Best Keyboard Piano Under 200$ That Will Help You To Save Your Money In 2024

When I was a child, I used to dream of having a piano so that I could play as I wanted and pursue my dream of becoming a producer. However, a grand piano was something that was so hard for my family to afford one and until now, they still do.

As the world’s technology is getting more and more modern day by day, grand pianos are gradually being replaced by keyboard piano due to its low prices and its availability. They are also much more varied in tunes and modes so customers might be attracted by its variety.

However, various as they are, there are still many levels of keyboard piano quality that need to be classified into different categories. Now we can easily find the best keyboard piano under 200$ just by reading through some reviews like this one.

Understanding this, through these reviews, we will provide you with a list of the best keyboard piano under 200$ that will help you to fulfil your wish of having a piano but do not affect your family’s budget too much. All you need to do is read through this review and pick one from the list for yourself. Find out the best keyboard piano under 200$ right now!

best keyboard piano under 200 Comparison 2023

YAMAHA NP12 61-Key Lightweight  Casio Casiotone, 61-Key RockJam 61 Key 
best keyboard piano under 200 best keyboard piano under 200 best keyboard piano under 200

Best Overall

Best Easy to Use

Best For Beginners

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Top best keyboard piano under 200 Reviews 2023

Yamaha NP12 Keyboard Piano

This piano has a lot of awesome features that you might not want to miss. It might be the best keyboard piano under 200$ all in all. Firstly, this piano has semi-weighted keys (61) that are very touch-sensitive. It also has a USB MIDI that connects to your computer without any other equipment. In addition, the great sound quality is made with 64 note polyphony. This is a portable piano so remember your charger when purchasing it.

It’s an affordable model with superior construction efficiency. With a basic user interface, it has a smooth and elegant layout.

It has a black and white finish, offering the conventional appearance of the piano-look. The white look, however, is trendy as well as impressive.

With the board alone weighing 12 pounds, the NP12 is very lightweight. Also, the dimensions are friendly, making it small enough to comfortably take around. It also features an IOS port that enables a keyboard access to the computer.. Though they’re lighter, the keys have a nice feeling and sound real.

In addition, the NP12 has a total of 10 tones, which gives it plenty of flexibility like the most notable stereo grand piano..

Casio LK-265 Keyboard Piano

This keyboard piano is known for being the best keyboard piano under 200$ for kids.As well as 150 rhymes, the unit comes with over 400 inbuilt tones, which help create the best melodies.

Impressively, Casio LK-265 provides instructional features and several enjoyable features for your kids to enjoy both playing and learning, such as Music Dance Mode and Light-up Keys.

In comparison, people around you do not have to interrupt you so you just have to insert the headphones into the keyboard to go on with the music rehearsal. The instrument is only 7.90 lbs. in weight, which means it’s compact. Even, if you lack control, you can run it using batteries, which ensures music can be bought anywhere.

The Dance Music Mode, which helps create personal music and even remixes, is also featured. There are 61 keys in it, a good starting point for your kids,

 while the full 88-key might be a little bit too much.

For the money, the sound quality is also good, and the keys are touch-sensitive. It has a 30-day return guarantee in most situations.

RockJam 61 Key Keyboard

The RockJam 61 Main Keyboard might be the best keyboard piano under 200$ for beginners. It consists of an electronic keyboard and is planned for courses in contemporary piano. For that cause, the piano maestro has almost 30 free tracks.

With 61 full-size keys and well-arranged keys, the issue of swapping sounds for beginners can be minimized. In addition, there are over 100 inbuilt sounds on the keyboard, which you can conveniently attach to an iPad.

It features a very bright LCD screen to support in the dark when reading. The show will also guide you to play demo tracks, making it a perfect way to practice.

As it’s a glossy black machine which looks glamorous, its appearance is second to none. The concert speakers that it features produce a warm as well as rich sound resonance.

The consistency, a durable plastic frame that adds longevity, is also unrivaled. Moreover, without any friction added when playing, the keys are easy and relaxed to play on.

