Top 15 Best Dj Controller Under 500 – Which Is Excellent Choice For Music Mixing?

If you’re really into the dj world and want to purchase the good quality dj controller at an affordable price. Here’s the list of the top 17 15 best dj controller under 500 in 2023.

DJ controllers are microprocessors that can provide better control of the program on the tablet and smartphones than the computer keyboard and the touchpad on the laptop or on the touchscreen. They do not combine Audio Signals such as DJ Mixer but send Signals to a machine to say to the computer program how audio is mixed

Many DJ controllers are more costly because of better performance, but more inexpensive alternatives become common for beginners. Today Carroll / Fletcher will show you the list of top 15 best dj controller under 500 offering both great quality and amazing experience in dj playing.

Best Dj Controller Under 500 Comparison 2023

Numark Party Mix Roland DJ-202 Controller Numark Mixtrack Platinum Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller
Best Dj Controller Under 500 Best Dj Controller Under 500 Best Dj Controller Under 500 Best Dj Controller Under 500

best for Beginners

best for Performance

The Most UseFul LCD Display

The Best Overall

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Top Best Dj Controller Under 500 Reviews 2023

Numark Party Mix

The first product on our best dj controller under 500 list is the Numark Party Mix. The Party Mix DJ controller of Numark is as fun as it sounds – you are sure to be rescued from the outset, vibrant buttons, and dials. But that’s what really matters within it! The fantastic benefit of Numark’s DJ controller features a built-in sound card and simple configuration for different speakers. If you so like, you can even expose your own light show.

For someone who starts as a DJ, the party mix is a perfect alternative. The machine features 8 different output mats, rubber plates, and two channels to use with Serato DJ Lite and provides several different features. Your update to the pro release of the DJ app possibly will be required again to really make the most of this DJ controller. Not just a DJ controller, it’s also an independent mixer

Most consider the Numark Party mix as an alternative to the larger and bolder technology of other manufacturers. This may be real, but the Party Mix does its job and more. It may not be the most professional technology if you are trying to start up a future, but it is very easy to deal with for casual gigs and gigs.

You can insert it directly into the controller with all of your paths and headphones to hear your mixes as they are made. There are not many controllers with an embedded sound card out, so this can be a major appeal for many DJs.

Here is some outstanding features of this product:

  • Two-channel Serato DJ Lite compact DJ controller (included)

  • Mac and PC are compatible.

  • DJ Lights Built-in light display with 3-room light arrays that synchronize automatically to your music

  • Sound Card built-in

  • 4 output-sensitive pads

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Very simple to manage.

  • Economic prices

  • Compact and minimal footprint

Things we did not like

  • Low standard of building

  • Marketing Bait-and-Switch – you just don’t get free DJ apps

Pioneer DJ DJ Controller (DDJ-400)

Next up, we are excited to show you Pioneer DJ DJ Controller (DDJ-400) – one of the best products on this best dj controller under 500 list. A famous Pioneer startup controller. And Rekordbox DJ instead of the Serato DJ program will be presented this time around. Rekordbox DJ is a software used as the new format for DJ club software. If you plan on improving the line or plan to play in a DJ club, such as or DJ club facilities, that makes a huge win.

This controller is even stronger with rubberized outside corners. This is a really good controller to balance with the scale of the thing in tandem with the long tempo faders. This controller also has a style that feels more like clubs, which for this DJ controller is another strong point.

With the complete version of the Rekordbox Dj app, you will be sure to update your controllers downstream and this is a good choice with its excellent build quality. It’s for those who want to use DJ with the total Rekordbox DJ app, not scraping but want a solid interface like the equipment used by clubs…

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Superb wheels for jogging

  • Part on Professional Looping

  • Outstanding standard of building at a fair price

  • Active pads for results

Things we did not like

  • For newcomers, the loop section may be a little confusing.

Pioneer DJ DJ Controller(DDJ-SB2)

Pioneer has a long-standing tradition of state-of-the-art machinery manufacture. It is easily one of the pioneers of the industry and provides a wide range of products.

