Top 13 Best Guitar Wall Hanger For An Aesthetic Wall 2020

As a guitarist, you must really treasure your guitar and always want to place it in both a nice and safe way. Then, you should try out using best guitar wall hanger to keep your guitar in place. This is a cool way to make use of your guitar as a gorgeous complement for your space when they’re not used. Moreover, taking your guitar out of the hanger is of great convenience as it is within your reach. 

And with that’s in mind, you may start hesitating over what type and model of hanger you should go for. There are a multitude of nicely crafted hangers with diverse designs that come at a reasonable price range. Never be too concerned! Carroll / Fletcher has listed Top 13 Best Guitar Wall Hanger. You can pick out the product that blends well with your wall without worrying about its quality.  

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Top 13 best guitar wall hanger Reviews 2020

Electric Guitar Display Case Rack Hanger Holder Wall Mount Cabinet

Next on the list is a product from DisplayGifts which we consider the most gorgeous unit on our list. You might be put off a bit when looking at the price, but with such a nicely-crafted product, you will be able to make your wall epic more than ever. 

Besides, it features an UV Protection Acrylic cover to prevent yellow color from U.V as well as a lockable door to keep your guitar safe. Though some users complained about how challenging it is to unpack the transparent cover, it is designed for better security and product protection. Thus, we highly recommend this case to store your instruments as you don’t have intention to use it for a longer period. 

The product comes in a well-packed package, ideal to display electric guitars. Additionally, you tend to find it hassle-free to install. Another minus point is that it doesn’t offer neck-support, but the case itself is quite enough for the protection of your precious things.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Outstanding design  
  • Vacuum tight to prevent dust
  • Easy to mount 
  • The clear cover is made from Acrylic for UV protection

Guitar Fender Display Case Cabinet Wall Rack

When it comes to the storage option for your luxurious and unique fender guitar, this Guitar Fender Display Case Cabinet Wall Rack is a brilliant choice. This wall rack has a hardwood and modish finish, together with a red fabric background that easily catches your eyes. The look can be more attractive if you spend a bit more for the LED track light. 

At this price point, you may be put off, but think about using it to store your guitar for a long time with higher security, this unit is appropriate. The clear door is 98% UV protection can can also be locked to keep your guitar secure in place.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Ideal for Fender  
  • Gives out a classic and vintage vibe
  • High protection

Electric, Bass Guitar Display Case with Mahogany Finish

This is another model from the DisplayGifts, which allows you for a more stunning case with marvelous red Mahogany Finish. However, it doesn’t cost as much as the Black Frame, White Background model. The unit is designed with a metal bracket on the back so that you can mount it on the wall. It is also made from solid hardwood for better durability. 

Moreover, it features a lock mechanism with key and an anti-UV acrylic door to protect your guitar from any dust, dirt and naughty hands of the children. For your preference, you can mount it in either vertical or horizontal direction.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Easy to mount both vertical and horizontal   
  • Look attractive with stunning red
  • Can be locked, covered with an UV Protection Acrylic coat
  • No need for assembling

GuitarGrip Guitar Hanger-Grip Reaper Skeleton, Best Guitar Hanger

If you’re a big fan of products with one of a kind design, or you’re planning to decorate your studio or clubs with a bit ghostly decors, this Grip Reaper Skeleton is right for you. Even if it's not everyone’s taste, the unique design deserves a spot on our list. 

When it comes to its performance, the hanger is also very great. It can swivel, which means that you can twist it either left or right to place your guitar. Also, the adjustable angle allows you to hang every type of guitar on it.  

Despite the higher price range, the curved shape of the hand is designed to diminish slipping as well as a proper distance between your guitar and the wall to prevent collision. Moreover, the padding at the base of the product is added for protection of the wall, enabling for a softer contact. The hanger package includes standard hardware for installation and the attached instruction is also pretty easy to understand.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Very unique design    
  • Compatible with all kinds of guitar
  • Padding to protect your wall
  • Able to swivel for desired angle
  • You can twist the hand either left or right

String Swing Sw5rl-b-k Guitar Keeper Bundle With 5 Guitar Hangers

The first product on our list is the String Swing SW5RL-B-K, the bundle comes with 5 hangers to hold your guitars. Thus, this set is an ideal option for guitar shops, musical studios and anyone having a collection of guitars. 

