Let’s Find Out The Best Travel Electric Guitar In 2020

In case you're an ordinary explorer or conceivably anticipating an all-encompassing time of voyaging, it's far-fetched you'll need to take the best travel electric guitar with you. BreatheCaroline has done a detailed review of the best travel electric guitar for you to choose from. 

Full-size guitars are hefty as well as awkward and often inconvenient to ship. In case you're going via plane, you have considerably more issues to confront. The guidelines with respect to your privileges to take your guitar on a flight, as lightweight gear, are vague and very much of the time at the fortunate or unfortunate will of the ground staff. 

Thus, you will need outstanding amongst other travel electric guitars presently accessible. These can be taken anyplace and are lightweight and minimized. Along these lines, you should read our reviews, best choice, and a summary table below to get the most suitable travel electric guitar.

Here are our reviews of the best electric guitar for traveling! We hope you can choose one from our list.

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Top Best Travel Electric Guitar Reviews 2020

Lava Me 2 Carbon Fiber Guitar

Lava Me 2 Carbon Fiber Guitar is the first best travel electric guitar that we would love to review. The one-piece infusion shaped innovation makes it more agreeable to play, giving you amazing acoustic execution structures. It can likewise come with a full, wide scope of tones with its 36 inches scale length body.

This guitar has simply 3.7 pounds in weight making it considerably lighter than most workstations. With this travel guitar, you can play impacts without connecting. So that you can tune the pickups on anything whenever. You may unreservedly play with delay, reverb, and theme without an application.

Moreover, Lava Me 2 contains a percussion impact as it is empowered with percussion sound accepting microphone. It adorns and upgrades the percussion sound independent of whether it is utilized with or without connecting. It also comes with the AirSonic carbon-channel material adjusts to temperatures up to 90 degrees celsius and works for you consistently regardless if you are in a desert or a polar district.

If you want to encounter another degree of playing coming, at that point this guitar is made just for you. The FlyNeck can plan and manufacture the most advantageous and agreeable, instinctive guitar neck conceivable. The mathematical state of the FlyNeck was planned by following the various powers of moving positions when playing.

The Plek genius machine is the most progressive guitar fret machining framework which examines the fretboard dependent on the pressure of the strings and afterward slices the frets to the most ideal activity.

Overall, Lava Me 2 Carbon Fiber is well worth being on the top best travel electric guitar with a beautiful design, great fingerboard, excellent tone, and sound. If you are searching for a travel electric guitar, we recommend you consider this one.

Stewart Electric Travel Guitar

Stewart is famous for being on the top best travel electric guitar we want to mention on our list. It is a full-scale electric guitar model that has a totally removable jolt on the neck. It is smaller than a Stratocaster guitar, particularly all-around constructed but expensive.

This guitar falls to pieces easily and the strings remain appended to the tuning apparatus. It perfectly looms over the cutaway wings of the Strat-like body shapes so that you can place the neck behind the body at an inclining edge. This means that the entire guitar has an impression no bigger in measurement than its body.

Clearly, this will mean some bungling gets together when you travel around or go on a trip, however, the creators have discovered a path around size issue without settling on the size of this guitar, which is flawless.

Overall, Stewart is proven as on our top best travel electric guitar with great sound, playability, and small size for easy carriage during travel. It is a surprising arrangement, which without a doubt impacts the impression of this model.

Traveler Ultra-Light Travel Guitar

This Ultra-Light is famous for a conservative light-weight 3/4 estimated full-scale strong body guitar. The body shape has been more than split on this guitar, it is molded similar to a paddle. It has two patterns either side of where the neck meets which place the in-body tuning equipment. This inventive situation kills the space needed for a conventional headstock. It has a separable lap rest which makes players feel comfortable when playing it.

Traveler Ultra-Light has a lighter weight and shorter scale length compared to most full-size electric guitars available on the market. This guitar comes with a novel plan and non-average measurements so that it needs a custom-made convey case which they have luckily remembered for the cost.

