Chauvet Flexstand: The Perfect Stand For DJs

You might think that all DJ stands are created equal. It’s not true. If you’re a DJ, then you know just how important it is to have the right stand for your set up. The Chauvet Flexstand is made with DJs in mind, and features some great benefits that can make or break your gig. Find out more about this amazing product below!

You’re a DJ and you know that having the right stand is important, but there are so many different types of stands out there. The Chauvet Flexstand has been designed with DJs in mind, and it’s perfect for any type of performance. It features a heavy-duty steel construction which means it can hold up to 300 pounds! Plus, this stand comes with an adjustable height range from 24″ to 36″. If you want the best possible experience as a DJ then you need to get your hands on one of these amazing stands today! Find out more about this amazing product below! 


I would like to give you a review about CHAUVET DJ LED Lighting. I like the fact that it is a complete lighting solution for vlogging or any other on-camera situation. It has built-in color temperature presets to make adjustments painless and helps with my need for quick correction to the needed temperature. The separate control of warm and cool LEDs allows me to fine tune where my lights are needed which is really helpful in most situations.

Another thing I like about this product is that it has a removable filter that widens and softens my light output giving me more versatility when lighting an area which is hard to do if I wasn’t using this product. This product also comes with a power supply so I don’t have to worry about not having enough battery life.

The product is affordable to me compared to other LED lights on the market. There are other companies that I looked into that charge way more than this company charges for their product. The price for this item does include tax which is awesome because I don’t have to worry about any hidden costs popping up. The design of the product is really portable and has a very convenient carrying case.

The LED lighting system allows me to choose my color temperature which helps with the video I am recording. I like that this light can be attached to my camera or tripod within seconds making it easier for me to use on-the-go. When I received this product, it was very easy to set up and get started using. I did not run into any issues while installing this product.


– Complete lighting solution for vlogging or any other on-camera situation

– Built-in color temperature presets make adjustments painless


– Can be expensive

Things To Consider When Buying A Chauvet Flexstand 

The first thing to do is to make sure you are ordering the correct fixture. You need to be certain that you are getting an LED type of fixture and not a traditional strobe light. The next thing is to measure the size of the area where you want to put it. You don’t want to go too large or too small so finding this measurement will help determine if this is right for your application, as well as give you a sense of how much space you have. If you have more than one location where you plan on putting a fixture then find out what voltage is required at each site and order accordingly.

Do you need a new light stand? The Chauvet Flexstand is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create a mobile lighting system. It’s lightweight, easy to set up and take down, and it can be used with any of your favorite Chauvet fixtures. Plus, it folds flat for easy transport in your car or truck! Here are some things that you should consider before buying a Chauvet Flexstand.


chauvet flexstand

When considering a Chauvet Flexstand, it is important to think about the fixture. Purchasing a stand that does not serve the needs of the current setting can cause problems for users. A key consideration in this regard is the angle of the light. The angle of the light will impact how effective it is at illuminating either a narrow or wide area. The direction of the stand should also be considered when thinking about fixtures because it impacts on its use and effectiveness.

Power Supply

The Chauvet Flexstand is a powerful LED light that is designed for DJs and those who need to do professional quality lighting. The Flexstand can be powered by AC power, but you’ll need to use the included 4-pin connector that plugs into your wall socket or using an adapter, and then into the power box of the Flexstand. There are also 8 D batteries that you can plug in to power the light with if there’s no other way to get electricity near it.

The most important thing to consider before buying a light for your event is the power supply. Check if the light you are considering comes with a power cord, or will require an external power source.

The first thing you want to consider when buying a Chauvet Flexstand is how much power it will need. If you are not sure, the experts at Chauvet have created some guidelines that are easy to follow. Their guidelines include how many bulbs come on per second and the total wattage.

To determine how much power your stand will need, first divide the total wattage by 1000 for watts per hour, then multiply it by 8 hours (or your desired show time).

Stationary Lighting Or Mobile Lighting

chauvet flexstand

When you’re buying a Chauvet Flexstand, it’s a smart idea to consider the stationary lighting or mobile lighting choice. Mobile lighting is good for those who often need to set up their light stands in different places – it allows them to easily transport the lights from one place to another. However, stationary lights are more powerful and can provide as much as 3600 lumens of light – that’s enough for most applications. If you need less than that amount of power, then mobile is the way to go.

