Best Drum Books Will Revolutionize Your Playing And Teach You How To Play The Drums

Drumming is a highly physical and mentally challenging art. Drumming is one of the most difficult instruments to learn, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. It takes years of practice and dedication to become a proficient drummer, but once you have reached that level, drummers are some of the luckiest people on earth. And if you want to become a great drummer and learn how to play the drums, there is one thing that can make or break your playing: the best drum books.

Drumming offers something for everyone: if you like music, drums provide an excellent way to make it; if you like rhythm, drums offer more than enough; if you are into percussion or want to play with others drum sets are key; and finally, if you are looking for a challenging physical activity that will improve your coordination and balance while providing hours upon hours of entertainment then drums might just be right up your alley.

If you are a drummer, chances are you have been searching for the best drumming books to help you improve your skills and knowledge of the drums. This post will provide a review of some of the top-rated drumming books on Amazon that could be perfect for your needs.  In this article, we will cover five main books for you. Let’s get started!

Best Drum Books Reviews 2024

The Best Beginner Drum Book

In our opinion, The Best Beginner Drum Book is one of the best drumming books available on Amazon for beginner drummers. If you are a drummer struggling to learn how to read sheet music or create new beats and fills, this book is a great way to get up to speed quickly.

The book begins with a discussion of how drums have been an integral part of many different cultures throughout history before going on to detail some of the benefits of learning drums–from boosting confidence and coordination to having fun playing along with your favorite songs.

It then goes on to describe how to set up your drum kit correctly (including holding your sticks), reading sheet music (including both standard notation and odd time signatures), creating beats and fills, playing along with songs in multiple genres, and finally how to start your band. There are plenty of photos throughout the book, which make it easy to follow along with the lessons presented. Such a fantastic option that no one ought to ignore.


+ Clear instructions on how to read and play drums

+ Plenty of pictures and diagrams

+ Covers a number of musical genres, from jazz to funk

+ Teaches the basics of percussion and drumming

+ Fun songs that can easily be performed by players at any experience level

+ Ideas for setting up a band and playing live shows


– Too simple for advanced musicians looking to improve their skills

– Not enough information on certain parts of drumming

Bass Drum Control: Best Seller for More Than 50 Years!

In Colin Bailey’s Bass Drum Control: Best Seller for More Than 50 Years! If you are looking to get a lot of control over your bass drum, this book can help. It shares many insights about the best way to play the bass drum pedal technique and offers exercises to help you master it.

This is an excellent book for drummers who want to work on their bass drum technique and increase their flexibility. The book includes exercises and easy-to-follow instructions. There is also an accompanying audio CD that helps to demonstrate the steps with play-along tracks. This is a must-have book for drummers who want to build their skills.

This is one of the best drum books that has been a best seller for more than 50 years. So you may also imagine the unique attraction that this book creates. That is the reason why we advise you to get one and learn more from it.


+ Many exercises and easy to follow instructions

+ An accompanying audio CD with play-along tracks

+ Perennial among drummers

+ Offers exercises that will help drummers master their bass drum pedal technique

+ Develop your bass drum technique and increase the flexibility thanks to the different mastery of exercises


– A downside is that the book requires a lot of patience

– The price can be discouraging at first but it is worth it

– You may need an extra copy if you don’t want to lend your original one out or share it with others

Pan Steel Drums Made Easy: Basics For Beginners

If you are interested in learning how to play the pan steel drum, this is the perfect place to start. We concentrated on how “Pan Steel Drums Made Easy: Basics For Beginners”. The book is very informative, and the lessons are written in a manner that is easy to understand. This would be an excellent primer for anyone who has an interest in playing the steel drum.

Pan Steel Drums Made Easy: Basics For Beginners is a definitive guide for anyone looking to learn how to play one of these instruments. The book explains everything from what a pan drum is and its history all the way through an explanation of each part of the instrument and how they work together. It also includes exercises that will help you get your bearings quickly so that you can start playing tunes right away!

The content is concise, well-structured, and has diagrams that explain how to play to you. There are even pieces for the beginner where they can practice their skills with accompaniment. The book is straightforward to read and it caters to all kinds of readers regardless of whether you have previous musical experience or not.


+ Includes exercises to help you get your bearings quickly.

+ Easy to read and understand.

+ The content is concise, informative.

+ Have pictures to explain the parts of the instrument.


– may none

Play Drums with the Best of AC/DC

Play Drums with the Best of AC/DC is the next product we want to introduce to you in this article today. This book includes a download card. It will allow you to access each song with two specially recorded backing tracks: a full demo (comes with drums showing) and you will follow it to play along with. This is an excellent way to practice your drumming skills or just have some fun!

In addition, this book includes standard drum notation, complete lyrics, and 13 classic songs with AC/DC. Songs included are Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Back in Black, For Those About to Rock (We Salute You), Highway to Hell, Hells Bells, It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll), Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution, Let There Be Rock, and Thunderstruck.

The drums are one of the most potent and iconic instruments in rock and roll. With this unbeatable collection, you’ll learn to play the drums like a pro with songs from some of the best bands ever! With two powerful audio tracks included with each song, you will become the rock star you have always wanted to be.


