Best Classical Guitars Under 500 In 2021 And Which One Is Suitable For You?

Do you want to find the best classical guitar under 500 that fulfills your needs? It is hard to find a classical guitar at under 500 price range. However, Carroll / Fletcher here to help you to find a suitable guitar for you. We have listed 15 Best Classical Guitar Under 500 for you to consider.

Traditional guitars can appear to be identical, so it is elusive the best old-style guitars at the cost you need to pay. From the nylon strings to the intermittently many-sided structure and craftsmanship, old-style guitars are both an oldie but a goodie and an approach to bring unadulterated, fresh acoustic sound to life. Traditional guitars convey a perfect, normal sound, and they’re generally somewhat simpler to get for new learners because of the gentler strings.

From a wide variety of classical guitar brands to the various models accessible, it’s a colossal activity to choose what traditional guitar is the suitable one for you to purchase. Well, anything under $500 is a proper add up to spend on a traditional guitar because this guarantees you to get a quality item that will get along, and you won’t use up every last cent with spending a huge amount of cash on a guitar. 

We have done a few investigations, perused a few guitarists surveys of some classical guitars under 500, and have limited to only 15 classical guitars under 500 that we figure you should investigate. We trust you can locate the best classical guitars under 500 after perusing our detailed audits, a summary table of certain guitars, and a buying guide below.

Best Best Classical Guitars Under 500 Comparison 2022

Cordoba C5 

Fender FC-100 Classical Guitar

ADM ADMJC613-YW Classical Guitar

best classical guitars under 500 best classical guitars under 500 best classical guitars under 500




Best For Traditional-looking guitars lovers

best for Beginners or people with smaller hands

best for Beginners

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best classical guitars under 500, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top best classical guitars under 500 Reviews 2022

Yamaha CG122MCH Classical Guitar

best classical guitars under 500

The CG122MCH is one of the best classical guitars under 500 that has lots of outstanding features. Although it is not a modest toy you can buy at Walmart for just 100 bucks, it won’t cost you a huge number of dollars. 

This CG122MCH comes equipped with delicate pressure strings that help you play the guitar easily and comfortably, especially those who begin to learn how to play the guitar. The most beautiful feature of this classical guitar is that the genuine nature of the wrap isn’t acceptable with more costly guitars, yet at the cost, this guitar is exceptionally difficult to beat. 

Moreover, the cedar top conveys the decent warm tone that you generally expect from acoustic and traditional style guitars, and it can also resound all over the fretboard and on each of the six strings. It is also extremely simple to get amazing sound from the guitar without making a decent attempt. 

Overall, this Yamaha CG122MCH is seemingly the best classical guitar under 500 that we think you should consider.

Fender FC-100 Classical Guitar

best classical guitars under 500

The Fender FC-100 is another incredible classical guitar for beginners on our best classical guitar under 500 list. You can easily look for this guitar with about 200 dollars, which implies it is a colossal incentive for an old-style guitar. This guitar has a slender nut width making it simpler and more comfortable to play, particularly for learners or individuals with little hands. It also comes equipped with the nylon, which is simple and delicate on the fingers. 

Moreover, this Fender FC-100 has the tidy top that will provide a truly decent tone that many individuals are searching for out of acoustic and traditional guitars. This classical guitar also features the top and the mahogany back and side pieces so that when playing this guitar, you will have the option to play it and hear it resound a short time later. This guitar has a smaller size than other classic guitars which is ideal for learners and beginners; however, it might be a piece excessively little for those with huge hands. 

Overall, this Fender FC-100 is among the best classical guitars under 500 and is an extraordinary one for those who simply hope to learn how to play the classical guitar and begin with an old-style.