When it arrives, you will receive 2 parts of the bundle including an aluminum slatwall rail as well as 5 separate hangers. The assembly and setup may be a bit more complicated than the single models. First of all, you have to mount the rail into the wall with screws. Then, fix 5 hangers relatively into the rail while adjusting the space between 2 hangers. Padded arm is available with each hanger to add support. 

Besides, the slatwall rail is constructed with reliable black vein powder-coated aluminum to ensure the durability of the product. The yoke is designed with cap-finished to prevent falling or slapping. 

You can purchase this unit in more quantity so that you have enough space to hang all of your instruments that have fitted size.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • High capacity for up to 5 guitars 
  • Has supportive padding 
  • The aluminum vein is made with durability

String Swing SW5RL-C-K Guitar Keeper Bundle

Not only is the String Swing SW5RL-C-K bundle a budget-friendly option, but it also offers capacity for many guitars. Moreover, it enables you to customize the placement of each hanger, leaving enough space between them so as not for unwanted impacts. 

Compared to other bundles, this SW5RL-C-K is made in the USA, so you can consider it a reliable product. With the nicely-designed end, the unit has an elegant and stylish look. Additionally, one of the most outstanding features of this product is it covers a lifetime warranty. Thus, the quality and service it offers is no doubt.

Besides, the distance it allows from the wall is enough to reduce accidental collisions. Also, the foam padding attached with each yoke is useful in terms of protection your guitars from 

scratches or rubbing. 

However, there is no pre-drilled hole on the rail, so you have to do it yourself. The manual instructions are not very clear, so it may be a bit of a hassle for users.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Each hanger can be adjusted   
  • USA handmade product
  • Can hang multiple guitars
  • Offer lifetime warranty

String Swing Wall Mount Guitar Hanger CC01KOAK

The String Swing Wall Mount Guitar Hanger CC01KOAK provides 4 packs, which is great value for the price. Besides its affordability, The base is made from wood as well as two screw holes to mount the hanger on the wall. The support arms are designed with added foam for better contact and ensure security for your instruments. 

When it comes to functionality, the hangers set itself is very versatile. You can use it to hold a variety of instruments, namely, guitars with both electric and bass types, several kinds of guitalele, banjo, and so on. The distance between the instruments and the wall is about 3 inches for mitigation of accidental impacts. 

However, you may be discouraged from using this unit due to the not-very-curved yoke and possibility of changing the drywall anchors which are included to mount the hanger into the stud. However, the unit can still work well without these anchors when not regarding high-end instruments. .

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Value for the money: comes with 4 packs   
  • Fit various types of instruments such as guitar, bass,...
  • The foam padded arm for added protection
  • Great thickness and sturdiness

String Swing 3 pack CC01K-BW, Best Guitar Wall Mount

Next product on our list is the String Swing 3 pack CC01K-BW which comes in a pack of 3. As it arrives, the color is actually a bit darker wood, but it still looks very cool. It also has the ability to hold large and extended guitars or other instruments, specifically, one can hold up to 12 pound. With these wall mounts, you can keep the guitar far from your kids as well as a nice decor for your room. You should use the included drywall anchor to hold your guitars firmly.

The fact that it is made in the USA, together with the sturdy build doubles its functionality. In terms of setup, the mounting as well as utility is a breeze with this set. The personalized protective padding is also offered for greater security of your instrument. Moreover, the hanger is able to deal with different headstock styles with either single or uneven finishes. 

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Made in the USA  
  • Secure drywall anchors
  • Can hang an instrument that weighs up to 12 pounds 
  • Installation is a breeze

Hercules GSP38WB Mountable Acoustic Best Guitar Hanger

The Hercules GSP38WB is a viable option for guitar storage with added convenience. The base that contacts the wall is totally made from solid wood that not only gives it a nice look, but also a greater protection for the wall. 

The fitting to hold your guitar contributes to the ability of the hanger when handling up to a 30-pound guitar, and 10-pound with a Fender bass in a secure way. However, compared to products coming in sets of 3-4 packs, this product is quite expensive. So, this is a matter of paying more for better support. 

Besides, the product comes with an auto-swivel yoke for a firmer and more adaptable storage of your instruments. Also, the foam coating of the yoke is added to reduce slapping or scratches.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • High-quality wood base 
  • Auto Swivel foam-covered yoke for larger adjustability of different sizes of the instruments

Laser Cut & Engraved Guitar Hanger

The Laser Cut & Engraved Guitar Hanger is able to hold almost every sort of guitar. This product really deserves more recognition since it has such a beautifully-engraved wooden base. For anyone who loves phenomenal design, this is likely to attract your attention.

