Best Digital Grand Piano: Top-Rated 15 List Digital Grand Piano Reviews 2023

How can you arrange a piano or even smaller pianos in your home? Unless you have a lot of space in your home, you probably won’t be able to buy them. However, one practical solution could be a digital grand piano. Also known as electric pianos, these instruments take up considerably less space and come with features that make you a better musician. In addition, digital grand pianos offer a much more varied and superior sound experience than traditional pianos at a cheaper average price. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the best options in our best digital grand piano review.

Below you will find 15 of the best digital grand piano that will help you in choosing a grand piano for electronics. Keep reading Carroll / Fletcher to keep up with trends for the best digital grand piano in 2023.

Best Digital Grand Piano Comparison 2023

Medeli Digital Grand 1000 Suzuki MDG-400 Baby Grand Digital Piano Cameron & Sons CSM-41D 88-Key Digital Grand Piano
Best Digital Grand Piano Best Digital Grand Piano Best Digital Grand Piano

best for high quality and features

best for mini size

best for advanced player

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Top Best Digital Grand Piano Reviews 2023

Roland RG-1F

Roland RG-1F digital pianos have the modern style of miniature grand pianos, save space but still ensure the luxury with professional black Satin color. In addition, the RG-1F is equipped with a superNatural action system and PHA III ivory key system, stereo speaker system, and many other functions that make the RG-1F capture the first glimpse of it.Products equipped with the Supernatural system provide supernatural sound. Features piano design, sound customization, sails like a grand piano that can be opened and closed at will. Designed like a grand piano but compact in size, making RG-1F suitable for any space. Traditional pedals with stereo speakers on the keyboard give a rich and authentic feeling. There are easy control panels to work out and use. In particular, this model has a lightweight, safe with lock mode.

Roland GP-607

One thing is for sure that a traditional piano adds elegance to the living room, but maintaining and hampering the weight is a little less passionate enjoyment.Available in glossy ebony and glossy white, the Roland GP607 is one of the best digital grand piano because it gives you the classic feel and looks of a grand mini grand piano. You can even start playing by simply opening the lid and pressing the key. While you’re playing the keyboard, it feels powerful, and the sound is controlled via a 4.1 multi-channel speaker system. When you play with friends, the Bluetooth audio function allows your keyboard to replace the HI-FI sound, wirelessly connect to your tablet or smartphone and you can play your favorite songs through the speakersIf you have dreamed of owning a grand piano but cannot afford it due to the high cost then believe that the Roland GP607 will be the perfect complement to your home. Roland GP607 digital mini grand piano in glossy black or glossy white is shaped like a classic grand piano with majestic design and extremely delicate.Despite its traditional appearance, we will discover the latest technology from this instrument. Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream songs from your tablet or phone through the GP607’s 4.1 multi-channel speakers, filling your room with rich, clear sound. SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology delivers incredibly realistic piano sounds along with the expressive touch of the new PHA-50 keyboard, giving pianists an immersive experience. And a host of in-piano learning features, including connecting apps for piano teaching, help motivate your piano learning and improve your piano skills. Whether you want to add a piano that makes your living space stand out, or you want a grand piano that supports your studies, the GP607 is a piano that offers both beauty, elegance, and performance in your house.The SuperNATURAL sound technology is the latest technology model to recreate, rather than replay, sound. This unique modeling process spans the entire sound creation process of a typical piano including the combination of notes and resonance.Keyboard Technology PHA-40: GP607 has a new keyboard that blends wood and the finest molding materials, for durable keys with smooth keystrokes and durability over time.Bluetooth Connect® allows you to wirelessly stream songs from your tablet/phone via GP607’s powerful 4.1 multi-channel speakers,Twin Piano mode allows learners and teachers to sit side by side and play within the same range, by dividing the keyboard into 2 on each side by 44 keys and playing on the same pitch.Apps like Roland’s Piano Partner 2 and can also access digital music, song libraries, and more to provide newcomers with regular practice.3D Ambience headphones to optimize sound so it sounds like it is coming from the piano itself and not through your headphones. You will also be able to practice for long periods of time without fatigue, any time of the day or night