Cordoba C7 Classical Guitar

best classical guitars under 500

The C7 is directly close to the head of our best classical guitar under 500 dollar spending plan, and yet there is a motivation behind it. This guitar is proven as a top-notch old-style guitar made with a cedar top and rosewood. Indeed, the tone of this guitar is perhaps the best quality. It comes equipped with a fan propping design, which implies it will be stronger and have a more characterized tone on the grounds since the soundboard has more space and region to react to what exactly you’re doing on the strings. 

Moreover, this Cordoba C7 has the frets that are somewhat more extensive so on the off chance that you have greater fingers or aren’t an apprentice, this guitar will probably be entirely agreeable for you. You will get an incredible sound and extraordinary tone that could be confused with a considerably more costly guitar. Therefore, in case you are on a tight spending plan or just would prefer not to burn up all available resources by purchasing an exemplary old-style guitar, this Cordoba C7 is a perfect alternative. 

However, there have been a few protests online about the seat being free or in any event, tumbling off; therefore, it is the thing you should care about on the off chance that you have tender loving care and like to mess with your hardware.

ADM ADMJC613-YW Classical Guitar

best classical guitars under 500

This ADMJC613-YW is among the best classical guitars under 500 and also the least expensive on our list (less than 100 dollars). It is a decent guitar for learners since they can easily play with it. This guitar accompanies a huge amount of equipment to enable the apprentice to begin learning how to play a classical guitar and it looks somewhat more fantastic than it truly is. 

Although it is cheaper than other great classical guitars, this ADMJC613-YW still has decent, boisterous acoustics. It won’t mistake anyone for an old-style guitar worth thousands, however for what it will be, it takes care of business, this is certainly a tenderfoot guitar. 

Overall, this ADM JC613-YW is one of the best classical guitars under 500 which is amazingly suitable for those with a tight spending plan or those who have just started learning to play a classical guitar for the first time.

La Patrie Etude

best classical guitars under 500

Having been available for longer than 10 years at this point, La Patrie’s old-style guitar is not only proven as the best classical guitar under 500 but also has been the most loved among numerous clients. It is a straightforward classical guitar, with a basic structure, great stability, and marvelous sound. If you have been searching for a decent instrument yet have immediately discovered that many of them have futile highlights, at that point La Patrie guitar exercise can offer you a complaint-free encounter on account of its object free structure. This guitar has a bent fingerboard that will help your fingers rapidly discover their place and offer you the option to play entangled bits of music right away. 

This sort of fretboard is intended to enable your finger to bend around and grasp the old-style guitar strings making them substantially more simple to play, along these lines making the playing experience more agreeable. The nut width and repaid saddle help the guitar accomplish a bright and smooth sound regardless of how you tune your guitar. On the off chance that you are searching for an extraordinary sound joined with a decent plan, the La Patrie guitar exercise should be your pick. The sides are overlaid in a wild cherry shade and the cedar soundboard, which provides you with a various and special sound from your guitar regardless of what sort of kind of music you play. 

Overall, this La Patrie guitar is on the head of our review list for a couple of reasons, one of which is the weight tried cedar top that stays strong and in-thoughtful even after thorough jam meetings. It is difficult to track down a guitar that plays this great in similar value.

Yamaha C40

best classical guitars under 500

Yamaha is one of the most well-known guitar manufacturing businesses on the market, and it is simple to perceive any reasons why their customary old-style guitar is so beautiful. This guitar has a reasonable price and fantastic quality with more than 100 surveys and generally 5-star audits which make it become the winner of the hearts of numerous since the year 2000 and keeps on doing so. Yamaha realizes that it is so essential to make instruments that will meet everybody’s needs, including sound, cost, and structure insight, and that is the reason they produced this C40 version. 

This C40 comes equipped with the Indonesian mahogany back and sides that help it remain solid and sturdy regardless of what sort of serious practice meeting you do. The melamine shine finish will enable the C40 to remain new and like new for quite a long time. Furthermore, this C40 can deliver the smooth sound that will be suitable for anybody who is searching for a straightforward, connecting sound, and is also impeccable to anybody who is taking guitar exercises. Not just that, this C40 is a mainstream decision among individuals searching for a moderate and quality guitar. 

