Top 17 Best DJ Mixer – Perfective Recommendations And Reviews 2020

As a DJ, the plain importance of your setup is that the mixer. Whether or not you are studying the way to DJ or are already associated with existing professionals who have to upgrade, we tend to extremely suggest top 17 of the best DJ mixer  there to assist you absolutely complete or upgrade the foremost vital part of your scratch lab. 

That is the best but depends on a number of your personal preferences we will analyze below.

Our list of the best DJ mixers worth looking at . Be sure to take into consideration the features we have introduced to you. Let's know which one you feel highly enthusiastic in if you need to complete your setup.

Best DJ Mixer
Best DJ Mixer
Best DJ Mixer
Best DJ Mixer

Best four-channel DJ mixer for the club

Best two-channel DJ mixer

Best DJ mixer for money

Best DJ mixer for beginners

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Top Best DJ Mixer Reviews 2020

Numark M6 USB

We all understand that Numark completes once it mentions DJ instrumentation. This mixer here is one altogether the favorites once it mentions a friendly budget. It has got four input channels and each of them accompany gain, semiconductor unit metering. This is often brilliant for a visual of your levels, particularly if you’re enjoying life.

Moreover, it provides three-band EQ management. Its USB property is compatible with PC or laptop and additionally includes a mic channel with an additional input for a mic within the fourth channel.

Furthermore, it works okay with Serato and also the crossfader is extremely sleek with no hiccups. The gain controls and alternative knobs unit of measurement created inexpensively. The Cue buttons are tiny, but good quality if you are committed to build and stability.

Anything besides intermixture possibly isn't so ideal with this. However if you’re on a budget and wish a solid mixer to do what it’s mentioned, you’re sensible here.

This is often opposed to the mention antecedently if you want plenty of channels. The Numark M6 USB DJ mixer is wonderful for hybrid DJ rigs, and of course compatible with a customary analog setup if you’re not employing a digital rig, thus don’t let the USB property steer you away if you’re projected to a customary DJ setup.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • It is a 4 channel mixer.
  • It provides Mic input, Master control, USB connection
  • It has great sound quality.
  • Best price.

Behringer DDM4000

An equipment for the beast mode mixers. The Behringer model has always been related to friendly budget and stable products, and this best DJ mixer is not an exception. If you like to urge a premium mixer, we recommend this mixer for you.

First of all, this mixer just looks futuristic and slick. We all know that aesthetics might not be necessarily as important as how smoothly the fader moves. However, you ought to take this into consideration when live performance.

Secondly, this best DJ mixer still remaining relatively affordable for those keeping their wallet into consideration, the DDM4000 gives us a quality of a mixer with four multi FX action, 2 BPM counters, 2 XLR microphone inputs, 4 phono or line and 4 stereo channels, and a digital fader permanently construction still as MIDI functions, which may operate with Serato DJ to manage FX although you will still must buy the audio interface.

Furthermore, you may get your reverse button, pitch control, so on. It gives you five independent channels. Besides, it's supported by lots of extended use, so if you get this, it’s an investment which will last you quite a few years just in case you handle it with care. Additionally, it accompanies some rack brackets if you would like them which may be a plus. The Behringer DDM4000 mixer is surprisingly powerful at a reasonable price, we recommend using this mixer if you can’t afford one in every of the heavy hitters.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • It offers many flexible input connections.
  • It provides customizable, professional controls.
  • It has a wonderful dynamic range and amazing sound quality.
  • It could integrate subwoofer crossover and outputs.
  • It is a full featured sampler with 2 channels.
  • Pioneer DJM-350

    First of all, you recognize you may trust the brand because of their immeasurable name. The DJM series provides a number of the best DJ mixers. However we have a tendency to select the DJM 350 thanks to the cheap worth, the powerful functions as well as because it being one in all their newest models that the support are going to be there for ensuing years. It’s a giant favorite of club DJ’s. The four forms of effects create it stand out from the cheaper mixers we’ve got back this text.

    Additionally, these embrace filters for tonal quality of your music that helps take away the high or low frequencies, crush so as to accent the sounds, jet which provides a touch effect of a jet propelled plane, or gate for sterilisation the rhythm for a natural sound.

