15 Best Blues Harmonica In 2023 For Blues Playing Style

Are you looking for the best blues harmonica on the market? Well, there are various kinds of harmonicas for you to choose from so that it is hard for you to find a suitable one. BreatheCaroline has listed 15 best blues harmonica to help you get the best one.

Harmonicas are extraordinary instruments, however, are frequently excused because of their little size. However, they are ground-breaking instruments and will liven up pretty much any exhibition. 

A great many people will connect harmonicas with blues and rowdy music. If you are hoping to establish a connection and have a solo in your band, or if you simply need to stick alone, we have aggregated an elite of the best blues harmonicas available. 

We have invested a great deal of energy exploring and assembling data on the highlights of all of these harmonicas, and we hope you can find your excellent blues harmonica after reading our reviews, a summary table, and a buying guide.

best blues harmonica Comparison 2023

Hohner 532BX-C Blues Harp, Key Of C Major Johnson BK-520-C Blues King Harmonica, C Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C
best blues harmonica best blues harmonica best blues harmonica
best for Experts and Beginners best for Beginners best for Experts

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Top best blues harmonica Reviews 2023

Hohner 532BX-C Blues Harp, Key Of C Major

An exemplary instrument, the harmonica has been forming the sound of blues, rock, or folk for a very long time. This Hohner 532BX-C Blues Harp is amongst the best blues harmonica, which is intended for the particular blues sound, yet it has a secluded framework that permits it to be changed into an instrument fit for playing numerous classifications. 

This harmonica comes with a steady tone and volume when playing blues and it is practically identical to the harmonicas utilized by the greatest players, particularly beginners and middle of the road players. It has a dim, shaking sound and since the harmonica has a wood brush, it draws out a full tone and it’s entirely flexible. 

This blues harmonica also has twelve keys, with twenty reeds and it has replaceable parts that make it simple and economical to fix. This harmonica makes its particular howling sounds through the unified air channels that grant strategies like bowing and overblowing reeds. 

However, the reed plates have a slight upswing at the front of the plates which can hurt or even cut your upper lip. It also releases a great deal of air which makes it hard to play the draw notes.

Overall, 532BX-C from Hohner is well-deserved on our top best blues harmonica. In case you are a new learner, it will make learning simpler. It is worked to last and if you are not kidding about playing the harmonica and you would prefer not to agree to less then you should get this one.

Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica – C

Fender Blues Deluxe harmonica-C can be a protected present for each player since it is made to be exceptionally adaptable and simple to play for every player, regardless of the degree of the player. It’s tuned in the key of C and the tone and pitch that it gives are given by a body made out of a PVC brush and metal reeds. 

It arrives in a customary shape so you will have no issues in holding it, which makes playing more agreeable. To guarantee it keeps going longer, the plastic brush is dampness safe that brings a brilliant sound and tuning strength to it. Taking everything into account, performers love the fresh and clear sound that this harmonica produces. 

The reed plates are replaceable if necessary. The chrome-plated metal spreads offer it a beautiful look. For guarding it, you can utilize the vented hard plastic case included. Offering dependability for a significant stretch, this harmonica is fitted with 10 gaps that offer an exemplary sound. 

This exemplary harmonica joins current advancements that permit it to be more sturdy and simpler to clean. Its measured framework permits it to be balanced and changed to meet all of your requirements so you can explore different avenues regarding new sounds. 

However, while the non-water or air proof plan makes the unit simpler to clean, it likewise implies that you should invest much more energy to make the sound you need. The edges are somewhat sharp so you should be cautious when dealing with the unit.

Overall, regardless of whether you are an amateur or a serious performer, this Fender harmonica is the best blues harmonica since it is very easy to play and gives you space to develop as a craftsman. It is an economic decision for players to try out whether they’re on a limited financial plan or not.

Johnson BK-520-C Blues King Harmonica, C

Johnson BK-520-C is another best blues harmonica that has an affordable price yet it is not modest in quality. It conveys a superior sound than anticipated. This harmonica is a 10-tone diatonic harmonica that is made out of metal reeds, a plastic brush, and a metal spread plate. It doesn’t have an impermeable plan and this can prompt some loss of air and the need to blow more earnestly in it. 

What speaks to a favorable position, particularly for beginners, is that the harmonica likewise accompanies a case and material for cleaning purposes. You have to keep it clean if you want to get the excellent sounds out of it. The tone is pleasant, and this model is simple to play, and it takes into consideration fundamental and more intricate procedures. 

