Top 19 Best Electric Guitar For Kids Reviews In 2020

Are you looking for a high-quality electric guitar for your kids but still can’t find any great instruments? Well, it is hard to get the best guitar that suits your children. To help you with, Carroll / Fletcher has listed 19 Best Electric Guitar For Kids in 2020. 

The most important thing when choosing the best electric guitar for kids is that you have to find one that matches your child’s playing style, and preference because each kid has a different musical style and goal playing the guitar. For example, some kids play the guitar with friends just for fun while others play seriously, aiming to be professional guitar players. Therefore, in a wide range of guitar options, it is hard for you to look for a guitar that meets all your child’s needs. However, don’t worry, we are here to give you our best electric guitars for you to consider buying for your children.

We have done some studies, read some guitarists reviews of some electric guitars for kids and have narrowed down to just 19 electric guitars for kids that we think you should take a closer look at. We hope you can find the best electric guitar for kids after reading our detailed reviews, a summary table of some guitars, and answers of some common questions from buyers below.

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Best for 4 years old kids

best for 8 years old kids

best for 5 years old kids

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Detailed Reviews Of Top Best Electric Guitar For Kids

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Affordably-priced guitar
  • High-quality sound
  • Play easily and comfortably
  • Light-weight

Squier Strat Mini, like the Fender Stratocaster-one of the best electric guitars for kids manufacturing business, also has the same flexible and fantastic musical instrument. However, the only difference between them is this Strat Mini in small scale structure. This Squier Strat Mini has a strong 3/4 sized basswood body with a C shaped maple neck which provides those with little hands with the ability to reach all the notes on the fingerboard and play comfortably. It also has 22.75 inches scale length, and 22 frets on a rosewood fingerboard.

The construction of the guitar is solid, strong, and has the appearance of a first-class guitar. The electric guitar’s hardware is the thing that you would expect from the usual Strat pickups arrangement. It has three single-coils, a five-way switch that permits you to change between tones rapidly. The guitar producer provided two handles, one for controlling tones while others for controlling volume. There are also six die-cast tuners and the headstock that keep the guitar in tune for a long time.

One more outstanding thing about this Strat guitar is the sound. Although this is a low-cost instrument, it doesn’t influence the sound. The tone is bright, clear and can produce a variety of frequencies, including basses and high tones. Though you may get a bit more slender sound from a genuine Strat, it is still worth the cost for the light tone you hear.

Moreover, Squier Strat Mini also has a guitar strap, clip-on tuner, picks, cleaning fabric, and a guid book that may help those who begin to learn how to play their electric guitar.

Overall, this Squier Strat Mini is one of the best electric guitars for kids who want to try out various classifications.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Control handles are responsive and effectively flexible
  • Remains in tune perfectly
  • Can last for years without any big problems

Ibanez GRGM21BKN has a perfect structure, great features, and a 3/4 size that makes it a top decision for kids. This electric guitar has 22 inches scale length, and a combination of a mahogany body, maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard with an amazing 24 frets on the reduced neck and the sharp decorates which we have generally expected from Ibanez. The neck is sufficiently slim, making it simpler and comfortable for young children to play without feeling awkward. The GRG21BKN is also lightweight so that the kids with small hands can carry it around straightforwardly.

The hardware accompanies a couple of two humbuckers and a three-way switch for pickup determination, a tone knob for sonic control, and tonic alterations. There is also a volume knob, headstock, dark pick-guard, hard-tail bridge and six die-cast turners.
This guitar delivers a rich and deep sound that you might probably not expect from this budget-friendly guitar. It provides you with clear trebles and punchy middles. And if your child needs to shred, then this is a perfect guitar for them to consider. This guitar can last for many years without any big problems due to the great tonewood and the instrument’s high-quality structure. GRGM21BKN is a wonderful electric guitar and certainly meets the youngster demands of a shredder.

