Top 17 Best Ukulele Under 100$ For Your Great Concert

For musical instrument products, it can be seen that the quality of the instrument is equivalent to the proposed price. The above opinion is especially true of products made from natural wood, including ukulele. It won't be difficult to find the best ukulele under 100$ with quality guaranteed to learn and use. There are many types of the ukulele with many designs, forms, and quality at the price of 100$. To make your choice even easier, we've created a list of the best ukulele under 100$ to meet your needs and budget.

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Top Best Ukelele Under 100$ Reviews 2021

The Ukulele Concert is for those who like a large ukulele with a nearly complete sound ring but not as heavy as the Baritone. This Concert's sound has a wide diffuser, full-loop sound, suitable for professional performers looking for a fuller, richer sound.

Featuring the warm bass characteristic of the Ukulele Concert, this is a guitar suitable for accompaniment. You can use it personally or when performing. The sound is resonant and quite loud, providing a better experience when playing.

This ukulele is made from mahogany, beautiful for a graceful design with black tattoos on a luxurious dark brown background. The instrument is easily cleaned if dust is attached. The moisture resistance of this wood is also excellent.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Beautifully designed
  • The adjustment mechanism is quite good
  • The strings are very nice and table
  • The tune is great

Cordoba is one of the famous musical instrument brands in the market today. Cordoba specializes in the production of guitars and ukuleles. The company has tested many different types of wood around the world with each guitar line to find the wood material that is most suitable for each guitar. So sure, we can't get away with its ukulele on our best ukulele under 100$ list.

Cordoba Concert ukulele, made from Mahogany wood, has a matte finish. The product's attractive feature is that the top, back, and hips are made from Mahogany wood, while the keys are made from Ivoroid rosette wood. Variety of clear and rhythmic tones from mahogany wood combined with deep resonance and thick bass of Ivoroid rosette wood.

This ukulele has a case and neckline with a white border, adding an accent to the design. In particular, the molding key set included is also the difference that increases the product's aesthetics. The small, light size that is easy to carry around is also an attractive product suitable for you to take anywhere.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Great built
  • Mild Hawaiian tones
  • Rich sound

At the price point for beginners to ukulele, Kala still has uke with good build quality, melody, balance, and consistency. Kala was founded with a mission to create affordable, high-quality ukuleles for middle-income players or Ukulele beginners.

While other musical instrument brands simply added ukulele to their instrument list for extra money, Kala has become a Ukulele business from the very beginning and is the ideal brand for those looking to buy a ukulele with excellent repair warranties.

This is a Soprano Ukulele with traditional sound and style, suitable for players with small hands. The Ukulele soprano is very suitable for travel because it is compact in size, easy to carry without worrying about bulky luggage.

Kala KA-P is specially designed. The sound is quite resonant and warm and will not disappoint Ukulele lovers, adults, and children. The Soprano is the highest-pitched female voice of all, and so is the soprano uke.

This is the perfect mahogany ukulele for the beginner to ukulele with a maximum budget. Although the price is affordable, the keyboard has received many good reviews for the loud sound. The string is made of durable Aquila nylon, easy to hold in hand, and painless.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Sounds good compared to higher-priced ukulele
  • Compact size

Next on the top best ukulele under 100$, we would like to present you with a ukulele under the Enya brand. This piano is made from polycarbonate synthetic carbon fiber with a durable texture. This ukulele is significantly more resistant to dust, heat, and water than a wooden ukulele. That is why the sound of this ukulele is excellent in this cheap segment.

Furthermore, the piano is designed with a very high aesthetic with a matte black finish. Enya Concert Ukulele Nova U is designed with a defect to help professional ukulele players easily perform high chord chords.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • There are many colors
  • Remarkably lightweight and portable
  • The tones are surprisingly bright

If you are familiar with acoustic guitar brands, then you must have heard of Oscar Schmidt. Its instruments are often top-quality instruments that are more affordable than the competition. The same goes for their ukulele.

Oscar Schmidt OU2 Concert Ukulele was born and received the response of many guitar players. This guitar is a great idea for beginners because of its compact size and simple chords. A beginner can also make music with it right away. Your first lessons will become easier with this ukulele.

