15 Best Bass Guitar Under 300 For 2020-Which One Is Suitable For You?

Is it accurate to say that you are motivating to play the bass guitar? Or then again the bass is the favored guitar to play between companions for you folks can stick along inside the carport playing all your preferred music. If you feel it is hard to get the best bass guitar under 300 that is suitable for you, then BreathCaroline has a list of the best bass guitar under 300 for you to choose from.

Fortunately for this age, and to incorporate the individuals who are youthful on a fundamental level. The market to purchase a bass today has gotten even more affordable. A player would already be able to pick a good sounding low pitch guitar with a more adaptable financial plan to spend. 

In this article, we have probably the best bass guitar under 300 that players should investigate. These low register guitars are recommendable for new learners to play or experienced players who are attempting to locate a more affordable bass that could meet their necessities for their plan of decision, playability.

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Top Best Bass Guitar Under 300 Reviews 2020

Jackson JS Series Concert JS2 Bass

JS Series Concert JS2 is the best bass guitar under 300 that comes from Jackson with a beautiful outlook and outstanding features. It has four strings bass and 34 inches scale length with a small and thin body contrasted with other bass guitars in its class, which makes it lighter and simpler for players to hold and bring with.

This guitar has a twofold cutaway configuration poplar body, accessible in two hues to look over, in particular glossy silk dark and white finish. JS2 also comes with a one-piece jolt on maple neck with graphite support and scarf joint that comes well with its 24 large frets compound range amaranth fingerboard set apart by Pearloid sharkfin trims. Its fingerboard is a compliment on the headstock zone that bit by bit gets rounder going up the higher frets.

Moreover, to produce a perfect sound, this JS2 has two high-yield humbucking pick-ups set on the neck and scaffold constrained by isolated volume for each pick-up and tone. It is also equipped with a connection for the extension and fixed pass on dark cast tuners for the machine heads.

Overall, JS2 is proven as the best bass guitar under 300 from Jackson. If you are going to learn how to play the bass guitar, we highly recommend you try out this one. It is an incredible guitar with amazing sound and perfect design.

Gretsch Junior Jet II Bass

Most guitar players know that Gretsch is a well-known brand with regards to empty body guitars and drum sets products. In any case, few players think that the organization additionally assemble quality basses running from a similar empty body plan and this strong body low register guitar specifically, Gretsch Junior Jet II bass. So on the off chance that you would love to be distinctive on the bass you play, away from the more standard plan, this Junior Jet is an extraordinary decision for a decent sounding bass.

Junior Jet II from Gretsch comes with a solitary cutaway body produced using basswood with various strong gleam and sunburst completions to browse. The fastener on the maple neck with 20 medium enormous frets dark pecan fingerboard of this bass is its principle configuration included. It has a short scale neck with just 30 inches length and a compliment 12 inches span fingerboard which makes it significantly simpler and more playable for players to play all through the entire neck serenely.

Besides its outstanding outlook, this bass guitar also has planned Mini-Humbuckers situated at the neck and scaffold territory of the body to deliver the gigantic sound to occupy a room. It is constrained by a 3-way flip switch for pick-ups choice, ace volume, and tone. For equipment, Jet II has flexible seat scaffolds and pass on cast tuning machines to hold the strings and keep it in flawless pitch.

Overall, Junior Jet II is well-worth being the best bass guitar under 300 that comes from Gretsch. It has a beautiful design, short scale length, and a great sound making it perfect for kids or players with small hands.

Ibanez GSR206 Bass

Ibanez GSR206 is famous for being a marvelous bass guitar at a lower price range. It is presumably an affordably-priced bass with 6 strings that you rarely see available on the market nowadays. This is also a bass that players truly do wanna have as a feature of their assortment of bass they play without discharging their pockets.

This Ibanez bass model is very nearly a giveaway, simply contemplating that it is so difficult to create a bass with 6 strings than that with 4 strings and to think of a value that is as yet reachable for any individual who needs to get one. GSR206 comes equipped with a twofold cutaway body that shows up little to average size.

This bass guitar has a wonderful combination of a poplar body, a dark model with a spalted maple top completion. While this bass comes with a pecan finish, its body tonewood is enrolled in Okoume. The neck is comparative for the three models, which is made of maple with 20 medium-size frets jatoba fingerboard set apart by speck decorations.