Overall, Ibanez GRGM21BKN is among the best electric guitars for kids that can stay in tune perfectly.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Ideal for enthusiasts of Iron Man
  • Effectively open frets
  • Highlights the exemplary twofold cutaway body

Although the Peavey brand is well-known for its amplifiers, they also have produced many incredible electric guitars for youngsters, including this Peavey Iron Man Rockmaster.

The Peavey Iron Man Rockmaster has an amazing appearance that attracts many children who love Iron Man. It has 22.5 inches scale length and a 3/4 sized body, making it truly appropriate for youngsters or people with small hands to play comfortably. Most of this guitar’s materials are usual because some still are valuable material. Iron Man Rockmaster has a strong basswood double-cutaway body with a bolt-on maple neck. All 21 frets are accessible effortlessly because of the instrument’s good shape. As you would have speculated from the name, it also has an enormous, lovely picture of Iron Man on the guitar. And Rockmaster also sells guitars that have other famous character images such as Captain America and Spiderman.

This guitar has a simple hardware, which is the main feature to keep the price of the guitar down. In this way, there is just only one humbucker at the bridge position. Because of the push/pull coil-splitting capacity on the tone control knob, your kid can even try out a single-coil sound. There is also a volume control knob, a fixed bridge and two diecast chrome tuners.

Iron Man Rockmaster generally has a bright sound; however, because of the single-pickup, it can’t produce the tone with much flexibility. But, it permits your kid to keep it simple, which makes it straightforward for them when they figure out how to play the electric guitar.

Overall, the Peavey Iron Man Rockmaster has genuinely great playability at an affordable price and is another best electric guitar for kids who love superheroes.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Budget-friendly guitar
  • High-quality and bright sound
  • Thick, misshapen tone

Mitchell MM100 is another best electric guitar for kids that has an amazing and cool appearance. It has 22.5 inches scale length and a Super Strat body with excellent curves and edges, making it a perfect electric guitar for children. It features a combination of a basswood body, a bolt-on maple neck and Indian rosewood fretboard, which all support to produce a fantastic sound. This guitar has 24 medium frets with two humbuckers, which allow you to make a thick, misshapen tone.

best electric guitar under 2000
  • High-quality electric guitar
  • Extraordinary for players who have just started to play and tune the guitars

Yamaha is proven as a real bargain and beginner guitar options, including this Yamaha Gigmaker electric guitar. It is designed with playability and comfortable, making it the ideal guitar for the young children to learn how to play.

Yamaha Gigmaker can hold tune very well, making it simple for beginners who learn to tune their electric guitar for the first time. It also has the greatest tremolo bridge system, which makes it partially similar to a full-sized electric guitar on the Yamaha line.

Moreover, this electric guitar features a few extras, such as a 15-watt Yamaha amp, which packs enough energy to be able to deal with any jam or practice session. It also has a marked gig pack, tremolo bar, tuner, guitar strings, picks, and cables. Above all, it comes with an instructional Quickstart DVD, which helps the young learners to be an expert in playing electric guitar.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Originates from a well-known brand
  • Produces the exemplary Fender sound
  • A one-year guarantee included

Short Scales electric guitars have become more popular nowadays. Although this guitar is shorter and smaller, it is still amazing as a full-sized guitar and a great choice for children and amateurs.

Squier by Fender Short Scale Stratocaster has a 24-inch scale length with a poplar body and a C shape maple neck. The shape is a Stratocaster, which makes it simpler for the kids to hold and play this guitar easily. There are 20 medium large-sized frets with dot inlays. The smooth neck makes it appropriate for some players with fast playing style, and it can remain comfortable for quite a long time.
Although this electric guitar has simple hardware, it still works very well. It is designed with a SSS pickup and has a single-coil pick situated on the bridge, center, and neck. It also comes with a wonderful volume and tone. It doesn’t have a tremolo bar but has a hardtail six-saddle bridge instead which keeps the strings safer and stable along the neck. Despite being made out of inexpensive material, this guitar still produces the great Strat tone if you tune the guitar correctly.

