15 Best Electric Keyboard Piano For Beginners 2020 To Consider

It’s time to learn a new instrument to enrich both our mental and physical health. In fact, playing an instrument like the piano is scientifically believed to bring numerous health benefits. Piano players are known to have much stronger hands and arm muscles compared to normal people. Additionally, soft and soothing music piano creates contributes to reducing the risk of heart diseases since it lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

Are these reasons enough to interest you? If they are, now, the first thing to do when getting started is getting the best electric keyboard piano for beginners. 

Does that sound like a challenging task for you? Don’t worry! Here are top 15 astonishing electronic keyboards from Carroll / Fletcher which will help you quickly make the right decision.

** You will find our detailed reviews of the best electric keyboard piano below, also, click these following links to view the current prices and customer comments on Amazon.

Top best electric keyboard piano Reviews 2020

RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano

The first to mention is the RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano. This product has 61 full sized keys that are neatly arranged so that you won’t find it challenging while switching sounds anyhow. This superb piano is a full package as well. Not to mention the keyboard itself, there is a keyboard stand, a bench and a pair of padded headphones. This means that you are getting your personal space to practice but not bother others with your instrumental sound. 

Another outstanding of this piano is its design with the semi weighted keys and adjustable stand which make it easier for kids to play. Additionally, with the touch-sensitive keys, when you press the key harder, it creates a louder sound. Play softer, it creates a lighter sound. 

As a starter, you’d also love the Interactive LCD Screen. Besides using keynote stickers, you could just press the key and it shows up on the grand staff on the screen

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • A variety of sounds and rhythms: 100 tones, 100 rhythms, 50 demo songs
  • Have more keys than the RockJam 54-Key
  • Offer exclusive access to Simply piano application for both iOS and Android

RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

The RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard is an amazing choice for all ages and skill levels at a reasonable price. Above all of its awesome features, It's lightweight and portable to use in performances. 

Another wonderful innovation of this keyboard is that it has a wide range of built-in learning modes and the LCD screen which allows you to see the chords and keys they are playing. Thanks to the LCD screen, new players  can learn and practice in more easy and fascinating ways. 

Never be afraid of the hassle of complicated digital pianos, this 54-key portable  digital keyboard can provide a simple and easy access and learning system even with childrens.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • User-friendly, preferable to beginners
  • Compatible with the Piano Maestro teaching app which allows you to do assignments and get progress reports
  • Learners can get exposed to multiple teaching modes, record and playback features

Casio SA-76 44 Mini Key

If you are looking for an outstanding value for a beginners keyboard under 100$, I believe this Casio SA-76 44 is right up your alley. Even if you are not ready to start your first lesson, this piece of instrument will still be an amusing toy for your kids because of its small sized keys. As a result, it plays a role in engaging your children to put their hands on the piano keyboard. 

Another  advantageous characteristic of this keyboard is the modest size. Specifically, It merely  weighs 2.64 pounds and measures 23.8 inches in width, 8.3 in depth and 2.24 in height. In addition to its dimension, the keyboard can be charged by batteries making it much more convenient for the players. 

Moreover, the attached microphone is ideal for children to sing along their favorite tunes in bed or on the sofa at night before bedtime. Such a marvelous device which provides an array of sounds and has good volume control. 

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • The appealing design to children
  • A compact and portable package for taking anywhere
  • 5 dedicated buttons for drum sounds and 10 built-in songs

Casio CTK-2550 61-Key

Even with the conventional and classic design, the Casio CTK-2550 61-key is still a good value for the price. If you are thirsty for something affordable and compact, this one is definitely for you. University students and on-the-go artists will find it hassle free to carry it around. 

Products of the Casio brand are generally quite pricey. However, there’s nothing to be compared with  such an affordable value of the  CTK-2550 61-key that you get here. If you, or one of your family members has just been in the initial stage, it is understandable to opt for this one. 

Even though it doesn’t have a full-size keyboard like most other electronic pianos, avid players can perform anywhere with battery power. Another noticeable feature is the  built-in speakers for playing quietly. 

