What Are The Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands Guitar Players In 2023?

If you have small hands or short fingers and find it hard to choose an electric guitar, BreatheCaroline has done a list to help you with finding the best electric guitars for small hands. 

We have perused many audits from guitar players with little hands, and have figured out how to limit the choice down to 15 electric guitars that we figure you should investigate. At the point when you read through our surveys, you should attempt to make your rundown of the electric guitars you like most. We hope you can find your excellent electric guitar after reading our reviews.

Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands Comparison 2023

Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Fender Mustang 90 Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Stratocaster
Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands

best for Rock Beginners

best for Underground Rock or Rock Players

best for Beginners

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Top Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands Reviews 2023

Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster

The Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster is one of the best electric guitars for small hands that is an incredible choice if you are playing the electric guitars with thin necks. Anyway, this isn’t the sort of guitar that has a smaller scale length, so you still need to extend your fingers. This Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster from Squier has such a plan that everyone considers when they hear “electric guitar”. It has a birch body shape with sparkle polyester finish and has an exemplary plan that will never leave style. It also has a C-molded neck with a 9.5 inches radius. Sound insightful there isn’t a lot to state, more than that it’s one of Fender’s guitars, and subsequently we anticipate a specific form and sound quality, and it doesn’t frustrate. Moreover, this Squier model for little hands comes with a magnificent vintage-style synchronized vibration. This guitar also features three incredible custom vintage-style single-loop strat pickups. If you need to discover more about this guitar, we suggest you look at this demo where you can hear it and gain more from a person that knows about electric guitars. Overall, there is no uncertainty this is a decent guitar, the inquiry is if it’s a decent guitar for you. In case you’re keen on the playing style of incredible rock n’ roll, you should look at this ideal guitar. It’s useful for little hands in the viewpoint that it has a little neck, yet the separation between the frets is equivalent to different guitars. The neck is C-molded, which is numerous with little hands like.

Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS

​If you are a guitar player with little hands, you’re in karma because this Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS is a suitable electric guitar for you as it is on the top best electric guitars for small hands. It has an advanced C-molded neck and a 24 inches scale length, so it will make players, especially those with small hands, feel simpler to hold and play. On the off chance that you happen to be left-given, that is superior as it’s also accessible as a left-gave form. Included with this Fender guitar comes with a dark finished vinyl hard case for your electric guitar, and a Fender Kurt Cobain guitar book that contains photographs and a meeting with Nirvana’s guitar tech. Jaguar NOS guitar looks exceptionally complex and has an exemplary look with an advanced turn.Overall, Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS is proven as one of the best electric guitars for small hands with outstanding features, including beautiful design, incredible sounds, and great playability. So, if you are obsessed with Nirvana and electric guitar, you should look at this excellent guitar for little hands.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro

​If you have a bit of a hopeful rocker at home that needs to begin to play the guitar, we suggest you look at this cool 3/4 estimated one from Ibanez. Some of the time grown-ups with little hands have little hands, however, little bodies when all is said and done, and in this manner, it may be suitable for them to purchase a smaller body size than full size.GRGM21BKN comes with little in body size than other electric guitars in its class making it useful for guitar players with little hands, and even for the kids to begin their fantastic playing experience. This cool 3/4 GRGM21BKN Mikro electric guitar is accessible in various beautiful colors, including dark, blue, white metallic purple, clear pink, and pecan sunburst. Its pointy configuration makes it look enough rock n’ roll to make any child play the guitar more. Overall, this 3/4 Ibanez is among the best electric guitars for small hands. The way that this Mikro electric guitar for children and grown-ups is accessible in so a wide range of shadings just makes it more wonderful for players to consider.

