Review Of The Chauvet Helicopter Q6: What Makes It Great?

What makes the Chauvet Helicopter Q6 great? The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is a new LED fixture that offers an array of features and benefits. It’s perfect for any DJ or production company looking to upgrade its lighting setup. This lightweight, compact fixture has a powerful output with six colors plus white, red, green, and blue strobe effects.

With its high-quality LEDs and durable construction, this light will last for years of heavy use on the road. You won’t have to worry about replacing bulbs or repairing fixtures ever again – just plug it in, and it’s ready to go! It also includes built-in automated programs so you can set it up in seconds without using your computer! It also has built-in automated programs so you can set it up in seconds without using your computer!

Chauvet Helicopter Q6 Reviews 2024

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 has all the features needed to produce amazing aerial effects. The lights can be adjusted for color and rotate in a 360-degree circle. All the lights are controlled using DMX or an IRC-6 remote control. There is an optional sound activation that works great with music and also has various automated programs.

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is an excellent multi-effect light perfect for lighting up a room or outdoor party. One of the best parts about this light is that it produces unique and unforgettable effects with its rotating base and adjustable RGBW beams (Narrow, Razor-sharp beams of RGBW light). The fact that the Chauvet Helicopter Q6 has sound activation is one of its best features.

A light that can be automated with music is handy in an outdoor party or a club where people are usually partying to loud music. The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is an excellent multi-effect light that should be considered by anyone who wants to produce unique lighting effects. The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is very compact and lightweight. All the effects are adjustable with DMX or an IRC-6 remote control.

We found the Chauvet Helicopter Q6 to be very user-friendly. Here are some of its best features:

– 6 colors plus white, red, green, and blue strobe effects

– Adjustable RGBW beams

– Durable, lightweight design

– Perfect for lighting up a room or outdoor party. This light is excellent for club use too.


– Up to 360 degrees of light

– Continuous pan rotation creates unique and unforgettable effects unlike any other light

– Narrow, razor-sharp beams of RGBW light for astonishing aerial effects

– Flexible control using automated and sound-activated programs, Master/Slave, DMX, or an optional IRC-6

– Up to 6 independent RGBW beams

– Durable, compact, and lightweight design


– Additional costs for a mounting bracket. It does not come with it when you purchase the light.

Chauvet Helicopter Q6 Benefits

chauvet helicopter q6

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is a lightweight, high-output LED fixture with an output of up to 6000 lumens. The unit has a power draw of just 280 watts and can be hung from a truss, flown as a wash light, or used as a ground effect light. The ability to project beams in every direction offers endless creative possibilities for decorating large areas such as sound stages or even outdoor stadiums.

In addition, the Chauvet Helicopter Q6 features variable beam widths from 15° to 60° and multiple colors, including white, amber, and red. When combined with its durability and ease of use, this LED fixture is perfect for any type of event where strong lighting effects are needed.

The Chauvet H-Series Helicopter is an excellent effect light for mobile entertainers, bands, nightclubs, DJs, etc., where the ability to fly or place on a stand is necessary. They can be used as upstage edge lights with various gobo patterns projected onto the floor or stage. The Chauvet H-Series Helicopter is also an excellent tool for uplighting trusses.

Uplighting trusses are among the most popular applications for installing moving lights on stages, both Professional and College & University. The Chauvet H-Series Helicopter’s lightweight design makes it convenient for one person to fly these fixtures into position.

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is a highly versatile LED fixture that can transform any lighting rig into one with special effects. With more than 16 colors, 11 gobos, and eight fixed gobo patterns, this unit is perfect for highlighting the movements of any performer on stage.

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 has a wide beam angle, which ensures that the resulting beams are even and bright no matter where it is hung or flown. Whether used as an eye-catching ground effect or aligned with your trusses, Chauvet H-Series Helicopter can create a stunning effect wherever it is flown. Chauvet Helicopter Q6’s benefits are as below:

– The LED display is lightweight and easy to fly, making it perfect for all types of events

– The variable beamwidth allows you to shape your lights in any direction, giving you endless creative possibilities

– Durable design ensures that the fixture will last for many years to come

– The unit can project beams in every direction, ensuring strong effects are visible at any angle

– Precise gobo rotation gives you maximum control over your projections.

– Easy to use and set up  

The Features Of Chauvet Helicopter Q6

chauvet helicopter q6

Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is one of the most popular items in the market. The light has various features that are designed for multiple purposes. It is also designed to be easy to use. These are some features that are unique to this product.

Lightweight Design

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 weighs just 3.7 pounds making it lightweight and very easy to carry around. It is also designed to be compact to take them along with ease during events. The light’s weight is essential because if it’s too heavy, moving will become a hassle.