    Another huge advantage of this best DJ mixer is that the USB port that permits us to record the mixes you create straight into your PC therefore  it's terribly simple for mixing CD’s, adding scratches to songs and something the same.

    Unfortunately, there's no XLR mic input however you are doing get a phone hookup. The Pioneer DJM 350 mixer is just a 2 channel mixer, however the ability of this factor is crazy.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • Feature USB mix to record built in to the mixer. 
    • It has 4 brilliant master effects.
    • It could be compatible with the USB key, MIDI and Rekordbox.

    Pioneer DJM-450

    The Pioneer DJM-450 has been recently reworked to incorporate a number of the favored style options. It offers a two channel mixer with sixty four bit on the digital signal process which produces wonderful quality audio from analog and digital sources. It encompasses an identical skilled layout.

    Furthermore, it features the heavy duty design for smooth equalization control and has an isolator to eliminate an EQ band in its entirety. It provides easy accessibility to stored tracks and is Mac and PC compatible. It is the best DJ mixer for pairing up with a turntable to regulate the simplest DJ mixer.

    In addition, It provides eight inbuilt beat effects like Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Flange, Pitch, and Roll. Therefore, you'll be able to use onboard effects furthermore as external effects simultaneously, due to its independent send or return.

    Other things, it's quite versatile connections with XLR line in, three RCA, two phono or line, mic and aux, a master XLR and a RCA, still as two headphones in conjunction with 2 USB ports. It conjointly accompanies a license for Rekordbox DJ.We believe that it's a well made DJ mixer, and has beautiful property choices and also the code is pretty tight.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • Robust faders for long-run use.
    • Upgrade version.
    • It is versatile.
    • It provides a free code license.

    Stanton M203

    Nowadays, this best DJ mixer would be our favourite mixers for under 100 dollars. This is often a friendly budget, and provides you what you would like concerning the kind of mixer, Stanton’s DJ instrumentality is usually the most effective of the DJ mixers. The M203 provides us a solid build and most significantly we have detected smart feedback about the slider itself.

    It's a bit significant and also the solid matte end also slider, knob and button create a prime. Besides, it intermeshed a lot towards the low level DJ, it provides us two channels, a phono or line that is switchable, a input per channel, a cue pan fader, and a three band combining weight per channel also.

    Furthermore, you get an amazing mic input with tone management however it doesn’t have a reverse switch or aux input, that you'll still survive while not. However, it doesn't mean that it’s only for DJ beginners. We all know some DJs who prefer simple things that also use this just because of the simplicity and build of it.

    There are not any digital ins or outs thus like most of the mixers on the list that are up-to-date, thus you don’t have a USB or Serato DJ kind of mixer. Nevertheless, that is only dependent on your needs and how your setup is. The Stanton M203 DJ mixer appears early in our list with its best price and high power.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • It has best price.
    • It offers a wonderful crossfader with curve control.
    • It has a great three-band EQ.
    • It provides solid construction.

    Denon DN-X1100

    You'll probably not recognize the Denon DJ equipment because it's a touch less well known but it impresses us a great deal about the development of its DJ mixer. Its Denon series of mixers are all solid, but this can be our favourite of the group because of its affordable price and features. It's considered to be an entry level board that has multiple line outputs which has eight of them because it's very friendly for users and straightforward to find out. Therefore, if you’re searching for something within that area it's exactly for you.

    On the opposite hand, some drawbacks may include the facility cord not being detachable, headphone amp being a bit weak so if your studio headphones have too high of an impedance you won’t be able to get the complete power out of it.

    Other than that, the eight channels are quite plenty and you get some extremely smooth faders here, to not mention the most crossfader being one among the simplest we’ve used. The switchable inputs also are very convenient and therefore the effects are slick. Some also prefer the Denon X1600, albeit lots costlier, but something worth staring at if you're shopping around for a Denon specifically. We believe that the Denon DN-X1100 is the best DJ mixer and is a solid mixer within the great price which is suitable for you.
    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • This DJ mixer is extremely easy to use.
    • It is amazing flexibility and provides more inputs than other DJ mixers.
    • It is brilliant construction quality.