Fender Mustang 90

​Mustang 90 from Fender is among the best electric guitars for small hands, which is a decent carport/underground rock guitar. You can receive great Nirvana and old-school Green Day tones in return. This guitar can produce bright and clear tones well indeed and you can receive pleasant spanky funk tones in return as well. Besides, Mustang 90 comes with a 9.5 inches fingerboard span and a 1.65 inches nut width that make it entirely limited, useful for short fingers and small hands as well. Furthermore, this Fender model has a 24 scale length which makes this suitable for guitar players with little hands, because of marginally less strain on strings. Truly agreeable to play, and frets are truly simple to discover and get to. The neck is perhaps the best one for little hands that makes the players feel like a Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Stratocaster mentioned above but has fewer strings pressure. It is also outrageously dainty and makes players feel great and more comfortable to play. Sound-wise isn’t the most adaptable, however not all that terrible either. Moreover, this Fender electric guitar may require some slight activity modifications as well. Not a significant imperfection, and it relies upon your play style. A few clients have been praising the gadgets and the absence of murmur in the sound. Overall, Fender Mustang 90 is well worth the top best electric guitars for small hands. This guitar comes with many excellent features making it a good choice for those who love playing styles like underground rock, rock, and funk. So, if you love rock and need to play guitar, this will be an extraordinary choice for you.

Gibson SG Special

​SG Special is a great, adaptable guitar from Gibson that is among the best electric guitars for small hands from our list. Gibson makes incredible guitars and this one is no exemption. This guitar has a 24.47 scale length, so it’s somewhat shorter than ordinary estimated guitars, which is acceptable for small hands players. One of the most incredible features of this best guitar for small hands is its outlook. It’s accessible in two tones, sported earthy colored and silk cherry, and both look astonishing. Overall, this SG Special looks extraordinary and sounds magnificent and it’s useful for little given individuals. You can look at the Epiphone SG exceptional for a less expensive option in contrast to the Gibson SG Special.

Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special

​Classic Player Jaguar is a pleasant travel guitar from Fender. We’ve run over numerous audits that state that it’s the best guitar the commentator has ever claimed. It’s a great electric guitar that has loads of potential and flexibility. It also incorporates a fancy gig pack so you can move your guitar in style easily, but you have to ensure that you store it accurately at home.This Fender model is proper for little hands and features a 9.5 inches fingerboard sweep making it simpler to play for the guitar player with little hands. This guitar is a genuine marvel, regardless of which shading you pick. There are various kinds of tones for you to choose from, including Fiesta Red, Olympic White, and Metallic KO. This electric guitar for short fingers produces a decent, clear, and fresh tone that is appropriate for some types and obviously can be adjusted with various pedals. Overall, numerous individuals are completely enamored with it, and it just sounds so great and looks so pleasant that it’s unimaginable not to like. So if you are looking for the best electric guitars for small hands, we highly recommend you take a look at this electric one.

Squier by Fender Mini Strat

​Squier by Fender Mini Strat is famous for being on our top best electric guitars for small hands with a high-quality design and beautiful sounds. It is another 3/4 electric guitar with a 22.75 inches scale length making it ideal for players with little hands. Moreover, this Squier by Fender model comes with a C-molded neck, which is the most loved shape among little-given individuals. This guitar also has an extremely exemplary Fender look that the vast majority like. It’s accessible in many different colors, including red, dark, and pink. This Strat also produces cool tones and accompanies a 1-year guarantee, on the off chance that anything ought to not be right with it.Overall, if you have small hands and are searching for an electric guitar for small hands, you ought to presumably be searching for a little guitar than full-size, and this 3/4 size is a truly incredible guitar for new players.

Epiphone G-400 Pro Electric Guitar

The Gibson SG is the ideal guitar for little hands but their instruments, especially electric guitars, can cost a ton of cash. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, you would go with this Epiphone G-400 Pro which is an ideal decision for a little hand player. This Epiphone G-400 is smaller than a customary guitar and fits effectively in your grasp. It is likewise lightweight so there’s less strain on your back, arms, and wrist which implies your hand won’t tire out as much when you play. The neck is exceptionally simple to play and highlights 22 frets on a rosewood fingerboard. It comes with a D form neck, so it’s ideal for those with less harmony to reach from their fingers. Besides, this G-400 electric guitar has a beautiful SG sound with the two humbucking pickups. This guitar also has a Tune-O Matic scaffold to help keep it stay in tune stable. There’s two tones, two volumes, and a pickup selector change to balance the equipment on this guitar. The tuning pegs are additionally strong that make the tuning more dependable.Overall, G-400 Pro is well worth one of the best electric guitars for small hands. Players have little hands and ability hard it very well may be to locate an agreeable guitar. This guitar can go perfectly with various playing styles, including blues, metal, rock, nation, and numerous other guitar styles. 

Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Stratocaster

​Fender produces many extraordinary guitars and their Squier model has progressed significantly lately and they are extraordinary for amateur or moderate guitar players. One of their best electric guitars for small hands is this Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Stratocaster.There’s a tone, volume, and a selector switch for the pickups and a 9.5 inches fingerboard span with 21 large-sized frets making it agreeable to play and the whole neck is maple. This electric guitar provides you with extraordinary tones and has humbucking pickups. It likewise sounds astonishing and you will be exceptionally satisfied with all the incredible tones you’ll have the option to receive in return. However, this guitar doesn’t have single loops like the typical Telecasters so it is ideal for rock, blues, and even metal sounds. You likewise get an F-opening, so the guitar can make both electric and acoustic sounds. The extension is a hardtail that makes string changing simple on this guitar. Overall, this Vintage Modified Stratocaster is an incredible guitar for those that have little hands. This vintage style guitar is easy to play and to fret harmonies which can be hard to do with bigger estimated guitars. This is the ideal alternative for small hands players who need an entirely agreeable guitar to play.

Schecter S-II CUSTOM STCB Solid-Body Electric Guitar

​Schecter produces astonishing guitars and they also have models that are appropriate to those with little hands and need something agreeable to play. One of their best electric guitars for small hands is this Schecter S-II Custom TCB. This guitar has a blazed maple top and a mahogany body with 22 enormous frets on a rosewood fingerboard, so the neck is truly agreeable to play. The neck is 3-piece mahogany which is more steady than different guitar necks. It includes an SG style shape which makes it entirely agreeable to hold and play. Moreover, this guitar comes equipped with the Pasadena Plus or Pasadena humbucking pick-ups which sound generally excellent and are superior to normal pickups. The extension is a Tune-O Matic which enables the guitar to remain in tune for a long time and makes the strings steadiness. There’s also a volume, tone, and a selector switch for the guitar pickups. You get incredible stone, metal, and even shred tones out of this guitar. The Gibson SG design is ideal for little hands and Schecter takes this shape further with their Schecter S-II Custom TCB. The cutaway is an excellent component as it’s exceptionally profound so that it is simple to play those harder to arrive at notes which can be an issue for shorter fingers. Overall, this guitar is well-deserved as one of the best electric guitars for small hands which will in general battle on bigger estimated guitars or those with greater necks and an absence of cutaway. If you need an extraordinary shred guitar for short fingers, this one is what you are looking for.

Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA-M

​Jackson has produced many best electric guitars for small hands. From all their great products, this JS32 Dinky has a great deal taking the plunge and it’s the ideal decision for those that battle with different guitars. This Jackson Dinky highlights a decent twofold cutaway which makes it simpler for little hands to reach the higher frets. This is a perfect choice for those that are in trouble with playing the guitars that don’t include twofold cutaways. The neck is strengthened with graphite and made with maple which makes it significantly simpler to play. This guitar is also extremely simple to play and agreeable for little fingers that may battle to play scales and harmonies.Moreover, this guitar is famous for the shark decoration plan on the fretboard markers as this is a decent added touch to this instrument. The pickups are new high-yield fired magnet humbucking pickups created by Jackson. To enable the guitar to remain in tune for a long time, this JS32 comes with a Floyd Rose tremolo. There are also a tone control, volume handle, and a selector switch for the pickups. Overall, this Jackson Dinky is the ideal decision for those that need a metal style guitar for little hands. It is also a fantastic decision for anybody that needs an agreeable guitar to play what offers great sound.