It has an elaborate design. With the combination of Mahogany face, back and hips, Rosewood keypad and Nato fretboard for natural wood colors, rich sound with clear vocals. This ukulele has a deep brown, natural wood grain that is beautiful and glossy, bringing beauty to itself and the player.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Easy to use electronics
  • Easy to use

Sixth on the list of top best ukulele under 100$  is also the ukulele of the brand Kala. This brand has contributed to popularizing the Ukulele's love for music lovers with a variety of products with unique looks for all types of players, from beginners to professionals.

The success of Kala also never stopped. They constantly released new models, the list of artists using Uke Kala is huge, which may reflect the quality of the massive brand. This.

This ukulele is designed with a brown wooden frame that is more natural and more natural. It is very delicate in terms of design, and the sound is still loud enough and bright. This is a cheap ukulele for those who want a quality guitar with good sound and lasting quality.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Great appearance
  • Beneficial accessories
  • Good quality sound

This ukulele comes in an electro-acoustic Rosewood finish. It accompanies extra strings. Caramel CT904 Electric Ukulele is made of a 26-inch electric crossbreed marble made of rosewood with a xylonite trim. 

The mahogany neck gives a rich grasp and versatile gaming experience for a wide scope of hand sizes. Besides, it has an underlying tuner with an LCD shading show. It is a novel electro-acoustic framework that recreates regular sound in an enhancer or recording gadget. 

These ukulele highlights are seldom found in different instruments. The sound of caramel ukulele resembles an exceptionally appreciated and costly expert ukulele. It has incredible sound and quality. Inside your spending plan, you will get an ideal item. Alongside its moderate price, it has a wonderful design.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Well built
  • Integrated tuner
  • Rich sound
  • Good packing and protection

Another ukulele from the Enya brand on our best ukulele under 100 $  list. Enya's ukulele is affordable, but the quality is pleasing to the player.

The instrument is manufactured with laminated high-pressure HPL wood with a slightly more special design. HPL is a revolutionary material used in guitar manufacturing originally developed by Martin guitar company. Enya is the second company to manufacture their guitar using HPL material successfully.

Increasing the instrument's resonance capacity helps to make the instrument more resonant; although the soprano size, the price is also quite good for beginners. Finish with a matte finish that brings a rustic, intimate look to the guitar design. The Enya EUR-X1 has a warm, well-rounded sound that is perfect for beginners.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Great action
  • Unique design
  • Good tune

This is the right choice if you want to find a ukulele with an eye-catching design and clear sound. Concert-sized instruments are made of maple wood, a type of wood specializing in producing all kinds of musical instruments with sound and fun.

The instrument's length is 23 inches, suitable for beginners, people with small hands, and children. Balnna Concert Ukulele has clear, high sound quality. This is a very high-quality ukulele for beginners on a budget.

The paint finish is smooth, minimizing the possibility of mold. It is easy to clean when the flock is dirty—solid structure, ability to adapt to hot and humid climate to avoid warping when used.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Enduring use
  • Shaded trings for simple remembering

Hola! The Music HM-121TT is a quality ukulele designed with a luxurious physique and manufactured with select Mahogany wood, while this selective wood material gives the guitar a good, loud resonance. 

The ukulele Hola has long been! Music has been dubbed for its captivating sound along with its very good endurance. Furthermore, Hola brand! Music is also one of the famous ukulele production brands trusted by many followers, so if you are in need of a cheap ukulele in the quality segment, Hola! This music will be the top choice for you.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • The slightly larger size makes it easier to manipulate and play.
  • Accessories included.
  • Great melody comes from the mahogany body
  • The lacquer layer protects the color tone

This 23-inch ukulele with excellent equalizers keeps your ukulele playing to the rhythm. Made of top-notch rosewood and chose rosewood extension and board. Laborers have carefully fixed every item. To guarantee its top-notch sound quality. 

The half-breed rosewood hand-picked to store for a long time is exceptionally dry and stable, profoundly tough, difficult to recoil. After the resulting fine granulating, sensitive and smooth, and because of the rosewood's material properties, the ukulele sounds more unpretentious and sweet.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Exquisitely crafted
  • It comes with many accessories
  • The sound is full, rich, and warm

The Enya Concert Ukulele has a slightly larger design with a length of 23 inches, which means that this ukulele gives a better resonance, a more rounded sound. With this model, it is suitable for Who like powerful sounds.