Chauvet Flexstands are a DJ lighting fixture with high-quality performance. The light they produce is exceptionally bright which suits most people who work in a nightclub. These fixtures come in three different colors, purple, green and blue which you can choose from when selecting a unit. The units also come in two sizes, 4 foot and 6 foot.


I feel like I need to warn you about some of the “gotchas” of buying a Chauvet Flexstand. For example, while some of the options have a weight capacity of 100 pounds, some only hold up to 15 pounds. You’ll want to make sure you know which option is going to work best for your needs.

If you’re considering buying a Chauvet Flexstand, then the weight of the product is something that you should consider. It weighs in at 12 pounds which might be too heavy for some people. One thing to consider when purchasing this product is who you’ll be using it with and if they can handle the weight of the product.

Features, Benefits, And Information Of Chauvet Flexstand 

chauvet flexstand

Interested in the Flexstand? The Chauvet FLEXSTAND is a lightweight, portable stand that can be used to hold any lighting fixture. It’s designed for use with fixtures up to 10 pounds and features an adjustable height of 3′ – 6′. This stand is perfect for mobile DJs, bands, churches or anyone who needs a quick and easy way to set up their lights. You’ll love how easy it is to transport your light show from gig-to-gig without needing heavy equipment or expensive stands. Plus you’ll save money on shipping costs when you buy this product!

Telescoping Stand

The Chauvet Flexstand is a light stand that can be adjusted to four different heights. It’s perfect for lighting designers who prefer flexibility in their work setups. With the telescoping stand, you can position your lights at any height without worrying about stands taking up too much room on stage. Since there are no legs to worry about, the Flexstand doesn’t even need a sturdy floor to work on!

If you’re looking for a stand that is lightweight but sturdy, the Chauvet Flexstand is perfect for you. The Flexstand is just what you need if you’re looking for a telescoping stand because it’s very compact and easy to carry. It’s also easy to set up and take down so this will save you time when you want to transport it or put it away. This stand is primarily made out of metal so it will last long.

The height of this stand can be adjusted easily with the use of locking pins so if you want to go higher, just raise the pins! If height isn’t an issue for your setup, then there are no other features on the Flexstand which might not be perfect for your needs. If you want to connect your lighting instruments to a cable and you’re still in need of more features, the next stand is for you!


chauvet flexstand

The Chauvet Flexstand is a lightweight and portable stand that you can easily move around with a maximum weight capacity of 10kg. It’s an affordable, sturdy, and compact piece of equipment that is great for standing on the ground, on a table or even your lap. The most notable feature about this particular stand is that it folds down so small that it can fit into any bag or case for easy transport.

The body of the stand does not need any nails or screws for it to remain stable and be able to hold something heavy on top of it, such as a speaker. The Chauvet FLEXSTAND features a heavy-duty aluminum and steel base that will not tip over and is hand strap for easy transportation. The stand assembles into a tripod and tilts up to 25 degrees to create the desired angle. When not in use, the legs fold down for space-saving storage.

Pole Height

The Chauvet Flexstand is a telescoping pole that offers a maximum height of 7 ft. It is known to be 3 ft. shorter than the standard tripod, which makes it suitable for low ceilings. The pole has a wide base and consists of three parts that connect together to form an extension pole.

It’s also easier to transport due to its size and lightweight features. It has one hand carrying handle which allows the user to have better control over the stand when moving from room-to-room or from location-to-location. The stand is versatile as well, as it can be used as a backdrop stand or a boom stand.

The pole height for this stand is very large. This stand is in the tallest height category available in the North America region. The stand has a stand height of 113 inches and has a total height of 120 inches when including the base.

Trigger-style Safety

chauvet flexstand

The Chauvet Flexstand Trigger Style is a safety system that has been developed for the Chauvet LED lighting fixtures. The trigger-style safety system that is installed in the fixture can be activated to activate the system light through various modes. The light activation triggers are designed to activate only when the light stand is set up.

Chauvet Flexstand is a well-known company in the DJ lighting industry. They make many different types of products such as LED video walls, fog machines, and lighting control consoles. The company also has a lot of expertise when it comes to creating complex solutions that are suitable for indoor and outdoor events.

There are three versions of the Chauvet FlexStand, each with its own specific design features. The first is the older original model that’s been around since 2010. It has a single air bag, which stores air into an internal bladder, to provide stability. The second is the new “skinny” model, it can’t be used with dual/tandem poles and doesn’t have the same stability as the original model, but it’s 1/3 lighter than the original.