However, you should notice that there is no USB connection to this keyboard piano. Moreover, the quality of the headphone is not very good. You should consider

Yamaha PSR E-363 Keyboard

The Yamaha PSR E-363 Keyboard may be the best keyboard piano under 200$ you can find that is sensitive to touch. It’s one you’re going to enjoy all the time. What makes the E363 an outstanding choice is its touch-sensitive function, which is perfect for children’s learning.

The E363 has a duo mechanism that splits the keyboard into 2 separate, similar halves with each with a middle C, making it convenient to practice or render music concurrently with a collaborator and colleague.

It also features an impressive LCD monitor that will direct the user through the lessons and set-up since it is based on most of the commands. It therefore helps to move forward with the company as usual in low-light regions.

Along with audio and MIDI transfers, it allows USB connectivity. In addition, you will be able to load music from external storage devices as well as save external and internal memory information.

The E363, which is just around 13 pounds, is an excellent choice for both students and teachers without a lot of space. It suits every room, making it easy to walk about comfortably.

With 48-voice polyphony, the Yamaha PSR E-363 features over 574 voices. It also has over 150 preset tracks, including touch teacher, chord progression practice tracks, and solid chords.

The only irritating part, however, is that no power adapter is included, so you may need to order one separately.

Casio CTK-3500 Keyboard Piano

I bet that you would definitely want to have a keyboard piano that you could be carrying around easily with convenience. Thus, if this is really the case, then the best choice is the Casio CTK-3500 Keyboard because it is the best keyboard piano under 200$ for moving around.

The machine is both small and lightweight, with a 61-key keyboard. It has the ability to use battery power as well, meaning you can go anywhere with it.

It contains 400 instrument voices and 100 built-in rhythms, making it very easy to tailor the sound of the CTK-3500 to almost anything you want. In addition, the 48 levels of polyphony allow complex as well as overlapping sounds to be produced..

This has full-size and touch-sensitive keys which allow the sound as well as the playing style to be sensitive to touch.

Additional features such as an integrated metronome, transpose, and tuning, as well as a pitch bend wheel are also critical for advanced synth effects in CTK-3500.

However, remember that this keyboard piano has no onboard recording replay feature and the headset used might be a little thin and fragile.

Casio CTK-2550 Keyboard Piano

Probably, Casio CTK-2550 is one of the low-priced keyboards you can buy under $200, in another way, it might be the best keyboard piano under 200$ with the best budget. The step-up lesson framework that works like a virtual tutor is its greatest asset. The LCD display shows the keys to press for any 110 songs you want to play, after pressing the feature.

The keyboard has 61 full-size keys and is portable, weighing only about 8 pounds. Both its 400 AHL keyboard voices attract interest and its advanced recording sampling feature.

For both the LCD screen and control panels, it is also user-friendly as well as simple to use without any external instructions.

It helps to create music with multiple layers as well as accompanying effects with approximately 50 dance music patterns, hall, 10 reverbs, 50 EDM forms, and dance music effects.

The step-up lessons on the keyboard use an LCD screen to instruct starters on how to play a given song. It also provides an auto power-off feature that turns off automatically after inactivity of around 6 minutes.

Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that this piano has neither on-touch sensitive keys nor the best LCD quality.

Casio CT-S200RD Keyboard

The Casio CT-S200RD Keyboard Under 200 is built to be used as a MIDI keyboard for people who do not want to strain to learn how to use the keyboard. In addition, it is an ultra-compact machine with 400 tones, 60 tracks, 77 rhythms, as well as an embedded carrying stick.

It has 61 full-size keys, intuitive controls such as the My Set-up button (remembering both favorite sounds and settings), and an easy LCD display to read.

Features also include dance music mode to help create the EDM tracks as well as remix them. When sharing with friends, you can even use the inbuilt speakers or even plug in your earphones. Plus, for studio applications, MIDI connectivity is essential, and the digital effects add some extra ambiance to the overall performance.

Lesson function is also included, which will teach you how to play a number of songs. In addition, it features a Chordana play app where you can link and learn how to play songs from the downloaded MIDI files to further your music.

One minus point of this keyboard piano is that the sound quality is just ok. Therefore if you are looking for a keyboard piano with high sound quality, consider another keyboard.

Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Piano

This one has 61 keys, and for newbies, it’s an affordable instrument. This keyboard  comes with a stand, a bench, a microphone and headphones and is quite a solid package.

