What Are The Best DJ Controllers Available In 2020?

Regardless of whether you're an expert DJ or simply starting to blend your music, having a top-notch DJ controller will have an immense effect on your capacity to deliver exceptional sounds. To assist you with figuring out the wide assortment of best DJ controllers available, BreatheCaroline has made a list of best DJ controllers for you to consider. 

The original was what level of DJ every regulator was intended for since master level regulators can be costly and hard for tenderfoots to utilize, while passage level regulators won't have the usefulness required by proficient DJs. 

These controllers are planned with a wide scope of highlights and programming mixes, and sport generally extraordinary sticker prices, making it conceivable to discover a section level model or redesign your current DJ regulator to up your music game. 

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Top Best DJ Controllers Reviews 2020

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000

DJ DDJ-1000 is one of the best DJ controllers from Pioneer because of its unbelievable execution at a sensible cost, pronouncing it the nearest regulator to a club DJ arrangement that almost anybody can bear. Pioneer embraced the format utilized by more established CDJ arrangements, for quite a while the norm in clubs, so this is a simple change to a regulator for expert DJs.

This DDJ-1000 controller is separated by the double LCD screens in the focal point of each run wheel, which gives adjustable data about waveforms, beats every moment, and more as you're utilizing the wheels.

Players adored the Magvel Fader on the base of this Pioneer controller, which is intended to be very solid and gives unpredictable control. It likewise makes it generally direct to begin scratching with this controller since there is low inertness between the crossfade and developments on the run wheels.

The primary control board is set up for four channels of sound, which is useful for DJs hoping to blend complex sounds. The backside of the regulator is completely included, with four contributions to interface with extra CDJs or simple turntables varying.

Besides, this Pioneer model comes with two mouthpiece contributions just as two stalls and an ace yield, so you can associate legitimately into the framework at your next show. The regulator accompanies Rekordbox programming, which is viable for both Windows and Mac, albeit one grumbling that clients of Serato had is that this can't be planned for that product.

Overall, Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 is an excellent DJ controller for expert players to try out. If you want to get a new DJ controller to improve your playing, you should consider this model from Pioneer.

Numark NS7III – Best DJ Controller for Gigs

Numark NS7III is among the best DJ controllers on our list that is the producer's response to the DDJ-1000 from Pioneer, coordinating in both capacity and cost. The plan is unique, notwithstanding.

The foundation of this regulator is the board of the high-goal LCD screens at the head of the unit, the focal point of which shows waveforms for your present tracks so you can coordinate beats precisely with simply a look. The three LCD screens are likewise intended to synchronize progressively with the Serato programming, so you can run the regulator without gazing at your PC the entire time.

Moreover, this Numark controller accompanies Serato, so you won't have to spend additional cash on a costly programming update. The aluminum run wheels are intended for extreme control, giving about 3,600 ticks for every upheaval so you can get your runs precisely how you need them.

The blender can deal with four channels to give you the most adaptability in blending, and each channel has a touch-initiated three-way channel handle for nitty-gritty command over the sounds you're delivering. There are likewise four touch-initiated handles at the head of the regulator that can be tweaked to controls of your decision.

This NS7III is huge and weighs about 31 pounds, yet as indicated by Numark, this is a great plan. The all-metal body of the regulator is intended for sturdiness so you can take it headed for your next gig without agonizing over it which simply makes certain to put resources into a versatile case since it's excluded.

Overall, Numark NS7III is well worth being one of the best DJ controllers that come with many outstanding features and is suitable for gigs. If you want to get a DJ controller, you shouldn’t overlook this Numark model.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 – Best Touchscreen Controller

One of the best DJ controllers from Pioneer that we want to share with you is DJ XDJ-RX2. Players will cherish this adaptable regulator from Pioneer, which highlights four-channel blending controls just as a huge seven-inch touchscreen at the head of the unit. 

The touchscreen shows the subtleties you need when blending, in addition to highlights Pioneer's Track Zoom to permit you to focus on waveforms to coordinate beats. The screen additionally incorporates a console with the goal that you can look through your music library and settings to discover what you need rapidly. 

The EQ level screen in the focal point of the regulator is another component that expert DJs acknowledged on this unit since it makes it simple to screen levels without alluding back to the Rekordbox programming. 

