Top 13 Best Ukulele Pickups: Reviews And Comparison 2023

Some people may find it difficult to choose the best ukulele pickup.There are variable types of pickups available such as: under saddle transducer, soundboard transducer or microphone.

Different brands are selling these pickups and it may confuse you. But each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you clarify it, it will be easier for you to choose the best ukulele pickup for your usage.

Not wasting any of your time, we would like to introduce you to the Top 13 best ukulele pickups. What’s more, we will give you some buying guides to widen your knowledge.

Best Ukulele Pickups Comparison 2023

L.R. Baggs Venue DI  LR Baggs FIVE.O Uke Pickup MYERS PICKUPS Fishman Matrix Infinity IK Multimedia iRig
Best Ukulele Pickups Best Ukulele Pickups Best Ukulele Pickups Best Ukulele Pickups Best Ukulele Pickups

Best ukulele pickups for clear sound

Best easy installation for beginners

Best ukulele pickup for versatile look

Best use for professional purposes

Best ukulele pickup for gigging musicians

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Top Best Ukulele Pickups Reviews 2023

L.R. Baggs Venue DI Acoustic Guitar Preamp and DI

[amazon box=”B002LFCDPM” ]

Trust me, this could be the best ukulele pickup you have ever found. I was amazed how it expands the EQ section and a built in tuner.

It can be considered as both passive or active pickup. It uses a 3V watch battery, which is small, lightweight and usually mounted into the soundhole.

L.R Baggs’s pickup makes use of a low-voltage circuit, which provides enough energy for 10 hours long. It is possible to work even longer, but it is not as good as it is anymore.

The volume control knob can be mounted in the soundhole. And the pickup delivers clear and clean sound.

If you are looking for high quality ukulele pickup with all the goodies, you can consider this one. However, it is quite expensive compared to other pickups and the design looks kinda bulky for some people.


  • both passive and active pickup
  • comes with goodies
  • using 3V watch battery


  • quite expensive
  • looks bulky

LR Baggs FIVE.O Uke Pickup System

[amazon box=”B007CLTSJE” ]

You hardly ever find complaints from those who bought this. It works well as the dealer has said and is easy to set up. You do not even need to go to the shop to know how to set it up.

It is a high quality under saddle pickup with simple design. It reponse the sound accurately and seldom is unclear.

It is lightweight and small so in general, if you do not actually take notice, you might not see any changes in your ukulele. The volume control is set up inside the soundhole.

It is also equipped with a mini endpin preamp, specifically tuned to track the unique sound.

A 2 Volt coin cell battery will give the pickups more than 300 hours of working, providing you with the best working experience.

Overall, It might be a bit over budget, but it’s worth the price. And I am sure you can have the most satisfying experience with this pickup.


  • proper sound response
  • lightweight and small
  • create minor changes to the general outlook


  • quite expensive

Acoustic Guitar Pickup with Flexible Micro-Gooseneck by Myers Pickups

[amazon box=”B015Q7MKR2″ ]

The fact this pickup can be mounted anywhere in your ukulele satisfies me. Even so, it does not leave any marks or prints on the surface.

The design of this micro-gooseneck is elegant and versatile. It can be set up next to the soundhole or near the neck. Each position will give a different sound effect so I recommend you try it carefully.

Myers provides you with a full combo includes: an internally powered, active preamp that will give you the richest sound ever. Battery is also included that was installed by the producer. What’s impressed me is that each pickup was carefully tested before on sale.

In order to support the set up process, the pickup includes 3 mounting options. The volume control is easy to assemble as well. But in my opinion, a Mini-XLR female jack would be more ideal.

It delivers high-end sound and the low end is gained precisely.

Although the price is quite expensive compared to other pickups, with all the devices included and the sound it creates, I think it is worth the price.


  • elegant and versatile design
  • comes with full combo
  • 3 mounting options


  • a Mini-XLR female jack would be more ideal

Fishman Matrix Infinity

[amazon box=”B0022IXAW8″ ]

With a low G setup, this is one of the best ukulele pickups you have ever found.