Overall, the Short Scale Stratocaster is one of the best electric guitars for kids who simply learn how to play. It originates from a well-known company that has everything you need to start playing.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Solid and stability
  • Accessible in both right and left-handed renditions
  • High-quality with reasonable price

If you are searching for a stylish and high-quality guitar for your kid, then this Rise by Sawtooth electric guitar is the great instrument that you should spend time taking a closer look at.

The Rise by Sawtooth has a lovely design with 3/4 size and 24 inches scale length, which makes it easier for young children with small hands to hold and reach all the notes. It is available for both right-handed and left-handed players. It also comes with a basswood body, a maple neck, and a maple fretboard with dot inlays.

This electric guitar also has moderately standard chrome hardware and a non-adjustable shaft piece single humbucker, which implies your kid won’t have the option to deliver as flexible as sounds and various kinds of music on this guitar. However, it is a worthy guitar that is made of incredible and high-quality materials, and it is still the best electric guitar for kids to begin playing the guitar.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Delightful completion
  • A fair guitar amp

The Davidson electric guitar has a lower price that may make you feel unreliable. You may think that this electric guitar is incapable of fulfilling your durability and good sound demand. However, we have to inform you that this guitar still has many excellent features you are looking for since it is made of many high-quality materials. It includes a great humbucker and a fretboard that is totally made for young players with small hands playing comfortably. The humbucker is perfect so that you can easily reach a growly rock sound if you like.

This Davison guitar is suitable for heavier rock tones, and if you would like to have a greater fresh, lively tone, then this instrument is not a good one for you. This guitar can stay in tune for a long time; therefore, you won’t need to tune it continually.

Overall, this Davison is an excellent electric guitar for the kids who begin to learn how to play. If you don’t have enough money to buy an expensive one, then you should consider this guitar as it is a budget-friendly one that also has a guitar amp with a headphone jack, a case, strap and pitch pipe. The package has a reasonable price and can give you, your child or some rock stars need to learn how to play the electric guitar.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Suitable for small kids
  • Effectively convenient amp
  • Smooth completion
  • Deep and rich sound

The Smartxchoices Kids electric guitar is suggested for the kids at the age of three and is an amazing small guitar with a smooth completion. When you take a look closer at this guitar, you will see that the black finish over the wood grain of the hardwood makes the guitar look more appealing. The light wood neck also makes the look of the guitar, even more, stand out and wonderful.

The Smartxchoices also has rosewood with 22 frets. The strings are simple for children with smaller hands to press down on, and it also produces a deep and rich sound. It has 30 inches scale length, which makes it an ideal instrument for kids to play the guitar easily.

This guitar features a guitar pick, a small amp with 5-watt, strap, and a cable cord. You can clip the amp onto your kid’s clothes for easier portability.

Overall, Smartxchoices is one of the best electric guitars for kids who start learning to play the guitar.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Rock ‘n’ roll style
  • Great playability
  • Shiny finish
  • High-quality hardware

If your child dreams of having an electric guitar with rock ‘n’ roll style, this RockJam RJEG02 will make your child’s dream come true. It is a wonderful guitar that has ST design, shiny finish, and great playability that will help your child play comfortably and easily in a short time.

At this reasonable price, the RockJam features some high-quality hardware, such as three single-coil pickups that will offer your kid a fantastic playing experience feeling. Because it has a humbucker pickup, it can produce a great raspy rock sound. The whammy bar makes string bending incredibly simple.

Overall, this RockJam RJEF02 is among the best electric guitars for kids to play, improve their skills and have a chance to try out many different kinds of music.

best electric guitar under 2000

The Squier Mini electric guitar is a fabulous electric guitar for the beginners as well as professional players. It has 22.75 inches scale length and 20 frets which make it great for small hands. This guitar has some significant features like its counterpart-the Fender Stratocaster, such as three single-coil pickups, good volume and tone controls, a hard-tail bridge and rosewood fingerboard.

