Top 15 Irresistible Choice Of Best Cheap Acoustic Electric Guitar

If you’re really into acoustic and want to purchase the best cheap acoustic electric guitar, here is the list of top 15 best quality acoustic-electric guitars at an affordable price in 2020.

Acoustic music is the genre of music that solely or primarily uses instruments that produce sound through acoustic means. This kind of music is believed to have soothing melodies and be able to attract youth’s music taste. 

An acoustic-electric guitar is one of the most favorable musical instruments used in this genre. Nowadays, there have several choices of acoustic-electric guitars in the market of instruments for music. In fact, even if you're an experienced player, it's still a little difficult to find a suitable one. Today Carroll / Fletcher will highlight 15 of the best acoustic-electric guitars on the market offering both solid electronics and great experience in guitar playing and also cover a variety of comfortable budgets.

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Top Best Cheap Acoustic Electric Guitar Reviews 2020

Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The first of our list is an unsurprisingly Fender product.  This brand is well-known for being one of the industry's two holiest labels named after Leo Fender – the man credited with the invention of the modern solid-body guitar. Back to the product, what makes the FA-125CE  Fender so good? Few aspects but the most important is its ability to balance volume with excellent sound quality. It has managed to extract more sound and improved projection from smaller guitars by widening the waist and almost negating the dramatic gap between the bottom and upper bout. Moreover, it adds a slightly modified Dreadnought body in the sense that it comes with a cutaway.

Let’s take a look at its sound. The first thing we found here was FA-125CE does an outstanding job of simply making your notes over a long distance. Besides, Laminate wood as materials especially soft ones like basswood which don't have a reputation for sounding too sharp. That is not exactly the case with this Fender as it turns out. Yeah, you're always going to hear the smoother, rounded off softwood sound and laminates, but nowhere near enough to give it a second thought. Simply playing the instrument.

Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar

Next, we have Glen burton GA204BCO- BK Acoustic-Electric Cutaway guitar. This guitar is considered as a “ small budget” which is under $150.

The GA204BCO-BK has a rosewood fretboard with a maple top, basswood back and sides, and catalpa neck. Catalpa is a North American wood which is not as common for some reason but I've heard some all-catalpa body guitars and they sound wonderful. Using the catalpa neck is an important move that will add to the structure more sturdiness. Overall, this guitar looks amazing. Buying this will prove that you are certainly getting nice quality tonewood that fits surprisingly well together.

Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

Another interesting product that comes from the Fender brand is this CD-60SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar. In this product, we have a Venetian cutaway that makes getting to the upper frets very, very fast and the rolled fingerboard adds to smooth play. The sound of this large-bodied, no-nonsense guitar is, as you might imagine, excellent. It thunders along even without being plugged in (see the top cables here), making it a good option for people needing the flexibility of being able to play acoustically or electrically. Most of this is due to the clever scalloped x-braces in the guitar's frame.

The looks may not be the tastes of everyone, the whole thing is finished in dark brown mahogany, with a vertical, almost striped pattern. There is a simple black pickguard on the fretboard and regular dot inlays. It's a really old school guitar but for many people, this is possibly an attraction.

Ashthorpe Full-Size Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

One amazing product that we are happy to show you is the Ashthorpe Full-size DREadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar. This Guitar is made of Spruce wood with X-braced, A-grade, known for its strength and flexibility, and Basswood for warmth. The guitar remains sensitive, whether playing soft or loud, strumming or flatpicking, and maintains its tonal integrity.

In addition, this guitar receives a plus point by the incredible sound-ideal for musicians or experienced players, this guitar features an excellent tone, exceptional projection, and fantastic sonics. Waiting for your vision.

Taylor 100 Series 2017 114e Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

An amazing addition to our list is the Taylor 100 Series 2017 114e Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural. Taylor's 114E is made from the own large auditorium body shape of the company. The top is a Sitka spruce with sides and Sapele back. An ebony fingerboard is also used to sapele the neck.

The Taylor 114E with versatile sound has a very clean and traditional look. The electronics that it uses is the ES2 pickup system that includes a volume and tone knobs at the guitar's top bout.

The guitar includes a gig bag which makes it very portable. This is a great tool for a beginner, or for the more experienced player as a backup. This is a very robust instrument that can survive on the road.