Overall, Yamaha furnishes its clients with a classical guitar that is a strong, quality instrument at a phenomenal cost. On the off chance that you have been searching for a classical guitar that won’t burglarize your investment funds, yet will even furnish you with quality sound that you appreciate and can work with, this Yamaha C40 must be your first choice.

Cordoba Dolce 7/8 Size

best classical guitars under 500

Cordoba’s Dolce guitar is another best classical guitar under 500 that we would love to show you on our list. It is notable for its lightweight characteristics and traditional sound. If you have been searching for a guitar that you can easily carry around during a trip or traveling without agonizing over its weight, at that point the Dolce ought to be your first consideration. This guitar has a strong Canadian cedar top that is steady and supports this old-style guitar strings and weight of the guitar flawlessly. 

On the off chance that you are searching for a rich, full, resounding sound then this guitar is a great decision. Some full-sized nylon string guitars neglect to have such incredible projection and full solid as this one. Cordoba Dolce also has the tuning pegs which are additionally of high-caliber and can offer you effectively carry your guitar to the tone you need. 

The rich and smooth sound is ideal for those who are searching for a strong practice guitar that will assist them with progressing both ability and execution astutely. The guitar, generally speaking, is agreeable and also comes equipped with the default Savarez brand strings that can easily hold its tune well overall. 

On the off chance that you like a profound bass sound that accompanies the lower strings, the Cordoba Dolce is an extraordinarily classical guitar to consider. Moreover, in the event that you are searching for a guitar with a smooth, rich sound and incredible permanence, this is the most ideal alternative.

Overall, this Cordoba Dolce is a guitar that has a sweet, smooth, and full stable that will assist you with being more certain with your playing because of its incredible projection capacities. The lightweight empty body of this classical guitar is ideal for any voyaging guitarist and the Savarez strings will assist you with accomplishing everything the tones you require to have a decent exhibition, with the assistance of a gently positioned sound opening.

Ibanez GA Series GA5TCE

best classical guitars under 500

This Ibanez GA Series GA5TCE is proven as one of the best classical guitars under 500 with regards to purchasing spending nylon string guitars. The gold shade of the guitar fits extraordinary with the dim mahogany back and sides. This guitar features a slimline body that permits you to handily get to the higher frets with no difficulty because of the cutaway situated on the left-hand side of the guitar. 

GA Series GA5TCE comes equipped with a mahogany neck and it can even easily go up to the fourteenth fret. It also has a restricted neck which is entirely agreeable, and unlike steel-string acoustic guitars’ necks, it doesn’t provide us a feeling of cumbersomeness when grasped. This, obviously, implies this guitar is furnished with nylon strings, and gratitude to it being both old-style acoustic guitars just as an electric guitar you are given an Ibanez piezo pickup framework for the acoustic, a 3-band EQ that will permit you to enhance your nylon strings with guitar amps to assist them with playing out their best. 

This model is well-known as a perfect classical guitar for new players just as for transitional players who are hoping to improve their aptitudes through many practice meetings. This guitar has also been made to bear innumerable long periods of sticking and performing. 

Overall, this Ibanez GA Series GA5TCE is among the best classical guitars under 500 because of its high-quality sound and beautiful appearance. It is an incredible decision in the event that you have been searching for a classical guitar that will take you the following level without totally ransacking your wallet. It is also an ideal choice for those who need incredible sound joined with high-quality handicrafts. Moreover, on the off chance that you are searching for a spending guitar that has a brilliant tone, this classical guitar is a great choice for you to consider.

Antonio Giuliani CL6

best classical guitars under 500

On the off chance that you are burnt out on seeing nylon string guitars that have galactic costs and no accomplices to help care for them, at that point, we have an extraordinary answer for you. This Antonio Giuliani CL6 is known as the best classical guitar under 500 that arrives in a full pack with all the adornments you would ever request. This classical guitar comes equipped with frets that are finished to help guarantee the best solace when playing. It also features a perfect combination of the Indian rosewood back and sides and the strong Canadian cedar top that provides you with a pleasant and deep sound that is ideal for rehearsing and playing. 