A few players had slight issues utilizing the touch cushions for predefined capacities, taking note of that tracks would get off time since the cushions appeared to be marginally confounded with the Rekordbox programming. Pioneer gave close consideration to the data sources and yields on this regulator, to furnish you with the most adaptability when planning your arrangement. 

This Pioneer controller can also go on well with a PC through a USB so you can play premade tracks without stacking sound cards into the regulator. You can likewise utilize it totally without a PC by basically connecting a USB streak drive with your tracks. 

Furthermore, there are two mouthpiece inputs, which can acknowledge either XLR or inline amplifier inputs. There are additionally two phono/line yields so you can include a CDJ and simple turntable into your blend. 

Overall, XDJ-RX2 is well-deserved on our top best DJ controllers with the excellent touchscreen. If you are looking for the best touchscreen DJ controller, this Pioneer XDJ-RX2 will be an ideal choice for you.

Roland DJ-808 – Best for Percussion

Roland DJ-808 is among the best DJ controllers. It is an intermediate level DJ controller that separates itself from the opposition by including Roland's TR drum machine. The percussion highlights make it simple to blend in, applaud, greet cap, kicks, and catch on the head of the four channels of soundtracks that you can control with the dial board.

This DJ-808 comes with 16 speed delicate impacts caught at the lower part of the cushion, just as an underlying voice transformer that permits you to modify pitch, formant and dodging on the fly. Nonetheless, the cushions can be very hard to push down completely, which can make it fairly hard to accomplish finger drumming. 

Moreover, this Roland controller is generally little and lightweight, however, it accompanies two substantial run wheels of the medium distance across. Players will love the run wheels in general gratitude to their smooth look and for making it simple to scratch, yet many felt that the wheels were excessively hardened contrasted with other controllers to reverse-pivot without any problem. 

The rest of the handles on the regulator are simple to turn and permit you to make accuracy modifications, yet some players note additionally that Roland's manual for this controller is dull. Therefore, you'll have to do some testing to discover what all the various controls are intended to do. 

Besides, DJ-808 also accompanies Serato programming, which is noteworthy given the moderate cost, since you can keep utilizing this product and advance to a more master controller later on.

Pioneer DDJ-RZ Flagship – Best for Scratching

Pioneer DDJ-RZ Flagship is one of the best DJ controllers with many excellent features that will make you feel satisfied. This high-quality DJ controller from Pioneer might be costly, yet as the lead controller for use with the Rekordbox DJ programming clients will rush to disclose to you the cost is justified, despite all the trouble. 

This Pioneer controller is intended to mirror the Rekordbox programming, making it natural for clients to change to this regulator from other programming bundles and empowering quicker blending of complex tracks. With four-channel controls, it is additionally clear to make nitty-gritty and exact blends without exchanging between decks inside the product. 

Besides, this Flagship controller can go with various sound programming programs, including Serato and Virtual DJ. It also has perfect run wheels, which are enormous, raised, and cast from aluminum to give a phenomenal feel when scratching. With this controller, you can decisively alter the opposition of the run wheels to coordinate your scratching. 

The wheels likewise accompany lit up prompt point markers that make it easy to nail your signal and circle focus without fail. The disadvantage to this DJ controller is that it is very huge and hefty contrasted even with other expert regulators, which can make it hard to ship to gigs. Moreover, you will also get a stand, a cleaning fabric, and a lot of DJ earphones, which is a pleasant touch at the cost when buying this controller. 

Overall, DDJ-RZ Flagship from Pioneer is truly a perfect DJ controller with many incredible highlights, including beautiful design and an excellent program. If you want to find a DJ controller that is best for scratching, we recommend you consider this Pioneer model.

Reloop Mixon 4

Mixon 4 is a moderately cheap controller from Reloop’s best DJ controllers that is an incredible decision for halfway DJs on account of the four-channel control and consideration of Serato DJ programming. 

Reloop depicts this as the principal controller that can work consistently with both Serato DJ and DJAY Pro so that it can go with any PC, tablets, or telephones. This Reloop DJ controller comes with the Spotify coordination that accompanies DJAY Pro, sparing huge amounts of time curating music library and sound cards. 

The Match highlight likewise assists players with finding new music and rapidly discovering tracks that function admirably with the blend they are making. This Mixon 4 highlights two medium-sized run wheels lit up with LEDs to provide a smooth look and make it simple to use in a dull club. 