The keyboard has decent sound quality, considering its price point, and has 255 timbres, 255 rhymes, 24 demo songs and 61 keyboard percussion built-in. It has an integrated LCD display that makes it more interesting to use the instrument.

The keyboard also has a record and replay function so that once you got them just right, you can fine tune your melodies.

This instrument is substantially heavier than the other two (17.6 lbs), but if you need to take it to your piano lessons or anywhere nearby, it is still okay.

An essential thing to remember is that a digital piano will not give you the same feeling as an acoustic keyboard-the total 88 keys are still available on the analog keyboard. However, if you’re a newbie, this is not a deal breaker. The keys are also smaller and not weighted, so playing a full keyboard later will be more challenging for those who want to go pro.

This is a decent keyboard for beginners to help you determine whether or not you are interested in playing the piano. You’ll need to upgrade your instrument once you reach an intermediate level, particularly if you’re learning classical music (which requires an 88-key keyboard).

RockJam RJ761 61 Key

This is just one of those keyboards that comes with the total kit on a budget. It comes with a stand, a pedal for support, a bench and a set of headphones. Like a conventional piano, the keyboard has 61 full-sized keys but is more portable at the same time.

It has a simple and easy to use touch screen display and has a number of built-in characteristics, such as 200 rhythms, 200 tones, a teaching mode and 30 demo songs.

It also has one of the most significant characteristics for beginners: the recording and playback that helps you to listen to and change your melodies. It has MIDI compatibility as well, and to play your favorite music, you can connect your phone to the keyboard.

It is also quite heavy and weighs 26.5 lbs, so it comes with a stand and bench, so it’s a good thing. Otherwise, you’d have trouble with storing it. It is difficult to fly with it, but if you intend on taking piano lessons, do so online.

If you’re looking for a complete package with a sustain pedal to help you figure out how a true piano works, this keyboard is a good option. Various instrument sounds can also be performed, but this is suitable for someone who likes to perform pop and hip-hop music.

It has 61 non-weighted keys, though, and is designed for beginners, ensuring you will finally have to progress to a proper keyboard.

Alesis Recital

Not only is the Alesis Recital affordable, it also has a very sleek design that will feel good for even the most budget-bound pianist. The keyboard can be easily transported and even stored at home, complete with LED buttons and a slim body.

One of the most impressive things about this one is that it has the maximum 88 semi-weighted keys as well, making it a perfect keyboard for beginners. It also makes it easier to transition to an actual piano with a hammer feature. Also, the sensation of the keys is similar to that of an actual piano.

The consistency of the music is very strong considering its price point and it has built-in electric piano, organ, synth and bass instrument sounds, so you can play with various songs.

To build up sounds and create complicated melodies, use Layer Mode. The Lesson Mode functions as a split function that you can play with your instructor and pick up notes more quickly.

You can adjust the sounds you make, as the keyboard has 5 different types. It can be connected to your headphones and has a USB port (MIDI connectivity) to allow your phone to be connected to your keyboard as well. This way, with an app, you can relate to piano lessons and even learn how to play your favorite songs. It weighs around 15 pounds and can be transported easily.

This is one of those few budget options with its 88 semi-weighted keys, which is suitable for both beginner and intermediate level piano players. Over time, the instrument will deteriorate, but it’s a good way of finding out how a real acoustic piano works.

Yamaha YPT 360

Featuring a touch-sensitive keyboard and a power adaptor, this Yamaha model is another good option for beginners in the range of affordable keyboards. It has 574 sounds of high quality, 165 forms and 150 kinds of Arpeggio.

It also has a USB port and MIDI compatibility that helps you to connect and play your favorite songs from your phone to your keyboard.

On this instrument, the Duo mode allows two persons to make music together. The LCD monitor makes it simple, easy and fun to figure out the piano ‘s features.

As all of the previous ones, the keys are not weighted, which means that if you are learning to play a single song for a single case, the instrument is perfect. But, if you want to go pro, at some point you will need to change your keyboard.

This instrument is not exactly the preference of a buyer, but it is a reasonable instrument on a budget for the pianist at its price range and with the features it has. You can even get the true feel of an acoustic piano using the sustain pedal.

