Top 15 Best Electric Guitar Amp For Beginners Review 2023

Nowadays, the electric guitar is one of the indispensable musical instruments in many performances. For that reason, electric guitar amp – a device capable of diffusing sound in an excellent way for electric guitar, are also being developed. So, “how to purchase the right amp” probably is what everyone is wondering about. In order to meet the needs of electronic guitarists, there are a lot of features that need to be clearly understood such as weight, watt, etc. If it’s your first time buying an electric guitar amp, then the list of top 15 best electric guitar amp for beginners reviews below will be of great help to you.

Best Electric Guitar Amp For Beginners Comparison 2023

Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier Fender Champion 20 – 20-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier Fender Mustang LT-25 – Digital Guitar Amplifier
best electric guitar amp for beginners best electric guitar amp for beginners best electric guitar amp for beginners




Best Electric Guitar Amp for Budget

Best All-Rounder

Best for Features

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Electric Guitar Amp For Beginners, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Detailed Reviews Of Top Best Electric Guitar Amp For Beginners

Fender Frontman Electric Guitar Amplifier 10

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 10 Watts
  • 1-6″ Fender Special Design Speaker
  • One Channel
  • Controls: Gain, Over-Drive Select Switch, Volume, Treble, Bass
  • Other Features: 1/4″ Instrument Input, 2-Band EQ, 1/8″ Auxiliary Input Jack for Jam-Along with Media Player or CD, 1/8″ Headphone Output Jack for Silent Practice, Closed-Back Design for Heavier Bass Response

Fender Frontman Electric Guitar Amplifier 10G is the compact amp which has the design stays true to that classic Fender look with its sparkling silver grille cloth, textured black vinyl covering, and the legendary logo on front.

In general, the controls of this amp are very simple with just a volume, treble, bass, and gain knobs. Besides that, it also offers thick distortion at the flick of a switch. Apart from that, other features include a headphone jack for silent practice and an Aux -In for connecting to an audio source so that you can jam along to your favorite tracks.

However, at 10 watts, this amplifier is only suitable for bedroom practice. In case if you’d like to make some noise and eventually jam with friends, it might not be able to fulfill your conditions/might not fit the job. Moreover, rock and metal players should also consider when planning purchasing this amp.

The best part is this amp has the price at $60, which is the perfect choice for those on a tight budget.

Fender Champion 20 – 20-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 20 Watts
  • 8″ Speaker
  • Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Voice, and FX Controls
  • Onboard Effects & Amp Modeling
  • Headphone Jack
  • 12.75″ (H) x 13.75″ (W) X 7.5″ (D)
  • 12 lbs (5.4kg)

As its younger sibling above, the Fender Champion 20 still carries the typical classic Fender style. Nevertheless, it pacts in a lot of wonderful extra features that can definitely make you satisfied.

If you are willing to drop a little extra money, you can totally own the Champion 20 which is equipped with 17 different amp models. With a turn of a knob, choose from clean to mean tones from the 17 various amp models that will accommodate almost any genre of music. 17 different amps in one tidy package sound great, right?

Another big difference between this and the Frontman is the inclusion of 6 in-built effects. This includes reverb, chorus, flange, delay, vibratone, and tremolo. So pretty much every effect you would ever need! The ‘TAP’ button allows you to set the delay time and tremolo speed with precision. You can also blend the level of the affects you are using by utilizing the ‘FX Level’ knob.

The Champion 20 has twice the wattage as the Frontman; therefore, it shouldn’t have too much trouble helping you transition into playing in a band scenario. Furthermore, it is also better suited to cope with a wider variety of genres including modern hi-gain metal.

Fender Mustang Lt-25 – Digital Guitar Amplifier

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 25-watt combo amplifier
  • Single 8” Fender Special Design guitar speaker
  • Wooden cabinet
  • Simple user interface with 1.8″ color display
  • Stereo headphone output for silent practice
  • USB interface for recording or firmware updates

First of all, unlike the other two amps in this article, this new amp features a more modern aesthetic.