The four-channel controls are significant besides, permitting further developed blends without exchanging between tracks inside the Serato programming. The eight presentation modes are excellent even though this leaves some space for an extension to the 16 modes found on some expert quality DJ controllers. 

However, there are a couple of disadvantages to the development of Mixon 4. The crossfade bar on the base of the regulator has sturdiness issues and permits sound to seep through when it ought to be cut. Moreover, the amplifier input has no equalizer and doesn't deliver the best stable quality. 

Overall, Reloop Mixon 4 is among the best DJ controllers available on the market with many extreme features that will make you feel happy and relaxed whenever you play it. If you love Reloop DJ controllers, you shouldn’t forget to look at this one.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2

DDJ-SR2 is a little and lightweight DJ controller which is an extraordinary choice for those simply getting into DJing and who would prefer not to pass up the highlights that will permit them to take their abilities to the following level rapidly. 

This best DJ controller from Pioneer comes with two huge run wheels so you will be enjoyably dazzled by its size comparative with the general size of other best DJ controllers. This controller is intentionally made for low dormancy, exact runs, and simple scratching. 

This DDJ-SR2 also accompanies Serato programming, which is great for a passage level regulator, and highlights a few controls planned explicitly for this product. For instance, the regulator has fasteners on each run wheel that permit you to switch between key capacities in DJ Pro without evolving beat. 

Besides, this Pioneer model can redesign with Serato DJ DVS for those who need to take their scratching to the following level with a CDJ or simple turntable. It also has the needle search slider at the head of each run wheel, which makes it quick and simple to bounce through a track with a solitary touch and without looking through the Serato programming. 

One more special thing about this DJ controller is its amazingly lightweight, which a few clients adored for the convertibility it bore the cost of the unit while others felt caused it to feel inexpensively built. 

Overall, DDJ-SR2 is an incredible DJ controller on the market. Contrasted with other section levels, two-channel regulators, this one can be somewhat expensive yet it additionally provides a ton of space for expanding DJs to develop.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2

DDJ-SX2 is among the best DJ controllers from Pioneer’s product line. This economical regulator from Pioneer is an incredible decision for middle DJs who would prefer not to spend a fortune to redesign their regulator or in any event, for proficient DJs who need a reinforcement regulator to bring to gigs. 

This DDJ-SX2 controller accompanies Serato Flip and Serato Pitch 'n Time programming so you should plan to go through an additional digit of money to redesign the product on the off chance that you need to release the full capacities of this DJ controller. 

Though this controller can be planned to Traktor, there are some slack issues with the official planning offered by the product and Pioneer. It has control handles for four channels, in addition to two enormous run haggles shaded speed delicate push cushions for initiating various modes and impacts. 

This Pioneer model is famous for its natural scratch on the run wheels, which are refreshed from the first DDJ-SX2 wheels to give more tight reaction control and lower dormancy. It additionally has an equalizer screen in the focal point of the board so you can screen levels initially. 

Pioneer refreshed the receiver contribution in this controller to improve the sound quality from voice inputs. Besides, this DJ controller is sufficiently lightweight to travel effectively at just 12 pounds, yet it can provide the players with the solid feel of the handles and the board itself.

Overall, Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is well worth the top best DJ controllers that can fulfill your needs to have interesting playing experience. If you are  a big fan of the Pioneer DJ controller, we suggest you have a look at this one.

Akai Professional AFX

All you might require to make extraordinary quality blends comes in with this DJ regulator. Akai is probably the best brand around, with a long history of assembling cutting edge music rigging and gear. It is one of the famous brands for most experts around the world.

This Akai Professional AFX makes your blends much more fun and upgrades your learning. It accompanies FX-explicit controls, making it ideal for any expert DJ. It works with Serato DJ as well as viable with most other DAW programming.

Overall, this Akai Professional AFX DJ controller is proven as one of the best DJ controllers for Serato DJ while upgrading your imaginative execution capacity.

Numark DJ2GO2

Numark DJ2GO2 is one of the best DJ controllers, which is incredibly modest for the amateur simply beginning in blending music, and the spending cost even makes it reasonable as a present for a companion or relative. 

This Numark controller is lightweight and little, so you needn't bother with an enormous studio to fit it into, yet it has a considerable lot of the highlights found on bigger passage level controllers. It incorporates two little run wheels that can be difficult to control with much accuracy and do not help scratch. 