This guitar has a 1/4 sized electric guitar body and C shaped satin-finished neck with 20 medium frets and 9.5 fingerboard radius. There are also three single-coil pickups, a tone control, volume and five-way pickup selector switch, which all offer a wide range of great tones. It also has the chrome to hardtail bridge and many string gauges through the truss rod that makes the guitar more great playability.

Overall, this is one of the best electric guitars for kids to enjoy the playing experience on our list.

best electric guitar under 2000

The Ibanez Mikro is one of the best electric guitars for kids and rockers who love a smaller neck and body design. This guitar features chrome hardware and infinity R humbuckers with 24 medium frets and dot inlays on a maple fingerboard. It also has a poplar RG body and maple neck with 22 inches scale length, making it the right one for beginners or experts playing during a trip or travel around.

best electric guitar under 2000

Another remarkable electric guitar for kids over three years old that has a lot of outstanding features is the Red Half Size Kids electric guitar with built-in amp. It is a 1/2 scale length guitar that has a strong basswood body, light wood neck and a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets, making it a stylish instrument for the beginners, the kids, and the professionals as well. You can’t find any other guitars that have a great 9V battery and built-in speaker like this one. It also comes with a die-cast tuner and single-coil pickup with volume control which will give you a fantastic feeling when playing this guitar.

best electric guitar under 2000

The RED Junior Kids Mini is a perfect electric guitar for kids. It has a small body shape and lightweight which is easy for children to handle simply. It comes with a basswood body, a smooth maple neck and a maple fretboard. If you love LP sounding Strat, you will get there immediately because of its basswood body.

Overall, the RED Junior Kids is a truly simple electric guitar for kids to handle and play. However, those who begin to play the guitar may find it undoubtedly easy to handle because of its lightweight body and simple design. RED Junior can produce deep, rich sounds so that the younger players will certainly love playing it during their guitar practicing process.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Great neck
  • Wide variety of tones
  • A good candidate for upgrading

The Yamaha Pacifica is one of the best guitars of all time. Suppose you examine the price, the construction, the various finish options and the high-quality tone of the guitar. In that case, you will understand why this electric guitar is always a perfect musical instrument used at school. It features 25.5 inches scale length, an alder body, a maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. It has a humbucker in the bridge position, helping to reach thicker, deeper, and higher-output tones, which are perfect for rock and metal. It also has two single-coils that provide trebly snap, nice volume and tone, five-way pickup selector and vintage-style tremolo.

Overall, Yamaha Pacifica is on the top of the best electric guitar for kids and beginners to learn how to play with its beautiful design and high-quality hardware.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Good playability
  • Seafoam Green finish
  • Great tones
  • No gig-bag

Squier Special Edition Bullet Stratocaster, as its name implies, is the special electric guitar with many outstanding features that is proven as a suitable one for kids to play. It has the same design with its parent brand Fender, but downsizes some expensive parts and allows playable electrics that produce a better tone compared to some of its counterparts.

This Strat has 25.5 inches scale, a famous Seafoam Green completion, a vintage-style tremolo for whammy bar wobble and three single-coil pickups.

Overall this Squier Special Edition Bullet Strat is among the best electric guitars for kids in the Stratocaster line.

best electric guitar under 2000


  • Great value and tone
  • The thin SG body is excellent for smaller players
  • Bit more pricey

Epiphone SG Classic Worn P-90s is more costly than the others in our list; however if your kid is really serious about playing the guitar, and perhaps has been playing for a couple of months on a rummage cheapo electric, then you should consider this SG classic as it is a great choice for your child to play into adulthood.

The guitar is based on Gibson’s SG that has two vintage finishes (Worn Green and Worn Cherry), two magnificent sounding pickups and a slim mahogany body with 25.5 scale length that is all suitable for young players.

Overall, this Epiphone SG is a great electric guitar for kids that you should have a closer look at to buy one for your child.

best electric guitar under 2000

The Squier Classic Vibe '50s Telecaster is designed according to the first Telecaster made by Fender during the '50s. It has an all-pine body with a hazy sparkle polyester finish. We are really into the Butterscotch Blonde variation although the guitar is additionally accessible in a Vintage Blonde completion. The pine body provides a well adjusted reaction.