RockJam 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

This is another instrument that has 88 semi-weighted keys, and is an acceptable keyboard for both beginners and intermediates, like the Alesis Recital. The keys are also touch-sensitive, apart from being semi-weighted, and the touch can also be changed to meet your playing needs.

It has strong speakers that offer a sound quality that at such an inexpensive price is unusual.

A sustained pedal port, aux port and headphone jack are also available, all of which are important for any serious piano player. With MIDI compatibility, you can connect your smartphone or tablet and take digital piano lessons and rock out to your favorite songs.

The split and layer modes allow you, alongside your piano instructor, to practice comfortably.

It weighs a good 21.2 lbs, though, which makes it impossible to maneuver around and you will most likely need to find a stand for it and, depending on where you have room for it, you will not be able to maneuver it around the home.

For a serious pianist, this instrument is an excellent starting keyboard. The full 88 keys allow you to play music of any kind, including classical music, and the split mode makes it easier to play with a partner. To connect it to your phone and download some e-lessons, you can use the MIDI feature and you can advance to an instrument with full weighted keys when you have the budget and the level of expertise.

Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keyboard Controller

Novation is a brand with a number of creative items for musicians in the bedroom. While this is a keyboard controller which needs a computer which DAW (specifically, Ableton Live) to function to its maximum capacity, if you like, this is a perfectly appropriate way to practice and play the keyboard.

Although at all times it will need to be hooked up to a computer, there are some benefits to this too. There are drum pads, faders and knobs on the Novation controller, which you can assign to control various aspects of your.

This can be the cornerstone of an entire home studio and also encourage you to use several tracks to do impressive performances.

You do not have to use it to monitor the software’s every feature. If you want, you can only control the virtual instruments that actually come with this controller, including piano sounds such as ‘Addictive Keys.’

On PCs and Macs, it runs equally well, and you do not even have to buy any extra apps. Ableton Live Lite is included in the box, so as quickly as you get your software installed, you can start producing and experimenting with a variety of different sounds.

Designed for use in studios, if you are using it with a laptop, this is only really an appropriate portable setup, but many musicians take their laptop anywhere!

As a control interface, the Novation Launchkey 49 is one of the best MIDI keyboard controllers and has a lot of power, but bear in mind that without software, it does not produce sounds.

Casio SA-76 44-Key Mini

Thanks to its outstanding portability and very cheap price, what makes the Casio SA76 the best inexpensive keyboard piano is what makes it the best. It is a piano with 44 keys, which makes it perfect for beginners or children and seniors.

It’s user-friendly, for fun and practice, with a bunch of tempos and sounds to tweak. All in all, there’s something great for those on the go or young beginners!

This mini keyboard is clearly smaller for instance than most keyboards, but this makes it the ultimate compact keyboard with 44 mini-sized keys and functions, choices and versatility. It can fit anywhere. For a full-sized keyboard, strive to do it.

Casio has managed to fit into the tiny frame quite a bit. The top of the keyboard is full of 10-song bank shortcut numbers, 50 shapes, and 100 distinct tones.

The control, speed, a digital screen showing the tempo, sound, rhythm, tuning, and song bank, a numbered keyboard with a + and a-buttons to access the banks quickly, are immediately below that.

However, It does not come with a power adapter. Moreover, some features are absent from other keyboards, such as midi outputs, and other features that make the system work with music programs.

The ONE Smart 61-Key Keyboard Piano

Between many beginners, the One Smart keyboards are becoming increasingly popular. For an aspiring pianist, having a product like this can help you to explore piano at your own pace and build a good level of knowledge.

Although it’s not cheap, the Smart Keyboard is compatible with the Smart Piano App of the brand that will guide you through hundreds of different songs and techniques.

This works for a broad variety of products, including devices such as phones and tablets. In order to help you work out which keys you should play, the app displays lights on the keys.

To keep it fun, you can learn through unique lessons or by going through your favorite songs. There are even piano-based games to help you to learn the basics.

For both Aux in and Aux out, this keyboard has a decent degree of compatibility, ensuring that you can plug it into other sound systems or play it with your MP3 player.