This Numark DJ controller has a crossfader and a pitch fader that function admirably for mixing across tracks, given the low cost of this regulator. The little size is additionally a favorable position for further developed DJs who need a convenient regulator they can take in a hurry – it fits directly at the base of most workstations! 

The two channels are bountiful for most section level clients, and the regulator offers playback using the earphone jack simply like on fundamentally more costly regulators. The regulator additionally includes four cushion modes to permit you a moderately serious extent of power over sign focuses and circling. 

Besides, DJ2GO2 accompanies Serato Lite programming, which is an extraordinary bouncing off programming for starting new players who may inevitably move up to the standard Serato programming. The product is likewise broadly viable with working frameworks and supports outside sound cards for clients who wish to include them. 

Overall, Numark DJ2GO2 is an amazing DJ controller for new players to get and start their DJ experience.

Reloop Beatpad-2

Beatpad-2 is amongst the best DJ controllers from Reloop that is an incredible decision for starting players hoping to overhaul their essential regulator to something with huge numbers of the highlights of expert quality regulators. 

This Reloop version includes huge run wheels that clients noted to have a vibe fundamentally the same as obvious vinyl and are anything but difficult to use for scratching. It also comes with numerous lit-up catches to switch between modes rapidly, and the cross blur and pitch blur controls permitted exact blending between tracks. 

Beatpad-2 provides controls to two channels, which may set an upper boundary for this present regulator's ease of use for transitional to cutting edge DJs. However, there are some issues with the product side of this controller. It may lose correspondence with the DJAY 2 sound program which makes it great for playing in the studio, instead of at gigs, where the lost sound is a significant issue. 

Besides, this DJ controller comes with a match highlight which is perfect for beginners, since it makes it simpler to discover tracks that combine well and assists with showing the nuts and bolts of picking music that works flawlessly as a DJ.

Overall, Beatpad-2 is truly an incredible DJ controller amongst various best DJ controllers from Reloop. If you want to have a controller to start your experience, you should also try out this Reloop controller.

Numark Party Mix

If you are for the top best DJ controllers, at that point, this Party Mix from Numark is the alternative for you. You can consider it as a fitting n-play controller that as of now has simple-to-utilize DJ programming introduced for working with your most loved music assortment.

This Numark DJ controller accompanies full capacity controls that place you in charge of the music as you can undoubtedly progress starting with one tune then onto the next. There are lights on the back that sync impeccably with the music, however, on the off chance that you already have lighting or want to get these lights off, there is a catch on the back that will permit you to do as such.

Overall, Numark Party Mix is well worth the top best DJ controllers that have an amusement apparatus and an extraordinary learning instrument, for the cutting-edge DJ. You will likewise discover redesigned play controls that permit you to hit signal focuses if you have them. 

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is one of the best DJ controllers for PCs on our list. It is a genuinely mid-ran DJ regulator that can do the majority of the essential to direct stuff. You can associate it with your PC and control the DJ programming you are utilizing. With this DJ controller, all you need to do is signal up to your melody and fire it up.

The regulator has got some pleasant lights to inform you as to whether all the signs are working appropriately. There are 19 multifunction cushions to flip and circle keys to make some addictive beats.

You can utilize the exactness control and double zone stop or scratch highlight to make the outdated sounds if you are into it. Aside from the highlights, you additionally get the Serato DJ application and a remix toolbox by Numark.

Overall, contrasted with different choices, this is among the best DJ controllers in its value range. If you are finding a DJ controller for your PC, you should consider this Numark Mixtrack Pro 3.

Hercules DJ Control Compact

Hercules DJ controller is on our top best DJ controllers for having a lot more modest structure factor and a way lower cost. It is promoted towards fledgling DJs who need to get familiar with the essentials of advanced DJing. It is a reduced, two-channel regulator for Serato DJ.

With contact touchy run wheels, four execution cushions for each deck handle for EQ, and channel control and lighting on the base that responds to your melody. This Hercules DJ controller is constructed essentially of plastic, which makes it lightweight however not as solid as some more superior controllers. So it is prescribed to keep this in plastic packaging.

Combined with Serato DJ Pro, you could record blends, practice a set, and analysis with changes and blends between tracks. This controller is an ideal choice for those gigs where DJ stall space is restricted or a more easygoing occasion like a terrace party or a family grill. You could likewise keep this little controller in a sack as a reinforcement framework, on the off chance that the primary arrangement comes up short.