GSR206 can produce a rich and full sound as it has two inactive Dynamix humbucker pick-ups set at the neck and scaffold constrained by a different volume handle for each pick-up, tone, and function for additional tone molding capacities. It also has a 6-saddle flexible extension and tuning machines.

Overall, GSR206 deserved to be on the top best bass guitar under 300 with fantastic and great sounds. It is worth getting one to begin playing with if you are looking for a bass guitar from Ibanez.

Yamaha TRBX204 Bass

Yamaha is a worldwide organization that has many top items in practically all business sectors. A major aspect of their product offering is in their instrument division which incorporates the creation of low pitch guitars extending from section level to very good quality models.

Consequently, any best 15 rundown of low pitch guitars to discover or any sort of instrument besides won't be finished without an instrument originating from Yamaha. And from all of Yamaha’s products, TRBX204 is well-known as the best bass guitar under 300.

TRBX204 is the second portion of passage level bass in the TRBX arrangement of Yamaha prevailing after the TRBX174. The principal contrast between these guitars is the controls and tonewood dependent on this Yamaha TRBX arrangement index.

TRBX204 has ace volume, get balancer, and a 2-band, while the TRBX174 is having the standard controls, the two-volume handles for each pick-up, and tone. Pick-ups are the equivalent for both bass guitars consisting of an earthenware split single-loop for the neck and jazz type clay single-curl on the extension.

However, for tonewood, it isn't the equivalent. The TRBX204 has a basswood body dissimilar to the TRBX174 which is made of mahogany. Neck wood is equivalent to the two basses as they are jolted on maple and a rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets.

Overall, TRBX204 is proven to be the best bass guitar under 300 from the Yamaha brand with a beautiful design and perfect features. If you are finding a bass guitar from Yamaha, we suggest you take a look at this one.

Epiphone Toby Standard-IV Bass

Epiphone Toby Standard-IV is another best bass guitar under 300 that is motivated by Tobias plan bass, luthiers of probably the best carefully assembled instruments. Even though this Toby bass has an affordable cost, it still provides an incredible incentive with its wonderful-looking body to headstock plan and not to neglect to refer to. The conveyance of marvelous definition on the low-end sound making it ideal for playing various classifications of music on a cutting edge style bass.

The restless body plan of this Epiphone model is special from different basses because it is more like a traditional low register guitar. It has a radiata pine tonewood available in various great shading compliments for each player to amuse without a defensive pickguard. The neck is jolted on maple with a deviated plan, where the neck is more slender on the lower side than on the upper side permitting better grasp and comfort. Likewise, there is a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard without decorating markers on the neck.

Toby gadgets include the exemplary Tobias-planned single-loop in the neck and at the extension constrained by an ace volume, pickup mix with focus detent, bass cut, and high pitch cut. The extension is flush-mount low-profile completely customizable and tuners are top-notch bite the dust cast proportion.

Overall, this Toby Standard-IV from Epiphone is an incredible bass guitar at a low price range for any player to easily get and try it. This guitar comes with all the excellent features for you to have exciting playing experience.

Dean Edge 2 Bass

Is it safe to say that you are looking to locate a two get low pitch guitar at a reasonable cost with the proper hopes to play metal and hefty metal? At that point, we suggest you look at this Dean Edge 2 which is the best bass guitar under 300. Besides other famous bass guitars from Dean, this Edge 2 is a perfect model on the Dean line of low pitch guitars that possesses all the necessary qualities to convey the sort of perfect and forceful overdriven sound explicit for the metal class.

This Dean version has a twofold cutaway basswood body, accessible in burled maple top burst and characteristic completion. The neck is fastened on maple with 24 frets pecan fingerboard set apart by pearl dabs. Pick-ups to manage the sound are DMT Design humbuckers put on the neck and scaffold constrained by two-volume and two-tone handles. For equipment, the bass is furnished with old-style 4-saddle connect and fixed pass on cast tuners in dark.

Overall, Dean Edge 2 is an excellent choice at a low price point for you to consider. It has a unique outlook, great design, and high-quality sounds making it ideal for players who are into guitars from Dean.

Squier Affinity Series Jazz Bass

For the most part when we consider purchasing a guitar or a bass guitar on a genuinely average spending plan, what starts things out into mind is to look at instruments from the Squier brand. This seemingly comes regularly as the cost of their instruments is so acceptable and the nature of sound their instrument produces is practically all that players need.

