Best Piano Brands That Will Offer You The Best Pianos

It’s hard to choose the best piano because there are thousands of piano brands to choose from and you also need to read through some of the reviews so that you can have some overall point of view about this. Imagine surfing on the Internet, wandering hundreds of websites and articles to research about the best piano brands and the most suitable for yourself. This will be a very tiring process if you don’t have anybody to help you with this.

Don’t worry because Carroll / Fletcher will help you to choose the best piano brand by reviewing 15 best piano brands. We have summarized almost all of the important information into this one article. You will only have to read this article only to get any information that you need.


Steinway and Sons

Stuart and Sons

best piano brands
best piano brands
best piano brands

Best for materials used to made

Most well known and revered piano manufacturer

Best high-end brand

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Top best piano brands Reviews 2020

Steinways and Sons

best piano brands

This brand is loved by many concert artists. It first appeared in March 1853, founded by Henry Engelhard Steinway - a German immigrant under the name Steinway & Sons and the first piano was also produced in Germany - his hometown. The brand has put meticulousness in each hand-crafted detail to create not only beautiful models but also extremely unique sound.

Up to now, Steinway & Sons has only produced pianos in Astoria, New York and Hamburg, Germany, but they still retain the spirit, belief and passion that Henry and his sons built. Innovative Steinway pianos with stunning beauty and premium sound are now sold around the world as premium instruments.

Steinway & Sons designs are very well made in order to create premium pianos. In fact, a Steinway & Sons piano takes a year to complete. 

The reason a piano takes such a long time is because there are so many hand-made parts with carefully selected wood materials and erroneously reviewed for many months. To create the best quality pianos, Steinway did not rush through every stage of production. From the weighted keys to the surrounding circles and the hardwood mechanism, the Steinway piano keyboard system is meticulously hand-machined. The soundboard in each Steinway piano is designed specifically for each piano. This brand only uses premium Sitka wood for its soundboard design and never laminated wood to deliver the thickest and best possible sound for each piano. The frame and rim are made of many different types of wood such as solid weathered wood. Each frame is carefully designed, coated with gloss and dyed for a luxurious look. These frames are sturdy enough to protect the instrument, amplify the soundboard and other operating systems.

This leading piano maker has an impressive history from how they started their business to how each piano is built. Each brand is a different color. However, the staggering quality on each of these brands' products is truly amazing.

Mason and Hamlin

best piano brands

For the past 165 years, Mason & Hamlin pianos have been recognized by pianos professionals and lovers around the world. A combination of excellent crafting methods, together with designs. They also use the best, time-tested materials, making Mason & Hamlin the world's best value-for-investment brand by far. 2019 marks the 165th anniversary of the Mason & Hamlin brand. American brand that produces the best handcrafted pianos in the world.

The Mason & Hamlin Pianist Reputation Story is one of the world's best piano brands. It is also an interesting part of history as it dates back to the mid-18th century. Until now, usually, the first name that comes to mind when thinking about the best pianos. That is probably the company Steinway & Sons, a famous piano manufacturer in America.

The key invention helps to fix the expansion of the wood over time, maintaining the shape of the Soundboard. Because over the years, the piano will react to the environment. Therefore, there will be changes in the proportions and sizes of the components inside the piano. Includes leather, felt, structural soundboard wood. Therefore, will change the design, ratio, original shape of the Soundboard. This change caused the Soundboard to crack, the original design ratio was no longer suitable. As a result, the piano will lose volume, resonate poorly, the sound will be lifeless and rigid. In the end, the value of that piano greatly decreased. The only way is to replace the soundboard, which is very expensive and time consuming.

Tension Resonator's Tension maintained the look and design of the Soundboard for many years. Adds power and stability to the piano and locks the Rim with its fixed shape. Resists the force of sound down the Soundboard.