Roland RG-3F

Best Digital Grand Piano

Roland RG-3F digital piano is a new breakthrough in the digital grand piano line, Roland RG-3F is designed with luxury, ruggedness, sound using SuperNATURAL Piano technology for the most realistic piano sound, selling keys using keys High-end Ivory PHA III ivory, rationally arranged speaker system to help spread the sound most suitable and rich.SuperNATURAL Piano technology takes on a new level of authenticity and sophistication. The piano Designer feature allows customization of sounds (resonance, hammer sound, …)The PHA III Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement provides the feel and response of a real grand piano. The mini-grand piano version has a sleek aesthetic, the mirror face on the fallboard reflects the hands of the performers.Progressive Damper Action pedal technology provides a primary response to the player. The legs are so small that they don’t require a lot of floor space (depth 95cm). The 60 W x 2 4-speaker system provides a clear sense of sound. The Control panel is clear and easy to use.The Roland RG-3F piano is lightweight with a safety hood and locking mechanism and two height adjustment positions

Grand Roland GP-609

Best Digital Grand Piano

If you have dreamed of owning a grand piano but cannot afford it due to the high cost then believe that Roland GP609 will be the perfect complement to your home. The Roland GP609 glossy black or glossy white digital grand piano is shaped like a classic grand piano with an imposing and extremely sophisticated design.Despite its traditional appearance, we will discover the latest technology from this instrument. Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream songs from your tablet or phone through GP609’s 4.1 multi-channel speakers, filling your room with rich, clear sound. SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology delivers incredibly realistic piano sound along with the expressive touch of the new PHA-50 keyboard, giving pianists an immersive experience. And a host of in-piano learning features, including connecting apps for piano teaching, help motivate your piano learning and improve your piano skills. Whether you want to add a piano that makes your living space stand out, or you want a grand piano that supports your studies, the GP607 is a piano that offers both beauty, elegance, and performance Ideal piano in your home.Available in glossy black or glossy white finish, the Roland GP609 gives you the classic look and feel of a small grand piano, you can even start playing right away by opening the lid and pressing the key. This digital piano model saves you the cost of tuning, thanks to the reliable sound processor built into the keyboard. And the cabinet is light, easy to move to keep you in the perfect position.Sometimes you just can’t tell when great inspiration comes in, but with the Roland GP609 in your living room, you’ll always be ready to open the lid and get inspired. Unlike pattern-based digital pianos, Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology replicates the entire sound creation process of an acoustic piano including the combination of the notes played, their resonance, and the similarities. Interact between a myriad of elements for a rich, complex sound that satisfies the player’s touch.

Perfectly matched to the acoustic engine, the new PHA-50 keyboard features a hybrid with wood and ivory materials, plus a built-in battery in each key for stability. It provides authentic gameplay and a consistent feel that feels impervious to changes in temperature and humidity, eliminating a costly maintenance problem that is common with traditional piano keys.

Kawai GL-10

The Kawai GL-10 grand piano belongs to the grand piano series with a smaller size than a conventional grand piano and is referred to as “grandbaby”. The Kawai GL-10 has a unique sound source, smooth, natural tone combined with a small design suitable for small spaces and is very popular with many beginners. to professional players.The product is equipped with the millennium III movement made of ABS-Carbon material with a sturdy and strong structure but has very durable properties to best support the movement of the movement easily, quickly without cost. many forces.The keys are designed longer by NEOTEX technology, the keyboard is made of cellulose and the silica surface is good at absorbing sweat, making it easier for players to glide on keys for long periods of time without fear of slipperiness.The resonator panel is made of solid spruce and has been processed through an international standard process for a more perfect sound.The piano frame is made of high-precision cast iron that provides sturdy support to the movement. The string is made of high-tensile steel with good toughness and toughness to withstand the impact of hammers.

