15 Best Grand Pianos Available On The Market In 2020

Are you looking for the best grand pianos? It is hard to find a grand piano that can fulfill your needs. To help you with, Carroll / Fletcher has listed 15 Best Grand Piano. If you are worried about buying a suitable grand piano, you should read our review.

The grand piano is thriving with astounding top models from the well-known piano brands in the marketplace. In any case, musicians who are looking for a stupendous piano don't simply purchase dependent on famous brands. A portion of these pianos cost over a house so we have to inform you that each purchaser in the market is different about their favors and needs in a grand piano. 

Let’s check out our 15 best grand pianos! We hope you can find a suitable grand piano after reading our reviews, buying guide, and summary table below.

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Top Best Grand Pianos Reviews 2020

Schoenhut Concert Grand Piano

This Schoenhut Concert Baby Grand Piano is one of the best grand pianos which is uniquely worked from strong maple and 1/2 inches multi-utilize birch, with dark completion, with the inside hand-completed to coordinate the choice outside. The pivot is intended to raise and lower steadily, so as not to pummel down on little fingers. 

Young players will find that Schoenhut's licensed system is a simple and one of a kind method to learn. With its play-by-shading showing technique, it makes playing basic and truly fun. Kids will sit and play for quite a long time. A removable shading strip fits behind the keys to managing little fingers from harmony to harmony. 

The graph will likewise chip away at grown-up consoles since keys on Schoenhut toy pianos are of relating width. This shows youngsters' legitimate stretch from the earliest starting point. This Learning System has been exceptionally intended to construct a kid's certainty and create essential playing aptitudes. 

Overall, this Schoenhut baby grand piano is well worth our top best grand pianos. Chromatically tuned, the sound is created by little sleds striking exactness ground.

Yamaha GC1 Grand Piano

best grand pianos

The Yamaha GC1 is among the best grand pianos that join the duplex scaling and rich apparent character of the Yamaha C Series fantastic piano with cost-sparing strategies to create and materials that make this child terrific piano more cost-accommodating to economical piano sweethearts. 

This Yamaha model is a fabulous child that is great for the new players, middle of the road, and for entertainment only piano players. The small size fits serenely in most family rooms or music rooms, and the Yamaha quality guarantees a sound and life span that is unequaled by different pianos. 

This GC1 from Yamaha child terrific piano is an extraordinary match of value and reasonableness for families and people. It is one of Yamaha's more famous models and can be an extraordinary alternative for showing studios, schools, or places of love. 

Yamaha pianos have unmatched notoriety as an instrument of extraordinary quality and worth. With first in class creation offices and a custom of care and craftsmanship, Yamaha's pianos are among the best in instrumental building and creation. 

Overall, Yamaha GC1 grand piano is on the top best grand pianos with three advantageous areas, it's very easy to stop by our complete showrooms to encounter these pianos for yourself.


Bechstein is one of the best grand piano brands which radiate class and sound similarly on a par with their appearance. These grand pianos all have exquisite and refined style, while the tone is rich and mellow. Bechstein was established in Germany in the 1800s by an ace skilled worker named Carl Bechstein.

It has a harsh and unmistakable tone because of unrivaled parts and development. These very good quality pianos from a big brand produce a rich bass tone and luxurious high pitch notes which provide the players with a comfortable and enchanting feeling. The all-around mixed mid-go rounds out the roundness of the tone, making these pianos ideal for many requesting artists.

Overall, Bechstein fantastic pianos are seemingly top tier instruments. Again, if you are looking for the best grand pianos then you should consider Bechstein.


Bosendorfer is demonstrated as a standout amongst other best grand pianos in the breathtaking piano commercial center. The association was set up by Ignaz Bosendorfer who impelled his first gaudy piano.

Although its overall name affirmation, Bosendorfer has an excellent sound that restricts any advanced instrument conveyed. With an extraordinary turn of events, you will encounter enthusiastic affections for Bosendorfer from the beginning. At the point when you feel the baffling playability got together with unrivaled sound quality, you will be trapped paying little mind to what arrangement you play.