Fishman offers you a variety of options so that you can choose the most suitable one for your ukulele. This is a kind of passive under saddle transducer ukulele pickup.

It is equipped with a Powerjack Active Endpin Jack Preamp as an additional accessory. If you want to better the sound, an impedance matching preamp is recommended.

The pickup is not at a reasonable price, but trust me, it is best used for professional purposes. The sound is clear and clean and I know that Fishman has put effort in maintaining the natural sound of the ukulele.

Notice that if your saddle is not totally flat, you might get a lower volume derived from the 4th string. So don’t forget to check before buying.


  • low G setup
  • comes with many options
  • natural sound


  • require flat saddle

IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage Digital Microphone System

[amazon box=”B01N5OQUUC” ]

As you can refer from the name, it is not actually 100% a pickup. It is a device that is especially made for gigging musicians.

As an alternative, it uses a small microphone that attaches in the soundhole.

This is a kind of active pickup, which delivers stronger and clearer sound. As an alternative, it uses a small microphone that attaches in the soundhole. Not only ukulele but it also works well with other acoustic instruments

It offers 3 separate settings: natural, warm, bright and plenty of scope to dial in a wonderful sound. Interestingly, you can also plug in the existing pickup and the combination will surprise you.

The microphone and the preamp box is made of plastic, so it is lightweight and not so big. It also provides you with a case for better protection.


  • Strong and clear sound
  • works with other acoustic instruments
  • a protect case included


  • prone to feedback

K&K Aloha Twin Double-Sensor Pickup

[amazon box=”B00F3DR7MI” ]

For me, this is one of the best ukulele pickups that “pick up” the sound crisp and clear.

The pickup is inspired from a winning acoustic guitar pickup from K&K award. But it has updated and offers you the Aloha Twin double-sensor system.

 They simplify the design and make it easy to set it up. The female jack is organized on the other side. Especially, you can also use this pickup for guitalele or even acoustic guitar.

No battery required so you do not have to worry about out of battery while playing anymore. This is a convenient and outstanding feature compared to other pickups.

No preamp is required but still produce very clean sound. However, if you already have one, this passive pickup will advance the sound, especially when you perform live. Moreover, it will save you a lot of money.


  • clear and crisp sound
  • battery unneeded
  • easy setup


  • doesn’t fit all types of ukulele

Kremona KNA UK-1 Piezo Pickup

[amazon box=”B0061ZUKWG” ]

I am sure many people will be surprised by the unique and elegant design of this Kremona’s pickup.

It is really small, lightweight and matches well with the ukulele. This feature best suits soprano ukulele, which is quite small for an additional device.

It is easy to set up. However, you have to put some effort in losing the strings to for a perfect tightening. And you can maintain the installation even if you do not use it.

It delivers a clear and natural sound, which can be compared to any higher quality pickups. The unusual tie bar placement has put a lot of contribution in this. However, notice that it can not be used with a ukulele that does not include a tie bar.


  • fit all types of ukulele
  • natural sound
  • no drilling needed


  • insensitive sensor

CLING ON Acoustic Pickup With Ultra Quick Magnetic Attachment

[amazon box=”B079H4TVH5″ ]

Many players are in love with this due to its durability. This is a kind of passive ukulele pickup that still generates volume enough for practicing.

Instead of being placed on the outside like other pickups, the volume rocker is on the inside, which really impressed me. It can help you control your playing level without using a preamp or the mixer.

The patented magnetic system is easy to attach, it only takes you a few moments to finish. Especially, the instrument modification is not required here. No messy adhesive stickers or putties, I think this one has contributed a lot to the playing experience.

The sound of this pickup will impress you, it matches with other features. No drilling required, but still able to create the exact sound from the ukulele.

It is also able to work with other instruments such as: Banjo, Guitar, Cajon and many other acoustic guitars so I think this is an economic option.


  • magnetic attach system
  • no modification required
  • delivers natural sound


  • looks kinda bulky

Adeline Piezo Transducer Pickup

[amazon box=”B07RVBL5MM” ]

I am impressed with the design of this Adeline Piezo’s pickup. And I am sure that the function would impress you too. In my opinion, this is the best ukulele pickup at this range of price.