For the jazz bass classification originating from Squier, this Affinity Series Jazz is the best bass guitar under 300 for the beginners and expert players. Affinity Jazz is a decent strong sounding bass that comes with a birch body in sunburst and strong shading finish players can browse. The neck is manufactured utilizing maple, at that point finished off by a 20 frets rosewood or tree fretboard set apart by decorated dabs.

Moreover, for pick-ups to gracefully the sound, it is furnished with single-coil pick-ups set on the neck and scaffold constrained by two volumes and a tone handle. Equipment and resemblances between Squier bass models are the 4-Saddle old-style scaffold and machine heads.

Overall, this Affinity Series Jazz is proven as on the top best bass guitar under 300. It is suitable for beginners who want to find a bass guitar to begin learning to play or experts who want to try new things.

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Special Bass

A major aspect of the well known low pitch guitars Squier provides the vegans and fledglings out there who are in the chase for a dependable interestingly planned and dynamic sounding bass is this Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass.

This bass can catch the fender’s bass tones that each player wants to apply to their melody. Copying it to the full creation it is truly difficult to recognize it from the first Fender Jaguar tones particularly on the off chance that you are an extraordinary player.

This Jaguar bass guitar comes in 3-shading sunburst completion in Agathis or basswood with insurance of a 3-employ pickguard. Heading off to the neck, this bass guitar comes with a thin C-shape jolt on neck top with a 20 medium-large frets fingerboard made of rosewood or shrub.

Moreover, Jaguar has a pickup arrangement that is exactness consisting of a standard split single-curl for the neck and jazz bass single-loop for the extension constrained by isolated volume controls for each pick-up, tone, and a functioning bass lift circuit. Equipment for the extension is customizable 4-saddle scaffold and tuners.

Overall, Vintage Modified Jaguar deserves to be the best bass guitar under 300 from Squier. If you love Squier’s design and sound guitar, then you shouldn’t overlook this bass guitar.

Squier Affinity Series Precision Bass

Affinity Precision Bass is another best bass guitar under 300 from the Squier brand. The accuracy of the bass is an easy decision if you feel this is the sort of low register guitar fit to your needs to achieve in music. Thinking about the entirety of its models, the interest for this bass has consistently been persistently on an ascent and never lost a stage since it was first presented.

To remember all its greatness and for beginners to have an all-around manufactured bass to assist them with building up their aptitudes in playing the instrument. Squier mass delivers the instrument simply like what they did previously. But this time with a lot less expensive cost bringing forth this Squier Precision bass guitar.

Affinity Precision Bass from Squier comes with a beautiful combination of a birch body, maple neck, and 20 frets medium-large rosewood or shrub fingerboard. The bass is fueled by a solitary split single-curl neck pickup and single-loop for the extension. It is constrained by isolated volume handles for each pick-up and an amazing tone.

Overall, Affinity Precision is truly one of the best bass guitars that costs less than 300 dollars. It comes with many great features making it ideal for new learners to begin their bass guitar experience.

Yamaha BB234

Yamaha as of late redid their renowned BB Series to incorporate a couple of moves up to playability, solace, and tone. This BB234 is the section level model in this arrangement and demonstrates an extraordinary prologue to the assortment. And from all the excellent guitars from Yamaha, BB234 is an incredible choice for those who love playing the bass guitar.

This bass guitar highlights a marginally little body than earlier years just as a maple neck that comes with a more slender profile for upgraded comfort. The equipment has likewise been dependent upon some updates, with two uninvolved V3 pickups at the scaffold and neck positions, with basic yet successful controls. This Yamaha model additionally has lightweight open-gear tuners just as a chrome fixed scaffold for an inside and out solid bass with an adaptable tone.

Overall, BB234 is well worth the top best bass guitar under 300 as it has an amazing design and great sound. So, if you are looking for a fantastic bass guitar under 300 from the Yamaha brand, we suggest you take a look at this one.

Daisy Rock Candy Bass

Daisy Rock Candy Bass is famous for its design as it infuses some genuine young lady power into the amateur bass market and demonstrates an affordable purchase in this under 300 price range. At first glance, you may feel that this bass has a beautiful and shimmering look, and it aims to help the young girls shake the bass.

The principle point of this bass is to be amazingly playable for more girls who have smaller hands. It may be hard for a new learner to get around the fretboard of a low pitch guitar regardless of what your identity is. However, this bass guitar amazes players by its perfect playability. Because it is very easy for players, especially girls to hold and play without any problems.