Enya Concert Ukulele uses black Richlite for bridge and keyboard. Richlite is an extremely durable, extremely flexible, and highly durable material made from plastic absorbent paper. It works as well as (by sound) like natural ebony as well as prevents scratches on the keyboard. The advantage of using Richlite is that it does not shrink, warp, or twist due to its temperature difference.

This is a full-bodied mahogany ukulele for better mobility and comfort. With a combo pack of soft pouches, straps, a set of strings, capo, cleaning cloth, picks, Allen keys, manual, and carrying case, so you don't have to worry about the essentials to get started on your musical journey.

Furthermore, this ukulele has a very delicate aesthetic design that contributes to the instrument's unique plus points.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • This package is beneficial
  • Eye-catching color
  • Well built
  • Key spacing is extremely accurate.

This is again a Ukulele manufacturing company from Canada, where Uke production is not necessarily closely related to Hawaii, but they develop Uke trees with Hawaiian spirit. Lohanu is a brand with thousands of buys, reviews, and some of their pianos are top-selling items on Amazon. With some special Uke trees, the company provides a lifetime warranty for their products.

This concert ukulele will give a deeper, warmer, firmer sound, suitable for solo performances of different genres or outdoor accompaniment in large venues. Mahogany wood design is durable, beautiful, does not warp, deforms due to weather or temperature, and is designed to hang strings, very suitable for outdoor, moving a lot. The soundhole has a very subtle textual engraving along with a white border around the instrument's body to make the guitar more catchy.

This ukulele is small, but the sound comes out quite loud and loud. The guitar is made of Sapele wood. It also comes in various sizes, from Soprano to Baritone.

In particular, the instrument is equipped with a high-quality anti-rust gear pin. You will not have to worry about situations such as the inability to adjust the strings or misalignment because the pins and strings are so solid!

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Keep the tune
  • Features all the necessary accessories for the beginner ukulele

This ukulele belongs to the Soprano type, with a compact size. It has a clear, resonant, and warm sound that is exactly the characteristic of the ukulele soprano.

This Ukulele Soprano has a beautiful design, large, sturdy neck, especially the sound is very good. It has a length of 21 inches, suitable for beginners to play the uke, those with small hands, especially children.

This Ukulele style has its name from the "small" Hawaiian language, this is the smallest instrument in the Uke line, but the joy it produces with its great sound and the quality of the guitar is hard to criticize. All Mahogany wood, the soundboard is reinforced for clear timbre, the neck is also made of 3-piece Mahogany wood, the keyboard is made from rosewood. With satin finishes, natural chromium plating is smooth, giving the guitar's look a sense of absolute aesthetics.

The JDR brand Uke trees are manufactured with a meticulous process, with a careful selection of materials from the instrument to the accessories, combined with rigorous quality control. The aim is to ensure the best quality of the product when shipped so you will still get a good quality ukulele at an affordable price.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Perfect for small hands
  • Carbon string
  • The sound is clear
  • It comes with nylon straps that you can change

With the advantage of the Ukulele Concert, this ukulele has a large 24-inch size and full sound. This ukulele is a good choice if you want a guitar that can play a wide variety of music.

It is made of lightweight mahogany to produce a very clear sound with standard and mid-range trebles. The sound quality is considered as warm as the piano, a bit deep. The notes sound deeper, suitable for playing in harmony. If you do not want to invest in a guitar but still like deep sound, this is the right choice.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful design and finishing
  • Melody is good

You only need to spend over $ 60 to get a good ukulele with the complete Accessory Pack. The structure is solid mahogany solid, light-colored solid mahogany wood, suitable for professional playing. The sound produced by this ukulele is loud and even.

The place's design to change the string is like a guitar, turn the button up, twist the string, and then close the button. It doesn't waste time changing strings if the cord breaks in the middle of a performance. When buying, you will also get a holster, school book, plucking keys, and many other accessories.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Reliable construction
  • Rich and clear sound
  • Feeling comfortable playing
  • More accessories

This is the lowest-priced ukulele on our list of best ukulele under 100$. Its users rate it well for its excellent playability and melody. You'll definitely want to get better strings, but it will sound very satisfying once you play it. This is a perfect ukulele for beginners with a maximum savings budget.