The third version of the stand is made for use with dual or tandem poles to support large light fixtures like theatrical color wheels and automated pan/tilt heads–this stand includes two air bags to provide stability even when one bag is deflated.

Tool Less Design

Chauvet Flexstand is a lightweight, yet durable design that is easy to transport and has no need for tools. This ease of construction helps to reduce the costs of the initial investment. The Chauvet Flexstand includes a flexible gooseneck arm that eliminates the need of a heavy-duty rigging point.

The Chauvet Flexstand has an innovative tool-less design that makes it the perfect lighting stand for working with different fixtures, scrims, or diffusers. It folds flat for easy transport and features a 4-way boom arm for precise lighting setup. The stand is available in three heights to accommodate tall users.

Benefits Of Chauvet Flexstand


The Chauvet Flexstand is a stand for lighting fixtures. This stand can be transported and positioned with ease, and it doesn’t need any assembly, which is an important factor when considering what to use to supplement your lighting needs. It’s lightweight and flexible, and the stand will accommodate various light fixtures in various positions.

The FlexStand is a sturdy, lightweight LED light that is designed for use with any of Chauvet’s Q-Series Battery Powered Controllers. The FlexStand can be set up in seconds within the full range of the controller’s pan and tilt movement. Once set up, the controller can be disconnected from the FlexStand while still allowing for either a sound-activated or automated show. The Chauvet Q-Series Battery Powered Controllers combine a compact design with a lightweight, durable aluminum chassis and all of them include a built-in battery that requires no outside power source.

The Chauvet Flexstand is a stage fixture that is designed to be portable. It features three wheels for use with any type of terrain. This means it can be used just about anywhere, which eliminates the need for special staging equipment. The design of this stand is modular, meaning it can easily fit into your DJ’s rig.

Chauvet Flexstand Alternatives


The Chauvet DJ 4BAR USB LED Wash Light is a complete wash lighting solution that has been designed to be used by mobile entertainers. There are 4 individually adjustable heads that have been included in the light fixture. The light fixture also includes wireless control with an included footswitch that can be used to control multiple units.

The Chauvet DJ 4BAR USB LED Wash Light is a great lighting solution for mobile entertainers. It is specifically designed to provide wash lighting and includes 4 individually adjustable heads that can be used in different combinations, allowing you to get total room or stage coverage.

The CHAUVET DJ 4BAR USB LED Wash Light is a complete wash lighting solution for mobile entertainers. This item includes four individually adjustable heads that can be used to provide coverage of the whole room or stage, and it comes with an out-of-the box wireless control so you don’t have worry about cords tying up your set! You could also use this light wirelessly since there’s built in compatibility via DFi USB which makes syncing even easier than ever before.


– Out of the box wireless control with included footswitch that controls multiple units

– Provides coverage for a whole room or stage


– None

Quik Lok Music Stand (LPH-004)

I’ve been using this QuikLok Music Stand (LPH-004) for about six months now. I use it every day. I work from home so I am at my desk more than typical people, but even if you’re not at your desk all day like me this stand is still great. It’s lightweight (under 10 lbs) and very sturdy. The height is adjustable which is perfect if you work on different surfaces or need to move around the house more often. The design of the stand makes natural movement easy and effortless. This stand also has a retractable mouse tray which can be positioned on either side of the laptop (left or right).

I know this is a bit late since it has been on the market for a while, but I found this laptop stand and wanted to pass along my experience with it. I use my laptop as a music stand as well as an office and find the QuikLok Music Stand (LPH-004) to be perfect for both purposes. It’s lightweight and really sturdy which is why I like using it at home.

The height adjustment and 360° swivel tray design make this something that can work in any situation and with any type of computer whether it’s a Mac or PC. The retractable mouse tray is also nice for those who want to use it as a music stand, but need to take notes on their computer during performance.


– The design is natural and will not make your back sore.

– Lightweight and sturdy

– Adjustable height, swivel tray, adjustable tilt, and pull out mouse tray


– No cons


The Chauvet Flexstand is a great option for those who want to be able to take their light show on the road. It’s very lightweight and easy to transport as well as flexible in terms of usage. The only downside we found was that it doesn’t feel quite as sturdy or stable when set up, but you can always use sandbags if needed! Overall, this stand does what it sets out to do and does so with style and ease making it worth checking out.

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