You additionally get a couple of additional items, to be specific a decent case and cleaning material that are significant for fledglings since it will assist them with keeping the unit protected and clean. 

However, the principal issue with this harmonica is that some air will get lost when playing, and that implies that the player should overcompensate to accomplish the ideal tone and volume. The plastic brush needs perfection and quality however given the value, it is not entirely obvious this issue.

Overall, Johnson BK-520-C is an incredible harmonica for blues with many great features. So, if you are searching for a reasonable harmonica, appropriate for new players, you should consider this harmonica from Johnson.

Suzuki Bluesmaster Harmonica in C

Suzuki Bluesmaster is famous for being on the top best blues harmonica that is another 10-opening diatonic instrument. It is made out of a plastic brush and slender phosphorous bronze reeds. It has a pleasant look, given by the treated steel reed covers. How it is constructed makes it sound overall quite warm.

This Suzuki model has a hardened steel spread that furnishes the unit with expanded sturdiness while its ergonomic plan will make it simple in any event, for novice artists to hold and play the instrument. 

The harmonica is well-developed and it lets wind stream easily through it, while it doesn’t need a ground-breaking hit to sound bright. It’s reasonable for live crowd circumstances or for figuring out how to play such an instrument. The brush and the spread plate line upright, as they should, and that makes it steady and simple to play. 

The meager reeds can break effectively, yet they can be supplanted. Be that as it may, the spreads are solid and intended for easily playing the instrument. If you can abstain from harming the reeds by utilizing an excessive amount of power, this harmonica can keep going for quite a while. 

However, the reeds are dainty and that makes them more helpless to breakage yet interestingly, they are anything but difficult to supplant and very economical. It is little and contrasted with the bigger models so that you won’t have the option to get a great deal of air through it.

Overall, This Bluesmaster is proven as the best blues harmonica from Suzuki. You get a brilliant incentive for the cash seeing as this instrument figures out how to offer premium development and highlights at an extremely minimal effort.

Fender Blues DeVille Harmonica – C

Fender Blues DeVille is another best blues harmonica that dominates at rock and blues. At the point when you first observe it, the matte dark and gold completing get your attention. The phosphor bronze reeds and the brush permit it to play exact notes, with a rich tone and an unmistakable pitch. Solidness is additionally guaranteed by the quality brush and covering plates. 

The general tone is wonderful, the instrument is impenetrable and it needn’t bother with a solid blow for getting the correct notes out. If you are a student, you should realize that the openings are not numbered. Whenever abused, the harmonica can get harmed and will keep you from getting the sound you need. 

It has a conventional shape and structure that advances an agreeable hold so you can play it for extensive stretches without your hands getting drained. This harmonica accompanies a wonderful plastic case that offers phenomenal assurance to the instrument and it will make it simpler for you to take it with you wherever you go. Besides, if you feel that the reeds are getting old, you can generally supplant them with new ones. 

However, you have to blow hard for the notes on the high side of the harmonica to play well and this can tire you rapidly. It isn’t especially boisterous when contrasted with different harmonicas.

Overall, Fender Blues DeVille is amongst the best blues harmonica available on the market. So, if you love playing the harmonica, we suggest you consider this Fender model as it is an ideal choice for beginners.

Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C

Special 20 is another best blues harmonica from Hohner that is made for the experts, even though the C key is also reasonable for new players. It is a diatonic harmonica and it’s made to keep going, however. long the metal reed plates will. Everything is shrouded in a plastic body that permits you to effectively play it, in any event, when you need to move toward muddled and quick playing styles. 

The materials utilized are first-class and the harmonica is inherent to Germany. If you play the instrument a ton, the reeds will wear out and you should supplant them. Fortunately, Hohner Accordions produce reeds only for that reason, and they have also done as such for this model. The anticipating plastic mouthpiece and the recessed reed plates make this instrument truly agreeable to play. 

A key to any harmonica is the hermetically sealed plan and this one also highlights that. The fabricate quality is awesome since the treated steel covers with shut sides convey a hermetically sealed plan for simpler twisting and better playability. This is the reason it’s additionally appropriate for fledglings. 

It’s easy to open the harmonica and do standard support or supplant the reeds once they wear off and afterward keep playing like it’s another instrument. It accompanies a helpful conveying case so you can secure the instrument and take it with you when voyaging. 

However, this harmonica is somewhat costly, particularly for amateurs, however, it will in general go discounted oftentimes. There is a touch of irregularity with this model since certain harmonicas have a superior form of quality than others.