Overall, Traveler Ultra-Light is well-deserved as on our best travel electric guitar list thanks to its ultra-minimal body and an excellent combination of tonewoods. It is an in vogue little sidekick and overly lightweight, it has incredible inflection and plays well.

Traveler Guitar SPD HRR V2 Speedster

Speedster V2 is another model from explorers which likewise includes their exclusive tune-o-Matic in-body tuning strategies. This V2 guitar includes a small strong body and a separable upper armrest to help you with your playing hand, it eliminates to additionally lessen the impression of the guitar for going around.

This traveler guitar has a well-designed plan with a one-piece neck made from hard maple. It also comes with sonic adaptability and a substantial humbucking pickup with a loop part for wonderful twisting.

This Speedster V2 is heavier than the Ultra-Light model mentioned above yet at the same time around lighter than other normal full-size electric guitars. It additionally has an assistant yield for earphone tuning in and quiet practice, ideal for making a trip from inn to inn without commotion grumblings.

Overall, Speedster V2 is well worth the top best travel electric guitar due to its well-designed body and small size. Some of the more drastically upgraded strong body travel choices simply feel too new to even consider playing for a few, the separable rest brings back the additional solace a full size formed body gives a guitar player.

Shredneck Travel Guitar

Shredneck is another best travel electric guitar which is again a heavenly downsized model. It has a 3/4 size scale length which makes it generally fit to being a decent voyaging choice. It has an ordinary small measured body, so there is no misfortune in the normal acoustics. It is also smoothed out to help with peeling lightweight.

Shredneck is seriously evaluated and strongly manufactured with the recognizable shapes of a Les Paul and is decked out in a flawless cherry sunburst shading plan that is as engaging as its sticker price. Even though it is a small-sized guitar, it still comes with all necessities for players to play during a short trip.

Moreover, this guitar has two humbucking pickups and 3-route exchanging for tone chiseling your sound to your inclination. It has a wide maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard with crown trims. It also comes with a custom gig-pack appropriate for its head-stock.

Overall, it is a short scope guitar, which is an ideal choice for travelers. It includes a recognizable structure that is agreeable and perfect for some artists, particularly if the unpredictable minimal models have bodies that don't interest you since you discover them basically excessively strange.

Anygig AGE

This AGE model is an entirely amazing interpretation of a movement guitar plan. It is surprisingly minimized in the body division and doesn’t have a headstock. The strings are rather tuned through a tune-o-Matic framework in three committed arrangements of two tuners situated on the top, side, and lower part of the maple body.

This Anygig has a u-formed and maple neck with a combination of a 24 frets rosewood fingerboard with a 16 inches span and a 1.65 inches nut width and a full scope of brilliant hues. This guitar is also lighter than a full-size electric guitar making it an astounding guitar for travelers.

Moreover, this AGE comes with an image made in-house humbucker pickup which produces a thicker and richer sound. The producers have done without any installed preamplifier leveling or increased controls to keep up the least size, weight, and creation costs. Also, it includes a square Les Paul-style yield association.

Overall, Anygig AGE is worth on the best travel electric guitar list which is unfathomably little and the makers have incorporated a separable rest for additional solace as these atypical instruments take a touch of becoming acclimated to. It is amazing that you can get a great travel commendable guitar.

Traveler Guitar 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Back to voyagers' dynamic scope of movement alternatives, this Ultra-Light ULA VRMD fundamentally coordinates the entirety features of the first Ultra-Light we have mentioned above. However, there are a few refinements in hardware and a stylish new cosmetic touch up. It arrives in a variety of delectable shading alternatives and similar significant variables as its forebear.

This guitar has a lightweight with over 2lbs and a similar paddle-like plan shape with a separable metal leg-rest stand. The tuning is in-body saving money on the space a head-stock can hoard, and lessening the length of the instrument to smaller than many 3/4 estimated full-scale guitars.

Besides, this travel guitar is wonderfully machined from strong maple with a one-piece neck-through model like the remainder of the pack. It profits by a dark pecan fingerboard and a refreshed piezoelectric pickup for enhancement and accompanies a gig-sack made particularly to accommodate its inquisitive structure.