+ Includes 13 classic songs with AC/DC

+ The book includes standard drum notation, complete lyrics, and two powerful audio tracks included with each song

+ An excellent way to practice your drums skills.

+ Have some fun practicing along to the music.


– Some of the songs may be too difficult for beginners

The Drummer’s Toolbox: The Advanced Guide to Learning Drumming Styles

The Drummer’s Toolbox can present the drummers with almost all skills at every level with the most comprehensive introduction. And they are shown in 100 drumming styles that from the older century. This book will also guide includes 900+ examples of groove and up to 1000 recordings are recommended from suggestions.

You will be taught how to play many music types with this book. Such as Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Soul & Funk, Metal, Electronic, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Caribbean, and so on.  Each one has a description and how to play it, as well as many examples of grooves you can learn from each style.

For example, you will study how to play Rock with techniques such as ghost notes, left-handed fills, and strumming. The examples given for Rock are mainly based on the bands Rush and Deep Purple. These grooves are enjoyable to play along with. Why don’t you try an excellent drum book like this one?


+ Many different drumming styles and lessons on how to play them.

+ Consist of 900+ groove examples for you to work off of.

+ 100 drumming styles are included in it.

+ There is a recommended listening section for each drumming type.


– Does not come with a CD or DVD, so you will have to figure out how to play each groove by yourself.

Best Drum Books Benefits

Drummers have a lot of information on how to improve their skills. There are many books and videos with different opinions on what is the best way to practice, learn new beats, or play along with a band. Some people believe that it is better to read about drumming than actually playing it because they feel as if they will not be able to understand what is being explained fully.

Others say that reading about drumming does not give you the same understanding as hands-on experience would. It all comes down to personal preference and needs, but there are some general benefits associated with reading the best drum books, which include:

best drum books

• You can read these books without needing any formal education in drumming

• You don’t have to practice or put time into learning new beats because you are reading about them

• The best drum books will give you the tools to be a better drummer for your specific needs, such as playing with a band or practicing at home

• You can read books from authors you admire and learn about new beats, genres of music, and other drummers to play along with

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Drum Books

Even though there are many things you need to pay attention to when you decide to choose the best drum books for yourself, we just show you the three most important factors here.

Your Skill Level At Present

The first thing to consider is your skill level. If you are just starting, it may not be a good idea for you to go straight to reading the best drum books because you don’t have the necessary skills to gain from them. You should start with learning how to play and practice on your own. Some of the most popular and best drum books are written by famous and more experienced drummers so these books can be an excellent place for someone who has more knowledge, but they may read too quickly for somebody who doesn’t know as much.

Your Goals In Playing Drums

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a good drum book is what you are looking for from it. Some books are more about drumming techniques, while others have more variety. Some videos and DVDs include demonstrations of different types of music or playing with a band which might be exciting or enjoyable for somebody who dreams of being a famous drummer. These videos can be a great way to learn new skills but they do not provide the same experience as reading about it in a book would.

Type Of Your Drumming

The last factor to consider when choosing the best drum books is the type of drumming you will be doing, whether you are learning or just reading drumming, and who you want to be exposed to. If you are reading about drums for the first time, it is essential to know your comfort level with reading because some people feel they cannot understand what is being explained when they read about drums. It is also essential to think about who you want to be exposed to your thoughts or opinions on how best to play drums or learn new beats.

FAQs about Best Drum Books

best drum books

Q: How will you know if the drum book is too difficult for you to read or follow along with at first?

A: It depends on what you hope to get out of the book and your skill level. It is best that people start with something at their current skill level and then move up more gradually.

Q: How do I know how long it will take to master this drumbeat?

A: Itis hard to say because there are many factors involved, such as your experience, ability, and dedication towards learning new skills on the drums. If you put time and effort into playing daily, it can be surprising how quickly you will master this drumbeat.

Q: Do some books focus more on technical aspects of drums than others do?

A: Some books focus more on technical aspects of drums than others do. And some books focus more on drumming techniques while others have more variety. Some videos and DVDs include demonstrations of different types of music or playing with a band which might be enjoyable or necessary to somebody who dreams of being a famous drummer. These videos can be a great way to learn new skills but they don’t provide the same experience as reading about it in a book would.

Q: How can I improve my basic knowledge of drums without buying any books yet?

A: The best way to improve basic knowledge without buying any books is through experience. People should find some drums and experiment with them before they are ready to invest in a set of their own. They can practice on the drums wherever or whenever they have time while watching other drummers play or practicing at home while listening to music so that drills become more natural.

Q: Which is better, a book or video about drums?

A: Both books and videos can be helpful when learning about drums. While some people enjoy reading the information in a book, many people may prefer watching it demonstrated in a video.


So you want to learn how to play the drum, prepare the best drum books for yourself as soon as possible. It is never too late to start practicing or reading up on new strategies because there are always ways that we could improve our skillsets. So why not take advantage of these tips today and get started with one of these books? You will feel like you are actually playing the drums in no time!

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