The string is made of high-quality nylon fiber, quite light to hold, and does not cause too much pain in hand, easy to hit. In particular, this one is made from Mahogany wood for a flexible sound. You can use it to play a variety of music. If you are still unsure what kind of music you want to play, you can choose this one to try it all!

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Excellent tonewood
  • The bag with padded is sturdy.
  • There is no adjustment difficulty

Buying Guide: Tips To Choose The Best Ukulele Under 100$

Among many stores, many brands, and many models, you are really wondering which ukulele to buy? You are wondering where to buy a ukulele with the best quality at the most reasonable price with the best after-sales policies?

Do not worry. We will help you solve all problems and sincerely share experiences to help you choose to buy the best ukulele under  100$ like good quality and affordable.

Here we would like to summarize some notes and experiences to help you buy the best ukulele under 100$ but no longer freaked out!


As mentioned above, the Ukulele has various designs and styles, so before deciding to choose the best ukulele under 100$, you must at least learn a little about it to see if you really fit. 

Based on the size's characteristics, the Ukulele is divided into 4 main lines, from small to large: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. The difference in size will lead to differences in many other features, such as the number of keys and the keyboard's sound. The bigger the ukulele, the more keys on the keyboard will be. The bigger the ukulele, the warmer and more resonant the sound quality.

Ukulele Soprano:

This is the smallest and most popular ukulele, about 21 inches (53 cm) long, with 12 to 15 frets. The Soprano keys are quite narrow, close together so that they will be suitable for those with small hands. Ukulele Soprano produces the most resonant and vivid sound, often tuned to G C E A or A D F # B.

best ukulele under 100$

Ukulele Concert:

The Ukulele Concert is about 23 inches (58 cm) long, with 15 to 20 frets. Slightly bigger than the Soprano, the keys are also further away, and the tension is greater. Since it is a large ukulele, the sound is fuller and more resonant. If you have large hands, then it is more appropriate to choose the Ukulele Concert. This instrument is usually tuned G C E A. 

best ukulele under 100$

Ukulele Tenor:

Approximately 26 inches (66 cm) long, the large ukulele has a fuller sound and has at least 15 frets, making more notes. This guitar is perfect for stage performances, often strung on by G C E A.

Ukulele Baritone:

This is the largest ukulele, with a length of about 30 inches (76 cm), creating the most rounded and full sound. It has more than 19 keys, so it likes to play Blue music. If you want to hear the clear, fun sound, this is the ideal choice. The baritone is typically wound D G B E.

In fact, there are only 3 lines Soprano, Concert and Tenor selected, since its Baritone size is the largest and the gameplay is fundamentally different from the other 3 lines, so it will only suit those. Professional players have played for a long time only.

So out of the other 3 highly selected lines, you need to really consider which tree you should choose? If you are new to playing, you should choose for yourself a Concert series tree because of its moderate size and moderate sound. And maybe after you have learned to play well, you understand more about the ukulele, you will have more special needs, and you can choose another model.


best ukulele under 100$

The ukulele amplifies the sound in the box while playing the strings. As the body material changes, the quality of the sound emitted from the ukulele will also differ. So it's also important to choose the right ingredients for the type of music you plan to play.

Mahogany: Widely Used From Jazz To Pop

This wood's sound is also warm and resonant for the ukulele but still not compared to Koa wood. The most reasonable choice is when you choose to buy a ukulele of this type is the most beautiful, the price is reasonable because it is much cheaper than the rosewood, but the sound quality is quite safe compared to rosewood.

For those who play songs of different genres, this is the ukulele to use. Mahogany is completely suitable for most music genres such as Hawaiian, jazz, pop because it creates a balanced sound from bass to highs.

Mahogany has dark brown wood grain, so it is not too distinctive in appearance. However, due to its versatility, this wood is easy to be used by many people.

Hawaiian Koa: Perfect For Rhythmic Sound

If you want to create the ukulele's signature melodies or play Hawaiian music, you should choose Hawaiian Koa wood. It is very well suited to true ukulele rhythmic rhythms and rich in rhythmic music. Since this is Hawaii material, it is very suitable for those who want to enjoy the special space.