Mason & Hamlin makes the frets from Spruce wood. In addition, Mason's hammer body and mechanical movement components exclusively use WNG company components (Wessell, Nickel and Gross). Components are made from advanced synthetic Epoxy Carbon. Every component is precisely manufactured to micro tolerances and specially designed. From there, for accurate speed and power and unaffected by the weather environment. Therefore, for compact, flexible, powerful, less maintenance-free and easier. Furthermore, this movement is 10 times stronger than traditional wood movements.

Mason & Hamlin premium piano label is used by more than 200 universities, conservatories, and organizations around the world. So far, the brand has built its reputation and has been widely used in more than 200 universities. There are also prestigious conservatories and music organizations around the world. More than half of these are leading music training institutions in the US and Europe.


best piano brands

Bösendorfer was founded on July 25, 1828 in Vienna, Austria, by Ignaz Bösendorfer. In 2008, it was sold to Yamaha Corporation in 2008. They are popularly sold in America.

Bösendorfer's standard models come in two upright models and eight grand piano models. Bösendorfer developed models called the Vienna Concert (VC series), which were redesigned with ratios and resonance panels to give better sound, last longer, and have a resonant frequency range. However, in all models of Bösendorfer, you will easily notice the signature sound of this brand. For the past few years, Bösendorfer has been developing pianos with designs with unique décor: collections like Collector's item and Ultimate design. Bösendorfer also develops automatic pianos with an innovative system from Yamaha Disklavier.

Nowadays, Bösendorfer is perhaps one of the best piano brands in the world with meticulous designs, making a difference to their sound in terms of both appearance and sound. It is also considered one of the best pianos in the world.

The Bösendorfer tone, like Steinway & Sons or Yamaha, is commonly characterized as darker or richer than the purer but less full-bodied tone of other pianos. This distinctive tonal consistency, in particular, stems from the presence of nine additional bass notes below bottom A on the Imperial Grand. Initially, these additional keys were inserted so that pianists could perform Busoni's transcriptions of J.S. The organ of Bach performs, requiring the 32' bass pipes (usually performed on the pedal organ). Since very almost no music makes clear use of the extra strings, as other strings in the piano are struck, they typically contribute to the harmonic nature of the piano not by being played consciously but by sympathetic resonance, giving additional texture to the sound. In addition, the Bösendorfer bass notes, including the extra bass keys, are very strong, adding volume to difficult writings.


best piano brands

Fazioli is a leading global piano manufacturing company headquartered in Sacile, Italy. Fazioli produces about 100 handcrafted instruments a year from a single factory. Nowadays, the product is made from 110 to 120 instruments per year. 

The solid cooperation with prestigious institutes and universities on research and development projects is testament to its continued commitment to quality and improvement of its products. Fazioli refuses to impose restrictions on music artists, believing that they should have the freedom of choice of instruments to play, based solely on the belief that it is the best means of expressing talent. their function. For this reason, Fazioli does not sign exclusive contracts with the artists, instead establishing reciprocal partnerships for the sake of preserving artistic standards, which must always be a priority. than commercial considerations. 

Recently, the famous Juilliard School, New York, bought a Fazioli piano. This organization for the first time - one of the most important in the world for high-end music training - broke the monopoly it had had with a brand history of more than 80 years. The Fazioli Piano is now present at the most prestigious piano competitions, such as the recent editions of the Chopin Competition in Warsaw (2010) and the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow (2011). Since June 2011, every Fazioli piano made has saved 1 ton of carbon dioxide thanks to the use of electricity produced by the new photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the Fazioli factory.


best piano brands

This is a piano brand coming from Japan with more than 90 years of experience in the piano industry. Kawai is not only famous for its outstanding designs, but also a pioneer brand for high-tech products incorporating exquisite craftsmanship.

Considered as a brand that always focuses on product investment, Kawai always incorporates the quintessence of the craft industry and state-of-the-art technology into its instruments. The great points on a Kawai piano also need to mention the design of the hammer. As on Upright, the hammer is made of a beautiful, durable mahogany material that ensures high sensitivity. Thanks to that, it brings the best and best quality sound.