Ibanez S Series S520 Electric Guitar

​Probably the simplest guitar to play is the Ibanez. These guitars are likewise appropriate to those with little hands as they have numerous highlights which make them agreeable. One of the best electric guitars for small hands from Ibanez is this S Series S520 as it has numerous highlights and characteristics that you will adore. This guitar has a comparable neck, so it fits easily in your grasp. S520 comes with a maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets, and the body of the guitar is produced using mahogany. This is the ideal guitar for rock, metal, shred, and comparable guitar styles. Moreover, this guitar has two humbucking pickups, tone control, volume, handle, and a pickup selector switch. To help balance out the tuning, there is a scaffold and bolting nut framework introduced so you can do many jump bombs and different stunts with this guitar. Overall, this Ibanez S Series S520 is an incredible shred guitar, and appropriate to those with little hands as the notes are generally simple to access on the agreeable neck. This Ibanez guitar is simple to play for small hands. This is a top pick for anybody that needs to play progressed guitar styles however has a little hand size than the customary player.

Jackson JS32T King V

​For anybody searching for a quality guitar for little hands, you should take a gander at this Jackson Flying V. It is among the best electric guitars for small hands because of some reasons. This guitar highlights two humbucking pickups so you will have a chance to choose your great tone from a wide scope of tones for rock, metal, shred, and other guitar styles. These pickups are Jackson pickups, so they have more range than standard humbuckers. The scaffold is a hardtail through the body so you can easily change the strings. This guitar has a rosewood fretboard with 24 frets and the notes are quite easy to reach thanks to the V state of the body. The shark decoration on the fretboard is an additional touch that I like with this guitar. There are also a tone, volume, and a selector change to balance the equipment on the guitar. Overall, this Flying V by Jackson is well worth being one of the best electric guitars for small hands as all the notes are anything but difficult to hit on the instrument and it’s entirely agreeable in your grasp. This instrument is a decent choice for those that need an agreeable guitar to play, however don’t have any desire to go through a ton of cash.

Epiphone Les Paul Special VE

​In case you’re searching for the exemplary Epiphone sound in a more conservative and lightweight structure, this Epiphone Les Paul Special VE must be your first option. This guitar gives that rock ‘n’ roll, open-curl humbucker tone in a lightweight, poplar body plan. This Les Paul comes with a 24.75 inches scale length making it slightly littler than standard, and the thin shape D profile neck permits little giving players to stretch around and play complex harmonies without feeling awkward. This Epiphone model is about the same amount of tasteful as they are sound. The Vintage Worn completion looks ravishing, giving you a similar exemplary look that you would anticipate from an old-style Les Paul. The 650R humbucker in the neck position gives you warm and rich sound while the 700T humbucker in the scaffold segment gives you strong leads. The three-way pickup switch and speed handles permit you to handily change and control your tone. Overall, if you’re searching for an electric guitar that is lightweight and simple to play, yet still gives the real solid of rock and move, you should consider this Epiphone Les Paul Special VE. It’s among the best electric guitars for small hands with a multiplication of an old-style guitar with top-level sound.

Daisy Rock Venus

​Daisy Rock Guitars was established on the possibility that little given guitarists didn’t have a portrayal in the guitar producing market. They make probably the best guitars on the planet that are explicitly for individuals with little hands, generally ladies and young ladies. However, numerous young men and men can appreciate playing these Daisy Rock guitars as well, the same number of them have a nonpartisan look. This Daisy Rock Venus, specifically, has a ravishing Ivory pearl get done with unique plants and bloom trims. This guitar is a tank. The set-neck development adds to the general sturdiness and support, particularly when matched with the Mahogany body. The tight flimsy neck configuration gives those players with little hands the capacity to play without any difficulty. The body is additionally moderately thin and lightweight, permitting you to go effortlessly as well. The fixed scaffold plan and humbucker pickups give you that exemplary wild stable while the tune-o-Matic connect gives a strong pitch to dependable playing. Overall, for an organization that highly esteems their little given guitars, they stand up well to the huge parts in the business as well. This Daisy Rock Venus is well-deserved on the top best electric guitars for small hands with a major sound and expert highlights.

Things You Should Consider To Get The Best Guitar for Small Hands

Guitar Setup

Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands

The first thing you should do when buying an electric guitar for small hands is having a tech set up your guitar. They can make changes that can make it simpler for you to handle. For instance, they may alter the activity which will make it simpler for you to worry muddled harmonies which decrease strain on your fingers as you play.