Overall, Hohner Special 20 is an excellent harmonica for blues. It is an adaptable instrument which makes it ideal for new players who are simply beginning their training or for intermediates who need to arrive at genius levels.

Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonicas 7-Pack

Rehearsing can be troublesome when you don’t have the correct hardware. This Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonicas 7-Pack, notwithstanding, gives you the likelihood to try and to propel your insight in playing a wide range of harmonicas. Stunningly productive, these blues harmonicas come in seven distinct tones. They are made to be flexible and available to a wide range of players. 

They have a similar development that incorporates a shaped PVC brush and metal reeds. The style is given by the conventional shape and the chrome-plated metal spreads. Both the shape and the spread make the harmonicas agreeable to play. 

This set is bound for rehearsing and it’s not prudent to utilize them in live exhibitions since they don’t offer the sound intensity of other, more particular instruments. They are all around made and the materials are high caliber, yet just like the case with harmonicas, the metal reeds should be supplanted every once in a while. 

Moreover, you get a ton of significant worth for the cash with this arrangement of 7 harmonicas that are accessible in various tones and you can utilize them to explore different avenues regarding blues music and afterward play your pieces. You likewise get an advantageous zippered convey case with 7 spaces for all the harmonicas so you can move and compose your assortment without any problem. 

However, when you need to get the volume up, you should blow exceptionally hard which implies that these Fender models are not appropriate for live shows. The quality control could be better since certain harmonicas in the pack will in general make a humming sound after a smidgen of playing.

Overall, Fender Blues Deluxe 7-Pack is an ideal choice for you to get the best blues harmonica as it comes with 7 harmonicas with various tones for you to have more interesting playing experience. So, if you love harmonicas from Fender, you shouldn’t overlook this one.

Fender Blues DeVille Harmonica – G

Fender Blues Deville-G is another best blues harmonica besides the previous Deville-C, which sounds fabulous, with an uproarious and lumpy tone. You will generally approve of playing all the notes since this is an impermeable harmonica. 

This Fender harmonica is tuned in the key of G and it’s heavier than different models, causing it to feel more strong and sturdy. The spread plates, which are done in a matte dark, give it an extraordinary look, however, make this harmonica unpleasant. 

The dark metal spread has a wonderful and a la mode gold trim that will make you stick out while playing and as an or more, it is likewise exceptionally simple to clean. It accompanies a vented plastic case for simple vehicle and capacity and the vents will let it dry out quicker. 

This model gives a wonderful inclination since it comes with a decent vibration. It additionally gives great continuation, implying that the notes played can last more and resound. The phosphor metal reeds are safer than the bronze ones and give an alternate tone. The parts make this harmonica more extensive than others and new players should adjust to it. 

However, the reeds appear to put a piece in the upper register and it takes a harder hit to get them to react. Another guidance for the learners is to focus when playing at the finishes of the harmonica. The reeds get out in those spots and can cause hurt if you don’t play it cautiously. 

It is a costly side which implies that for beginners, this may not be a decent decision.

Overall, Fender Blues Deville Harmonica-G is amongst the best blues harmonica with a beautiful design, wonderful sounds, and great playability. So if you begin playing the harmonica, you should also try out this one.

Mugig Professional Harmonica Standard Diatonic 10 Hole

Mugig Professional Harmonica is a standard diatonic harmonica tuned in the key of C and is reasonable for all types of music, including blues, people, jazz, or pop. It is an instrument that can be utilized for proficient events. For better hermeticity and more accuracy tones, this harmonica utilizes a thick plate. 

This harmonica has a solid tempered steel structure that is worked to last. The reeds are phosphorous bronze and inherent. To limit air spillage, the finishes are impermeable. True to form, this makes the instrument protected and simple to play. It is compact and accompanies a polished case and a cloth to clean it. 

Because of the compact plan, you’ll see it exceptionally simple to take the instrument with you anyplace you go, particularly since the unit accompanies an advantageous and solid drop-proof box. 

It may be utilized for a ton of purposes, including delivering sounds for movements, soundtracks or other comparative amusement rehearses. Something that isn’t typically found in harmonicas is the brush made of aluminum. 

However, this harmonica model isn’t produced using attractive materials and since most holders are attractive, this can be an issue. The high note is difficult to play since it expects you to blow hard to make it sound great.

Overall, this Mugig model is well worth our top best blues harmonica due to its great design, and playability. This model flaunts lovely workmanship that will make players appreciate and feel excited about playing it since it is extremely responsive and simple to play. It is appropriate for amateurs yet it can likewise be utilized by intermediates to learn troublesome harmonica abilities.