Overall, this Ultra-Light model is deserved on top of the best travel electric guitar. The traveler knows some things about item advancement and with regards to a decent travel guitar the piece of information is in the guitar brand, each part of these folks has unmistakably been planned considering making a trip beginning to end.

Traveler Guitar TCD SFG Deluxe Electric Travelcaster

The Travelcaster has a long tradition of producing top sounding guitars for new learners and progressed performers searching for a sturdy and pleasantly sounding electric guitar. From all of their great models, this TCD SFG Deluxe is an outstanding guitar due to its smaller form and high-quality sound.

Another outstanding feature of this model is its updated equipment. It just means a more steady tuning for the new 2pt support tremolo. With regard to a continued and greater tone, the producer planned it with bone nut and steel saddles. It also offers a similar playing zone as standard guitars do and in a little bundle, you can easily bring it with you anywhere you want.

Overall, Deluxe electric Travelcaster is proven as on our top best travel electric guitar list. It has a small size body, great sound, amazing equipment making it a perfect guitar for players who would love to bring the guitar during a trip.

Traveler Guitar EG-1B Blackout

EG-1B Blackout is another best travel electric guitar on our list with a well-designed body and high-quality tonewoods. This guitar has a 24.75 inches scale length and about 3lbs weight with a beautiful combination of a mahogany body, a mahogany neck, a walnut fingerboard with 21 large-sized frets.

The main thing that leaps out to be about the EG-1 Blackout is the bulky Seymour Duncan Devastator humbucker. This humbucker is excellent as it does not need you to supplant it. The perfect feature is that this guitar is multiple inches shorter than the Anygig guitar though having a bigger body. Discussing the bigger body, players will have space to moor their pinky underneath the strings.

Unlike the earlier guitar, this EG-1B comes with the yield jack that is in the customary spot. the situation of the tuners on this guitar is highly unlikely anything can inadvertently knock them when playing. One more outstanding feature is the power outage look of this guitar which is extremely metal. The jumbo fret is additionally a major feature making this guitar stand out.

It's truly odd that this guitar just has 21 frets and incorporates numerous additional items that players truly don't need or need in a movement guitar including volume, tone, earphone jack, aux jack, and an on-board preamplifier that makes overdrive and twisting sounds. These additional items are the reason the sticker price is so high on this one putting it at without a doubt the head of my value.

Overall, RG-1B Blackout is an excellent travel electric guitar for those who love traveling. So, if you want to get a guitar to easily bring it with during your trip, we recommend you consider this guitar.

Steinberger GTPROBK1 Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Black

This Steinberger GTPROBK1 is famous for being on the top best travel electric guitar. It has a 25.5 inches scale length and 22 medium frets. The fingerboard is produced using rosewood and highlights straightforward Pearloid dab decorates. The body and neck are produced using maple with a serious shine polyurethane finish. It also comes with a C-molded neck with a fingerboard span of 14 inches and a nut width of 1.64 inches.

Besides, this is a headless guitar with the Steinberger framework tuners arranged at the bottom of it. They aren’t difficult to work and, above all, work superbly to help the guitar stay in tune. In any case, you will require twofold ball strings for this guitar, which are not as simple to source as standard electric strings.

This Steinberger model has three pickups. The extension and neck pickups are humbuckers while the center pickup is a solitary loop pickup. This electric guitar additionally has a Direct Drive R-Trem Tremolo framework.

There are the volume and tone controls in addition to a five-way flip switch on the body of the guitar. All useful enough, yet they do feel and look somewhat modest. Thinking about the cost of the guitar, they might have pushed the vessel out more and put on some amazing quality controls and switches.

This Steinberger GT PRO K1 also has the best adaptability to dial in a sound that is suitable for the melodies or playing styles. The humbuckers give a lot of hefty, dull tones and assault. Conversely, the center pickup is extraordinary for playing through the perfect channel to make some more splendid and more itemized sounds.