High Outputs

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 has exceptionally high output. The light is capable of an emitting output of up to 6000 lumens. This means that the fixture emits a lot of light, and it’s enough for any type of event or shows that an entertainer wants to do. The fixtures are generally used by professionals who can understand the difference that bright light makes in any event.

The high output is also helpful because it helps to save on energy costs. Many events are held in amateur settings, which means that the event doesn’t use appropriate equipment for lighting. This type of usage can result in very high power bills at the end of an event or show.

Extensive Pan/Tilt Range

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 has an excellent pan and tilt range. It can be moved up to 6 degrees for both the pan and tilt. This feature is helpful because it gives fantastic coverage, ensuring that all parts of the event are covered perfectly by the light. Many people think that this is the only feature they need for an event, but it is not.

A good light should have many features that will be useful at the time of any event.

Gobo Control

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 can project gobos perfectly on any surface at very high speeds. This means that it has excellent control over projecting images, and this is another feature that makes an entertainer’s job easier.

Highly Durable Design

chauvet helicopter q6

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 has a very durable design. Many entertainers who have used this light say that it does not break down easily even if it is mishandled during transport or shows. This means that you will be able to use the fixture for an extended period, a feature every user wants in a product.

The design also ensures that the light emits an even beam which means that all parts are covered depending on where it is hung or flown. This is because there will be no difference between bright spots and dark spots from the fixture.

Can Be Used Anywhere

This is one of the most versatile products out there. It has a good design that helps to function in any environment. This product is also easy to use because the buttons are clear and easy to locate while working on the light. It can also take whatever abuse you throw at it because of its durable design.

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 has an extensive range that ensures that all parts of an event are covered regardless of where it is hung or flown. It has a good beam width which means that this light covers more area than other lights. The light is also bright, providing the user with instant results. People love this light because of its wide range of uses.

It can be used on any event or show, including concerts and theatrical performances. The light is easy to use, so beginners can also use it without guidance from professionals.


One of the unique features is that it has adjustable lighting. This means that if you need something simple, you can turn down the lighting to use for making food or work on your project. You can also increase the light level whenever you want to entertain friends and family.

Multiple Uses

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 can be used for various purposes. This includes roadshows, parties, stage sets, and much more. The light is also easy to clean. Also, the Chauvet Helicopter Q6 has an aluminum casing that helps it survive against harsh conditions while highlighting the products or entertaining guests at your house or workplace.

Long Life Span

chauvet helicopter q6

This product also has a long-lasting lifespan. It is designed to work for years when taken care of. You do not need to worry about repairing or replacing it when using it properly in the right conditions. The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 comes with good quality features that promote ease in use and durability. This makes it last longer than many other products.

Multiple Colors

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 has a wide range of colors that you can choose from to match the theme of your show or set up. This makes it suitable for any occasion or entertainment need. You can also change the color depending on what it is that you are looking to do with this product.

Easy To Use

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is easy to use and understand. The buttons are marked out so you can turn the light on and off quickly with the press of a single button. This product also has an excellent design that makes it easy for anyone to operate even if they do not have any background in using lights or sound.

These are some of the unique and helpful features that make this light one of the most popular products out there. This is why Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is one of the best-selling items in many stores. You can use it for various purposes while enjoying its smooth operation and quality design. You can also enjoy its high portability and good design that is made for durability and convenience.

How To Use The Chauvet Helicopter Q6

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is the perfect light for people looking for a high-quality fixture that can produce stunning effects. Here are some steps to use this type of lighting: Plug the power cord into an available power outlet. Turn on the unit’s Power Switch located on its rear side. If you are operating the light with DMX, please follow any necessary safety instructions.

To set up the light, please follow these steps: Press the SETUP button located on that same side as the power switch. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to select Language and press the OK button. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to choose English or Spanish and press the OK button. Press DOWN to go to the LED Setting screen. Use UP/DOWN arrow buttons to set up the number of LEDs you have in your Helicopter Q6 fixture.

chauvet helicopter q6

The code is 20, so if your units have the same setting, press the DONE button after this step. Press SETUP twice to save changes. The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is a light that offers various functions and makes it possible for you to create different types of effects. These steps will guide you on how to use this product more effectively.

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Chauvet Helicopter Q6

The Q6 is a very bright spotlight, but you should know a few things before buying. It has a maximum throw of 450 meters, and the best color temperature for this light is 5700 Kelvin. The output on the Q6 has been measured to be 10,671 lumens which are more than the Helios F-32’s 6000 lumens.