Besides its playability, this bass also produces a great sound that will make you feel excited whenever you play it. With respectable pickups, great quality woods, and some equipment that sneaks up suddenly, this bass will amaze you and may make the young men somewhat desirous.

Overall, Daisy Rock Candy is well-deserved as the best bass guitar under 300 for the girls. As it has a beautiful, glorious outlook and perfect playability, it is an ideal bass for the girls to hold and play for a long time. If you want to get a bass guitar to fulfill your dream of being a girl bass player in a band, you should consider this Daisy Rock Candy.

Dean V Metalman

V Metalman is another best bass guitar under 300 from Dean besides the Edge 2 above. In obvious Dean design, this restless bass is about demeanor. The notorious V-formed body establishes the pace for its special playing experience.

Some adaptability is yielded through the commitment to its foundations in metal. The single-curl soap bar pickup is ideal for the hard rock and metal kinds brilliant with a lot of mid-go. It conveys all that anyone could need an incentive for bass at a low price range, however, accompanies a disposition greater than its sticker price.

Overall, if you love Dean’s guitar design and features, you should consider this V Metalman. It is one of the incredible bass guitars from Dean with a unique body and amazing sounds.

Ibanez GSR200SM NGT

Most bass players may generally be an immense fanatic of Ibanez low pitch guitars, and their sound line specifically. And from all their great guitars, GSR200SM is well-known for one of the best bass guitars under 300 on our list with a unique shade and excellent sounds.

Ibanez GSR bass guitars are famous for their lightweight and playability, with quick, slender necks. They are likewise truly adaptable, because of the amazing tone-forming hardware. This GSR200SM utilizes the Ibanez equalizer, which comprises a tone handle and control. GSR200SM additionally has a volume handle for Dynamix P and J pickups.

This Ibanez model is an uninvolved bass, which means the hardware doesn't need a battery to work. Detached basses will in general sound more natural than dynamic, with a decent surface to their tone. Nonetheless, as most Ibanez r basses, the controls here are still quite ground-breaking. GSR200SM tonewood profile includes a poplar body with a pretty spalted maple top, a neck, and fingerboard.

Overall, GSR200SM is a perfect bass guitar for learners as it comes with everything that a learner needs to begin playing with. So if you want to get a reasonable bass guitar from Ibanez to begin your bass experience, you should try out this GSR200SM.

Epiphone Thunderbird IV

Epiphone Thunderbird is the last best bass guitar under 300 on our list, which is designed according to the exemplary Gibson Thunderbird and offers a large number of similar ascribes since Epiphone assembles their rigging dependent on Gibson features. This Thunderbird is an intriguing bass with regards to that it has the edge to take care of business in hard rock or metal, however, it is likewise tasteful enough to use in any classification.

This Epiphone model comes with a mahogany body with a hard rock maple jolt on neck and rosewood fingerboard. The pickups are Epiphone humbuckers, and controls are set up Jazz style with a volume handle for every pickup and a solitary tone handle. With its opposite body and sunburst finish, it can stand separated from pretty other different basses available on the market. However, the main thing making this bass incredible is its sound.

Thunderbird IV has a rich and warm tone making it ideal for rock music style. The gadgets are latent, yet the humbuckers and mahogany body bring a marginally more forceful vibe than the average Jazz-bass sound. In any case, roll the controls the correct way and this bass will do well with various kinds of music, including jazz, and blues.

Overall, Thunderbird IV from Epiphone is likewise accessible in a dark complexion, and a perfect form with dynamic gadgets, neck-through development, and other overhauled arrangements. So if you love guitars made by Epiphone, you shouldn’t overlook this Thunderbird IV when choosing your bass guitar.

Buying Guide: Best Bass Guitar Under 300


Best Bass Guitar Under 300

For one thing, bass guitars are famous for being slight and lightweight, so it is imperative to set your desire, particularly in case you're getting one for a youngster. This is the place body profile, size, and bend help, the overall thought is to get one that will be sensibly agreeable for you to play for a long time.

In any case, it's not just about usefulness, having a low register guitar that has a beautiful outlook can spell the distinction among constrained and motivated practice. So it is imperative to get the look that you or your kid like directly toward the first glance. In case you don't know which style to go for, the most secure course is to get one that resembles the bass of your or your understudy's preferred bassists.