Suzuki Digital Piano MDG-300-B

This digital grand piano has a design similar to those of traditional pianos, but below is an array of performance features. The 88-key and 128-note polyphonic keyboard with a six-speaker stereo system give you great sound quality. In addition, you can create a sound for your performances according to your personal style and taste with the built-in Digital signal processor.Multiple piano functions with sound control, a beautiful instrument, rich, complete sound. Just 2’4 ”deep, the digital piano will not take up too much space in your home and suit every décor. The equipment is packaged simply and does not take up much space.There’s a full-color LCD control screen to organize your selected features and a 3-track sequencer for recording your own compositions. Your recordings can then be transferred to a built-in SD card, or connect your device via Bluetooth, wirelessly, or MIDI to transfer them to your own device.

Roland HP-601

Best Digital Grand Piano

Roland HP-601 is the flagship model of the Roland brand, a flagship model, and a super product that challenges every request from professional pianists.Acoustic pianos are made of wooden keys to ensure weight and rigidity. However, over time, wood is easily deformed with external changes such as temperature and humidity, causing the wooden keys to warp or stick. That is why most digital pianos use plastic movements that, while requiring no maintenance, do not provide the precision and quality of an acoustic piano. Fortunately, Roland solved this problem with the world’s first digital piano combination. Combining the beauty and hardness of the wood, the stability, and durability of composites, Roland’s latest movement gives you outstanding piano performances in a compact, quiet, and silent design. Featuring full-sized keys, brand-new stable keypad latches, and exactly the same key weight as a grand piano, this brand new movement – available right on Roland’s most expensive pianos – will make the transition from HP-601 to a concert grand piano smooth and effortless.SuperNATURAL Piano delivers the authentic sound and quality of an acoustic grand piano. Bring out the authentic grand piano force response from the all-new PHA-50 Progressive Hammer Action with the Escapement keyboard, combined with the traditional look and feel of a wood-based piano. modern materials.Connect Bluetooth wirelessly from smartphones and tablets to use music apps and listen to music online from the piano’s speaker system. The exclusive Roland Piano Partner 2 app encourages daily piano learning and makes practice even more fun. The Piano Designer feature and free accompanying apps allow you to customize the properties of an acoustic piano including individual note adjustments, string resonance, cap position, and more.25 registration to store favorite sound settings, including layer and split, group registration groups can be backed up to USB memory. You can add more audio options such as strings, wood flute, organ, and much more.The product is built more powerful training tools and more than 350 built-in tracks to challenge players of all levels. Headphones with 3D Ambience technology deliver natural, authentic sound while practicing with headphones. Classic case with compact weight perfect for any small space.With the above features, Roland HP-601 absolutely deserves to be the best piano and there is almost no difference in sound quality and keyboard material compared to a classical piano. In addition, Roland HP-601 also adds many special features that are only available on the flagship Roland brand.

Casio Celviano AP-470

The Casio Celviano AP470 is one of the best digital pianos yet to be known by many customers as the Celviano lineup is sold only by the best piano dealers in the United States. However, AP470 is well received and very popular in Europe.As you can see, the Casio Celviano AP470 has a lid on the back that can be opened and closed that will alter the sound just like how a piano can actually change the position of the lid. The Casio Celviano AP470 features a unique 2 extra front legs and a taller panel than other similarly priced electronic pianos for a more refined look.Pressing the Ivory-feel key will feel the moisture and prevent your fingers from slipping while playing. Additionally, the AP470’s 3 pedals are much longer for better leverage and half-pedal technical assistance. The Casio Celviano AP470 comes with a high-low quality adjustable seat that no other company offers for this kind of electronic piano in this price range.The Casio Celviano AP470 is equipped with a Tri-Sensor that allows players to be more precise. The main cause of electronic piano failures is the spring-loaded movement but the AP470 uses a percussion system that provides a natural acoustic piano feel.The Casio Celviano AP470 has a very high polyphony rating: 256 notes of polyphony, compared to similarly priced digital pianos, and also covers all musical genres. Moreover, It has released an app called “Chordana Play” for both iOS and Android. The AP-470 is compatible with this application and the player can control functions such as tempo change, tone shift, recording. In addition, they can view pdf tracks with their device.Casio Celviano AP470 Includes Voice Kit: 6 Grand piano voices (Concert, Mellow, Bright x2) and other 16 voices (Rock-Piano, Jazz-Piano, Modern-Piano, E-Pianos, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Strings, Organs, Electric Organs, Bass, etc.)