As it is a digital amp it also features a digital user interface with a 1.8″ color display.

From the manufacturer, the Mustang is “the sounding guitar amps on the planet”. It’s ideal for beginners and students, with a super-simple user interface and a collection of 30 presets covering a wide range of music—a ‘greatest hits’ of electric guitar tones.

Besides that, the Mustang has a versatile signal chain with high-quality onboard amp and effects models, which produces amazing tones, making it an ideal practice amp for home or office.

Another great advantage of this amp is that once you’ve dialed in your tone you can save it to memory and instantly recall it whenever you like. The LT-25 features 50 different tone presets which lets you instantly get up and running with tones defined by the experts at Fender. No more painstakingly dialing in sounds every time you need a new tone – just turn the knob until you find the sound you want. It’s worth noting that all of these presets can be overwritten with your own sounds if you’d prefer!

If you prefer traditional amp designs and would rather keep things simple then this might not be the amp for you! But if you like the look of it and really want the most features out of your first amp, give it a try!

Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier (Crush 12)

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 12 watt
  • 6 inches speaker
  • Dual gain controls
  • 3 band EQ
  • Master volume

At first glance, the amplifier is covered with a striking orange basket weave Tolex and woven speaker grille. The compact amp weighs just a smidge over 12 pounds, making it quite portable, indeed.

The Crush PiX CR12L makes it easy to dial in your tone with 3-band EQ, plus Overdrive and Gain controls. Moreover, it has a 6″ speaker, and is quite possibly the loudest 12 watts we’ve ever heard.

The Orange Crush PiX CR12L makes an excellent affordable practice amp. Whether you’re a seasoned pro picker or just learning your first-position chords, the Orange Crush PiX CR12L makes an awesome practice amp.

Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier (FLY3)

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 3 Watt compact mini guitar amp.
  • 2 channels – Clean and Overdrive.
  • Patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature).
  • Digital ‘tape’ delay effect.
  • MP3 / Line In for jamming along or listening to music.
  • Emulated Line Out for ‘silent’ practice or recording.
  • 3″ speaker producing true Blackstar tones.
  • Battery or DC powered.
  • Revolutionary sonic performance

The FLY3 owns a compact and sophisticated design. However, don’t be fooled by its looks. This mini amp can actually pack a punch with a big tone, even at the lowest volumes. This is because it combines two channels, tape delay and the Blackstar patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) to create the perfect compact and portable guitar amplifier. This ISF allows you to infinitely change the sound of your FLY 3, which gives you endless possibilities on the tone of your amp. The FLY 3 also features tape delay effects, allowing you to make your amp output resonate during play.

The FLY3 also comes with an MP3 / LINE IN jack built in, allowing you to connect to your MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. and jam along to your favorite tracks. Besides that, the Emulated Output jack can also be used with headphones.

Apart from that, the FLY3 can run by battery power, which makes it a set of portable speakers. Because of this, you can take it with you wherever you go.

KitHouse B9 Electric Guitar Amp

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • Guitar Input; Support BASS, TREBLE Regulation; 18 Types of Featured Drum Beats Rhythms; VOL Adjustable; Portable for Outdoor Using
  • Wired/Wireless Microphone Input (1/4″ 6.35mm Jack); VOL, ECHO Adjustable
  • AUX Input 1/8″(3.5mm) Jack working with Phone/Audio Device for Background Music
  • Headset Output (1/8″ 3.5mm Jack) for practice without disturbing others
  • DC 5V Charging & Power Supply; 2 x 2200Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery(Battery Included); When fully charged, its working time about 10 hours long

To easily amplify at all times in all places, let start out with this Kithouse Guitar Amp.  This amp has the ability to turn your guitar’s output from a simple electric current into those familiar sounds.

