedals PG-14 is a boutique fuzz pedal that can “crush any sound into oblivion.” It has frequency and level controls. Built with an original Germanium transistor, the fuzz reaches full brutality in under two minutes. JHS Pedals Paul Gibert PG-14 is a classic, hand-painted fuzz that can be found on pedalboards around the world. The tone and volume controls give musicians complete control over their sound while the TRS output allows them to integrate it effortlessly with other pedals in their setup.

The JHS Pedals PG-14 earns its reputation for being an “always smashing” fuzz, favored by guitar players who crave a brutally heavy vintage distortion and need to get big right away without finagling too many knobs! It has been featured on BBC television and in countless magazine advertisements.

The PG-14 is a high quality American made pedal featuring a sealed damper operated by a microswitch that provides users with the stability and durability they have come to expect from JHS Pedals. The Paul Gibert series of pedals are highly regarded by guitarists for their smooth fluid feel, excellent playing surface and innovative soft-step tension bushings that take adjustment difficulty out of your life.

This durable pedal provides lots of foot room, enough adjustments to make it personal to your style of playing and ability level while also delivering outstanding sound clarity. Problem solving is easy with this no frills solid metal apparatus laid bare before you which will provide years upon years of great service while giving back some cash into your pocket in terms of its competitive price point.

The PG-14 pedal is a vintage looking set of clipless, chrome plated steel pedals designed for use with any single speed bike. The (removable) cleats can be fitted on either the left or right shoe and work well with most western shoes. They’re heavier than most pedals but at this price they’re worth it to see your feet go flying off the front end of whatever you’re riding!


– Has a vintage sound

– Relatively easy to use

– Durable and built to last


– None

Best Cheap Distortion Pedal Benefits

When it comes to distortion pedals there are a lot of great benefits that you can experience from the use of a quality pedal. Cheap distortion pedals provide a lot of these benefits, but this is not always the case. A cheap distortion pedal can be enough to get you through playing with distortion, but if you want to try and crank up your sound and sound like metal bands on TV, then you need something better than a cheap distortion pedal.

If you’re looking for some good analog-style warm fuzzies and heavy overdrives, then you may need something better than a cheap distortion pedal. Even if your goal is not as technical as playing like metal bands on TV, there’s still plenty of sounds that can be achieved through the use of a quality distortion pedal.

Best Cheap Distortion Pedal

There are some cheap pedals on the market today that can actually provide you with great sounds, but they’re not as common as cheap distortion pedals. Cheap distortion pedals seem to be everywhere and for good reason too. They’ve been around since the beginning and remain a staple in players’ arsenals even to this day.

They provide a unique sound that you can’t get from any other gear on the market today and they’re truly something special to have as part of your musical set up. If you’re looking for some new sounds, then distortion pedals are definitely for you. You just have to watch out because there really are a lot of crappy pedals on the market today.

You have to be patient and look around to find a pedal that you can really get into. You should watch out for pedals that cut out when you crank up your guitar’s volume control because the noise is going to drive you crazy, especially if you’re trying to play with distortion like metal bands on TV.

Distortion pedals are one of the most popular guitar effects. They can create a wide variety of different sounds, ranging from overdrive to fuzz to metal to hard rock. Distortion pedals also give you more output volume than other effects.

Best Cheap Distortion Pedal

Cheap distortion pedals do not have any drawbacks that will affect the product’s performance in any manner. The only difference when compared to expensive ones is the price. Cheap pedals are relatively inexpensive, which is why they are often purchased by beginners. While you do get what you pay for in most cases with every product, the amount of gain that a distortion pedal adds to your guitar’s signal is not proportional to its price.

Cheap Distortion Pedals generally provide a number of benefits to the players. The use of Cheap Distortion Pedals is also an aesthetic choice for many guitarists because it provides a vintage sound. A player will typically be able to get a good amount of gain, sustain, and crunch in their tone when they use Cheap Distortion Pedals.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Cheap Distortion Pedal

There are many factors that need to be considered before buying the best cheap distortion pedal for your musical needs. You want something that sounds good and does not cost too much money, yet still has all of the features you need. The following information will give some tips on what aspects of a distortion pedal should be looked at when shopping around for one in order to find an excellent bargain.


A lot of people have no idea what they are looking at when it comes to distortion pedals. The truth is that they are pretty easy to use, but there are features and specifications that will make one or the other pedal better for your needs than another. The price makes up depending on the brand, type, features included, and overall quality of design.


The tone of each effect will be different, so you want to choose the best distortion pedal for your particular needs. Some pedals are made for heavy metal, while others may be designed for those who play jazz or blues music. Reading reviews and doing some research on your own can help you decide which features you need in a distortion pedal.

Best Cheap Distortion Pedal


Cheap distortion pedals have a wide range of hardware available. It is important to look at what features you need in your pedal before making a purchase.

Additional Features

Many distortion pedals come with different built in effects such as delay and reverb, so make sure to do some research on this aspect when shopping around for one. Additionally, some distortion pedals can be set to give different effects when they are turned on or off, which is an added bonus if you like your sound to change depending on how you play.


A lot of cheap distortion pedals will use cheaper materials for the housing and internal components, but this is usually determined by the price. Higher quality pedals tend to be made with stronger materials so they can handle the abuse that is put on it during use.

Type Of Music You Play

Best Cheap Distortion Pedal

The type of music you play should determine what kind of distortion pedal you need because different genres require different sounds from their guitars. For example, if you’re into heavy metal or punk rock then an overdrive or fuzz would work well for you. If you’re into blues or rock then a more traditional distortion pedal would fit you better.

If you would like to know the way to choose the best distortion pedal, the following video will be helpful to you:

FAQs about Best Cheap Distortion Pedal

Is the best cheap distortion pedal a good choice for beginners?

The best cheap distortion pedal is a perfect choice for beginners because of its low price point. It doesn’t have the quality of more expensive distortion pedals but it gives you a good introduction to what distortion sounds like.

Are overdrive/distortion pedals different from fuzz pedals?

It’s hard to say exactly what these are since they are two separate categories on their own. But typically, you can think of an overdrive pedal as one that boosts your sound and clipping for a more round, driving tone with some distortion added in. On the other hand, fuzz pedals tend to be used primarily for lead guitar purposes and emulating vintage style amps.

Best Cheap Distortion Pedal

Is it possible to find a great sounding cheap guitar pedal?

Cheap guitar pedals can sometimes sound great. You should always listen to any pedal before you buy it, and if it’s not sounding as good as you wanted then don’t worry, there are plenty of other cheaper pedals that will suit your needs.

Do I need a high gain distortion pedal for metal music?

No, not necessarily. A high gain distortion pedal may be necessary for metal, but many players in the genre use a fuzz pedal for metal music too. What you need to know is that each kind of pedal will give you a different sound, and you’ll need to experiment with different pedals before deciding which is best fit for your needs.

How does this Cheap Distortion Pedal Work?

A Cheap Distortion Pedal creates a sound that is not very polite or considered pleasant to listen to. This type of distortion can be used for rock music styles such as punk, indie, metal, and other genres. It simply adds an artificial amount of noise to your signal which can make the sound more interesting.


If you’re looking to get the best cheap distortion pedal, the products above are the ones for you. They are very light and easy to carry around with their sturdy metal construction and compact design that fits into your backpack or gig bag without taking up too much space. And they have everything needed for beginner level players- distortion control, volume control, tone knob (high/low), and three band EQ settings: bass; middle; treble.

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