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Lightweight and simple appearance
  • Step-up Lesson system make it easier for beginning piano leaner
  • Long battery life
  • Offer 400 tone, 100 rhythms

Alesis Melody 61

Alesis Melody 61 is a suitable setup for older kids who want to develop their piano style and level.  It includes the most essential supplements  with a keyboard stand, a height-adjustable bench, music rest, headphones, and even a microphone. 

It’s kind of obvious that the Alesis Melody 61 is not a first choice for professional musicians but a 88-key keyboard. Nonetheless, if you are new to the piano or any instruments, you need to give this one a close look. Furthermore, a three-month trial subscription to Skoove Premium, an interactive piano-teaching tool is also attached with this. 

What differentiate this type of piano from other ones is the dual keyboard mode which allows you to layer multiple sounds together. You can split two sounds across the keyboard with the split mode as well. 

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Offer record and playback functions
  • The attachments are easy to assemble

Alesis Recital 88

A full-featured digital piano with 88 full-sized semi-weighted keys with adjustable touch response is the perfect sentence to describe the Alesis Recital 88. This piano is also an option worth considering for college students for the reason that it is affordable and lightweight. 

Another thing to mention is the lesson button which is great for home study. That theyboard split into 2 equal halves enables student and teacher to easily watch each other and play together without being confused of playing in different octaves

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Homely but elegant style
  • Many(nearly 88) adjustable settings on the keyboard, easily-set volume
  • Realistic timbre and depth

Yamaha P45B

Yamaha is one of the contemporary piano brands which is famous for its P series. The Yamaha P45B is the upgraded version of P-35 with a more compact design. In addition, this piano will impress you by its ability to produce the sound of an acoustic piano on account of having AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) to create richer timbres and sound. 

You could use the unique Dual mode setting to combine two of the ten built-in voices in the P45B, like piano and strings, for a more exceptional and innovative performance. Whereas the Split mode creates two different sounds in the lower and higher end of the keyboard. Hence, you can produce music with a bass guitar in the lower half while piano on the upper half of the keyboard. Another noteworthy characteristic of this product is the additional feature of Chorus along with the Reverb effect, which is hard to find at this cost in other electronic pianos of other brands. With this marvelous effect, you are likely to play songs with warm sound quality and much richer timbre. 

As you want your kids to advance their piano skill, this is considered an outstanding option. On the ground that the price is under 500$, it shouldn’t be the best choice for being used as an educational toy. The piano also  facilitates the incorporation of the 64-note polyphony for more professional and complicated performances. 

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Auto shutdown keyboard when non-use
  • Adjustable settings with GRAND PIANO/FUNCTION button
  • 88 full keys suitable for duets
  • Yamaha's GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted keys are proper for piano finger exercises

Vangoa VGK611 Electronic Keyboard Piano

Not only will the eye-catching white colour impress you right in the first place, but the user-friendly features also make the Vangoa VGK611 an ideal choice. The lighted-piano keyboard provokes students’ interest in learning and master the songs quickly. 

Moreover, this should be considered a budget-conscious option for new musicians. Besides, it includes recording and playback function, good drum accompaniments, which is best for beginners within a reasonable price range.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Nice color and clean looking
  • Amazing learning features for people at the initial stage
  • Piano headset for privacy

Kids Learning Keyboard 49 Keys Portable Electric Piano

The Kids Learning Keyboard 49 Keys is a wonderful keyboard at a surprisingly affordable price. It would be much easier for your children with tiny hands to handle the lesson with 44 mini sized keys. 

Additionally, learners don’t need to worry about sound quality with the help of the LSI sound source and the LCD to opt for your favorite songs.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Lightweight and small keys for kids’ hands
  • Compatible with a software offering over 50 step-by-step lessons

Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard 

Hamzer 61-Key is the next digital keyboard that entry-level players shouldn’t miss. This one offers a perfect and authentic range of sound in order to get learners familiarized with  rhythms and piano voices. The Hamzer 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard  is an interesting tool for learning and experiment before a smooth transition into a higher-end keyboard with more sturdy features.