The beam can be adjusted from wide to narrow, and it is most effective when used with a long throw lens. Also, different lenses can be used to control the beam from spot to flood. The lens that comes with it is a 25-degree beam angle that works very well when lighting up a large area.

The Chauvet Q6 has a fantastic price and is worth every cent! The Q6 comes with a wireless remote and three channels which means you could have three different light shows going on at once. Another nice feature of this light is that you can link up to 20 units together to have a very long runway or wall covered with lights.

How To Set Up Your Chauvet Helicopter Q6

Plug The Power Cord Into A Power Outlet And The Back Of The Q6

The black wire is for wall voltage and should be plugged into an outlet that can accommodate 120 volts. The white wire goes to the dimmer knob on the Q6, and the blue wire connects to the optional strobe light.

Turn On Your Light

There are two switches on your light. One will turn on the main lights; one will turn on/off the strobe light.

Attach Your Bar, Crossbar, Or Spotlight Fixture

chauvet helicopter q6

Each fixture mount has a small threaded hole: The lower hole is for mounting a bar or crossbar, while the upper hole is for mounting a spotlight. Attach your fixture into the mount using the screws provided with the Q6. Make sure not to overtighten them, or you may strip out their small threaded insert.

Connect Dimmer Knob To The Dimmable Dimmer

The dimmable dimmer should be wired in line with either a direct line voltage or a corded pendant. The small screw on the side of the dimmer will not be used when connecting to the Q6.

Connect Optional Strobe To Optional Strobe Wire

If you have a strobe light, attach it to the optional wire loop and plug it in, if desired. If you still want the Q6 to strobe, simply leave it unplugged.

Chauvet Helicopter Q6: Some Other Alternatives

Chauvet Dj Intimidator Hybrid 140SR

The Intimidator Hybrid 140SR is a hybrid effect machine. It offers a huge spectrum of effects from the get-go, ready to hit the ground running with a huge range of pulsating, strobing, and color-morphing LED lights. The light show is so powerful that it has been compared to EDM DJ setups. This is a good option for a stage setup due to its power and ability to be controlled via DMX or onboard controls.

The Chauvet Dj Intimidator Hybrid 140SR was designed for the club setting, where lighting designers need to adjust their lights on the fly. It offers onboard controls that can be set up directly or using a computer via a wireless USB connection if you are looking for an LED effect machine within this price range.


This LED light has a lot to offer within its sub-$200 price range. It includes several color-changing modes like ultra-violet, white, red, green, blue, and amber. The solid colors are smooth and vibrant. The Chauvet Dj Mini Kinta IRC 3W also has strobe mode, which pulses the colors at different speeds for an incomparable visual effect.

This is an excellent option for saving money on their lighting needs without sacrificing quality.

BSYUN 2021 Version 4

This LED light includes a bunch of cool features like power efficiency, noise-free operation, and lightweight. It has an eco-friendly design with dimmable LEDs. The BSYUN 2021 Version 4 is also highly portable with its foldable legs. This allows it to be set up anywhere without taking up too much space.

The lights can be used in various settings, from small clubs to large churches, concerts to theaters, and birthday parties to comedy shows.

FAQs About Chauvet Helicopter Q6

– How easy is it to use?

It’s easy to use. It operates smoothly and efficiently, making it very easy to maneuver. There are a lot of cool features that make its operation very convenient.

– What size of the venue is the perfect partner for this light?

The perfect size of venue for this light is large. There are not many stages that are big enough to house the helicopter, so you’ll need to find a venue that can fit it. The size of the stage would then only require that there be enough space for you to position the helicopter in either one or two spots.

– Is there any difference between Q6 and other choppers like Q3 or Q4?

There are a few differences between the Q6 and the other Chauvet helicopters. One difference is in power consumption. The Q3 and Q4 have a power consumption of about 270W, but the Q6 only consumes approximately 205W of power, which means you’re going to save a lot of money on your electric bill.

Another difference is that the Q3 and Q4 do not have a camera, whereas the Q6 includes a high-resolution camera with an SD card slot.

– Can you put more than one battery in at a time?

Yes, you can put more than one battery in at a time. This is an excellent choice because it ensures an uninterrupted flow of power and eliminates the problem of constantly changing out batteries while using your Chauvet helicopter.

– Is this a good value for the price?

Yes, this is an excellent value for the price! There’s a lot of great features that make it very convenient to use. You also get some cool looks with this helicopter, which is always lovely.


When you’re looking for a new LED light, the Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is an excellent option. It has many cool features that will make it easy to use and provide some fantastic effects on your stage. There’s also a good amount of value in this helicopter, so what are you waiting for? To conclude, the Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is an excellent choice for your next LED light.

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