    Allen & Heath Xone:22 Professional 2 Channel

    We extremely suggest this best DJ mixer as a result of it's one of the most effective on the market. Allen & Heath utterly dominate the mixer, and this is often one in all their lowest cost mixers that hold one in all the very best reputations round the music instrumentality world.

    This is an improvement from the Stanton we've listed, and if you pay many dollars and would like a mixer that has your commonplace two channels, a crossfader curve switch and typical mic input, this is suitable for you. Besides, it's also amazing for beginners or perhaps semi professionals, likewise jointly the largest outstanding of this mixer is their low and high pass filters, which are nice to offer you these effects if you wish to drown out or merely give some spunk to your channels. 

    In addition, the crossfader is kind of smart quality and it's user interchangeable likewise. We tend to suggest using the Allen & Heath Xone:22 mixer thanks to its friendly price tag likewise as powerful, essential options it offers us. Take this in the slightest degree prices if you're during this vary.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • It is an amazing choice for a cheap DJ mixer.
    • It has a wonderful sound and mixing quality.
    • It has great quality construction and features.

    Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2

    And now, we have a tendency to extremely suggest the Native Instruments. Its Traktor Kontrol series of DJ mixers are outstanding, making a whole new normal concerning DJ mixers. With their newest model, the Traktor Kontrol Z2, you get full management and simulation of a DJ setup inside one rig. It's specifically designed to be integrated with their Traktor DJ code, one in all the largest competitors to the Serato DJ program.

    The biggest problem this is so expensive is because of the software.  It accompanies their full version of Traktor Scratch Pro 2 that could be a digital vinyl system, that is comparable to scratch code of Serato, their time code vinyl and CDs that permits you to digitally scratch something you will be able to consider suggests that it emulates the legendary observe of DJ, also as their Macro FX that enhances concerning thirty solid effects that you just will management with the knobs on the Z2.

    Furthermore,  in terms of software, this factor is crazy, and if you wish to run a strictly digital setup, this is often the thanks to go if you’re trying to find another to Serato.

    It was also highly appreciated and is definitely an investment, but one factor that you just won't be discomfited with, particularly once you have learned the ins and outs of it. It’s got a huge community for support with any queries you've got also. We’d solely suggest obtaining this one for the insane code bundle and overall property they need with one another. The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 is the best DJ mixer.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • It is a great choice for your budget.
    • It offers all the features you need whether you are a beginner or professional.
    • It has a simple design and easy to use.

    Allen & Heath Xone:92 Fader Professional 6 Channel

    As we tend to mention, the complete Allen & Heath Xone mixer series ought to be taken into thought if you’re searching for a DJ mixer, and once thorough analysis we tend to feel that the ninety two is one in all the simplest DJ mixer. Everything else is controlled with a MIDI controller if that’s what you’re staring at.

    Every Xone model has one thing totally different to them as we tend to learn with the Xone:22 as mentioned above. Therefore, if you’re searching for one thing else you'll in all probability find it at intervals in their series. This specific DJ mixer is extraordinarily powerful, notably praised for the filters.

    In addition, It’s got arguably the simplest low and high pass filter sweeps out there. The four band equivalent is additionally a standout and also the six channels can cause you to never want to go any lower ever again. There are two headphone outputs if that's your factor, that is one in all the best crossfaders we've got besides the Denon, and it's got MIDI property simply just in case. The wonderful feature is their models of traveling cases, notably for this model, the Xone 92 DJ mixer is one in all Allen & Heath additional powerful models.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • It offers great sound and good compatibility.
    • It also has amazing quality construction.
    • It provides a great sound.

    Rane Sixty Two

    As you'll see, the price range of mixers is incredibly giant, the Rane mixers are also very common and keep a high name within the DJ instrumentation world as a result of its price. The fader of this DJ mixer issue is one in all the slickest, being magnetic and a product of an awfully solid construction that's not progressing to break on you. Besides, It’s conjointly handily bundled with Serato DJ, which may be a large and if you haven’t purchased your duplicate. And if you had no concepts, it’s their signature vinyl scratch emulation and overall DJ package.