One of the main reasons why the Hamzer 61-key gets pleasant reviews from beginners is due to the fact that its main features are simple, easy to use. By the same token, you don’t have to worry about getting a headache after setting it up. Besides, the fact that it can be powered by batteries means you don’t need to bring the adapter when going out for performances. 

Another outstanding feature of this keyboard is the portability thanks to the 7-pound weight and the detachable music stand. Additionally, external speakers can connect to the output port to create more complex songs.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Built-in speakers for advancing your skill
  • Affordable price
  • Can be powered by batteries
  • LCD screen helps to identify the keys

Casio Casiotone, 61-Key Portable Keyboard

The Casio Casiotone is great for spontaneous play with your family and friends. There are 3 different colors to widen your choice. Though you may have numerous options at this price range, this keyboard has the ability to connect with external devices like computers for practicing with MIDI. 

The good sound quality is another strength of this keyboard. It can make powerful sound as well as offer high-quality headphones. A small problem is that it doesn’t work with a mini USB, but a micro one would be the best alternative.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • MIDI keyboard
  • The built-in handle for carrying
  • Include an adjustable stand and headphones

Roland GO:KEYS 61-Key

The elegant design with the red colour of the Roland GO:KEYS 61-key would easily catch your eyes. For amateurs, it is a smart choice because of the  Loop Mix function. To be more specific, this innovation allows you to compose your own songs by creating loop phases from the keyboard. 

Besides, learners can start their online tutorials owing to the bluetooth and MIDI support. Then, you can get access to a diversity of high quality sound, namely, pianos, synths, strings, bass, brass, and so on.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • The one-touch control to manipulate the sound of your loops
  • A compact keyboard set to perform anywhere
  • Offer a recorder to capture your own creations

Casio Sa-46 - 32 Mini Keys

The Casio SA-46 is just right for beginners, especially your kids. Even without reading the instruction, users can basically figure out how to use it. There are also several bundles, each of which is suitable for a different skill level of the player. 

Meanwhile, this Casio SA-46 also gets positive reviews from teenagers and adults, who are amazed by the sound quality, and love the 80s-inspired tones, cool retro look. These wonderful features encourage them to spend time on piano lessons. Surprisingly, some professional musicians  even use it as a portable keyboard to compose songs, or use the unique tones and function to advance their compositions.

Despite the limited 32 keys, they are not too springy, not too firm or too light. However, sometimes it produces some cheesy sounds as all little Casio keyboards.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • 5 Drum Pads available
  • Portability and light weight
  • Does support headphones

Vangoa VGD611 Piano Keyboard 61 Keys

The Vangoa VGD611 is proven as one of the best keyboard piano brands for beginners. It is popular with its full-size touch-response keys and fast bluetooth connection. With the purpose of bringing the feel of the a real piano, it offers the touch sensitive keyboards

Anyone who dreams of being a gigging musician would also love its compact size. Thanks to its portability, learners feel hussle-free to carry it around. However, the drawback is the volume navigation. So as to get to the intended volume you have to push the volume button many times

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Touch sensitive keys
  • Rechargeable battery allows up to 12 hours playing continuously
  • Stable wire connection is available for external devices

RockJam (RJ549) 49-Key

This RockJam (RJ549) 49-key is such a decent and adorable keyboard that would hit the market with its surprising price. 

Some people may think that having a 49-key piano isn’t good enough,but that number is actually acceptable for piano starters. Kids aged around 1-5 years old are extremely suitable with this keyboard. Your child would find it hassle free to play music for a good amount of time even with only 49 keys. This is an appealing choice for someone who is not so sure whether your child would really take piano seriously or just wish to give it a try.

The RockJam 49 key keyboard piano has a compact design and is the ideal option for those with limited space and lightweight enough to be highly portable as well

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Affordable price
  • Include UK power charger and key stickers
  • A large bass subwoofer giving the lower notes deeper sound

What Are The Criteria Of Best Electric Keyboard Piano For New Learners?