Diatonic Harmonica 10 Hole – Blues Harp with Case

Littler than anticipated, and made of value materials, Diatonic Harmonica 10 hole is an extraordinary decision for children and amateurs. It’s a diatonic model, with 10 openings, tuned in the key of C. 

The styles that this instrument can approach shift a great deal, and that is another motivation behind why it’s appropriate for new players. The plan is alluring and the chrome steel spread offers unwavering quality. 

It comes with a plastic brush and copper reeds which gives the likelihood to arrive at more shrill notes and it guarantees an amazing tone quality and tone. Being so little, this harmonica is simple to convey. It is pocket measured and it has completely encased finishes. 

In the set, you can likewise discover a case, a microfiber cleaning material that you will use for cleaning the instrument, and a manual that will show you how to play. The entirety of its highlights features that it’s a decent decision for new players. 

However, while the tone is more than sufficient for a unit this modest, it isn’t in the same class as with an expert diatonic one yet given the value contrast, we can’t grumble excessively. With a load of only 1 ounce, this harmonica may feel excessively light for a few.

Overall, this Diatonic harmonica 10 holes is deserved on our top best blues harmonica. It has an enthusiastic, splendid sound quality that is reasonable for both performance and band exhibitions.

Hohner Accordions Blues Bender

The Accordions Blues Bender is amongst the best blues harmonica from Hohner, which is a reasonable alternative for new players to rehearse more. This harmonica highlights twenty metal reeds that produce a dainty yet lovely stable. 

Luckily, the treated steel acoustic spreads, and the thick plates make it more impervious to harm. If you need a harmonica that you can use for a ton of expert appearances, this one won’t suit your necessities, yet it is an extraordinary decision if you plan to figure out how to play this harmonica. 

This Hohner model is planned fundamentally for making note twisting simpler and encouraging learning for new players and it produces wonderful soul-filled notes. The hermetically sealed development assists with getting the ideal notes. The licensed acoustic spread plates help expand the volume and keep up a reliable tone. 

However, you will have to be delicate when utilizing this harmonica since the reeds can be influenced on the off chance that you grasp it excessively hard. This Hohner model may require additional tuning if you need to receive the best solid in return.

Overall, this Accordions Blues Bender is another incredible harmonica from Hohner. So, if you love Hohner’s harmonicas design, sounds, and playability, we recommend you consider this one.

ARTHOMES H-01 Blues Harmonica

The ARTHOMES H-01 is a minimized harmonica in the key of C major, with 10 openings and 20 tones. It is sufficiently little to fit in a normal size pocket, making it perfect for the individuals who are searching for a versatile diatonic harmonica or more youthful performers. 

Coordinating its little size is its moderateness, which this harmonica can accomplish without bargaining quality or usefulness. At long last, this harmonica is packaged with a much smaller 4 openings 8 tones neckband harmonica, a cleaning fabric, and a conveying case. 

Fulfilled proprietors of the ARTHOMES H-01 incorporate youthful new players and experienced performers, a considerable lot of whom are intrigued by its general form quality. An incentive for cash is likewise its solid suit, making it an ideal harmonica to try things out with. 

Overall, ARTHOMES H-01 is well worth being on our best blues harmonica list. In case you’re searching for a decent quality yet moderate versatile harmonica, or you’re hoping to bless a youthful upstart with a starter harmonica, this is an excellent choice for you.

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic

The Major Diatonic harmonica highlights Lee Oskar’s plastic brush that is simpler to clean and keep up. Its recessed bed safely holds the reed plate to forestall air spillage and venture stronger sounds. 

Because Lee Oskar is one of the pioneers of the measured framework, they give replaceable and simple to introduce mountable reed plates for this specific harmonica with the remainder of their product line. 

This Major Diatonic got a ton of good evaluations with regards to its quality development and sound at its cost. Its reeds are very tough, and when exhausted after an extensive stretch of utilization, numerous clients were satisfied that its substitution reeds aren’t difficult to introduce and cost not exactly the harmonica itself. Regarding playing, various clients referenced this harmonica delivered a brilliant and full tone with easy bowing. 

Overall, with its huge gaps that forestall covering notes while playing, this harmonica is an incredible decision for novices and for the individuals who are searching for harmonica that they can easily fix.

Hohner Marine Band 1896

The Marine Band 1896 is one of the first blues harps planned by Hohner and has been a staple from that point onward. Since its first presentation in 1896, it has been played by widely acclaimed performers.