Suzuki MDG-300 Micro Grand Digital Piano

Suzuki is a leader in the production of all musical instruments and so this is a product that will not disappoint you.The cabinet doesn’t offer a lot of wow factor but it definitely makes a statement and is ideal for small spaces. This super small design is perfect for apartment residents. It removes all the basic criteria we’ve set like 88 weighted hammer action keys and 128 polyphony but what really makes the difference is the sound and high-tech features like capabilities. Bluetooth function means you can connect wirelessly with any Bluetooth device.Of course, it also offers MIDI capabilities. This model offers a host of high-tech features that really make it a standout option. We would love it if the cupboard is a bit bigger.

Suzuki MDG-330 Mini Grand Piano

What I like about this mid-size digital grand piano is that it’s slightly larger than the MDG 300 and upgraded speaker cabinet. It offers all of the same great features as the 300 line and comes with some extra features to differentiate it from its sisters like a 10-fader equalizer and a bigger memory so you can store more music.In general, if you have space and you are not too concerned about the price then you should choose this model simply because the cabinet is nicer.

Cameron & Sons CSM-41D 88-Key Digital Grand Piano

Although you may not immediately recognize the name, this digital grand piano has lost its place in the first place and I will tell you the reason shortly. The beautiful, childish-looking cabinet is suitable for any space. It is polished ebony to accentuate the rich wood texture. Of course, the cabinet is only one part of this product.It has all the features you can find in both the Casio AP250 and the Yamaha CVP 409 GP. The product is equipped with layering functions, 88 unique weight keys for easy play. Furthermore, it comes with unique voices and 8 reverb types. Overall, it’s simply gorgeous to look at and would be ideal in any home, church, or venue AND it’s only a third of the Yamaha cost.It is a bit more expensive than the Casio AP250 possibly due to the upgraded cabinet. This digital grand piano is simply a breathtaking piece of work and deserves to be compared to the Yamaha CVP 409 GP when it comes to sound.

Medeli Grand Digital 1000

Medeli 1000 offers unique features like displaying music in a worksheet format on a large LED screen. It excels with features such as displaying up to 600 sounds you can choose from or a nice little cabinet that looks like it was made to house Steinway.You can choose from an ebony or white polyester finish. It comes with eight assignable buttons to help you get the most out of each session and provides excellent resonance sound and incredibly responsive keys.Of course, it offers all the basics we define as must-have features like 128 polyphonic tones and built-in speakers, MIDI capability. The Medeli Grand 1000 is a great option and it’s a bit expensive but you will get what you pay for this model.


In addition to the great sound and feel of this true grand piano design, this one makes a difference even if it is just a small extra. The LCD screen is full of colors and the Bluetooth feature works smoothly. The best feature of this digital grand piano is the six-way stereo system.Lots of companies will spend a lot of time and effort processing audio samples that work perfectly at the processor clock rate but completely ignore the quality of the speakers in order to deliver the sound captured. Perfect design and pattern. Fortunately, this did not happen with the Suzuki 400 because the manufacturers have thought about this and launched a product line with full-color sound and quality speakers.They designed the machine to deliver the smallest nuances and ensure that the speakers will be able to deliver crystal clear sound. There was no confusion here at high volumes with low keys and no notes were missed with 128-note polyphony.