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 is the next-generation Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB. This was the first major hit two years ago at the launch. The DJ controller with many technical features was considered the top class in the entry. The DDJ-SB2 is all like its predecessor and has some additional professional features that render it similar to the mainstream.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Portable 2-channel Serato DJ controllers are one of the best entrance controllers, and due to their new and updated features, they are still fantastic for a professional.

Here is some pros of this product:

  • In addition to new professional features such as trimming pots, level meters, pad trans impact, etc, it has all the same features as the popular Pioneer DJ DDJ DSB.

  • It is user-friendly.

  • USB powered. USB powered.

  • It’s an incredibly lightweight, compact controller that fits in the smallest DJ rig.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Super simple configuration

  • Not much curve of learning as you get acquainted with this DJ controller

  • Equipment with an intuitive configuration with easy access on the top and bottom of the rubber pads

Things we did not like

  • The complete version of Serato program is not available

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 DJ Controller

The latest version of the Traktor controller in NI entry level is an outstanding platform for new DJs. The Traktor Pro 3 can be attached to either the laptop or the free Traktor DJ iOS application, without the need for any extra cable or adaptor. This controller is easy to use and, though its jog wheels do not have the finesse of its big brothers, it has everything you need to launch and play small parties or home DJ sets.

The Traktor Kontrol S2 gives all the details you need, be it the bass breakdowns, Steppy synths or the peak time are describing your style. Craft is set to two stages and is innovative with conveniently used methods such as looping, beat synchronization, and club-grade effects. Begin spinning right away on the complete release of our Traktor Pro 3, the flagship DJ app used on the biggest stages worldwide. Find intuitive tools that can help you establish your style easily.

Have your mixes down really quickly: line up the next loop, find the reference point, break off the kick and add a reverb before the drop. Simple access for the chops pauses, and smooth switches to articulate and critical controls. Get the vibration in the ears in seconds from the headphones.

A familiar basic interface for the club, everywhere you go. Check the rails directly on Traktor Kontrol S2, change the beat grids, use effects, and functions such as flux modes. All you need to make creative mixes are by fingertips

We like to see a little more convergence between the iOS and Traktor’s laptop versions — libraries and cue points can’t actually be loaded into each other — but this is a perfect choice for a fun and compact DJ…

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • It arrives with software from Traktor Pro.

  • Plug and play features encourage you to make music as long as you have a machine somewhere.

  • Generous mixing effects and other useful methods for transitions and beat-matching are included.

Things we did not like

  • Small output volumes.

  • There are only RCA outputs that are a bit redundant.

Numark Mixdeck Express | 2-Channel 20 DJ Controller

Let’s see Numark ‘s entrance into the DJ circuit app-friendly. The Controller 20 is yet another contemporary package that allows you to mix and play through the iPad, so you can download DAW apps to make tunes simple.

Moreover, the controller also enables quick convergence with streaming and music libraries, making it too quick to start mixing the audio with iTunes or Spotify. You can store and get mixes in the cloud, and additionally, you have three separate channels to combine – like integrated LCD displays. This means that in 2023 there are few other DJ controllers that will enable you to access your tunes in a visual way.

There are also an incredible number of managed and FX buttons available on the deck itself which ensures that you can fully control your music physically if you choose. You can also hook into old music techs like CD drives and players and play and combine standalone songs. Once again, this is a controller with Serato Intro which means it’s good, easy to start with something with which the controller was designed if you don’t have a favorite DAW app to hand.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Ultra-compact 2-deck displays and Serato DJ Intro applications included

  • Dual CD / MP3 CD and USB Thumb Drives independent replay

  • Jog wheels with high resolution for scraping and scanning

  • LCD shows

  • EQ / rotary kills, crossfader replaceable and external inputs 3-channel mixers

  • Audio mixer with two channels

Things we did not like

  • Occasionally desktop freezes

Numark DJ2GO2 DJ Controller

The DJ2GO2 is among the best DJ controller under 500 on the market. It’s very compact and crammed with so many characteristics that you’ll wonder how Numark crammed it all into such a small box…

But first of all, the DJ2GO2 is not a true DJ controller (although it does have loads of features). The first thing is to remember. Show it up at a live concert and you’re not going to be taken gravely.