Kawai has used exclusive Millennium III movement for excellent key sensitivity. This movement offers better performance, control and stability compared to traditional movements. In addition, the movement is made of ABS-Carbon composite material created by a blend of carbon fiber and ABS Styran. This makes the muscle firm, durable, and easy to operate gently without applying too much force. It always applies advanced and exclusive technologies to the movement of the instrument.

When playing on a Kawai piano you don't need to worry about the keys slipping or the keyboard will turn color over time. Thanks to Kawai's modern and exclusive keyboard technology, the surface of the keyboard helps prevent discoloration and sweat extremely effectively. In addition, the Kawai piano keys also ensure stability, limit cracking, bring high-pitched sound, and feel consistent when playing. Thanks to this, players can easily slide their fingers, the surface of the keys is more sensitive and contribute to better control when practicing and performing.

Kawai pianos can provide you with the best quality and authentic sound. Kawai has used selected, tapered, whole spruce to ensure the most realistic sound quality. Therefore, most Kawai piano products can always satisfy customers, especially true piano lovers.


best piano brands

To create the best C. Bechstein Concert pianos in the world, C. Bechstein has disregarded the cost of research and materials to provide the most perfect musical value.

Unlimited Power, a number of tests that were carried out by the Federal Institute of Applied Physics, firmly determined the sound of a grand C grand piano. Bechstein Concert D 282 is vibrant and powerful thanks to the frame's new design. Also, the cast iron has brought a powerful sound system full of inner strength like never before.

The Ultra-sensitive (mechanical) movement is the perfection of superb engineering and design, assembling the ultra-sensitive and extremely precise movement gives you complete control over your play. Mechanical movements include hammer heads of unmatched quality, manufactured by C. Bechstein for the acoustic requirements of large concert halls. Specialized sound which are great voice, powerful, rich color and superb technique with clear - clear timbre that completely eliminates the metallic sound. This enables C. Bechstein Concert pianos for those sitting in the last row to hear the slightest sound. With its lyrical vocals, cantilena and impressive volume, it easily suits any music style.

● A carefully selected resonance board from slow-growing mountain spruce wood in Val di Fiemme region at an altitude of over 1,000m (the area where artist Antonio Stradivari created the world's best violins)

● The special cast iron molecular composition used in cast iron frames reduces vibrations and increases string energy thereby ensuring high-speed sound transmission. The high precision coupling between the cast iron frame and the wooden parts of the sound bar helps to keep the resonance level of the frame to a minimum.

● The horse calibrator system (BCS) made of Red Oak wood from Germany, applying CNC technology always ensures absolute accuracy down to 1% / 1mm. Always ensure the perfect frequency and sound transmission to the resonator board to ensure a full and clear sound reflection.

● Keypad designed by C. Bechstein R&D provides toughness, resilience with ideal leverage for professional requirements, black ebony key and dedicated mineral-coated white key Slippery when the instrument is at high speed.

Measurement, testing and evaluation by piano manufacturer C. Bechstein implements this standard control procedure for every instrument manufactured to avoid errors, defects and omissions. Warranty claims make up only 0.1% of annual sales, which means C. Bechstein has succeeded in minimizing failure issues. Of course, all of our processes are ISO certified.

Wood processing time is about 5 years, the completion of a grand piano by C. Bechstein takes from: 15 months and over 420 - 500 working hours (depending on the line) by artisans and specialists.

● Each resonator panel is designed to act as a film with the surface adjusted to enhance a sound adaptation like making a violin.

● Block pin is made of 5mm thin solid Thyme wood, carefully selected and arranged in diagonal wood grain, so the battery is very good and durable.

● The string retention pin ensures the exact position of 88 notes, this solution used for 163 years contributing to the exceptional richness of C. Bechstein pianos.