The pickup comes with the volume control knob. The sturdy vintage wooden case is provided with a TS female jack. According to the dealer, it is a piezo pickup immune to any environmental interference.

It delivers clear and crisp sound with high reproduction. Moreover, no battery is required so you do not have to worry about running out of battery.

It is equipped with a volume control so it is really suitable for a performance.

Many people are looking for this as it is fitted with many instruments such as: Violin, Cello,…

However, some reviewers say that it looks quite bulky so you can consider more if needed.


  • no drilling needed
  • well-made wooden case
  • no battery required


  • mounting volume knob on the top would be better

KNA AP-1 Portable Piezo Pickup

[amazon box=”B01DK7SZOW” ]

Although on sale at an inexpensive price, this ukulele pickup is still able to give you a satisfying experience. The customer service team of Kremona are responsive and kind when it comes to responding to customers’ questions.

This is a kind of passive ukulele pickup that does not require drilling your ukulele. It can be easily set up on top of tonewood.

Moreover, the design looks kinda “high-end” with glow wooden cover to protect from unexpected noises from the background.

It not only can be used for ukulele but also for guitar and other acoustic instruments. So may I say, it is quite flexible when it comes to functioning.

However, be careful when using as it is prone to damage when being dropped or hit. Overall, it may not be the cheapest pickup you can find in the market, but surely this is the best ukulele pickup in this range.


  • clear and natural sound
  • easy to assemble


  • quite bulky

ammoon Ukulele Ukelele Uke Piezo Pickup

[amazon box=”B01M0E59XT” ]

Before you are amazed with the price, let me tell you how cool it works. For sure, at this range, this is one of the best ukulele pickups you can find.

Because it is a piezo-ceramic pickup, it í made to be bridge mounted.

ammoon’s pickup offer an onboard preamp with volume control knob. 3 band EQ also is also included: Bass, Middle, Treble. Outstandingly, it can boost or turn off the volume up to 12dB.

Chromatic tuner with LCD displays works precisely so there is no need for an alternative tuner.

Many reviewers said that it was durable, they own this pickup for years but still works accurately.

If you are under a low budget, this ammoon’s ukulele pickup is able to satisfy your demand.


  • ceramic pickup
  • 3 band EQ
  • chromatic tuner with LCD displays


  • no installation manual included

SUNYIN Acoustic Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B01M1GG05L” ]

This pickup is considered as one of the best ukulele pickup as it is quite popular on Amazon.

As the price is relatively cheap. It is suitable for those who are trying to plug in ukulele for the first time.

The pickup comes along with a soundboard and additional sticky putty, so you do not have to worry it will leave any residue or marks on the surface.

 The volume control is also included. However, usually, the sound is already quite low. But well, it gives you a bit control of the sound.

It is easy to install, you can install it near the soundhole with self-adhesive backing that no marks will be left in your ukulele.


  • reasonable price
  • volume control on the pickup


  • low signal

GOSONO Clip-On Pickup

[amazon box=”B07F799W4R” ]

This one is like unacceptable cheap, so you should not expect too much in this pickup.

Not only for ukulele, it is also suitable for other acoustic instruments such as: mandolin, lute, bouzouki,… When you buy it, it is installed with 8 feet cable and ¼ TS male connector.

It is easy to attach and detach so you do not need to be a professional to set up. It is usually placed near the soundhole. According to the dealer, regardless of the background noise, it is still capable of picking up the original tone.


  • inexpensive
  • easy installation


  • low-quality built in

How to choose the best ukulele pickup that is suitable with you

best 3/4 electric guitar

In a world with tremendous models, choosing the best ukulele pickup can be an arduous journey. What is an ukulele pickup? What are the differences between them? Which one is suitable for me? I am sure you have asked yourself this question at least once.

So we are here to help your searching journey easier. As there are a lot of definitions related to pickup. We will figure it out once by once and you may find which features are best for your usage.