Bosendorfer terrific pianos have exceptional and capricious sound. These works of melodic workmanship are made with clean wood and the strings are twofold layered with copper for extra tone and resonation. All the fabulous pianos from Bosendorfer will give you a 10 years guarantee.

Overall, Bosendorfer makes various best grand pianos with excellent sound and brilliant outlook. On the off chance that you are into playing the grand piano, you ought to think about this brand.


Kawai is the Japanese made pianos well-known far and wide for flawless sound and heavenly excellence. The brand is named after Koichi Kawai who built up the organization in the early 1900s.

Kawai even offers innovative computerized pianos that can copy the classical one. Their grand pianos come equipped with tidy wood and are also proven as the best grand pianos in the market because of its perfect quality and versatility.

These grand pianos also have wooden keys that are completely adjusted. When you get a grand piano from Kawai, you will have a guarantee for about 10 years incorporated with the piano.

Overall, Kawai is an excellent brand that made many best grand pianos with many outstanding features. If you are looking for a Japanese grand piano, we highly recommend you consider this Kawai.

Gulbransen Baby Grand Piano

Gulbransen Baby Grand Piano is another great grand piano from various best grand pianos that is a wonderful traditional piano. This piano was worked by the renowned Gulbransen Chicago piano brand and is made of staggering burl pecan wood.

Gulbransen was known for building awesome quality pianos for quite a long time during the 20th century, with an accentuation on luxurious utilization of lovely woods and completions in their infant amazing pianos.

This piano will be reestablished to like-new condition, and a unique coordinating seat is incorporated. Mechanized player components can be introduced whenever wanted.

Overall, this Gulbransen Baby Grand Piano is proven as one of the best grand pianos from Gulbransen available with many outstanding features. So, if you are finding a grand piano, you should take a look at this Gulbransen brand.

Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand Piano

best grand pianos

The Yamaha GB1K grand piano is generally a moderate and reduced great piano from Yamaha. At a small size, this moderate great piano is delegated an infant terrific and is the littlest acoustic fantastic piano offered by Yamaha.

With a similar quality, force, sound, and workmanship expected of Yamaha however with cost-sparing creation and materials, this grand piano provides a more available great piano choice that can fit into more tight spaces and more tight financial plans.

Yamaha pianos are among the most suggested pianos among piano tuners and professionals, and stay the main decision for musicians at all expertise levels and everywhere on over the world. This GB1K is one of the best grand pianos for its minimized plan and reasonableness. This piano is reasonable for homes, studios, schools, or houses or holy places.

Yamaha pianos have unrivaled notoriety as an instrument of extraordinary quality and worth. With first in class creation offices and a custom of care and craftsmanship, Yamaha's pianos consolidate the best in instrumental building and creation.

Overall, Yamaha GB1K is on the top best grand pianos with an amazing sound and beautiful design that is also an ideal choice for you to consider from many great pianos available on the market.

Steinway & Sons (Hamburg)

Steinway & Sons can generally be found on any significant worth astounding pianos as this piano assembling business is demonstrated as the first in class to make quality and immaculate sounding instruments. The gloriousness of these pianos is interminable.

The Steinway piano was hand-made by Heinrich Engelhardt Steinweg who moved to the United States and set up this association. He had some skill in wonderful amazing pianos and made important upgrades to his things after quite a while. At long last, other piano makers began to imitate his structures.

Whether or not you're a conventional artist in a show hallway or a jazz piano player, you can foresee unprecedented tone and old style from a Steinway fabulous piano. Broadly acclaimed entertainers consistently become hopelessly enamored with the playability, the touchy touch, and the superb sound of a great piano from Steinway right now they play it.

Steinway items have gotten various distinctions and are demonstrated as first-class advancement and execution on the most imperative music annals. Each instrument from Steinway consistently consolidates a five-year maker's assurance.

Overall, if you are looking for a great grand piano from various best grand pianos, you shouldn't ignore Steinway and Sons.


best grand pianos

Bluthner is another German brand that has produced a wide range of best grand pianos for years. It is as yet a family-possessed organization right up 'til the present time. The organization has won numerous renowned honors for its piano structures.

Bluthner grand pianos have all around characterized sound with warmth and profundity. Moreover, its visual intrigue is best in class. It is most straightforward to highlight its astonishing style.