● C. Bechstein dubbing is optimized by leading technical experts with thousands of needles to create a supple elasticity for clear, clear, and multi-tonal sound.

● C. Bechstein Inductive Intensity Balancing (DTB): Super precise touch weight distribution of string mass and force for individual tones.

● The weight adjustment system (FCS) will optimize the coefficient of friction using technology in unique design. Optimal repeatability using the highest quality materials, ultra-precise calibration of each movement and precise assembly of different parts.

● Accurate professional mechanism according to the performance piano standard, assembled from more than 2,000 parts, designed according to geometrical principles, physically adapting lever techniques and mechanics to strict requirements. rigorous accuracy and balance.

● The paint is applied over 20 layers for a mirror-like surface, luxurious instrumental luster and long-lasting durability.


best piano brands

Over the past decades, Baldwin Piano has undergone many changes. For many years Baldwin has been the largest piano company in the United States and during the 20th century, it only produced the piano for the domestic market. Since 1862, Baldwin and its subsidiaries have produced millions of pianos. Their products are everywhere, in homes, schools, churches, theaters, restaurants and even a concert hall. 

The product series which are designed from humble spinet to concert grand with various brands such as Acrosonic, A.B. Chase, Hamilton, Howard, Ivers & Pond, J&C Fischer, Wurlitzer, Monarch, Ellington, Kranich and Bach, Valley Gem, St. Regis, Schroeder, Sargent, Winton, and Chickeringis owned and controlled by Baldwin. In 2001, facing many shared problems in the US piano market, competition from foreign labels and management problems, Baldwin declared bankruptcy and was declared bankrupt by the Bibson Guitar (in Nashville, Tennessee).

Like the Steinway pianos, Baldwin is considered to have high-quality pianos, ranked second after Steinway. Baldwin Hamilton 114 cm is the standard vertical line which is used a lot in schools and churches across the country.

For many pianists, Baldwin's pianos are an economical alternative to the Steinway line of pianos. Baldwin pianos are softer than Steinway, though for many people the price of Baldwin pianos remains quite high. Baldwin's resold pianos will often cost as well as pianos from other high-quality brands. However, the price will not be as high as used Steinway pianos. Baldwin's second and third pianos are Chickering - the US-made small grand and the Wurlitzer line - a vertical line made in the United States, China, and a grand line made in Korea.

Charles R.Walter

best piano brands

In 1975, Charles Walter released the company's first piano. Behind each herd is an interesting story about its origin, genre or a certain legend and so does Charles Walter. Each of these branded products are handmade and the quality is very good. Many users also refer to Charles Walter as the Steinway of the 21st century.

One of the finest hand-made pianos ever, behind each piano is a mysterious and fascinating story. Rated as the Steinway of the 21st century, you can also imagine the horrors of each guitar. First shipped in 1975 by Charles R. Walter, the pianos feel that there is a soul within it.

Known for the special wood material used to make a guitar, the longer it takes, the more distinctive these sounds will sound. Made with meticulous attention to detail and maintain the prestige of pianos made in America - Charles Walters are made not only for one person to use but also to pass on to generations to come. With excellent quality and the welcoming of the European musical instrument market, the Charles R. Walter standing pianos are sure to be the perfect choice. Its pricing, of course, is a big deal for the mid-range, and not for the upper class. Therefore, this instrument company is mainly used in Europe where the thriving city is the main.


best piano brands

Only hearing about this brand can assure you its reliability. Here are some information about this brand: in 1887, Yamaha was founded in Japan by Toraksu Yamaha as a manufacturer of pianos and musical instruments. Nippon Gakki was the first name of the company, later renamed Yamaha in honor of the first founder of the corporation. Since then Yamaha has become a leading manufacturer of electronics, musical instruments, sports equipment, and even motorcycles.