    It’s conjointly bundled with a number of different helpful tools, like Asio and Core Audio Drivers by Digital design that eliminates latency fully with recording and playback together with your mixer, varied controllers, and so on. It’s a free transfer regardless, providing a few loops and samples also.

    In terms of hardware, the Sixty 2 DJ mixer supports six stereo records and four stereo playback channels. It's got an enclosed twenty channel sound card so it will support management signal pickups or playback for two decks. Moreover, it conjointly provides you freelance playback with a sampler likewise as USB send and returns for package FX.

    Furthermore, the two USB ports is what sets it apart that permits you to own two connections to two computers for an endless amount of possibilities, with many folks exploiting Serato DJ for one pc and therefore the difference for a jackdaw with another MIDI controller or what have you ever. You are not ought to switch around cables here, that may be a pretty huge sigh of relief in terms of convenience, that is competitive with mackintosh or computer.

    The Rane SixtyTwo DJ mixer has everything you wish and additional, particularly if you utilize Serato DJ.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • It has excellent lights for club setting.
    • It provides everything a DJ needs.
    • It is packed with a lot of great features.

    Pioneer DJM-2000nexus

    This is one in every of the foremost amazing mixers we have ever experienced. The DJ mixers have a great budget. This one is separate because it is not quite just a DJ mixer. What you have got with the 2000nexus is for mostly professionals, but if you recognize what you're doing irrespective of what level you want to label yourself, it can set you a component from the various DJ’s out there within the planet today.

    With this you get built-in LAN inputs which are very stable when connecting to Pro DJ multiple computers. This is one in every of the only real mixers with its own display, and has such an oversized amount of plug-ins and extra others it’s difficult to list them here with justice. It is a built-in USB interface so if you don’t have an audio interface yet, stop right there since it provides you one within themixer.

    Moreover, the interface gives you an immediate connection to the PC with up to four audio sources being assigned to each channel. The master output may also be connected to a laptop for even additional management. The latency for smooth recording and pairing with the mixer. It’s got amazing sound quality with the built-in audio interface, but what makes it even better could also be an oscillator that helps with noise reduction.

    There’s a peak limiter to limit distortion, so you're concerned less about levels and might focus more on your mix at hand. Above all, you get a SC card or USB storage inside the mixer. The Pioneer DJM-2000nexus mixer is essentially and thus the best DJ mixer for you.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • It has a variety of wonderful effects.
    • It is simpler than other premium mixers for using.
    • It provides amazing features such as Multi and EQ crossfader.

    Pioneer DJ DJM-S9

    We would prefer to introduce the DJM S9, which has been specifically designed with fashionable software system Serato DJ. It seamlessly integrates and works as a 2 channel battle mixer. It functions as a completely transferrable DJ controller and works through USB.

    In addition, it options a completely configurable crossfader and 6 customizable FX buttons and pads creating it a flexible management for sculpting your own DJ vogue.Furthermore, DJ players will alter the sensation dial to access management over operational load and modify the curve and reverse settings.

    The pads operate as triggers for the subsequent, hot cue, roll, slice, and loop. they will even be designed to the Serato operate mapping as a far off trigger.Everything is definitely unbroken track of with the EL show, that indicates modes that you just will color alter type Serato itself to take care of a visible reminder.

    You can kindle predetermined beat effects on the beat FX and professional FX buttons, suggesting that you'll be able to map all of your favorites with ease. The Filter FX dial permits users to rotate in different filters.

    Other notable options embrace its increased distortion free mic input and clip show for watching levels against peaks.It conjointly comes with free apps that could be a cue purpose percussion app designed to assist users learn and ideal pad percussion a method that's on trend with trendy DJs.

    In general, it's a well thought out mixer style with fashionable pads, it seamlessly integrates with one in every of the foremost fashionable DJ workstations.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • Totally transferrable.
    • Smart variety of presets.
    • Instant integration with Serato DJ professional.