If the guitar plays excessively firm, the neck might be changed by assistance to facilitate the weight on your fingers as you twist notes. Indeed, even little changes to the guitar can help facilitate the pressure your fingers face as you play. The tech can likewise alter how the tremolo framework sits on the guitar which can likewise make players with small hands have more comfortable playing experience.


The fingerboard range reveals to you how bent the fingerboard is. In old-style guitars, there is normally no bend on the fretboard by any means. On the opposite finish of the range are a few Telecasters with a 7.25 sweep.

Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands

A run of the mill fretboard range for electric guitar is about 12 inches. But we think you should search for a greater span than 9.5 inches, since when the range is little and the fretboard has a major bend, doing twists and hitting the correct strings can be harder.

Nut width

Nut width is the width of the guitar’s neck, which affects the playability. The tight neck is quite often a superior choice for little hands. The commonplace nut width of the Fender Vintage Stratocaster is 1.65inches and Modern Stratocasters have 1.695 inches nut width while Les Pauls normally have 1.695 inches nut width.

String action

Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands

String action is the separation between the strings and the fingerboard. Nearer the strings are to the frets, simpler it is for players with small hands to hole and play. As a rule, the activity can be balanced effectively with electric guitars. However, if you make the strings excessively low, a few notes may sound terrible.

Scale length

Guitar scale length is the way from the nut to the center of the fret increased by 2. Scale length influences the strain of the strings. The shorter the scale length is, the less strain there will be. Less pressure implies that the guitar is simpler to play as playing doesn’t require much strength from your fingers.


Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands

Another approach to play the guitar which is simple for little hands is to utilize substitute tuning. These tunings discharge a ton of the strain on the strings which makes it simpler for you to play. Numerous harmonies will just take a couple of fingers to play in substitute tunings. In case you’re battling playing customary harmonies, you should attempt substitute tunings as they are simple on your fingers.

However, they sound stable and astounding. In these other tunings, you can even play a significant number of your main tunes and they sound similarly on a par with the firsts done in standard tunings. Another stunt is to tune to Eb, which is a half advance down from standard and even this slight tuning change can make the guitar a lot simpler to play for those with little hands.

Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands


As far as rigging there’s a ton of alternatives, you should attempt to utilize picks that vibe agreeable in your hands. Small picks are great as they appear to work better with smaller hands. Investigation a piece with picks until you discover one that works the best for you. There are likewise littler measured slides you can purchase which will accommodate your littler fingers so there’s another alternative on the off chance that you play slide guitar. The important thing is you should likewise get a show on the road or a comparative gadget as you can press this which will help build up your fingers when you’re not playing. Any finger practice gadget will help build up your shorter fingers all the more so playing guitar is more agreeable for you.

Conclusion: Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands – Top Pick For The Best

Best For Rock Beginners

Best For Underground Rock or Rock Players

Best For Beginners

Compared to those best electric guitars for small hands above, we have chosen this Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Stratocaster as our most favorable because of its excellent features. The first incredible feature of this Fender model is its playability. It has a small size with a combination of the maple neck and a 9.5 inches fingerboard with 21 large-sized frets. These features make it easier for players with small hands to hold while having a wonderful playing experience. This Stratocaster also produces extraordinary tones and astonishing sounds. Besides its great tone, it is excellent for various playing styles, including rock, blues, and metal. It also has an F-opening making it perfect for classical and electric sounds. One more great feature is that this guitar is an excellent choice for beginners and even expert guitar players. So, if you have small hands, you should consider our best electric guitars for small hands.As a guitar player with little hands, you have much more decision in the market than any other time in recent memory. Therefore, you should spend as much time as necessary for learning the guitar and ensure the guitar you play is agreeable for you. Simply recall, each guitar player is extraordinary and our hands can be as well. You should discover a guitar that coordinates the size of your hands and is agreeable for your necessities. We hope you can find your suitable guitar after reading our best electric guitars for small hands.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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