Donner DAG-1CE Electric Acoustic Guitar Cutaway 41’’

Another not less interesting choice in this list is the Donner DAG-1CE Electric Acoustic Guitar Cutaway 41’’. Donner's unique high-quality tuning machines are sealed tuning pegs style, made of alloy metal, and keep your acoustic guitar in tune. Don't worry you'd lose your tone again. Classic bridge unique design, allowing you to change strings easily and making sure the playing tone is great. Rosette rings are concentrate rings. 20 Brass Frets with Fret position Marks on neck and fingerboard at 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th fret. Grab it to join the growing fanfare of acoustic guitars!

The Donner DAG-1CE is a superb dreadnought guitar with a large, bold sound and excellent features representing exceptional value, and features a spruce top with scalloped bracing, back and sides of mahogany, chrome tuner keys, and good quality brass strings. The slim neck provides a comfortable feel and excellent playability, and the smooth satin finish maximizes resonance for optimum quality of sound. The DAG-1 at a great price offers a warm, vibrant sound in your hands, you'll like it.

Epiphone PR-5E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Here comes my favorite product- the Epiphone PR-5E Acoustic-Electric Guitar. It's a florentine cutaway of full size, with that lovely sharp bout at the top.

Being a thin body acoustic guitar, it's very convenient to move around and if you need an acoustic for a song or two, it would make a really good touring guitar. Despite this, it still has a pleasant, full sound, and is not half bad even when unplugged, which is more than even some full-body dreadnoughts can say. 

With this particular guitar what really impressed us is the quality. All is beautifully finished, and we daresay the action is highly unlikely to require any adjustment after delivery. It feels significantly more expensive than it actually is.

Ibanez Performance Series PF15 Cutaway Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Ibanez is still known for its outstanding quality and a good price relative to the quality of its sound. It features a Dreadnought style body with full sound and cutaway for fingerboard upper entry. I'm deeply fascinated with its outstanding craftsmanship, the top is made of spruce. As for the sides and the bottom, the material used is mahogany. The mix has always been one of the best, as it ideally resonates. Appointments include a black and white rosette soundhole for accurate tuning and the die-cast chrome machine heads. The PF15 cutaway comes with an onboard 2-band EQ and tuner pick-up and preamp setup, ideal for plugging in and jamming with mates or playing solo.

Epiphone AJ-100CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The second guitar that comes from Epiphone in this list is the AJ-100CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar. This acoustic-electric guitar has the body constructed from select mahogany and the bridge-made from beautiful rosewood, fixed at the exact point for perfect intonation. This guitar comes with an extra top spruce. Spruce is a tonewood which starts breathing rich and complex. It's a fact that with age, Spruce gets better, and plenty of play time. Play loads of an AJ-100CE. It has a strong, mahogany jaw. The whole instrument is pretty easy, so you won't really get bored when playing, sitting, or standing for hours. The Epiphone instrument is a wonderful acoustic guitar with a gorgeous cutaway for better upper fret access and is built over a century and can keep up with you. Epiphone 's done a marvellous job with this guitar

Fender FA-235E Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Visually spectacular, the FA-235E offers legendary Fender sound at a budget-friendly price, with a gorgeous flame maple shell. With a modern Fender 3 + 3 headstock and Viking bridge, the standard laminate construction makes an easy to play an instrument that sounds fantastic. Modern Fishman electronics enabling you to easily take your sound onto the stage. The mahogany neck which gives the guitar a lively tone while complementing the flame maple top will be appreciated by both developing and experienced players. Colour: Lilac Burst-Exclusive Adorama

Epiphone DOVE PRO Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar

With a look that references Epiphone’s storied history in acoustic guitar design, this Epiphone DOVE PRO Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a premium electro-acoustic without the accompanying price. It's a stunning full-size dreadnought body with an orange-tinted violin burst finish and a dovetail neck joint, of course. This guitar was built from top to bottom to replicate the classic Gibson and Epiphone dovetail of the 60s. The modern guitar goes a step further with a cool little dove on the pickguard, and bridge wings. Grover makes the equipment, and under the saddle, you'll find a Fishman pump, as well as a soundhole preamp.

The fit and finish are completely outstanding for the price, which means that the guitar under 500 doesn't really need a lot of factories set up in addition to looking fantastic. And you can take it out of the box and get a great tone.

Washburn WA90CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The 12th guitar in this article is Washburn WA90CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar . This Washburn WA90CE forms part of their apprentice guitar collection, targeting beginners. What distinguishes this acoustic-electric guitar from other similarly priced instruments is its extra aesthetics, including body and fretboard binding as well as a good looking rosette.

Following traditional tonewood construction, mahogany for the back and sides, and spruce for the top this particular model sports a dreadnought with the cutaway profile. The bridge and fretboard are made of rosewood, while the neck is made of mahogany, too.