Although this material is the main ingredient for Hawaiian furniture, quality can be said to depend on the piece of wood it is cut when used as a musical instrument. Currently, Koa wood's logging is limited, so the cost of ukulele using good wood is also more expensive.

best ukulele under 100$

Mango wood: Suitable For The Ballads

This material is for those who love gentle music. This type of mango wood is often used as a substitute for mahogany wood. It will also be softer and sweeter, perfect for ballads.

Outstanding mango wood grain creates a special-looking ukulele—the more prominent, the higher the value.

Spruce: Great For Solo Performances

If you want to hear clear, down-to-note sounds, Spruce is the way to go. This is a tree of the pine family, giving clear melodies that are perfect for solo performances. This wood is also commonly used on guitars because it is quite sturdy and versatile.

Spruce is often used as the upper body. The acoustic variation usually comes from the type of wood that makes up the lower body and the ukulele's back surface. You can enjoy the change in sound quality and acoustics as the keyboard's front and back use different materials.

Maple: Bright Sound With Good Bounce

You should choose a ukulele made from this wood for those of you who like sharp, sure sound over sweetness. Although not many ukuleles use this wood, the sound they produce is strong and sharp. If you play a song at a good tempo, you will feel the maple wood's charm.

Play At Home, Perform On Stage Or Use It In The Studio

Do you want to play at home, or are you an artist who wants to perform the ukulele on stage or in the studio? So whether you need it or not, you should research ukulele with EQ (built-in sound reinforcement on the cabinet) or non-EQ ukulele so as not to choose the wrong one you want to use.

For a ukulele without EQ when performing, you need to point the microphone at the keyboard to catch the sound. For an EQ ukulele, you just need to connect a 6-millimeter cord to your sound system for convenient and very easy amplification or recording.

And if you learn something or are studying and need to perform or record a ukulele, you do not need it. Then choose ukulele 0 EQ because that will help you reduce a lot of costs.

best ukulele under 100$

Peg For Tuning

There are two types of Peg for the ukulele. You should choose the one that is easy for you to tune.

Geared Peg: For Precision, Detailed Adjustment

Geared pegs are perfect for beginners to professionals. Even when you turn the knob, the cord is not too tight, so it is possible to adjust the volume in detail. Most ukuleles now have this type. Choose a gear type if you want easy tuning.

Straight Peg: Quickly Adjust the Bar Before Performing

This type of straight clip is recommended for those who want to tune the strings quickly. Although it is difficult to produce the correct sound when adjusting with the gear pin because the string will stretch as you rotate the pin, you can adjust it quickly. Also, because the screw pin is on the back of the instrument, it looks more compact.

Material Of Strings

The strings make up a ukulele sound, so it's important to choose carefully for your best ukulele under 100$. With the following three types of strings, choose the one that best suits you.

Nylon Strings: Affordable, Soft Bars

best ukulele under 100$

If you want to cut costs and like a gentle sound, then choose nylon strings. While the sound doesn't last long, it's still a lightweight material that's easy to hold with your fingers.

For this type of string, there are two types, clear and black. The clear type will produce sharp, straight sounds, while the black type will give a fairly low sound. You have to check regularly and tension before playing and get high accuracy before playing for this type of string.

Fluorocarbon Strings: For High Precision and Durable Sound Bars

This material produces crisp tones and firm, sweet highs. It is suitable for those who want to use it for a long time. Like nylon string, this is also transparent, black (brown). Transparent colors have a wobbly sound, while the black and brown types can create the sound's smoothness, so choose according to your preference.

Nile Gut Strings Is Suitable For Fast Styles

If you play high-paced music, then Nile Gut is the perfect fit. The strings can produce a fairly strong pitch, resulting in bright sounds. Normally, this string is also used when making classical guitars and gives good sound quality that many people love.

best ukulele under 100$

Conclusion Best Ukulele Under 100$ Top Pick For The Best

Now you are up to date on our top 17 best ukulele under 100$, and we have pointed out the pros as well as the cons of each that we have mentioned above. We believe that you will make a suitable choice for your own. So here is our pick:

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best ukelele under 100$ at the comment box below!

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