Kithouse Guitar amplifier is a great choice for you if you’re looking for more of a clear, crisp sound and the best possible reliability. This is the amp combining the preamp, power amp and speakers into one piece, which makes them ideal for places where you want to set up and tear down in a hurry. Moreover, because of large battery capacity, it can take on work estimated 10 hours long.

All of the above marvelous features bring convenience and comfort for the electronic guitar beginners, especially for those who have rehearsals or busking.

NUX Mighty 8BT 8-watt Portable Electric Guitar Amplifier

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 8 Watt,6.5” Speaker
  • Bluetooth connection, Guitar and Microphone channels
  • Clean, Overdrive and Distortion sound
  • TAP TEMPO to adjust the drum speed, Drum rhythms and drum level controls.
  • Mobile APP

 Nux Mighty 8BT can be controlled remotely with the Mighty App, which can be downloaded free at Apple Store and Google Play. When the download is finished, there are 3 presets for you to choose: clean, overdrive, and distortion. This helps you to customize and save your tone on each one.

Besides that, when it comes to Mic input, the Master Reverb for your guitar and microphone can be adjusted separately thanks to adjusting the volume and controlling the Reverb Send.

In particular, the amp has a built-in drum machine. There are 9 different style drum beats and a metronome you can play along with. To change the drum style, just push and hold the Tap button and turn the Drum Volume knob while holding it. You can also use the mobile application to control the drum machine.

Nevertheless, this amp contains up to 4 Delay effects and 4 Reverb effects. This is great as it allows you to select and adjust Decay, Speed and Mix levels including TAP TEMPO with a mobile app.

In particular, this amp can be easily carried anytime, anywhere by powering the amplifier with a 9V adapter (included) or using 8 AA-size batteries (not included). In addition, the strap on the amplifier is also designed to be detachable, allowing you to easily attach or remove the strap on the amplifier.

Fender Mini ’57 Twin-Amp

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 1 Watts
  • 2 – inch speaker
  • Net Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Dimension: 11.42 x inches
  • 1 9V batteries

The Mini ’57 Twin-Amp gives you one Watt of Fender sound through a 2-inch speaker. Dial it in to your liking with tone, volume and distortion controls.

Just with a petite sized amp packing a 1 watt punch and trial 9V battery included, you can take this little amp anywhere. With the additional headphone socket you might even get away with a little practice in the jury box. However, if you’re staying in one spot for a while, you need to save a battery and use an AC adapter.

Besides that, this little amp helps you to practice in silence with a quarter inch headphone jack. It also allows you to dial in a variety of sounds using the volume, tone and gain chicken head knobs.

Additionally, when purchasing this amp, you can enjoy peace of mind from a one year warranty.

Luvay 10 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • Power: 10 Watt, for Electric Guitar, inputs include a standard ¼” jack for an instrument
  • Speaker: 6.5″, specially designed for enhanced high-frequency response
  • Function: input, drive switch, volume, treble, bass, headphone output
  • Cabinet Material: Lightweight Plywood, coated by high quality leather

The GA-10 is just the right small amp with just the right sound. Its convenient front-panel inputs include a standard ¼ inch jack for an instrument.

However, weighing in at only 5 pounds, it is easy to carry the amp with you. Besides that, the GA-10 is perfectly portable, which delivers great tone and features for an electric guitar and a mic—ideal simplicity and flexibility for a variety of musical and basic public address uses at small gigs and gatherings. It is also the perfect amp for bedroom practice.

Donner Electric Guitar Amplifier 10 Watt Classical Guitar AMP DEA-1

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 10-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier that provides explosive tone with intuitive controls.
  • 6.5-inch Special Design Speaker
  • Controls: Gain, boost Select Switch, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass.
  • 1/4″ Instrument Input, 3-Band EQ, 1/8″ Auxiliary Input Jack for Jam-Along with Media Player or CD, 1/8″ Headphone Output Jack for Silent Practice.