Right up till today, it is as yet being utilized by numerous expert harmonica players around the globe. It has gained notoriety for its full tone, licensed hardened steel spreads, and its wooden brush. 

Adaptable and dependable at its cost, this Hohner model creates a brilliant and rich sound reasonable for playing blues, rock, and bluegrass melodies. Proficient harmonica players have lauded its quality outside and responsive reeds. The plastic case that accompanies good data to support the harmonica. 

Since it has a wooden brush, the disadvantage for this is it swells when it gets damp and it might cause lip injury after extensive periods. It requires a smidgen more exertion with regards to dismantling it for cleaning and tuning, however with legitimate consideration, it’s worked to be tough and dependable. 

Numerous clients referenced the gaps were littler and its inherent wooden brush is stiffer contrasted with different harmonicas they have attempted. For this situation, novices may think that it’s difficult to play from the start, however they improve after some time with training. 

Overall, Marine Band 1896 is well-deserved as our top best blues harmonica from Hohner which is an incredible decision for moderate and expert players.

I-MART Diatonic 10 Hole Key of C Blues Harmonica

I-MART Diatonic 10 Hole is another financial plan agreeable domain of best blues harmonica. Presently for an alternative from I-Mart, which has all the earmarks of being a Swan model in fact, or if nothing else highlights Swan spread plates, so may have originated from a similar assembling line. 

These harmonicas are a decent blessing astonishingly in the scope of shadings, generally because the spread itself is plastic as opposed to metallic. The plastic decision of covering considers quicker octave slides. 

It’s essentially made and the reeds have no tuning issues like some spending harmonica models can. The playability could be better, it appears to be somewhat difficult to play with any genuine subtlety. 

There are 10 openings, and it twists sensibly well and is a little on the slimmer side better for a harmonica player with littler hands. It accompanies a conservative stockpiling case that is pretty strong. 

Overall, this I-MART Diatonic 10 Hole harmonica is sensibly all around made. We would presumably, truth be told, go for the bumper over this one, except if you are explicitly searching for plastic or shaded alternatives. All things considered, it carries out the responsibility.

Things to Consider To Get The Best Blues Harmonica

Harmonica Types


The diatonic harmonica is dominatingly utilized for playing some music styles like blues, rock, and society music. With some training, you can likewise figure out how to play and curve notes on the diatonic harmonica. This implies you can, hypothetically, play all the dark keys of the piano with the white Harmonica keys. Twisting, notwithstanding, as a procedure to twist notes, needs a great deal of training. Notwithstanding, it’s conceivable to accomplish those notes that are not naturally remembered for the diatonic consonant by learning the twisting procedure.


The chromatic harmonica, then again, is a harmonica that permits you to play on any scale you want. It permits you to do this by squeezing a catch that is situated as an afterthought. This catch permits you to change the Harmonica keys, and when you press it midway, you get the entirety of the half-notes. This may seem like a blessing from heaven harmonica that is the answer to all issues.

That might be the situation for certain individuals, anyway, the chromatic harmonica doesn’t have the equivalent blues feel when you play it since you can’t utilize the particular twisting strategy that creates that style.

It can likewise be incredibly elusive bits of music that are explicitly composed for a chromatic harmonica. The chromatic is generally utilized for jazz, traditional and popular music. If you are keen on these music kinds, at that point we can prescribe accepting a more drawn outlook about what a chromatic harmonica has to bring to the table.

Overall, it’s suggested for new players and for blues players to get the diatonic harmonicas. They accompany 10 openings and are tuned to a significant or minor size of an explicit key. For instance, if it’s tuned to the key of G, it will just play the G significant scale.

best blues harmonica

Even though you can play blues on a chromatic harmonica, diatonic harmonicas are a befitting decision for playing blues, nation, and people because of the extra drawing and twisting procedures expected to deliver full sound and the missing notes from the scale.


Each harmonica sounds unexpectedly. There are generally seven Harmonica keys to browse when purchasing the harmonica. Typically, the C-Key is generally utilized among harmonica players, anyway, when buying your excellent harmonica, you will consistently get the opportunity to likewise purchase a harmonica in one of the other Harmonica keys.

best blues harmonica

This can get confusing, as a new player, you will have the option to investigate and play in each key to see which suits you most. Tragically, more often than not, that is impractical, and you will be left with a modest bunch of YouTube recordings that portray the contrasts between the entirety of the keys on various harmonicas for you.