Yamaha pianos have many handcrafted parts and many high-tech machine parts; From the chassis, the action system to the soundboard is hand-made. Its pianos are meticulously crafted to be excellent instruments that can be used for many years. Yamaha produces three main types of pianos: upright pianos, children's pianos and premium pianos. All three are very beautiful and sound great.

The majority of Yamaha pianos are made from spruce wood. Some parts are made in a traditional way and others are made with modern technology. A wide range of components including the case and the chassis are hand assembled to ensure the finest quality. Yamaha also uses a variety of special techniques and skilled technicians to assemble the manual operation system. The main material used to make this mechanism is hardwood. Yamaha uses special gluing and drying techniques to create durable and accurate mechanisms of action. Yamaha selectively selects the raw spruce wood material to produce the soundboard and uses top-notch techniques to dry and glue it together. Yamaha uses standard drying techniques to deliver premium sound pianos. This technique also makes the pianos more time-resistant and effective against warping.

Very few companies produce framing at the facility, and neither does Yamaha. Their piano frames are made to withstand changes in the humidity and temperature of the environment. Yamaha uses two highly regarded techniques for making the piano frame: sanding and vacuum molding. These techniques have been shown to not only make the piano firmer, but also help to produce a richer sound quality. About the piano’s structure, Yamaha is a name that evokes the top of the list when a buyer intends to purchase an acoustic or electric piano. This is a brand that always puts product quality on top. The stages are handmade to increase product quality and durability. With its rich design and high quality sounds, Yamaha is truly a leading brand in piano production in the world.


best piano brands

Founded in 1853, Bluthner has produced the best quality pianos in Leipzig, east Germany. Until 1900, Bluthner was Europe's largest piano factory.. Bluthner Pianos feature Solid Sitka Spruce wood resonance panels, movement using Renner company components, Ablel hammer. Bluthner produces about 100 upright pianos a year in four different sizes and 500 grand pianos a year in six different models.

One of Bluthner's most exotic innovations is the design and construction of a left-handed pianist piano. The hammers and strings are on the left and the bass is on the right. This is one of the most outstanding characteristics in this whole list, of all the piano brands.

Producing more than 5000 pianos per year. Blüthner created some new mechanics inside their instruments such as the Aliquot String, a vibrating and tuned fourth string along with corner hammers and a full rounded unique sound, to all pianos by Blüthner.

These instruments are very well constructed from top quality materials, and sound superb. Bluthner pianos have a characteristic warm, round tone, not overpowering, making them perfect for small to medium performances. The touch is generally light to medium and always very smooth, especially in instruments produced earlier with Blüthner's patented keyboard action.

About the Blüthner Grand Piano, its overall sound is one of the warm and rich melodies. This is especially true when the extreme registers (low end and low end) are being played, with high definition and clarity.

Touch is a medium feel that allows the pianist to play passages very quickly with precision, and the keyboard seems to help fingers connect well with the keys to help play with great feel and emotion. In addition, natural wooden cases are also suitable for most furniture of any home.

A high-quality German piano can easily last eighty years before being refurbished, and will last for decades before further upgrades are needed. Blüthner pianos are suitable for domestic venues and players who prefer a lighter touch, and are sure to last a lifetime and retain their value.


best piano brands

Hoffmann is one of the oldest German piano companies, W. Hoffmann was founded in Berlin in 1893. This brand is known for its stable quality and average prices. W. Hoffmann inherits design elements by Bechstein, from the handling of materials. Carefully crafted from the finest materials and with the knowledge and experience of Bechstein artists. W. Hoffmann is known as a line of pianos that are affordable and responsive to professional play. Nowadays, W. Hoffmann's pianos portfolio is divided into categories: Professional, Tradition and Vision with 9 grand models and 8 upright models for the beginner to professional segments.

Hoffman acoustic pianos have a compact yet luxurious design inspired by European pianos. Hoffman owns standard height, console design, and varnish colored wings. Nice sound, authentic keyboard is the first impression of this keyboard. Equipped with 3 pedals to help players express all nuances of the sound, making your performances more successful.