Anyway, you intend to utilize this regulator, simply be certain that you comprehend its impediments, explicitly with its presentation highlights and its Audio yield availability. by what this thing can do, given that it costs so less. This DJ controller is great for beginners, you will undoubtedly get familiar with a great deal playing with this. This is USB fueled with a separable USB link included.

Overall, the Hercules DJ Control Compact is proven as one of the best DJ controllers, which is suitable for beginners. So if you want to get a DJ controller to begin learning how to play, you should try out this one.

Numark NV

Numark NV is one of the best DJ controllers that comes with many great features. This moderately lightweight controller is a very good quality machine. The screens on the model are full-shading LCDs, which have waveforms that heap in quickly from Serato DJ.

For the screens, there are a couple of various pages, a standard track deck, track name, beat, time, and impacts. There is stunningly next to no inactivity by any means when stacking a wave frames and influencing them with a run.

Numark NV additionally accompanies contact delicate handles. They can be utilized on the eq's and the capacitive handles are additionally present on the three impacts handles on each deck. It has likewise picked up the channel job and channel impacts modes.

The speed touchy cushions underneath each run wheel work along these lines to Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 most standard Serato DJ controllers. There's the prompt focus, circling moves sampler control, and slicer control just as cerrado flip control.

With 4 decks under your influence, you can shake the gathering with Numark's NV. It approaches you to pay a premium for purchasing the machine, however, the great music you can make from it makes it one of the best DJ controllers available.

Things To Consider When Choosing Best DJ Controllers

DJ Controller Types

When putting resources into a DJ regulator, you will be needed to browse two principle types remembering just for one DJ controller and secluded apparatuses.

Particular DJ Rigs 

Best DJ Controllers

This kind of controller highlights separate sound sources, for example, media/CD players, turntables, and maybe a sound card that will permit you to work the rigging utilizing a DJ programming. 

While most DJs utilize across the board controllers given its accommodation, numerous DJs decide on a secluded plan, which assists apprentices with learning the essentials before they can deal with more perplexing programming and equipment for the beat building. 

A straightforward arrangement for DJ obligations incorporates CD/media players, a blender, and turntables, which is the ideal arrangement for individuals who need to begin a profession in DJing. 

Across the board DJ Controllers

Best DJ Controllers

As the name demonstrates, this framework incorporates a blending segment, media players, PC/iOS interfaces all consolidated into a solitary unit. These regulators likewise highlight catches, sliders, and physical handles that make it simpler for DJs to control the applications and programming running on their PCs, cell phones, or tablets. 

Of course, while you can work on most applications and programming with the assistance of your PC's console, there is no turning around once you have utilized physical controls. The catches and handles will permit you to perform all the more quickly, musically, and easily.

DJ level

Best DJ Controllers

At the point when you're picking a DJ controller, it is critical to be straightforward with your capacities as a DJ and your desires for how you will utilize the regulator. New DJs are probably going to be confused by proficient level DJ controllers and progressed DJs are probably going to be baffled with passage level controllers. In any case, picking a framework that isn't coordinated to your capacity level is certifiably not an incredible circumstance.

Software and Consistency

The product included with your DJ controller is a critical aspect of your DJing experience since this is eventually what you'll be blending music in with the controller. The Rekordbox DJ programming is considered generally simple for amateurs to learn, yet incredible enough for proficient DJs, endless regulators, including the entirety of the Pioneer controllers we surveyed accompany this product. 

Best DJ Controllers

The Serato programming comes in different renditions relying upon the experience level of the DJ that the regulator is expected for outstanding amongst other extra speculations you can make as your experience level develops is to update your product while proceeding to utilize a similar regulator.

You should be certain while picking programming that it is viable with your PC just as with your cell phone. Besides, you should remember to check whether the regulator can be planned for other programming applications using MIDI on the off chance that you intend to utilize your product instead of the sound program that accompanies your controller. 

Number of channels 

Best DJ Controllers

The quantity of channels on a DJ controller successfully decides the number of various tracks you will have the option to control separately in your blend. Most controllers normally come in either two-or four-track models, with new player level controllers, similar to the Numark DJ2GO2, including just two channels and most master level regulators, similar to the Pioneer DDJ-1000 and DDJ-RZ regulators, highlighting four channels.

Two-channel controllers are regularly ready to control four tracks relying upon your sound programming, however, for this situation, many controls on the controller should switch between two tracks so you should get a four-channel regulator if you intend to blend in with four tracks. 