Moreover, in the event that you are not persuaded at this point, all Giuliani guitars are named with a lifetime guarantee and cashback strategy. Therefore, on the off chance that you don’t care for the item, you should simply pack it back up and bring it back. What’s more, regardless of what befalls your guitar, whether it shows up harmed or you notice some awkward craftsmanship irregularities, this lifetime guarantee will offer you and your guitar secure. 

Overall, Antonio Giuliani CL6 is proven as one of the best classical guitars under 500 that we recommend taking a closer look at. If you are searching for a guitar that comes stuffed with incredible extras like a guitar tuner, capo, and additional string set just as a case, at that point this pack is the most ideal decision for you. The strong Indian rosewood and cedar strong woods used to make this guitar help it effectively accomplish the excellent tones that it’s fit for delivering.

Yamaha CG182C

best classical guitars under 500

This Yamaha CG182C is another best classical guitar under 500 that is an uncommon one and it is anything but difficult to get threatened by all the 5-star audits included. When buying this guitar you will have two alternatives to browse, principally in the event that you need the top to be made of cedar or tidy wood. This guitar comes with a fantastic combination of a dark ebony fingerboard and a rosewood extension making it an extremely unique nectar and chocolate appearance that looks satisfying right as it happens. 

The Yamaha CG182C has a bona fide and strong feel that encourages those players who learn to play the guitar feel great and sure gratitude for the cozy form of the instrument. It also includes a mosaic structure that enables the guitar to assume the personality. Moreover, this guitar was created to offer you the perfect sound and execution at an alluring cost, and on the off chance that you have been searching for a customary traditional nylon string guitar that will help take your aptitudes further, this classical guitar is a perfect choice. 

Overall, Yamaha has been delivering instruments since 1887 and is the biggest producer in their sort. It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why this guitar gets as much recognition as it does. This CG182C version is a strong, genuine instrument that performs especially well and is ideal for any amateur or experienced players.

Jasmine JC27CE-NAT J-Series

best classical guitars under 500

Jasmine JC27CE-NAT J-Series is one of the best classical guitars under 500 on our review list. Jasmine includes a strong cedar top to persevere through a great deal of mileage, similar to the Sapele back and sides and the dull cherry chocolate hued fingerboard and extension. On the off chance that you are searching for a guitar with an old-style appearance that additionally has an engaging external structure, even with straightforward wood shading mixes, at that point, this Jasmine from the J-Series is a superb decision. 

Moreover, this classical guitar has a thin neck that allows you to explore around the frets simpler, and the regular shine finish helps upgrade the magnificence of this instrument ten times. Jasmine is one of those guitar marks that take their clients’ reviews and uses it to show signs of improvement and make current, helpful answers for old issues and that is the thing that separates them from a ton of the other guitar brands. Their serious traditional propping framework has quarter sawn supports that are set in a manner to give you the best strength while having the top stay as mess-free as could be expected under the circumstances. 

Overall, Jasmine has furnished the market with a strong guitar that has a serious propping framework that enables your guitar to resound more plainly than any time in recent memory. On the off chance that you are searching for a bright and deep sound that is upheld by a very much made rosewood fingerboard and cedar top, this Jasmine from J-Series is a great classical guitar for you to consider.

Alhambra Classical 1OP-US

best classical guitars under 500

Alhambra is another best classical guitar brand that provides its clients with numerous alternatives with regards to purchasing a modified guitar that is reasonable for your necessities and your needs as it were. You should just browse size and design, both the conventional old style and cutaway elective. In the event that you think that it is difficult to arrive at the top frets and feel like you need something to support you, at that point, it is prescribed to arrange the cutaway adaptation. 