Best Bass Guitar Under 300

There are numerous variables that direct playability for bass guitars under 300 for you to consider and the first important feature is the scale length. it is essentially the separation that your strings are loosened up, and therefore, it shows the strain of the strings. The most widely recognized scale length for bass is 34 inches as it has the perfect parity of pressure and tone. 

Different basses can have a scale length that is shorter with just 30 inches, which altogether lessens string pressure making it ideal for youthful players or for the individuals who need a bass guitar that is little and simpler to play. Another significant playability detail that you should take a gander at is fingerboard wireless, which demonstrates the bend or evenness of the fingerboard.

Best Bass Guitar Under 300

Even though the fretboard may look fundamentally level from the start the majority of them are bent outwards. Higher sweep fingerboards are nearer to being level. Some bass guitars have 12 inches fingerboard sweep making them on the top of the flattest bass on the market, while customary bases have a lower range and more bend. Compliment 12 inches fingerboard bass guitars are perfect for new learners and more youthful players.

Moreover, you should also consider the nut width to have a more playable bass. Nut width reveals to you how far separated the strings are dispersed, the smaller the nut width is, the simpler it is for little hands to arrive at each string. 

The Neck portrays the state of the rear of the neck, the more slender and compliment, the simpler it is to play, however, some players incline toward fatter necks for a better grasp. A low register guitar with a decent cutaway at the neck joint considers simpler admittance to the upper frets. 

Best Bass Guitar Under 300

One last thing to consider is string action, which alludes to the tallness of strings over the fretboard. It is a detail that is not in every case straightforwardly given by the maker since it can differ for each bass. New players will need those with low activity, which implies that the vibration of your string is hitting the frets.

A few purchasers report fret buzz in new low register guitars, and though this can be irritating, it very well may be fixed by raising the activity. Besides, some players will lean toward marginally raised activity for better pitch control of each note as you press the strings, and better generally string reverberation.


Best Bass Guitar Under 300

Pickups direct the greater part of the bass guitar's subsequent sound. The most well-known pickups are single coil due to their fresh and definite sound, which imitates exemplary bass tones as heard on incalculable tracks from an earlier time. split-single coil pickups are regularly marked as P model pickups because they were first utilized in Precision bass made by Fender.

The other well-known pickup is known as the J type, which is shorter for Jazz bass pickups that have two attractive shafts doled out per string. Humbuckers have a fatter and rich sound and are broadly utilized for the current rock and metal style of music. If you don't have an understanding or a specific inclination yet, we suggest you simply go for the pickup setup utilized by your preferred bass players.

The greater part of the basses in this value extends inactive pickups and gadgets, which implies they don't need a battery and have restricted tone molding choices. Those with active pickups and gadgets can provide more tone molding and require a battery to appropriately serve.

Conclusion: Best Bass Guitar Under 300 - Top Pick For The Best

Best For Learners

Best For Beginners

Best For Beginners and experts

From all those best bass guitars under 300 reviewed above, we finally chose this Jackson JS Series Concert JS2 as our best pick due to its outstanding features. The first thing making this bass guitar incredible is its beautiful design.

It comes with four strings and 34 inches scale length with a small and thin body which makes it lighter and more comfortable for players to carry it around with them whenever they want to play. It also has a marvelous combination of a poplar body, maple neck, and a fingerboard with 24 frets set apart by Pearloid trims. 

Best Bass Guitar Under 300

Moreover, its fingerboard gives more playability that makes players feel more comfortable while having an interesting playing experience. Besides its great design and playability, this JS2 can produce a perfect sound. It comes with pickups on the neck and scaffold constrained by volume that help it deliver a rich and clear sound. 

One last thing is that this affordable bass guitar comes with every necessary thing suitable for beginners to learn how to play the bass guitar for the first time. So, with these reasons, JS Series Concert JS2 from Jackson is proven as our best bass guitar under 300.

On the bass guitar market, there are various best bass guitars under 300 available in different sorts, styles, and features that will be suitable for each player with different needs. These bass guitars can come with the blend of reasonableness, first-rate sound, playability, and radiant strategy.

Hence, when you locate a low register guitar, you ought to think about its sound, plan, structure, playability, and so forth cautiously. We trust you can pick your appropriate bass guitar under 300 after examining our audits of some astonishing bass guitars above.

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