It comes with an integrated Isys+ preamp with tuner, volume control, simple EQ for adjusting treble and bass, for plugging in. The WA90CE looks more like a luxury acoustic, but it's not only about aesthetics because plugged and unplugged, there's also plenty of feedback about its sound.

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

From the Yamaha brand, this Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar, from my perspective, is an incredible choice. The Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Thinline is a lightweight acoustic-electric guitar intended to cater to younger players, or to those who just want a small instrument for grab-and-go.

It is based on the famous APX500 guitar from Yamaha, except this one is 3/4-sized, suitable for smaller hands, or for those looking for an inexpensive and compact acoustic-electric instrument. Its thin body has a distinct cutaway and the back and sides of sports meranti and a spruce-made roof.

The Yamaha APXT2's most lauded characteristics are portability and fast playability. While many of the favorable comments are from happy young guitarists, a decent chunk of seasoned players is also pleased with how enjoyable and simple it is to play with this guitar. Most owners come from Yamaha and believe that the price of this instrument is worth more than they paid for. Lastly, the guitar's electronic part is well received, meaning it's getting the job done even for gigs.

Fender Malibu Player - California Series Acoustic Guitar 

It will be a big regret if we do not mention this fantasy-malibu look guitar from the Fender brand.

Disrupt the status quo with the Malibu Instrument, an acoustic-electric small-body, short-scale, with a relaxed feel that will inspire you to search for new chords and melodies. The bold style and composed, expressive tone make the Malibu Player a natural partner on stage and in the studio, with a painted solid spruce top, painted mahogany back and sides and matching painted 6-in-line headstocks. The mahogany neck is ideal for any play style and features a relaxed "C"-shaped slim-taper profile, influenced by Fender's electric legacy. The same attitude of no-compromise that gives Malibu Player its distinctive killer vibe applies to every aspect of its development. It features engineered bracing for superior resonance, a GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle, as well as a Fishman preamp device that enables you to replicate the natural sound of the guitar when plugged into an amp. The Malibu Player resonates with those determined to stand out from the crowd, with excellent playability and distinctive aesthetics.

Dean Guitars 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The final choice in my list is an outstanding aesthetic quality guitar from Dean Guitar Which instantly attracts young cool players. We really need to get the look going. Graphics on the top of your face, with a white finish on the rest of the body and headstock, complimented by V-shaped inlays, and a 12th skull (click here for 12 string guitars). All look beautifully rock n roll. It won't be for everybody's tastes, but if you like this sort of thing, then there aren't many cooler guitars out there than this.

However, it's not just about the looks-this is one of the finest guitar instruments in its own name. The mahogany body makes a great sound, and at this price, you get EQ adjustments for the preamp as you would expect for a good guitar. But what really stands out is the slim D-shaped neck, which is absolutely

How To Pick A Best Cheap Acoustic Electric Guitar?

Finding the perfect acoustic-electric guitar is becoming one of the great quests of the players since the market of this industry has experienced tremendous development in this era which leads to the myriad of available acoustic-electric guitars. With the reviewing top 15 guitars, we just took a look, now it’s time to find down which is the best option for you.

In this section, we will clarify the essential factors that you should consider when buying acoustic-electric guitars. The main aim is to help you find one that you'll enjoy playing and that suits your budget and performance requirements at the same time.

Types of Acoustic Pickups

The key thing to note about various types of acoustic guitar pickups is that none of them are inferior to each other, they just have different strengths and weaknesses. All of them are also available in various price ranges and standard rates so don't underestimate any acoustic guitar pickup out of hand.

best cheap acoustic electric guitar

There are three major types of an acoustic guitar pickup, the first being piezo pickup, and this is the most common type of acoustic-electric production today. The other two major forms are magnetic, and transducer. They're set out below for ease of reading.


Built into your guitar's bridge, the piezo pickup is a perfect way to add power to your acoustic guitar.

It's also a perfect way to make your electric guitar have a more acoustic-type sound. Active and passive pickups are a perfect way to improve your guitar sound.

For any guitarist who wants something from their guitar, using a piezo pickup is a perfect solution without having to make a lot of changes or spend a ton of money.


best cheap acoustic electric guitar


Unlike popular opinion, both acoustic guitars and electric guitars use magnetic pickups. Typically these pickups sit in a guitar's sound space, so they don't need any drilling or permanent alteration. They are also usually an addition to the aftermarket (the John Lennon signature guitar is the only exception to this trend which comes to mind).

These pickups have a more metallic sound than either a piezo or a pick-up transducer, though high-end models typically provide a better acoustic tone approximation.