If you want to plug in a 6.25 mm socket and sing along with your favorite music, there is space for a microphone as well.

It has 417 different tones with respect to the piano itself and can be powered via mains power or 6 AA batteries. It’s relatively easy to take out-and-about with you, should you need to, weighing just 11 lbs.

Although this is very pricey, and just comes in at under $300, in terms of learning how to play piano, it has a lot to give.

This might be a smart option if you’re an utter beginner and want an instrument to carry your hand in the early stages.

Tips For You To Choose The Best Keyboard Piano Under 200$

best keyboard piano under 200

When it comes to the best keyboard piano under 200$, you do not have to think about your wallet, when all you need is $200 at the very most. As well as you know the items, it is also important to understand the criteria you need to remember when evaluating your product.

Choosing the right can be frustrating since there are many keyboard pianos on the market that are under $200. Therefore, to help you make wise choices, here are some of the tips to remember:

Capability of the MIDI

best keyboard piano under 200

A Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) keyboard allows you to connect to all computers and other electronics. In addition, you can also use them as a keyboard for MIDI controllers.

You can also verify if there is an inbuilt USB port on the keyboard piano, which will help to attach to external devices as well as it is not so necessary.

Source Of Power

Many people believe that the A / C power supply comes with the keyboards. However, when purchasing a keyboard piano, you do not want to forget about the power supply. Some of them might be powered by 6 AA batteries, which would not last for a long time , obviously.

best keyboard piano under 200

In addition, you might consider batteries that are rechargeable. The cheapest alternative will be an A / C converter because you might want to use it for longer hours.

Touch Sensitivity

The keys are one thing that you want to sound as authentic as the ones in a real piano. Therefore, make sure that when pressing into any key the product you pick has touch sensitivity as well as a strong sense.

Speakers Inbuilt

Before buying, make sure that you check the speakers since returning home just to get the speakers not functioning will otherwise be annoying. In addition, to play music, you have to focus on the speakers.


best keyboard piano under 200

For artists, the metronome’s ticking sound is all that they need. It’s a vital function to help preserve the music’s time, tempo and rhythm while practicing and familiarizing with the keys.

In addition, serving as a reference as well as a virtual trainer will be necessary with the off-keys; thus, you can know whether you do well or when you need to slow down or speed up.

The Keys Number

best keyboard piano under 200

The number of keys ranging from 25-88 keys has to be taken into consideration. For instance, the best option should be keys between 44 and 88, with 61 keys at the middle stage.


If at the beginning of your piano lessons, you’re concerned about messing up then polyphony will matter a lot. It focuses on the sound elicited by keys that allow the beginners to play and the advanced level pieces to perform.


You should evaluate the amount of area for your product that you need. If you consider taking it around, then it has to be a lightweight keyboard.

FAQs About Keyboard You Should Know

Keyboard piano is a very common musical instrument today. There are a lot of questions surrounding this music and Carroll / Fletcher will try to answer part of them:

1. Keyboard or piano, which instrument will suit newbies?

best keyboard piano under 200

There is no exact answer to this question, the choice of which musical instrument will depend on each person’s preference. However, if you are a newbie, starting with the keyboard will probably be easier and you can switch to the piano later on.

The reason for this is that the piano’s heavy keys may require more force to produce sound, and beginners often do not have enough finger force, which can lead to hand pain and fatigue. Whereas creating sound on the keyboard is a lot easier.

And the investment cost of a piano will be much higher and there is no promise that you, a beginner, will pursue this passion for long or not. So if you are a new player who does not have a clear long-term goal, the keyboard will be a more reasonable and affordable choice.

2. Can I use the keyboard to practice the piano?

best keyboard piano under 200

Absolutely fine.

Of course, to develop the most complete techniques you need to practice on a piano. But getting used to and practicing, getting started on a keyboard is a completely acceptable choice. You can easily get familiar with the keys, the basics of the techniques, the grip and scale. After that, it will be easier to switch instruments and focus mainly on piano learning if that’s what you want.

When you decide to switch from keyboard to piano, you will have some minor difficulties when your fingers are unfamiliar with the feel of the piano, but this only lasts for a short time, you will completely get used to it. with the piano and enjoy the feeling of playing the piano quickly.