As referenced above, harmonicas are tuned to a particular key. It’s ideal to get a harmonica tuned to the key of C in case you’re simply beginning. You’ll have the option to play up to 3 octaves on a C significant scale. A large number of the melodies you will learn are additionally tuned to the key of C.

Most blues harmonicas are played in what’s known as a cross harp. This implies playing the harmonica tuned to an ideal fourth underneath the first key of the composed music by utilizing the 2 draw opening as a root note as opposed to utilizing the 4 blow gap utilized for the main position and unique key. If you want to write the music in G, then a C harmonica is a perfect option for you to consider. This is also the most widely recognized position utilized for playing blues.

Brush Material

Picking a brush material issues more as far as support. There are some sorts of materials created, including wood, plastic, plexiglass, and metal. For new players, it’s ideal to go with plastic as it’s simple to keep up and is agreeable to play with. Metal brushes are additionally an alternative that is less inclined to mileage because of screws, however, they are somewhat more costly. 

best blues harmonica

Wood is another regular material created and they are significantly more inclined to dampness, which can cause expanding and may leave cuts in your mouth while playing the harmonica, yet a few people say that they give a more warm and rich sound and wouldn’t fret the endeavors of looking after it.


best blues harmonica

The cover of the harmonica is the thing that makes the acoustics. Everything relies upon what sort of sound you are going for with regards to picking the kind of spread plan. A ton of reasonable to mid-extend valued harmonicas has customary spreads where the rear of the spread is more open creating a splendid and clear tone. Another sort is the spread of all plan, which marginally stifles the harmonica, yet resounds it more to create a full, warm, and smooth tone. Metal spreads produce a more brilliant sound while plastic creates a milder sound.

Reed Types

The reeds of a blues harmonica have a time of usability similar to the reeds on any wind harmonica. They commonly last longer than veritable reeds, as they are produced using metal which is far-more grounded and more averse to part.

best blues harmonica

The majority of those we have audited have had metal reeds that are delicate and simple to twist, ideal for those building up their right embouchure. Be that as it may, as it’s gentler, it doesn’t keep going as long. It’s a smart thought to discover replaceable reed plates on the off chance that you plan to stay with metal reeds.

Metal reeds give a pleasant filthy wheezing tone, and bronze reeds have somewhat more ring, giving a more brilliant trademark. It’s about the equivalent regarding toughness. Treated steel reeds are substantially more sturdy, however, enjoy a prepared player to reprieve in and twist. These reeds are ordinarily found on more expensive expert harmonicas and are harder to play. These features are great for the best blues harmonica players.

Conclusion best blues harmonica Top Pick For The Best

Hohner 532BX-C Blues Harp, Key Of C Major Johnson BK-520-C Blues King Harmonica, C Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C
best blues harmonica best blues harmonica best blues harmonica
best for Experts and Beginners best for Beginners best for Experts

Our Best Choice-Hohner 532BX-C Blues Harp, Key Of C Major

Among all those incredible harmonicas, we finally found this Hohner 532BX-C Blues Harp best blues harmonica because of its excellent features. The first outstanding feature making this harmonica as our most favorable is its sound. This Hohner model comes with a stable tone and volume with a dim, shaking sound that is suitable for playing blues. It also has a wood brush which makes the tone richer and more flexible. Moreover, this harmonica is intentionally designed for playing blues sound but it can still deliver various genres like rock and folk. 

One more thing making this harmonica stand out is its construction. It features 12 keys with 12 reeds and replaceable parts that make it easier for you to fix it. However, this harmonica also has some downsides. The reed plates have a slight upswing that can hurt your lip when you play the harmonica. Overall, besides its downsides, this Hohner 532BX-C Blues Harp is still our best blues harmonica and if you are obsessed with Hohner’s harmonicas, you shouldn’t overlook this one.

If you are searching for the best harmonica to play the blues, at that point you will need one that is anything but difficult to twist, so you can play with true feeling. If you’re new to playing the harmonica, at that point we’re certain we have you secured. If you are a prepared harmonica player, you may lean toward something somewhat fancier to move onto, similar to a tremolo reed harmonica, or something that offers a lot more notes, so you can play as well as could be expected. 

There are many best blues harmonica on the market. Accordingly, when making a rundown of your great harmonicas, we recommend you think about certain highlights, including sound quality, playability, types, reed types, construction, key, and other important features cautiously. We believe you can find the best blues harmonica. Ideally, our audits will give you what harmonicas are accessible and our buying guide will give you enough information to know which heading to direct towards with regards to buying the best blues harmonica.

Thank you for reading this far! We hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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