The DEA-1 holds a classic “Blackface” design: silver grille cloth, black ‘Chicken’ head knobs and Donner amplifier logo. Its closed-back design gives a heavier bass response than other amps. The edge is surrounded by hard material, protecting the amplifier from damage and pad of rubber makes it stand safe and stable.

Besides that, the DEA-1 features a 6.5-inch Special Design speaker and a selectable gain control that can rock guitar tones. It also has a 6.5-inch specially designed speaker and optional gain control to control the tone of the guitar. There are two channels: Clean and Booster. When in Clean mode, it operates like a ‘normal’ amplifier. However, if you switch to Booster mode, you will get an unexpected explosive volume, just like a 15W electric guitar amplifier.

The DEA-1 is really a brilliant candidate for the beginner electric guitarist, street performances, karaoke with friends, band performances and outdoors playing.

Sawtooth 10-Watt Electric Guitar Amp

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • Power Requirements & Consumption: 120VAC, 60Hz
  • Total Output Power (RMS): 10W RMS @ 4Ω
  • Speaker: 6.5″
  • Controls: Volume, Gain, Drive
  • Master EQ: Treble, Middle, Bass
  • Jacks: Input- 6.35 MONO JACK, Headphones- 6.35 STEREO JACK
  • Signal to noise ratio: : ≥70dB
  • Dimensions: 9.65″ height x 10.1″ Length x 4.13″ Width

The Sawtooth 10 watt guitar amp produces a variety of tones in a compact size. Besides that, it has a sturdy construction with a hardy shell that will not fall apart if you accidentally knock it over while rocking out. Furthermore, the Sawtooth 10 watt guitar amp gives you tons of control. This allows you to try different settings to find the sound that works for you with adjustable Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, and Overdrive!

Apart from that, this cool 10 watt amp is loaded with an overdrive switch, which allows you to go between clean and overdriven sounds. Additionally, the open weave fabric grill of this amp allows more sound projection and reduces the overall weight of the amp, making it loud enough for small venues, and easy to transport. Also features a headphone output jack. It is the ideal for anyone from beginners to pros!

VOX Valvetronix VT20X Modeling Amplifier

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 20 Watts; 1 x 8″ Speaker
  • Valvetronix preamp uses a vacuum tube multi-stage amplification circuit
  • 11 realistic amp models; 13 high quality on-board effects; 33 preset programs
  • Built-in tuner, AUX in jack, Headphones out, and USB connectivity; Optional VFS2 & VFS5 footswitches
  • VET (Virtual Elements Technology) delivers stunning sound quality

The VTX Series represents an evolutionary step in VOX’s Valvetronix Series. These amps combine all-new sophisticated modeling technology with a multi-stage tube preamp circuit to reproduce the unique distortion, touch sensitivity, and the response that is characteristic of classic tube amps. By using VET (Virtual Element Technology), which is based on an analysis of the components and amp circuits themselves, VTX amplifiers produce the most accurate and realistic amplifier sounds to date.

This new amplifier also features a multi-stage Valvetronix tube preamp. This preamp design incorporates authentic analog circuitry to achieve the subtle tonal adjustments and capture the nuances that are distinctive of vacuum tube amps.

In addition to this clever circuitry, VT20X amplifier features a tightly sealed cabinet and a proprietary bass-reflex designed to deliver stunning resonance. Go beyond the realm of previous modeling amps with the new VOX Tone Room editing software that lets you customize the existing amps and effects yourself, or create your own!

The VT20X is rated at 20 Watts, which is the most compact amplifier in the VTX Series, making it the ideal choice for an at-home amplifier.

Roland CUBE Street EX 4-Channel 50-Watt Battery Powered Amplifier

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • Angled back is used as a stage monitor; mounting hole for use with optional ST-A95. (Best with Polaroid AA Batteries)
  • Power: 50W (25W & 25W stereo)AC or battery-powered (5 hours at 50W; 10 hours at 25W; 20 hours at 10W)
  • Speakers: 2×8″ woofers; 2×2″ tweeters
  • 4 seperate channels: connect a variety of mics, instruments, and audio devices
  • Two vocalists can perform at once thank to two XLR mic inputs
  • COSM tones for electric guitar: provide Clean, Crunch, and Lead Preamp for acoustic guitar: provide clean, natural sound

With its compact size and battery-powered operation, Roland’s CUBE Street was a huge hit among traveling musicians. Now, the new CUBE Street EX infuses the popular mobile amp with a huge performance upgrade that delivers more projection, more channels, and more versatility.