Kawai GL-20

Best Digital Grand Piano

The Kawai GL-20 Piano is the ideal choice for the ultimate performance. All I can say is that this is the best digital grand piano for professionals in my point of view. If you are looking for a Grand Piano in the price segment under $2 million, the Kawai GL-20 is the choice you cannot miss.

Last time the Kawai GL-20 stirred the musical instrument market by its very own design. It has dimensions of (D x W x C) equivalent to 157 x 152 x 102 cm, weight 300kg. Perhaps with today’s compact housing trends, the GL-20’s compact design makes it easy for players to arrange any space.Besides, the keyboard also brings a great sound that elevates the performance to new heights. The melodious melodies mixed with uplifting emotions will bring an enjoyable music party for everyone. What could be better than when the artist is able to live fully on stage and unleash his music creation in his own style.

Roland V-Piano Grand

Best Digital Grand Piano

Roland V-Piano Grand digital pianos are designed with a unique multi-channel sound system built into the real-life Grand piano sound together with the luxurious PHA III color touch keyboard for users. the most authentic feelings.Grand Roland V-Piano digital pianos incorporate a multi-channel sound system that accurately reproduces the sound of a grand piano. Deluxe PHA III high-end keyboard with Ivory Feel key material, equipped with an Escapement lever, brings a smoother glide feeling. The Progressive Damper Action Pedal represents the level of responsiveness and alignment between the keyboard – the strings – the resonance panel sound of a Grand Roland V-Piano. With Roland’s V-Piano Grand you can set realistic sounds like Vintage Piano styles to alter the hardness of the hammer.

Buyer Guides For Buying Best Digital Grand Piano

Best Digital Grand Piano

Thanks to advances and improvements in software sampling and simulation technologies, today’s digital pianos generally sound and feel great, but there is still a lot to consider.

Firstly, for the home, you want something that is suitable for your surroundings, not too heavy to move, sounds realistic, and produces a unique sound. Digital grand pianos often come with built-in speakers, so you don’t need to worry about connecting any kit. However, you may need a pair of headphones.

The actual hammer keyboard is desirable, but you don’t need keyboards that are too heavy for an electric piano. You also need to decide if you only want the basic sound or the mix audio tracks with MIDI effects and automatically back up for practice / play with.

Finally, if you are a professional gamer then performance-specific instruments are the best choice for live sessions. Most of these don’t have built-in speakers as they are designed to connect to a PA or mixer, but they are easier to move around and often come with more sounds and effects than grand digital pianos at home.

And here are some information to help you choose the best digital grand piano for you.

Music specification


Best Digital Grand Piano

You really don’t need keys that are overweight to get this level of sound expression as the computer inside automatically detects the stiffness and how fast the keys are pressed, providing accurate sound. Some digital pianos are built with weight keyboards built into them for a more authentic feel, giving you the feeling of playing a real acoustic piano.

Most digital pianos have some kind of plastic key, some have a surface treated to feel like a real mechanical keyboard, some even have a keyboard made of the wood


Traditional piano pedals change the sound of the piano in different ways. Most of them have three pedals to adjust and alter the sound according to the footman’s preference. However, with digital grand pianos, it is possible to have all of these pedals or not as they have a computer system to provide sound and you can completely adjust the sound without the need for a pedal.

Best Digital Grand Piano

In a digital piano, the sound is produced by an internal computer and polyphony, and the number of keys can be pressed at the same time to produce an authentic sound like an acoustic piano.

Expanded Features

If an acoustic piano can only play classical music, a digital piano can play many different sounds. You can completely blend different sounds when using a digital piano to bring a variety of emotions and excitement for both players and listeners.