It is designed instead for house parties, informal performances, and DJs who want to do their own workout without using a massive, bulky device. It is just larger than a compact keyboard and can easily fit across the trackpad of a Macbook Pro. The weight is ridiculously poor, at less than 12 ounces. You should hold it and don’t sense it in your backpack.

The key justification for buying this unit is portability, but not the only one. You may also provide a reasonably good performance between the two small jog-wheels, 4 pads for 2 pads with dedicated Pad modes, and an integrated audio card. We saw it as often as pro-DJs use it to map their songs, at house parties.

Many negative evaluations appear to concentrate on low building efficiency or lack of functionality but skip the argument. It is a kind of DJ controller “kick it into your handbag on the way to a friend’s house party.” It’s completely small and amazingly pleasant.

Get the DJ2GO2 if you already have a larger, stronger DJ controller and you need to use more. Or if you just start up and want something that fulfills your desire and does not empty your pockets.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Small size and small footprint

  • Small weight, less than 0.75 lbs!

  • Filled with simple functionality

Things we did not like

  • Little about performance-based functionality

  • Small jogging wheels are cumbersome to use

  • Some systems have a cooling problem with the integrated sound card

Behringer CMD Studio 4a 4

The next product is the Behringer CMD Studio 4a 4 from the brand in germany.Behringer is known for the low cost and reliable facilities it provides. CMD STUDIO 4A is one of the cheapest 2-deck controllers on the market with an integrated 4-Channel sound interface.

Behringer CMD Studio 4A has no shortage of touch-sensitive jogging wheels, 100 mm pitch fader, three full-kill EQ bands with a backdrop lighted keys, effects, and loop controller. It’s all you have to do to begin DJing.

Features stand out to include LED input, a good built-in audio guid and a lot of hot details.

The most common DJ app is compatible with it. Some of them are Traktor, Serato Live, and Ableton Live. However, they also added one of the apps called LE apps Deckadance. I’m a tad surprised.

The CMD STUDIO 4A would be ideal for you if you don’t care about the brand name. A very enticing selection of prices is available in the Midi DJ controller from Behringer. The only nice thing about this controller is that no famous DJ app is available. You would then eventually invest in additional applications for Traktor or Serato DJ.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • 4-deck highly advanced controller with 4-channel USB audio interface built-in

  • Includes Deckadance DJ apps from Image-Line

  • Compatible with common DJ applications such as Traktor, Serato Scratch Live, Ableton Live, Native Instruments, and all other MIDI-compatible programs

  • Strong 4-channel USB audio interface with 24-bit converter and Windows and OSX operating systems with ultra-low latency

Things we did not like

  • Not desirable to absolute beginners or novice learners

Numark Mixtrack Pro II USB DJ Controller

Mixtrack Pro II comes from Numark, the world’s leading maker of DJ technologies with a logical design and extended design for technical controls, including 16 backlit drum pads and illuminated touch-activated plates. You get everything you need for DJ on your machine with Mixtrack Pro II: hot signals, loops, and controls of effects, a built-in professional ADI audio, and Serato DJ Intro program.

 A complete performance of DJ digital. Mixtrack Pro is a robust DJ device that runs on your Mac or PC using audio. The classic two-turntables and one-mixer rig of Mixtrack Pro connect to your machine to allow you to scratch, mix, loop, and much more. Mixtrack Pro has all the inputs and outputs for your tablets, speakers, and microphone you’re looking for.

Moreover, Mixtrack Pro is mobile, so anywhere you are happy to DJ. Mixtrack PRO II is designed to suit dynamic performance, lean, mean, and ready to strike. Creates loops, launch samples, and controls the 16 backlit rubber drum pads with hot signals. Turn into Loop Mode, Sample Mode, and Hot Cue Mode automatically.

 The new slimline low-profile architecture of Mixtrack Pro II comes with a full mixer section, reliable crossfader, 3-band EQ, and dedicated browsing controls for the Music Library. You will spend more time with music and spend less time scrolling at the screen monitor. For smooth and fast mixing, the Pitch and Sync controls are onboard and 16 dedicated effect controllers allow you to add and manage flangers, phasers, echoes, and more.