The new CUBE Street EX owns 50 big watts of power and a stereo speaker system with dual woofers and tweeters provide clean, punchy sound for larger crowds. Besides that, there are also four independent channels that offer abundant connections for a variety of mics and instruments.

Nevertheless, detailed sound adjustment is available with separate EQ and reverb controls, and great guitar tones are dialed in easily with the onboard COSM amps. Selectable power modes provide up to 20 hours of operation with eight AA batteries, and two CUBE Street EX units can be linked together for more sound coverage if needed. And with i-CUBE LINK, you can even plug in your iPhone or iPad to play backing music and record your performances!

Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 60-Watt Vamp-Series Amplifier

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 8 Inch Speaker – 3-Band EQ: Control Treble, Mid-range, and Bass – Dimensions: 15.75 x 8.27 x 13.58 Inch
  • High and Low Level Inputs – Volume Control – Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Two Channels: Clean and Overdrive For a Crunchy, Powerful Sound – 1/4 Inch Headphone Jack for Silent Rehearsing
  • Gain Control for Overdrive – 1/4 Inch Output Jack for Hooking Up External Speakers
  • Rated Power: 60 Watts – Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 15 kHz

First of all, you’ll sound positively tremendous with this powerful 60 watt amplifier for sure. This is because the PVAMP160 is equipped with an 8 Inch speaker, high and low-level inputs, clean and overdrive channels, and a 3-band EQ for controlling the treble, mid-range, and bass.

Moreover, you can adjust the gain on the overdrive for that classic blown-out sound, or add in a delay effect using the built-in digital delay. When you need to perform on big stages, this PVAMP160 absolutely is the efficient supporter. In contrast, when it is time to practice quietly, you might need to plug in your headphones.

BOSS KTN-50-2 Katana-50 MkII-50-watt 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp

best electric guitar amp for beginners


  • 50/525/0. 5W 1×12″ Guitar Combo Amplifier with 5 Amp Voicings
  • Cab-emulated Headphone/Recd Output
  • 4 Tone Slots
  • 60 Effects
  • USB

One of the Katana-50 MkII’s most powerful features is the ability to store favorite amp character and effects setups in Tone Setting memories for instant recall. After you’ve dialed in a sound with the panel controls, you can simply save it to the desired memory with a quick button hold. Four Tone Settings (two banks of two) are available, with fast selection right from the panel.

The Katana-50 MkII rocks as a standalone amp, but it also excels as a powered cabinet for a favorite preamp, modeler, or multi-effects unit. The Katana MkII now includes five simultaneous effects categories, putting the tone-shaping power of a massive pedalboard right inside your amp.

Furthermore, it also provides guitarists five amp characters as well as ten overall tones. The Katana MkII’s five primary amp characters offer everything from organic vintage tones to modern high-gain sounds, plus a dedicated voice optimized for acoustic-electric guitar. The characters have now been extended with newly voiced variations, providing a wider palette of tone options to craft your personal sound.

Apart from that, the Katana-50 MkII also features USB and phones/recording outputs with mic’d cabinet emulation, letting you send mix-ready amp tones to a computer DAW or headphones. The direct sound can be shaped with three different Air Feel settings, which are accessible from BOSS Tone Studio. Two-channel USB operation is supported, allowing you to track in true stereo with many of Katana’s modulation, EQ, delay, and reverb effects.