The facade is displayed from colorful burl and dark. These grand pianos additionally come with a fabulous rose gold surface completion. And when you buy a grand piano from Bluthner, it also offers a guarantee for about ten years.

Overall, Bluthner is among the best grand piano brands that produce the instrument with the perfect sound and look. If you are searching for a grand piano, Bluthner is an ideal choice.

Kurzweil MPG100 Digital Baby Grand Piano

This Kurzweil Digital Mini Grand MPG100 is one of the best grand pianos that is a rich small infant great piano plan with a lovely finished coal-black bureau and a cutting edge leg plan. This Kurzweil model has an 88-note completely weighted evaluated hammer-activity console highlighting a 3-point speed sensor for upgraded responsiveness with 500 distinct sounds to browse. 

This MPG100 grand piano from Kurzweil comes with more than 200 styles which can be utilized to give completely organized sponsorship game plans including musicality, bass, and harmony backup that all depend on the harmonies you play with the left-hand backup segment of the console.

Overall, Kurzweil MPG100 is well-deserved as one of the best grand pianos. If you want to have a grand piano, you should try out this one.


best grand pianos

Fazioli is one of the best grand pianos accessible when Paolo Fazioli who was an expert piano player and designer decided to remodel pianos. He attempted various things with arrangement changes of past pianos and his endeavors were profitable.

The most remarkable component of Fazioli pianos is its amazing sound, making it one of the top brands in the commercial center. These pianos sensitive and smooth tones in light of the sled circumstance that is close to the strings. Fazioli pianos consolidate awesome quality accents, including gold materials.

Fazioli moreover comes furnished with red elm and coal-dull. Also, Fazioli gives different fantastic pianos of various shapes for you to browse. These Fazioli stupendous pianos additionally fuse an assurance for around 10 years.

By and large, Fazioli is demonstrated as one of the best grand piano brands that make many pianos.

Stuart & Sons

best grand pianos

Stuart and Sons is another grand piano brand on our list that produces a lot of the best grand pianos with magnificent features. This company is a more up to date organization that makes grand pianos for a long time. This Stuart and Sons brand was propelled in the 1900s, which implies that they are the most up to date brand on our rundown.

Its grand piano comes equipped with 108 keys and four-foot pedals. Their special pianos are made with maple and cedarwood. This incredible combination of beautiful wood makes the grand piano feel more wonderful. World-class tone quality lifts this brand with the most elite.

Yamaha GC2 Grand Piano

best grand pianos

The Yamaha GC2 has the force, resonance, and expressive scope of the Yamaha C Series with cost-investment funds creation and materials to make a moderate amazing piano that can fit almost anybody's the littler excellent piano financial plan.

This Yamaha model is an exemplary stupendous piano that is an extraordinary value choice for families and people searching for the full great piano look and sound at a more reasonable cost. As a reasonably Yamaha amazing piano, this GC2 offers the sound and life span expected of a Yamaha piano, at the most moderate cost.

Yamaha’s amazing pianos have unrivaled notoriety as instruments with remarkable quality, worth, and workmanship. With first in class creation offices and a custom of care and craftsmanship, Yamaha's reasonably amazing pianos consolidate the best in instrumental designing and creation.

Overall, Yamaha GC2 is well worth the top best grand pianos available on the market. If you want to choose a grand piano for a wonderful playing experience, you should consider this piano from Yamaha.

Yamaha DGB1K ENST 5’ Disklavier Baby Grand Piano

best grand pianos

The DGB1K ENST from Yamaha takes the reasonableness of the GB1K and raises it with enabling Disklavier ENSPIRE innovation. It is the main piano that can genuinely replicate each subtlety of a piano presentation whether it's your exhibition or one of the recorded exhibitions of well-known Yamaha craftsmen.

This child fabulous Disklavier-controlled piano offers amazing acoustic force with innovative advantages at a moderate cost. With a similar quality, force, sound, and workmanship, however, with cost-sparing creation and materials, this DGB1K provides a more open fantastic piano choice that can fit into more tight spaces and more tight spending plans.