Some great feature of this product:

  • 16 backlit, Loop Mode, Sample Mode, and Hot Cue mode rubber drum pads
  • Enabled plates for correct scratching and control
  • The maximum mixer area is fitted with a 3-band EQ and navigation controls to the music library.
  • 16 sensors for the insertion and modulation of flangers, phasers, echos, and more
  • Audio device for the headset cue, input, and output of the microphone
  • Pitch and Sync for fast blending and seamless
  • Software used for Serato DJ Intro
  • MIDI standard for most common DJ device applications.
  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Comes with a long-range of technical controls

  • Features an easy to get used to an intuitive style

  • Lightweight but robust

  • Ideal for the DJ traveler

  • Includes a download of Numark Remix ($200 value) Toolkit.

Things we did not like

  • For the complete software edition, additional payments required

Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller

Pioneer merged the DDJ-SB2’s common functionality with its leading Serato DJ contents to improve the accessibility to DJ learning. This 2-channel controller is a perfect platform for beginners looking to develop their skills with an expert interface based on the top DDJ-S selection. Master Serato DJ Lite, then buy Serato DJ Pro to go forward on one machine when you’re ready.

Using the added FX fade feature and play with scratching effects without using the Pad Scratch tool, you can transition between tables with ease. This technique is co-developed with DJ Jazzy Jeff to apply scratch records to the output pad’s touches.

With new upgraded functionality and buttons, the DDJSB3 builds on the already popular SB2. This control also includes some functionality of its premium controllers that adds tremendous value.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Intuitive interface features

  • Built of robust high-quality materials

  • A compact design for sports

  • Lightness

  • Comes with basic grips

Things we did not like

  • Only Serato Software may use some of its features

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 DJ Controller

Another not less interesting product in this best dj controller under 500 is the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 DJ Controller. Software and hardware – completely harmonious. The redesigned Traktor Kontrol S4 has been made to have an inspiring DJ experience with the finest performing DJ device customized to Tractor. The S4 blends an elegant interface with an up-to-date four-channel blender, a 24 bit/96 kHz Sound Card, with the Remix Deck app of Traktor PRO 2. For DJs who want pro-functions, quick accessibility, and portability, this is the perfect one-stop kit.

There’s some thrilling new feature on the flagship NI control surface. This controller now offers a full, vivid, color-coded RGB input so you don’t need to look at your screen for cue points, loops, and samples. It also features a segment for live remixes and innovative layering devoted to Remix Decks. And because the Traktor S4 and Traktor Pro 2 flagship apps have been developed by the same team, you can guarantee that they are all implemented perfectly. Anything you like, track decks, remix decks, instruments, and the option to add CDJs and turntables.

Traktor Kontrol S4 also has an efficient and flexible audio platform that manages most sound systems that are terrestrial. Extensive and sophisticated connections allow you to attach towels, CD players, equipment, MIDI devices, and more – all of which bring your output up to new heights. The Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 Audio Interface offers enough punch to rock a whole club thanks to a high-frequency response.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • The cheapest controller for less than $500 for Traktor

  • 4 channels allow 2 external decks to be attached.

  • Integrate features for tractor loop capturing and remixing

Things we did not like

  • Misses sensitive tactile pads for loop and activation

Hercules DJControl Jogvision

The 10th product on our best dj controller under 500 list is the Hercules DJControl Jogvision. This Dj controller has some huge advantages and only a couple of items that aren’t that amazing. The other ones on this list are characterized by items such as a totally special beat-pad (has a stronger feeling than anyone else, a lot more responsive) and an excellent feeling jog.

Any staff that’s not so hot? Some like a not-so-big fader and a slider that fits well but is a little thin. In general, though, the Dj Controller is fantastic.

Some information about this product:

  • Nice Jog Wheels indicating where you are actually on the route, LED indicators, and indicators. Aluminum top with an incredible atmosphere, which is obviously in the price range of some.

  • Fantastic beat pads that I like more on this page than the others.

  • Mode of Fx & Loop

  • The style is new and is very familiar. For example, the Gain and Browse button are similar and you must click Gain to use it. (Not a lot if you’re a beginner who doesn’t have separate buttons)

  • Auxiliary input to attach a phone or whatever you like

  • Simple on/off switch feedback in the mic

  • Both forms of headphones

  • Can be externally powered or powered by USB, which is outstanding when your laptop smears you.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Lasting, which makes traveling perfect.