    Mixars DUO MKII

    Another best DJ mixer option to be used in conjunction with a DJ professional is this inspiring affordably priced providing from Mixars. It's an additional modern vogue kitted out with pads also as dials for easy one-touch interfacing between you and your software system mapping.

    It is a twenty four bit audio interface and has been considerably redesigned from previous model versions to combat dirt build up. It's a two channel battle mixer, within the same because the Pioneer DJM. It options the all vital crossfader, that is slanted and has strengthened supports and may be simply removed for cleanup and lubrication. It offers users definitive management over curve changes.

    It offers eight RGB rubber pads to trigger cues and samples and for its low value is very valuable and comes with a replica of Serato DJ.

    It has a way cheaper price tag and permits users to remotely manage with ease and potency. It accompanies a reproduction of Serato DJ and makes a decent alternative for a beginner as a result of its package nature.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • New and improved crossfader.
    • Eight dedicated trigger pads.
    • Free software system.

    Reloop RMX-90 DVS Digital Mixer

    There is another remote different to the equipment that is designed for integrated usage. Reloop RMX-90 DVS Digital Mixer is another four channel possibility that has fared to swimmingly manage your required curve changes.

    In addition, it has a competitively priced product and provides a decent variety of input or output choices. It accompanies a USB hub that has four ports and it options two mic inputs, headphones, associated and freelance booth output. Every channel has dedicated three band leveling rotary knobs in order that every one may be isolated or killed utterly.

    Furthermore, it is compatible with PC, Android and Mac simply and mechanically maps and integrates for DJ Platten spielen, DJ control, CDJ. They create an excellent set of turntables that sit either aspect of the mixer but they are a further purchase.It provides a beautiful difference and is as capable because the extremely praised DJ mixers reviewed.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • USB hub.
    • Android compatible.
    • Dedicated booth out.
    • Fashioned upfaders conveniently.

    American Audio 19MXR

    The 19MXR makes for an incredibly low priced challenger. It is well created as a four channel mixer.It options twenty aboard management buttons that square measure absolutely conveyable and utterly maps to suit the needs of most major DJ code out there. This allows for a tactile feel of operating a standard mixer while giving users the selection to play music and direct management via their chosen code.

    It has next generation digital signal process and a D core sound card that along competently give MIDI and analog management. It options two well balanced XLR outs and USB further as DJ input or output.Many DJ players have an interest in this best DJ mixer as a result of it providing a various price and an entry level for those budding DJs out there which can not invest too heavily.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • Smart input or output choices.
    • Absolutely conveyable MIDI controller.
    • Best priced possibility.

    Allen & Heath Xone:96

    Allen & Heath is an associate audio whole brand which could not be extraordinarily renowned among DJ players within the audio world. However they undoubtedly provide some extraordinarily high quality DJing product. Xone is in depth DJ mixer line of Allen & Heath that options everything from tiny, additional moveable mixers to large, advanced mixers for the club.

    You might understand that the Xone:96 is that the prior model of the Xone:92. The Xone:96 DJ mixer contains a two channel analog DJ mixer with digital connections, and is sometimes to be employed in the club. The Xone:96 options an exact four band atomic weight, filters with harmonic distortion, and a USB sound card, and it accompanies the complete version of Traktor Scratch.

    In addition, there are two FX sends, four stereo input channels with dedicated four band EQs, two stereo input channels with 3 band constant EQs, and there are two stereo returning channels. A separate master insert is on the market for you to attach your alternative gear to the mixer. Their square measures two USB ports, and lots of non digital inputs and outputs.

    Moreover, the in depth selection and quantity of EQs offered on this mixer makes it nice for exactly sculpting your sound. you'll get some crazy sounds out of this mixer and tweak your mixes to nearly unrecognisable levels due to the Xone filters.

    As for the planning, the Xone:96 has an associated industrial style that produces its additional ruggedness. You will drop this mixer and it will still be alright. It will undoubtedly rise to your demands. The layout of the Allen & Heath Xone:96 is extremely slightly thronged because of the numerous knobs and buttons, and it will get overwhelming for those that don't seem to want to use it. However, the in depth club vogue layout is important to a good performance. 