The installed tone and five-way flip switch give a lot of choices to shape your sound. It's additionally incredible to have a tremolo framework. This is quite smooth to utilize, and even with very substantial use, it didn't unduly bargain the tuning strength of the guitar.

Like other generally limited bodied guitars, this Steinberger can be off-kilter to play when situated since it doesn't have either an armrest or a lap rest. Subsequently, you simply need to become acclimated to finding a place that best suits you.

One more thing is that this is certifiably not a light guitar as it weighs 7lbs. At the point when you incorporate the gig pack, this will go up to 9lbs. At 7lbs, this is a long way from the lightest travel guitar, yet there's absolutely bounty stuffed into that weight.

Overall, Steinberger GTPROBK1 is an excellent guitar for travelers. Since it has a small size body, great sounds, and beautiful design, it is an ideal travel guitar for you to consider.

SING F LTD Anygig Enhanced Edition Electric Travel Guitar

Anygig Enhanced Edition from Sing F Ltd is another best travel electric guitar which is a little and entirely moderate guitar making it extraordinary compared to other modest travel electric guitars available on the market.

This Sing guitar is the tightest and lightest of the guitars we've surveyed, however, it has a full 25.5 inches scale length and 1.65 inches nut width. Also, the primary body of the guitar and neck is done in silk back and produced using Sapele.

This headless guitar has standard tuners worked inside the body of the guitar. While the fingerboard is produced using rosewood with 24 frets and has a 16 inches range. What's more, it has its single Anygig gleam humbucker and a flexible Tune-o-Matic connect.

This guitar neck is generally thick which isn’t a suitable choice for players acclimated with a thin line neck. The general completion of this guitar is a nice norm, and the rosewood fretboard was set quite low out of the crate and was simple to play.

The armrest is simple and has hard edges, which gives minimal additional solace while plunked down, and the guitar, as most meager bodied guitars, wasn't the simplest to play while situated.

The Anygig shine humbucker delivered some dull, warm, and hefty sounds. In any case, on the grounds that there are no tone or volume controls, diverting any progressions through the intensifier feels bulky.

Overall, this SING F LTD model is an incredible guitar for players who love playing the guitar during their travels. So, if you like to have a travel guitar, you shouldn’t overlook this one.

Jamstik Mini Travel Electric Guitar

Another best travel electric guitar we want to review is Jamstik mini travel. After purchasing this astounding smaller travel electric guitar, you will become hopelessly enamored with it because of its outstanding features.

This convenient electric guitar has all that a voyaging artist needs. This guitar from Jamstik is totally remote as you can associate it with any keen gadget remotely. With the help of this guitar, you will likewise get an intuitive educating application so that you can learn new melodic mixes.

This movement size guitar additionally has a finger detecting innovation that will show your fingers on-screen continuously. With this movement size, you will likewise get a movement case and a lash to hold the movement size electric guitar on your shoulders.

Overall, this guitar can be your closest companions during your playing experience. If you are looking for a travel guitar, we would recommend you put in your request right now as an astounding guitar like this one doesn't remain in stock for a really long time.

Jammy Guitar Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar

Jammy is another passage in the rundown of the best travel electric guitar audit. This acoustic-electric travel guitar is convenient, and you will discover no issue in conveying it while voyaging. You can place this crease up movement guitar in your knapsack by masking it.

After buying this crease up movement guitar, you will be amazed about admittance to an application that will assist you with changing the tunes and settings of this guitar. With this smaller than normal travel electric guitar, you will likewise get a lash to hold this little travel guitar on your shoulders.

Overall, this Jammy electric guitar has all that you will require while you are voyaging. I propose you purchase the best travel guitar at this affordable price range.

Zeny 30 Inch Mini Travel Electric Guitar

Zeny mini travel electric guitar is one of the best travel guitars on our list. This small travel electric guitar is made of top-notch wood which gives a gleaming and smooth appearance. On the off chance that you are a successive voyager and need to learn music during your trips, at that point, we prescribe you to purchase this little travel electric guitar.

Its highlights are extraordinarily made for new learners and even children can utilize this guitar at home and gain proficiency with the essentials of music. At the point when you buy the unit of this little travel guitar, you will have a line, a tie, a rucksack, and a 5w amp.