The one-piece neck is made of maple and has a vintage-color sparkle polyester finish. Its "C" shape makes playing easier. Sound-wise offers a light and lively tone. it has 21 medium frets and dark dot inlays on a maple fingerboard on the top of the neck

Catching the sound of the guitar to replicate the great Tele tone are two custom vintage-style single-coil Tele pickups at the neck and bridge. Children will have no issue exchanging between pickups or using both through the three-position blade. It is also simple to use volume and tone controls.

The Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s has vintage-style tuning machines and a vintage-style string Telecaster bridge for ideal tuning security. The bridge has three metal barrel saddles that add to the twangy tones.

Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion

Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion

The Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion is a 2/3 scale electric guitar. It has a tonewood body with a combination of bright and darker color finishes that will attract the kids to look closer at it. The maple neck has a smooth satin finish and an amaranth fingerboard with 24 frets and sharks fin inlay markers.

The Dinky minion has two hums free Jackson designed humbuckers controlled by a 3-position switch, master volume and tone which produce the warm amazing sound. Other hardware is a 6-saddle hardtail with block saddles bridge and sealed chrome die-cast tuners.

Overall, this Dinky Minion is also another best electric guitar for kids so we suggest you consider buying for your children.

Buying Guide for Best Electric Guitar For Kids 

Size and Reach

best electric guitar under 2000

You should carefully consider numerous things at a guitar when purchasing one for your kid, and the first thing to take into account and likely most clearly is the child’s size and reach. Well, a comfortable feeling when playing the guitar is significant. It is because the kids are little, so that if the guitar is too large for kids, then it would be hard for them to press frets and hit higher notes toward the end of the fingerboard. Therefore, it would be better to pick a guitar with smaller bodies, or a small scale length such as 3/4and 2/3 sized. However, if the children insist on trying out a full-size guitar, then just buy one for them. One more thing is that you should also look for light strings, lightweight, a neck that is thin and simple to play.

Musical Style Interests

best electric guitar under 2000

What does your kid like tuning in to? Or then again what melodies would they be acquainted with? Those are presumably the main things you might want to figure out when choosing a guitar for your kids. The guitar you pick should be appropriate for your kids’ music style or tune. For example, a youngster who grew up tuning into substantial metal might need to have a guitar equipped for delivering similar sounds.

Color Or Style

There are numerous best electric guitars for kids that provide a few shading and finish alternatives. For what reason is this significant? Supposing that kids really like the design of their guitar when it comes to their preferred shading, they immediately pick and start playing the guitar. Kids don't generally think about the specialized specifications of their electric guitar, and they do really care about what it looks like instead. Because of this reason, we recommend you consider what shading or design would attract them while picking an electric guitar.

best electric guitar under 2000


best electric guitar under 2000

The quality of an electric guitar is one of the most important things that you should care about before buying one for your kid. You should check the body for clear imperfections. The imperfection can join things like harsh edged frets, messy fulfillment, machine heads that are hard to change.

Moreover, be careful about poor-quality electric guitars. There are a wide range of electric guitars with modest and awful quality producing an awful sound that it's likely better not to get them by all means.


best electric guitar under 2000

Action is the distance that the strings are from the fretboard. You need to maintain a strategic distance from guitars with high action since it will be difficult for your children to hold the strings down.


best electric guitar under 2000

The design of the neck can directly impact the playability of the guitar. When buying a guitar for kids, you should consider a neck which is slimmer than a standard neck, so that it is suitable for kid's small hands to play comfortably. The neck has the fretboard, which is regularly delivered utilizing a layer of rosewood, and frequently maple. The fretboards have position spots or various markers cut. A couple of specifications list something many relate to as the neck structure, which just strategies how the neck is associated with the guitar. Furthermore, you should be aware of three different sorts of neck form, including jolt-on, set neck, and neck-through.


best electric guitar under 2000

Tonewoods-Wood type can impact on the sound, notwithstanding the way that for most beginners, the tonewood of a guitar is surely not an enormous factor while picking a guitar. There are various kinds of tonewood, such as mahogany, maple, and rosewood.