    The Allen & Heath Xone:96 is definitely the simplest four channel analog DJ mixer offered immediately. I extremely suggest it to DJs whose agency wish to induce into intermixture or continue their already existing DJ career. If you're curious about analog devices normally, let's consider this device. It’s all right worthwhile as each sound and build quality square measure unmatched.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • This DJ mixer has more inputs and outputs features with sending and returning than others.
    • It provides four channels with four band EQ as well as two additional channels with parametric EQ.
    • There are two separate headphone outputs with controls and two separate filter modules.
    • It has a brilliant analog sound quality.

    Citronic Pro-2 MkII

    Citronic is another brand that creates skilled audio devices like DJ headphones, studio monitors, USB soundboards, and analog DJ mixers. The Pro-2 MKII is one such the best DJ mixer.

    The Pro-2 may be a two channel analog DJ mixer that is extremely simple. Although it's a straightforward two channel best DJ mixer, it's still powerful and offers DJs the items they might like for an excellent sounding set. The Pro-2 MKII options top quality faders, sturdy and durable rotaries, and a mike input.

    Besides, the microphone channel contains a dedicated three band equivalent weight and level management. Within the monitor section, a rotary management permits you to modify between the primary and second channel and thus the DJ will have a mixture of each channel within the headphones at constant time. Other than this being a two channel mixer, there are five inputs, each channel has its own gain and two band EQ, associated there's a earphone cue combine and a LED monitor for keeping track of your levels.

    Furthermore, the planning of the Pro-2 MKII is extremely easy and simple with a clean, equally organized look. I would undoubtedly contemplate it to own a really minimalist style. It is made from metal and thus is extremely rugged, enough thus to handle taking a beating travelling, whether or not it’s within the van or on stage.

    The Pro-2 MkII doesn’t have any special options like effects, so you will wish to urge some external effects modules or use this mixer with a special DJ controller or turntables. I would undoubtedly recommend exploitation of this mixer for little gigs if you wish a lot of customizable setup.

    • Pros

    • Cons

    Things we liked
    • This DJ mixer is provided with professional components.
    • It has amazing classic design.

    Choosing The Best DJ Mixer

    Best DJ Mixer

    If you wish to urge into DJ, a mixer could be a crucial piece of device. However, with such a lot of models on the market, choosing the best DJ mixer may be a touch overwhelming. Therefore, here we’ve created a buying guide with all the features you ought to explore for, things to contemplate carefully the foremost common guidelines to assist you create your purchase decision.

    The Best DJ Mixer For Beginners

    Best DJ Mixer

    If you're unaccustomed with DJ mixing, it's in all probability a decent plan to get a package dedicated mixer. It'll instantly prepare and provide you active management over your sound. The beginners like you could realize themselves inundated with a mixer with too several aboard options. From those we've reviewed we propose the Behringer DDM4000.

    Features You Need In The Best DJ Mixer

    In our article to list the best DJ mixer for the DJ controllers, we have a tendency to create some necessary distinctions between a modular DJ setup and an all in one DJ controller. Let's take a thought.

    In a modular DJ setup, you would possibly get one by one your music players like decks, CDJs, turntables , then plug their outputs into the inputs of the DJ mixer.

    Best DJ Mixer

    The mixer combines these totally different audio signals and permits you to manage their volume levels and equivalent weight settings severally. Then the output of the mixer gets sent to resolve your electronic equipment. Therefore, the DJ mixer encompasses a master volume knob.

    On the opposite hand, within the  all in one DJ controller, the two decks and mixer are all amalgamated into one system. Typically, you employ a controller like that to manage DJ packages running on your portable computer like Serato, Traktor, or rekordbox DJ.

    In general, both the modular and all in one DJ setup have their advantages and disadvantages. 

    The advantage of a modular DJ setup is that you simply should buy all the parts one by one, and you’re not essentially tied to one complete for the full factor. You would possibly really like Pioneer decks as a result of you'll be able to combine and match, you'll additionally upgrade individual items once you’re able to.