  • Filter modulation AIR Control.

  • Jog wheels are automatically identified.

Things we did not like

  • To those accustomed to more conventional DJing rigs, it can sound a little thin.

  • A plastic building, not metal.

Roland DJ-202 Controller

In every recording studio in the world, you can see Roland’s revolutionary electronic music instruments. Roland, the manufacturing facilities with pianos, guitars, drumming, DJs and music, and about all any guitarist ever needs. They are not able to save time on the DJ controllers and are provided to us with three high-quality versions (DJ-202, DJ-505, DJ-808).

For Serato DJ it comes with a Lite edition, but you also get a free Serato DJ Pro Update when you buy it from U.S. DJ-202 is a four-channel Serato DJ controller.

The jog wheels are big, weighted, and very receptive and most users will be pleased. The typical three total killing EQs, trimming, and filtering buttons per channel is all you have to do with a special DJ set smoothly.

Eight output pads can be used under each jogging wheel to activate hot signals, circuits, samples, and sequencer. The legendary TR-606, TR-707, TR-808, and TR-909 drum kits can be used with your loop or built-in Roland drum machine samples. These sound samples can not be ignored.

DJ-202 is lightweight and is going to last difficulty. It has all the characteristics at an inexpensive price for a novice DJ. The elegant architecture of this DJ-controller and its predominant green hue.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • It has a large variety of functions

  • Control of music from a laptop with a perfect sound of sequence and drum

  • Roland brand’s technical consistency and longevity

Things we did not like

  • Not desirable to absolute beginners or novice learners

Hercules DJ Controller Inpulse 200

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 is the ideal alternative if you’re looking for the latest and cheapest DJ controller in the sector.

This DJ controller is incredibly lightweight and portable. However, it is also possible for Hercules to add eight pads, 8 modes (hot cue, roll, fx, sampler) and two touch tracking jogging wheels to exercise the skills. The buttons are very huge, but on the other hand the buttons and pads are very thin.

The DJUCED DJ app is provided with the Inpulse 200 to help you to learn how to DJ with built-in lessons. In addition to the “track tips,” the DJUCED artificial intelligence proposes a list of the best tracks to hear next.

This is, of course, the perfect DJ controller for beginners with a very minimal budget. Moreover, it comes packed with free DJ apps to prevent another purchase.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Intelligent Music Assistant features

  • Is available with your own apps

  • Built-in videos for tutorials

Things we did not like

  • Doesn’t Apple Music function

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

Numark is a popular brand that has been producing revolutionary DJ equipment for many years. One evidence that you find on higher price controllers is the Mixtrack Pro 3DJ controller, the great brother of the popular Mixtrack PRO 2 system. PRO 3 is a DJ controller compliant with Serato and, happily, it comes with a software introduction. However, like the aforementioned, you would ultimately need to invest in the complete edition.

The Numark tool has an optimized audio guide but there is also a lighting version without a budget card. A tactile jog wheel is on either side and underneath is a hot spot-checking, sample triggering, and more with eight super sensitive backlights.

The special aspect of the Mixtrack Pro 3 is that each jog wheel has a multi-function touch band. This is a nice alternative to dynamic FX control and track quest.

The lightweight, inexpensive tool provides a range of features such as a navigation button for fast track access with a button for charging a track and 16 impact controls.

Pioneer is the manufacturing standard, which is why DDJ-SB3 is stronger for DJs than Mixtrack Pro 3. If not, these two controllers are similarly valuable. Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is also a fantastic startup and intermediate controller. It also supports Traktor, Virtual DJ, UltraMixer, and more except Serato Dj.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Has an integrated sound card

  • Production of Mic Excellent

  • Lightness

Things we did not like

  • Not built for durability

  • Start generating audio after a while from the other side

Numark Mixtrack Platinum

The last product on our best dj controller under 500 is the Numark Mixtrack Platinum. We score highly mix track controls, they’ve always been one of the best controls under $500 today and they’re still one of the most powerful. There is little distinction between platinum and the word budget, and the controller has a lot of consistency for both hardware and features. The machine comes with Serato DJ Lite, a bottleneck version of Serato Pro, a good addition from Numark, but this is not a complete deal-breaker, because there is still an opportunity to upgrade.