3. How many keys does the keyboard have?

best keyboard piano under 200

Some players are often confused when encountering this question during the buying process. The problem here is not how many keys the piano should have, but with your style and how many keys you need. Keyboards range from 25 to 88 keys, but you do not need to focus too much on it because this does not mean that many keys will be better quality.

For beginners you do not need a keyboard with too many keys, because you only need to learn and play simple things early on, so a 61-key keyboard will suffice for all your needs.

However, if you choose a keyboard with more keys, it will be easier for you to get acquainted with more professional instruments from the start. You will not make a big mistake if you buy a small, low-key guitar and choosing a multi-fretboard from the very beginning is not a waste of money, it all depends on your taste. your.

4. How long will it take to learn the keyboard?

best keyboard piano under 200

This is different according to different individuals.

If you have the motivation and determination, you should be able to play the keyboard in a month or two, at least the very basic notes or songs. On the other hand, if you want to become a professional keyboardist, it may take a few years before you reach your goal. As famous artists once said, “you never learn your instrument, you simply get better.”

You should not expect your music playing to be the same as professional players for only a short time. However, you can be a good player if you focus on three key factors:

  • Persistency:

best keyboard piano under 200

You have to be determined and never forget the goals you want to achieve, so persistence is key. It will be a difficult time to learn to play an instrument, but in return you will be rewarded in the process. By being persistent and persistent, you will get to the destination you have set.

The best solution is daily practice but if you do not have that much free time, be sure to train regularly (at least 3 practice sessions a week) if you want to learn to play the keyboard.

  • Patience:

Patience is very important, especially when you start taking the first steps towards a keyboard. do not be in a hurry because learning to play an instrument is a no-brainer. Practice diligently and allow yourself to gradually adapt to skills that take time.

  • Hard work:

There is no way that a person can succeed after one night, even though many people believe in this. People who practice and work hard for over 10 years and suddenly are known by many people overnight, this is not success but popularity. Real success will come from hard-working and dedication. In conclusion, remember to practice hard and you’ll become a successful keyboard player before you know it.

best keyboard piano under 200

5. How long does it take to become a “master” in playing keyboard piano ?

This depends so much on what you want to achieve in the future.

To become a real master, you need at least ten years of hard and focused daily practice. And this does not mean you will be able to play anything your way by practising only. Being a master means that your understanding of a particular musical area is great, and can play well in that genre, or any genre that is derived from it.

No one can play all genres well. If you are into blues and jazz, don’t expect yourself to be able to do well with classical music, or even pop music.

6. Which is the best way to self-learn the keyboard?

best keyboard piano under 200

There are many ways to learn how to play an instrument by yourself. The best and fastest way is by watching others play and follow. You can consult the video tutorials on Youtube and learn many useful things. However there are things that you should note if you want to learn how to play keyboard piano by yourself:

There is a lot of content on the internet that makes you easily get lost and misled when searching for information. It is best to start with the basics, useful tips for your learning.

If music is completely new to you, it will be helpful to start with online lessons on music theory, basic techniques like how to put your hands or sit while playing.

After having known those basic knowledge about music, you should dig deep into the particular style of playing piano that you want to pursue.

Above are some frequently asked questions about keyboards and their answers. Hope our sharing has provided you with useful knowledge about this kind of instrument so that it will help you somehow.

Conclusion: My Top 3 Best Keyboard Piano Under 200$

Here are my top 3 best keyboard piano under 200$ that i think they have every needed characteristics that you need:

Best Overall

Best Easy to Use

Best For Beginners

It is unquestionable that with a budget of under $200, you’ll find decent keyboards. However, as certain features can be affected, you can always get an ideal keyboard piano to help sort out the fundamentals of a keyboard piano. Within the $200 budget, you will find really nice keyboards!

Basically, even though you are on a small budget, you will discover the fundamentals of playing the piano and even produce some amazing melodies. You should save up for a full-sized weighted keyboard over time and advance the piano playing ability further.

Hope that you can find the best keyboard piano under 200$ for yourself after reading this review. If not, you can recommend any keyboard piano that you think it’s the best in the comment section!

Thank you for reading this far! We hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about best keyboard piano under 200 at the comment box below!

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