Because this guitar is made for amateurs, on the off chance that you are an expert and searching for the best small electric guitars, we would recommend you look down for other different sections on this list.

Overall, Zeny mini guitar is well-worth the top best travel electric guitar due to its excellent outlooks, beautiful tonewoods, and amazing sounds. If you love travel guitar, you should consider this one.

Polar Aurora Electric Travel Guitars

Polar Aurora is another best travel electric guitar which comes with high caliber material. The wood is done with fine dark shading. You will get an astonishing inclination while playing music on this best electric travel guitar. At the point when you buy the total pack of this amazing 3/4 size guitar, you will also have a pick, amp line, shoulder tie, and additional strings.

Moreover, you won't improve the guitar unit at this much cost so that this is the perfect electric guitar for the cash. The instance of this guitar is made of nylon. You can convey your guitar for this situation anyplace. It doesn't make a difference if you are an amateur or an expert this guitar is perfect for you to play with.

Overall, Polar Aurora is an incredible electric guitar to bring with it during travels because of its amazing features. So, if you love playing the travel guitar, we recommend you try out this one.

Yamaha Storia I Best Travel Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha is a famous brand on the market because of its astonishing melodic items, and this Storia I is no special case. You will get the astonishing experience during your outdoors or voyaging when you have this best travel electric guitar in your grasp.

When buying this guitar, you will have a gig sack, pick, tie, and a stand. The shade of this amazing travel guitar is silk white which provides an astounding look in the daylight. Henceforth, stand by no more and purchase this stunning item.

Overall, one outstanding thing about this best travel guitar is its organization. Just by taking a gander at the logo of Yamaha, you can tell that the item would merit the cost.

Vangoa Best Travel Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Vangoa is another convenient guitar on our list since you can ship it from one spot to another without any problem. It will handily fit over the seat instance of the aircraft. Diverse string settings are additionally accessible with this small electric guitar. The strings are adaptable and you won't feel awkward when playing with this incredible 3/4 size guitar.

This best modest travel guitar isn't just appropriate for voyaging however you can likewise perform in front of an audience. You can tune different instruments with this best modest travel guitar. A handle is additionally given with the unit that can be utilized to keep the guitar tuned and it will assist the new learners with keeping their modification when playing the guitar.

Overall, this Vangoa is the best travel electric guitar for cost. While buying this best modest travel guitar, you will get a gig sack, aux link, a tuning handle, additional strings, and a shoulder belt. This is the last item in my most ideal decision electric guitar survey, however, this isn't the least. Furthermore, If you are looking for a reasonable yet best electric travel guitar at that point purchase only this excellent ease electric guitar.

Things To Consider To Choose The Best Travel Electric Guitar


Best Travel Electric Guitar

An electric guitar for traveling regularly has fewer frets than the customary model, which makes it simpler to ship if the neck is lighter. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are searching for more conventional alternatives, you might need to pick a customary neck with a lighter tonewood plan.

Playing Style

Playing style is one of the most important things that will surely affect your decision when buying an electric guitar. In the event that you are an expert performer who likes to shred the night away, the guitar you pick must be not quite the same as if you are a strummer player or playing around a campsite. 

Best Travel Electric Guitar

Scale Length And Nut Width

Scale length is by which the strings are extended from the nut to the scaffold and nut width means the width of the neck at the nut. These features assume a major function in playability. Thus, it is suggested that you get a travel electric guitar with comparative neck features as your fundamental hatchet.

On the other side, guitars with shorter scale lengths are commonly considered as simpler to play. So that it depends on you regardless of whether you favor uniform playability or something more agreeable to play with.


Best Travel Electric Guitar

Another important aspect of traveling is the genuine travel part which implies in the event that you need to bring along your six-string buddy, you need to really investigate its transportability. It is because if the guitar has a heavyweight or long body, you may feel difficult to carry it with you during your traveling or going on a trip. You should also make sure that your guitar fits into a conveying case so you can easily transport.