In addition, the digital piano allows you to connect external modern devices such as connecting memory cards, connecting speakers, headphones, saving what is playing, … Surely these expanded features will bring to the player many interesting things.

Instrument Flexibility & Speaker System

Best Digital Grand Piano

The sound of a digital grand piano comes from an electronic device, not the sound of a hammer hitting a traditional piano string. This means that it makes the sound much more flexible and it can help the player to produce multiple sounds at the same time. The number of sounds depends on the quantity and design of the keyboard

There are many types of pianos that offer traditional piano sounds, and some offer a full range of orchestral sounds, plus additional percussion and other electronic sounds. In addition, grand digital pianos have added features such as reverb and chorus for the purpose of customizing the sound and delivering the most realistic sounds.

Best Digital Grand Piano

The speaker system also varies depending on the model. Some are suitable for use in homes and small rooms, while others are designed to be used for large spaces such as schools, churches, or even concerts. Most will have a headphone jack for you to practice separately, but it is a note that you should define the area where you will use the keyboard before buying.

The size and weight of digital pianos also differ, but they have one thing in common that they are easy to move because of their much lighter weight than acoustic pianos. But there will also be heavier and lighter instruments so if you have to move the guitar with you often, you should consider a lightweight instrument to ensure ease of portability.

The Technology Used In Digital Grand Piano

Best Digital Grand Piano

The base models of digital grand pianos will have at least one headphone jack and one MIDI output. The higher-end models will be retrofitted with devices that include various inputs and outputs, such as speakerphone, microphone, USB, and Bluetooth.Music technology could include a built-in metronome, recorder, LCD screen for music display, and even illuminated keys to make it easier to identify the keyboard if you’re a beginner. Besides, some manufacturers have set up access to an app on apps that contain lessons, music, and other songs so you can learn to play easily and control the system. Advanced features on musical instruments.So, to choose a grand digital piano with technologies that best suit your intended use, consider what your intended use is, whether you are experienced or are a beginner. Do you want to record your playing? Would you like to incorporate any external equipment? If you answer these questions, you will find the best digital grand piano that suits you best.

Easier To Take Care Of

Best Digital Grand Piano

An acoustic piano will need a fairly constant temperature and humidity to stay in good care and function properly because the ingredients that make them are all made of wood and metal. While a digital piano will never need adjustment and is not affected by changes in weather or humidity.


It is very difficult to move a traditional piano because the weight comes from its parts unless you use specialized equipment or rent a car with a dedicated transport team. Besides, traditional pianos can take up a lot of space in your home and this will be quite inconvenient if your home space does not allow it.

A digital piano is much easier to move, even if you only need to move it once or twice a year. They are much easier to tuck in the corner when not in use, especially when space at home is an issue.

Best Digital Grand Piano


A traditional guitar usually serves only a certain musical purpose. It does the job very well, but it can only do one thing and it makes it difficult for players to try out music genres or want a breakthrough in sound. But a digital piano can be used for so many other things.

It can produce multiple sounds at the same time and provides a rich, diverse audio experience for players. It could even be an advanced instrument in the studio, or simply an instrument that everyone in the family can use.So, unless you specifically want a unique, most authentic sound experience, go for a traditional piano. If you really want to experience sounds with different tones, different genres of music, digital grand pianos are always the first choice.

Here are the benefits of digital grand pianos compared to acoustic pianos.

Conclusion: My Favorite For Best Digital Grand Piano

Buying the best digital grand piano that satisfies your requirement is not so hard. There are numerous things about the best digital grand piano for you to find out; however, they will be a little bit complicated and challenging for you for the first time.

If you would like more information, it is almost always a fantastic idea. Please take a look at my top 3 best digital grand piano. You may return to a list of the best digital grand piano and discover the one which meets your favorite

And a final thing before we wrap up is:

best for high quality and features

best for mini size

best for advanced player

I hope this guide will be of some help to you to select the best digital grand piano. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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