The machine has an all-plastic frame, which is commonly used by controllers in this price range and makes it lightweight and compact for mobile DJs.

The interface is outstanding and gives the controller a more professional feel, a top-quality placement that perfectly positions all elements, uses space, and does not lose essential features.

Each channel has a 3band EQ and an FX segment with unique trim controls, they included both a 1/8′′ and a 1/4′′ headphones port, which are a novelty for controllers at this end of the price spectrum. The 2-channel blender is good to look at and in the mix.

The decks feature two 6′′ tactile jogging wheels with LCD screens at the middle showing essential details about tracks, including track time, BPM, and more.

Numark has long, smooth, and reliable pitch faders, a fantastic benefit for this controller because it helps to beat manually, and there is a button synchronization function that can be used by the app to suit your BPM.

8 output pads are placed under jogging wheels to make hot signals, loops, samples, and even the addition of FX to the pads will take your imagination to the next stage by using these features.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Things we liked

  • Excellent alternative for both new and advanced DJs

  • It has a decent range of effects and functions to combine

  • Lighthouse.

  • Mobility

  • Simple to customize

  • Only plug into your machine and play

Things we did not like

  • The program will sometime cause failure

  • Occasionally desktop freezes

How To Purchase The Best Dj Controller Under 500

Best Dj Controller Under 500

It is difficult to mix music. You must ensure that any instrument or system used in the combination provides the best quality sonority to do so correctly. As DJ controllers play an important part in any kind of music mix, it is important that you pick your controller properly.

The market is saturated with multiple forms of DJ influence, and it can be difficult for someone to settle on the best of the bunch, whether he is a novice or a pro. We also listed the top DJ controllers and broken down important topics to recall while shopping.

Best Dj Controller Under 500

When looking for a DJ controller, there are many items to remember. Your selection of software will be the first, and perhaps a most critical factor. If you choose Serato DJ, it is important to remember that the app can only be compatible with those controllers built together with Serato.

In reality, most DJ controllers are built for one or two different pieces of software in mind, and many are fitted with a specific program – your choice of controllers would therefore definitely be determined by your preference for the DJ app or vice versa

Even if you need any audio inputs built into your system – i.e. the ability to headphones, CDJs, or an instrument-and if you might like to extend in the future with time-coded vinyl or CDs. Any controllers often act as a separate mixer here, without attaching to a device, which might otherwise be considered.

The Software Of Dj

Best Dj Controller Under 500

The vast majority of the controllers are attached on a PC or laptop to DJ software. A DJ controller is simply a MIDI controller – a computer-operated hardware unit.

Over time, the controller makers moved between various applications, and as such things got very complicated!

Pioneer has been partnering with Serato, for instance, but now uses Rekordbox. Nevertheless, like Numark controllers, some Pioneer controllers continue to use Serato.

Native Instruments are used solely by Traktor.

Some DJs keep using the old Virtual DJ because it operates quickly and clearly.

Best Dj Controller Under 500

Although each controller has packaged tools to get you up and running ASAP, you are not always locked in using it.

At its core is a mappable USB device with a DJ controller. Your DJ controller can be mapped to any DJ software. For starters, all Numark and Pioneer controllers are mapped into Traktor – custom mappings are difficult to do for yourself, and are available for online download.

Much of the time, you will, though, stick to your managed apps. It works with limited difficulty or fiddling out of the box.


Some DJs keep using the old Virtual DJ because it operates quickly and clearly.

A Serato edition is included with most non-manufactured Native Instruments controllers. Finally, Serato and Traktor are unbelievably close in operation, yet look quite different, particularly since Serato shows waveforms vertically side by side by default.

Serato has a wide loop and sample library in the app for quick download. These can be integrated conveniently in the sampler of Serato. Serato makes pitch changes to multiple keys without shifting the track’s BPM, which Traktor does not offer. Serato also includes built-in Serato Video DJing tools.