Sound Quality

Because you are getting a contracted down, simple to ship guitar doesn't mean you need one that doesn't have a high-quality sound. To test the guitar’s sound, we recommend you focus on the hardware, tonewoods, and highlights that accompany the guitar. These are straightforwardly connected with the nature of the sound you can get. 

Best Travel Electric Guitar


This might be simply the most basic inquiry to pose. How frequently would you say you will drag your guitar all around? By calculating the weight and size of your choices, you may locate that a few electric guitars don't make the cut. Therefore, we think you should focus on the tonewood, as this has an urgent influence the weight. You may likewise need to take a gander at the size and on the off chance that it tends to be isolated to turn out to be considerably more conservative.


Best Travel Electric Guitar

Being able to plug a travel electric guitar into a versatile intensifier is consistently pleasant furthermore, fortunately, this is a given for electric guitar models. So to make the most out of your movement guitar, we suggest blending it with a decent compact enhancer, or a guitar earphone amp.

Discussing amps, there were a few guitars with worked in amp and speaker, however, they don't have sufficiently high evaluations, likely on the grounds that they don't meet the size or quality desires for guitarists, for us to suggest them.


Best Travel Electric Guitar

There's actually not a viable alternative for a valued guitar, and in the event that it needs to go with you, so be it. Yet, in the event that that is the circumstance, by all methods ensure it's very much secured with a case that can hold up to the most terrible that roadies and stuff overseers can dispense.

The key is to discover a case that accommodates your hatchet precisely or can be changed to do as such. Some case makers offer flexible insides that you shape to precisely coordinate your guitars bends and forms 

As an artist, you most likely feel as though you and your guitar are closest companions. Much the same as with your no-nonsense companions, you need to ensure it, and it can be very troublesome when out and about constantly. Travel makes your guitar powerless against a wide range of incidents, yet with an electric guitar for traveling, the producers have addressed this issue.

Best Travel Electric Guitar

A travel guitar is created to be simpler to ship and to answer a portion of those difficult to answer travel issues players needed to encounter. Since they are worked for compactness so that they must be planned to make them more minimized and lighter. This implies you may have fewer frets and a little body so that they are made of lighter tonewoods.

On the off chance that you get an electric-acoustic guitar, the body will be empty, and regularly the organizations have discovered approaches to reduce back on the creation expense to diminish the sticker price. These are only a portion of the manners in which a movement guitar contrasts from the conventional rendition.

When picking the suitable travel electric guitar for your necessities could appear to be an overwhelming errand. All things considered, what is more significant, sound or transportability? Frets or size? To deliberately make the rundown beneath, we took a top to bottom gander at what makes a decent travel guitar. What we discovered is that there are a few highlights and factors you should contemplate. These are some features you should consider when making sense of what guitar you want to get. 

Conclusion: Best Travel Electric Guitar - Top Pick For The Best

Best For New Learners

Best For Beginners

Best For Performance On Stage

From all the best travel electric guitars above, we finally found this Vangoa Acoustic-Electric guitar excellent for traveling guitar players because of its outstanding features.

The first great thing about this guitar is an easy carriage. Since it has a 3/4 scale length, players can carry it during travels or going on a trip without any problem. Vangoa is also famous for its playability. It comes with adaptable strings so that you will feel comfortable when having an amazing playing experience.

Moreover, this guitar has a handle that helps keep it stay in tune for a long time. One more special thing about this guitar is that it is not only suitable for voyaging players but also a perfect choice for performing on the stage. Overall, if you are looking for an affordably-priced travel electric guitar, you should get this Vangoa.

There are various best travel electric guitars available with many excellent highlights on the guitar market. On the off chance that you have a limited cash related course of action, by that point, we endorse your endeavor to explore the significant highlights.

When making a shortlist of travel guitars, we suggest you consider sound quality, playability, size, design, and other important features carefully. It is in light of the fact that these things will help you in settling on a decent decision before buying a fitting travel electric guitar. Last but not least, we hope you can find the best travel electric guitar to start your exciting playing experience.

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