Moreover, there are additionally two designs to look over when purchasing this guitar, and the styles incorporate a serious shine and an open pore completion. And contingent upon which shading plan you like better, you can either arrange the strong red cedar guitar or a strong Canadian cedar elective. 

Although it is first presented in 2016, this guitar is still new to the classical guitar marketplace, yet has just vanquished the hearts of numerous tenderfoots and experienced players. When buying this guitar you will likewise get a delicate case to help keep your instrument free from any danger. 

Overall, this Alhambra traditional nylon string guitar is the ideal instrument for anybody that is searching for a strong item. This 1OP-US is among the best classical guitars under 500 that will allow you to progress in your aptitudes and will make certain to go with you for a long time because of its bearable form. Alhambra additionally made a point to furnish its clients with a delicate case to help guard their new classical guitar.

Cordoba C5-CET Thinline

best classical guitars under 500

Cordoba C5-CET Thinline is another best classical guitar under 500 with an extraordinary looking old-style guitar. This guitar has a novel strong Canadian cedar top that truly stands apart among other old-style guitars. It has mahogany sides and back, while the extension and fingerboard are produced using rosewood. 

One thing that stands out is the delicate cutaway that permits you to truly make light further the neck when playing the guitar. It also comes equipped with an interesting completion, delicate cutaway, and module capacities, making it quite not the same as different guitars in its class. 

In the event that you appreciate a cutaway on your traditional guitar and need a module, at that point, this is most likely a guitar that you will cherish. However, if you like a conventional-looking traditional guitar and don’t have to connect it, at that point perhaps it is not your most ideal choice. 

Overall, this C5-CET has a wonderful body completion, and it would be much better if the manufacturer would have made the sides and back a hazier stain. This guitar’s appearance would have joined with its pleasant sound to make it an extremely extraordinary traditional guitar.

Kremona Soloist S65C

best classical guitars under 500

Kremona Soloist S65C is the last best classical guitar under 500 on our list which offers great sound and is high-caliber. It has a conventional look and a profound traditional guitar sound that will play pleasantly for a long time. It has a thick, great sound that is profound and uproarious. 

This traditional guitar comes equipped with a fantastic combination of Solid Western maple top and Sapele on the back and sides. It is carefully assembled in Europe and follows numerous customary old-style guitar characteristics to the extent of the look and sound, which numerous individuals love, while others discover it is exhausting. Moreover, one outstanding thing about this guitar is the great convey case that accompanies the guitar, making it simple to move around with this traditional guitar. 

Overall, if you are searching for an old-style guitar that will sound great playing customary traditional guitar music, we suggest considering this beautiful Kremona Soloist S65C.

Ibanez AEG10NII Classical Guitar

best classical guitars under 500

The Ibanez AEG10NII is one of the best classical guitars under 500 which began during the 200’s so you will need to pay more, yet it is justified even despite the cost. Above all else, it has preamps locally available just as a tuner so that you will easily have the option to connect and play. It is normally significant for gigging artists; however, it may not be as big a problem in the event that you simply need to play at home or in a little set with a mic giving you sound. This AEG10NII is a smaller guitar that offers marvelous playability since you can play this guitar easily and comfortably, particularly on the off chance that you would love to do some fingerpicking. This classical guitar delivers incredible tone unplugged as well as through an amp, and it looks on a par with its sounds. It has a truly pleasant completion and the expansion of the locally available tuner will permit you to ensure that it is continually playing in impeccable tune. Overall, this Ibanez AEG10NII is an affordably-priced classical guitar with a perfect sound and beautiful appearance that we highly recommend looking at closer.