What is an ukulele pickup?

best 3/4 electric guitar

The pickup works as the device to widen the sound of the instruments, and then transfer it to the amplifier. In fact, it does not affect the original sound of the ukulele, but merely amplifies it.

It usually comes along with a preamp panel that is already installed, with an aim that you can match it with any other devices. It may also offer you added volume and tone control.

Active Or Passive Pickup?

Active pickup needs a preamp to boost and balance the sound before amplifying. It delivers the original sound and hardly makes any changes. The type of power of the preamp may vary: from 9v batteries to supercapacitor.

Active pickup delivers a consistent sound and balanced signal, which is suitable for most amplifiers.

Passive pickup does not need a preamp as a “colleague”. Most ukulele pickups on the market are passive.

best 3/4 electric guitar

However, the sound is sometimes quite weak and harsh, creating a dissatisfying experience. But you can fix this with an external preamp, and the sound would be much better. It has a full, natural sound.

Different Types Of Ukulele Pickups

Soundboard Transducer (SBT)

If you are in love with a warm tone, many SBT is the one for you. The sound it produces is not too bright or too much electricity.

It is merely the small disc that can be attached to the outside or inside the soundhole. And the sound can be affected by your placement.If you place it properly, the sound would be warm, rich and remove most of the background sound.  So I recommend that you look for a professional to help you with this.

However, notice that it is more sensitive than other types of pickup. If you are uncareful, it may amplify the sound of your sleeves touching the ukulele.

Under Saddle Transducer ( UST)

It is also known as Piezo pickup, which is set up for ukulele’s bridge saddle. It works by picking up string vibrations to make changes and then these changes are turned into electrical signals.

It is usually used with a preamp as a way to improve the signal for the better sound. This can be seen as a perfect couple as many professional players combine these two in their performance. However, this makes the sound more distinguishable and not as appealing as the natural acoustic sound so many people are not into this.

It requires some modification in your ukulele. A small hole is needed so you need it factory installed or looking for an instrument shop to help you with that.


This is a common method to get an original, pure ukulele sound. Just think about it, drummers and lead singers are using a microphone to amplify the sound in their performance all the time. So why not with an ukulele?

But instead of using the microphone that sticks to the stand, it can be set up inside the ukulele by using “gooseneck”. If you set up properly, it can amplify wonderful sound that even stands out from other types of pickup. The most popular method is vocal microphone.

How does an ukulele pickup work?

One of the measurements for a good pickup is that it has to keep the original sound of an ukulele. All it should do is capture the pure sound and dispatch it to the preamp, so that it can amplify by many types of speaker.

In short, an ukulele pickup allows you to play your guitar in a much louder sound. Normally, piezo crystals are a popular form as they fit well with nylon string guitars.

How to install an ukulele pickup?

I am sure this is the most important part, you can not just search for the best ukulele pickup without knowing how to install it.

Most ukuleles require you to drill a hole in the tail block of your ukulele to provide space for the female jack. The ideal place to drill is lower than a center so that your hand is not able to touch the instrument cable.

Tighten the female jack before drilling a small hole on top of the bridge to make room for the UST.  And then all you need to do is set up the pickup inside the soundhole.

For better understanding, I recommend you watch this video to know more about the installation process:

My Top 5 Best Ukulele Pickups

Best ukulele pickups for clear sound

[amazon box=”B002LFCDPM” ]

Best easy installation for beginners

[amazon box=”B007CLTSJE” ]

Acoustic Guitar Pickup with Flexible Micro-Gooseneck by Myers Pickups

[amazon box=”B015Q7MKR2″ ]

Best use for professional purposes

[amazon box=”B0022IXAW8″ ]

Best ukulele pickup for gigging musicians

[amazon box=”B01N5OQUUC” ]

I hope that through this article you have already had a virtual perspective about an ukulele pickup and have yourself a decision. In my opinion, there is a reason why some products have higher price than others. You should not be so skimpy when choosing the best ukulele pickup for yourself.

Buying an ukulele pickup is the right investment to boost the sound and enhance your playing experience yet not an easy decision to make so take it serious when buying one.

Thank you for reading this far! We hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Best Ukulele Pickups at the comment box below!

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