The measurements of a DJ controller you use can be a serious deal if you are tight on space, for example, if you have a little studio arrangement or are wanting to play at a confined club, just as on the off chance that you plan on going with your regulator.

All in all, starting DJ controllers will be more modest than proficient quality regulators since they have fewer controls. Probably the greatest supporter of regulator size is the presence of turntables. If you are tight on space, you should pick a controller with scaled-down turntables.

Best DJ Controllers


Weight is another significant thought with regards to shipping your controller anywhere you want. Therefore, section level controllers will in general be lighter than proficient level DJ regulators, although weight ought to be an optional thought to having the list of capabilities you need, to blend music the manner in which you like. 


Screens are a typical element on proficient quality DJ controllers since they permit you to utilize your controller without a PC associated, in the event that you need to. Nonetheless, screens can be useful regardless of whether you are utilizing your controller with the sound programming open since they permit you to screen sound levels straightforwardly on the controller, opening up window space in your sound programming. The number, size, and sorts of screens change on these controllers, from a huge touchscreen to a lot of three little screens, so you ought to consider your DJ style while picking what kinds of screens you need. 

Inputs and Outputs 

Best DJ Controllers

The sources of info and yields on your DJ controller will figure out where your sound can be directed, so ensure you pick a regulator with various choices. Most controllers accompany a receiver contribution just as a couple of USB associations with a connection to your PC or another optional screen. 

The number of yield channels can likewise shift, which can be significant in the event that you are working with bigger speaker frameworks or various sound interfaces. You should check particularly that little section level controllers have the yields you need since they are generally stripped down contrasted with proficient controllers.

Inner Storage

On the off chance that you intend to utilize your controller without a PC that is regularly limited to master DJs, you'll require an approach to stack your sound library onto the controller. This should be possible by settling on a controller with inside memory to store the sound, however, many controllers are planned with a USB contribution since this gives more prominent adaptability in including and taking away music from your controller.

Best DJ Controllers


Wheels are the pair of platters that accompany essentially all cutting edge DJ controllers. They're intended to duplicate the vinyl turntables of more seasoned DJ frameworks and permit you fine command over blending music. The wheels can be utilized to accelerate or hinder tracks, just as to make blurs in the middle of tracks. For some, DJs, having wheels is likewise fundamental for making custom scratches in a blend.

Wheels might be mechanized or non-mechanized and have various sensitivities to contact, contingent upon the development of the controller all of which comes down to DJ style and inclination. They additionally differ generally in size, despite the fact that the size of the run wheels is one of the significant determinants of how enormous and hefty a controller unit will be.

Best DJ Controllers

Additional Equipment

DJ controllers are costly bits of hardware, however, you'll require a couple of assistants to finish your DJ set. Most DJs will need a reminder to hold their controller at an agreeable level, just as a couple of earphones and a conveying case for moving the controller to gigs.

A few controllers arrive in a pack with a few of these things like the group from Pioneer that incorporates a lot of earphones and a remain with the controller which can be useful in that it spares you from settling on various buying choices. Then again, you may need a particular arrangement of earphones, or an all the more hardcore conveying case.

Conclusion - Top Pick For The Best DJ Controllers

Best For Experts

Best For Experts

Best For Beginners

Among all those best DJ controllers on our list, we finally chose this Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 as our best DJ controller due to its outstanding features. The first thing making this DJ controller stand apart from other best DJ controllers available is its affordable price range. It has a low price point so that every player who loves playing DJ can buy it easily. 

This DDJ-1000 has LCD Screens in the focal point of run wheels. This controller also has Magvel Fader on the base which is created to give great control. It is simple to begin scratching with this DJ controller as it has low inertness on the run wheels. 

Moreover, this Pioneer DJ controller comes with a control board that has four sound channels making it perfect for players to mix sounds. DDJ-1000 also features four contributions to interface with extra CDJs or simple turntables varying. 

Furthermore, it has two mouthpiece contributions, two stalls, and an ace yield, so you can associate legitimately with the framework at your next show. Overall, for us, these features make this DDJ-1000 stand out from various best DJ controllers on the market.

There are many different best DJ controllers on the market with amazing features. So, when considering a suitable controller for your need, we suggest you make a shortlist of your favorable controllers based on their looks, channels, weight, screens, and other important features. We hope you can find your DJ controller after reading our reviews.

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