Buying Guide- Best Classical Guitars Under $500


best classical guitars under 500

In the event that you begin learning how to play the classical guitar for the first time, we suggest going for a pack. They, as a rule, incorporate gig sacks; however, you can likewise discover some with great quality strings, which is a significant perspective. In the same spot, ensure you mull over the remainder of the adornments you will require, for example, a moistener, more arrangements of strings, and more. The gig pack will help put away and carry the guitar easily if you would love to bring it with you during a trip or traveling.


best classical guitars under 500

It is best if you get a full-estimated traditional style guitar; however, you can also get other sizes with the same design and quality, such as 3/4 and 1/2 if you have smaller hands. A 3/4 old-style guitar has a similar way of tune as a full-measured one, while a 1/2 guitar, in any case, is tuned minor third or major second and that is a colossal contrast. Nonetheless, in case you are looking for a classical guitar to purchase for a youngster or you are beginning to play the classical guitar for the first time, a 1/2 sized guitar will be an affordably-priced and great choice for you.


best classical guitars under 500

Top-level traditional guitars have midnight fingerboards that are consistent yet costly. Rosewood is a decent option as it isn’t as exorbitant; however, it doesn’t bargain the tone. It’s consequently why most old-style guitars have rosewood fingerboards. 

The most costly traditional guitars have an ivory nut and seat. Yet, the ones in this audit and generally accessible utilize an engineered material that reenacts bone. A few nuts are even made of plastic that is good because it doesn’t have any impact on the sound in any case. Plastic seats produce less reverberation, yet that is apparent to the prepared performers, and it’s no difficulty to supplant plastic seats.

The Body Of The Guitar

best classical guitars under 500

When buying a guitar, we have to inform you that try not to purchase a guitar with overlaid, squeezed wood, or compressed wood soundboards as the guitar will sound dull. Search rather for cedar or strong tidy soundboards as they have better tones and are tougher. Cedar and tidy soundboards might be more costly, yet consider it wise speculation and you will get the most ideal sounds.


best classical guitars under 500

This may sound natural; however, numerous purchasers despite everything figure out how to ignore the sound part of the guitar, which should be the most significant thing about a guitar. we would suggest you look for another guitar to go to their nearby guitar shop and test the models that you have in the thought to see whether the tones and sound of it please you. In the event that that is beyond the realm of imagination simply go on Youtube and you will investigate the sound of the guitar. The important thing is that you should simply don’t accept a guitar without recognizing what it seems like, since that is a formula for frustration.


best classical guitars under 500

Indeed, even in the old style guitar class, you will see diverse styles and various sizes, and we suggest you have to pick the one that meets your requirements. It would be better if you look at the size of the instrument you need to purchase and keep in mind that testing it while it is swinging from your shoulders. On the off chance that it doesn’t make you feel comfortable in an initial couple of moments, you shouldn’t anticipate that it should be following a couple of long stretches of training or playing. 

In any case, most traditional guitars have the old-style shape similarly as their name suggests. Also, this shape is quite particular and the known quality of this kind of guitar. They are likewise one of the most mainstream fledgling traditional guitars, and they have nylon strings on their frets which are on the littler side of the scale. These guitars are simpler to hold and are commonly more agreeable to play on. They have their birthplaces in Spain and are related to Spanish music, yet that isn’t their sole reason since their high activity will permit you to play a wide assortment of music styles. 

Overall, you should choose a classical guitar that provides you a comfortable feeling when holding and playing for a long time.


best classical guitars under 500

Although you may discover huge amounts of guitars that sport thick and massive necks, that make all that more difficult to play, there is an ever-increasing number of guitars that sport more slender and smaller necks these days. This makes the guitar simpler to hold and best of all make the route around the fretboard simpler to oversee, implying that you can play the guitar quicker and simpler. 