One of the advantages that customers appreciate very much about Hoffman pianos is the sound quality, very delicate, warm and resonant, clearly creating great melodies.

In addition, Hoffman pianos are also appreciated for their elegant and delicate design made of monolithic wood, helping to enhance the elegance of your home. At a reasonable price, the Hoffman 112G piano will be the ideal piano for piano novice or professional artist.

Stuart & Sons

best piano brands

If you're learning the piano, you will know about Steinway & Sons - a world leading piano brand. Name unsurpassed reputation and unrivaled pinnacle are what people value Steinway& Sons, there are many music institutes around the world that appreciate and award this brand. With the most stringent standards that a piano needs, Steinway & Sons has always been and is completing beyond the standards.

Probably due to the overwhelming of its reputation, this is also the most expensive piano in the world. Steinway & Sons is divided into two main classes, Essex is dedicated to the aristocratic class, the second is Boston for under class.

This piano brand is from Australia. Stuart and Sons is famous all over the world for its innovation, sophisticated craftsmanship and unique quality. The most special thing about this piano is that there are 14 more notes than the classical piano. so they can produce higher or lower notes. Stuart and Sons pianos are expensive because they are produced in small quantities and by order but not in mass production.


best piano brands

In the instrument making industry, Ritmüller's designs are becoming more and more refined in both form and quality. Every part, every design element, every process is crafted with CNC technology at the world's largest piano factory to create a warm, rich tone.

Ritmuller is manufactured by Pearl River Group in accordance with the international standard system ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for quality and environmental safety. Although it is a cheap instrument, it still has a beautiful design and good sound for the average customer. Ritmuller piano brand. Characteristically designed using the finest German materials with Roslau strings, ABEL hammer heads combined with traditional European handcrafted and assembling processes deliver the best and perfect. . Hard maple horses provide a precise and crisp transmission of pure piano tones. In terms of sound quality, Ritmuller piano brings warm, resonant bass that fills the room and it is suitable for performing on stage, outdoors.

Ritmüller is a timeless label and is completely recreated for the modern era. Ritmüller in turn produces new series of instruments with brand new quality. Now acclaimed at concert venues around the world, the Ritmüller grand is the product of a pinnacle in traditional European craftsmanship while reflecting the latest musical technologies. Ritmüller's Upright pianos deliver high quality sound with exceptional artistic value. Besides, Ritmüller premium piano is specially designed to give players the feeling of blending with the best music and melody. That was the ultimate Ritmüller experience.


best piano brands

Samick is the oldest, largest piano brand in Korea and it ranks third in piano sales in the world. Known as the "king" of musical instruments, the piano possesses a strong appeal to music lovers. If Asian piano market is used to Japanese pianos, nowadays Korean piano brands are increasingly dominant and popular and among them, it is impossible not to mention the Samick piano brand.

Samick piano movements are made of natural wood, not using alternative materials. Therefore, the Samick piano movement is durable and stable with a lifespan of about 70 years. This is quite a long life expectancy of new pianos. In addition, Samick piano strings are produced by a company specializing in the production of Roslau piano strings in Germany. About the hammer, to get the best sound, it must be of the best quality. Besides wood, the main component of the hammer is wool. The wool made with the Samick piano hammer is the finest. Samick pianos although originate from Korea but they use wood materials from Canada and the US. Raw wood is carefully selected through a process of careful technical treatment before being put into piano production. Finally, its A + quality chord. Not only Samick pianos but other pianos, if rated as A +, you can completely be assured of the sound quality and longevity of the piano. Also, the cost of a piano is quite reasonable to invest so take this into your consideration.