In spite of being pretty costly, apart from its look, the product works well as a wall mount hanger. It offers a robust construction to store the weighty guitars up to 20 pounds, which is enough. Though we have to admit that the yoke is not deep enough to hold the guitar tightly, it is adjustable to fit your treasured instruments. 

Not the most creative unit with its higher price,  it's worth your consideration due to being made in the USA for guaranteed quality. The attached wall anchors is of great reliability, though you can mount without them.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Attractive design  
  • Made in USA
  • Adjustable yoke to get fit in

String Swing Guitar Holder Horizontal Low-Profile Narrow-Body

The most notable aspect this String Swing Guitar Holder Horizontal Low-Profile Narrow-Body offers is the horizontal hanging of your instruments. This guitar holder comes in 2 pieces, including a base as well as an adaptable hanger with 2 separate hooks so that you could hang it horizontally. Though it’s not highly appreciated as other nice-design models, the product is powder-coated steel for greater durability. 

The rods are adjustable so that you could readjust the guitar to your desired angle. With electric and smaller guitars, you should go for the narrow profile type, and for larger acoustic models, the standard profile type is more appropriate. 

On the other hand, there is a supportive padding to add more protection, but it is made from rubber, which may not be good for the guitar coating. Additionally, you may not be appealed to its look, and it also takes longer to hang and take out the guitar with this hanger.  

One of the most fascinating features of this product is the side rest for prevention of slapping and swinging if there’s a wind from the outside. That means you rarely have to be concerned about unwanted falling or collisions. 

The price of this wall mount holder is higher than standard models on the market, but the sturdiness and the construction is pretty decent. If you’re into a horizontal hanger for your instruments, we really recommend this product and decide to give it a spot on our list.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • An USA product   
  • Choose between low and standard profile
  • Padding support
  • Robust steel construction


The HERCULES Stands GSP39WBPLUS is one of the most outstanding products on our selection for both functions, ability to last and the look. Its performance is appreciated for a reason, including the locking mechanism and capability to handle heavy guitars. 

Compared to other single-hanger models, this GSP39WBPLUS uses the locking tabs located at the grip to lock the guitar up and automatically unlock the guitar as you take it out. Thus, the holding function of this product is more terrific than standard models. Moreover, the neck-support is added with the design of foam padding to prevent any potential damages. 

It features strong and robust arms with the ability to hold a 5-string Fender Bass firmly in place. Depending on other decor in your room, the compact design of the hanger makes it easier to blend well with your interiors. 

We think that this is really worth your recognition. You may have to spend more, the provision of the swivelable yoke, added protection are of great values for the money. 

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Auto swivel yoke Installation is a breeze   
  • Sturdy build 
  • Higher thickness of the arm thanks to the
  • Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment

Healemo Guitar Wall Mount, Hard Wood Best Guitar Hanger

The final product on the list is the Healemo Guitar Wall Mount, which comes with 3 packs for more hanging capacity. The material is of high quality with a back-finished hardwood base, together with an attached silicon ring with the purpose of keeping the guitar placed securely without the threat of impacts or wobbles. Apart from its security, your guitars are also nicely displayed with this hanger. 

The box comes with an additional inverted screw for more stable mounting. You can adjust the yoke as well to fit your instruments since it’s customizable. The assembly and setup is backed with the instructions that include wall stickers as well as 2 predrilled holes for more accuracy when fixing the hanger to the wall.

If you’re not really content with the product, or the hanger cannot fit your guitars, you are offered with a full refund from the manufacturer.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Great sturdiness of the rustless steel arms   
  • Good return policy
  • Comes with 3 packs
  • The yokes are customizable

Buying Consideration: How To Choose Best Guitar Wall Hanger

There are many aspects to chew over when going guitar wall hanger shopping, but we have decided on those most significant ones that we also consider while writing our reviews.


This is a definitely crucial factor since each user will have their own desired product’s size. You may either want your holder with a compact design so that it won’t eat up much space or a bigger one to highlight your instrument on the wall. However, it’s highly recommended that you choose something not too big, and a hanger bundle that can hold several guitars at once seems to be a smart option.

best guitar wall hanger


As we said before, there are both single hangers and holder bundles for one or more guitars for the sake of users. Especially, if you possess a collection of instruments, not only guitars or you are looking for holders for your whole band, hanger bundles with more capacity would be a better choice. Lot of products on our list are available to suit your needs.