These days, there is also an intriguing pattern coming up that is very alluring to each guitar play called radiused necks. A radiused neck implies that the neck of the guitar is bent under the fretboard, making the guitar considerably more agreeable to hold and play. Obviously, similar to some other kind, there are also various sorts of radiused necks that are very simple to play on, including U-formed, delicate V-molded, oval C-formed, hard V-molded, level oval molded, and medium V-formed. Therefore, we suggest you check various sorts out and see which one is more suitable for you. Moreover, you ought to likewise consider getting a left-gave traditional guitar if you are left-given.


best classical guitars under 500

Old style and acoustic guitar strings are as significant as the tonewood since they convey an alternate quality and tone. All traditional guitars have nylon strings, in any case, various brands convey various strings and you should realize what string has what characteristics and will it suit your general playing style, nonetheless, this is a thing that can be fixed with a string trade that you can do shortly.

Dealer Reputation

best classical guitars under 500

When buying a classical guitar, you should just purchase a traditional guitar from a trustworthy brand, and try not to make do with thump offs because it will cost you more. In case you are searching for the best utilized old-style guitars,  we suggest you observe the accompanying. Furthermore, in case you are purchasing on the web, we recommend you check the vendor’s notoriety dependent on consumer loyalty. And if there is negative or no criticism posted on their site, you should then reconsider other classical guitar brands.

Take A Look At The Fine Print


After purchasing a classical guitar, it is essential for you to review all the guitar’s depiction in case there are any marks, or different imperfections, or other issues with the guitar. 

Terms of Agreement

best classical guitars under 500

You should have everything recorded as a hard copy so there are no misconceptions later and everything related to the guitar, including the installment, discount, transporting, and so on ought to be expressed plainly.

Purchasing Utilized Or New-Best Classical Guitars Under 500

Concerning the guitar itself, there are a couple of different highlights that you will need to investigate. There are a lot of things you will have to investigate when purchasing a classical guitar; however, these are the most significant and ought not to be ignored. The more educated a purchaser you are, the more noteworthy the possibility you get a great traditional guitar.

best classical guitars under 500

The first thing to consider is purchasing a traditional guitar with firmly dispersed grains on the soundboard. Firmly pressed grains demonstrate more reverberation and less vibration. 

The second thing is you should analyze guitar body consistency between those utilized and the new best classical guitars under 500. It is because a thick body underlines lower records than a thinner body, and, significantly, the more slender the body, the more articulated amazing records the guitar will be.

The third thing you should know that the soundboard affects the sound better than the sides and back of the guitar. It is clear that a few guitarists incline toward layer because of its more steady, and strong wood is ideal yet layers will do. 

The final thing is the string action. It alludes to the range between the fretboard and strings. High activity is more earnest to play yet yields more stability, while low activity is more straightforward to play yet doesn’t give as much buzz security. Moreover, the string dispersing should be equivalent. You can choose wide or thin strings depending on your needs, but you have to simply ensure the dispersing is even.

Final Thoughts of best classical guitars under 500

Cordoba C5

Fender FC-100 Classical Guitar

ADM ADMJC613-YW Classical Guitar

best classical guitars under 500 best classical guitars under 500 best classical guitars under 500

Best For Traditional-looking guitars lovers

Best For Beginners or people with smaller hands

Best For Beginners

Our Best Choice-Cordoba C5-CET Thinline

Compared to those 15 best classical guitars under 500 on our list, we finally picked the Cordoba C5-CET Thinline as our best choice. We chose it because of its high-quality sound and outstanding features. This C5 is greatly manufactured and simple to utilize, precisely what apprentices need from an old-style guitar. The tone quality is sharp and clear, and worrying is more straightforward contrasted with different guitars.

Moreover, this C5 is intentionally designed for learners indeed; however, the fretboard, soundboard, strings, wood mosaic rosette, and different segments are practically identical to more costly guitars. With all these marvelous features of this guitar, it is truly the best classical guitar under 500.

There are numerous best classical guitars under 500, and if you want to buy a classical guitar at this price, it might have a few issues once you use it. Therefore, if your guitar has some problems and you don’t want to ruin it by fixing it yourself, we recommend you look for a guitar tech to help you. You should care about the insurance to protect your instrument, even if it is an affordably-priced guitar. 

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