Body Types

best electric guitar under 2000

There are three essential kinds of electric body styles: the strong body, the empty body, and the semi-empty body. The most noteworthy valuable piece of the guitar for kids is a solid and strong body, which is delivered utilizing a solid piece of wood.

Those are only a portion of the interesting points when purchasing a guitar for a youthful player. We trust the data on this page makes your quest for the best electric guitar for your kid simpler. Simply recall, the best guitar is the one your youngster would really need to play and continue playing.

Age To Begin Playing The Guitar

best electric guitar under 2000

Realizing whether your kid can deal with the guitar is a significant thing that you need to know before looking for a guitar for your kid. Nonetheless, this ought to not be a very remarkable worry for you. There is no fixed age for when a youngster ought to get familiar with the guitar. Normally, a youngster needs to learn or play the guitar at 5 years old or under, and that is the greatest age range to begin learning how to play the guitar. One thing that does make a difference is that if your kid is genuinely ready to hold the guitar, then continue to the next variables.

Explanations Behind Various Electric Guitar Sizes From Child To Child

Each youngster has an individual growth system. Some become quicker while others take time to give perceptible growth signs. This is the motivation behind why the children of a similar age have various heights. Thinking about this reality, the manufacturers have provided a lot of guitars with various sizes to meet different children’s needs with different growth even if they are all in similar age groups. If your kid is taller than his/her age group's normal height, then you should go for guitar size suggested for the older age group. If your child is shorter than his/her age group’s normal stature, then you should go for the size recommended for the lower age group. 

Things You Should Do If Your Child Likes A Larger Electric Guitar

There are no exact rules for picking the guitar size. If your kid is profoundly energetic to play a bigger guitar in view of its rich sound and successful tones, don't stop them from endeavoring. It's conceivable that they have the correct potential to play a bigger guitar with extraordinary enthusiasm and the correct methods.

The Ideal Budget To Spend On An Electric Guitar For Kids

best electric guitar under 2000

In the event that you are able to buy your kid an expensive guitar, you can discover alternatives of tenderfoot guitars for over $1,000. Notwithstanding, kids tend to develop, so if these guitars have a small size, they will struggle to play it in a couple of years. So that this sort of guitar is certifiably not a drawn-out venture. Therefore, it is very easy to solve this problem as you can search for an alternative under $300 instead of purchasing a costly electric guitar. Although these under $300 guitars are affordably-priced, it is truly moderate, and the sound quality is better than average. However, you will not regret burning through cash on it if your child loses enthusiasm for playing the guitar eventually.

Final Thoughts of  best electric guitar for kids

Our best choice - Squier Mini Strat

Compared to those 19 best electric guitars for kids on our list, we finally picked the Squier Mini Strat as our best choice. We chose it because of its excellent features. The first outstanding thing about this electric guitar for kids is its affordable price. If your child loves playing the guitar and you do not have much money to buy one, then this Strat must be your first consideration. The second feature that we want to mention is its small size. It has a short scale length that will make your kids feel more comfortable when playing for a long time. One more thing is that this Strat is lightweight, making it a very easy carriage instrument as your kid can bring it everywhere without feeling tired. Last but not least, when buying a guitar, the most important thing we look for is the sound quality; fortunately, this guitar has a high-quality sound with bright and clear tones. Those are all the significant reasons why we choose this best electric guitar for kids.

best electric guitar under 2000
best electric guitar under 2000
best electric guitar under 2000

Best For 4 years old kids

Best For 8 years old kids

Best For 5 years old kids

There is a wide range of different best electric guitars for kids so that you can easily find all the information related to the guitars you are looking for. Just make sure that the guitar you choose matches your child’s style, musical taste and preferences. We hope you can soon get the best electric guitar for your kids after reading our article reviews of the best electric guitars for kids.

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