    Best DJ Mixer

    For example, you'll be able to upgrade your DJ mixer from the beginning to the professional one whenever budget. Moreover, the independent DJ mixers tend to be higher quality than those integrated into all-in-one DJ controllers.

    With a modular DJ setup you furthermore may don’t essentially would like a portable computer running DJ package to perform. The setup will stand alone, enjoying music from records, CDs, or USB drives, whichever you like. DJing within the ancient method involves very little over two turntables, a  two-channel DJ mixer, headphones, and a crate of records.

    Another kind of DJ that may get pleasure from the modular setup could be a turntablist that depends on scratching and beat juggling. During this case, the modular of the faders is especially crucial, and a few DJ mixers are engineered specifically with turntablists in mind.

    Tips For The Best DJ Mixer

    Best DJ Mixer

    Finding the best DJ mixer is not simple for beginners. Most DJ mixers seem like a controlling center with several knobs, buttons, and sliders.

    Luckily, there are a couple of primary things you ought to deliberate to decide what the best DJ mixer is for you.

    Number Of channels

    The most vital factor to contemplate is the number of channels you need. The DJ mixers have a minimum of 2 channels, it suggests that 2 different audio sources can be plugged in, and their audio signals mixed together. Each channel features a dedicated channel strip, wherever the audio source’s volume and equivalent may be controlled. All mixers operate this manner, it is not simply specifically DJ mixers.

    Best DJ Mixer

    The 4 channel mixers are quite common, permitting you to plug in 4 audio sources. It means that  2 channels is all you completely would like as a DJ. Once your skills progress, perhaps you'll wish to play with over 2 turntables, or plug in extra such as samplers, drum machines and so on.

    For this reason, it doesn’t matter to invest in an exceedingly DJ mixer with over 2 channels, even if a 2 channel DJ mixer is good for you to use.

    Except from number of channels, we highly recommend some other important things:

    Brand And Quality

    Best DJ Mixer

    Unless you're simply building a DJ setup for active practice, you'll be acting together with your mixer. Within the middle of a performance, some DJs have time to suppose being extraordinarily careful with their equipment. Your knobs and faders of the mixer can take some abuse. Depending on the manner the venue is about up, your gear may get knocked around or maybe even get a drink or two spilled on it. It’s vital that anyone manufactures the mixer, has expertise creating quality gear, and can stand behind it just in case there’s a defect or one thing breaks untimely.

    Effects And Alternative Features

    Best DJ Mixer

    Every best DJ mixer has some basic components such as channel strips, a crossfader, a jack for your headphones, and outputs to connect the mixer up to your electronic equipment. However, most DJ mixers provide further options, a number of them are able to be helpful to you, and a few which are able to go unused. This includes effects, filters, USB property, integrated audio interface, and more. Of course, the more features, the higher price tag.


    Budget is forever the foremost vital thing, as a result most musicians need the simplest device they will afford the best price. A low level DJ mixer can have 2 channels, and really few bells and whistles. You'll need to bear in mind to be proud of a 2 channel DJ mixer loaded with further features or you  would rather have an additional minimal mixer with 4 channels.

    Special Uses

    Some DJ mixers are horribly straightforward, and  helpful for any kind of setup and magnificence of DJing. Others are created for additional specific functions. The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2, as an example, can integrate tightly with Traktor DJ code.

    Conclusion: Best DJ Mixer - Top Pick For The Best

    In this article, we specialize in the 4 best DJ mixers, which is currently available in great features and best price. We recommend both 2 and 4 channel mixers. Any of those 4 are perfect mixers to start with, and keep you quote for times before you're feeling the requirement to upgrade. All 4 of the best DJ mixers would also make great backups.

    Best For channel DJ mixer for the club

    Best two-channel DJ mixer

    Best DJ mixer for money

    Best DJ mixer for beginners

    The best DJ mixer is actually not hard to find but not easy to choose. Hopefully these DJ mixers in our list have been useful to you and help you decide what your next DJ mixer purchase will be. The top 17 DJ mixers mentioned here are definitely worth checking out and considering for your DJ setup no matter your skill level. Be sure to consider for more information.

    • Don't forget to share your thoughts about Best DJ Mixer at the comment box below!

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