If you're looking for authentic acoustic sound, transducer pickups are considered the best choice available. They have a very rich and nuanced sound and maintain the overall flavor of the voice of your guitar. With this type of pickup, the only drawback is that it provides more feedback than either piezo or magnetic pickups.

Sadly, there is no acoustic-electric guitar in this list has this pickup


There is a lot of controversy surrounding tonewoods, so we'll only list the specific attributes you're most likely to find.

best cheap acoustic electric guitar


Spruce is the most frequently found top wood on a guitar (the side facing out when you are playing). It has a bright sound, especially when combined with mahogany, which is well suited for strumming or fingerpicking.


Mahogany emphasizes bass and midrange frequencies and has a relatively dark sound as a general rule. Koa, another widely found tonewood, closely resembles mahogany.

best cheap acoustic electric guitar


Although not as bright as spruce, Rosewood is brighter than mahogany. The resulting tone is very bright and intense when combined with spruce, making it well suited for lead and fingerpicking.

Laminated vs. Solid Top

The distinction between laminate and solid wood is that, while solid wood is a single piece of wood, laminate is multiple thin wood sheets glued together. The glue that ties the laminate pieces together lowers the amount your guitar vibrates, which in effect lowers your volume and frequency (tone) output. Solid wood resonates more effectively, so it's quieter and sounds easier to use instruments. Laminated wood on the flipside is more cost-effective, durable, and resilient to changes in the environment. Notice that most of the available guitars are laminated in this price range, but there are some hidden gems, including a few in this guide which comes with solid tops.

best cheap acoustic electric guitar

Body shape

best cheap acoustic electric guitar

Physics dictates that the different body shapes of the acoustic guitars have an impact on the overall sound. Generally, larger and heavier guitars like those with a common dreadnought design have a lower end and projection. Thinners and smaller ones focus the upper mids and the higher ones, and they are often lighter and therefore more relaxed to play. Most entry level guitars come in a dreadnought shape, possibly because the beginners are easily intimidated by the volume projection-until they grow ears for shades.

Common Fretboard Issues

best cheap acoustic electric guitar

More often than not, makers of cheap acoustic guitars prefer to minimize costs by ignoring freightboard standards. And there's a lot of reviewers coming out of their way to drive this point home. Fortunately, issues such as high action, fret buzz, and sharp fret wires are often easily corrected.

Buying advice

Its shape and scale would usually be the first thing any acoustic-electric guitar can take into account. Concert and auditorium-sized instruments are smaller, with symphony and dreadnought cuts in the middle and-as the name implies-jumbos at the end. Smaller body sizes typically provide more touch and response characteristics while larger body sizes can sound more absolute due to improved bass. Such variations, however, as with electrics, can vary greatly from instrument to instrument. It just boils down to what suits your body best, which looks the most fun to play with .

best cheap acoustic electric guitar

Woods also play a significant role in an acoustic's tonality. The most famous spruce tops are by far the ones known for their natural chime, instant response and consistent visibility. Cedar, on the other hand, is a less thick wood with a darker tone-opposed to more warmth and roundness, which is why it seems to be more common with fingerstyle players. Mahogany and sapele, while they are more likely to be found on both sides and back, may be said to be identical stuff, incorporating more natural and 'woody' sound. The most common tonewood for these parts of an acoustic is rosewood – typically of East Indian type, with CITES-protected Brazilian rosewood saved for the more costly 

Then, of course, there is electronics – which is mostly short-lived when certain inexpensive replacements come available. Businesses like Fishman and LR Baggs are probably the most common on the acoustic pick-up market, but other businesses have made their own extremely well. Are you the kind of player who wants just a 'good' sound, or maybe a choice of five different voices, augmented by a three-band EQ? It has its own needs per song, which is why our collection of the best acoustic electric guitars covers all the bases ...

Conclusion Best Cheap Acoustic Electric Guitar Top Pick For The Best

If you're on the hunt for low-cost acoustic-electric guitars or you're likely to be the first time buyer or still consider what’s the best to purchase, all have been represented in this post with our 100% enthusiasm.

There are several options on the market for the most affordable acoustic guitars. But lower prices do not have to equal poorer quality. Each of the models on our list of good cheap guitars comes with solid wood tops, beautiful string action, and rich, vibrant tone.

All these instruments will evolve with your musical abilities and keep you playing for years to come. Although you can definitely spend a lot of money investing in your instrument, here beginners and intermediate musicians can find a range of models that will fulfill your musical needs.

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