Serato has its ups and downs, but it still has multiple controllers and is doing its job perfectly. The new version, Serato DJ Pro, offers several improved offers which are built to support DJs for years to come. They look like it is here for good.


Best Dj Controller Under 500

Traktor is the standard program for any Native Instruments controller.

The Remix Deck role of Traktor permits loops and samples to be cut, sampled, and arranged. The Traktor app replaces a remixing deck, which provides DJs with a versatile way to create live performances and a router with 64 slots. Remix Decks can be controlled with a pad-built controller or an F1-pad.

The market domination of Traktor has been questioned, however, the STEMs, remix decks and convergence with other Native Instrument devices such as machines are probably still the best producers software


Best Dj Controller Under 500

For their DJ controllers (those packaged with Serato, are completely compatible), Pioneer now exclusively uses the RekordBox, a new DJ program on the Market. As RekordBox was more like CDJ music management applications, but RekordBox DJ now offers the same capability for Pioneer computers as Serato and Traktor.

Rekordbox is not without interesting and revolutionary features but is primarily known for its reliability and performance against projectiles. In addition, it does all other DJ apps and has special features such as “Keyboard mode,” which helps you to play cue points with output pads as notes.

Rekordbox has been strong and the overall consensus is that it will be the best DJ app by 2018. Thanks to its complete integration with Pioneer CDJs, this is particularly beneficial.

Which You Should Choose

Choosing the dj software for the best dj controller under 500 is up to your play style and experiences:

  • Traktor could be a smart choice if you are a producer who knows Native Instruments.
  • RekordBox offers strength, familiarity, and stability if you are used to CDJs.
  • If you just want to blend the box with bundles apps, Serato will satisfy all your needs and more.


The budget is relevant regardless of what gear you are buying, but you will be shocked by DJ controllers how wide the price difference between a cheap DJ controller and a “pro” one is.

Best Dj Controller Under 500

You can have the S2 strong for roughly 400 $for TRAKTOR, or the S8 flagship for well over 1000$. The disparity between Pioneer controllers is even more dramatic. A strong Serato Pioneer DJ controller will cost you up to $250! The biggest gap will be in functionality, control and quality construction.

The less costly controllers are normally lightweight for portability, and the more knobs/buttons/sliders you choose to use in the DJ program, the more stuff can be mapped to them to retain the fingertips you choose).

Mind, you don’t need it because during a DJ set you do not worry about any features of your DJ app. Note, the larger and more complex it becomes, the less compact it becomes. However, increased construction quality may be a cause for splurging. High-quality controls have more durable elements, which could be preferred to be used for DJ results or if you’re into stuff like scraping, like bigger jog wheels, more indicators, and LEDs.


Best Dj Controller Under 500

Just how compact do you need to be your DJ controller? Can you have your own tools anywhere or require anything to help in the event that the club layout isn’t adequate? Are you just doing your home training? Does the controller need to fit into your bag? Smaller and more compact controllers would be smaller and have less complexity


Only machine DJ tech works. As you are unable to do the whole configuration of your desktop, you need a laptop to gig. No full-length, heavy-duty device is required for DJ applications. The most program includes 2 GB of RAM, 10 GB of disk, and 2 Duo CPUs that can be contained in any laptop’s cap. However, don’t get too easy because the DJ app needs only low specs to run. Here are a few bullet points to consider when searching for a laptop.

Best Dj Controller Under 500

Life of the Battery

For long sessions, a laptop is required to accompany you for hours without charge. Check the battery specs because certain computers can not be unplugged for more than two hours.

Screen  Size

Although there is not much to process for DJ apps, a lot of features are provided here. To conveniently use many features, you need to get a larger screen as the correct feature can not be picked up and down all the time.

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My Final Picks For The Best Dj Controller Under 500

Here comes my final choices for the best dj controller under 500 through our reviewing and playing experiences:

Best For Beginners

Best For Performance

The Most UseFul LCD Display

The Best Overall

It’s not easy to find a decent DJ controller for less than $500. In general, this whole type of commodity is packed with costly choices.

However, as you have seen our best dj controller under 500 list, within this price range, there are some fantastic controllers. Choose one from our list and you’ll not be disappointed.

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