High-quality Grip And Firm Fit

You wouldn’t want any damage to your guitar such as a slight poke that makes your guitar fall off the floor or even a breeze from the window can make it swing back and forth since it’s like your heart hurts. Thus, you will want a reliable guitar holder that can keep your instrument firmly. You have to find a unit that fits your guitar as well as feature a secure grip is of great importance. Otherwise, you had better opt for something with locking compatibility and other anti-slip mechanisms.

best guitar wall hanger


Though wall hangers tend not to cost you much money, you won’t ever hope to own an item that only lasts for several weeks or months. Not to mention the effort and cost of assembly and installation, a sturdy unit will keep your instruments secure in place for a longer period. It even matters more since you use the hanger with an intensive use in order to protect your precious guitar.  

Neck Support

Neck security is another crucial factor since the neck at the back of your guitar is the part that directly gets exposed to the wall holder. This is why users should look for products which are designed with foam or rubber padding to protect the coating finish that covers your guitar-neck. In addition, those materials help to prevent corrosion, sloughing or scratches that will considerably weaken the elegance and value of your guitar. That is why we always try to give you the best guitar wall hanger with the guarantee of neck-supportive features.

best guitar wall hanger

Product Return

Even with many good reviews, your chosen product still can be mistaken or faulty. Whenever you are not content with the quality of the product, you would like to switch to the better one or be refunded. Luckily, with most products sold on Amazon, you can return the item within 14-30 day from the date you received it.

What To Do With Installation Of A Guitar Wall Hanger

Most of you tend to buy a brand new guitar wall mount or make one on your own. However, the installation process is similar as you have adequate tools.

best guitar wall hanger

You are likely to do it in the easiest and safe way by applying the screwdrivers through the drywall and until it reaches the metal studs inside your wall.

By doing this, there is more likelihood that the screws will be kept firmly in place and reduces the possibility of the instrument falling off the ground. Also, ensure that you have driven the screws completely into the wall before attaching the hanger to the wall. 

Besides, there is another way to install, which is finding a beautifully-coated wooden piece that has the desired length you want to hammer the nail into deep inside the wall and then fixes your racks onto it. 

best guitar wall hanger

In this way, your hanging guitar will look much cooler and more aesthetic. Additionally, you can save a little space in your music studio, your coffee shop, bar, or your house. 

Thus, it's very crucial to find a high-quality hanger to mount it securely on the wall. If you don't get used to using power tools to assure that you could do the assembly in the right way, find an expert or skilled person that can help you to do this like a breeze.

best guitar wall hanger

Do Wall Mounts Harm My Guitars?

We already know that a lot of guitarists are not fond of wall mounts and never go for a product like this. However, we believe that it's more like their personal prejudices and taste. Wanting it or not, such views have formed a huge misunderstanding that most instrumental wall hangers are prone to swing and break and your guitar is easy to get fell due to even a slight nudge.

Only when it comes to low-priced or badly mounted wall hangers, do these problems occur. Alternatively, reliable wall mounts, like our picks on this list, are all secure and stable compared to a floor stand model or placing the guitar in the closet. There are also multiple supportive designs and locking features to add more protection.

best guitar wall hanger

Should I Really Hang My Guitar On The Wall?

It's understandable that you are afraid of letting your instruments contact the wall. However, all products on our review offer a safe distance between the guitar and the wall of about 10-13 cm if they are mounted correctly and fit your guitar. This also helps to eliminate your concern about drawing humidity and dust from the wall to your guitar. Your guitar won't touch the wall and the wooden parts won't get moldy while hanging in these mounts.

Should I Hang My Guitar By A Wall Hanger Or A Floor Stand?

You can choose either from the floor stand or the wall holder to store your instruments conveniently. Otherwise, you can combine both tools to store your guitars, which is mostly seen in instrumental shops. Both of the ways are definitely safe due to your desire.

best guitar wall hanger

We highly recommend users with narrower rooms to choose the wall mount over the floor stands to save up some spaces for other decors. Nonetheless, so as not to get your pricey guitars dirty or moldy, never place it out for a long period without any cover. Additionally, you can store your instruments in a big bag in the closet if you have to go out for a trip. 

Conclusion best guitar wall hanger Top Pick For The Best

They are our ultimate picks for the ideal guitar wall hangers. Have you decided after reading our review and comparison? 

You can go here and search for your own desired best guitar wall hanger. Good luck!

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best guitar wall hanger at the comment box below!

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