Matters to Consider When Selecting the Best Electric Guitar Amp for Beginners

When searching to buy, there are several criteria that you should notice:


Usually, amps are usually made of metals or woods.

best electric guitar amp for beginners

Amplifiers made of metals such as iron, copper, cast iron, etc. have better resistance to sound interference than wood amps. Besides that, they have good bearing capacity and high durability.

On the contrary, wood amps will rot quickly. They also have poor resistance to sound interference. Additionally, you will have to spend a lot of money if you use precious wood in large quantities to make amps. However, wood amps are often more aesthetically pleasing than metals amps because they are meticulously carved by the makers.

For beginners, a metal amplifier would be a good choice for you because it is highly durable, which is suitable for you to practice at home day-to-day as well as practice at rehearsals with friends regularly.


best electric guitar amp for beginners

Before buying an electric guitar amplifier, you need to make sure there is enough space for this. Some amps are very large, so they take up a lot of space.

Especially, if you don’t want to use a battery-powered amplifier, consider placing the amplifier close to the power socket. This depends on your preferences and needs.

Amp Watt

For the beginners, amp watt should be a matter needed to be considered. Amplifier’s watt has a huge effect on the sound frequency.If you buy the amp just to practice in the bedroom or play around indoors, you should choose one with a low watt. That’s because it can allow you to practice all day without disturbing your parents or your neighbors. 1 watt to 10 watt amp is the appropriate one. In addition, small watt amplifiers are also more affordable.

best electric guitar amp for beginners

In contrast, if the purpose of the amp is for outdoor rehearsals or jamming with friends, then you should choose one from 11 watts to about 30 or 40 watts. You and your friend will have a good time for sure.

In addition, there are large watt amps dedicated to large-scale performances and stages. These amps are usually 50 watt or more. If you’re a beginner looking to be the stage king, you should purchase one.

Outside Connected Devices

There are specially designed amps that allow you to connect to external devices such as headphones, USB, phones, etc.

best electric guitar amp for beginners

Most of today’s amplifiers have a headphone jack. This makes it possible to practice in a quiet manner without losing anyone’s sleep.Another external amp connection device is USB. There are some amplifiers equipped with USB plugs, allowing you to store your mixed tracks for playback on a computer or other device.In addition, for some amplifiers, the phone is an external device connected to the amp that has the ability to play backing music and even record your performances.This brings about a lot of convenient functions. For beginners, take this into consideration when purchasing an electric guitar amp.


best electric guitar amp for beginners

Remembering that the best electric guitar amplifier to choose is to ask yourself about the use you are going to give it: Will you carry it often? Do you need it to play it at home or at a professional level? Are you going to practice with different styles?All of these are things you want to take into account. Once you have this clear, you can go on to analyze the different advantages and disadvantages of different types of amplifier.

Video: How To Choose a Guitar Amplifier – Electric Guitar Amp Buying Guide!

Final Thoughts of Best Electric Guitar Amps for Beginners

In general, buying a top-ranking electronic guitar amp that satisfies your requirement is not so hard. There are numerous things about the amplifier that you need to learn. However, choosing the amplifier which is suitable for the needs and preferences of the beginners, this is probably still a bit complicated and difficult.

Therefore, I have prepared for you my three best picks for beginners electric guitar amps.

Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier

Fender Champion 20 – 20-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Mustang LT-25 – Digital Guitar Amplifier

best electric guitar amp for beginners best electric guitar amp for beginners best electric guitar amp for beginners

Best Electric Guitar Amp for Budget

Best All-Rounder

Best for Features

I hope this guide will be of some help to you to select the best electric guitar amp for beginners. In any event, please don’t hesitate to discuss this guide to the best electric guitar amp and provide your opinions below.

Besides that, you can keep reading reviews at Amazon to learn more about the electric guitar amp, from which you can choose the right amp for the beginners.

 Hope you will soon find out your favorite electric guitar amp to hit the stage.

See more best seller of Electric Guitar Amp for Beginners on Amazon and find the best option for you here!

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Best Electric Guitar Amp for Beginners at the comment box below!

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