This Yamaha model is circumspect and smoothed out to stay avoided to see so it doesn't occupy or degrade the magnificence of your Yamaha infant great piano. The ENSPIRE interfaces remotely with cell phones, cell phones, and PCs for instinctive admittance to its elite highlights.

This Yamaha model is a progressive piano innovation that faultlessly repeats each subtlety of a piano exhibition, regardless of whether it's your presentation or the exhibition of one of our popular Yamaha craftsmen. It also has recording abilities, streams Yamaha Piano Radio with more than 30 channels, has the innovation to play through earphones, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Overall, this DGB1K ENST is well worth being one of the best grand pianos from Yamaha. If you love Yamaha’s instruments, you should consider this grand piano.

Yamaha C2X Grand Piano

best grand pianos

Yamaha C2X is among the best grand pianos on the market. This medium great has a thickened back edge to permit even the most profound fortissimos to stay unadulterated and ground-breaking.

The standard piano edges may twist somewhat when shaken by ground-breaking sounds. Yamaha's thickened back edges in their CX arrangement forestalls give, permitting the power and intensity of the resonations to stay profound and unadulterated.

The soundboard of the piano is a basic segment to communicating the sound of the strings into the air. Yamaha's most recent soundboard extends this sound much more plainly and wonderfully than any time in recent memory.

Yamaha has consistently been known for it's unadulterated, profound, and symphonious voice. The refreshed strings in this Yamaha C2X produce a significantly more extravagant, more mind-boggling sound. This joined with the developed back casing to produce the voice of a show piano regardless of the piano's littler scope.

A piano's casing is about something other than the basic honesty of the piano. With more than 20 tons of all-out string pressure, the edge is liable for holding this strain for the life of the piano while likewise adding to the acoustic attributes of the piano. Yamaha makes its stupendous piano edges utilizing a giving technique alluded to as a role.

Yamaha delivers the majority of its top of the line parts, remembering the piano mallets for the CX arrangement, for this Yamaha model. Incredible sleds are fundamental to creating an away from apparent hues and expressive sound.

The plan of this piano has as of late been changing into a much more practical exquisite look. The smooth lines and minimization of ornamentation in the Yamaha C2X add to a spotless and present-day plan.

Things To Consider To Get The Best Grand Pianos


best grand pianos

You should get the longest solid board that will fit the assigned space. The more drawn out the soundboard, the better the sound. While we're regarding the matter of sound quality, remember that, for this situation, greater is better. Greater pianos have a superior sound due to their more drawn out strings, which makes a lower inharmonicity. 


You should also locate a decent harmony among quality and cost. Evade froth board, which will host the sound, and connotes bad quality assembling. Rather, search for strong wood. Stick with brands that have a decent notoriety and are known for their life span, for example, Yamaha and Wm. Knabe and Co. On the off chance that you choose to purchase a pre-owned piano, search for a decent brand and ensure the piano has been all around dealt with and incorporates never having had any significant fixes.

best grand pianos


If the piano is being bought to a great extent for enhancing purposes, you may consider the quality degree of your different decorations while thinking about the quality degree of your piano.

Extravagance homes with legacy quality decorations for example probably won't be the best counterpart for a section level stupendous piano, particularly if you may have melodic companions and family members that may wish to log some time on your ivories. 

best grand pianos


There are unquestionably circumstances where a few pianos speak to a superior value on the lookout. A specific financial factor assists with preferring a brand's worth, perhaps it's an appropriation issue, a maker's extraordinary offer, a plan or designing issue – whatever the case, our staff is equipped for helping you comprehend the estimation of the different pianos in the commercial center.

Conclusion: best grand pianos - Top Pick For The Best

Best For Flawless Sound

Best For Children

Best For Beginners

From those best grand pianos, we finally chose this Schoenhut Concert Grand Piano as our best choice because of its outstanding features. The first great feature is its beautiful design. It has a strong maple, and 1/2 inches birch with dark completion. This piano is very easy for players, especially beginners to learn how to play easily. It makes playing basic and truly fun. These features make this grand piano become our best choice.

There is a wide range of the best grand pianos on the market. When making a shortlist of grand pianos, we suggest you investigate its features carefully, including soundboard, harmony, and much more. We hope you can find your best grand piano after reading our reviews.

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