For an amateur, a proper piano is the first and foremost learning tool you need to consider. If you still couldn’t decide on a specific product, this is the story of how you met your best electric keyboard piano. Here are some secrets you are likely to unveil:

Why a digital keyboard but not an acoustic piano?

It’s quite obvious here that an classic acoustic piano may cost you a fortune.  For a starter, if your budget for your first piano is not too high, you are likely to fall in love with an electric keyboard. 

best electric keyboard piano

Moreover, with the advancement in today’s technology, there is no disparity in sound quality between these 2 types. This makes it more understable why we believe that a digital keyboard would be a heavenly option. 

Next thing to do is to bear in mind several must-have standards of an awesome one

Weight and Price

The first 2 obvious features to consider are the weight and the price and of the item.  It’s not that essential for you to purchase a high-end electric keyboard to begin your music lesson. Let’s go for a budget-conscious option and the space you have for your piano. This is also one of the main criteria of a marvelous electric keyboard that upper-intermediate musicians consider shouldn’t take it for granted. Perhaps, you want to bring your instrument to perform on a special occasion or simply move it to a different space in your house, a portable and compact piano is an ideal choice.

MIDI support

best electric keyboard piano

Another important factor is the compatibility with MIDI ( musical instrument digital interface). A keyboard with MIDI function offers details used for sending MIDI signals or commands to external musical devices. This contributes to the development in learning and composing ability as you can create songs with other instrumental sounds besides piano.

Touch sensitiveness

best electric keyboard piano

Not only is it significant to evaluate how well the keys respond when they’re pressed, but it is also highly-recommended to have touch-sensitive keyboards. This is because without this feature, you won’t likely to advance your technique. You couldn’t create songs with the realistic sound as well.

Record and playback feature

best electric keyboard piano

It is apparent that recording your practice everyday helps you  to listen to your own playing again so you can understand your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, the playback button allows you to identify technical problems before they become deep-rooted, which is beneficial for your long-term training. 

Keyboard size

best electric keyboard piano

As you’re in the intermediate stage, you don’t need a full-size 88 keys piano but 49 or 61 or 76-type are more of a recommendation. Furthermore, full-sized and weighted piano keyboards are the most appropriate type for adults while the ones with smaller and unweighted keys are ideal options for the intermediate stage.

Extra accessories and equipment

This also plays a crucial part when it comes to purchasing electric keyboards. If you are considering between 2 incredible types or brands, the attached facilities such as stand, bench, headphones, free access to piano apps and so on will make it much easier to make ultimate decisions. 

best electric keyboard piano

The 6 aforementioned factors are the key to choosing your best electric piano or keyboard. Depending on your budget, there is a wide range of supreme digital keyboards with excellent features sold on Amazon. When analyzing lists of potential items you want to purchase, it’s imperative to focus on the sound quality, special features and sensitivity of the keys, flexibility and extra functions.  We assure that these factors would have a considerable impact on the true value of the piano.  When you take all criteria into account, the decisions will be made quickly. 

Conclusion best electric keyboard piano Top Pick For The Best

After pondering the question of which one to spend out of 15 preceding items, we create this list of our three best electric pianos and keyboards including Casio Casiotone, 61-Key; Roland GO:KEYS 61-key and Yamaha P45B. 

Even though each of the abovementioned 15 products has its own outstanding features. However, we believe that the advantages of our top 3 digital pianos outweighs their drawbacks. First thing to mention is portability. All of them are a compact keyboard setup for new players. This exciting aspect lets you make music wherever and whenever you want. Just bring batteries or a power cord in order to perform your inspirational music. Secondly, their ability to connect with external devices (MIDI function) is highly appreciated. The Roland GO:KEYS 61-key is even supported with both MIDI and the Loop Mix function, which doubles learners' opportunity to develop their ability to compose. Touch sensitiveness is also a strength of these 3 products. That means the keyboards are able to respond naturally to your playing and for the sake of sound quality. 

We hope this guide will help you have an overview of exceptionally suggested electronic pianos and keyboards.

Also, you can look for your own ideal piano on Amazon and make the final decision here!

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best electric keyboard piano at the comment box below!
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