In addition, Samick piano is also suitable for all ages to learn and play in a short period of time if you have passion and hard work to pay attention to each lesson. Currently, Samick pianos are produced in Indonesia. This is also a country that is trusted by many major piano brands in the world, especially Japanese piano brands.


best piano brands

It was in 1885 that the first Schimmel piano was built in Germany by Wilhelm Schimmel. Inspired by a pioneering spirit and unique-minded perseverance, his goal is to exceed the expectations of his customers all the time. Schimmel has been celebrating the fourth generation of the managerial family. Their instruments continue to be produced by hand in the finest quality with the latest in piano technology. With the support of CAPE (Computer Assisted Piano Engineering) technology Schimmel produces some of the best performance instruments in the world.

Schimmel's new piano options include products for home, studio and concert venues. With the addition of ‘Vogel by Schimmel’, great tools are now even more affordable. Schimmel can provide you with so many reasons why you should choose their brands: beautiful thick accents, responsive keys, classic elegance and attractive design, materials selected and meticulous workmanship, long duration and low amortization.

Schimmel's key goal is satisfaction. Playing the piano should be a pleasant experience for you and Schimmel piano will enhance this experience in your home, studio or home draw. Schimmel pianos today are the number one Upright Piano and Grand Piano manufacturer in Germany.

How To Select The Best Piano Brands

best piano brands

There are several instructions you should follow to make the process of choosing a piano smoother, whether you're an amateur or a skilled pianist. Spend some time giving the following recommendations some serious considerations before you decide.

How much space can you give a piano?

best piano brands

You can choose between a digital and an acoustic piano by answering this question, because digital pianos can take up somewhat less space. It will help you decide between an upright acoustic piano or an acoustic grand piano, too. Consider what kind of piano you are going to buy because different kinds of piano will take different amounts of area.

Would you prefer the pianos that are optical or acoustic?

best piano brands

Although many like the sensation of pressing the keys of an acoustic piano, these pianos do come with some extra maintenance. And don't forget to factor in the annual tuning expense, which is important for acoustic pianos.

What is your piano's budget?

Setting a budget will let you narrow your options down. If you buy new versus used, electronic versus acoustic, or one piano brand over another, your budget will affect. Besides, remember that buying a piano will make a hole in your budget so consider what kind and which piano brand is the most suitable for your budget. Don’t just because you like it so much that you decide to buy it. Consider carefully before deciding.

best piano brands

What are the targets for playing piano? 

Just because you're a beginner who doesn't need 88 keys right now, it doesn't mean you're not going to be heading forward. Likewise, you could feel unsatisfied after a few years with a cheaper keyboard that doesn't have weighted keys. Start saving more, so you can continue to use your piano through the years. However, just remember your target, do you play the piano for fun or do  you play the piano for specific purposes?

Finally, always try a piano in person before you buy it. Choosing a piano is a very personal choice, with several considerations that are special to each individual, including the piano feeling. The easiest way to get insight into the best piano brand for you is to check out various piano models in person. You will be able to find out if it is comfortable to play or if it really brings you a special feeling that you will know this is the only piano that can do this.

And finally, to sum up, I will provide you with a link leading to a video that will show you ten mistakes people often make when buying a piano. You should watch it thoroughly so that you will not be the one who makes those mistakes. These mistakes are so easily to be made because we might be confused sometimes, so here is the link:

Conclusion best piano brands Top Pick For The Best

After all those recommendations, here are my top 3 best piano brands. In my opinion, these are one of the best brands in the whole piano world. They are well-known for their sound and making techniques:

best piano brands
best piano brands
best piano brands

Best for materials used to made

Most well known and revered piano manufacturer

Best high-end brand

After reading this review, I hope that you can choose for yourself the best piano brands, the most suitable to your needs. I can guarantee with you that none of these will let you down. There are thousands of piano brands in the world but these are the best one that you can count on. They are famous not only for their sound but also the quality of the piano. These best piano brands can guarantee you a long using duration and 5 to 10 years of guarantee. You can contact the provider about your piano if anything happens.

Having fun finding out the best piano brands and choosing the most suitable piano for yourself!

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